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The Inheritance

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2023 - RubberH - Used by permission

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Part 1 - “Being of sound mind…”

The hotel suite was fairly large and you could view the park out the windows. It certainly looked expensive. David sat on the sofa next to his lawyer Melanie Garcia. He wanted someone who he could trust, and she was pretty much the best in the city. It didn’t hurt that they were both friends, although he kicked himself for not taking it further when he had the opportunity. Opposite from them were the two London lawyers, Arthur Beech and Sylvia Cronin. Two weeks ago, David had received a phone call from Ms. Cronin inquiring if he was the son of Barbara Hyde-Griffin. After a little conversation, he was told that she and her associate wished to discuss a matter regarding his uncle, Robert. She was a little vague and explained that their discussions would need to be kept in strictest confidence, and that they should meet in person. David asked Melanie for her help as this was sounding as if it was going to be a serious legal matter. She made some inquiries and confirmed that those two were authentic attorneys in a very old and distinguished London firm.

“So, I’m certain that you are very curious as to why we asked for this meeting," said Arthur.

“At first I thought this was some kind of scam," replied David. “I mean, I really don’t have much in the way of assets for anyone to con me out of, and I’m not privy to any super-secret commercial info, unless high-end listings on the Upper East Side are considered that.”

“You are a real estate broker?” asked Arthur.

“A partner. It’s more like a glorified salesman,” replied David. “Don’t get me wrong. It’s decent, but it’s a high-pressure job to sell property around this city.” 

“Let us explain more fully why we are here,” said Sylvia. 

“You mentioned my uncle Robert,” said David. “I have only heard his name spoken a couple of times by my parents. My dad didn’t like him at all, and told me to stay away from him as he was ‘weird’. My dad’s words, not mine. I have no idea who he is or what he does. I don’t even know if he’s alive, although …maybe this is what this meeting is all about.”

“Yes, I can tell you he is very much alive, although he is quite elderly and not in the best of health,” she replied. “It is a delicate matter, and frankly is something which may cause extreme difficulties.”

“OK,” interrupted Melanie. “Before we go any further, I have to ask about why you are discussing his uncle’s interests. David has no financial or legal involvement or obligations regarding his uncle, and any discussions on those matters may be a breach of legal ethics, if not illegal.”

“Which is why we need to tread carefully in this matter. There are large gray areas which, if made public, would cause, well… a rather big mess to many institutions as well as individuals,” said Arthur.

“Just how big?”

“Maybe we better explain things in more detail,” said Sylvia.

Arthur cleared his throat. “Your uncle has various interests that have touched many sectors of the British business and political world. In doing so, he accumulated an estate which is significant in size, and would have been given to you at the time of his death, as you are his only living heir.”

David was surprised at this as he always assumed that his mother would have cut all ties to her brother. “Wow. I mean, I wasn’t expecting that and I’m well, I don’t want to appear greedy, but how much are we talking about?”

Sylvia opened up her laptop and began keying in some information. “Well, I have yesterday’s balance sheet up. I’m now just logging in to get this morning’s exchange rate. I’d rather give it to you in dollars.”

David and Melanie looked anxiously at Sylvia as she worked on her laptop.

“Yes. Here it is.” Sylvia continued. “Domestic Cash and Cash Equivalents are at six hundred eighty-five.”

“Oh wow!” David exclaimed, ’Six hundred and eighty-five thousand dollars?”

Arthur looked at David. “I don’t think you quite comprehend…”

“What? It’s six hundred eighty-five dollars?”

Melanie took hold of David’s arm. ”Oh, my God,” she said in surprise, realizing what was being said. “You mean…”

“Six hundred, eighty-five million, four hundred twenty thousand, nine hundred thirty, and I won’t get more detailed than that.” Said Sylvia. “Again, just the Domestic Cash. I can just show you the sheet and you can get a better understanding of what the stakes are.” She turned the laptop around and presented it to David to view.

“Foreign accounts. Real Estate. Bonds, Stock,” David spoke as he went over every item. “Holy Shit! Er… Sorry”

“No, that’s quite normal.” Said Arthur. “If you just sat there in silence, then I would have been surprised.”

“This is before estate taxes? I understand that the British government is going to take a huge chunk of it,” asked Melanie.

“Actually, because of our client’s ‘unique’ relationships with past and present governments, there are very little taxes to be paid,” Arthur said. “I can’t go into all the details as they are rather lengthy, but needless to say the bulk of the estate will go to whoever is the heir.”

“Whoever? I thought you said I was the only living relative.” Said David.

“That is an issue which is going to need the greatest secrecy.” Sylvia said. “Our client had changed his will six months ago and named someone else. Someone who is unsuitable for inheriting the estate and if this is discovered, will cause a public scandal, and may plunge businesses and other entities into dire straits.”

“Including our firm. That is the reason we are here with you today,” added Arthur. “Have you ever heard the name ‘Maxima Hertz’?”

David shook his head.

Sylvia began working on her laptop and turned the screen towards David. On the screen was a cover of a magazine of some sort. It was labeled ‘Slippery and Shiny’ and had a drawing of a woman. She was dressed in something black and shiny. Really shiny. Almost like… rubber? She was holding a whip and wore thigh-high boots. Her foot was resting on the back of a nude man, who was licking her other boot.

“OK, what the hell is this?” asked Melanie. “A porno magazine?”

“This unfortunately is the heir to the estate: Maxima Hertz,” said Arthur.

“Is this a joke?”

“Oh, no. I wish that it was.” Said Sylvia. “This is the one who was named in the new will.”

