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The Experiment

by Rubber Ballet

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© Copyright 2009 - Rubber Ballet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; F/f; kidnap; latex; mc; conditioning; mast; M/f; toys; sex; cons; X

Anna woke and glanced over to her clock. "Mon 07:06" the glowing red lights said. She then glanced down from the clock back along the line of the bed and saw the suitcase on the floor. She closed her eyes for a few more minutes and smiled to herself. Holiday. She'd been looking forward to this for a while, and she was going to savour every possible moment.

The next time she looked at the clock it said "Mon 07:40"

"Oh shit" she thought, "the taxi's due here at eight !"

Anna jumped out of bed, and rushed to the bathroom to wash. The aim was more to wake herself up, rather than to clean. The cold water soon woke her up, and she ran back to her bedroom to get dressed. She knew what she was like in the mornings, so she had planned ahead, and packed the night before. All she had to do was get out of bed, get dressed and be outside at eight.

The intercom buzzer went.

"Shit, the taxi's early", she said to herself. She dashed to the intercomm and pressed the button to speak.

"I'll be down in a minute"

"No problem, I'm a bit early" came the reply.

"No flipping way" she said to herself.

Running back to her bedroom, she huridly finished getting dressed. She grabbed the suitcase, her handbang and coat, and made her way out to the taxi. Her hair wasn't unbrushed and messy, it was her style, she thought to herself.

The driver took her bag and put it in the boot whilst Anna got in the back of the car. The driver got in and looked up at Anna in his mirror.

"The station, is it ?" She asked.

"Yes please"

The car engine started, and the taxi pulled away. Anna took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Her holiday had finally started.

Anna woke. Something was wrong. She was laying down. On something hard. Like a floor.

She opened her eyes. Sure enough, she was laying on the floor. "How did I get here ?" She thought to herself. "No, where *is* here ?" She asked herself.

She got up off the floor and looked around. She was in a room, about eighteen feet by eighteen feet. There was a large flat screen tv on one wall. There was an unmade bed in one corner, a small basin in another corner, and an armchair, a small table & chair, and various other bits of furniture dotted around the room. It looked like a bedsit or studio apartment. She looked round for a door, but could see none.

"Hello ?" She tentively asked. "Where am I ?"

She heard nothing back. She noticed the tv screen spring into life, and some text appeared.

"Hello Anna" it said. "There's been a slight change to your holiday plan. You'll be staying here for the next ten days"

"Where is here ? How do I get out ? I want my original holiday plan back, thank you"

The screen cleared, and new words starting scrolling up, like the credits in a film.

"I'm sorry, that cannot be done. I can assure you, we mean you no harm. In ten days time you will be back home."

"Why am I here ? Why me ?"

"I cannot tell you that. All I can tell you, is that we mean you no harm"

"That sounds like something out of a dodgy sci-fi film" Anna chortled back.

"Whatever. It is the truth. On the table is a box. Inside the box is a razor and some shaving foam. Get completely undresed and put your clothes in the box. Then shave your pubic hair off"

"What if I don't want to ? You said you would not harm me. So what are you going to do if I refuse ?" Anna thought she'd outsmarted her captors with that.

"We will not harm you. But we will make life very uncomfortable for you"

"Well, try your worst. I refuse to obey your instructions"

With that, the screen went off. The lights quickly followed. Anna realised that there were no windows in the room and the room was now totally pitch black. She couldn't see a thing. Next, she felt a cold breeze. The breeze rapidly got colder. She tried moving around to move out of the breeze, but in the total darkness she kept on bumping into things. No matter where she moved, she could feel the cold breeze. The breeze was getting colder. She was starting to shiver. Anna was determined not to give in, but the temperature was dropping rapidly, and she wasn't dressed for this sort of climate.

After five minutes, she started to think that shaving her pubic hair was a small price to pay for some warmth.

"OK, I give in. I'll shave myself" she said. Her teeth were chattering quite badly now. The tv sprang back into life.

"You sure ?"

"Yes, I promise. Just give me some warmth."

With that, the lights came back on, and the bitterly cold air was replaced with a warming draft.

"I thought you said you wouldn't harm me ? I could get hypothermia in that temparature"

"We would have made sure you came to no harm. We have warmed the room up. Your turn now."

