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Latex Lockdown

by LatexSteve

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Chapter 1 – The Journey

Monday 23rd March 2020 

It was mid-afternoon and Claire stood on the platform at Clapham Junction waiting for her train down to the Surrey countryside. She was nervous, firstly the COVID-19 news was getting worse all the time and there were lots of people around. Who knows what is going to happen? Work had told her on Friday to work at home this week due to the virus as everybody was scared about travelling into the City where she worked as a junior lawyer for a restaurant chain.

But mostly she was nervous and scared because she was travelling to meet her online master for the first time in person!

Claire was 30, single after splitting from her long term boyfriend just over a year ago, and whilst she had always been quite submissive, over the last year her submissive feelings had grown. Being single, she had explored the porn world more and discovered the world of BDSM which she had found incredibly exciting, making her wet and horny but also scared at the thought of really submitting. Her sexual experiences had always been vanilla and had never really left her satisfied.

Exploring the world of online BDSM had led her to experiment with self-bondage and she had discovered that tying herself up and in particular clamping her nipples and spanking herself had made herself have more incredible orgasms then she had ever had before. However, she had always had to ensure she could escape so had not been able to totally submit to the experience.

Over the last few months, she had started to experiment more and spent quite a lot of money on some new kinky clothing and BDSM toys and she now had quite a collection. She had found she particularly loved latex and she had invested in an incredibly expensive latex corset and stockings. Luckily as a lawyer she could afford them! Since the corset arrived, she found herself wearing it as often as she could and would frequently spend most of the weekend wearing it. For Christmas, she treated herself to a long tight latex dress and a hood which she had tried on but was scared about wearing it too much.

After a drunken and single New Year, she decided she needed more, and wanted to find a real partner to play with! One night after too much wine, she dressed herself in her corset, pulling it as tight as she could, slid on the stockings, hooking them up to the suspenders, smoothing them out all the way up her thighs. She then put on the dress and her highest, 6-inch black stiletto shoes she had worn for the office Christmas party.

She looked in the mirror and saw herself anew – a sexy, kinky woman. She ran her hands over her trim body and arse – her daily gym sessions kept her fit. She had always wished her boobs were smaller but the tight latex dress made them look great and she ran her hands over her tits and pinched her nipples. Feeling horny, she poured herself another glass of wine and sat down at her computer and started to search for online BDSM dating sites.

After a while, she came across the website and taking a deep breath, she started to create an account. Standing back up, she set up her phone to take a photo of herself but scared about being found out, she decided to try the hood again to protect her identity. Pulling it on made the latex clothing feel even better and she took a number of photos of herself as the sexy latex slut! Uploading the photos, she finished creating her account and as horny as hell, went to bed stripping off the dress and then she used one of her huge new dildos on herself to make her come again and again whilst fully dressed in her latex outfit.

In the morning, she awoke with the latex stuck to her body and she had a throbbing headache. She carefully stripped off the latex and cleaned it all and then had a long bath, soaking out the night before. After her bath and dressed in her dressing gown and with a strong coffee, she logged onto her computer and looked at her email to find an email from Masterlatex! Scared and excited, she clicked on the email and started to read.

The email told her that he was a 40-year-old widower whose wife had died 2 years before from cancer and he was single as he had focused on helping his son get through the loss. His son had now gone to University and over Christmas he had decided he wanted to find a new lover. He had always been dominant and his late wife was a true submissive and they had a long term BDSM relationship before sadly the lung cancer had come and taken her away. He explained that he was dominant, liked his ladies to be submissive and loved latex and metal bondage and loved her profile. He told her he hoped to hear back from her and that they could start to talk.

They had now been emailing for a couple of months and Claire had opened up her feelings and desires more and more to her new online master and under his instruction, had shaved all her body hair and had on more than one occasion, made herself come to his instruction whilst spanking her tits and clamping her nipples. She had also one day, under his instruction, worn her corset to work with a pair of seamed stockings without any panties under her business dress to work. Standing on the train, dressed as she was, had made her feel weak with desire and she was sure everybody could tell. All day in the office had been torture but so exciting that she had to frig herself off at lunchtime in the toilets. When she finally got home, walking up the street to her home, she was desperate to come. When she got home, she ripped off her clothes and rushed to her bedroom and opened her toy box where she quickly grabbed some clamps and a spanker. Jumping on the bed, she quickly clamped her nipples and using the spanker, she spanked her cunt until she exploded with cum. Taking her phone, she photographed herself in her debauched state and sent them to her master.

After calming down, she changed her stockings for her latex ones and finding a collar, she put it on and attached a chain to her nipple clamps pulling them up. She then put on her dressing gown and walked into her kitchen and poured a glass of wine and logged onto her emails. There was an email from her master telling her to read his email instructions and follow them. He told her that any slut as debauched as her needed to be properly punished for real and asked her to come to meet him. That was Thursday 19th March and the next day, dressed much more respectably, she had gone into work and booked Monday off before being called in at lunchtime and told to work at home. She had collected her things and gone home to Clapham not knowing when they would get back into the office. Little did she know!

So here she was now, standing on the platform at Clapham, dressed like a total slut underneath semi respectable clothes travelling to meet her master. He had told her how to dress – the latex corset done up tight, transparent latex stockings that she had rushed to Honour at Waterloo Station to buy on Saturday. She had ben-wah balls in her shaved cunt and a pair of tight latex panties on to hold them in – every step made her slightly faint. The corset was underbust and she had on an amazing open cup latex bra and she had a small pair of clamps on her nipples. Over this kinky underwear, she had on a pair of normal seamed stockings to hide the latex and they were clipped to her 8 strap corset. A very tight, knee length, black leather skirt clung to her arse showing off her small waist and she was worried her suspender straps were on show. She wore a very transparent white blouse but thankfully also had on a black leather jacket which was zipped up to cover her blouse as her tits were on full view without the jacket. Very high heeled, knee high boots completed the outfit – she looked nothing like the respectable lawyer. Standing on the platform, she was being stared at by several men which scared and excited her.

At last, the Haslemere train arrived and she climbed on, taking care not to trip due to her 6 inch heels. Finding a seat with no one next to her, she sat down with difficulty as the leather skirt was too tight. Once she was sat down, you could obviously see the suspender bumps. Nervously she undid her jacket a bit as it was hot and she was flushed. As the train doors bleeped to shut, a man jumped on the train and came and sat down next to her. Claire was horrified – she thought at least nobody could see her here but the man looked at her, smiled and then stared again at her outfit. Claire quickly pulled the zip on her jacket back up but she couldn’t hide the bumps. As the train pulled out and picked up speed, the bumping and rattling set the ben wah balls off and Claire was getting more and more worked up. She tried desperately to control her breathing but found it hard to sit still and the man next to her looked at her meaningfully and smiled – oh my god – he knows, she thought.

Thankfully the train pulled into Woking and as it did, the man slowly stood up. As he did, his hand stroked her thigh, right over the suspender bump and he smiled and said “nice outfit – I hope you enjoy the rest of your day like you have that journey.” He left and Claire lost control. She cried out and rushed to the toilet at the end of the carriage, her high heels clicking on the floor loudly and her legs hardly able to hold her up.

Once she had calmed down, she carefully left the toilet, and luckily found a seat with nobody near and managed to keep her control as they travelled on through Guildford and Godalming. Eventually after several stops at small country stations, they pulled into Haslemere station. Claire was so scared – she could barely stand up on her heels – what was she doing? The doors opened and after hesitating she stepped out on the platform!

