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Kirsty, a Descent Into Slavery

by PaganWriter

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Storycodes: F+/f; bond; torture; punish; dungeon; latex; rubber; enema; hood; anal; armbinder; breast; chain; corset; enema; electro; torture; extreme; reluct; nc; XXX

Continues from

The Empress is not a happy bunny. Madam Pain is not living up to her name and the Empress has had enough. Things are going to get dreadful for Kirsty.

This is the darkest of the three parts and has an element of non-consensuality about it.

I have decided to call a halt to the Kirsty saga and hopefully bring everything together at the end.

I haven't ruled out a sequel based on Rebecca as Empress yet; let me know what you think about a sequel or even if you didn't enjoy this missive at all. There is no such thing as bad feedback (maybe).

Part Three

Three weeks had passed since Kirsty’s labia had been punctured with her ten grommets and rings and they had healed well, with constant ministrations from Matron and some slaves. The grommets had been regularly treated with salves and ointments and there was little pain left; the redness had died down and Kirsty was a lot more comfortable. Shaving down there was a difficult and tedious affair now, but with help from other slaves it was possible to do a clean job. The rings through the grommets gleamed and when Kirsty walked they chimed and clattered together; Kirsty was not going to sneak up on anyone anytime soon. All her rubber suits had been modified to ensure that her cunt and rings were always visible.

For Kirsty, the previous weeks had been spent, of course, in bondage; in rubber, in leather, in metal. She had been probed, fucked and humiliated but always with Madam Pain in attendance. She had become a master of the ever-present heels and could almost run in them with care. A few periods on the treadmill had improved her posture and her ability to walk easily in the high heeled boots and shoes she constantly wore. She had not been whipped or particularly badly treated and all in all it was turning out to be rather pleasant, but still fetish in nature. She spent most of her time with Madam Pain, trying out fetish clothing, new ways of bondage and domination and the pair were often seen wandering the halls and grounds of the mansion, Madam Pain guiding Kirsty with a leash attached either to her collar or to her piercings. Together they watched other slaves being punished and Kirsty would occasionally ask her Madam to try out some of the stuff she had seen, on her.

Josie had failed to turn up to take fetish photos which both pleased Kirsty and disappointed her in equal measure as she no longer trusted her but still considered her a sort-of friend.

But now it was late morning and Kirsty had had the best night’s sleep since arriving at the house. Last night had been spent, not chained in her square, which she had started to feel was ‘home’, but in her Mistress’s bed. She was unencumbered by rubber or an anal probe and wore only her boots and a metal collar attached to the top of the bed by a long chain. She had made love to her mistress and she in turn had reciprocated. They had caressed and stroked and licked and scissored, until late into the night, when they had fallen asleep in each other's arms. They had been lovers, not quite mistress and slave.

However, the ever-watchful cameras had been monitored for hours by The Empress and she was no longer amused by her sister’s dalliance with this slave. It had gone too far. The slut was becoming an irritant to The Empress; she was starting to get an easy life and that was bad for the video business. If punters wanted to watch lesbian lovers there were a million sites out there which would cater for them; this house was for the darker side of life. It was time to shake things up a bit and she would summon Madam Pain to her suite.

Madam Pain unlocked Kirsty’s collar and sent her to the bathroom to shower and shave her own head, eyebrows and vagina – the last a task that took some time without help since the rings did tend to get in the way — her footwear had been unlocked and Kirsty closed the bathroom door before sitting down on the bench to remove them. Once divested of them she stood on tiptoe and slowly lowered her heels to the floor, stretching her calf muscles and causing some discomfort. It was becoming more and more difficult to get her heels on to the ground after long sessions in her boots.

She rubbed at her calves and eventually the strain eased but she wondered how long it would be before she was unable to put her naked heels on the ground.

She showered and shaved all her relevant bits, used the toilet and drank water straight from the tap. As she stood up, she looked at herself in the mirror, the androgynous face looked back at her. Here she was, hairless, pierced and otherwise naked in a house of deviants waiting to be used by anyone and everyone at their whim. A rich and powerful woman reduced to slavery in a gilded cage but at her own behest.

“You are one weird woman.” She said to the mirror.

Her hands strayed to her rings and she played with them, tugging and pressing, lifting and dropping them, feeling their weight and knowing that she could not get them off without engineering help. Her fingers pushed into her vagina and she rubbed her clitoris with her thumb, then on impulse, she reached around behind her and pressed a finger into her anus which gave easily given her dildo-training. It felt strange not having anything in there except her own finger. The training was doing its work as the last time Mr J had visited, four days ago, his penis had not troubled her at all, in fact she rather enjoyed his invasion and had pushed back on him bringing him to orgasm so quickly she caught him quite by surprise. Kirsty thought Mr J. had taken rather a shine to her. She smiled and the bald creature in the mirror smiled back.

Kirsty’s fingers moved and as her mind remembered last night she had the tiniest of orgasms, but it was an important one in that for the first time in three weeks it had been her orgasm, made by her, for her. The only thing missing had been the electricity in her ass and in a deviant way she missed that. Once, a couple of weeks previously, she had had an orgasm when Madam Omega had shocked her, that surprised and worried her, concerned that she might be becoming a true masochist, only able to climax when in pain. Last night had dispelled that for now, but she had still imagined the electric shock deep in her bowels.

She had been long enough, she washed her hands and returned to the bedroom where she saw Madam Pain on the telephone.

“Yes, Empress, we will be there at three, I look forward to our meeting. Of course, she will be dressed as you request.” A pause, then, “Madam Alpha, yes of course. And Madam Omega?” Another pause, “Oh, I see, just her. Very well, we will see you at three pm.” Madam Pain replaced the phone in its cradle.

“Ah, Kirsty, you heard that?” Kirsty nodded, “Today you are to meet The Empress for the first time, Madam Alpha you already know and she too will be at the meeting.”

In The Empress’s suite, Madam Omega was livid.

“But you promised her to me!” Her voice was raised

“I promised nothing,” shouted The Empress, “As always you want what you do not have, you manoeuvre and scheme to get something and when you get it, you ruin it. Look what happened to the last slave I gave you as a pet, it took all our resources to cover that one up. If anything happens to this one she will be missed, even your friend Josie won’t be able to help you this time. Josie wants her business and you want her, the two may not be mutually exclusive but you will wait until I deem the time is right, is that clear?”

“Why Madam Alpha, why does she get her?” Madam Omega was starting to whine like a spoiled child.

“Because she will be able to treat this woman the way she said she wanted, that will make good videos and good money, whereas you will get carried away and upset everything. When we have got all we can out of this woman you can have her. You can take her away to your dungeons and ruin her to your heart's content but for now, we do this my way, is that clear?”

Madam Omega nodded and gathering her latex skirts around her voluptuous body she turned on her heel and stormed petulantly out of the room.

The Empress gazed at the now closed door and thought to herself, ‘So now there are three candidates for permanent Presentation-Slave, of course I could always make the room bigger’. She smiled and went back to her paperwork to await the arrival of Madam Alpha, Madam Pain and her irritating slut.

It was two in the afternoon; a slave had removed the luncheon trays and Madam Pain and Kirsty sat in leather chairs. Madam Pain wore a long, low cut dress of pastel blue rubber, flared a little from the thighs but tight around the waist and hips — the rubber thin enough to show the outline of her nipples — matching tailored rubber elbow gloves, strappy leather shoes and a plain silver necklace. Opposite her, Kirsty sat naked apart from her boots as she had been told that The Empress wanted to see her nude body, she was however to be bound and it was now time for this to be done.

Kirsty went to her square and Madam Pain had her put her hands palm to palm behind her back and then using tiny straps proceeded to fix every finger on one hand to the same finger on the other. Even before the armbinder was put on, Kirsty was helpless, her hands held straight down, not even able to bend her fingers. Madam unzipped a black leather armbinder and Kirsty held her arms out backwards ready for bondage. The armbinder was pulled and tugged until Kirsty’s hands were firmly in the glove section and as the coarse zip was pulled up, Madam Pain smoothed the leather so there were few wrinkles. When the zip had been pulled to its fullest extent, Kirsty’s elbows were almost touching inside. The armbinder straps were buckled up over the shoulders and around the arms to be reattached to the armbinder, fixing it in place. Other straps were tightened at the wrists and below the elbows. Madam Pain then applied a head harness. A jumble of straps joined together was brought up to her face. The harness collar was buckled tightly around her neck — too tightly in Kirsty’s opinion — then the network of leather was drawn up over her face such that a circle of steel was held in place over her mouth, straps went from the circle around her cheeks and buckled at the rear. A triangle of leather fixed to her cheek straps went up either side of her nose and was connected at her forehead to a single strap that went over the top of her head to buckle at the collar at the back; a strap went around her head just above her eyes. All the straps were adjusted and tightened so that Kirsty could barely turn her head so tight was the harness and so firmly was it attached to her over-tight collar. Madam Pain made sure all the ‘D’ rings on the harness were in good condition before attaching a strap from the top of the armbinder to the back of the collar and pulling it tight.

And that was it. No rubber, no goggles, no hood, no anal-shocking probe, just her head-harness with a tight collar, her armbinder, her boots and her ever-present cunt-rings. Kirsty felt under-dressed compared to some of the things she had worn.

Madam Pain stood back and looked Kirsty up and down.

“There, just as The Empress requires.” Madam Pain looked troubled.

“My Madam Pain, you seem concerned.” Kirsty said through the ring around her mouth, her lip movements a little restricted by the steel pressing into her flesh. “Is there something I should know?”

“What you know is what I know. You heard almost the whole of the telephone conversation and I know no more than that. It bothers me though, in that The Empress does not normally give an audience to slaves and she specifically requested that I bring you along; it could be that she wants to talk about how close we have become. Indeed, I have some ideas for a softer video feed showing lesbian bondage such as we have been doing recently, I think there might be quite a demand for it if it was marketed properly along the lines of the Fifty Shades of Grey series. That has become very popular and is a form of vanilla bondage that might get us a larger female audience.”

“I hope you are right, My Madam Pain.” replied Kirsty, and on a change of subject she said, “I do love the armbinder look, it makes me feel so helpless and so excited.”

“My darling Kirsty, you look gorgeous in it, perhaps tonight you will sleep wearing it and I will pleasure you until you scream.”

Kirsty heard the words ‘my darling’ and desperately wanted to tell her Madam how much she had fallen for her but wondered if the time was right, after all she WAS still a slave and a slut and she had to know her place. It’s just that she hadn’t felt very sluttish or slave-like for some days now. Her whip marks had gone, her mouth and throat had healed from the punishment gag she had worn at the ‘party’ and there was no sign of the needle marks in her breasts anymore. Only her bondage, her rings and her boots were left to show her status. Kirsty decided that if the circumstances were right, she would tell Madam Pain of her feelings this very evening when they went to bed. Kirsty hoped she would be allowed to share her Madam’s bed all night again tonight.

“It is time to go.” said Madam Pain, “The Empress does not like people to be late. There is just one more thing to add and I’m sorry to have to do this but The Empress does not want to hear from you, only to see you.”