Anna sighed. She walked over to the box, took the shaving things out, and got undresed, neatly placing her clothes back in the box. She walked over to the sink and procecced to shave herself. She had never shaved her pubic her before, so she took a while to achieve a smooth finish. She cleaned herself with a sponge that had been left on the sink, and dried herself off with the towel that had been next to the sponge.

"Done. Happy now, you little perv ?"

"Place the box in the hatch benith the television"

"But I'll be naked here for ten days !"

"We will supply clothing for you, unless you'd rather we turned out the lights"

"No, I get your point." Anna sighed, and walked back to the box on the table with her clothes in. She picked it up, and carried it to the hatch. As she got near, the hatch opened. She tried to peer inside, but all she could see was inky black. She pushed the box in, and as soon as her hands were clear, the door closed. She stepped back, to see what the next instruction would be.

"Under the bed, there are three suitcases. Take the red one and open it. The code is 3356"

She walked over to the bed and peered underneath. Sure enough there were three suitcases. She pulled out the red one and put it on the bed. She dialed in the code, and flipped the catches open. She examined the contents. There was a latex hood, a latex catsuit, a large bottle of talc and a selection of dildos plus a tube of lube. Anna didn't consider herself a prude, but she'd only ever heard about this stuff.

"Lightly talc the inside of the hood, put it on, and zipped it closed." The tv said.

"You *are* a perv, aren't you ?"

She felt a chill come over her.

"OK, I get the hint."

The cold breeze stopped, and Anna talced the inside of the hood. As she talced it up, she noticed that it had eyes, nose and mouth holes. She pulled in on over her head, and stuffed her hair up inside it, just as if she was putting on a swimming hat. After adjusting the positioning of the holes with her anatomy, she pulled the zip down the back of the hood. She felt the cold rubber pull against her face. She looked up at the tv.

"Cover your body in talc. Then dust the inside of the catsuit with talc. Turn the catsuit inside out, and put the suit on"

Anna kept her thoughts to herself, she didn't fancy ten days of bitter cold. She followed the instructions and slowly got the latex catsuit on.As she was putting the catsuit on, she noticed a pull cord attached to the suit zipper. Once the suit was on, she pulled the cord and zipped up the suit. Her body was now encased in rubber.

"So what's the plan ? Am I to wear this for the next ten days ?" Asked Anna.

"That is part of the plan. Select one of the dildos. It must make you feel full. You may use the lube to help you slide it inside of yourself"

Anna examined the dildos. She'd never used one before, and was unsure which size to pick. She picked the smallest. She undid the crotch zip on the catsuit and slide the didlo inside herself.

After a few seconds the tv asked:

"Does that make you feel full ?"

"Mmm, possibly not."

"Well, pick a bigger one then" Even thought they were just words on a screen , she could feel the anger behind them. She picked the next size up. She sllid that one in. That was a bit harder, but she felt that she could probably take the next size up. She covered this next one with some of the lube and slid it up inside herself. As she slid the dildo in, she let out a groan.

"Excellent. The perfect size. Zip up the crotch"

Anna complied.

"What next ?" she asked.

"You may do whatever you wish for the next hour. However, you may not remove the didlo, the catsuit or hood, or attempt to escape"

Well, this doesn't sound too bad, I suppose she thought. She explored the room a bit, and found a selection of DVDs and some books. She picked out a film and wandered across to the DVD player underneath the TV, and slid the sliver disc into the machine. The tv sprang into life, showing the film she had choosen. She settled down in the armchair, and immersed herself in the film.

After a while (there was no clock, so she had no way to track time) the film paused, and the screen just showed one word

"Masterbate" it said.

"What ?"

"Masterbate and orgasm. You are advised to only orgasm once. You may use the dildo inside you. Once you have climaxed, you must zip the dildo back inside of you"

Anna was shocked at that instruction. It certainly wasn't what she was expecting ! Whilst she thought about it, the screen started angrilly flashing "Masterbate"

Anna spread her legs wide, opend the zip in the crotch, and started to stroke the dildo in and out. Her juices started to flow and the dildo slid easier and easier. She climaxed, and sat in the armchair for a few minutes panting. She opened her eyes and say the next words on the screen.

