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Kat’s Mistake

by Miss Celine

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© Copyright 2007 - Miss Celine - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; latex; leather; bond; slave; toys; cons/nc; X

Kat’s Mistake part 1

Katherine Kelly was a young lady, working in an office like many other people across the world.

Her role wasn’t important and could be done by anyone from a temp agency for half the wage she was paid, but if a company wanted to pay her for admin and the writing of reports who was she to complain.

The job was boring and tedious. She would often get distracted and day dream, her mind drifting to darker realms where everyone was dressed in rubber and leather and performed various lewd acts on each other.

No She thought to herself I must concentrate on this report.

She took a deep calming breath and continued to tap away whilst reading the statistical data on the print out.

Two hours later she finished and printed the report out and took it into the office of Celine Prince, her boss.

Celine waved her into the office whilst she completed a phone call; from the sound of it she was telling someone their services were no longer required.

Katherine took a seat opposite Celine and waited for her to finish. Finally Celine put the phone down and smiled.

“Well that was pleasant,” She said cynically “What can I do for you?”

“I have the report you wanted Celine,” replied Katherine as she passed the 20 page report over the desk.

“Fantastic,” exclaimed Celine “Statistical analysis is the most boring part of this job, I really don’t know how you do it.”

“Just a knack for numbers and touch typing,” chuckled Katherine.

“Well I’m glad to have you around,” Said Celine “now if you’ve finished you might as well take off early there’s nothing more you can do today, unless you want to sit there and watch me read the report?”

Katherine suddenly realised she’d been staring at Celine’s red lips and caught herself before the words, “I’d love to watch you do anything,” came spelling from her mouth. Biting her bottom lip she gave a wry grin and muttered a farewell.

An hour later Katherine was unlocking her front door. She thought about what to wear for the evening and walked straight to her wardrobe, throwing the doors open she inhaled deeply as the smell of leather and rubber assaulted her senses.

She pulled out a red rubber blouse, black leather ankle length skirt, black leather corset, red leather thigh boots, red rubber stockings, and bra and her latest acquisition: black rubber panties with twin inflatable and vibrating dildoes.

She rummaged in a drawer and found the jar of lube, stripped naked and liberally coated her body before pulling on the stockings and bra. She stopped and fondled the panties and slowly eased them up her legs, she moaned as the dildoes slowly pushed into her pussy and ass, she had to apply direct pressure to them as the dildoes got wider, slowly inch by inch she managed to push the twin 5” invades all the way home and pulled the panties up over her hips.

'My god these are huge!' She thought.

She took a few experimental steps and moaned loudly to herself as the dildoes slowly worked up and down with each step.

She returned to her bed and picked up the heavy leather corset, she slowly stroked the heavy steel stays before wrapping the corset around her waist and cinching the laces tighter and tighter, after nearly 30 minutes of carefully tugging and pulling of laces she looked at her figure in the mirror, she had, of the course of several years of training, managed to lace the corset so it was fully closed and crushed her normal 25 inch waist down to 20 inches.

She cinched three buckles across the front of the corset and placed a large padlock into each buckle, the keys were frozen in a tube of ice in the freezer and would take at least 6 hours to thaw out.

Satisfied that the corset was finally as she wanted it she gingerly sat down on the bed, groaning as the pressure forced the dildoes further into her crushed waist.

Reaching down she pulled on the boots and slowly drew the zipper closed, she smiled as she crossed and uncrossed her booted legs. 'These boots certainly make me look like a slut!' she thought as she stared at the 6” stainless steel stiletto heel. Her smile broadened as she made a snap decision. Opening her bedside cabinet she pulled out the leather thigh cuffs and padlocked them around the boot tops then used a third padlock to connect two D-rings together in between her legs. “Yep,” she said to herself, “that should make walking entertaining”.

Katherine picked up the blood-red blouse and slid her hands into the sleeves, shivering slightly as she started to press the studs together to close it and feeling the cool rubber caress her skin.

Easing herself back down onto the bed, she stroked the rubber briefly toying with the idea of switch the vibrators on and pumping the dildoes up for all she was worth.

“No!” she reprimanded herself, “Plenty of time for that later you naughty girl”

She stepped into the leather skirt and pulled it up over her hips and tucked the blouse in neatly, then pulled the pumps and vibe controls above the waist band of the skirt and zipped the skirt closed.