Reaching into a drawer she pulled out a rubber dildo-gag and Kirsty obediently opened her mouth. Almost two inches went through the ring and into the mouth but also two inches remained outside. The gag had four tiny chains attached to it’s outermost point, the other ends of which were attached by small connectors to ‘D’ rings in the head harness, this meant that while the gag could be pushed in to the mouth, it could not come out further than the chains permitted – it was similar in action to the anal dildos she had worn in that her mouth and throat could be fucked with the gag but she could not push it out. To complete the bondage and with an air of finality, Madam Pain clicked shut a padlock on the hasp at the back of the harness and Kirsty was fixed in her bondage.

Madam Pain then attached a leash through the top most pair of cunt piercings and led Kirsty from the room.

The couple headed to a lift on the ground floor at the rear of the mansion. There was no ‘call’ button, just a small camera over the doors. After a few moments the doors opened and they entered. Inside there were again no buttons but the doors closed automatically and the lift started to rise. Apart from the attic, there were a maximum of three above-ground floors in the mansion and it took only a few seconds before the doors opened directly into The Empress’s suite.

Kirsty was the first to enter and was astounded by the opulence and beauty of the room into which she stepped. The carpet was a patterned mix of black and deep red medium pile, stretching ten metres to the far window and twenty metres from side to side – a huge room. The walls were covered in red and black diamond-patterned, velvet wallpaper and floor-to-ceiling burgundy curtains adorned the three huge windows which were in the facing wall and both the left and right walls, giving a stunning three-direction view of the rear grounds. The ceiling was decorated with plaster rosettes and a couple of large chandeliers.

Around the room were chairs and sofas, matching footstools and tables which held lamps or bowls filled with sweets or pot-pourri. There were expensive table lighters here and there and silver ashtrays accompanied them. All this finery was in contrast to the rather incongruous and very large video screen in the corner of the room on which were displayed little squares of camera feeds, presumably from all over the mansion. A separate monitor showed a large single picture (presumably the live feed to subscribers) of a woman in rubber suspended in a harness from chains in a stone chamber. A domme walked around her carrying a cane which she occasionally struck the blind, hooded figure which jumped at every blow. The sound was turned off so Kirsty could only imagine her screams of pain.

Through the windows Kirsty could see acres of gardens, lawns and woodlands in a view similar, but without the driveway, to the view from her little square in her Madam’s apartments. She noted with a little fear, that this suite too had a square with a drain in it, off to the left.

All of these things she noted in an instant but it was the three figures before her that drew most of her attention. In front of the middle window was a huge leather-topped desk on which sat a small humidor containing cigars, an ashtray, a laptop computer, an elegant lamp, drinks, glasses and all the accoutrements of a rich persons office, behind which sat said rich-person; Kirsty had finally laid eyes on The Empress.

The Empress sat relaxed in her leather chair watching the entrance of the two visitors; Kirsty could see she was a woman of beauty and cruelty. Her auburn hair was elegantly coiffured and fastened up behind her head, her make-up was subtle apart from bright red lipstick and she wore a scarlet rubber dress, low cut and emphasising an ample décolletage, a wasp-waisted rubber corset and tight-fitting gloves made of the finest rubber. Beneath the desk, which had no modesty panel, Kirsty could see the dress came almost to her ankles but showed open-toed, high-heeled court shoes on elegant feet with toe-nails painted deep red.

Kirsty thought she had seen The Empress’s face before.

To The Empress’s right stood a vision of viciousness, her arms folded across her chest, a riding crop gripped in one hand; this was Madam Alpha. A woman in her early forties, Madam Alpha stood over six feet tall, perhaps even without her calf-length leather boots. She wore tight, black-rubber leggings topped with a leather corset-top which showed an impressive cleavage, and a leather bolero jacket. Her face, surrounded by long, black hair and a wide fringe was a vision of hate and she had a look that had enough contempt to cause Kirsty to be weak at the knees with fear.

The third figure in this tableau was a slave, on her knees next to Madam Alpha. There was nothing remarkable about this slave as far as Kirsty could see at first. She was dressed in a full rubber suit, with high heeled-shoes and the slaves normal darkened goggles worn over her hood, her rubber-covered lips were slightly parted to make breathing easier. Kirsty then noticed that in white letters across her forehead was the word 'Whore' in white lettering.

“Ah, do come in, Madam…Pain.” The Empress uttered the word ‘pain’ with sarcasm in her voice. “I see you have brought your slut, duly trussed as I requested and in typical fashion my dear, not one tiny deviation from my instructions, even to the finger-straps perhaps?”

Madam Pain curtsied and Kirsty realised she had not done so the moment she entered; it was probably too late to do it now.

“Indeed My Empress, the slut’s fingers are restrained just as you required. The gag is moveable but not removable and her boots are ballet-style and locked, just as you requested, nay, ordered. As you can see I have worn my light blue rubber dress, I thought it would fit in so well with this room’s décor.” The last remark was heavy with sarcasm.

Kirsty did not know what was going on here but the pointed remarks of her mistress had not gone unnoticed by her, or by the incumbent mistresses, certainly a light blue dress was not going to complement this room’s subdued, rich red tones

“Yes, I can see, all is as I demanded.” replied The Empress. “Please, dear sister, sit, make yourself comfortable, your slut can stay where she is.

Madam Pain looked for the highest chair she could see but there were none in close proximity, only low ones which would have put her at a psychological disadvantage.

“I prefer to stand, My Empress…my sister.”

So these two were siblings, Kirsty realised…but so unalike. Despite her title, Madam Pain was cruel but fair, firm but friendly, dominant but submissive (at least she could be, in bed, as Kirsty had found). The Empress was implacably cruel, vicious, biting and hateful at least of her sister and by association, Kirsty; things were not going too well so far.

“Please yourself, Becky, you usually do.

“Don’t call me Becky, my name is Rebecca!”

“Oh, you are such a prissy girl,” said The Empress, “mother always said so, God rest her miserable soul. But I have to thank her since she left me all Daddy’s money and all I have to do is keep you in a job; I must really piss you off!”

“Only because you are a spoiled bitch!” retorted Madam Pain, “I don’t want your money, the only reason I stay here is because I promised mother that I would keep an eye on her darling Caroline.”

“How old are you Becky? Thirty eight? And I am thirty six, I hardly need ‘looking after’. You are the eldest and I have all the money, you must be so bitter.”

“Fuck you Caroline, Daddy’s will was messed with and I’m just here trying to keep some of his money safe; just get to the point. And…it's…Rebecca!”

Kirsty felt like an uninvited guest. Her lover was older than The Empress but appeared to have been disinherited at least as far as property and money was concerned, however there seemed to be conditions attached to the inheritance.

Kirsty summed up in her own mind: Rebecca was the eldest by about two years. Rebecca believed her father wanted her to have the inheritance. The mother favoured Caroline and had altered her husband's will to benefit Caroline with a sop to Rebecca in that Caroline had to pay Rebecca and keep her in service – obviously there was a modicum of guilt in there somewhere or a more likely, a sadistic streak.

‘So where did Kirsty the slut fit in?’ thought Kirsty. ‘Seems I am just a bystander who has innocently taken one side over another, seemingly the wrong side perhaps?’

“Enough of this family banter Rebecca, let us revert to type.”

Rebecca knew she was on a loser here so went along with the show.

“My Empress, as you command.”

Suddenly, there was no sarcasm, no contempt. Madam Pain behaved as if she were genuinely in thrall to The Empress.

“I thank you, Madam Pain.” replied Empress Caroline, as if the previous biting exchange had never happened.

Kirsty could see there was something between these two characters. There was a madness, but a sorority nevertheless. Something had made its way from childhood into adulthood and affected these two greatly. Kirsty loved Madam Pain/Rebecca and feared The Empress but realised that in truth they were both completely barking mad. Whatever was going on, Kirsty wanted out of it; a want and desire that was probably going to remain unfulfilled.

“So, I presume you want to know why you are both here?” The strangeness had gone, The Empress was in command again, Madam Pain the subordinate Mistress.

“I have ideas, My Empress, regarding lesbian bondage video feeds and how we could open up a new market for the vanilla bondage market…”

The Empress interrupted, raising her voice. “There will be no vanilla lesbians here, there is no money in it. However there is money in dark bondage, perpetual bondage, pain, desolation, hopelessness and extreme, long-term discomfort and this is why you are both here. Rebecca, or should I say, Madam Pain, I decree that within the hour you will leave the mansion for a month while you attend a meeting of the board in Luxembourg, then to the USA and thence to Russia for talks regarding world-wide video feeds and distribution rights of our activities here. You will then take a holiday, I don’t care where, just not here. Is that clear?”

Madam Pain looked shocked, Kirsty felt fear and looked to her mistress for reassurance, none was forthcoming. What was going to happen to her?


The Empress interrupted.

“Shut up, there are no 'buts'!" Rebecca closed her mouth but Kirsty could see she was very angry.

" I have noted that the comments left by our clients regarding your relationship with your Slut have been generally negative. You have not lived up to your name of Madam Pain and your Slut has been in very little ‘pain’. I gave you permission to use this woman exclusively in the hope that a personal slave might have proved a lucrative alternative but it would seem that you are just too ‘nice’. I have decided that while you are away, your slut will experience a different life and therefore will be handed over to Madam Alpha for this period. I presume you do not object?” It was hardly a question.

The battle of wills had resumed and it was a battle that Rebecca realised she could not win for now: She was to lose her lover. Madam Pain gave an emotional, loving look at Kirsty and Kirsty looked back with panic in her eyes.

“No, My Empress, I do not object. I trust Madam Alpha will not damage my property while I am away?”

“Your lover's body will heal and probably show no lasting effects, dearest Madam Pain. With luck she may do quite well mentally too, and then again, she may not.”

“Please Caroline,” pleaded Madam Pain, “don’t take this one from me. If she is still intact when I return I will take her away and you need never see us again.”

“I’ll see what I can do but I promise nothing. She asked, and she will get.”

Kirsty was mortified but in her bondage and gag she could neither do nor say anything. What sort of hold did The Empress have over her lover? Why is it that one minute Madam Pain was aggressive and defiant, but then in a moment was subordinate, submissive almost?

“By the time you are on the plane, your slut will have already spent some time on the live video feed from the Circle Room, when you arrive in Luxembourg you will be able to watch her as she will still be there. If she is really unlucky you will still be able to see the feed by the time you arrive in the States.”

Madam Pain looked horrified, “That is four or five days away, surely you can’t keep her there that long!”

“It’s business my dear, it has already been advertised and we have some lucrative pre-booking for the feeds. I predict there will be a lot of wanking out there for a few days. She will be OK, she’ll just have to learn to adjust. So now, goodbye and bon voyage.”

Madam Pain made to speak but realising the futility she turned to leave. Kirsty tried to move towards her but she had walked to the lift and the doors were closing.