"Put the dildo inside and close the zip" She was feeling sensitive, and she flinched as the dildo buried inside her again. As she pulled up the zip, the film resumed.

"Strange" thought Anna. She was being held captive, but being treated in a very unusual way. She hoped it wouldn't be a false start.

The film finished, and for a few minutes, she just sat there. Then the tv sprang back into life

"Masterbate" it said.

"The same again ?" asked Anna.

"Yes. Masterbate"

Anna reached down and set to work. It took her a little bit longer than the first time, but she soon climaxed, and she buried the dildo back inside herself before closing the zip.

"Good. After the next one you will be fed."

Anna walked back to the pile of DVDs and picked out another film. She put it in the player, and sat down to watch again.

About half way through the film, it paused, and the solitary word "Masterbate" came up on the screen. She set to work and finally climaxed. So far she'd orgasmed more times today then she usually did in a week !

Another hatch in the wall opened and Anna saw a bowl, with what looked like pasta in it, plus some cutlerly.

"Mmm food." Anna thought. She walked over and carried the bowl to the table.

She went to remove to hood to make eating easier, but as soon as she touched the zip to the hood, the lights went out. She turned to the tv screen.

"Leave the hood on. Eat"

"OK" sighed Anna. The lights came back on and Anna tucked into the pasta.

Once she'd finished eating, Anna put the bowl and cutlery back in the hatch, which promptly closed.

The film resumed on the tv, and Anna settled down. Towards the end of the film, the film paused, and the inevitable word came up. Anna was getting tired by now, and she struggled to climax again.

"Is it time for bed yet ?" Anna asked the tv.

"You need to make the bed first" came the reply.

"OK, so where are the bed clothes ?" Asked Anna.

"The black suitcase under the bed. Code 2098"

Anna went to the bed, and pulled out the black suitcase. This one was bigger and heavier than the red one which contained her current outfit. She opened the case, and found more black rubber. She took them out and examined them. Pillow case, a top sheet and a bottom sheet. Benith them were two pink garments - pyjamas ! Anna turned and looked at the tv screen.

"Do you...", her voice trailed off. She knew what the answer would be.

She took the bed clothes and set to work making the bed.

She was relieved once she'd finished. Working in the latex catsuit was hard work, and she was eager to get undressed and sleep, even if it was a latex bed.

"May I go to bed ?" Anna asked the tv.

"Yes, once you've put your pyjamas on"

Anna reached round to unzip the catsuit. As soon as her hands touched the zip the room lights flashed. She turned to look at the tv.

"You will keep the catsuit and hood on. Put the pyjamas on over the top" Anna sighed and picked up the garmets. She tried pulling them on, but found them sticking to her catsuit. Anna turned to the bottle of talc and dusted the inside of the pyjamas. After that, the pyjamas slid over her catsuit with ease.

"Happy now ?"

"You may go to bed now. Good night. Sleep well"

Anna got into bed, between the rubber sheets. As soon as her head hit the pillow the lights went out.

Anna had a disturbed nights sleep. The rubber was a strange bedfellow. She had no idea about the passage of time, but eventually she called out.

"Is it time to get up yet ?" The tv flickered into life

"You may rise now." The lights came on. "Masterbate" came up on the screen. Anna reached down and brought herself to orgasm.

"Mmm" A nice way to wake up Anna thought to herself.

"Breakfast" came up on the screen and a hatch opened.

Anna tucked into a light breakfast. After eating, she returned the dishes to the hatch and made the bed.

"Good girl."

"What's agenda for today ?" Anna asked.

"Firstly, you need to get changed"

"Do I finally get to get out of all this rubber ?"

"No. You will remove your pyjamas and put on your day clothes. They are in the third suitcase under the bed. Code 2934"

Anna went and retrieved the final suitcase. Opening it up, she found a cream latex blouse, and long green skirt. Underneath these two items were a pair of boots, which looked wrong, but she couldn't work out why.
She removed the pyjamas, folded them neatly, and tucked them under the pillow on the bed. Having learnt from the pyjamas, she dusted the inside of the blouse and skirt before putting them on.

She then picked up the boots, examining them. She undid the laces and sliped the first boot on. As her foot slid into the boot, she realised what was wrong. Her foot was being held in line with her leg. She looked up at the tv screen. Did it really expect her to wear these shoes ? Almost as if it read her mind, the screen flash up "Yes" Anna sighed and laced the boots on.