“How the hell can that inherit a multi-billion dollar estate?” asked David.

“I can explain what, or who, Maxima Hertz is. It will be somewhat shocking and quite unbelievable.” Said Arthur.

“More than this?” added Melanie. “I don’t think anything could top this.”

“To start off, your uncle, while being a financial wizard, was also a talented artist. In his spare time he did drawings for many magazines and having an uh, interest in rubber and S&M, started drawing for this and other fetish publications under the name of ‘MasterSlick’. He created the character of ‘Maxima Hertz’ and continued for the next few decades, drawing pictorial essays and what we now call graphic novels, featuring her and her other ancillary characters.”

David looked at the cover on the laptop. He looked closely at the ‘Maxima Hertz’ figure. She had huge boobs and a tiny waist. Brunette with full lips. Then he looked at the face. It was familiar. Very, very familiar. Then he recognized who it was. NO, It couldn’t be!

“Oh Jes… this, this is …MOM!” he cried out.

Arthur grimaced. “Yes, I didn’t want to include this, but you obviously were going to notice eventually. When he first started, he used your mother as a model. It wasn’t for very long, only a few months. When your parents married, they moved to the States and as far as we know, her secret was never known.”

Sylvia made David a scotch and soda and handed it to him. “It’s a hell of a lot to take in.” she said.

“Oh, you think so?” replied Melanie. “This is the shock to end all shocks.”

“What the hell is going on?” David asked. “I had a nice, normal, stay at home mom, who turned out to be a porno queen. I don’t think I want to hear how she might have pole danced after PTA meetings.”

“I am sorry for causing you distress. However, there is more at stake which requires a little patience and gives us a chance to explain what we are going to ask from you.” Said Sylvia.

“As I said, the consequences of revealing your uncle’s new heir will be large. The implications that he had left his estate not only to a fictional character, but one from the S&M world, would put into question every interaction he ever had. His sanity would be suspect…”

“Oh yeah, ‘suspect’ is saying it mildly.” David interrupted.

“…His interactions with various business, social, military, and governments would be scrutinized and dissected. Can you imagine it going all the way up to the highest levels of the nation?” continued Arthur.

“Why the hell should I care? What are you expecting me to do? Contest the will?” David asked.

“That would make things just as difficult, even if we were able to do it in a closed proceeding. It would leak out somehow. Lord knows we’ve been able to keep his activities secret this long,” added Sylvia.

“What activities secret?” asked Melanie, staring at Sylvia. “Fess up honey, because things are already totally whack now.”

“Your uncle never received any honors, knighthoods or peerages despite his many services to various governments and associations. Doing so would have placed a spotlight on him and revealed his interests in… I’ll say it… S&M, dungeons, bisexuality, fetishes of all types, especially rubber and other activities that I dislike even mentioning,” Sylvia continued.

“So, my dad was right. The guy was weird. He just didn’t say how weird. That’s why…” 

“Why what?” Melanie asked.

“That’s why when I graduated high school, there was a letter from him. Dad took it and burned it in the fireplace.” David said.

“It was for the best I am sure,” said Arthur.

“Dad died a couple of years later and he never told me why I should stay away from my uncle. He was right, and how!”

Arthur was quiet for a few seconds. “This is a tremendous amount of information to give you, but we have to provide you with the full story regarding your uncle, and why we need your help.”

“I don’t know what you are expecting me to do. Seems this is one big fuck up and I don’t know what you could possibly get from me.”

“We may be able to convince your uncle to change the will back to your favor, or place it in a trust which you will have control,” Sylvia said.

“How am I supposed to do that?” asked David. “I don’t know the man. He doesn’t know me, and if he is as nuts as you tell me, he’s not going to change his mind.”

Sylvia looked at David. “There are two options available. Get him to reverse his decision, or provide the designated heir once his estate is settled. Either one will depend upon you.”

Melanie interrupted. “You just said that this ‘Maxima Hertz’ is a figment of his imagination. How are you going to pull that off?”

“We produce ‘Maxima Hertz’. We bring her to him and she convinces him to change the name of the heir back to David. If not, she claims the estate and his secret is never revealed, and all can rest easier.”

Melanie signed. “And how can you produce a fake person?”

“Who says the person is fake?” Sylvia smiled. “I looked at the picture on the cover and the picture of your mother. Then, before I met you I reviewed your picture. Now in person, I see an almost exact image of her.”

David looked puzzled. People did say he and his mom looked a lot alike. But what was she driving at….oh shit she can’t be serious.

“You’re not trying to get me to dress up and pretend to be this ‘Maxima Hertz’? That’s almost as nuts as my uncle!” David exclaimed.

“But it’s a perfect solution.” Continued Sylvia. “As Maxima you would certainly have influence over your uncle. You’d be his creation, alive and in front of him. He’d probably do anything, even changing his will.”

“And even if I considered doing that, what if he doesn’t go along with the change? I can’t go in front of a court and declare myself the heir.” Said David.

“Well, yes and no,” said Arthur. “You can’t declare yourself ‘Maxima Hertz’, unless you legally change your identity. However, your DNA would prove you are his nephew and heir, and that you are identifying as Maxima Hertz.”

“That is the dumbest idea.” Said Melanie

Sylvia looked at David. “You saw the balance sheet? Do you know what you would be walking away from? Six hundred million dollars in just cash alone. How many high-end houses you sell would even total six hundred million in your lifetime?”

“It’s not the money,” said Melanie.

“It’s always the money,” replied Sylvia. 

David looked at Melanie. So much money. He could do anything he wanted to. 