She teetered over to the full length mirror and did a little turn. She looked at the pump and vibe controls and clipped them to the skirt's waist band.

It was at that moment, just as she clipped the front vibe control to the waist band; that the phone started to ring.

She hesitated and thought; 'Sod it, I let the machine pick it up.'

The machine beeped and played her, “I’m not in, leave a message at the tone” message.

“Hello Katherine, this is Celine, if your there please pick up I need to speak to you urgently,” there was a slight pause, Katherine heard the tone in Celine’s voice, it was the same one she used when she fired someone earlier. Slowly she picked up the phone.

“Hello Celine, what can I do for you?” She asked trying to sound nonchalant.

“I need you back in the office now!” Celine stated, “I have a few concerns about the report you handed me.”

“Can it waited until after the weekend? “ Katherine prayed the answer was yes, she was disappointed.

“No,” Celine replied, “Lets just say this meeting will determine if you have a job on Monday!”

Katherine gulped.

“I can be in 30 minutes.”

“Please hurry Katherine.”

Katherine placed the receiver back down and stared at herself in the mirror, She’d never be able to get undressed, the keys were encased in ice, the only alternative was to go dressed as she was, she grabbed a leather trench coat and buttoned it up right up to the collar, it nicely hid everything, apart from the heels she looked respectable enough.

She started out the house and had to stop at the bottom of the stairs as the dildoes brought her close to orgasm.

“Oh Shit,” she groaned “not what I need now.”

She breathed slowly and as deeply as the corset would allow then continued.

45 minutes later she arrived back at work, the office was empty, she looked at the clock, 20 past five, at least if she was going to get fired no one would see.

She steadied herself at her desk and tried to compose herself, she’d had to stop 4 times on the walk back to work as the dildoes had worked their magic.

'And that’s without them turned on!' She thought.

She walked up to Celine’s office, the door was closed and the blinds pulled down.

She knocked.

“Enter,” Celine’s voice was cold.

Katherine pushed the door open and walk in.

“Close the door and take a seat,” Celine was looking at the report and didn’t even look up.

Katherine closed the door and made to sit down then felt the corset and dildoes.

“I’ll stand if you don’t mind!” She said in a defiant tone that surprised even herself.

Celine looked up, raised an eyebrow and cast an appraising look over Katherine.

“Very well,” She said in a measured tone of voice. “I want you to read this report to me, I hoping you can shed some light on what you have written.” Celine pushed the report over to Katherine, “ I suggest to save time you read from page 12 to 14 to me”.

Katherine flicked to page 12 and started reading through facts and figures and various sundry bits of information then stopped, her cheeks flushed as read the next paragraph to herself.

“Read it out loud,” Celine requested quietly.

Katherine coughed, “I wish I was a rubber doll, I could really do with spending the next week in rubber, I wonder if I should attempt that hogtie again? Can't wait to try those dildo panties when I get home, must remember to call Suzie and see if she’s available to hold my spare set of keys for the locks.”

“Now,” Celine began, “I trust that was an error on your part and you did not intentionally put that in?”

“No Celine,” Katherine lowered her head in shame, how had she typed that, it must have been when she started to daydream.

“So what do you mean when you say you want to be a rubber doll?”

“Its private Celine,” Katherine replied, “Not work related, I apologise I must of typed it subconsciously.”

“That does not answer my question,” Celine’s steely gazed locked momentarily with Katherine’s.

Katherine smiled and answered, “Really it nothing just harmless daydreaming.”

Celine took a deep breath and slowly raised her eyebrow again, she kept her gaze fixed on Katherine and took another deep breath.

“Is that rubber I smell?”

“Yes Miss..” Katherine caught herself before fully saying mistress, but judging by Celine’s smirk she had guessed what the word was.

“What did you say?” Celine was teasing her.

“Nothing Celine, honestly its nothing, if you want to fire me then just do it, I’ll go quietly, no need to make a fuss over it.” Katherine poured the words out so fast she surprised herself.

Celine started to laugh.

“My dear why would I fire you?” She moved around the desk and took hold of Katherine’s hands.

“You’ve done nothing wrong, aside from letting your mind wander during office hours. Lets keep this our little secret shall we?”

Katherine looked up, “yes please Miss…” she caught herself again.

