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Kate's Going to Sea 2: Still Afloat

by Druid5

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story continued from part one

Part 2: Still Afloat

Kate had been at sea now for a week. She was riding the wave of excitement and intrigue. Four times now she had been part of the club's shows, three times it had been in the vac cube, immobilised and unable to see or hear, her body had been overloaded with feelings, such power it had on her, no way to move, to escape the prying hands. She had braved torments of ice and being touched and slapped all over as a latex shell held her in a contorted position. Then each night she'd been lifted away by Simon and his group of men and left to float with her performance partner Becky in a relaxation pool.

On her first day off she had slept all day, part in the pool and then in bed, Simon had left her to recover, he knew what that kind of night took out of you. He had seen so many women simply collapse and need one or two days to even walk or talk properly after. And yet she had done two nights in a row. Her next few days she had spent wandering the deck with her boyfriend Simon just enjoying the personal time with him. Despite her evening performances they still enjoyed intimate times of their own, but these were different, they were personal, a proper session with her love. She could experience it with all her senses not just some removed feelings. They had never been so close.

Her last performance had been different, Becky had done the same one the night before, this time it was Kate's first night alone of the pair. She had been fitted into a harness, a series of leather straps held onto her, straps went through her legs and held a chastity device in place, more straps went round her back fastened to a collar. Her breasts were for the first time exposed, the tight latex bra left backstage. Instead leather circles wrapped the base of each breast gripping it tightly and turning them slightly purple. As he helped her into it Simon couldn't help but give each one a flick round the nipples, the cold making them stand out.

The harness had several places for attachments, what for she would find out on the stage. She was walked out between the men onto the stage, her hips swaying in a way her studio tutor Carla would have been unable to criticise, but then Simon had ways of rewarding her training that Carla couldn't. At the front of the platform she made of few poses showing off her toned body, after a week at sea she was also losing some of her old paleness. Another advantage of the type of ship was she could sunbathe privately to ensure no tan lines would form. Though the ship's lookout had been warned for being distracted at times.

Alone without Becky, Kate felt exposed, alongside the knowledge that this time she would not be protected by a layer of latex, that and no blindfold meant she would see and hear everything that the crowd did around her. Her nervousness was making her shake and Simon tried to speed up their prep. Her legs were strapped to a spreader bar that stopped her closing her legs, next two ropes were brought from the ceiling to attach to her harness via a plastic frame, the frame would remain upright with several attachments to the ropes, but her own body could be swung round at any angle to the ground. The spreader bar formed the frames base and her hands were spread out above her head before being strapped down.

A lot of the crowd were watching now as many of the other dancers were coming out to head to their own platforms most to begin their pole dancing routines. Simon produced a gag next, it was an inflatable penis gag. She looked at him at tried to ask for something else but he took the opportunity to push it into her mouth, all she could do now was to get it comfy and wait for it to expand. Simon took his time with that, loving the looks he was getting from Kate. He stood back taking away the inflation tube leaving just a small part protruding from her lips. He let the crowd look over his girl, her supple legs tall and strong, her stomach well toned and supporting a pair of average size breasts. He couldn't hide his fully hard member that poked his latex shorts, he had a perfect job.

Simon took a small box from a team member with several controls on it, first he began to take the slack up on the ropes, Kate could feel her weight becoming less and less until she could only just keep her toes touching the floor. Her body bouncing up and down a little as she realised the ropes were elasticated. Simon then turned a dial and she felt her crotch come alive, this time Simon had pushed a full dido vibrator into her pussy before placing the clit vibrator and chastity belt on, the pair were now a double act, one vibrating deep inside, the other massaging her clit. Simon knew the right settings and with his nipple caressing she climaxed for the first time that night. The crowd loved it cheering up at her.

Simon's next button released the locks preventing her spinning and straight away Kate fell forwards, unable to move her hands to protect her face she screamed into the gag before the rope also swung with her raising her up as she spun almost completely round, she was left dangling her body tipping forward and back as well as the ropes above letting the frame spin round. Simon hurried to steady her by gripping her waist. He rotated her frame to look her in the eyes, a small amount of fear replaced by the adrenaline rush. He smiled and then pushed her away over the heads of the crowd. The ropes top was on runners so the force took the whole thing over to the center of the room, there she was left to spin, flip and dangle based on the jerked of her hips as the vibrations were turned up. Kate's head was spinning, she was hovering her feet when they pointed down just above everyone's heads. After a while the crowd bunched round the other performers round the room while others danced away under Kate’s spamming body. Her frame was dotted with mirror pieces and she was acting like a mirror ball for those below.