She slowly walked down the platform with her heels clicking, catching the attention of several men who openly stared at her. She got to the exit and used her ticket to open the gate – a gate to her new life!

She walked out and looked around – not knowing where her master was. Her phone pinged – and she looked at the text. “Walk to the black Mercedes to the right, slave,” it said. She looked and there was a large black Mercedes at the end – she slowly walked over almost unable to control her legs. As she got almost there, the door opened and a tall handsome man got out. He was wearing leather jeans and a white t-shirt and was very toned. At least he is fit, she thought.

“Hello slut,” he said – “good trip?” He came round and opened the door, and terrified, Claire moved to get into the passenger seat. “Stop,” he said. “You must be hot in that jacket – take it off,” he commanded. Claire was horrified – there were lots of people walking past and her breasts were on full show under the blouse. “Come on Claire – obey your Master!” Gulping, Claire undid the zip and slipped the jacket off. “Give it to me Claire” he said and reached out and took it.

Claire was standing there with her tits on full show and two young men walking past stopped and stared at her. “Oh my god – look at her tits,” one said. Her Master stared at them and then quickly helped Claire into the car.

He went back to the driver’s side and got in and said “I like my girls to dress as I like and you have pleased me Slave Claire. My name is Steve but you can call me Master at all times.”

Claire tried to speak but just a squeak came out until she managed a very quiet “Hello M..Master.”

“You are much prettier in real life than you looked in the photos, even though you looked so sexy. Let’s go to my home and we can get to know each other.”

After a 15-minute drive, the car drove up a quiet country lane to a large detached house and Master pressed the button to open gates through which he drove. He pulled up to the door and stopped saying “welcome to my home.” Claire was amazed – it was huge and he was clearly very well off. Opening the door for her, Claire got out. Steve looked at her breasts and the clamps through the transparent blouse and he reached to her breast and cupped it through the blouse flicking the clamp on her nipple making Claire squeal. “I look forward to playing with these shortly,” Master said. He reached into the back seat and picked up a thick leather collar and reaching round her neck, he did up the straps saying “this needs to be worn all the time. Are you ready to serve your Master?”

Was she? Claire was so scared; could she really submit like this to a man she didn’t know? But she was desperate – she was so horny and just wanted to, so taking a gulp, she replied, “Yes Master.”

Chapter 2 – The First Evening

Opening the door, Master led Claire into the house into a wide, impressive hall with a stone floor. Her heels clicked loudly on the stone! Master led her into a room off the hall which was a comfortable sitting room and asked her to sit whilst he went to get a drink. Returning with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and two glasses, he said “so Claire, here we are. You, dressed like a slut and collared, in my house at my mercy. Are you sure this is what you want? I won’t do anything you don’t want but I think you want to be here and want me to dominate and use you? Don’t you?”

Claire nodded and decided she was going to enjoy this.

“So let’s enjoy the wine and then we can get dressed for dinner. Remember I decide the clothes and I know you love latex which I do too.” They sat and talked, drinking the champagne, which helped Claire relax as much as anybody could in these circumstances.

Once the champagne was finished, Master Steve stood and walked to Claire asking her to stand. He kissed her passionately on the lips and Claire responded – she was too horny to resist. Master undid the buttons on her blouse and took it off her exposing her corset and clamped tits. Kissing and pulling her nipples made Claire cum for the first time.

Steve walked to the table and picked up a pair of metal handcuffs connected by a short chain and then walked round behind her. He pulled her arms behind her and put the cuffs on her, padlocking them on her, leaving her arms locked behind her. He then unzipped the skirt which fell to the ground leaving her there in just her underwear. She spanked her arse hard several times and then pulled down her tight panties pushing her back down onto the sofa. She laid back as Steve knelt down and pulled the string to pull the ben-wah balls out slowly. She was dripping wet and came again as the balls popped out into his hands. Straight away he leant forward and stuck his tongue deep into her making her come again!

After licking and sucking her dripping cunt for several minutes, he stood up and took off his trousers. Underneath he had on a studded latex pouch with a zip which he slowly undid. His cock pushed out and it was huge – thick and long. His balls had a thick metal cock ring on and several studded straps round his member. He lifted up Claire and helped her to kneel on the sofa and then slowly thrust his huge cock into her dripping cunt from behind. Slowly to start with, he thrust deeper and deeper into her. Claire could feel the studs and straps on her cunt lips on every thrust as he sped up and up till he was banging her hard and she screamed as she came again and again! Master came loudly and shouted “yes my slave” and collapsed onto the sofa next to Claire.

After a while, Master gently undid the cuffs and took off the nipple clamps that Claire had been wearing for hours. She screamed as the blood rushed back but Master Steve gently rubbed and kissed them till the shooting pain stopped. Standing up, he took her hand and led her upstairs to a large bathroom. Starting the water running in the huge bath, he gently undid the collar, took off her bra and unlaced the corset. Once off, Claire sat down and took off the stockings which were dripping wet with sweat and cum and stood there naked in front of her Master. She walked to him and kissed him saying “thank you Master – that was the best sex I have ever had.”

They got into the bath and lay there, cuddling and talking, telling each other about their lives and desires. Master said “Claire, we only met two hours ago but I think we have found something special here. But as I have told you, I am dominant and will want to control your body and desires, dressing you always in latex, heavy metal bondage and very high heels locked on. Are you submissive enough to submit to me totally?”

“I don’t know “she replied, “but if sex is like that all the time, then maybe. This is very new to me – I have never done anything like this but the way my body reacts to bondage and submission, maybe this is the real me. Can we explore more together and see how this goes?”

“Of course”, he replied. “Let’s get out and get dressed for dinner because I don’t know about you but I am starving. But remember I choose your clothes!”

After they had dried and Master had shaved whilst Claire sat in a dressing gown and watched him, Master led her into the master bedroom and off into a large dressing room which was locked. Walking in he asked her to sit on the stool in the middle whilst he went to a tall cupboard. As he opened the door, the smell of latex rushed out and Claire smiled!

Master picked up an amazing red latex corset and walked to Claire and passed it to her. He then went to another cupboard and came back with a pair of thick, heavy metal cuffs and two padlocks which he fitted and locked onto to her arms. He then flicked a switch and a hook came down from a recess in the ceiling and taking a chain he connected her cuffs to the hook and then using the control, the hook rose pulling her arms up high above her. Then a large red ball gag was fitted – “can’t have you screaming, can we?” he said.

He took the corset and started to fit it to her. The corset had thick rubber straps that fitted round her breasts although they were very tight and as he adjusted them, they were tight at the root of her tits and made them stand out like cones from the base. He pulled the straps tighter till Claire thought her tits were going to burst. Steve then fitted the attached thick rubber neck corset to her and pulled it tight too and then pulled the corset stays until Claire thought she would faint. Once he was satisfied, Steve got a number of padlocks and fitted one to her neck corset and one each to the top and bottom of the tightened corset. “No escape until I say” Master said.

Leaving her arms stretched above her, Master returned to the first cupboard, and returned with a pair of bright red latex stockings which were already prepared with talcum powder. Pulling them up Claire’s legs, he attached them to the corset’s 8 suspender straps. Next he got a pair of bright red ballet boots – Claire tried to speak but couldn’t with her mouth stretched wide. Slowly he slid her feet into the boots and laced them up tight up to her knees. Two more padlocks were fitted to the boots!