“I don’t think I could pull that off anyway,” he said. “I mean there are things I just don’t know about how I am supposed to act. How to walk, talk, and so forth.”

“All of which we will be able to help you with,” said Arthur. “There is a place in Sussex where we can help you learn everything possible about Maxima Hertz. By the time we are ready to deliver you to your uncle, you will be the perfect reproduction of her.”

Melanie looked at David and shook her head. It was stupid and she didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

David looked at the picture on the screen. It was too tempting and besides, once he claimed the money he could go back to the city and live like a king.

Arthur and Sylvia smiled as David shook his head ‘Yes’.

The Inheritance – Part 2

2023 by RubberH

Part 2 - “More than first expected…”

Despite her best efforts, Melanie could not persuade David to stop going through with the outlandish scheme. Passing himself off as a fictional fetish dominatrix to convince his uncle to change his will. Outlandish was much too mild a word. Batshit crazy is what it was! To have two supposedly intelligent lawyers enable such a scheme was… She didn’t know what to think. Had the legal world gone completely nuts?

She had some feelings for David. Maybe he had some for her, but he didn’t show it in time before she got involved with someone else. It didn’t last too long, but David still appeared to only want to be friends after the breakup. Against her better judgment and her failure to change his mind, she agreed to help him with the complexities of the move to England. Passports were not a problem as they already had them. The other paperwork was fairly easy as they both already had experience in international travel. It was David’s leaving the real estate partnership that was one hurdle. Both his partners were not happy that their key sales manager was leaving, and the negotiations for his exit were not very friendly. In the end though, the ties were severed. David’s condo was sold, although not at the price he wanted. But if all went well, money would be the last of his problems. All his things were placed in a secure storage facility upstate, and they both made the trip to Sussex within a few weeks.

They arrived at a private residence where they were met by Doctor Fry and his assistant, Ms. Case. Ms. Case was a nurse and physical therapist and both she and the doctor would be handling David’s treatment.

“Hold on,” said Melanie. “What do you mean, treatment? Nobody said anything about anything medical. David has absolutely no issues with his health. That’s right, isn’t it David?”

“Not a thing wrong with me. I had my physical a couple of months before I had that meeting with the lawyers,” replied David, “somebody has got things confused.”

The doctor sighed. “I was not aware that you have not been told the nature of your stay here. As I can see you appear to be a healthy young man. The problem is just that…a young man. While you have a remarkable facial resemblance to your mother, the rest of you does not.”

“Well, there isn’t much to do to change that,” said David. Then he looked at both the doctor and his assistant. “Wait a second, you aren’t telling me…”

“There are certain procedures which must be performed that will enable you to look indistinguishable from the requested appearance," said the doctor. “If you cannot pass as this person, then your efforts will be in vain.”

“You want him to get a boob job?” said Melanie.

“A breast enhancement,” replied the doctor. “Among other procedures.”

“Like, what other procedures?” asked David.

“We will need to remove one or two sets of your ribs in order to narrow your waist to the specified measurement. Procedures on your trachea to remove the Adam’s Apple. Tendon shortening to enable you to wear the required 7 inch heels, a ‘rear’ enhancement…. Hormone treatment to soften the skin and enhance the curves and of course hair depilation and other cosmetic treatments.”

“That’s enough!” shouted Melanie. “David, you’ve been scammed! There was never a mention of surgical mutilation!”

“It’s not mutilation, young woman. These are long established medical…”

“Bullshit…and I’m not going to play nice anymore! This was first just a stupid ‘dress-up’ scheme and now it’s going totally Crazytown!“

“All these procedures are reversible, I assure you," said the doctor.

“Yeah, I suppose the other procedures are reversible as well!” Melanie shouted.

“The other proc…what else do you think I left out?” asked the doctor.

“You know….” Melanie stammered. “Down there….Shit…His cock and balls!”

“I have no instructions to make any alterations there. David will have intact genitalia.”

“But he’ll have big boobs, and anything else that would make him look like a cheap hooker?” Then Melanie realized what she said was describing David’s mother. “Oh Jesus, David, I’m sorry I said that.”

David looked at Melanie. He knew that she didn’t mean it, but he was definitely shaken at what he was told and wasn’t told by Arthur and Sylvia. “This is not what I signed up for,” he said. “This was supposed to be complicated, but not this complicated.”

The doctor looked at David. “I can only tell you what I had agreed to do according to the instructions I was given. There is another factor at play. Your uncle’s health is deteriorating much faster than anticipated. Time as they say, is of the essence. These procedures must commence as soon as possible in order to be finished within the minimum possible time, which is four months. Any delays may be too late for you to complete your task.”

Melanie looked at David. Surely, he wasn’t going to agree to this?

David paused. Too long for Melanie’s comfort. “You said everything is reversible? Once I’m done with the masquerade, you’ll take everything out?”

“Except for the work on your throat. The tendon shortening we can reverse with extensive stretching exercises.” Replied the doctor.

“And nothing gets done to my…cock and balls?”

“Those were not listed as part of the procedures. Those will remain intact.”

Melanie was shocked that David was even thinking of going along with this. “You can’t be serious about agreeing to this shit?!”

“I…I’m not 100 percent happy about this," said David.

“NO! This has gone far enough!” she shouted.

“It’s a huge fortune. How can I just drop it and go on as if nothing happened?”

“David. I can’t accept you’re going to agree to this. It’s not normal. If you don’t change your mind and come back with me, I..I can’t stay and watch you do this to yourself.”