During the evening Kate was able to watch some of the patrons that were dancing away. Most were single out to have a good time, or to leave as a couple. Some were there as couples enjoying the freedom such a place offered. And among them all Kate was horrified to see her old work colleague Mark. He had been attracted to her in the office they use to share with a team of twenty, but she hadn't really returned the feelings. Over time she may have let things develop but Simon had come into her life and any notions of Mark were quickly forgotten. She remembered his sad looks during her farewell do, all she had told them was she was going to join a cruise liner crew. Now she was suspended above him unable to hide away. She could have cried, she would never be able to go back to her flat if her friends and neighbours found out what she was now doing, the shame would be unbearable.

All she could hope for was that he hadn't recognised her from the stage and that he wouldn't look up. She formed the thought as her toys kicked in again and had her grunting and spamming again. Between swings she saw his head turn upwards and she deflated inside when his eyes opened wide in shock. She closed her eyes and rode out the wave of her climax, her pants dripping her juices down onto the crowd. Her frame was just starting to balance out again when she felt her foot being tickled, she opened her eyes to look down at Mark reaching up, his face was lit up and he was enjoying the moment. He could see the panic on her face. Over on the wall a large digital readout showed it was on the hour, she had been warned by Becky but was unable to stop the next part of her torment.

The controls were on timed now and because she was out of reach Simon and his group didn't need to watch over her. As the clock hit the hour the frame locked up and began to turn Kate over on to her front. Once horizontal she was locked in place. But this was a touchable experience for patrons so her frame was lowered until her body was brushing most people's heads. The frame shook as the hair tickled Kate around her chastity belt, around her the dancers drew into to the newest play game. They took turns to feel her breasts or slap them around, the motion swinging her frame, meanwhile others tickled her stomach or massaged her belt. But each time the ropes position swung her back towards Mark.

He was in his element, the girl who never looked twice at him now so vulnerable in his reach, it had been her leaving that caused him to book this trip anyway. He reached up and held her waist and used his tongue to lick over her nipples, he then kept sending her over the crowd by slapping her crotch hard, Kate wasn't just gasping in her gag because of the slap but because it kept pushing on the dido embedded in her crotch, the tip was pushing deeper into her, not the most comfortable situation. She felt more and more trapped and exposed, she wished she was at least masked to hide her face, but now everyone at home would know. Mark was never good at secrets. Especially those to his advantage.

Time dragged for Kate, gone was the thrill and enjoyment left only with pain and humiliation. The minutes dragged on the big wall display until finally the hour was up. Mark was coming in for another play with her nipples when the pulleys began to pull her up and away from the crowd. Mark watched her blowing a kiss as she rose high above them, the cradle unlocked and once more she was spinning freely while being dragged back to the waiting arms of Simon.

He knew something was wrong the moment he saw her face, her makeup was run but her face was crying even now the performance was over, so different from her usual glee and regret for it ending. The group lowered her down and Simon held her face to hide it from the audience while she was extracted from her restraints. He couldn't get a word out of her and had to prompt her to join them to bow at the end. She practically ran the moment they got out of view of the stage. Simon was patient and sat with her as she wept, eventually she came to and told him all about Mark's presence and how she couldn't face her friends again if it came out.  Kate cried herself to sleep in his arms.

* * *

The next day was a day off for the whole team, the ship was docked to resupply and to exchange passengers. Simon had good news and he took Kate to a high vantage point, there with binoculars they watched people leaving the ship, many had new toys, new memories or even new partners heading away to return to their own steady world, one Kate was having mixed feelings about leaving. She cheered up somewhat as the pair watched Mark being directed off the ship, he was shouting something at the crewman and looked highly angry. That night he had taken a pretty red head back to his room, this morning he had found his phone had had all its photos and videos of the trip erased. He had no way to prove he had even been on the ship, back at the office they would claim his sighting of Kate in her exposed position was a delusion, a fantasy born of too many Internet stories.

Becky came up behind the pair of watchers and grinned at Kate, from her bikini top she pulled out a small size sim card and gave it to Kate. She flung her arms round her friend. She couldn't believe Becky would have slept with Mark just to save her from humiliation, but as Becky revealed, a lot of alcohol and a drop of sedative and he dropped off before anything could happen. Mark would have to wait a little longer for the rest of his surprises, each of the bottles he had bought had now been laced with a sedative laxative mix, he'd be falling asleep and losing all bowel control, apt for someone like him.

The trio headed back down to the cabins talking and laughing about Mark's predicament, they grabbed some wine and toasted their first full week as a group on board. The two girls decided to go mad, they had little to do the next morning and the bottles were draining quickly. Simon was just sipping slowly and was forming ideas in his head. Caught in the momentum, both girls were enthusiastic about being bound up, soon they were covered by rope body tortoise shells giving Simon plenty of handles to manipulate them, great and convenient when your models are drunk and unable to hold themselves up. Soon they were on the bed, Kate on her back looking up into Becky’s crotch, her neck roped to Becky’s thighs that were spread either side, her hands were tied together behind Becky’s back just as Becky’s were tied behind hers, between Kate’s thighs was Becky’s head every time she got a fit of giggles her nose rubbed up the now exposed pussy of Kate turning her on.