Then he went back to the cupboard and returned with six clamps with bells attached. Steve spread her legs and taking the first clamp, he spread her cunt lips and attached the first soft clamp to her lip. Claire squealed and swayed. Steve repeated this until Claire had two clamps on each side of her cunt! Then Steve took the other two and took her now swollen and sore tits and clamped each nipple. Claire shuddered and came dramatically, her cum shooting down her legs. As she came, the bells rang away making a pretty noise.

“Naughty girl – did I say you could cum? You must be punished for that.” Grabbing a thin horse rider's whip, Steve went behind her and said “10 straps for that” and with that hit Claire’s arse hard. Over and over until the 10 were done leaving vivid red weals across her arse.” Claire swung on the cuffs just in a blur of pleasure and pain.

Once she had calmed down, Master reached into the cupboard and pulled out a long transparent white latex dress. Stretching the thin latex around her, he did up the straps all down her back until he got to the small of her back. At this point, the skirt was cut out with a tight strap that went over the top of her buttocks and another one that fitted under her arse cheeks lifting them up. Pulling both straps tight, her arse stood out naked with the red welts from her whipping showing brightly. Working on down, the dress was pulled very tight down her thighs and calves all the way to her feet. The transparent latex was so sheer that all of her red underwear showed through brightly and her bound, red breasts were crushed by the tight latex with the bells showing like lumps.

Master got the control and released her arms and turned Claire round and undid the ball gag. “Do you like your outfit for dinner?”

Claire gulped and replied “Oh my god! My tits and cunt are killing me, my feet hurt but despite you fucking the life out of me earlier, I am so horny and I absolutely love it. How long am I wearing this corset for as you have locked it on? My tits are going to burst!”

“There is more to come” he replied and grabbed a white latex mask. Pulling it over her head, he pulled her long blond hair out through a special hole at the back and straightened the mask down, smoothing it over her face leaving her mouth and eyes free. “Put some red lipstick on,” he said, passing it to her.

Once done, he walked behind her again and then fitted a heavy metal collar round her neck and locked it on her. The collar had four large D rings on it – one at the front and back and one each side. Then he undid the metal cuffs and brought over long red latex gloves and helped Claire into them. They went all the way up her arms to her shoulders and had straps at the top which Steve pulled tight. Over the wrists, Steve re-fitted the thick metal cuffs which he again locked on – these also had large D-rings on. Steve also then fitted thick metal ankle cuffs and locked on a short chain between the legs and also locked on chains connecting her wrist cuffs to her metal collar.

“So Claire, this is how I like my slaves. Head to toe in tight latex, corseted, tits in bondage, clamps on nipples and cunt lips, the tallest heels possible, bound and helpless in metal and chains. Your arse shows that punishment nicely and we will add more welts to that later. How do you feel? Turn around and look in the mirror – how do you like the look?”

Claire carefully turned round and stared at this apparition in the mirror – it was her but not as she knew it. She had turned into a latex slave and she loved it! “Master, I love it and I am yours to use and abuse.”

“Good – I must get dressed now.” Master went to another cupboard and got a very thick metal ring which he fitted round his balls. “I love this – it keeps me thick and horny.” Next he fitted another set of leather straps round his cock similar to what he has used earlier but with bigger studs. Then Master stepped into a pair of black latex chaps and fitted a thin transparent thong over his member. Then he stepped into a pair of latex chinos which clung to his tight butt. A pair of black sneakers on his feet.

Then a tight black latex t-shirt was pulled on showing his muscles through the tight latex. Master then pulled on a white linen shirt over the t-shirt leaving the buttons undone. Claire stood there, head to toe in latex and metal bondage and lusted over her fit Master!

Once dressed, Steve grabbed some more chains and fitted one to Claire’s wrists and then pulled her arms together behind her back connecting the chains together and up to the back d-ring on her collar. Another chain was connected to the front D-ring on her collar and attached to another leather cuff which Master fitted round his wrist and he led her out of the room and down to the kitchen. Claire struggled to walk in the ballet heels and chained ankles and the very tight skirt meaning her steps were tiny and by the time she got to the kitchen, she was flushed from the tight latex covering her whole body.

Once there, Master took off the cuff and fitted it to a high metal stool which he helped Claire to sit on. She sat with her bare, whipped arse on the leather stool, bound and helpless. “I hope you like steak and red wine?” he said, as he poured a glass of fine Bordeaux for them both. From the fridge came sirloin steak and a prepared salad and Master cooked the steak whilst Claire sat there helpless.

Occasionally, Master held her glass to her lips so Claire could drink and each time, he then grabbed her swollen tits and squeezed causing Claire to squeak. Once the steak was ready, he freed her and helped her from the stool and led her to the table where he freed her arms so she could eat.

They ate dinner, enjoying the steak and wine and each other’s company. Steve told her about his company which he had sold after his wife died, for £20 million pounds, leaving him free to do as he pleased. Claire sat there, enjoying his company and liking him, but in turmoil as she was dressed as his latex slave and bound and helpless waiting for him to fuck her senseless again! She couldn’t believe that this was happening.

After dinner, Steve helped her up as she was struggling to walk in the ballet heels, chained ankles and very tight skirt. He grabbed her tits and squeezed very hard saying,” and now slave, I am going to fuck you!”

He led her into the hall (slowly) and through another locked door into a room. When Master turned on the lights, there was a high bench with straps all around it. Master led her to the bench and took her arms and strapped them to the bench leaving her arse up in the air. Grabbing a whip, Master started to whip her body all over, particularly her arse cheeks and bound tits. Claire screamed and screamed as her arse and tits were on fire, but to her amazement she found herself getting wetter and wetter until she came!

“I knew it – you’re a true pain slut,” exclaimed Master.

Claire cried out, “Oh my god, please just fuck me Master.”

Master untied her and bent her over further. Freeing his cock, he pushed himself deep into her arse, violating her whilst the bells on her cunt rang out. Once he had punished her arse, he pulled out and then pulling the bells apart, he thrust into her cunt massively, again and again and again until he was spent.

Later, Master led her to the master bedroom and helped her out of the dress and bondage. He freed her breasts from the corset and undid the corset but replaced it with a small latex waspie to hold up the stockings. The latex mask was replaced with another one which had no eye sockets over which went another lockable metal collar attached to a 2 metre chain which was then attached to the bed. Master and Claire slipped into the bed, covered with latex sheets and duvet and holding each other, went to sleep!

Chapter 3 – The Morning After

Claire awoke and moved – where was she? She opened her eyes but couldn’t see anything. Panicking she pulled her hands to her head and there was the hood and chain. Oh yes! She remembered last night and the amazing night of sex being used by her new Master. She ran her hands over her head feeling the latex covering her whole head. Reaching out she felt her down her body over her rather sore tits and nipples and down to her shaved cunt which tingled from the fucking by her masters huge studded member.

Rolling over she reached out to feel for her master but there was no one there. Claire cried out – “Master?”

A little chuckle came – “morning Slave –did you sleep well?”

“Master – will you please free me – I am desperate for a pee and want to see you.”

Master came over and unlocked the collar and helped Claire take off the mask – the light flooding in made Claire close her eyes as it was so bright. Blinking hard, Claire looked up at her new Master who was smiling at her. Claire thought – how has this happened? Claire jumped up and quickly went to the toilet. Once finished, Claire looked at herself in the mirror seeing the marks across her arse and tits and not quite believing what she had allowed to happen to her the night before.

Leaving the bathroom, Claire spoke “Master I have to go to work – I must find my phone!”