Melanie stood up and looked at David. Sadly, she could see that he had made up his mind. She said nothing but turned, walked away and entered the waiting taxi. David watched as the taxi drove off. He wanted to stop her, but she would never understand. The money was more than they both would ever realize. Maybe when it was all over he could go back and make it up to her.

It was two days later that David felt strong enough to move himself on the bed. However, something was holding him down. He looked at his hands and saw that two thick leather cuffs were secured around his wrists. He pulled on the cuffs, but then realized that other restraints were on his upper arms, ankles and thighs.

“Hey! What the hell is going on?” he shouted. Ms. Case entered the room. 

“Well, you’re awake I see,” she said softly.

“Why am I tied up?” he asked.

“Restrained my dear,” she replied, “We didn’t want you doing anything to tear out the stitches and staples.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The start of your transformation.” She replied and removed the sheet.

David looked and saw that there were bandages on his chest where a set of huge breast implants had been placed. He looked further down his body and saw his torso also wrapped in bandages. IV lines were in his arms and hooked to multiple bags of drugs.

“The implants and waist reduction has started, and the first several bags of hormones and other transitioning medications have been given. In fact, I’m changing a couple now as you are absorbing these much faster than we thought.” With that she took two bags from a refrigerator and exchanged them for ones that were now empty.

“How is he doing?” asked a familiar voice. David looked and saw it was Sylvia.

 “Now that you are awake, we can start your learning program.” Sylvia took hold of a monitor connected to an armature and brought it in front of David’s face. She moved a small table in front of him and placed a mouse on top of it. On a nearby keyboard she typed in some instructions. “This program will help you learn all about ‘Maxima Hertz’. From her first appearance on paper through the last fifty-five years. Use the mouse to move forward or to go back and review the previous page. You’ll have to memorize everything about her to be able to convince your uncle that you are actually her. Every moment here that you are not in surgery or in treatment, you will need to be watching this program.” 

The screen lit up and David viewed the first image he had first seen when he first met Arthur and Sylvia. He was very uncomfortable with seeing the image of his mother in that rubber outfit and dominatrix pose. He clicked on the next page and another disturbing image appeared. He continued to go through the images and read the captions on some of the pictures for nearly a half hour, then stopped.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “ I just can’t take looking at her like this.”

Sylvia looked at David and sighed. “Remember, these are only pictures of a fictional character, not your mother.” She summoned Ms. Case and whispered something in her ear. Ms. Case went to a cabinet and removed a vial and a syringe. Walking over to David’s bed, she filled the syringe with the contents of the vial, and inserted it into one of his IV lines. In seconds, David had a warmth throughout his body and a fuzziness in his mind. Sylvia then inserted a pair of earbuds and resumed the program.

“Look at the screen. See the images. See the captions. Read them slowly. Go over each picture in detail. See how powerful she is. How slick and shiny the rubber is. Doesn’t it feel good to see someone so slick and powerful?” Sylvia whispered.

“Ye…yes…so powerful. So slick. So shiny. It looks so good.”

“Yes, yes. Keep looking. Does that person look familiar? Look at the face. It’s you isn’t it?”

David was feeling so relaxed and so intent on looking at every detail. “Yes it’s….me.”

Sylvia keyed in the instructions for the computer to perform the automatic learning program. All David had to do now was to watch the screen. The camera would watch his eye movements and switch the image as needed. The earbuds would provide comments and instructions for him to follow while he was under the influence of the hypnotic drug.

“That my dear, will keep his attention for the rest of the day. Keep dosing him every six hours until the program stops.” Sylvia instructed Ms. Case.

Over the next several weeks the program would run. Providing image after image, and repeated hypnotic instructions. Instructions that told David that all these images were of him; his memories. Everything that was written about Maxima Hertz was filling his mind. Other audios were created to simulate the internal thoughts of Maxima Hertz, as if he was narrating the actions. Telling him what he felt. What he thought. Remembering all the situations and characters created in the pictorials and graphic novels. It was like Maxima’s mind was being combined with his own.

Dr. Fry had performed the rear implant and butt lift surgeries when he checked David’s latest blood tests. He wasn’t pleased with the results and texted Arthur. The program could not be completed in time unless the process was accelerated. That meant only one thing. Arthur instructed him to proceed.

David was lying on his stomach when Dr. Fry injected the sedative into the IV line. David started falling into a deep sleep, but he felt something being pushed into his rear. He moaned and just before things went dark, an electric shock was felt in his rear.

He woke to find himself upright, but still strapped to the bed. His rear felt sore and he jerked on the restraints, but they wouldn’t move. Ms. Case entered the room and opened up the curtains.

“What the hell happened?” David demanded. “One moment I’m lying on my stomach, my ass hurting from the surgery, and now I’m like this and feeling as if a lead pipe had been shoved up my ass!”

Dr. Fry soon appeared. “What happened was that we had to perform an additional surgery which we had not anticipated we would need.”

“What surgery, damn it?!” David cried out. “Take these sheets off me!”

“No problem," said Ms. Case and drew down the linens.

David looked at his genitals. They were swollen but still there. “What did you do to me?”

“The hormones and other medications were working, but not as swiftly as we needed. Your body was producing and retaining testosterone in quantities which were delaying the effects of the medications. We had to drastically reduce these testosterone levels. Giving you a huge increase in the hormones may actually be dangerous, so complete elimination of the source was the best solution.” The doctor said.

“You cut my balls off!” cried David. “You lied you son of a bitch! I’ll kill you!”. David jerked on the restraints. Ms. Case injected a tranquilizer into the IV and in a few moments, David had stopped struggling.