Rebecca took one last angry look at The Empress and a glance of hopelessness at Kirsty, then the doors closed and she was gone. Kirsty moaned behind her gag and struggled with her armbinder but her position was hopeless. Already she felt so alone, her lover(?) had not been able to give her a last kiss or even a word of encouragement.

Madam Alpha had said nothing during this entire exchange and like the slave, had hardly moved. The Empress looked at her, gave a slight nod then turned to watch Kirsty.

“Do you see this thing here?” said Madam Alpha to Kirsty in a voice full of contempt and malice. She lifted her foot and placed it against the shoulder of the kneeling slave, pushed hard and the slave fell to the ground. “Get up, bitch!” The slave grunted as she resumed her position on her knees.

“This is a real slave, not someone pretending like you, slut. Watch this.”
Madam Alpha took two hypodermic needles, without syringes, from a drawer in the Empress's desk and handed them to the slave, one in each hand.

“Push one of these into each tit, do it now.”

Without hesitation the slave plunged the needles into her breasts through the confining rubber with only a barely perceptible intake of breath although the slave trembled a little with the pain.

“Pull them out and do it again, but harder.”

The slave immediately withdrew the needles and with some force plunged them up to the yellow plastic former back into her breast tissue. The intake of breath was louder this time.

“And again, twice!”

Each needle was removed and plunged back in twice more, each time the slave made louder noises, her trembling a little more pronounced.

“Enough, remove them and place them on the desk, you may stand.”

The slave pulled out the needles and, standing, placed them on the edge of The Empress’s desk.

Madam Alpha walked over to Kirsty and stood behind her gripping her shoulders.

“Take two fresh needles and come here.” The slave did so.

Kirsty tried to pull away, drool falling from her gagged mouth onto her naked breasts but the Madam was strong and Kirsty’s boots made flight an impossibility.

“Into each nipple please,” said Madam Alpha.

There was no hesitation, the slave used one hand to steady Kirsty's breast and then using the other, pushed the needle directly into the front of Kirsty’s exposed nipple causing her to scream around her gag, tears rising in her eyes. The slave moved to the other nipple and repeated the exercise, plunging the needle as far as it would go, perhaps an inch went into the nipple tissue. Kirsty nearly fell as the pain hit her. Madam Alpha put her hands around Kirsty. The left hand pushed the gag in and out against its chains and with the other she tweaked Kirsty's right nipple, then moved the needle in and out. Kirsty in turn screamed and retched as the gag dildo reached into her throat and her nipple felt as if it were on fire.

Madam Alpha removed her hands from gag and breast and grabbed Kirsty tightly around her neck, causing her face to go red and her breath to come in rasps.

“Now remove them, you fucking whore," she said with raised voice to the waiting slave. "Put the needles in the bin and resume your position by the desk.”

The slave did so and at the same time Madam Alpha released her vice-like grip on Kirsty before walking round to the front of her. Seeing small droplets of blood seeping from the tiny wounds she put her gloved finger to them, gently wiped up the red fluid and placed the finger in her own mouth.

“You are a true fucking deviant, I love it!” exclaimed The Empress, clapping her hands together with glee like a small child.

Kirsty just stood, feeling her nipple pain subside, occasionally moving her useless arms but being unable to bend them, she could merely move them from side to side such was the tightness of the leather. She felt very isolated and alone.

Madam Alpha now sat in one of the leather armchairs, her feet up on the back of her slave who had quickly dropped to all fours as soon as she saw her Madam start to sit.

“Now you see what a real slave is like. Did you think you were anything like this one? Do you think you could pierce your own breasts like that?” asked The Empress.

Kirsty could see that she was not like that. She had thoughts and hopes and intelligence and her attempts at obedience were laughable in the face of a real submissive. She was a proud business woman and she was playing a painful game, she could not be like that other woman. She shook her head, acknowledging her Empress’s judgement on her inadequacies.

The Empress continued.

“We have been remiss, we have not fulfilled our end of the contract with you, you wished to be an obedient and compliant slave who would be able to do anything to herself or take anything done to her and so far we have failed. We will not fail again. You are still in 'play' mode, you do not realise the depths to which you are still to sink before you can call yourself a proper slave. We are about to educate you as to what misery and slavery really is; and what it is not. It is not a bit of slap and tickle, a bit of mild bondage, a bit of play-acting 'yes, mistress, no mistress'. This is serious, no-safe-word, enslavement.

"You are not going home after four months, you are never going home. Your life from here on in will consist of rubber, bondage, pain and torture and most especially -- misery, lots and lots of misery. Madam Alpha, she is yours.”

And at that The Empress stood and walked out through a door to the right of the elevator, leaving Kirsty to her fate.

Kirsty trembled in fear, tears falling from her eyes, drool falling from her mouth as her eyes were drawn to the awesome vision that was Madam Alpha. She could hear her cunt rings jingling brightly, as if they were enjoying the panic of their reluctant host.


Madam Alpha looked like the cat who had got the cream. She sat in her chair, tapping a riding crop against her palm for several minutes, watching Kirsty's discomfort, not saying a word.

Eventually, she lifted her legs off the slave, put one foot on the floor and using the sharp heel of her other boot, viciously pushed the slave to the ground. She grunted but got immediately got to her knees and stayed there with her hands clasped behind her back and her head bowed. Madam Alpha stood and walked behind Kirsty. She smoothed her hands over Kirsty’s head, shoulders and body pushing her fingers into all Kirsty’s intimate places -- her ass, her rings and her cunt, squeezing her breasts, running her hands down the severe armbinder and pushing and pulling the devious gag, fucking Kirsty’s mouth. Kirsty grunted when the gag was pushed into the back of her throat and she started to cough until it was released; Kirsty dribbled onto her naked breasts.

Madam Alpha put her lips close to Kirsty’s ear and whispered menacingly, “After weeks with me you are going to wonder who you are, you may not even care. Compared to you, that slave over there is going to appear like a rank amateur, do you think you can believe that?”

Kirsty didn’t think so but was filled with fear about what this woman could possibly do to her that would change her from what she was to something like the unfortunate cat-suited slave in front of her. Her mind briefly shifted to Mistress M's pain-slut, was this her future? It was looking that way.

Madam Alpha kissed Kirsty on the cheek, then blew gently on her punished nipples, drawing a gasp from her before turning and heading to the open lift doors.

“It is time to go, bring her.”

The slave rose and grabbed the back of Kirsty’s head harness, roughly forcing her towards the lift. Kirsty cried as the doors closed behind them, tears rolling down her cheeks. She was going to an unknown fate and her lover had seemingly abandoned her.


The lift dropped and when the doors opened Kirsty could see they were not back on the ground floor but in a maintenance and storage area probably a floor below the ground. She was led out by the 'Whore' and the three of them walked around a corner where Madam Alpha opened a fire-proof door to reveal a set of concrete steps going both up and down; these were the ‘back stairs’ and were featureless and cold. Kirsty was encouraged to start walking down and the sound of the trio's heels was loud in the echoing space, Kirsty’s cunt rings jingled and clanked loudly in the void.

They seemingly went down forever but were in fact four flights of steps which brought them to a metal door with steel bolts top and bottom and a large metal handle.

Kirsty was afraid: She was in a mansion, the location of which she didn’t know, no one she trusted knew where she was either. Her feet were locked into painful skyscraper heels, her arms were unavailable to her, strapped tightly into a leather armbinder. She had no hair, eye-lashes or eye-brows and a network of leather straps was fastened to her head holding a large rubber gag into her mouth and her vaginal lips had been cruelly adorned with ten large stainless rings which pulled at her flesh with every step. What was going to happen now?

She soon found out.

Madam Alpha flicked a switch by the door then drew back the bolts with two loud clangs which echoed up and down the stairwell, then, after using a key to unlock it, used two hands to heave open the heavy door. It swung wide and the slave pushed Kirsty in as the two women followed her. She stopped and looked around in fear, this was hell's waiting room.

"Take a good look around, this is your home for some time." Madam Alpha seemed rather proud of her dungeon room.

The room was circular and some ten or so metres in diameter and about eight metres high. The walls were made of coarse stone and the floor consisted of smooth stone slabs. On the other side of the room was a wide, solid-looking wooden door which was closed. Hooks and ring-bolts adorned the walls, chains hung folded high up in the ceiling and what looked like a pulley system was probably controlled by a small bank of buttons on the right hand side of the room. Kirsty noted with hopelessness that near the middle of the floor was a drain hole just like in her room, a hose was coiled up on the left side of the room. Fitted to brackets on the walls and ceilings at varying heights and angles were cameras with red lights that, at the moment, were not lit. Rails in the wall ran the full circumference. Wherever she was, she feared she was staying.

Madam Alpha pulled the door closed and locked it.

“Fetch the chain and the locks.” She said to the slave, who went to the wooden door and, opening it, switched on a light after entering. Kirsty could see a metal framework inside and shelves with manacles, chains and assorted whips on the wall of what looked like a small, square room. The slave disappeared from sight and after a short time returned with a length of steel chain and some padlocks in her rubbered arms. She dropped them on the floor with a loud crash and returned to close the wooden door.

“Eye pads.” Madam called to the slave. She reopened the door and returned with the required item.

Kirsty looked around in fear and panic, struggling in her bonds and trying to see if there was any way out of this but knowing there was no escape.

Madam Alpha stepped over to the bank of buttons and, pressing one, spoke out loud, seemingly to no one, “Ready?”

Immediately, the general room lights went out and four lights in the high ceiling lit up the centre of the room. The effect was to make Kirsty feel as if she were at the bottom of a deep pit and for all she knew there was a viewing gallery at the top. She could feel the warmth from the lights; she would not be cold while they were on. All the red lights on the cameras lit up and Kirsty could assume they were being watched by about ten of the devices – they had started a video feed and Kirsty was to be the star.

Madam Alpha pushed Kirsty into the centre of the room and removed a small cover in the stone floor revealing a threaded recess. She took an eye-bolt from the equipment the slave had brought in and screwed it into the floor so it stood proud by about an inch. She ordered the slave to get a wrecking bar and use it to tighten the ring into the floor. Madam Alpha took one end of the chain, threading it through the ‘D’ ring at the end of Kirsty’s armbinder and pulled it through until the end was up by her neck, the chain was then padlocked to the ring at the back of Kirsty’s collar. Another padlock joined the chain to the armbinder ‘D’ ring so as to be precisely the same length as the armbinder. The other end of the chain was passed through the eye-bolt in the floor and a large padlock was attached to it. The chain could now move freely through the ring in the floor but the padlock would stop it coming out. Kirsty was now even more a prisoner; even if she had had the use of her hands she could not get free of this bondage. The slave left one padlock on the floor and returned the unused ones and the metal bar to the storeroom. After coming out and closing the door she knelt on the floor near the main entrance looking through her goggles at the unfortunate Kirsty.

Madam Alpha spoke.

“You will begin training my way now. I will not be taking you to bed like your previous mistress, in fact you will not be going to any bed for some time to come as for the duration of the coming video feed this will be your home. I will not be hugging you or making you feel safe, no one will. You will suffer here and most of it will be of your own making and you will have an audience; seventeen hundred people have signed up for this particular feed and they will get good value for their money as this will be a long one, as you will find out.”