After lacing the boots on, Anna tried standing up. With her first attempt, she almost feel flat on her face. After a few attempts she managed to stand. As she teatered on the heels, proud with her accomplishment, the lights flashed. She turned to the tv to see the immoral word: "Masterbate" She sat back down, lifted her skirt and brought herself to orgasm.

"So what's the plan for today" Anna asked the tv.

"Every hour you will masterbate. You will not attempt to undress or escape. Otherwise, the time is yours"

And that's how the day was. Anna could watch films, read books, or just sit watching the blank screen. She was given lunch and tea, but every hour, the tv interrupted her and she had to masterbate. By the end of the day she was exhausted. The final few orgasms took her a while to achieve.

As the credits rolled up another film she asked the tv: "May I go to bed please. I'm worn out"

"Yes. Change into your pyjamas. Once changed, masterbate, then you may sleep"

There was that word again. Why was someone (or something ?) so interested in making her masterbate ? She wasn't sure she would ever know the answer.

Anna removed the blouse and skirt, and then removed the boots. She massaged her aching feet as they were released from the boots. She turned and slipped into the latex pyjamas. She slid between the rubber sheets and lay down. The lights flashed and the tv showed that word again. Anna was tired. She wasn't sure she could make one more orgasm. She went through the motions and faked the orgasm. How could they (or it ?) tell if it was real or not ? She closed her eyes and settled to go to sleep. She felt a chill come over the room. She opened her eyes and looked at the screen.

"No fakes"

"But it wasn't a fake. It was real" Anna protested.

"No fakes" flashed the message, followed by "Masterbate"

The temperature was starting to drop. Anna sighed, and reached back down to her crotch. The cold draft stopped. After much effort, Anna finally climaxed. She closed her eyes and fell asleep, not noticing the temperature returning to normal.

The following days were pretty much the same. During the day, she would wear the blouse, skirt and ballet boots, and every hour she would have to masterbate. At night she wore the pink pyjamas. By the fourth day she was starting to get the hang of walking in the ballet boots. She also found that sleeping was getting easier, and she was felling more refreshed the morning after. She noticed something else too. Her pussy was starting to anticipate the hourly ritual and she was climaxing easier by the end of the day too.

Anna was couting the days down. On the ninth day, Anna asked the tv:

"Will I get to go home tomorrow ?"

"Yes" came back the reply.

That night, she went to bed, not knowning what would happen the next day.


Anna woke. She opened her eyes, and saw the clock staring back at her: 08:30 Clock ? Clock ! CLOCK ! Anna sat up and looked around the room. It was *her* room. She was in *her* room. Naked, sleeping between *cotton* sheets. On the floor was her suitcase, in the same place it was when she woke last Monday. Anna was confused. What happened ? Was it just a dream ? Did those previous ten rubber days really happen ? She turned on the radio. Finally, the annoucer gave the date. It *was* ten days later. As she sat there, trying to work out what had (or hadn't) happened, she noticed something. She was getting horny. Her pussy was getting wet. She reached down and climaxed.

Anna swung her feet round to the floor, and tried to stand up. Her feet complained at being flat on the floor. She got onto all fours and crawled over to her wardrobe. She fished out a pair of high heels and slipped them onto her feet. With the heels on, she managed to stand. She put on her (cotton) dressing gown, and wandered around her flat. Everything was as she left it before she went on "holiday". There was just one change. All the post was piled neatly on the dining room table. She quickly thumbed through the post. There was a large envelope in the pile that she didn't recognise.

Anna decided to go through the post over breakfast. She went to the kitchen to see what there was that she could have for breakfast. She opened the fridge and discovered fresh milk and juice. Pleasantly surprised, she made herself a cuppa and sat down with the post. She went through all the stuff she recognised, leaving the large envelope until last. Finally, she opened the large envelope. It was a glossy catalogue of rubber clothes. As she thumbed through it, she recognised some of the garments. Garments that she'd been wearing the previous days. Anna went through the catalogue several times, examining in details all the items in it.