“Technically I did not lie. The release you gave me authorized any needed procedures. What I have done is to open your scrotum, remove your testes and insert a device which will provide the appearance of a complete set of testicles once the swelling goes down. So that you will be able to have an erection, I went with some older but updated medical technology and inserted a penile implant.”

Ms. Case took her hand and placed them on David’s balls. “See, all you have to do is this..” and she proceeded to repeatedly squeeze David’s sack. His cock began to move and soon became erect. “Now to get it soft again you just push the valve here.” She pressed down on the base of his cock and the air which had filled the implant slowly released.

“As this would prevent you from ever fathering children, we performed a process of collecting and freezing enough of your sperm to provide many samples as you can use for in-vitro fertilization.” The doctor continued, “That was done by the use of a device called an electro-ejaculator. This is used with livestock for collecting semen for breeding purposes. It is inserted, well I believe you can already guess where, and Ms. Case obtained the samples over the course of three days.”

Ms. Case moved the monitor over to David’s bed. “Now sweetie, it’s time for class. Just watch the screen and relax.”. She switched on the computer and the training program resumed.

Another month had passed and David had undergone the remaining surgeries to reshape his body, while the training program filled his mind with even more details of Maxima Hertz. He soon knew everything Maxima had thought or experienced. Additional programs were run which made him familiar with domination, fetish and other interests of his uncle.

The other supporting characters were introduced and how they fit in with the whole picture. There was Rubberton, her ‘butler’, a huge lesbian bodybuilder. Constance Payne, her bondage doll and dungeon plaything. Sissy Prissy the rubber maid. Worm, a faceless and continuously bound ‘thing’. Dr. Sadisma, her henchman and creator of various ‘toys’ and devices. Finally, Honey Horny, her semi-unwilling lover and living sex toy. 

After the surgeries had been completed, David was unhooked from the IVs and Ms. Case began the process of physical therapy to help him move and walk. The high heels were at first difficult, but he quickly became accustomed to them. He began wearing the extreme corsets which would maintain his twenty-two inch waist, while supporting his forty-eight double E breasts, and enhancing his hips and buttocks.

Rubber clothing was next. Besides the incredibly high heeled shoes and boots, racks of rubber dresses, catsuits, lingerie and even ‘casual wear’ were brought in, and David learned how to lube, talc and wear everything with little effort in dressing.

“Yes," said the doctor. “After all these many months, I can say everything was a complete success.”

David looked in the full-length mirror. Standing before it was the image of a voluptuous, powerful, and dominant woman dressed in a full rubber catsuit with knee-length rubber boots and elbow length rubber gloves. Staring at that image he began to savor how beautiful and strong that person was. The riding crop was a nice touch and he drew it swiftly through the air, listening to its sweet sound.

“Is my car ready?” asked David. “I so much want to go back home and see Robert.”

Part 3 – “All’s Well That Ends…”

Arthur and Sylvia stood at the doorway of the London mansion of their client, anticipating the arrival of David. This would be the first time that they would see him in-person as his ‘Maxima Hertz’ persona. They had participated in on-line conferences with Dr. Fry, who assured them that David’s appearance was indistinguishable from Robert’s drawings. Arthur rang the bell. After a few seconds the door opened and before them was a huge woman, dressed like a butler but in shiny black rubber.

Stunned, Sylvia stared at the woman and said “We are expected. Arthur Beech and…”

“Yes, come in," the butler tersely replied. “You are the first to arrive. Follow me.”

Sylvia looked at Arthur as they entered the house. “Did you know about this?” she asked him.

“No. This is a surprise to me as well," Arthur replied. “Excuse me.," he addressed the woman. “Who are you? Where is Hubert, the other butler?”

“The previous butler has left employment here, per the Master’s orders. I am Rubberton," the woman replied.

The two followed the butler to the drawing room. “You may sit over there," said the butler. “I will bring the Master, shortly.” With that, Sylvia and Arthur were sitting in the room alone.

“Rubberton?” said Arthur. “Isn’t that one of those characters from his ..”

He was interrupted by the sound of wheels on the floor. They rose from their chairs as their client appeared in a wheelchair being pushed by Rubberton.

“Ah, yes. It is good to see the both of you,” Robert said. “I’ve been told that you have a little surprise for me.”

“Yes, Sir,” Sylvia replied. “We have managed to locate Maxima Hertz and she will be here shortly.”

“That is very good news. How did you find her after so long?”

“It was a difficult search. I don’t wish to bore you with the details. However, the private investigators we hired found her living in America… I’m sorry, you seem to be a bit tired.” Sylvia said. Although they had a detailed cover story to tell him, he looked rather frail and may not have been entirely listening to her.

“A little," he replied. “What time is it? Rubberton, what time is it?”

“Just past ten-fifteen, Master.“ replied Rubberton.

“It’s early, but now is as good a time as any for some tea. Have some brought to us," Robert ordered.

“Yes, Master.” replied the butler and once again left the room.

“You seem surprised. Not quite what you expected?” Robert asked. 

“Oh… well, we didn’t know of a change in household staff. Usually, these things cross our desks," said Sylvia.

“Maybe it just slipped your minds,” Robert replied, “Then again, the paperwork might not have reached you yet.”

“Maybe that’s what happened," Arthur added.

After a few moments of silence, there was the sound of the doorbell. Rubberton walked through the room and to the entry hallway. Shortly, ‘Maxima Hertz’ entered the room. Sylvia and Arthur sat in stunned silence, looking at the figure who was wearing a long rubber coat. ‘Maxima’ unbuttoned her coat and allowed Rubberton to remove it and hang it on a nearby coat-rack. The full rubber catsuit was polished to a high gloss. The boots and gloves were also highly polished. It was as if she had been dipped in liquid latex and allowed to dry.