Celine giggled, “My dear you obviously want to call me a name so gone on say it!”

“Mistress,” Katherine’s head dropped and she looked at the floor.

“Really?” Celine mused to herself, “Is that how you see me?”

“Well no,” Katherine tried to think of a way out of this hole she had dug. “I mean I just come out with things without thinking some times.”

“Sit down Katherine,” Celine moved over to a mini fridge and pulled out a bottle of water.

“I’d still rather stand,” Katherine replied quietly.

“Do I have to order you to sit?” Celine slowly sipped the water.

“Please Celine, I don’t need to sit down, can I go now?”

“Not until you tell me why you won’t sit down.”

“Because,” Katherine felt the words burst from her mouth, “because I’m wearing a very tight corset and cannot sit down Mistress”

Celine smiled, “There’s that word again Katherine.” Celine perched herself on the edge of her desk, “Show me this corset.”

Katherine muttered quietly, tears formed in the corners of her eyes and she didn’t make a move, she was aware of some movement but was lost in her own thoughts trying to figure out what she could do to get out of this without revealing the corset, the boots and of course the inflation pumps and vibe controls.

“Katherine look at me!” Celine’s voice had taken on that cold edge again, Katherine looked up, Celine and taken off her skirt, jacket and blouse to reveal a tight red PVC corset and matching PVC underwear, silk stockings encased her legs and she was absent mindedly playing with the laces of her knee high boots.

Celine’s smile returned when she saw the look on Katherine’s face.

“Now show me!” She ordered again.

Katherine slowly unbuttoned her coat and let it fall to the floor, she unclipped the pumps and vibe controls and took off the skirt followed swiftly by the blouse.

Celine looked on with admiration.

“I assume those pumps and controls of for the panties you mention in your report?”

“Yes Mistress,” Katherine replied.

“Your fired!” Celine said coldly.

“What?” Katherine burst into tears.

“I have a new job for you, one that you will accept.”

Katherine sobbed, “Please Celine I can’t lose this job.”

“Your new role,” Continued Celine as she walk back behind her desk, “is to be what you clearly want to be, a slut, a submissive and a rubber doll.”

“But I can’t” Stammered Katherine.

“You have no choice, don’t worry you’ll still have you job out there doing the analysis and reports for me, but your life now belongs to me, you’ll work here when I tell you to and dress how I tell you to, you can still have time off to see friends and relatives, but you need to book that time with me. If I let you have the time then you’ll need to earn it. In return I’ll keep your secret and let you keep your job.”

“Yes Mistress,” Katherine replied meekly

“Oh and Katherine.”

“Yes Mistress?”

“The first thing you need to do is stop calling me mistress, mistresses are what men have when they want to cheat on their wives, you will only ever refer to me as Miss Celine.”

“Yes Miss Celine.”

“Now go home and wait for me to arrive, we have much to sort out this evening. And if you think about not letting me in then don’t bother turning up for work on Monday!” Said Celine as she started flicking through another report.

“Yes Mistress,” Katherine gulped, “I mean Miss Celine.”

Celine put the report down, “Get dressed!”

Katherine put the blouse, skirt, clipped the pumps and vibe controls back to her waist band and put the coat back on and turned to leave.

“Before you go,” Celine’s voice halted Katherine in her tracks, “You called me mistress again.”

“Yes I am sorry Miss Celine, it won’t happen again.”

“But just to make sure you think about it, I have some thing for you,” Celine reached into her desk and pull out a motorcycle crash helmet. “Now I know what your thinking,” continued Celine, “your thinking why does Celine have a crash helmet in her office when she doesn’t ride a motor bike? The answer is simple, I, like you am a rubber fetishist, this is something I had custom made so I could experience some public bondage without drawing to much attention, and now your going to wear it home.”

Katherine started to protest but then just nodded in agreement.

Celine walked over to her and opened a small lock on the side of the helmet, the back half flicked out and Katherine saw the inside had a large rubber gag shaped like a penis.

“Open wide!” Celine ordered.

Katherine complied and felt the gag slide into her mouth, the room became much darker as she looked through the heavily tinted visor.

When the helmet was firmly in place, Celine closed the rear portion and locked back together with the side clasps. The added pressure was immense and forced the gag further into her mouth. Celine then reached into the trench coat and gave each pump several big squeezes and flicked the vibe controls to their lowest setting.