Kirsty shook her head in denial trying to utter, ‘please no’, through her gag but just muffled noise and drool came out.

“For at least the first part of this feed you will be blind, kneel down.” Kirsty shook her head and retreated from the woman.

Madam Alpha reached down and grabbed a handful of Kirsty’s cunt rings and pulled her to her knees, Kirsty squealed behind her oral intruder but stayed kneeling. Using buckles on the head-harness, Madam Alpha strapped two padded leather patches over Kirsty’s eyes, tightening them so Kirsty was in utter darkness with the pressure on her eyeballs.

Suddenly, a voice came over loudspeakers, Kirsty jumped at the sound.

“Welcome everyone to this month's feed. As you can see we have a slave who will be your video companion for the days to come.”

Kirsty shouted into her gag and tried to stand up but Madam Alpha slapped her face and she knelt back down again, the voice continued.

“Unlike last month's entertaining whip-fest -- yes, the girl has almost fully recovered -- this month we have a slow burn as we break this new woman’s spirit before your very eyes. As you may notice she is less than happy about this situation and we hope you will take much pleasure knowing this fact. She started as a volunteer but is not so keen any more. However she told us what she wanted and signed a contract, so who are we to renege on our promises? You need not spend all your time watching the video feed as this is more of a psychological approach to torture. However we will send you text messages if and when there are significant changes to the bondage or there is some pain to be inflicted. For now, comments are disabled while we spend some time watching this woman’s discomfort, we may change this policy later and if so you may be allowed to make suggestions as to what we should do to her, however this is a psychologically difficult situation and we may need to conduct the matter internally. In the meantime though, again, welcome, and enjoy the show.”

The voice cut off and Kirsty heard Madam Alpha’s, or perhaps the slave’s, footsteps on the stones. She heard the chain rattling and then suddenly she was pulled to the floor and dragged along by the armbinder. She shouted into her gag and struggled to move with the chain so her shoulders were not dislocated. The pull stopped and then there was another rattling of the chain and the sound of a padlock being clicked shut. Kirsty tried to pull away but there was no movement, no sound of the chain any more and she thought she must have been secured directly to the eye-bolt.

This was indeed the case. Kirsty’s armbinder 'D' ring was now fixed firmly to the ring in the floor. When she tried to pull away she realised the significance of the section of chain between her collar and the end of the armbinder in that she could not put any tension on the constraining apparel because the chain took all the strain; she realised she could not even try to force off this hellish piece of clothing. She had been fixed to the ground with no play in her bindings at all. She lay on her side, her arms forced behind her, blind and uncomfortable.

The voice came over the speakers once more.

“The woman has been secured and you may enjoy her predicament for many hours to come. Later there will be a feeding so look forward to that, remember we will text you ten minutes before that event so you need miss nothing. Thank you.” The voice cut off.

Madam Alpha bent down and pinched Kirsty’s nipple, causing a muffled scream.

“Sleep well, you little cunt.” Madam chuckled. She gave Kirsty a kick in the side and she grunted around her gag.

Kirsty heard the footsteps of Madam Alpha moving away, a pause, then two pairs of clicking heels as Madam Alpha and the slave left the room by the metal door. She heard the door slam shut with a clang of metal against metal. She heard the key in the lock. She heard the crashing shut of the two huge bolts and then between the sound of her crying out not to leave her here, she faintly heard two pairs of high heeled shoes walking up the concrete stairs. Each step became fainter until there was no sound at all except her ragged breathing.

 She was alone.

Dave Johnston of Illinois, USA, watched avidly. The woman wasn’t doing much, just squirming around on the floor in her armbinder but he was excited knowing that this was going to go on for days. He couldn’t wait for the first time the woman had to take a piss and he was determined to wait for his first wank until that happened.

In Melbourne, Australia, Jenny Friar knelt on the floor being fucked up the ass by her boyfriend as they watched the helpless woman on the computer screen.

In Munich, Gerhard Siepen applied his riding crop once more to his wife and threatened to send her to this place to be tortured, she in her turn thrust her thighs forward for the whip as she watched the bound woman on the screen.

In a car with darkened windows travelling towards Heathrow airport, Rebecca Holstein, aka Madam Pain, moaned in pleasure and opened her legs wider so that the eighteen year old blonde could get her mouth further into her mistress’s cunt, while the sound and pictures of a tortured woman chained to a bolt in the floor of a stone-walled room played on her iPad. Despite her fondness for Kirsty, sex was sex after all.

And from a comfortable leather armchair in a mansion in the English countryside, The Empress smiled the smile of the victorious as she watched on twin screens the woman in the stone room and the women in the darkened car.

At this same time, Madam Omega was holding court with two of the dommes, the video feed of Kirsty playing on a screen in the background with the sound off.

“So this is the way it is. Madam Alpha has Kirsty Rackham, Rebecca has been sent away to pursue her deviance across Europe, America and Russia, The Empress sits thinking herself secure here in the mansion and our loyal friend Josie sits ready to take Ms Rackham's business. The board will do whatever I say since we have the support of Mr Jansen who only wants Kirsty Rackham in payment for his loyalty and his power. Once we overcome the other two dommes or bring them to our side we have only to ‘arrest’ Madam Alpha and The Empress and we are in control of this sadistic empire and all the riches it has — and will bring. Caroline played at being a Presentation Slave to trap Kirsty Rackham, I wonder how she will react when she has to do it for real with Madam Alpha at her side? Perhaps when that mad bitch Rebecca returns we will have three Presentation-Slaves. Our only decision will be to have them all on at once or rotate them eight hours at a time until they die.”

She paused,seemingly to imagine something, then continued.

"Our time will come."

Kirsty had laid on her side, on her back, on her other side. She had scrambled into a sitting position with her knees bent under her and even laid across the eye-bolt to try and gain some relief from the discomfort and ever-increasing pain in her shoulders – nothing helped. Sometimes she screamed into her gag and pulled frantically at her armbinder chain, but no-one came and nothing came loose. She was in turns bored, frightened, frustrated and angry but always in severe discomfort. She had forgotten the pain in her feet from her boots since she was not able to stand anyway, but the floor was hard and she had been here hours with seemingly no end in sight. Her blind eyes got no light, her body received no comfort, her mind no relief. Relentless bondage was all she knew. Her mistress had deserted her and she was in a stone hole controlled by lunatics, doomed to suffer, apparently forever.

All the while her desire to piss had increased until she had finally relented. So what? Since she had arrived here she had pissed in public numerous times and almost without another thought she let go and the pee ran out over her legs and soaked the floor under her before running to the drain.


In Illinois, Dave Johnstone sprayed his load into a tissue.


Kirsty had been almost immobile for six hours when she heard faint footsteps which got louder; someone was coming to her. The high heels stopped at the metal door and the bolts crashed back, the door unlocked and the steps came into the room. Kirsty turned her blind eyes towards the sound and waited hopefully. She heard the key in the padlock at her fingertips and felt the tension on the chain relax.

“Sit up.” said the voice over the speaker system. She did so -- the chain now free to move through the eyebolt -- although with difficulty, having been chained down for so long.

“You are being attended by the slave whom you have met. You already know that she will instantly do anything we tell her and she has been told to remove your gag and feed you and give you water. When the gag is removed you are neither to speak nor utter any sound. You are to eat and drink what you are given. Should you make any noise at all, the slave will stop whatever she is doing and replace the gag immediately and return you to your bondage. Do you understand, nod your head only?”

Kirsty lowered her head and nodded resignedly, tears falling from under her eye-pads, and sobs coming from her gag.

“Proceed, slave.” said the voice.

The slave's rubber-covered fingers released Kirsty’s gag restraint and pulled it from her mouth, releasing drool she had been unable to swallow. For the first time in hours Kirsty was able to flex her jaw.

Despite the warning she had to try. “Please, let me go,” she cried, “I can’t take any more!”

There was no warning. The gag plunged back into her mouth and was chained in place, the floor-chain was pulled tight against the eye-bolt and padlocked into place, Kirsty falling backwards to the ground. The footsteps moved quickly from the room, the bolts slid into place and the key locked the door and as the footsteps retreated up the stairs Kirsty, screamed into her gag and pulled and pulled at her bonds, shaking her body back and forth in frustration and pain before collapsing exhausted, hungry and thirsty, drool falling to mix with the piss on the floor, tears running down her cheeks.

Another two hours elapsed before the footsteps were heard again but to Kirsty it had seemed like a day had passed so uncomfortable was she. Again, the noises of the steps, the door and the padlock.

The voice spoke again over the uncaring speaker system with almost a carbon copy of the last message.

“When the gag is removed you are neither to speak nor utter any sound. You are to eat and drink what you are given. Should you make any noise at all, the slave will stop whatever she is doing and replace the gag immediately and return you to your bondage. Do you understand?”

Kirsty nodded quickly.

The padlock was again removed and Kirsty could sit up properly once more. The gag was withdrawn and this time she said nothing. Water was offered from a cup and she drank greedily and tried to indicate she wanted more by flicking her head up, more water was forthcoming. Again she flicked her head up and more water was given. Her food consisted of dry bread but she ate everything and flicked her head up and was given more. The next time she flicked and more touched her lips, she shook her head and flicked again. More water was offered up and she drank.

“Enough.” said the voice.

Without warning the gag was forced back into her mouth and fastened into place. Kirsty began flicking her head and shaking it but to no avail. The chain rattled and heaved her off balance and back onto her side, the padlock replaced and Kirsty was back in the same position she had been in for the last eight or so hours -- hardly able to move, her arms relentlessly bound behind her, the gag forcing her mouth wide.

Again the footsteps retreated and soon were gone after the door banged shut.

Kirsty didn't know she had any more tears but they came nevertheless.

It was another ten hours before she heard the door bolts open again but it had seemed like weeks to Kirsty. She had squirmed around on the floor until she fell into a poor, but dreamless sleep only to wake up and find her nightmare continued.

This time the footsteps walked past her and she heard the wooden door to the storeroom open. She heard the door close, the steps return towards her and something heavy and metal was dropped onto the floor beside her.

The voice repeated its message over the speaker system.

“When the gag is removed you are neither to speak nor utter any sound. You are to eat and drink what you are given. Should you make any noise at all, the slave will stop whatever she is doing and replace the gag immediately and return you to your bondage. Do you understand?”

Kirsty this time shook her head and screamed into her gag, pulling on her chains. The voice took no notice and repeated, “Do you understand?”

After a moment Kirsty stilled and nodded her head.

Again she was fed and watered, her head-flicking seemingly effective in getting more if she wanted it until the voice told the feeder-slave, presumably still the same one, to stop.

The gag went back in and Kirsty’s armbinder was dragged back to its position against the eye-bolt, she was helpless again!

This time however, it was going to be different.