“Maxima, my dear!” exclaimed Robert. “It has been so long!”

‘Maxima’ strode across the room, glancing at the surprised lawyers. Approaching the wheelchair, she stopped and, lifting her right leg, dropped her foot on the tray in front of Robert. He smiled and gave the boot a kiss and then a long lick up the entire length.

“Robert. Still the same old pervert. Just not as flexible as you once were. Can you still get it up, or do you need my help?” she asked.

“I might need some assistance," he replied “Would you care to do the honors?”

“Not an honor. Certainly not on a shriveled husk like you. I like a young, fresh, thick piece of meat to taste.”

“You haven’t changed at all. Still a ball-busting bitch," he said, smiling broadly.

“You look like shit. Probably can’t even hold a whip, much less use it.”

To Sylvia and Arthur, this was completely unexpected. David had totally thrown himself into the role. 

‘Maxima’ looked at the two. “Are you two finished here? Robert and I have a lot of catching up to do.” 

“Easy, Maxima," said Robert. “Well, unless they wish to stay and play, or have any business that cannot wait, they can come back at a later time. At this moment we need to remember the fun times we had. Like that dinner party in Chelsea in 2003.”

Sylvia looked at David, who paused and then smiled. “Where I had 20 guests bound in a gigantic ‘Siamese Human Knot’? “

“Did they ever get untied? We left early. They must have. Otherwise, the neighbors would have seen them in the garden.” Robert added. He looked at the two and waved them off. They quickly left the house, too shocked at what they just experienced.

It was several weeks later that Robert was laid to rest. Maxima Hertz had taken up residence in his house and appeared to be in complete charge. Arthur and Sylvia had attempted to contact David during that time, but he ignored their calls, texts and email messages. With great trepidation, Sylvia approached Sir Nigel, the firm’s senior partner regarding their concerns.

“Yes, a sad bit of business.” Sir Nigel explained. “Robert was never quite the same after his sister had died from Alzheimer’s. I would visit him on occasion, just to ensure he was alright. I once overheard him speaking to himself as if he was having a conversation with her. He denied it of course, but a couple of other times I caught him having conversations with someone he may have called ‘Mistress’.”

“Didn’t you advise him to see a specialist? A mental health…” Sylvia replied.

“Young woman! Suggesting to someone like Robert Hyde-Griffin that he may be having a psychiatric problem would not only be foolish, but he could also dismiss us as his legal counsel! It was better to leave it alone! There is no benefit in bringing this up now!” Sir Nigel exclaimed. “We must now assist his heir according to the express instructions of his will. At the end of the week a meeting will take place with his senior advisors and this Maxima Hertz. You two will attend, per her orders.”

Sylvia was now very worried. The next couple of days there was something else that troubled her. All matters pertaining to Robert were no longer being reported to her or Arthur. Expense account reports were missing, and daily business summaries no longer came to their offices. Something was going wrong with the plan.

Melanie had read about Robert’s death and, despite her better judgment, decided to fly to London to see David. She was worried about his well-being and she just didn’t trust Arthur and Sylvia. They had lied to him too much to believe that they wouldn’t try something more underhanded or even worse, dangerous. She took the first possible flight, and then went straight to Robert’s home. There she was in awe looking at the huge woman butler who allowed her into the house. She was escorted to the drawing room where a group of people, including Arthur and Sylvia were listening to a person sitting on what looked like a throne. Another look and she recognized David, or at least what he had been turned into. ‘Maxima Hertz’ smiled at her. “My, what a pleasant surprise," she said “Sit down next to my attorneys and have a cup of tea. My own special blend. Melanie sat next to Arthur and Sylvia. Rubberton gave her a cup of tea and she took a sip.

‘Maxima’ was wearing a skin tight red rubber dress which went to the floor with a slit on the left side. The slit went all the way up to her waist. The neckline displayed her impressive cleavage, with her erect nipples showing through the rubber. A pair of matching color ankle boots with what looked like seven inch stilettos were on her feet. Her fingernails were blood-red and sharpened into near claws.

Sir Nigel spoke, “Ms. Hertz.”

“Mistress Hertz,” came the reply.

“Umm, Mistress Hertz. Per your instructions we have met to understand your intentions regarding the estate.”

“Are you worried, Sir Nigel?”

Sir Nigel looked at Maxima with apprehension. “Yes. We have all been long standing advisors and this change in ownership has made a few of us concerned that there may be other…”

“Let me stop you right there.“ Maxima interrupted. “Robert had the utmost confidence in his senior legal counsel and his company management team. Unless you wish to discontinue this arrangement, be assured that no changes in the business structure will occur.”

The people in the room appeared to be relieved.

Maxima continued. “Now there will be changes, but only in how the businesses are perceived by the public. I will be more of a ‘silent’ owner, allowing you to do what you have done so capably all these years. You will have more autonomy management-wise, but you will keep me informed of all decisions in the event I wish another course of action.” Then she stared at all of them with a scowl on her face. “If anyone fucks things up, I will personally castrate them.”

Then she paused and smiled. “Figuratively… of course. Any questions?”

Sir Nigel spoke, “I believe that I can speak for all of us…”

“Yes, you are all extremely grateful that I have kindly let you keep your very well-paid positions.” Maxima loudly yawned. Sir Nigel stood flabbergasted that he would be spoken to in that manner.