“You’re not going anywhere – last night Boris announced a lockdown – nobody should be going out or going to work. But get your phone and check what work are saying.”

Claire looked at her messages and there was one from her boss telling her that with the lockdown, obviously the restaurants were closed and their business stopped so he was not sure what would happen. He told her to just stay at home and he would be in touch. Claire read the mail to Steve who replied, “well you don’t have to go anywhere then slave. Shall we have breakfast?”

Steve went into the dressing room and came out with a latex see through robe for Claire and her pair of 6 inch heels. “You must always wear heels with me – and here is the collar.” Putting this back on Claire made her realise that Steve was serious – he expected her to wear latex and a collar all the time. Steve already had on a dressing gown – thick latex of course –and they went downstairs to the kitchen hand in hand. Over breakfast, scrambled eggs and toast, they talked about the night before and Steve asked Claire how she felt about what had happened.

“I don’t know,” said Claire. “It has been the most incredible night – you have abused me, bound me, hurt me, dressed me like a slut. But I have loved every second of it and can’t believe that is how I feel. My tits and cunt are sore and it hurts to sit on my whipped arse. But I want to do it all over again. I don’t understand that but that is what I feel. Does that make sense?”

Steve looked at her and smiled that sexy smile of his and said “You’re like my late wife. She was a totally submissive pain slut. She couldn’t help it – it was what she was. I met her when I bought the production company she worked for – she was a porn star who starred as a slave in BDSM films. Thing is she didn’t need to act – it was her. When we met, I was just infatuated by her and had to have her. Thankfully I had always been kinky and liked submissive ladies but never really had a proper slave, just a bit of spanking etc. With Karen, she taught me about her desires and what a sub wants from her master. It was her life, not a game and we quickly moved in together and started a 24x7 BDSM relationship. She wanted me to use and abuse her because those feelings made her happy. Luckily as I am rich, I could spend money on all of the toys and latex we have here as she, like you, loved the feel of latex. She wore some latex 24x7 and also wore heels too which is why I want the same from you. I miss her terribly as when you have a BDSM relationship like ours was, she gave every part of herself to me. But life has to move on as I am still a young man. I never thought I would meet anybody like her but I don’t know with you. You are very, very sexy and if last night was your first time with a Master, then you are a natural pain slut.”

“So Master, what happens from here?”

“As we are now in lockdown, and not supposed to go out, would you stay and shall we see what happens from here? But are you prepared to try out being my 24x7 slave, wearing latex and metal bondage all the time and being used by me? Is that too much, too soon? If it is, I will take you back to the station.”

Claire sat there and looked at Steve. She thought back over her rather dull single life and what had happened over the last day. She thought about the fact that she had no work to go to due to this damn virus. She thought about the fact that no-one was at home waiting for her and she would just be alone.

If she left now, a repeat of last night might never happen again and she would not feel the way she had done since getting onto that train. Yes, her tits hurt, her cunt lips were sore and god! her arse was sore. But inside her cunt, she could feel the heat rising and the juices starting to flow again at the thought of spending lockdown as her Master’s slave and she knew the answer she would give him!

Chapter 4 – Day One 

After her pause for thought, Claire looked Steve straight in the eye and walked over to him. She reached out and took his hand and with her other hand, she pulled apart her gown and guided his hand down to her shaved cunt. “Master – yes please. This and all of me is yours to use and abuse. Can we see how it goes but I want to stay and see how being your 24x7 BDSM slave will be.”

She then knelt and pulled apart his gown, she took his cock in her hand and started rubbing it as it grew. She then took his cock in her mouth and used her tongue and lips to make it grow into the huge thick cock he had fucked her arse and cunt with. Once it was hard, Steve took hold of her head and started to face fuck her with his thick cock ramming down her throat till she started to gag a bit. Steve came down her throat and pulled out – Claire looked at him and swallowed his load down!

Steve grunted with pleasure and exclaimed, “yes. Now I have fucked all your holes. I am so glad you’re going to stay – we are going to have so much fun together. But I do hope you realise just how much I am going to use and abuse you?”

Claire stood up and Steve kissed her deeply and stroked her hair. “Claire – your one amazing lady and I am looking forward to this lockdown – long may it last!”

After finishing their second coffee, Steve told Claire it was time to get dressed in her uniform. “Uniform?” Claire asked.

“You’ll see.” Steve led Claire up the stairs and back to the latex dressing room. “Do your make up slut – red lipstick is a must, always.”

Claire sat down at the dressing table and carefully applied lots of makeup to really accentuate her eyes and mouth. “Ok? “she asked.

Steve didn’t reply but just motioned for her to stand up – “Gown off” he said. “Time to dress.” Like the night before he got the control and the hook came down from the ceiling. The cuffs and chains were still attached from the night before and he quickly put them on her arms and raised them up leaving her helpless again.

Going to a cupboard, Steve picked up a number of transparent latex items and came back to the table. He put them down but then picked up a very sheer transparent latex mask and he worked that down over Claire’s head, smoothing out the latex and again pulling her ponytail through an opening at the back. The mask had a built- in breath-through gag which he pushed into her mouth. As expected, Steve then took the thick metal collar with the d-rings on and pulled that tight round her neck and locked it on.

Next a transparent boned corset was wrapped around her waist and up over her boobs. As he laced it, her boobs were pushed up and up until her nipples popped out the top. Tying off the stays, Steve went back to the cupboard and came back with the same clamps as the night before with the bells and a clamp was put on each nipple which were sticking out hard.

Transparent latex stockings were next, attached to her corset by the suspender straps. Then over the top, Steve got her to step into a pair of transparent but thick latex panties with two dildos. Working them up over her thighs he used his fingers to open her arse and guided the butt plug up into her arse. Then he did the same with a thick 6-inch dildo pushing it right into her as Claire gasped. Pulling the waistband of the panties right up, Claire could see they had rings on the top and also realised there were matching rings on the bottom of the corset. Steve went back to the cupboard and picked up padlocks and came back and before she could move, Steve had padlocked the panties onto her corset front and back. There was no way the dildo and butt plug was coming out easily.

Steve then picked up a transparent maid’s dress and helped her step into it, pulling the tight latex up over her arse and tits. He then undid her arms and pulled the dress straps over her arms. Long transparent latex gloves were pulled up her arms over which white leather cuffs were padlocked on. Steve then picked up some short chains and attached one end to each wrist cuff and one end to her collar.

Then he went back to the cupboard and came back with a pair of ballet heels white stiletto shoes that had straps on. He sat her down and pushed the shoes onto her feet. Claire then realised what the straps were for – they were pulled round her ankles and locked on and Steve also attached a short chain between her ankles.

“There we are – Maid Claire – are you ready to serve your Master?” Claire nodded and followed her Master out of the room and back downstairs. “Maid – clean the kitchen.”

Steve sat down on the stool and watched as Claire slowly tottered over to the sink, taking very small steps due to the chains linking her legs, and struggling due to her chained arms she started to wash up. Every movement was hard for her due to the lack of movement allowed by her chains. As she was washing up, suddenly the butt plug started to vibrate hard and then the dildo in her cunt started too. Claire dropped the sponge and grabbed the sink as the dildos vibrated harder and harder.