Much to the excitement of the viewing public, the slave took the two-foot spreader bar she had taken from the storeroom and attached the cuffs to each of Kirsty’s ankles forcing her legs open and reducing Kirsty’s options for a comfortable position even further. She either lay on her bound arms, or lay on her side with one leg high in the air or stretched out behind or in front. The slave had not finished. To each cunt ring she attached a fifty gram weight; if Kirsty wanted to turn over she would have to cope with the leg-spreader and half a kilogram of metal hanging from her labia rings

She was left alone once more.

She had to piss three more times and lie in it before the feeling that she had to shit started to nag at her. She was mortified but after several hours of trying to stave off the feeling and the realisation that something had been fed to her to make resistance useless, her bowels gave way and she lay in a stinking pool of her own making.

The next visit was a cleansing one and the hose she had seen on the wall was brought in to use. The hose sprayed her all over. Her head, breasts, vagina, ass, legs and her back. The leather armbinder was deliberately wetted so that as it dried it would shrink causing even more restriction on Kirsty’s tortured arms.

And so it went on and on, hour after hour, visit after visit. The pain in Kirsty’s arms was never-ending, her legs spread wide apart showed her weighted cunt-rings to the watching world. Most of the time she lay in a pool of piss and only when she shit did the cleaners come within a couple of hours and hose her down, her body emissions washing into the drain. Kirsty no longer cared. As far as she was concerned she was going to die down here, chained to this little eye-bolt in the floor. When her feeder-slave came, or her cleaner-slave (was it one person, or many?), she just did what she was told. She expected no release, no mercy. She was a bound thing, nothing more. Not an obedience slave, not a Slut. She was less than nothing. She was only pain and death.

Except that death did not come.

One visit was a little different and gave Kirsty hope, but it was short-lived. The straps holding her armbinder in place were loosened and the zip was undone; the armbinder was finally coming off! But no, all that happened is her hands were inspected to make sure the finger straps had not caused circulation failure; Madam Pain had done her work well and there was no damage. Kirsty cried out through her gag as the zip was done up again and the straps buckled back into place.

There were moments of relief when, for the sake of exercise and prevention of DVT’s, the leg-spreader was taken off, the chain loosened and Kirsty was allowed to crawl around dragging her cunt weights behind her but these were not common and most of her time was spent moving around her eye-bolt, turning from one side to the other. Sometimes she would sit up but because her hands were held with fingers straight she had to bend forward to maintain a sitting position.

After three days and nights, The Empress knew Kirsty was being ruined. She had watched avidly every day and every night until the small hours, watching Kirsty fall deeper and deeper into submission and resignation. There were still some things left to do before conditioning was complete.

One was to show her how alone she was.

The thing that was Ms Rackham, business woman, was thirsty and moved her face over the floor to try to get moisture from her own piss onto her lips but the protruding gag prevented even this and only caused her to push the gag into her throat, causing her to retch and drool. She had become nothing, she felt nothing but pain and isolation. Needing only to eat, drink, shit and piss. She cared for nothing and no one, not even herself. This room that she could not see was her home, it was almost all she knew, this and the footsteps on the concrete stairs that went up to a life she used to have but no more.

The footsteps got louder and the door clanged open yet again.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen. You have seen our subject kept in almost the same bondage for over three days and there will now be a short interlude while we clean it up and get ready for the next session."

 Kirsty absently noted that she was now an 'it' rather than a 'she'.

"The cameras will now switch off and you will be sent a text ten minutes before they are reactivated. Kirsty’s heart sank as she realised that her ordeal was not over. All the red lights went out, not that Kirsty could tell.

There was movement around her and suddenly her blindfold pads were removed; light streamed into eyes that had not seen for days. The spotlights were bright but also a light came from a laptop that had been placed in front of her prone position.

“Watch,” said the disembodied voice.

Kirsty squinted at the screen and on it she slowly recognised her former Madam lying in a bed with two men; two women lay on the floor by the bed. One of the men was on top of Madam Pain plunging his cock into her ass, the other was using her mouth for his gratification. If this seemed like submission, Kirsty saw the two women were bound to each other, whip marks covered their bodies and they were screaming with pain as her former lover pressed a remote control that was electrifying their asses; Madam Pain was selling the business with great gusto. Kirsty hung her head. Madam Pain had left her in this room, in her pain and discomfort, left her with these mad people. She now knew that Rebecca was just as mad as all the others but it was no longer her business to be concerned with this. Kirsty knew that she could be fastened back into position any time they wanted, to suffer more for the sake of her audience; she had become so used to lying bound that she almost missed it.

The monitor shut off and was removed so only a mental image remained of her lover's unfaithfulness. Kirsty did not cry any more.

The chain was removed altogether allowing Kirsty to sit up, the gag unfastened and pulled out. There was no warning to keep quiet but Kirsty did so anyway, she had nothing more to say.

The slave removed her head-harness and the strap to her armbinder and her collar and replaced it with a metal collar – which was snug but not as tight as the previous leather on — locking it into place with a padlock. The leg-spreader was finally taken off and Kirsty was helped to her knees. She needed to piss and just went where she was, the liquid running down her thighs and off to the drain. There was no feeling of humiliation, no desire to cover herself, she just knelt in quiet submission with her head bowed down.

Using a button to operate a winch, the slave lowered a chain from the ceiling and using plenty of slack, padlocked it to Kirsty’s new collar; now there were two padlocks on the collar; Kirsty felt the weight of all the metalwork and stretched her neck from side to side.

The slave indicated she should stand and began removing the armbinder and then the straps holding her fingers together and after so many, many hours Kirsty’s arms were free to move. Such pain came from her shoulders as she brought her arms to the front. Her fingers seemed fused straight such was the difficulty she had bending them after all this time.

The slave got Kirsty to stand and use her shoulder for support and then removed the boots. When each foot was replaced on the ground Kirsty’s calf muscles complained bitterly at the unaccustomed stretching and she fell to the floor clutching at her lower legs as they cramped.

The voice said, “You have three hours before we start again, you may remove the cunt weights.”

The speakers clicked off as the slave left the room, slamming the bolts across and rattling the keys in the lock, the spotlights remained on.

Kirsty was all but free, only her metal collar and the ceiling chain prevented her escape; that and the two huge bolts and the lock on the impenetrable metal door, the four flights of stairs, the lift she couldn’t operate, the people upstairs. Not to mention the fact that she had no idea where she was or how to get home or even if she had a home.

She sat back on the floor, oblivious to the wetness from her own urine and unclipped the weights that were dragging her labia down, she had become proud of her rings with Madam Pain but they were a source of punishment now and she felt they disfigured her. She looked up to where her chain was attached to the ceiling and could see a red light; someone was still watching her. There was nothing else to do but await her next punishment: She lay down and finally slept.

She had been dreaming about being bound and gagged in a speeding car. The car crashed as she was unable to control it and the noise of tortured metal brought her to wakefulness as she realised it had been the noise of the metal bolts banging back. Kirsty wept, her punishment was about to begin again.

The slave was accompanied this time by Madam Alpha who was carrying a laptop computer.

“How are we feeling, slut?” Kirsty did not reply, there was no reply, she just stayed on her knees. In another life, another mindset she would have replied ‘how do you think, shithead?’, but this was not the other life and Kirsty was beaten. She had dropped to her knees and bowed her head, waiting.

“Nothing to say? Here, take these two needles.” Madam Alpha held out her palm and Kirsty reached out and took them from her.

“Plunge them into your breasts!” urged the Madam, “Do it now!”

Kirsty held one in each hand and brought them to her breast tissue, the needles so close to her skin she could almost feel their sharp points. She touched them to her skin and recoiled as her reflexes would have her do.

“Not good enough, not fast enough!” shouted Madam Pain. “You, come here and take these from her.”

The slave came to her mistress’s side and took the needles from Kirsty’s hands.

“Do it to yourself!”

There was no hesitation, the slave pushed the needles deep into the sides of her own rubber-covered breasts, with barely a grunt of pain.

“You will do this, you will be like her, do you understand? There is no escape from here, you are mine, this is your life and you will do what I want.” Madam Alpha was angry but there was determination. She was not ranting, merely stating a fact and Kirsty knew it.

At that moment, all the camera’s red lights came on but this time they were flashing on and off; were they live? Kirsty was mortified and spoke out for the first time in days with a voice that was dry and rasping from the constant gag-wearing.

“They…they can see my face!” she cried, hoarsely, raising her hands to cover her eyes.

“No one cares, bitch, really, no one cares who you are or what you were, you are just a slut to be punished for the gratification of our anonymous clients. You may have thought you were coming here to have a bit of alternative therapy with Madam Pain but no longer, I own you. Now shut the fuck up!”

“You!” she continued, “fetch the suit, corset, ballet boots, punishment hood, ring gag…oh, just get everything you stupid cow and take the slack out of this chain before you go. And you can keep the fucking needles in until we've finished here too!”

The slave moved swiftly on her heels to the wall switches and after pressing a button, Kirsty’s neck chain began to rise and rise until the slack was gone and the collar started to pull on her neck, forcing her to stand up. Kirsty reached up and held onto the collar, convinced they were going to hang her. The winch continued and only stopped when Kirsty’s heels were just off the ground, her face going slightly red with the strain.

The speakers clicked on and the ‘voice’ spoke, announcing Kirsty’s fate.

“Welcome back everyone to our next session. Our subject has had a short rest and is ready to continue…”

Kirsty suddenly realised she had an opportunity and shouted out.

“Help me, I’m not here of my own free will. These people are keeping me prisoner, my name is Kirsty Rackham and I live at…” For a moment, Kirsty couldn’t quite remember where she lived.

A different voice spoke through the speakers, Kirsty recognised it as The Empress.

“See, Madam Alpha, I told you she had not yet succumbed to her training, this may take some time. Proceed with the next session. The camera’s will be live as soon as she is silenced.” The speakers clicked off.

Kirsty had been caught. She had blurted out her predicament to no one, she had been tricked – or was it a bluff? Had she actually got her message across to someone out there who could help and these people were just trying to cover their mistakes? Alas, it was not so.

Just at that moment, out there in videoland, Jenny Friar of Melbourne, Australia took a break from sucking her man’s cock and said, “Isn’t she back on yet?”

“No, still showing reruns of her arrival at the mansion, man she has a nice ass!” Just at that moment his phone beeped and the text message gave a half hour warning of the next session. “Soon, bitch, soon. Now get sucking!” Jenny sucked.

The camera lights flashed once more then stayed on steadily; now, they were live and the subscribers could see what had been done to the woman.

The first thing that Kirsty wore after her outburst was a severe ring-gag. Her mouth was stretched wide open and the rubber-covered steel had been forced between her lips and wedged tightly behind her teeth. Her hands were still free but when she had tried to prevent the slave from inserting the gag by pushing her away, Madam Alpha struck her on the ass with her riding crop with such vicious force that Kirsty stumbled and was briefly left hanging by her neck. The pain that started in her buttocks grew and spread out in a wave across her whole body as she regained her feet, her scream was ear-piercing. Nevertheless, the gag was inserted and buckled behind her neck.

Madam Alpha came right up to her face and shouted at her…

“If you try to resist anything, ANYTHING, from now on, I will stake you to the floor and whip your whole body until you bleed to death! Is that clear?”

