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The Adventures of The Latex Nun

by The Latex Nun

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© Copyright 2007 - The Latex Nun - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; magic; cons; X

She did have a different name once. Or at least she thinks she did. her thoughts were hazy concerning her other life. Here she was living a life of devotion and purity. Far removed from her previous incarnation as a servant of Mammon, working for the almighty dollar, a slave to her job, the company and her career. Then she was Eve Deville, a high flying top executive with a multinational Bank. A high priestess of finance.

Now she was Sister Lascivious of the Salacious Passions or Sister Livvy for short. She was working in a shop which occupied a deconsecrated church on the outskirts of a large city. It was her shop. She had bought it. She fell in love with it the moment she set her clear blue eyes on it. Her calling had come in a vision, at a party, a vision of shiny black latex in six inch heels and skin tight catsuit. A tall, lithe, woman strutting as if she owned the world, in a picture, in a magazine, on a glass topped coffee table covered in thin layer of white powder.

It was an island in the middle of a concrete jungle, an acre of walled garden in the middle of which stood an old medieval Catholic church. It's steeple some five stories high. The main building was some three stories high. It also served as her home. She lived in the tower and part of the main building, the upper part. The bulk of the church was the shop floor and storage areas. The shop was called "Salacious Fashions" and sold interesting items for the discerning buyer.

It was a beautiful bright Monday morning. The sun streaming through the sainted stained glass windows. This morning Livvy was on her own. Her two assistants, Sister Lisa and Sister Nikki, had not turned up for work yet and they only worked part time anyway. They were not as devoted as Sister Livvy but they tried their best and besides they were students and they needed the money. They wanted it to be their vocation but lacked the resources. Livvy was wearing her usual uniform. Transparent latex stockings which she had adeptly applied wrinkle free to her smooth hairless legs, transparent latex frilly bloomers with a ziploc fastening. A push up long line bra made of transparent latex which rigidly held her wondrous firm breasts. On her hairless arms were a pair of transparent shoulder length gloves, smooth and sensual to the touch.

On her bald head was an open face one piece transparent latex hood. Her undergarments were completed by a transparent latex corset which tightly caressed her body at the abdomen, stomach and chest. Around her long slender neck was a transparent latex neck corset fitting under her chin and with a pointed front piece which nestled between her milky white rubber cupped orbs. Over these fine underclothes she wore her black ankle length Nun's habit with billowing sleeves. Then came the black hood trimmed with white. Her oval face was perfectly framed by the rubber head piece, highlighting her almond shaped blue eyes, pale face, blood red lips and long, full eyelashes. You could, if you ventured close enough, discern the colour of her finger nails which matched that of her lipstick and toenails. Red as freshly spilled blood. On her feet she wore seven inch high transparent mules with a one inch platform and heels as sharp as a wooden stake. Around her neck was a large silver cross which caught the saintly light from the large windows and glinted. Anyone walking in through the large wooden double doors would swear that there was a halo around the head of this heavenly sister.

She didn't know how or why but people in need of some spiritual guidance always gravitated to her shop, an enclave of calm in a sea of confusion. The shop had barely been open when in came a blonde woman of medium height and build. She peered meekly through the double doors and appeared on the verge of leaving when she caught sight of the beautific gaze of Sister Livvy. Their eyes met on a different plane and the woman was drawn in. Although frumpily dressed the clothes were expensive. The woman made her way towards the counter behind which Livvy was standing. On her zig zag way she pretended to examine the merchandise. Letting fingers stray on the fabrics as she brushed past them. Eventually she reached the counter.

"How can I help you?" asked Livvy in a bright cheery voice.

"Um I'm not really sure to tell you the truth. I was just passing and thought I'd venture in. I just felt compelled today. I pass this place nearly every day and never really notice it. Except today." She blurted out.

"You're looking for something aren't you?" Said Livvy.

"Well. I think so but I don't know what exactly." She answered.

"Gaby, what you want is a little excitement." Said Livvy, smiling. She added, "That is your name isn't it?".

"Yes and you're right."

"You're career is really going nowhere isn't it?" Livvy said stepping out from behind the counter.

"Yes. I suppose it is," sighed Gaby.

Livvy walked over to her and gave her a hug. "There there, don't despair. I think I have something that may make things feel a little better."