After finishing her tea, she put the catalogue away, and thought about what she needed to do today. Shopping. Apart from the fresh milk & juice someone had bought for her, there was no food in her flat. Anna got dressed and headed to the local shop to get some food. She was still wearing her heels, so she was careful not to get too much as she'd have to walk home carrying it. She wasn't sure she was ready to trust another taxi just yet.

As she methodically walked the aisles, she passed the cleaning section. She didn't need any thing, but the selection of rubber gloves caught her eye. She stopped to look at them. She idly looked through them. They were the usual household assortment of pink and yellow gloves, with a lining to make wearing them more comfortable. As she looked through them, she saw a couple of slightly different ones at the back. In some very bland, non-descript packaging, were several pairs of plain black gloves. She took a pack off the shelf and looked at them closer. They were very bland gloves, a cheap brand. As she looked at the gloves she noticed that they didn't have any fancy lining. Just plain black rubber. She felt her heart start to beat faster. She took a pack labelled small, and put them in her basket.

As she packed her bag at the checkout, she made sure the gloves were near the top of the bag. She left the shop and started the walk home. About half way she stopped and sat on a bench. Partly to rest her feet from the heels, and partly to examine her extra purchase: The black gloves. She opened the pack and felt the black rubber in her hands. The cool rubber started bringing back memories of her time away. She also started to feel quite horny. She looked at her watch. She'd been up almost an hour. Was she getting horny because of the gloves, or getting horny because it was time to masterbate ? She didn't know. But she did know that she wanted to hurry home and climax. Anna stuffed the gloves back into the bag with the rest of her shopping, and set off for home.

When she got home her feet were aching from the long walk in the heels. She dumped the bag of shopping in the kitchen, fishing out the gloves. She tried pulling the gloves onto her hands, but they stuck to her. Instinctively, she went to the bathroom and dusted the insides with talc. Once coated in the fine white powder, the gloves slid on much easier. She reached under her skirt with one hand, and slid a finger under her knickers into her wet pussy. She was surprised how wet she was. Her other hand she slid under her top, and under her bra, and fondled her breasts. She soon felt an orgasm building up inside. She knew that having an orgasm standing up wasn't a good idea, so she went to her bedroom and collapsed on her bed. As she continued to finger herself, the pleasure building up inside contrasted with the pain from her feet. As she worked her rubber-clad gloves on her pussy and tits, her mind drifted back to the previous ten days. She ripped off her top and bra, and rubbed her hand all over her body and face. She even sucked on her rubber coated fingers. Finally, she came, and she lay on the bed panting.

As the orgasm died away, Anna got to her feet and walked to the lounge. Her feet still ached, but she kinda enjoyed the discomfort. She opened up the catalogue and started thumbing through it with one hand. Her other hand has inside her knickers, fingering herself again. She decided there and then that she had to buy some of this stuff. She looked at the price list. It wasn't cheap. She also noticed that they had a shop just an hour away by train. Another orgasm started to build, and she closed her eyes and thought about being encased in latex.

The second orgasm over, Anna set to work. First, she shaved the stubble that had started to grow. Next, she got dressed again, to go shopping. This time, she didn't bother to wear underwear, just putting on a blouse and skirt, and keeping her heels on. She pulled on a small jacket, picked up her handbag (stuffing the rubber gloves into them) and set off out the door.

Her feet soon complained about the pain from the heels, but now, instead of fearing the pain, she felt turned on by the aches in her feet. Twenty minutes later, she'd reached the station. She just had time to buy a ticket and dash onto the train before it set off. She found a seat and settled down for the hours journey.

About half an hour into the journey, she felt her juices start to flow. Anna picked up her handbag and headed for the toilet. It wasn't the most glamorous of locations, but she locked the door, put the black rubber gloves on, and fingered herself. As she sat there recovering, she heard a knock on the door. She pulled off the gloves, and headed back to her seat.

The rest of the journey was dull. Anna just stared out the window at the passing scenery.

Anna left the train and headed for the exit, stopping to examine a local map. It was going to be a while before she trusted taxis again.

After a ten minute walk, Anna reached her destination, the shop. It was a small shop in a quiet part of town. She paused outside and looked at the mannequins in the window, dressed in their rubber attire. She took a deep breath and walked into the shop.