Kirsty trembled and clutched at her collar, trying, pointlessly, to cover her breasts with her elbows. She shook with pain and fear, eyes looking from side to side wildly. She bobbed her head frantically in appeasement.

A nod to the slave and Kirsty was allowed to fall to the floor. She lay there breathing heavily, still clutching at the metal at her throat. Madam Alpha knelt down by her head and whispered so that the microphones could not pick it up…

“You aren’t going to die here but you are not going home, not now, not ever. You really are mine. The Empress has given you to me and you are mine until I dispose of you, if I so choose. You will do everything I say without question, without hesitation and to the best of your ability. In return I promise you will never have to concern yourself with anything ever again. You have only one decision to make now…do you want to be an object that resists or an object that does not resist? The outcome is the same, only the method changes.”

The little talk sank into Kirsty’s mind. As a free woman she was finished. These people had her in their clutches and she finally realised that barring a miracle, there was no escape. Her armbinder ordeal seemed remote now, confronted as she was by another bout of as yet unknown torture. Her previous torment in the armbinder, chained to the floor was as if it had happened to someone else; the pain, the immobilisation, the boredom. In truth there were no decisions to make and she was free of her previous life, a life she barely remembered now.

Madam Alpha pointed to the clothing that the slave had brought using a four-wheeled trolley.

“Stand up. You will wear all this. You, bring a stool and dress her.” The slave brought a stool.

Kirsty looked at the clothing she had been given and began to cry, the implacable cameras watched on.

Over the next hour Kirsty was slowly turned into a creature of rubber and isolation.

The collar, neck-chain and ring-gag were removed with the threat of the armbinder if she tried anything. She could not escape anyway as the door was firmly closed and locked.

First a tight rubber suit was pulled up over her body, the suit had been chlorinated and slipped smoothly into place, the chemical treatment had the side-effect of removing all latex smell from the garment which, subconsciously, Kirsty rather missed. The suit had attached feet, hands and hood and zipped up all the way from just above her ass to the top of her head. Her cunt and ass crack were left uncovered but the suit had been carefully tailored with reinforced edges such that the exposed flesh was kept to an absolute minimum. Her breasts had again been slipped into tight-banded individual cups such that those breasts appeared to be larger than their normal size, each one able to bounce independently of the other. Her nipples and areolas were left exposed and slightly distorted through the holes due to the pressure of the bands behind her breasts and the tightness of the rubber. The hood had shaped holes for the eyes and, like the hoods she had worn before, had rubber lips that curved inward around her own giving the appearance of a rubber mouth.

Next a thick rubber corset was fastened around her waist. It went from her hips to underneath her bulbous breasts and the slave grunted with the effort of pulling the laces - her knee bracing herself against Kirsty's lower back -- until the two edges of the corset met. The laces were tied off neatly, Kirsty had to take shallow breaths such was the tightness.

Soon came the leather boots with six-inch heels, tightly laced to the knees. Kirsty was accustomed to such footwear now having worn such shoes and boots for nigh-on three weeks with barely a break. The pain she suffered when she first started wearing severe high heels had fallen to a general discomfort now.

She was given a foam sphere to hold in each hand and rubber tape was wound around her clenched fists until they were useless balls. Form-fitting rubber mittens were pulled over them, laced up and then buckled and locked at her wrists.

A wide belt was fitted around her slim waist to which were attached a variety of straps; for now they hung down, their purpose unknown.

Her useless hands were leather-manacled behind her with a short chain between the cuffs and a hood of thick rubber was held to her already rubbered face, the mouthpiece of which was a short, but wide, tube which was pushed into Kirsty’s mouth holding her jaws open. The open rear of the helmet was pulled back around her head and zipped up the back where a padlock held it in place at the top of her skull. Attached straps were tightened at the back forcing the helmet tight against her inner hood, a small padlock securing each buckle in place; Kirsty felt each click as her bondage went on relentlessly. A tall collar went around her neck, holding her head almost rigid. It had two straps at the back and they too were padlocked into place once tightened. A chain was attached to the short chain between Kirsty’s hands and pulled up to a ring at the back of her sturdy collar hoisting Kirsty’s useless hands high up her back; another padlock clicked into place. She grunted in pain and tried to shake her head, unintelligible sounds and drool coming from the mouth tube. Her eyes now looked out from under two layers of rubber, the second helmet having only small holes for her to see through.

Her video audience watched avidly as this woman was systematically restrained.

A chain was lowered from the ceiling and attached to a ring at the top of the punishment helmet, a slight raising of the chain meant that Kirsty was now fastened into place, unable to bend her knees without lifting herself off the ground by her head, but prevented from falling over.

She continued to grunt occasionally into her mouthpiece, drool falling from the opening onto her rubber-covered breasts and exposed nipples.

The slave then brought from the store room a trolley laden with tubes and straps and left it at the side of the room. From the trolley she unrolled several rubber pipes and brought them over to lie at Kirsty’s feet, the slave stood still and waited while Madam Alpha spoke.

“While you were attached to the ring in the floor we occasionally had to clean you with the hose. Now not only is that smelly but also inconvenient in that it takes staff from other duties to clean you up, but we left it like that as there are many subscribers who like the scat bit; personally, I find it rather distasteful. However we have dispensed with that for this session and you will now be fitted with devices that render manual cleaning unnecessary. It also means your punishment can go on almost indefinitely!”

Kirsty cried through her mouth-stretching tube, trying to say she had had enough and that she wanted it all to stop. She couldn’t take any more of this; her arms hurt, her head ached with the pressure of the helmet and the rubber hood underneath it. Her arms, still sore from the armbinder bondage and now cruelly pulled up into her shoulder blades, couldn’t bear any more torture. But all that came out was a series of grunts, cries and unintelligible sounds all of which Madam Alpha ignored.

Kirsty felt a fumbling at her crutch and then an uncomfortable pain in her urethra. Madam Alpha had taken over the last part of the bondage herself and was presently attaching a catheter into Kirsty, a double-tube type that allowed the pipe into her bladder to be fixed into place with the inflation of a rubber bulb; Kirsty would now piss constantly once the attached pipe clamp was removed.

Next she went behind the unfortunate woman and after applying generous amounts of lubricant to both Kirsty’s anus and the nozzle of the next piece of pseudo-medical equipment, she inserted a double-tubed dildo deep into Kirsty’s ass. Kirsty cried out in discomfort but it didn’t help, Madam Alpha continued unabated.

With the slave′s help she managed to get everything fixed into place using the straps from Kirsty’s waistband plus other straps and chains.

Madam Alpha had the slave open a laptop on the trolley in front of Kirsty. The screen was displaying the video feed from the cameras and Kirsty could now see herself as all the [subscribed] world could see her.

Kirsty could do nothing but stand in her high heels. The tight-fitting suit stimulated her body now, she could feel it every time she moved. She felt small pockets of moisture forming as she perspired slightly in the heat from the lights. Her collar was tight and tall and she faced forward, and only forward, her neck stretched and slender. Her face was covered by two layers of rubber, the inner one benign, the outer one severe and constricting, her mouth held open to show her pink tongue inside contrasting against her black, rubber-covered lips. Of her hands and arms there was no sign until Madam Alpha pressed a button and the view was of her back showing her pointless hands levered up wards and chained to the rigid collar, the ends of her anal tubes and the external nozzle of her catheter all neatly fixed together and protruding rearward.

As she gazed at the picture of herself she felt disconnected. The picture she saw was of a bound and rubberised woman, a picture that in her previous life would have turned her on immensely. Many times she had watched videos of rubber maids, rubber dolls, rubber sluts in bondage and here was one straight out of her dreams and her nightmares – and it was her!

She shivered as an unexpected wave of masochistic pleasure washed over her, her cunt rings jangled together.

Madam Alpha looked up at one of the cameras and winked.

Knee and ankle cuffs were fitted to her and joined by short chains which would limit her steps until finally, attention was given to her naked nipples and areolas.

“Hold her!” ordered Madam Alpha. The slave dutifully went behind Kirsty and grabbed her bound arms, pulling her towards her chest. Kirsty’s gloved hands were pressed into the slave′s breasts, Kirsty thought she could feel the needles that were still protruding from the unfortunate woman's breast cups.

Madam Alpha tweaked and pinched Kirsty’s right nipple until it autonomically became erect and placed a small ring of steel over it, the inner diameter just enough to encompass the flesh. The ring had four tiny holes through which Madam Alpha pushed two specially adapted needles into the nipple flesh. She carefully lined up each needle so that it came right through the nipple and through the hole on the opposite side of the ring, screwing them into place and securing them with a locknut. The other nipple was similarly treated. Kirsty wailed pitifully, shaking with pain, as each needle went into her and when the treatment was finished Kirsty had the rings of steel held painfully in place. Just to check their security, and because Madam Alpha was a sadist, she pulled and twisted the rings making sure the needles held the steel securely. Kirsty screamed in pain again, struggling against the iron grip of the slave behind her. That slave knew that if she so much as gave an inch Madam Alpha would flog her mercilessly, so it was in her own interests to force Kirsty to hold still.

The initial pain and surprise died away but in its place was a dull ache which could only grow. It was fiendish as, unlike nipple clamps which would have to be removed occasionally to prevent tissue damage, these needles would provide constant discomfort without cutting off any blood supply and could be left in place almost indefinitely.

The slave returned from the storage room with a cart. A cart similar to that which might have been attached to a pony girl to carry her mistress but this one was much smaller.

On the cart were three metal tanks, from which came three hoses. On the cart were a control box with lights, some switches and a battery pack. Kirsty looked at it with trepidation, what more were they going to do to her?

“Now slut, we are getting to the point of all this dressing. Now you will be fitted with a full body-harness to supplement the leather strapping you are already wearing. This will enable us to attach you to your cart and to your body support-tethers, the nature of which you will find out shortly.”

Fifteen minutes later Kirsty was fixed into a leather harness. Wide straps went around her upper thighs, a steel cable went over her existing belt and was ratcheted tightly behind her, a strap went around her chest above her punished breasts and they were all connected together with straps under her bound arms and up over her shoulders. All the straps were pulled tight and buckled up, Kirsty felt she was in a collection of vices, her whole body a mass of rubber, steel and leather constriction.

She was then attached to the cart. The two-wheeled cart had three arms, two were fastened to rings at Kirsty’s waist cable and were the main support. The third arm that came between her legs had a ring at the end which was loosely chained to a ring at the front of her waist cable. To the single arm was attached a rubber phallus and this was lubricated then inserted into her vagina, the only hole Kirsty had left available. The chain was shortened such that the phallus penetrated five or six inches but was free to move in and out with the movement of the cart. Wires ran from the end of the phallus along the arm and back to the control panel on the cart. Madam Alpha tried out the action, moving the phallus in and out, pulling and pushing the cart against its restraints. Satisfied it was adjusted to constantly stimulate, or after a while, irritate, Kirsty’s vagina, she moved on to the final connections. Additional wires were connected to the steel rings that were fixed to her nipples by the needles.