“When you get home you will stay dressed as you are!” Ordered Celine, “you will leave your front door key under your front door mat and go to your bedroom, there you will add ankle-cuffs and wrist-cuffs and secure yourself in a hogtie and wait for my arrival. Is that clear?”

Katherine nodded as much as the helmet would allow and started the long walk home, she nearly collapsed on her desk as the first orgasm hit her.

'Excellent!' thought Celine, 'just what I need to spice up this boring job.'

Kat’s Mistake, Part 2.

Katherine Kelly looked at her alarm clock through the tinted visor of the helmet that was locked around her head and tried to think why she had gone along with this.

She breathed as deeply as she could, her corset was tight, the helmet forced a large gag into her mouth and seemed to restrict the amount of air she could draw in through her nose and added to that a dildo and butt plug were vibrating inside her and forcing her into convulsions as she had orgasm after orgasm.

Upon returning home she had left her door key under her front door mat and proceeded to her bedroom where she had secured herself in a tight hogtie and waited for Celine to arrive.

That was 2 hours ago. The minutes ticked past slowly. Finally she felt the clasps of the helmet click and the pressure relaxed around her head, slowly the front of the helmet was pulled away from her face pulling the large gag from her mouth. Celine sat next to her and placed the combination bondage/crash helmet on the floor by the bed and stroked Katherine’s damp matted hair. Katherine whimpered quietly, tears rolling down her cheeks. Celine smiled.

“Good girl” she cooed softly, “you’ve done very well my dear. Rest now, tomorrow we start your training for real.”

Celine released Katherine’s bonds, stopped the vibrators and deflated the plugs. She helped Katherine stand and escorted her to the bathroom and helped her to disrobe and get under the shower. Leaving her to clean up she returned to the bedroom to look through Katherine’s clothes.

Katherine towelled herself dry and looked at her face in the bathroom mirror, she was exhausted, she looked pale but her eyes gleamed with passion. She smiled softly.

“What a way to spend the evening,” she said to herself. Her backside and pussy were sore and tender after the extended sessions and her limbs felt like lead but she still managed to walk back to her bedroom.

Softly padding into the bedroom she crept up behind Celine and wrapped her tired arms around her boss. Celine gasped and nearly jumped out of her skin with surprise as she had not heard Katherine’s stealthy approach.

“Thank you!” said Katherine quietly as she hugged Celine tightly.

Celine regained her composure.

“For what?” she replied coldly.

“For releasing me of course,” giggled Katherine.

Celine sighed deeply, “It has been a long evening for you so I will forgive your little indiscretions at the moment. Do not forget I am your Domina and you are my plaything now.” Celine turned to look Katherine in the eye. “Unless you have decided you no longer want your job?”

Katherine staggered back and sat on the bed her mouth sagging open.

“But you cannot be serious about that?”

“Of course I am Katherine.” Celine stated in her coldest tone of voice. “This is what will happen from now on, I will tell you what to wear, when to wear it and for how long you will wear it, you will work when and where I tell you to for as long as I tell you too. You will make formal requests for time off to see family and friends.” Celine paced backwards and forward in front of Katherine as she continued, “Any time off may be granted with certain conditions applying to how you spend that time. You will of course only ever refer to me as Miss Celine; whether we are in public or private. Failure to do so will result in punishment. Punishments will be carried out when and where I deem fit. “

Katherine was silent through out Celine’s instruction and watched meekly as Celine continued to pace.

“Furthermore, I have emailed you a list of general chores for you to do on a daily basis, regardless of where you are or who you are with.” Celine stopped pacing and returned to the wardrobe, she picked out a thin black rubber catsuit and threw it at Katherine.

“Wear that to bed tonight, I have your door key and will be back in the morning. If you are not wearing that when I arrive you’ll be punished. Clear?”

“Yes Miss Celine,” Katherines head sagged as she held the catsuit close to her.

Celine walked towards the bedroom door and stopped briefly. She looked down at Katherine.

“Oh, I advise you to read your emails before you retire tonight, I’ve detailed all your duties and what I expect from you, In addition there is a new contract for you to sign.”

With that Celine left, leaving Katherine alone in a quiet house.