As soon as she opened the door, the smell of latex hit her. Almost immediately she started felling horny. She started wandering around, looking at the items on the racks and shelves. The first item she came across were hoods. She picked out a hood which was similar to what she wore on holiday, but instead of being just black, the face part was transparent. Next she came across the catsuits. She started going through them, holding a couple up, trying to work out her size.

"I suspect you're a small, miss" came a friendly voice across the shop. Anna had noticed the shop assistant sat quietly in the corner when she walked in.

"Thank you" Replied Anna, as she continued to look at the suits. She finally picked out one with attached feet (but no hands) and a crotch zip. As Anna continued to walk round the store, her sex drive was going through the roof. Somehow, she didn't think it appropriate to ask to use the toilet to quickly finger herself. As she continued to walk round the shop, she came across the dresses. She picked out a shiny long red dress, with long arms, and a skirt which almost reached the floor. She wanted to buy so much more (she spied the pyjamas in a corner, but she just couldn't afford those as well) She went to the counter and handed over the items. As the assistant packed the items up, Anna spotted a small selection of dildos. Without a moments hesitation she pointed to one of the larger ones and asked for it to be added to her pile. The shop assistant read out the total cost of her purchases. It was more than she had planned on spending, but her sex drive was taking over her mind. She handed over her credit card and paid. The shop assistant gave her a plain bag, with her garments in, and Anna headed back to the station.

Anna briskly headed back to the station. She was getting desperate to masterbate now. When she got to the station she looked up at the electronic timetable. Her train would be here in a minute, she'd have to wait. Once she got on the train, she headed straight for the toilet. This train was a bit more modern than the previous one, and the toilet was slightly less inviting. She pressed the "Lock" button, and rummaged through her bag, fishing out the dildo. She put her rubber gloves on, and pushed the dildo into her aching pussy. The dildo felt larger than she expected, but it still felt good. She soon climaxed. She looked down at her bag of shopping, closed her eyes, and proceeded to climax a second time. She wiped the dildo clean, putting it and her gloves into the bag, and left the toilet, to find a seat for the rest of the journey.

The journey home seemed much slower than the outwards journey. Maybe it was because she was counting down the minutes until she could get dressed.

Finally, the train arrived at her station, and Anna set off for the walk home. As she walked home, her feet were complaining about being in the heels for so long. At the same time her pussy was starting to crave attention.

Anna got home and headed straight for the bedroom, only pausing at the bathroom to pick up the bottle of talc. She took off her normal clothes and dressed into the gloves, catsuit and hood. She lay down on the bed, opened the zip at her crotch and started working her pussy with the dildo. After the third orgasm, she pushed the dildo deep inside of herself, and close the zip up. She crawled over to her wardrobe and delved into the pile of shoes. After a brief search she pulled out a pair of almost new heels. She'd only worn these once as the heels were much higher than she could manage. She put them on her rubber covered feet and stood up. Her feet complained, but she ignored them.

Anna picked up the dress and after coating the inside with talc, pulling it on over her catsuit. With her sky-scrapper heels on, the skirt only just stopped short of dragging on the floor. Anna walked to the lounge, and switched on her computer. As she sat in the chair at her computer, she felt the large dildo push deeper inside. She logged onto her bank account, looking to see how large the red numbers would be. Once she was logged in, she was surprised to see her account in credit. As she looked through the transactions, she saw a large credit hitting her account the day before. It gave no indication as to it source. She picked up the phone and called her bank. Once she adjusted the volume so she could hear the person through her hood, she asked about the credit. The assistant assured her it was not a mistake, and the money was indeed Anna's.

Anna picked up the catalogue and started looking through it again. She thought about all the things from the catalogue she could now buy. Pyjamas, bedclothes, more dresses. She even highlighted a pair of pants that had a dildo built into them. They were evil, she though. She knew she'd have to try some sometime.

Anna spent the rest of the evening looking at websites of latex clothing. As she trawled the Internet, she often stopped to pleasure herself. She decided to wait until the next day to place any orders, just in case today had been exceptional. By ten o'clock, she was exhausted and she headed back to the bedroom. She sat on the bed, kicked off her heels, and lay back on her bed. She reached down and gave herself one last orgasm, before falling asleep in her rubber outfit.