It took only a few minutes to attach the hoses between the tanks on the cart and Kirsty’s double anal dildo and the catheter tube. All the wires were connected to the control panel and Kirsty was almost ready. Only she didn’t know what she was ready for.

“Walk.” ordered Madam Alpha. Kirsty took a few steps, taking the strain of the cart on her waist and the phallus strapped into her cunt. “Stop.” Kirsty stopped.

“All seems to be in order, I suggest you rest while I sort out your rails.”

Rails? What did she mean? Kirsty strained in her bondage. While she knew whatever was going to happen would not be pleasant, at this moment in time she felt her restraints to be just about tolerable with the possible exception of the nipple needles. She was attaining the feeling similar to that brought about by the Japanese art of shibari or kinbaku, a type of rope bondage, except that her bondage was severe, and anything but simple rope.

Around the circular room, respectively about seven feet and nine feet up the wall, were two steel rails onto which was fastened a metal device. It consisted of two triangles of steel, one above the other that were fitted into the rails by captive runners. The two triangles were welded to each other at their apex’s by a single steel bar thus making a frame, like a pyramid on its side, that would run around the wall carrying a weight on its four captive wheels. A ring was welded to the apex and two chains dangled from it. It was to this device that Kirsty was to be attached.

“Come here.” Ordered Madam Alpha. The slave guided Kirsty by one arm in such a way that she was lined up next to the wall with her cart behind her. The final act of bondage was the attachment of the chain between the ring on the end of the metal framework to a ring on the back of Kirsty’s body-harness; the other chain was also fastened to the ring on the top of her head so she could no longer look down.

The slave buckled a set of the darkened goggles over Kirsty’s tiny eye-holes and the extensive bondage was complete.

Kirsty was in position for her ordeal.

Madam Alpha stood in the centre of the room and spread her arms wide. She walked around the circular room, like a circus ring-master, looking at each camera in turn.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I trust you have enjoyed the confinement of our slave. She stands against the wall attached to a cart which she will pull until she has completed her punishment and will then effectively bring about her own release. The cart is powered by the slave herself. As she walks, generators in the wheels will keep the battery charged. The battery is required to power the shockers in the slaves ass, cunt and on her steeled-embraced nipples, it also provides the power for the regular enema treatment that our subject will receive. Her ass is fitted with a hollow double dildo. Through one tube water from one tank will be forced into her bowels and after a valve is opened, it will be expelled through the other into a second tank; this process will happen at random and is controlled by the cart’s on-board computer; the filling will not necessarily be immediately followed by an emptying so she will have to occasionally walk with a full colon. She will piss constantly, she has no control over this as the catheter is always open, the piss will be contained in the third tank and as she takes in water then expels it she will add the weight of that water to her burden. Shockers have been fitted to the double dildo and to the cunt phallus and we can shock her steeled-embraced nipples too, again these are controlled by the computer and will activate when certain criteria have or have not been met. These criteria will include not moving fast enough, waiting too long after rest periods, attempting to move away from the rails, and so on.

This room is ten metres wide and therefore the circumference is about thirty metres. In her high heeled boots and the hobbles between her ankles and knees we would expect a performance, at least in the initial stages, of eighty steps per minute. The steps will be quite short so we would expect at least one circuit every minute and a half, or perhaps a little longer at first, and we will use the shockers to ensure this rate is maintained for the first hour. If this rate were continued without rest we could expect to achieve about fifteen hundred circuits in one day so we have allocated two days to this ordeal and will expect our slave to complete two thousand circuits in this time.”

Kirsty shouted through her mouth ring but again nothing intelligible came out except noise and drool and was again ignored by Madam Alpha.

“You will see high on the wall,” even as she spoke, a red LED panel lit up over the door to the chamber, “a counter which at present reads 2000. In many hours we will expect it to read zero. Above the counter is a timer that will count up, showing her how long she has been here, there is no time limit on her ordeal, it is up to her how long it lasts; the faster she walks the sooner it will be over. She cannot sit down but she can stop at any time she likes, although she is at risk of being shocked if the computer decides or we decide to override. There will be a period when she can sleep if she wants and she can do this by hanging in the harness. Hanging in the harness outside these rest periods will result in punishment. She can get water by putting her mouthpiece against this pressure valve in the wall.” She pointed. “Three times a day during this ordeal she will be visited by a slave who will feed her a liquid nutrient through a tube. Once the punishment process starts it will not be stopped and you may watch the video feed at any time. We realise that this sort of long-term torture is not to everyone’s taste but you can always tune into our daily whipping of a slave from Madam Pain’s Pain Room, although for the present this whipping will be carried out by our very own Madam Omega. Enjoy.”

While the Madam had been talking, the slave had removed the trolley and the laptop to the back room so Kirsty's path was clear.

Madam Alpha strode over to where Kirsty stood shaking fearfully. She checked the wires to Kirsty’s nipple needles and then returned to the cart and flicked a couple of switches, bringing some LED’s to life. She pressed the red button.

Immediately Kirsty was shocked. Her ass probes, her cunt phallus and the steel rings sticking into her nipples were all electrified and Kirsty’s sensitive areas got their first electric shock of this session. Kirsty screamed and bucked against her bondage trying to ignore the conditioning that made her associate ass-shocks with orgasms.

“Walk, walk now.” ordered Madam Alpha. Kirsty hesitantly started walking and the pain stopped; Madam Alpha folded her arms across her leather-covered breasts and watched. The cart was quite heavy as it contained all the water for her enemas as Kirsty realised how difficult this was going to be and briefly stopped as if to turn around. There was a slight tingling in her nipples, a warning that she did not heed, before her ass was shocked deep inside. She quickly started walking again and it all stopped. She walked in the circle for about one hundred seconds and then saw the counter now read 1999, she cried in pain and frustration.

Madam Alpha watched a couple more circuits of the room and, satisfied that all the equipment was functioning normally and after taking a quick look at a display under a camera, turned on the spot once again to address the cameras.

"Our greatest number of subscribers ever to one event, excellent! This slut is definitely the one to watch here. Enjoy."

At that, as Kirsty continued her long walk, she beckoned the slave, still with the needles sticking out of her rubber breasts, and together they left the room.

Kirsty heard the clang of the door once again, the key turning in the large lock, the slamming across of the two huge metal bolts and the receding footsteps that denoted that once again, she was totally alone with only the red lights of the watching cameras for company as she walked for no purpose whatsoever, her high heels tapping out the seconds of her punishment.

It was nearly two hours into her marathon when she heard a relay click on the cart.

She had stopped several times but had only been shocked twice and she soon realised that if her stops were too frequent she would be punished, if she walked too slowly she would be punished, if she attempted to deviate from the circular path she would be punished. She had yet to work out when she was going to be able to rest for a long time, perhaps to sleep and attempt to refresh her aching body. Round and round she went, the framework and rails keeping her in line, the sound of the little wheels in the rails a constant reminder that she had become a pointless rubber thing, doing a pointless task, in painful and restricting bondage.

Another click of a relay and she heard a humming noise and immediately warm water started to enter her anus through the hollow dildo. She stopped, surprised at the sudden change in her predicament; the electricity did not urge her to keep going at this time. She waited, feeling her bowels fill up, pressure increasing inside her as the computer arranged for a litre of water to enter her. Her stomach started to cramp and she felt sick, moaning with the extreme discomfort, her anal sphincter twitching uselessly as it tried to expel both the dildo and the increasing amount of water. Another click and the water ceased to enter her, she waited anxiously for the other tube to be used to empty her but instead she was shocked, the water seemingly diluting the pain but instead spreading it far into her body cavity. She moaned loudly and started to walk again, this time feeling the water sloshing about in her ass, her distended belly moving from side to side, pressed out underneath the tight corset. The aching became unbearable and Kirsty started to fall against her restraining chains, her arms struggling for an unattainable release. She hung from her chains in agony for only a few seconds, awaiting more pain that didn't come; then came blessed relief as the outlet valve opened and Kirsty’s bowels were flushed out into the waste tank.

As the last of the water left her body she felt a tingling in the nipples and quickly resumed walking, the shock did not come. Ten minutes later her nipples tingled and she walked faster, the shock did not come. After five minutes her nipples tingled again, twice. She walked even faster but was shocked, she slowed down and the shocking stopped. Three tingles. ‘Oh for pity’s sake, what did this thing want of her now?’

It did not take long after a series of tingles, shocks and the absence of both to teach Kirsty that one tingle sensation meant walk, two walk faster, three meant stop.

For hours, Kirsty walked in her pointless circle, feeling the dildo in her ass, the needles in her nipples and barely, the phallus in her vagina. She gazed through her darkened lenses at the unchanging wall, only passing the two doors broke the monotony as she passed them again and again. The timer on the wall slowly added up her life here and the counter went slowly downward, both encouraging, but in equal measure, demoralising her.

Three times a maid/slave entered the room and without speaking squirted a mild anaesthetic spray into her throat, then pushed a nozzle through Kirsty’s mouth hole and down her oesophagus causing her to gag at first, although the spray had numbed her gag reflex. A bag of gloop was emptied down her throat – she was thankful she couldn’t taste it – then the tube was removed and the slave departed leaving Kirsty to listen once again to the clanging of the door, the sliding of the metal bolts and the key in the lock. She did not wait for the tingling but began walking immediately, strangely full and satisfied after her ‘meal’. Sometimes she burped through her stretched jaws.

Every now and again, she would stop at the watering station. She pressed her mouth tube onto the valve allowing cold water to trickle into her mouth through the tube and, with difficulty, she swallowed it. She knew that every last drop that went in would eventually come out through the catheter and add to the weight she was pulling in pointless circles. The only moisture she was losing was the drool that occasionally fell from her mouth tube to fall on her tortured breasts.

The timer read 7.32, the counter had dropped to 1700. In over seven hours Kirsty had only done 300 circuits of the room. What little of her mind was left managed to work out that at this rate she would be here for over fifty hours and that was without sleep or any long rest. She stopped and cried into her goggles, the tears welled up and ran into the eye holes of her hoods and down inside against her cheeks. She sagged against her supporting chains and cared no longer if they even shocked her to death.

There was no shock. Instead this time there were four tingling sensations in her nipple needles and for the next eight hours Kirsty was not disturbed at all and it was after an hour of hanging still that she realised she was having a long rest break. Astoundingly, she fell into a fitful sleep for nearly three hours but then awoke in a panic feeling her bondage all over again and remembering where and what she was. Of course the timer has gone on incrementing but her counter had not moved. She was wasting time and started to walk despite this being her rest period, she had to finish so that this torture would be over.

She had done another hundred circuits on her aching feet before exhaustion took over once more she hung in her harness and slept, more soundly this time.

She struggled out of her slumber, aware that she was being warned to start by the tingling in her nipples; the needles had become one long, nagging ache now. How long had the tingling been going on? Kirsty quickly tried to start walking but the cart was heavy and made her slow to react such that she was shocked again. It had seemed so long since the last time that this new assault on her tender parts was more painful than ever before and she cried out and bucked and pulled against her bonds…but nothing came even slightly loose and as she picked up speed the electricity stopped.