Slowly Katherine dressed, pulling the tight black catsuit up her legs, pushing her hands down into the attached gloves and puling the attached hood up over her head. Slowly she teased the rear zipper up her back until it finally reached the top of her head.

She walked over to her pc and sat down to review her emails. She logged in and her instant messenger sprang into life.

Her eyes widen as she saw Suzie nickname highlighted as available to chat. She quickly opened up a chat window and sent her a message:

"Hi Hun, I need to talk to you urgently can you come round?"

A few moments ticked past before a reply came back

"Why Hun, What’s the matter? Got yourself locked up tight again and need me to come free you?"

"In a round about way!" Replied Katherine.

"No problem, give me 20 minutes and I’ll be round with the keys."

Almost exactly 20 minutes later Suzie let herself in and went straight up to Katherine’s bedroom, but rather than the immobile heavily rubbered form she was accustomed to finding, she was greeted by the sight of her simply sitting in a catsuit reading an email.

“Ok” She said as she walked over to Katherin,e “Not what I was expecting.”

Katherine looked up at her and leaped into her arms sobbing heavily.

“What ever has come over you hun?”

Katherine proceeded to relate the day’s events; Suzie just nodded and listened intently.

Finally Katherine finished and looked to her friend. Suzie looked thoughtfully for a moment then went to the pc and read through the email instructions that were still open on the screen.

“Looks to me,” she said finally, “As if you’re getting what you’ve always wanted. We’ve talked about scenarios like this many times.”

“I know,” said Katherine quietly, “but this so real, before it was just fantasy and role-play and I knew I could end it at any stage, but this is so permanent, I can’t see a way out of it.”

“Well, I say we confront this Celine woman tomorrow; the two of us together,” began Suzie, “and we set things straight.”

Suzie stood and took off her trench coat and revealed that she was wearing a bright red catsuit with matching corset and thigh high boots. Two pumps dangled between her legs indicating that she was well plugged.

“Oh no I’m sorry Suzie,” said Katherine as she saw Suzie’s outfit, “I didn’t mean to spoil your evening.”

“Well,” smiled Suzie, “ I had planned on a couple more layers of rubber this evening, but your well being is more important than my pleasure tonight. Look its nearly midnight, lets go to bed and be up nice and early to confront that bitch.”

With that they lay down next to each other, Suzie protectively hugging Katherine. Slowly they drifted off to sleep in each other arms and almost subconsciously Katherines hand found Suzie’s pumps and playfully squeezed them, inflating the plugs buried deep inside her friend.

Suzie moaned softly as the plugs grew.

Then finally they fell asleep.

Kat’s Mistake part 3.

The door slam woke Suzie with a jolt. Her eyes snapped open as she heard the first foot step on the hardwood flooring in the hallway. Slow measured strides approached the foot of the stairs.

She rolled over as quietly as she could and slowly lay on the floor. She was immediately regretting wearing the double inflatable dildo panties. Her own pumping combined with Katherine subconsciously pumping them while they slept during the night had inflated them to their maximum size and were driving her crazy. If she moved to deflate them the sound of the air hissing from the plugs would surely alert whoever was on the stairs to her presence. Suzie pulled herself slowly into the cavity under the bed, drawing her legs under just as someone entered the bedroom.

From her vantage point under the bed, Suzie watched a pair of black boots with wickedly slim stiletto heels walk from the doorway over the bed. The boots turned to face the door and the bed creaked softly as some one sat on the edge.

Celine sat next to Katherines sleeping form and slowly traced the line of her body through the black rubber catsuit.

Katherine smiled in her sleep and moaned.

“Mmmmmm” Katherine murmured, “Morning Suzie, I love it when you do that!

Celine slapped Katherine hard across the cheek. The force of the blow brought Katherine to full consciousness. Tears welled in Katherines eyes as the stinging sensation in her cheek increased and shared stared up at Celine.

“Suzie?” Celine said coldly, “Have you been dreaming about your rubber slut of a friend?”

“Celine I...”

Another slap to her cheek silenced Katherine.

“How many times do I have to say it? You call me Miss Celine!” Celine slowly parted her glossy PVC trench coat revealing a pair of shiny black PVC thigh boots. She crossed her legs and slowly pulled a riding crop from a holster that ran the length of her right boot from knee to thigh. She thoughtfully tapped her hand with the crop. Sighing, she stood up and slapped the crop against her boot.