The next morning, the first thing Anna instinctively did was to masterbate. She put the killer heels back on her feet and walked back to her computer. She went to the shop's website and placed an order for bedclothes, pyjamas, and another dress. She knew this wasn't a passing fad of hers.

After that, she headed to the kitchen to get some breakfast. She was famished, having spent most of yesterday masterbating and not eating. She put some things together and headed back to her computer. As she ate breakfast, she visited her usual websites, catching up on e-mails and gossip. As she was catching up, there was a knock at her door. Her heart skipped a beat. She was dressed head to toe in latex. She wasn't sure she was ready to be seen by anyone else in her clothes. There was another knock. Much firmer this time.

"Anna" came a voice through the door. "Anna, I know you're in there. I need to speak to you" Anna was shocked. Who was it ? She didn't recognise the voice.

She walked over to the door and looked through the spy hole. She didn't recognise the women standing there.

"Anna, I need to talk to you about your holiday and your shopping trip yesterday"

Who was she ? And what did she know about her holiday ?

Anna opened the door and the women walked in. As she walked in, she eyed Anna up.

"Hi, I'm Louise. We need to discuss what's happened to you." Anna closed the door and lead the way to the sitting room.

"How do you know about me ? Why don't my clothes shock you ? And what do you know about my holiday ?"

"Slowly. Let me explain. I'm a psychologist. I do research into human behaviour, especially sexual behaviour. As I'm sure you are aware, there are a small number of people who find latex clothing sexually exciting. Some people find the thought of latex clothing repulsive and offensive. Others are ambivalent. I was involved in a research project to try to understand how different people, who have never been exposed to latex clothing would react. Part of the project involved seeing if we could persuade people to like latex. You weren't the first to be subjected to that little program. But you are the last"

"Why the last ?"

"Because we failed to see the effect it would have on you. Up until you, the project had been going well. Some people we couldn't persuade to open their minds to the latex. Many did, some more than others. Then there was you. Everyone else left the program, and carried on their lives pretty much as normal. Sure, they bought some latex garments, and occasionally wore them, usually in a sexual context, but that was it. You however... Within 24 hours, you had bought a catsuit and dress. This morning, you've ordered even more latex clothes. We haven't just made you like latex, we've made you lust for it. You're almost addicted to it. We have to take you back and un-train you."

"How will you do that ?", Anna asked.

"The only option available to us is to train you to hate latex. It would be cruel to leave you having this lustful addiction."

"Why ?"

Louise was shocked by this question. She'd prepared herself for a torrent of abuse and hatred. Anna's question threw her off-guard.

"Do you expect to spend the rest of your life wearing latex, always searching for a toilet so you can masterbate ?"

"Why not ? I'm sure you know lots of people with a latex mindset. Can't you introduce me to them ?"

"Are you saying you want to stay as you are ?" Asked a bemused Louise.

"Yes", came the firm reply from Anna.

The women sat in silence for a minute or two.

"OK, I'll arrange a meeting with a few latex people. I'll call you later on with details of time and place."

Louise picked up her bag and slowly walked to the door. This was not how she had expected this meeting to go.

"I'll be in touch soon." Louise left and Anna closed the door behind her. Anna walked to the bedroom, lay on the bed and reached under her skirt. It was time.

Anna spent the rest of the morning doing housework, with regular breaks on her bed. Just as she was finishing a sandwich she'd made for lunch, the phone rang.

"Hi, it's Louise. A couple of people have agreed to meet you this evening. I'll send round a taxi for six o'clock. I've explained to them what happened to you."

"No surprises"

"Not this time, I promise" replied Louise.

Anna spent the afternoon watching TV, with her regular breaks. Just before six, the door buzzer went.


"I'll down down"

Anna picked up a small handbag, put her keys in it, and walked out. The taxi driver didn't seem to bat an eyelid at her attire. She got in, and she was driven across town to a posh hotel. When she got there, Louise was waiting for her.

"Gosh, I was expecting you to cover up, if not at least remove the hood."

"I'm a latex addict. I can't" Came Anna's reply.

Louise led Anna through the hotel into a large suite.