“What? You may continue if you have anything of any significance to say," she said. “If I have offended you, then get used to it, or quit. However, considering that Robert had often given most of you a tongue-lashing at one time or another, you’ll just live with it. You may all leave now.”

The group started to leave the room, when Maxima commanded. “Except you three!" pointed to Arthur, Sylvia and Melanie. “Sit down and be quiet, as I have a few things we need to resolve.”

Once alone, Maxima rose from her chair and stood in front of the three who were seated next to each other on the sofa. Sylvia attempted to speak, but Maxima put her index finger to Sylvia’s lips and said “Not one word. Time for another cup of tea.” With that she rang a bell.

Melanie heard someone behind her and turned to look at a maid with a tray with three cups of tea. What was worse was that the figure was dressed in an exaggerated French Maid outfit, made completely of black and white rubber. Her feet were shod in ballet boots, forcing her into an ‘en pointe’ position. She brought the tray over to the three and they each took a cup.

“Yes, I have another addition to my household. This is Sissy Prissy," said Maxima. “Go on, drink up.”

The three sipped the tea as they were told.

“Sissy Prissy. Stand next to me and lift up your skirt.” The sissy did and revealed a set of male genitalia trapped in a steel cock and ball caged which had been welded shut. “Now Sissy Prissy, turn around and show your backside.” The sissy complied. “Spread your legs and your cheeks.”

Melanie watched the sissy bend over and show its backside. In large black letters, the word “WHORE” had been tattooed, with the ‘O’ placed around his anus.

“Sissy Prissy is such a slut. Rubberton just loves to use her collection of strap-ons and other toys in that tight little hole," laughed Maxima.

Melanie wanted to say something, but she, Arthur and Sylvia couldn’t speak or move a muscle. They sat motionless on the sofa.

“One of Robert’s investments was a small pharmaceutical company that developed I guess you would call it a ‘neural inhibitor’, or something like that. It only takes a small dose; even a sip of tea will do the job. In any case, it causes the subject to lose control over their voluntary muscles. Involuntary functions such as breathing, heartbeat, et cetera are not affected. So, you can hear everything I say, but cannot respond,” Maxima said.

“Two years ago, Robert had suspected something was not quite right with his accounts. He had a forensic audit performed on his entire enterprise. Now what do you think he found? Good question. It was discovered that someone had been diverting funds to a bank in the Cayman Islands, under a shell company. A little more investigation revealed that the account belonged to a pair of attorneys working for his trusted legal counsel. Oh, I forgot, it was actually two accounts," she looked at Arthur. “One account was in your name, with a paltry five-thousand pounds. The other account with the bulk of the funds had received frequent money transfers from yours. That one contained over two million. Who do you think was the name of the other account holder?” and she looked directly at Sylvia and smiled. 

Sylvia was frightened. Not only of David, but now Arthur knew that she had been double-crossing him all along.

“So, Robert knew that he had to do something, but his health was declining and he felt he did not have the strength for any police investigation or protracted legal battle. He needed someone he could trust to handle you two. That is why he revised his will naming me as sole heir. He knew that I would be able to protect his estate and to make sure you were appropriately punished. Courts and prison, while effective to a degree, are not as satisfying when it comes to real justice.”

Maxima now faced Melanie. “I was surprised Honey when you appeared. Now, we’ll have lots of fun together once you and these two have joined my household.” Maxima began to caress Melanie’s breasts. “Oh, yes…it’s been something I’ve long looked forward to.”

Melanie wanted to speak. To scream. To try and tell David to snap out of it.

Rubberton appeared and, one by one, picked them up and took them to Maxima’s playspace.

“Sissy Prissy, tell Dr. Sadisma that we have completed the set and to make preparations.” Maxima ordered. Sissy Prissy curtsied and left the room.

Melanie was laying down on an examination table, a head harness and penis gag secured around her head. Her hands were encased in thick, heavy rubber mittens and a wide belt was strapped around her waist holding her to the table. She had been prepped by the woman called Dr. Sadisma. Dr. Sadisma was an Indian woman in her mid-forties. Like the other residents she wore skin-tight rubber, but also a white rubber doctor’s coat.

“Well, that didn’t take too long," she said. “Much easier than the others for certain. Now, you are going to stay gagged for a while, but I’ll let you see what we’ve done.” 

She pulled a lever and tilted the table until Melanie was upright and looking at a full-length mirror. She was now wearing a bright blue catsuit but with a cutout exposing her nether regions. Her breasts had been squeezed and pulled through two small holes in front of the suit, causing them to protrude obscenely. Her hair had been permed, and then dyed a bright bubblegum pink as well as her eyebrows and eyelashes. Worse was that her pubic hair had also been dyed the same color and trimmed into the shape of a heart.

“Pretty as your picture," said Dr. Sadisma. “Electrolysis will be performed to keep that little valentine intact.”

Melanie looked angrily at the woman who had done this to her. 

“Hey precious, a lot worse can be done. Mistress Maxima must have a soft spot for you.” Sadisma said.

Melanie struggled to free herself but there was nothing she could do.

“Hey! Don’t damage the equipment! I’m responsible for any damages if I don’t have you strapped down and you break something, it comes out of my pay.”

Melanie looked at Sadisma “Pay?” she thought.

“Yes, this is a paying job, and Honey I make a ton of it, so I’m going to do as Mistress says. “ Sadisma continued. “This is a much better situation than when I got thrown out of the medical profession. I had a little…trouble with taking advantage of my female patients. Actually a lot of trouble. Seems they frown upon sexual relations Especially ones involving some rather intense pain. So it was either get out of the country or go to prison. Fortunately, I received this job offer from Mistress Maxima. The money is good, and I get to occasionally…indulge myself with the subjects she brings in.”

