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The Gift

by Mefraley

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© Copyright 2004 - Mefraley - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; FF/m; D/s; latex; chastity; piercing; corset; vacsack; tease; denial; toys; insert; cons/reluct; X

Another day another denial for me not for her. It all started about 9 months ago When I got a piercing (PA) and a chastity tube because I thought I wanted her in control of my sex and my masturbation. If I knew then what I know now would I do it again, read on and you tell me what you would have done.

A special evening is ahead of us its our anniversary, 6 years of marriage a new record for me. The gift is one she would never suspect I have had the chastity tube and piercing for some time now, she knew of the piercing and was none too happy about it. The tube she never even guessed. Her present a new gold necklace holding the key to my chastity, after dinner I will give it to her. I have been practicing wearing the tube for a week now just to get used to it in case she decides to leave it on when she gets her present.

Well the time is upon me, dinner on the night of our anniversary when we customarily exchange gifts, so during our after dinner coffee I give her the box with necklace and key hidden underneath. She opens it and says she loves the necklace, only when she removes the necklace does she notice the key. Then I am told my present awaits me after we return home.

By this time I have only been locked for a few hours and yet giving her the key has given me definitely sexual rush, I have never been completely controlled before when it came to sex and masturbation so I am a little on edge and can hardly sit still. On the way home she sets her hand on my leg and rubs just enough to let me know she has something special planned for me. If she only knew my predicament!

I am sure she knows I am restrained or soon will be somehow as I have a reputation with her for doing those kinds of things and giving her the key either just before or after I have been locked up.

Once home she tells me, "Go to the basement and get undressed and wait don't touch anything," she says, "and I mean anything!"

I descend the stairs and hear the shop vac running and I notice a new wall has been built in the basement as well. The noise is coming from behind the wall and closed door so I comply and behave, I don't touch anything not even me although as I have found out it would do no good for me. After what seemed an eternity I hear her coming down the stairs very slowly and I can't believe my eyes, she is dressed in a black latex catsuit and an open faced hood with ponytail.

Underneath I can see she is wearing a corset and just as she reaches the floor I notice first of all, the look of surprise on her face as she sees my new chastity. This look quickly turns to one of anger and I figure my evening of fun has just come to a rather sudden stop. Then I notice the key is gone from her neck and she has 2 inflator bulbs in dangling from her crotch. I can't help but think I just lost one of my fantasies to torment her while having her pussy and ass stuffed full of inflatable dildo and butt plug.

When I look back up at her my obvious shock and disappointment must be the look she was hoping for. She just smiles and walks up to my side and while kissing me runs her latex fingers up and down my body, stopping no where in particular just touching me all over. She next pushes me away and looks more closely at my tube and the underside where the piercing is. She asks if I can get it off and if I can get hard while in it? To which I tell her only she has the key so it will not without injury come off and only the area closest to my body can get hard as the rest is covered on 1/8 inch thick steel. It weighs a lot, around 1 pound I tell her. She just smirks stands back up and tells me my anniversary present is inside the door and that I can open it.

Upon entry I see my latex vacuum bed in the middle of the room and someone is inside, a definite female form although I have no idea who. I just look at my wife I don't know what to say, she points at the cocoon and says, "She's all yours". Laughing she then says, "Seems your little present has backfired on you but I love it!!"

I ask what she means and am told the cocoon contains Tina, a coworker that has a knockout body and really loves anything sexual. My wife does her hair and in conversation between them she found this out, I think she just wanted to test me to see if I would take the present. I am next shown a timer for the bed showing there is still 15 minutes left and she has no idea we are both here yet, so for 15 min I must pleasure her through the rubber while my wife watches.

I begin slowly at first a light touch here or there, so light she's not even sure she felt it. Then just before the timer goes off I start to make her know someone is touching her, at first she responds and starts grinding her hips and raising her breasts to meet my hands, then she just stops all together. A second later the vacuum turns off and I can hear her asking who the hell is out there because it sure isn't Connie.

I open the zip and the look on both our faces was total shock! She stands and goes to Connie and starts to rant and rave because she wants no part of ruining our relationship, when Connie just points to my crotch and says she knows we could never do anything.

Tina looks a little closer and starts to giggle, "You mean he can't take that thing off?"

"That's exactly what I mean, he is stuck till I decide to release him".