Claire was almost coming when they suddenly stopped. “Maid- what do you think you’re doing. Finish the washing up. I have to go and do some work. You had better tidy up well or you will be punished.” Steve turned and walked out of the room leaving Claire hot and bothered but very frustrated. Claire finished the washing up and tidied the rest of the room as much as she could, considering her bondage. Eventually she finished doing what she thought she needed to do and leant against the cupboard to rest. She was hot and bothered in her latex and frustrated that Steve had just left her. Part of her wanted him to be pleased and part of her wanted him to not be pleased and to punish her but she was not sure her arse could take any more whipping.

Once she had her breath back, Claire looked around the room and started to slowly walk over to the door into the hall. Where was Steve? she thought? With each step, the click of her heels, the rattle of the chains linking her arms and legs, the gentle tinkle of the bells on her nipples, and the rustle and creak of the tight latex made a noise announcing her movement.

Steve appeared out of a door and asked “And where are you off to slave? Have you finished the cleaning?” Steve pushed past her into the kitchen and looked around. Spying a dirty knife fallen on the floor, he picked it up and turned – “oh dear Slave – 20 lashes later for this,” Claire was horrified by her mistake but had she subconsciously left it there deliberately?

Steve walked to her, stroked her latex covered face and kissed her cheek. “Come on slave, we have both been working too hard – let's go out into the garden.” Steve led her out through the hall and a utility room and out into the garden. The weather for the UK in April was lovely – warm and sunny. Steve led her to a metal sun lounger with some cushions on, and helped her lay down. Undoing the chains attaching her wrists to her collar, he tied up arms to the side of the chair and then repeated the same with her ankles leaving her tied helplessly. The chair was in the bright sun and Claire started to boil in her latex. Steve went to get some drinks leaving her sweating.

When Steve returned, he undid her collar and took it off and then took off her latex mask. It was good to get fresh air and he helped her drink through a straw. Once she had drunk, he picked up the other thing he had brought with him – a ring gag. Fitting this round her head he adjusted the gag holding her mouth open and then poured some more drink in for Claire. Claire gagged and coughed a bit but managed to swallow. “Good girl – stay here and I will be back shortly.”

Steve was gone for 15 minutes and during that time Claire became warmer and warmer in the sun. When Steve came back out through the door, he had changed and was just wearing a black rubber vest and tight rubber shorts with a zip on and a huge bulge out of the front. He walked over and in front of her slowly unzipped his shorts through which the large bulge burst out. It was again his thick cock which was huge again. Grabbing her head, he pushed his cock in through the ring gag and started to slowly fuck her mouth again. Faster and faster he fucked her until for the second time that day he shot his load into her mouth. Claire had no choice but to swallow his cum again.

Claire lay there, boiling and in turmoil. She was again helpless, bound and covered in latex, just having swallowed her masters cum for the second time that day. What was she doing? But she was dripping wet again! She had found she loved being helpless, being used by him and she loved the restriction of the latex all over her body. She couldn’t help herself – she had to admit she was his slave and wanted to stay that way. She tried to speak but just squeaked. Master heard her and came to her and undid the gag and gave her a drink! “Thank you Master. I hope I pleased you. But please will you free me – I am boiling here in the sun in my latex.”

Steve jumped up – “I am sorry Claire – let me get you out of the sun.” He quickly freed her arms and legs but fixed the collar back on and locked the cuffs back as they were with her arms chained to her collar and her ankles connected by a short chain. He then grabbed her arm and led her further down the garden and into the double garage. Claire looked around as much as she could and with horror saw more chains hanging down from the ceiling.

Steve led her to the middle of the garage and pulled down some chains. He quickly connected two to her collar and freeing her arms from the collar, connected two more to each wrist. He then did the same with her ankles taking off the chain connecting her legs. Grabbing a control, he started to press switches and the chains started to pull her up and arms and legs apart lifting her off the ground until she was horizontal, face down, with her legs pulled apart. Stopping the chains moving, Steve walked round to between her legs and lifted up her skirt. Reaching into a bag he had carried, he unlocked the padlocks on the knickers and pulled them down as far as they would go, pulling the butt plug and dildo out. The knickers had zips holding them together and Steve undid them, taking the knickers off leaving her hanging and helpless.

Steve then went to a cupboard and opened it and bought out some large clamps with more chains attached. He went round to her side and roughly pulled her tits out of the dress and taking the first large clamp, he adjusted it so it squeezed her tit tight. Then he went to the other side and repeated so both her tits were now being further squeezed with the bells on her nipple clamps hanging down and swinging.

Then grabbing two more clamps, he went back between her legs and adjusting the clamps, he pulled her cunt wide open with the clamps and the chains round her legs. Then he picked up a thin bamboo cane, and started to whip her arse. “Count them slave,” he demanded. “This is your punishment for not cleaning properly.”

“One,” Claire stammered. “Ohhh two. Ahhhhhh three.” On and on it went, with red stripes building across her arse as they whipping went on. By the time he got to 18, Claire was hanging limply sobbing.

“Good girl – only two more to go.” He walked round to between her legs and struck the cane between her legs.

”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Claire screamed. “1…9.”

Again he whipped her cunt and Claire screamed again, sobbing. Steve opened his shorts again, his member was massive again and he positioned himself and pushed himself deeply into her between the clamps and came instantly.

Claire hung there, with her arse on fire and her tits squashed. “Please free my tits Master – they are hurting so much.” Steve moved back to her and undid the clamps on her cunt and then did the same for her tits, also unclamping her nipples. Claire screamed again as the blood rushed back into her nipples!

Steve then grabbed the control and carefully lowered Claire back down to standing position and then undid the chains. Claire staggered a little and Steve caught her and kissed her passionately. “I hope that was not too much for you – I am sorry but I got a bit carried away.” Claire looked at him and grabbed him and kissed him back hard. “Steve – I am yours forever. That was the most painful thing ever but I am just overcome. But can I please go and lay down before I fall down?”

Steve took her back into the house and undressed her until she was naked. He got some body cream and gently rubbed it on her arse and tits, helping to sooth her. He then laid her down on the bed between the latex sheets and duvet and tucked her in. Claire went to sleep immediately.

Later in the evening, Steve woke up Claire and passed her a soft, cotton dressing gown and slippers and led her down to the dining room where lots of candles burnt and another bottle of champagne sat in a bucket. “Claire – I think I love you,” he blurted out.

Claire looked at him and replied – “Master, I think I love you too!”

Chapter 5 – Lock Down Continues

The next morning, Claire awoke and stretched in the large bed, realising that again Steve was not there. She was naked and could feel the warmth of the body heat from the latex sheet and duvet. She could also smell that distinctive latex smell and she realised that, over the last two days, she had become a total latex addict. She loved the way the latex felt on her body and how she looked whilst wearing it, even though she realised what a kinky slut she had become.

She lay in the bed, enjoying the space to stretch, whilst she thought back about last night and the feelings for each other they had shared. Things had happened so quickly and the BDSM experiences she had had, whilst at times they had hurt, had not been unpleasant and certainly made her body react in a very horny way. Master Steve clearly had a sadistic streak but in a caring fashion. Claire lay there asking herself, did she want this to be her new life, long term? Steve clearly required her to constantly wear latex, corsets and very high heels at all times and would obviously use and abuse her body for both their pleasure. And again Claire came to the same conclusion, what had happened with Steve was amazing and with no job to go to, not being able to go out, why not run with it?

Eventually Claire decided to get up and after using the toilet, looked around for something suitable to wear to go and find Steve. She found a transparent latex cloak and put that on and also found the thick collar Steve had told her to wear. She put that on and also found some very high heels to wear.

She went downstairs and went into the kitchen. Master was there, with a coffee and his laptop working away. “Good morning Master.”