Slaves came and went but for hours nothing else changed. Her heels clacked on the stones one after another; clip, clop, clip, clop, only the occasional stumble changing the regular metronomic sounds. Relays clicked. Enemas punished her sometimes three times an hour, sometimes not at all for a long time and sometimes she was given bouts of electric shocks for no reason at all. In her nipples, then her ass, then her cunt then all or some, she never knew what was next except when she was guided by the tingling in her needles. She slept when she was allowed to, out of sheer exhaustion.

She felt like her mind was being lost to her. She could barely remember how long ago it was when she first arrived at this horrible place, her hopes of being a simple obedience slave now long gone. In place of that simple life she had wanted, there was only pain, discomfort and misery. Her mind went back to the pain-slut at the evening gathering a few weeks ago and realised that she was now what that woman was; a tormented, useless pain-slut.

For the thousandth time, her mind flitted mentally over her body, feeling the mouth tube, the penetrating dildos, the tightness of the harnesses and the all-encompassing rubber clothing: her aching limbs and feet, her useless hands chained up her back once more. She listened to her own mewling through her mouth-stretching tube and had long ago given up trying to avoid drooling, content to just let it run down over her rubber breasts and her needle-filled nipples. At least it was liquid she wouldn't have added to her cart; over the hours, she was leaving a faint trail of saliva on the floor, showing her which way to go and where she had already been so many times. She felt the water entering her and leaving her colon, she felt her sensitive innards tormented by electricity, the jingling rings on her cunt.

As the cart dragged behind her, moving the vaginal dildo around, for a moment, she felt a stirring in her loins and she felt almost sexual and slightly aroused, wishing she could see herself from the point of view of a subscriber, but it didn't last and she was once again back to being a useless, walking, humiliated rubber thing in misery and degradation.

It was after two days of walking that the counter had fallen to 10. Kirsty tried to move faster, hurrying to get this torture over and for nine of those circuits nothing changed except the counter and the timer. It was sixty nine hours and fifty two minutes when the counter finally changed to 0001, one circuit to go!

It was at this point, the computer, or more likely a watching Madam Alpha, activated everything. Her nipple needles practically lit up with electricity, her ass was flooded with water and as a savage twist, her catheter was pressurised as urine was forced back into her bladder. Her cunt shocker pulsed with power and her anal dildo throbbed with current as the water spread the shock out once more. Kirsty ran, if this slightly faster, pained, hobbling could be called such. She 'ran' the last circuit, her breasts bouncing in their rubber sacks causing the needles to advertise their presence with stabbing pains, saliva poured down her soaked chest as she breathed heavily against the leather corset, the cart with it’s load of urine and enema treatments over the last days stored on board, chasing along behind her. Finally she crossed the trigger-line and counter read 0001! It had not gone down to zero! She must have been mistaken and ran on. But no, the counter refused to drop to zero. She was in agony now, everything hurt; her ass, her cunt, her mouth, her raw skin under the rubber, her shoulders with her hands still fastened high into her back and not least her feet, two points of pain she could never ignore.

Three more times she ran the circuit until, breathless from the effort of running and shrieking, she gave up, collapsed and succumbed to the electric shocks.

The moment she dropped against her chains, the power went off, the water ran out of her enema hose, her piss was allowed to escape once more; there was no tingling. Kirsty looked up at the counter and as she looked, even though she was not moving, the counter fell to 0000 and she lost consciousness. The red camera lights went out.

When she came round she had been disconnected from her cart. Her corset and all her rubber clothing had been removed, her shoes had been taken off and she lay naked, with only a long chain to the ring in the floor from a metal collar around her neck.

Madam Alpha was sitting on a low stool in front of her.

“Get to your knees and sit back, open your legs wide, show your audience your subjugation.”

Kirsty used her arms and hands and the last of her stores of energy slowly to bring herself to her knees, then sat back against her calves. Her shoulders resented the movement after being confined for so long in the same position. Opening her legs caused her cunt rings to hit the floor where they clanked once before resting on the tiles.

Madam Alpha held out her gloved hand, in it, Kirsty saw ten shiny needles and without any hesitation, she took them one by one and with barely a pained drawing of breath, plunged them deep into her breasts.

Her descent into slavery was complete.


Kirsty, as a business woman and independent individual, was finished. Over the next few months, Madam Alpha treated her abominably, keeping her in severe bondage almost all the time. Kirsty felt her skin had been replaced by rubber. Her arms might as well have been removed considering how little use she got out of them as they were usually bound harshly up her back and attached to a collar. She had been encased and made immobile for days as a tormented hall-ornament, she had been humiliated, all her orifices were abused and given to anyone who wanted use of them. She suffered breath control, breast bondage and tit torture. She had been fastened down and pissed on by all the guests at the many functions she was forced to attend as a pain-slut. She lost count of the number of people who had used her ass as a repository for their semen -- when she wasn't swallowing it, that is. The number and types of horrible gags ran into the tens -- ball, pear, spike, penis, throat, ring, bit, oh so many.

When no one wanted anything from her during the day, it was common to be affixed to a treadmill, to walk for hours in the ballet boots that had barely left her feet all this time. At night she was usually kept in a small cage in Madam Alpha's room, often after a sound beating. When occasionally she slept in Madam Alpha's bed, it was in a tight leather punishment suit that kept her elbows and knees bent and her head pulled back, a long penis gag hidden under the hood; Madam Alpha liked falling asleep to her cries and whimpering. Then there were the whippings, they were regular and relentless, her body was scarred from a bullwhip that was often used. Even her face, when it could be seen, had two permanent white marks on one cheek where Madam Alpha had got carried away with a whipping orgasm.

One maid felt sorry for her and tried to give her solace and sympathy but was caught by The Empress. Two weeks bound immobile as blind, deaf and dumb hucow, with her bound and whipped breasts constantly being suckled by a milking machine, cured her of any further intervention. As a supplementary whimsy, Kirsty had been chained to the poor unfortunate slave and had to watch her punishment in gagged silence.

As Kirsty became more sullen and depressed and her body more marked and scarred, Madam Alpha found it more difficult to get a reaction from her and she started to lose interest. Kirsty no longer moved or cried out very much in her punishments, she would just weep piteously, so her video audience also lost interest and moved their entertainment viewing to see other things going on in the mansion. Madam Alpha had her cage moved to the Circular Room where she had been tortured so long ago, so that Kirsty could see other slaves being punished down here. She used to wonder if she would be punished here again -- although she never was as there no longer seemed any point -- but after months of mistreatment, isolation, pain and humiliation, Kirsty didn't really wonder about anything at all any more. She just let the days go by in her misery, barely even thinking of how she had got herself into this, perhaps just awaiting a death that never came. She was a pain slut like her anonymous friend from months ago and now knew how that woman must feel.

It was a year after Rebecca left that The Empress found herself in civil court, a judge overturning her father's altered will because a more recent one was found by Rebecca/Madam Pain and her investigators. Rebecca won her fathers estate and The Empress -- or just plain Caroline now -- was given the choice by her sister to leave forever or remain as Rebecca's maid. Needless to say, she decided to move on and set up somewhere else using what funds she had genuinely inherited in the will. She dreamt of revenge on Rebecca but was powerless to do anything about it; Rebecca was The Empress now and had all the money and power. Rebecca was sorry to see her sister go in this manner but there was no way they could ever work together; it needn't have been like this, but it was what it was.


Madam Omega relinquished her secret desire of becoming Empress as Rebecca had given her full control of Eastern European and Asian operations and she had moved to Taiwan to form a headquarters there, thus making the best of it.


Mr J. no longer wanted Kirsty, as her failed state of mind and her badly marked body were no longer of any interest to him.


Josie did take over Kirsty's company and until Rebecca came back, regularly used to come to the mansion and whip Kirsty until she bled.


Rebecca stood back from the day-to-day running of the video BDSM business and Madam M, still with the same pain slut dragging miserably along behind, took over the punishments and general running of the video output; something at which she seemed quite adept. Her introduction of a hucow milking shed with semi-permanent, rubber-hooded residents bound in steel milking racks, acquired a whole raft of new subscribers and profits jumped; Rebecca was very pleased.


Kirsty was almost gone, mentally, and at first, barely comprehended that her cage had been moved back to a comfortable room, where she was warm and well cared for. The new Empress tried everything to get her to come back to reality but Kirsty could hardly tell what reality was. The first time she was released from the cage -- her hood, her boots and her bondage removed -- she sat on the floor crying, trying to put it all back on, pulling at her cunt rings and pushing her gag back in her mouth before crawling to the open cage-door to try to get back in.


In the end, the new Empress had to admit that the woman, as a lover, was lost to her, but she still loved her dearly and bitterly regretted having to leave her in the hands of Madam Alpha, so she kept her as a pet and pony girl which seemed to cheer the poor woman up a little because she started to appear to enjoy what life she now had. Sometimes, unbidden, Kirsty would use her mouth to bring Rebecca a riding crop and as The Empress used it on her, Kirsty would push back into the strikes while squeezing on her anal dildo so she could be shocked to orgasm; at least she was taking some sort of twisted pleasure from life.

She didn't talk much now either, mostly 'yes, My Empress', or 'no, My Empress'.

Eventually, after seemingly trying everything, the Empress finally took a lover, a new slave girl whom Kirsty seemed to quite like. Kirsty appeared to enjoy being attached to her pony cart, pulling them both around the grounds in her shiny new heelless pony boots, wearing her glossy black rubber suit and golden harness, her arms, as usual, pulled up her back. She liked to shake her head and have her scarlet plume fly in the wind as she whinnied around her leather bit gag and would stand patiently between the arms of the pony-cart watching happily as her two mistresses made open-air love in the sunshine, her reins tied to a nearby tree. She looked quite proud to be a pony girl and put her efforts into it by standing with her rubber-covered breasts pushed out to the best of her ability, ably supported by her customary tight corset, lifting her legs high such that she made a magnificent sight to all who saw her. She seemed to particularly enjoy being on show in her pony girl finery at parties and BDSM gatherings. The Empress was often complimented on her training of her pony and she freely admitted that the pony had mostly trained herself.

Kirsty would wear her head-to-toe rubber outfits almost all the time and most often her mistress, at Kirsty's polite insistence, would bind her arms behind her. With her anal dildo chained loosely in place, she took every opportunity to mac up and down on anything she could find, raping her own ass, sometimes much to Rebecca's embarrassment when done in the company of Rebecca's friends and guests and Rebecca would have to discipline her with a crop; it's probably what passed for a joke in Kirsty's addled mind.

Occasionally, The new Empress and her new lover would attach a lead to The Slut's cunt rings and they would all take a trip to the basement. There, the two mistresses would sit in armchairs, with Kirsty at their feet, and spend an hour or two watching Madam Alpha as she writhed and screamed as a Presentation Slave, a position she had occupied for two years now and from which she would never be released.


Life for (almost) everyone was as good as it could be.


The End

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