Sister Livvy grabbed her by the hand and led over to the changing rooms, some of which were confessional boxes. On the way Livvy grabbed some articles of clothing which she handed to Gaby as she opened one of the changing room doors. Gaby stepped into the cubicle. It was big. There was space for a full length mirror, small leather armchair, wrought iron table with a wooden top covered in latex and a wrought iron chair with a purple cushion also covered in latex.

With excitement in her heart replacing the cold dread of Monday morning, Gaby removed her somewhat dingy but expensive clothes. Her cheeks were red with anticipation. She began to put the clothes Sister Livvy had given to her, on. First went the red bra. The latex cups cupped her ample bosom offering support and lifted and separated them. Then she sat down while she pulled on the red latex stockings. Each one caressing her sturdy legs. Then the jaunty garter belt which went on easily. Then the knickers, high cut and flattering. A tingle of excitement went through Gaby's entire body bringing a flush of excitement to her cheeks again. Then the shoulder length red gloves. Not a ripple or blemish could be seen on them as they shone under the light. Gaby examined herself in the mirror and grinned, wantonly. She then put on the short red vest dress which she zipped up the back. It was cut low on the front and showed off her breasts proudly. Lastly came the knee length red boots. These she zipped up with abandon and glee and then jumped into the air once they were firmly on. The six inch heels gave her legs a wonderful shape and as for her bottom.

Well she had never looked so good she thought as she stared at in the mirror. She spun round and smiled to herself. She opened the door to the cubicle and stepped back into the shop.

Only to find that she was in a candlelit room with heavy lined drapes on the walls, stone floor, wrought iron bed and Sister Livvy offering her hand towards her. "Come with me Gaby. Don't be afraid." Sister Livvy said soothingly.

Gaby walked over to the large double bed which was covered in white latex bed clothes. Sister Livvy led her to the bed and bade her lie down. Then looming over her she kissed Gaby full on the lips. Gaby melted with the kiss. Her body infused with heavenly thoughts and feelings. While she drifted away to Nirvana, Sister Livvy quickly secured her wrists to the iron bed posts with rubber bindings. Then she quickly twisted around and sat on Gaby's head while she secured her booted ankles to the other bed posts, also with rubber bindings. Then reaching under Gaby's skirt and parting her knickers she explored Gaby's vagina with her gloved fingers. Slowly and carefully, stroking and lightly running her fingers over the crevices and folds of Gaby's labia and vulva.

Underneath her latex bloomer clad buttocks, Livvy could feel Gaby squirming. Livvy curved her long tongue into Gaby's gaping vagina and tasted the sweet nectar of Gaby's juices. Her able and willing tongue found what she was looking for, Gaby's clitoris. She gently took it between her shiny white teeth and nibbled on it. A moan escaped from beneath her habit and into the sound deadened room. Livvy raised her upper torso and reached back to squeeze Gaby's rock hard nipples beneath the layers of latex. Livvy watched the red latex legs stretched out before her begin to tense up. The boots reached for the ceiling as the toes pointed to heaven. The bindings stretched and twanged as Livvy applied her tongue to Gaby's sensitive clitoris and then started inserting one of her latex gloved, red nailed fingers into her sopping wet musky vagina. The red disappeared. Another finger started to vanish until Livvy's latex fist was contained by Gaby's hungry vagina. As soon as Livvy gently bit Gaby's clitoris, Gaby released a piercing scream and then gasp as she came a bucking, back-arching, throbbing mass of nerve endings under Livvy's latex attired body.

Livvy got up and undid Gaby's restraints. A huge smile was present on Gaby's happy shiny face. "Oh!", she sighed. "I really needed that you know. I didn't know how much I needed it." She gushed.

Livvy led her to the door and opened it, ushering her through it. It closed behind Gaby after she walked through back into the cubicle. She turned around and then opened it by pulling on the elaborate brass door handle. She was back in the shop in her old clothes. On the table was a pile of rubber clothes which she picked up and then walked over with them to the counter. To be met by the beautiful smiling face of the owner.

"I'll take these," she said smiling.

"I'll wrap them then." Sister Livvy said. Gaby left carrying a purple rubber bag stuffed with goodies.

"Another satisfied customer," said Sister Lascivious, smiling and licking her fingertips.


Keep the faith. They'll be more adventures of The Latex Nun.



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