“Hello Claire – did you sleep well? I am sorry but I have to work today – what would you like to do? I have a gym and a pool?”

Claire replied “Master that would be great but I don’t have any sports kit.”

Master chuckled, “Of course I have the right kit for you – but of course, the rules still apply. Have some breakfast and then I will show you where to find something to wear.”

After a light breakfast, Steve led her back to the dressing room and opened a different cupboard saying “here you go. Help yourself and have fun. I am sorry to have to work but look forward to having dinner with you later.” With that, Steve left the room leaving Claire to explore.

Claire went to the cupboard and started to look through the drawers and hangers. She quickly found a latex swimsuit although it had a thong back, and also found some tight latex leggings and a latex vest. She put on the swimsuit and then pulled up the very tight leggings covering her arse. She then pulled on the vest and looked at herself in the mirror. Fairly normal sports kit but all tighter and more clingy than her normal kit but she loved the look and feel of it. She also managed to find a pair of training shoes and once she had put them on, she went off to find the gym.

Claire spent about an hour on the treadmill working out, getting very hot and bothered in the tight latex. The gym had mirrors and she looked at herself as she worked out dressed in her very tight leggings thinking her arse looked good. After finishing running, she went through into the pool area and stripped off the leggings and just in the swimsuit spent 30 minutes doing lengths. She did wonder how it would look with her bare arse showing as she swam up and down!

After swimming, she took a shower and dried herself off and put the leggings back on and went back into the kitchen where she made herself a light lunch. What am I going to do this afternoon, she thought. She decided that she wanted to explore more of the house and in particular, look at the other latex clothes and toys that Master had!

After lunch, she wandered off looking into lots of rooms, although two doors were locked and she left Steve’s office alone. The house was lovely but normal without any more kinky areas – she wondered what was behind the locked doors she had found? Eventually she got back to the latex dressing room and started to look in the cupboards and drawers finding no end of bizarre and kinky clothing and toys.

Eventually she sorted out a very thin latex catsuit which had a fitted hood but no hands or gloves to try on. The catsuit had a zip all the way round from the front to her back and also zipped across the breasts. She also found a latex corset without suspenders to try. She stripped off her leggings and swimsuit and carefully fitted the corset pulling the stays as much as she could, pulling her waist in. Once she had done up the stays, she sat down and unzipped the catsuit and carefully pulled it up over her legs and up over her corseted body pushing her arms out of the sleeves. It was a struggle as the latex was very tight but eventually she had it on apart from the hood. She struggled to pull up the zip all the way up her back to her neck.

She went back to the cupboard and found some normal socks and a pair of knee high ballet boots which we carefully put on and laced up tight. Once on, she carefully stood up and practised walking in them which she was still finding very hard.

Then she fitted a pair of leather cuffs over the boots and using some padlocks, she locked them on meaning she was now trapped in the boots and catsuit until Master released her as there were no keys! She had decided she wanted to fully put herself in bondage for her master with no escape until he freed her.

She then found some very thin short latex gloves which she pulled on and locked on wrist cuffs! She was getting more and more worked up and decided to punish herself too and undoing the breast zips, she fitted a tight pair of clamps to her nipples before doing up the zips. Next she tottered back to the cupboard where she had seen some butt plugs and dildos and choosing a large one of each she undid the crotch zip. She worked the largest butt plug she had ever worn into her arse, struggling to get it past her sphincter muscle but eventually it slid in leaving her feeling very stretched. She then did the same with the large dildo she had chosen but this went in easier due to her wetness. She quickly pulled up the zip before she used the dildo to make herself come.

She then found a large collar, a ring gag, chains and more padlocks, as well as a blindfold, and carefully walked into the master bedroom. Taking her time, she fitted chains to the four corners of the bed and left the chains and padlocks on the bed. She climbed onto the bed and struggled, stretched her legs wide and locked the chains onto her ankle cuffs using the padlock. No escape now.

Laying back, she took some deep breaths, composing herself as the struggling had made the dildo and butt plug take her very close to the edge of coming. She then fitted the gag to her mouth spreading her mouth wide and then pulled up the hood all the way and then fitted and locked on the collar. She then fitted two chains to the collar so she was now totally tied to the bed.

Lastly she fitted the blindfold over the hood and, struggling, managed to fit the chains and padlocks to the wrist cuffs. There she had done it – total bondage and no escape until her Master found her and freed her! She had never been able to put herself in total bondage until now!

She now lay there, helpless awaiting her fate!

Three hours later, Steve emerged from his office after a difficult day. The deal he was trying to do was falling apart due to the coronavirus economic issues and despite his best efforts, the client was now no longer willing to spend the money.

He went into the living room looking for Claire and then looked outside. Eventually he went upstairs and quietly entered the bedroom. There on the bed, lay his new slave, dressed head to toe in latex, bound and gagged and not able to move. Steve stared at Claire and smiled. He very quietly went over to the bed and quickly grabbed the wrist chains and shortened them pulling Claire’s arms up and out so she was totally spread-eagled and not able to move at all. Claire grunted, unable to speak due to the gag. Steve said nothing and gave each boob a quick slap, he left the room and went to the dressing room.

Here he quickly stripped and fitted his favourite large cock ring and studded straps. Then he went to the cupboard and found a large latex catsuit which he struggled into. The catsuit has a ring at the bottom through which he pushed his already large cock so it stuck on from the catsuit. He then grabbed a flogger, a handle with two foot long straps and went back to the bedroom.

Going over to the bed, Steve spoke “So slave – what do I find when I am busy? Look at you – my helpless little latex slut trussed up here waiting to be used. Firstly, I need to punish you for being such a naughty minx.” He swung the flogger and quickly whipped Claire’s body all over, but not too hard. The whip across her breasts made her jump and Steve realised that reaction meant she must be clamped. Undoing the zips, he freed her breasts and pulled the clamps hard, stretching her nipples and making her gasp through her gag.

He used his hand and slapped each breast four times making Claire cum!

He then climbed onto the bed and getting between her legs, he unzipped the zip discovering her full holes. “Oh my god, you are such a naughty slave. Filling your holes without my permission.” He roughly pulled out the dildo, covered in Claire’s juices and grabbing the flogger, whipped her cunt four times. Claire was in agony, but ecstasy as her Master struck her whilst she lay there in total bondage.

Steve then lay down and slid the dildo from his gag into her dripping cunt and proceeded to move his head back and forth till Claire came again, cum hitting Steve in the face.

Pulling out, he climbed onto her and slid his thick studded cock into her and started to thrust hard. As he thrust he positioned the dildo on his gag into her ring gag and grabbed her nipple clamps with his hands. With each thrust, his cock buried itself in here, the dildo thrust down her throat and he pulled her nipples hard – making Steve explode into her and driving Claire into an endless orgasm and she then fainted. Steve pulled the gag out of her throat and his cock out of her cunt and lay down on the bed. He made sure Claire was ok as she came round telling her “I love you Slave Claire.”

After a few minutes, Steve freed her neck from the collar and chain and took off the hood and gag. Claire took some deep breaths and Steve asked if she was ok. “Yes Master. I have never been able to make myself totally helpless as I always had to be able to escape, but I decided today I could as I knew you would free me once you had finished with me. Lying here for the last few hours, helpless, I have done a lot of thinking. Master you said you loved me – is that true?”

“Yes,” replied Steve. “I don’t know how but I do – you have come into my life and made it complete again. Claire, will you stay with me forever as my 24x7 BDSM slave? Will you let me use and abuse you, dress you as a latex slut but always care and love you?”