“Get up!” she commanded, “Get undressed, get cleaned up and be downstairs in your living room completely naked in 10 minutes.”

Celine walked out the room and Katherine listened as she heard the footsteps retreat downstairs.

“Suzie?” Katherine whispered to the seemingly empty room, in answer she heard two soft hisses of air escaping and a quiet sigh of relief escape from under the bed.

Suzie poked her head out from under the bed.

“So that’s Celine,” She said quietly, “seems like a bitch to me.”

Katherine laughed, “What do we do?”

“Well first thing you better do as she says for now in case she comes looking for you!”

Ten minutes later Katherine walked into her living room. Celine sat on the soft leather sofa, legs crossed and impatiently tapping the crop against her boot. She had discarded her coat revealing the loose fitting blue catsuit and the tight black corset that she wore.

“Kneel and kiss my boots Slut!” she barked the order and Katherine instinctively dropped to her knee’s and crawled over to kiss Celine’s boots.

As she planted the first kiss Celine brought the crop down hard on Katherine’s naked backside.

“Always call me Miss Celine!” She brought the crop down again with each word. Pink welts rose up on Katherines back side where ever the crop landed, tears openly rolled down her cheeks but still she planted kiss after kiss on Celine’s boots.

Finally Celine pushed Katherine away and stood up, she walked slowly over to a blanket on the floor and lifted it displaying the array of steel poles, padlocks and a set of leather cuffs and a stiff leather collar.

Celine lifted the collar and approached Katherine, silently placing it around her neck and buckling it tightly around her throat forcing her head upwards. Celine pulled out a length of leather cord and gathered Katherine’s hair and tied it into a tight pony tale.

“Lie down on your stomach!” She ordered softly.

Katherine obeyed immediately, the cool touch of the wood flooring sending a shiver through her.

Celine walked back to the blanket and returned with the leather cuffs and swiftly buckled them into place at Katherine’s ankles and thighs. Next she picked up steel pole, about 12 inches long and spread Katherine’s legs and locked the bar in place to the thigh cuffs. She walked back to the blanket and returned with another bar, this one about 24 inches long and padlocked them to Katherine’s ankle cuffs.

Once satisfied with her work, Celine absent mindedly caressed Katherine’s thighs.

“Kneel!” She breathed seductively

Struggling, Katherine managed to raise herself up and slowly managed to sit with her legs folded and spread painfully wide by the bars underneath her. She watched Celine walk over to where she had casually thrown her coat over the edge of the sofa. Celine moved the coat and turned to face Katherine, she held a long leather single arm glove in her hands, and she approached Katherine and smiled as Katherine placed her hands behind her back with being ordered to.

Katherine moaned as the leather was eased over her arms and zipped up, confining her arms in the tight kid leather. Celine carefully cinched four straps over the zip increasing the constriction on Katherine’s arms. Walking in front of Katherine, Celine went back to the blanket and retrieved the last two items; a long 36 inch steel bar and a small length of chain no more than 8 inches long.

Celine crouched down in front of Katherine and silently padlocked one edge of the chain to a D ring at the front of the collar; she applied pressure, slowly pulling the chain down towards the bar at Katherine’s thighs, forcing her to bend until her head was nearly touching the floor. Another padlock secured the other end of the chain to the bar.

Celine picked up the remaining bar and walked behind Katherine’s increasing immobile form. She quickly screwed the end of the pole into a small hole in the middle of the ankle bar. When she was satisfied it was secure she pushed it slightly forward and reach over to grab hold of the d ring in the end of the single arm glove which locked with the last padlock. Katherine moaned as she slowly adapted to her position.

Celine knelt down next to Katherine again and whispered into her ear.

“The pole I’ve just locked into place has a bit of a spring to it, if you feel your arms tensing flex them a little and it should relieve any tension. This pose will teach you to listen, Now I’ll have to nip out for a few hours to get some bits and pieces, you will remain in this pose until I return and just to make sure you don’t start screaming for help and ruin my plans for you, I’m going to blindfold and gag you.”

Celine stood and put her coat back on; she pulled out the large ball gag and the leather blindfold from her pocket and fitted them to Katherine’s quietly whimpering form before strolling casually out the front door and down the road.