The door opened and Maxima Hertz entered the room. “Yes Sadisma, she is exactly the way I pictured her. You have done an excellent job," she approached Melanie, and took her exposed breasts into her hands. “Yes," she thought. “So perfect, and all mine. Any man would have been a fool to let her go.”, 

“Yes, Honey. My little Honey Horny," she said to Melanie, “We will have so many nights of pleasure together. I have so many delights to share and I know that you are so, so ready. Yes, I can see that the aphrodisiac is starting to work.”

Melanie realized that yes, she was feeling…feeling…aroused as David, no… Maxima, was fondling her breasts. Maxima began to lick and suckle both of Melanie’s nipples. Then a finger began to stroke…”OH GOD! I’M SO WET NOW!” she screamed to herself.

“Sadisma. Is the device ready?” Maxima asked.

“Yes Mistress, all sized and ready to go.” Sadisma walked over to a cabinet and removed a thick rubber belt with multiple straps. She came to Melanie and within the belt were a large anal plug and a thick rubber dildo. Sadisma placed the belt around Melanie. The rear plug was lubricated and it took a firm push to seat it inside her. The dildo needed no lube, of course. Melanie breathed hard through her nose as the phallus went all the way inside her. Sadisma buckled the straps and applied the padlocks.

Maxima held the remote control and pushed the button. Both intruders sprang to life and Melanie felt them undulating inside her. Her eyelids fluttered as the sensation built. Waves of pleasure took hold.

“Remember Sadisma, this stays on until this evening and whatever happens, never let her cum. That will be my job.” Maxima ordered.

“Yes Mistress.” Replied Dr. Sadisma. 

Sylvia found herself dressed in a full rubber suit with her pussy and rear exposed. The hood only had openings for her eyes and mouth, but a very large inflatable gag had rendered her mute. She had been secured to a bondage sling which held her and her outstretched limbs about five feet off the floor.

“I see that you are quite uncomfortable. “ said Maxima “I will assume that you are not afraid of heights.”

Sylvia struggled and tried to say something. Maxima only smiled.

“Oh, my little Constance," she said, “Haven’t you learned by now that once you are mine, you stay mine?”

“Constance?” Sylvia thought. Then realized that David meant ‘Constance Payne’. Oh shit! That was another character in the drawings. A character always being put through all sorts of bondage and torture! 

“Dr. Sadisma has made many new toys for us to play with.” Maxima said “I am so happy that the both of you are now back where you belong.”

“Arthur! Where is he!?” Sylvia thought.

“Now, for our last member of our little family," said Maxima “Rubberton, bring it here!”

Rubberton entered the room with something long and rubbery slung over her shoulder. She kneeled down and laid the figure on the floor.

“Arthur!” Sylvia wanted to scream.

Maxima looked at the figure encased in multiple layers of thick white unbreakable latex . His arms were pinned to his sides and his legs fused together. Rubberton rolled him over on his back and Maxima sat on his chest.

“Hello Worm!’ she said “Oh you can’t talk..ever. A little operation on your vocal cords. Worms don’t talk anyway. In fact they can’t do much except crawl along the floor and excrete a slime trail. The exception is that tongue of yours,” she took her fingers, shoved them into his mouth, took hold of his tongue and pulled it.

“Hurt much?” she asked. “The only way it won’t hurt is if you do what all good worms do and service who or what enters this hole.” She released his tongue, stood up and with a hard kick, forced him back on this stomach.

‘Now crawl WORM!” Maxima ordered. Worm began to scoot across the floor and out the door of the room and into the hallway.

Sylvia was in a panic . “He’s as crazy as his uncle!” she thought.

Maxima went to a cabinet and removed something. As she turned, Sylvia saw a thick cylindrical device with a large mushroom-shaped head. Tiny projections lined the outside and rubber nubs ran along the length of the device.

“Like it?” Maxima asked. “Dr. Sadisma was especially proud of this one. It hasn’t been tested but as the saying goes ‘There’s no time like the present.’”

Sylvia tried to scream and scream. Shaking every muscle in her body to try and free herself. Then she saw Maxima stop and look intently at the device.

“Hmmm. That’s odd. For the life of me I can’t remember how this thing works," she said with a look of puzzlement. “Sadisma!” she shouted, “Go get me the instruction manual for the ‘Destroyer’!”

“Yes Mistress!” replied Sadisma.

Sylvia lay in the sling frantically trying to catch her breath through her nose. Just then she heard the sound of a motor loudly humming. She looked at Maxima and saw her holding the device. It was violently shaking. The head twisting and turning. The projections retracting and expanding. Maxima brought it over to Sylvia. 

“Never mind Sadisma!” she shouted. “I figured it out!”

Sylvia tried to scream again. Maxima smiled “So, shall I start with the front, or begin with the rear? She asked.

Sylvia could only look in horror as Maxima brought the device towards her outstretched thighs. Then Maxima deflated the gag, unbuckled it and pulled it out of Sylvia’s mouth. Sylvia coughed and sputtered.

“David, please!” she pleaded. “Don’t do this! I’ll do anything you want! I confess! I’ll go to prison! David, just don’t use that thing on me!”

Maxima looked at Sylvia. “My, my! I didn’t expect this to happen. You usually can take more than this little thing. I thought you’d be more resilient. So, you will do anything? OK. Just answer one question.”

“Anything!” Sylvia shouted.

Smiling, Maxima looked at her little torture toy. Her little Constance Payne.

“Who the fuck is David?!”

The End


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