Claire moved her head to look at Steve. “Yes please, Master,” she replied.

Steve lent over and passionately kissed Claire for a long time.

“I mean it though Claire, can you accept always wearing corsets, stockings, latex and very high heels? Locked in heavy metal collar and cuffs? And having your arse, cunt and tits abused? “

“Yes master – I have learnt that I am a total latex pain slut – I have never felt like I do when dressed like this and used by you.”

“Ok – there is more for you to accept for this. You will have your nipples pierced – twice in each – one at root and one at tip and I will use the piercings to stretch your nipples as long as I can. And your cunt lips will be pierced by thick rings – 5 in each side and one in your clit hood. And lastly I will brand you as my property – above your pierced cunt and on each breast stating you’re my pain slut slave Claire. Do you accept this?”

Claire lay there open-mouthed. “Oh my god Master. I have seen porn videos like that – Slave M was one I watched and could not believe it – I was horrified by it but unable to not watch and make myself cum dreaming that was me. Yes master – I am yours totally to use, abuse, and modify to your requirements.”

Steve took her hand and said “Slave Claire, will you marry me and become my owned, collared, pierced and tattooed slave forever?”

“Yes please Master.”

Chapter 7 – Lock Down restrictions ease 

Following that day and Steve’s proposal, life for Claire had changed totally. She had been furloughed from her job, not that she intended to return and once the Covid restrictions had been eased a little, she had gone back to her flat and cleared out her things and given her notice on the rental. Most of her old clothes had been thrown away as they were the old boring her, not the new latex slave!

She had spent the last 8 weeks dressed every day in latex and by wearing tight corsets each day and working out, her Master was now lacing her waist down to 20 inches leaving her 36 inch tits showing proudly above the corset. Most days she was locked into a thick metal collar and matching wrist and ankle cuffs and normally chains connecting them.

Every day, Master would choose her outfit – some days a catsuit locked on, other days the transparent latex maids outfit with stockings, and other days’ multiple layers of latex under large dresses. Every day she had worn very high heels such that her feet hurt now when not in heels.

She had discovered what was behind the two locked doors – once contained a latex vac bed that Steve had put in her several times and the other a fully equipped BDSM play room which again Steve had used to great effect.

But the largest change was to her body. Master Steve had paid a large amount to a piercer he had used before to get them to visit the house during lockdown. As promised, Claire had been strapped down and had her nipples pierced twice each with thick piercings and for the last month, Steve had fitted nipple stretchers, screwing the stretching screws further every day until her nipples had definitely grown in length. When not stretching them, he frequently put large rings through the tip piercing and attached chains when Claire was bound, pulling her nipples and breasts out from her body.

The piercer had also pierced her cunt, again doing thick piercings through which large rings were fitted. She had actually had 6 piercings in each cunt lip plus the hood one. They had been very sore for a start but over the last week Steve had used the rings to pull her wide and fucked her very hard through the rings which was amazing. And Steve was now attaching weights to her cunt rings quite often now during the day, padlocking them on so whenever she walked she was being pulled open.

And finally, she had been tattooed with one message above her cunt stating “Property of Master Steve” and each breast had been tattooed in red writing above her nipple with one breast stating “Slave Claire” and other stating “Latex pain slut.”

During the time her cunt had been healing, Steve had used her arse again and again and Claire was now used to being anally fucked by her Master although she preferred his cock in her cunt.

So now, here we were at the end of May and the country was finally opening up. All through lockdown, Claire had been in close contact with her Mum who lived with her new partner in Essex and her close girlfriends and told them she was living with Steve and it was going amazing but of course not told them that he was her Master and the nature of their latex filled, BDSM relationship. Her Mum was pushing to see Claire and Claire was desperate to see her friends, as much as the restrictions allowed.

Claire’s friend Abby had called the night before and begged Claire to come up to meet with her and Steph, their other great friend. Abby and Steph were desperate to hear all about Steve and had invited her to meet them in Abby’s garden in Woking for drinks and a picnic. Claire couldn’t say no and Steve had encouraged her to go as important to see her friends. “But Claire, there is no point living a lie so you need to be honest about our relationship and what it means, and the rules will apply!”

So here Claire was, the Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend, just woken up in her latex lined bed, corseted, pierced, tattooed and lying there terrified and nervous about meeting her friends. Steve had left early, going to play golf for the first time, and had told Claire he would leave out her clothes in the dressing room for her to wear and he must be obeyed. Claire got up and too scared to look at what Steve had left for her to wear, went down for breakfast. She then showered and did her hair and finally couldn’t not put off any longer looking at her clothes for the day.

She walked nervously into the dressing room and saw a pile of clothes on the table. Firstly there was a thin transparent latex corset – under-bust and with 8 straps which Claire put on, using the lacing straps to pull it tight. This was not an issue for her, she was used to being corseted all the time and she could lace her waist down tightly to her normal 20 inches. Next in the pile was a very thin pair of transparent latex stockings. These were very thin and flesh coloured – the stockings were already oiled and she pulled them up and made sure they were totally smooth, hooking them up onto 4 of the suspender straps. Next was a beautiful pair of cream, fishnet stockings with lovely patterned lace tops. Claire again put them on and smoothed them out, attaching them to the remaining straps. With the second pair of stockings, her legs looked very toned and smooth and the latex was not obvious.

Next up was a beautiful cream, lace balcony bra. She had never seen it before but it was lovely – she put it on, ensuring her piercings were under the edge of the bra but lots of her breasts were on show – including the small tattoos telling everybody what she was!

Then Claire picked up a lovely cream coloured leather pencil skirt which went down to just above her knees. This was very tight but longer than she normally wore but provided more modesty for her meeting with her friends. She did up the long zip at the back, pulling it tight over her tight bum and looked in the mirror. The tight skirt showed off her very thin waist, pulled in by the corset, which she knew her friends would comment on. Next was a lovely cream, satin blouse which she pulled on, tucking into the skirt. The blouse did not have many buttons so she had quite a large amount of cleavage on show but thankfully she could not see her tattoos in the mirror.

Lastly, Steve had left her a pair of cream, skyscraper high heels – Claire thought they must be 7 inches high at least and a matching cream handbag! Claire looked at herself in the mirror – she looked a very sexy woman and she could see the impact of the corset and knew she was wearing her latex requirements from her Master but she actually looked quite normal, not like the latex slut she was.

On the desk was an envelope addressed to her. Claire opened it and pulled out a note from Steve and a jewellery bag. Opening the letter, she read “Claire, I love you and want you to be happy and become my wife. You must be happy and honest with yourself, your family and your friends. If you cannot do that, then maybe this is not the life for you. I hope you can and therefore tell your friends about us and explain our life. If you can, please wear the jewellery and when you're home later, I will know the truth! Remember I love you, desire you and want you to be my slave, partner and wife forever. Steve xxxxxx.”

Opening the bag, Claire pulled out a chain with words on it saying ‘Latex Slave Claire’! In the bag was a padlock which obviously needed to be used to put the chain on and then meant it could not be removed by her. Claire was sobbing, not sure of being able to show her friends the locket but knowing she loved Steve and wanted to be with him. She sat down on the chair and took some deep breaths. She had to decide and sat there quietly for a moment and then walked over to the mirror. She took the chain and pulled it round her neck and then used the padlock to connect the chain. She paused a second before closing the lock, took a deep breath and pushed it shut. She was committed to Steve and committed to the truth about herself.