Suzie watched Celine leave from the bedroom window and when she was satisfied Celine was not returning any time soon, she raced down stairs to find Katherine’s tightly bound form on the living room floor.

She sat down in front of Katherine and removed the gag and blindfold.

“Hun are you ok?”

Katherine moved slightly, her arms pulled away from her back and there were two clicks from the pole, as she lowered her arms again another click sounded.

“What was that?” she asked, Suzie looked at the pole and gasped.

“Try not to move too much, it looks like the pole will increase in size if you try to raise your arms but not fully retract when you lower them”

“What do you mean?” Katherine asked nervously.

“Well, the bar increases by two clicks when you raise your arms but only retracts by one when you lower them, the more you struggle the longer the bar gets.”

“Well get me out of this stuff! Please Suzie before she comes back!”

“I can’t hun,” explained Suzie, “Your padlocked in, I can’t get you out without the keys. We’ll have to wait for Celine to come back.”

“But how are we going to get the keys?”

“Well,” Began Suzie, “I have an idea but it is risky, I’ll have to gag and blindfold you again and nip home to get a few bits.”

“Please what ever you do hurry!” Cried Katherine as she began to sob.

Suzie stroke her hair reassuringly before placing the blindfold back over Katherine’s eyes and pushing the gag back between her teeth.

Suzie retrieved her coat and ran home leaving Katherine in a dark and silent world, pierced only by the soft clicks from the pole as she tried to relieve the strain in her arms.

Time passed in a whirl of slowly increasing pain for Katherine, every muscle in her body slowly started to burn with the strain of maintaining the position Celine had put her in.

Her heart skipped as she heard the front door slam and heard a pair of heels softly click into the living room. They stopped directly in front of her. The blindfold was removed and Katherine was confronted with the view of a pair of black shiny PVC boots.

Her heart sagged and she would have screamed in despair if she wasn’t gagged.

The PVC creaked as the figure bent down in front of her. Katherine looked up as much as she could, but instead of seeing the blue rubber catsuit she expected she saw jeans and a light blue sweater, slowly Suzie came into view, she grinned cheekily.

“Sorry hun, I saw Celine wearing PVC boots and couldn’t resist wearing them after I got changed to see your reaction.” Suzie kissed her on the forehead, “look I don’t know how much time we have so I’ll explain this quickly, I’ve brought some sleeping pills, I’ll place them in the kettle and in any fruit juice or wine you have, when Celine comes back and releases you act submissive, offer to make her a drink, then after a glass of wine or a cup of tea the pills will kick in and we’ll be able to secure her for questioning.” Katherine nodded in agreement. “Only thing is I’ll have to replace the blind fold and do this quickly in case she comes back.” Katherine mumbled something, Suzie smiled and slipped the blindfold back into place and went to drug every possible drink she could find. Finally satisfied she had covered every possibility she retreat back upstairs to wait.

Fours later Suzie saw Celine walking towards the house; she was still wrapped in the same PVC coat she had worn earlier. Suzie quickly hid under the bed and waited.

Celine let herself in and went to see how her captive was. She was pleased the pole had increased by another 3 inches due to Katherine’s struggles.

She released the blindfold and gag. “Do not say anything and remain as you are!” She ordered coldly.

Celine slowly walked around Katherine unlocking the padlocks and freeing Katherine. Finally the last of the bondage fell to the floor. Celine helped her stand and sit on the leather sofa.

Katherine composed herself and thought about Suzie’s plan. She slowly slid of the sofa to kneel in front of Celine, she lowered her eyes and kissed each boot and then spoke.

“Miss Celine, I am sorry for disrespecting you and wish to make amends for my behaviour, may I start by getting you a drink?”

Celine smiled, “Of course, I’ll have a nice cup of tea, milk no sugar.”

“Yes Miss Celine,” Katherine slowly crawled into the kitchen and prepared the tea.

She returned several minutes later with a cup and saucer and handed it to Celine.

Celine drank the tea slowly; watching Katherine standing, naked and silent.

Slowly, so slowly even she didn’t realise, Celine’s eyes began to droop and close.

Finally the empty tea cup slipped from her hands. Katherine prodded Celine, nothing happened, Celine was breathing deeply, completely asleep.

Katherine raced upstairs to find Suzie. be continued.


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