"This is Anna." Louise announced to the small group of people. A voluptuous women walked up to Anna.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you. Please come and join us"

Anna was slightly nervous at first, but soon relaxed and started chatting with people. There was one man who caught her eye. She soon found out that his name was John, and he was single. She started to direct all her attention to him. As the evening progressed, it became apparent to everyone that Anna and John had desires for each other. As John was standing by a table of nibbles and drinks, Anna walked up to him and whispered into his ear.

"It's been well over an hour since my last 'break'."

Anna turned and walked to the bedroom, John turned and followed.

Anna closed the door behind John.

"Lay on the bed" she commanded to him. He obeyed. She got up onto the bed, and unzipped his crotch, pulling out his erect penis. His sack and the base of his penis were clad in rubber, but the tip was exposed. Anna sat astride John, lifting her skirt over his erect penis. She reached under her skirt, opened the zip and pulled out the dildo.

"Open wide" Anna said, and put the wet dildo into John's mouth.

"Can you last a long time ?" Anna asked.

John nodded.

"Good. I'm going to pleasure myself with your penis. You will only cum once I give you permission. Understood ?"

John nodded again.

Anna shuffled forwards and took his penis into her wet pussy. John moaned as his penis buried into Anna. Anna began riding his penis. She'd been single for a while, and hadn't had sex in a long time. The first orgasm came quickly. The next one two soon followed. She paused to catch her breath.

"You OK?"

John nodded.

"You can cum this time"

Anna started riding John again. She could feel his penis swelling, ready to cum. They came simultaneously. Anna looked down at John. The expression of relief of finally cuming was all over John's face. Anna reached forward and pulled the dildo out of John's mouth. She pulled herself off his penis, shuffled forwards, and pushed her pussy against his mouth. John set to work on her with his tongue. Anna had two more orgasms before letting John rest.

"What did you think ?" Asked Anna.

"Wow" Was all that John could say.

Anna moved back down John's body and sat on his knees. She took hold of John's limp penis in her rubber hands. It slowly stirred into life.

"I'm a rubber addict. I wish to spend the rest of my life wearing rubber next to my skin. Becoming a rubber addict has also given me a very high sex drive. I need frequent orgasms. I am looking for a man who will take me, look after me, never ask me to wear anything other than rubber, and who will ensure that my sexual needs are seen to. I am not looking to be owned or controlled by anyone. Do you think you could be that man ?" By now, John's penis was erect again.

John pushed Anna off his legs. She rolled onto her back and parted her legs. John obliged and mounted Anna.

"I'm a latex lover too. I love wearing rubber and seeing women wear rubber. I will gladly take you, only dress you in rubber, and I will see that your sexual needs are met. However, I have needs and desires as well" By now, Anna's eyes were closed. She was concentrating on the orgasm building up.

"What are they ?" She asked.

"Firstly, you will never seek sexual pleasure from anyone else. That also includes yourself. You will never masterbate again. Only I am to touch your sex, and to pleasure you. To remind you that you are mine, you will always wear a butt plug. Finally, you will only wear ballet boots."

Anna reached up and pulled John's face towards hers.

"In which case, I add one more condition: In turn, you will never seek sex from another person. You will touch your penis as little as you can, and you most certainly will never masterabte"

John buried his tongue deep inside Anna's mouth. After a long passionate kiss, he pulled away.

"I agree" said John.

Much to Anna's shock, John then pulled away from Anna, denying her the orgasm that had been building.

"What ?" cried Anna.

John walked over to a bag in the corner, pulled out a couple of things and came back to Anna on the bed. He held up a butt plug and a tube of lubricant. He applied the lube to the plug, then reached down and opened Anna's crotch zip further. Anna had never taken anything up her bum before, so it took John a while to get the plug inserted. With the plug inserted, John remounted Anna.

"So do you have any plans for me ?" Asked Anna. "How do you plan to keep me in rubber and orgasms ?"

"Well, you know that shop you went to today. I own it. I could do with a someone who is prepared to model the stock for me. The customers like it much better when the shop assistant is wearing the same outfits that are on the racks."

"I like the sound of that" Said Anna "But what about the orgasms ?"

"Well, I've been thinking of expanding the range of sex toys that I stock. I could do with someone to try them out and review them all, and to demonstrate them to the customers as well."

Anna never replied. She didn't really hear the end of John's last sentence, as the orgasm rocked through her body.

That night, John woke Anna every hour to make her cum. It was the start of her new life.


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