Wiping her face, she carefully did her makeup, using more subtle colours than normally to match the outfit. She then got her phone, and took a close up of her wearing the necklace and her total outfit and sent them to Steve with a message “Love, your latex long-term slave Claire!”

Claire walked down stairs and picked up the keys for the car Steve had given her, quickly changing her very high heels into a pair of ballet pumps as no way she could drive in those heels. She locked the door and went to the garage and drove out of the drive in her brand new black Golf GTI – her dream car!

She drove carefully down the country lanes and out onto the A3 and up to Guildford and then headed to Woking to meet with her friends for the first time since her life changed.

When she arrived at Abby’s, she parked down the road and changed her shoes back to the required high heels and walked along the road to her friends. As she turned into the drive, she heard screams and Abby and Steph ran out of the garden to her shouting their joy at seeing her. Steph stopped and looked Claire up and down and said “look at you – rocking the leather and heels look – that is not the quiet Claire I know.”

Abby added – “look at that waist – have you lost lots of weight?” Abby lurched forward and grabbed Claire, hugging tightly against the rules. “I am sorry – I couldn’t resist. But… What are you wearing under that blouse?”

Steph stared, then said “What does that necklace say?!”

Claire blushed furiously and stammered, “Can’t we go into the garden girls and out of the road?”

Abby led Claire into the garden and then stopped and grabbed the necklace. “‘Latex Slave Claire!’ Oh my god – what has this man done to you? Tell me all!”

Over the next two hours, Claire told them all about Steve, their relationship and everything that had gone on since that fateful day in March. She obviously didn’t tell them all the details but was open about her desires and how Steve made her feel and that she was very much in love and that Steve had asked her to marry him. Abby and Steph were part delighted, part intrigued, part horrified and part excited but mostly happy for Claire as they could see how happy she was. Steph particularly wanted to know about the latex etc and Claire carefully showed them her corset and stockings. Claire did not tell them about her piercings and tattoos and managed to keep her blouse from showing her marks on her breasts.

Eventually it was time to leave after catching up on all their news and Claire said goodbye to Abby and walked down the road with Steph. When she got to the car, Steph suddenly grabbed her right boob and felt it – “I knew it – your nipples are pierced aren’t they? I didn’t say it with Abby as she is a prude but I could see the shapes through your blouse – what else has he done?”

Claire pulled back and said, “what do you know about nipple piercings Steph?”

Steph laughed – “you’re not the only kinky one round here - I have had my nipples pierced for a year or so – I love the feeling. Are you pierced elsewhere?”

Claire carefully pulled Steph into a quiet part of the road and opened her blouse and carefully pulled down her bra.

“Oh my god,” exclaimed Steph. Tattooed and seriously pierced – those nipples are insane! Can I touch them?” Steph reached out and pulled the nipple rings stretching out her tits – “I want my nipples to look like this? Do you like them? Any more piercings?”

Claire was stunned by Steph and answered quietly – “there might be.”

Steph laughed, “belly button?”

“No,” replied Claire.

“Not your cunt?”

“Yes – multiple piercings. They really hurt to start with but now they are healed being pulled apart and fucked between them is mind blowing.”

“You have got to show me = Claire please come home with me and show me. I am desperate to see them.” Steph grabbed Claire by the arm and pulled her to her car and pushed Claire in, quickly locking the door.

Claire was amazed by Steph but was actually quite excited. Steph quickly drove home and they went into her flat. Once inside, Steph said “so go on then, strip.”

Slowly Claire undid the buttons on her blouse and took it off. Steph gasped as she could now see the tight latex corset and the tattoos on her breasts and the full extent of her pierced nipples.

Next Claire unzipped the skirt and carefully stepped out of it, showing the two pairs of stockings and her naked, shaved, heavily pierced cunt with her Master’s mark above it.

“Girl – you are seriously kinky!”

Steph suddenly kissed Claire passionately, one hand pulling her nipple and the other hand reaching between Claire’s leg. Claire tried to resist but Steph pushed her onto the sofa and before Claire knew it had buried her tongue in her cunt. Claire couldn’t resist now as Steph’s tongue snaked between the rings, her juices flowing and before she could help herself, she came.

Steph jumped up and ripped off her dress, bra and knickers and quickly pushed her cunt to Claire’s mouth shouting “make me come.” Claire quickly repaid the favour!

After calming down, they pulled apart and smiled. “That was not meant to happen,” said Claire “Steve is going to punish me some much – I think you should be punished too? Would you like that?”

“Oh, yes please.”

Chapter 8 – Lockdown restrictions ease – but not for Claire 

So here she was at the start of June, lockdown starting to come to an end but her personal lockdown would never end! It was the Whitsun Bank Holiday and Steve had promised to cook a special evening. Claire had been sent upstairs to bathe and shave everywhere earlier and then Steve had come up to dress her.

He had ordered and received a special new corset – it was made of transparent latex and stretched from her buttocks up to and including her neck with cut-outs for her tits. The holes for her tits were very small and Steve had to squeeze them through and he then tightened the holes further using the metal ratchet and once as tight as he could get it, he had padlocked it on her. Her tits were squeezed out like cones, like the first evening she had met him. However, this corset had a set of straps which attached to the corset and round her tits like a cage which Steve again tightened as far as they could go leaving her tits squashed and painful. Her nipples were pulled out the end of the cage where a large bolt was pushed through her nipple and fixed to the cage with locks meaning it was not coming off. Steve then attached new nipple stretchers with a spring pulling her nipples out to almost 1 and ½ inches long.

He pulled the corset tight right up her up to, and including her neck but before he fitted the neck stretcher corset he pulled a very tight transparent hood over her whole head. He then fitted the neck corset and again pulled it very tight and locked it on.

The corset had a thick metal strap attached which he then pulled between her legs. Attached to the strap was a 6 inch butt plug which he pushed in. The strap split in three round her cunt and Steve pulled her pierced cunt lips out between the parts leaving the central part splitting her cunt - attached to this was a 10 inch dildo with studs and ridges on. Steve pushed this in deep and then pulled the strap up tight and locked it to the front of her corset. With the strap locked on, the rings from her pierced cunt stuck out and Master attached chains to each ring leaving them hanging.

He then fitted transparent latex stockings to her legs and used the corset’s eight suspender belts to hold them up. Next was a new pair of knee high ballet boots – these had 8 inch heels and laced on and then locked onto her legs. Above her knees, he then locked on metal cuffs with several d-rings and pulled and stretched the chains from her cunt rings down to the knee straps.

Latex gloves were then fitted with more locked-on metal cuffs and he then pulled her arms above her head and fitted them to the stays coming from the ceiling.

Steve then left the room leaving her hanging there in torment. He was done for some time but when he returned he was dressed in a full dinner suit with black tie!

He went to a cupboard and pulled out a dress holder and unzipped it and pulled out a large white latex wedding dress complete with lace train. He pulled the dress round her carefully as the dress had cut outs for her pierced and caged tits! He did the dress up round her back and neck and pulled the lace veil over her latex face.

The dress had no back to it from the waist down showing off her bare arse, with obvious old whip marks on it but was then tight from her thighs down to her ankles.

Once fully fitted, Steve freed her arms and then went down on one knee and said “Claire I have a surprise – I have arranged a licence so we can get married today, here – will you marry me.”

Claire looked at him and herself in the mirror, dressed for her bizarre latex white wedding and smiled and said “Master – I do.”

The End


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