Tina turns and kisses Connie and grabs one of the inflators pumping it a couple of times.

"You Bitch!" Connie's eyes roll and she arches her back as she moans from the new pressure.

"So what do you think of your anniversary present?"

I tell her its great except I can't seem to enjoy it right now.

"You will enjoy it now or never," she says.

"How can I? I can't get hard, I can't even feel anything for the first 3 inches because of this chastity".

"I know, Mistress L sent me a letter about your new little toy and your plans for its debut, so I decided to make it an anniversary you will never forget! Tina go get dressed and make it something that will drive him crazy, you have some latex don't you?"

While T was gone I was told about this new little sleeve for the chastity so they can still feel like they have been fucked and yet I feel nothing.

"This is going to be a great investment you made for me. Just to show you how much I like it here's your new rules. You will have my new latex underwear ready every morning before you go to work. Dinner will be ready when I get home and will be served nude by you unless I say otherwise. No longer will you say no when I touch your nipples or any other part of your anatomy, no matter what time it is or how tired you are. When I have company you will either be nude or hidden from view. Last but definitely not least you will keep me sexually satisfied at all times or you won't get out for a long time".

I can't believe my ears this woman used to be a once a month girl, sex once a month was all she ever seemed to want now it sounds like I get the sex starved wife I have always wanted, only I am trapped.

Tina is on her way back down stairs and we both turn to look. She is wearing a latex mini-dress and latex stockings along with some kind of corset which is pushing her d-cup boobs up and out like they have a mind of their own. Her shoes, well boots actually are ballet boots going to just below the knee. She asks if this will do and all Connie does is point at me. I can't stop staring at these two women. She asks Connie to come with her for a second and when they return both of their corsets seem tighter and they have the same scary grin on their faces.

Before I know what is going on my hands are cuffed behind me and a belt placed around my waist and the cuffs locked to them as well. My wife unlocks the chastity but soon replaces it with a small barbell, next comes a cock ring that is pretty snug even before I start to really get excited. After this she whispers in my ear, "Now the part that can get hard won't go soft!"

While Connie distracts me, Tina starts to lick one of my nipples bringing me back to reality. Now Connie is on the other nipple and all I can do is moan my frustration as I get as hard as possible. "Perfect!" Connie exclaims, "now let's get him more comfortable".

Tina opens the cocoon for me as Connie cuffs my wrists to my sides, I am placed in the cocoon and mostly zipped. Connie takes the bulb from her pussy and places it in my mouth and next straps a gasmask with attached dildo to it. She turns my head and looks into my eyes saying, "Now you get to please two women at once what do you think?"

My head is turned back and the dildo is placed through the breathing hole, the cocoon is zipped closed and I start to panic as there is only one way to breath in the cocoon and that's through the hole where the dildo just went. I notice I can still breath and assume it's because the vacuum hasn't been turned on yet. Maybe she just doesn't want me to feel anything so I have this layer of rubber to protect them. I see a shadow above my head and feel my head being moved by the dildo, then the latex is pressed against and I can smell either Tina or Connie's sex I don't know which though.

I am blinded completely now smelling sex and horny as hell with no relief for who knows how long. How did I get so lucky? I soon feel my chastity being moved and all of a sudden it feels like I have a sheath on, I hear my wife again right beside my ears. "What do you think Tina is on your face?"

As I start to answer Tina squeezes the bulb to my gag and I soon am unable to talk.

"You weren't told to answer me just listen. The timer is set for 2 hours, if you can keep us happy during that time I will take a week off your sentence for lying to me, if you can't then I will add a month. During your sentence Tina will be the one to spend the most intimate moments with me and teach you how to please us".

I hear some noise after that and Tina wiggles a little on the dildo.

"You are such a tramp Tina, bet my husband loves that in a woman! Well time for you to start pleasing, oh one other thing everything up to this point hasn't been pleasure for us so your sentence reduction starts after the vacuum. Think about this too, Tina is so much better at touching and kissing me than you. Too bad you won't see it".

With that she climbed on to my latex covered chastity, I don't know how long before the vacuum turned on to start my 2 hours but the last thing I heard was Connie's orgasm screaming, "If he only knew, if he only knew, if he only knew!"

If I only knew what? I am sure I'll get out at least once a month for our sex, I know she can't do without that. Can she?


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