Simon came into view and carefully untied Becky’s pants and slid them away revealing her tight hole for Kate to appreciate, she could feel Becky’s head close to her clit and her instincts told her to lick the nodule in front of her. She could feel the trembles through Becky’s legs, almost straight away she felt her own clit being licked and nibbled, it was exhilarating and new. Both girls began to thrust their tongues along their counterparts lips, Simon was stroking his member watching the tight mass of writhing flesh, he jerked off before throwing a sheet over the pair, he fell asleep to the rhythmic groaning of the girls who continued to help each other reach climax before licking at each others juices.

* * *

Kate woke up the next morning stiff and aching all over, through the alcohol haze she had the feeling she had been fucked all night by one of her new friends, she knew Becky was always horny but Kate had never dreamed she would be just as bad. As the memories flooded in she tried to get back into the real world, she would have to find Becky and apologise, although first she had to get her arms moving, they were currently in the stages of pins and needles as they were folded behind her back. She tried to pull them from underneath her but this proved impossible, her wrists were bound together. She looked round, she was still in the cabin she and Simon shared, but she was on the bed now not the floor.

Her hands were not the only binding, her cramped body wasn't reliving her position from the night before, it had been twisted and tied, her knees were pressing on her breasts while two large straps held them there, one that went under her arms, the other round her thighs to her lower back, the latter being the one her hands were bound to, her ball tie wasn't fully completed though, her legs knee down were free to move up and down though her ankle bindings prevented any split. She waggled her legs up and down trying to get loose, all she achieved was to lose balance and roll onto her side. Laying there she finally noticed Becky’s red hair sticking out from next to the bed, she could just make out her toes and realised that she too was ball tied with legs free. She tried to call out but a silicone ball filled her mouth. All she could do was a quiet moan. From below a similar moan told her Becky was gagged as well. Simon was quite an early riser and must have found the pair asleep in their binds and decided on another adventure.

The girls could only moan in sympathy to each other while they waited for Simon to return. He made sure he took a long enough time that his captives would be awake on his return. Sure enough both girls had pleading looks when he walked in, looks that turned to confusion at the sight of the coat trolley he brought in with him. It was a fancy metal trolley with a base for cases. Both girls were starting to worry what was going to come next. Simon closed the door and headed over to his and Kate’s toy drawer, Kate knew there was trouble in that drawer. Sure enough Simon began to bring out more rope. He sauntered over to Becky and turned her back onto her back, with a little effort he managed to lift her up onto the trolley base. Holding her ankles he passed the new rope through her bindings and tied off, next he did the same to the top rail of the trolley. After a few more knots he began to pull down and Becky rose up, lifted by her ankles her body was horizontal with her legs like a periscope. She swung loosely and giggled.

Next it was Kate’s turn. Simon reached over her to grip the top of her breasts just poking above her knees, he gave them a pinch and began to use it as a lever to pull her upright. Once on her back she felt him push one hand under her rear and one under her shoulders, Kate was slim and she was soon floating towards the trolley. Simon repeated his knots and soon she joined Becky swinging on the trolley. Simon then returned to the toy box to pull-out an unopened package. They had never opened it but if he knew what it contained it must have been Simon who bought it.

Inside was a floppy silicone dildo, but not a normal one, this was three times the length and double ended. Unless Simon had planned for them to double up in anal there was no use for it without Becky, so he must have decided this was the only use it could get. Simon pulled a few other items and put them next to the trolley. He lubed up both ends of the dildo and leaned up. He placed a hand on Kate’s crotch to hold her steady before pushing one end into her vulnerable arsehole, it slipped in after a little resistance and Simon pushed it in deep, then taking Becky’s rope and pulling he drew her arse in too, again he pushed against her anus until it allowed the other end to disappear into her channel.

He pushed the bodies in so both were touching cheeks, the dildo deep inside both. Finally he tied ropes from both pairs of ankle binds to prevent the girls swinging away from each other and holding in the long shared toy. The girls swung happily from the bar, moaning as the dildo shifted a little with any motion their bodies could make. Looking around Simon grabbed the pairs discarded uniform and placed it onto the trolley before heading into the corridor. Had it been full of guests he would have given the girls some modesty by covering their crotch with a cloth, but they didn't arrive for hours yet. It was just crew, and they were used to the boat's unique views.

Simon began a long tour of the ship, everywhere he could without getting in the way of preparations for the next wave of patrons. Ramps were his favourite as the slope caused the girls position to move and put pressure on the dildo of whoever was at the front each time. As he walked the girls swung away, their bare arses were regularly slapped and tickled by passing crew, the girls groaning into their gags. Even the captain had a good grope when he saw the trolley, using one of each girl's breasts as handles to swing them side to side and back to front, he walked away nursing a very stiff member. For Kate and Becky they were forced to see everything upside down, their heads leaning back, it was an interesting view being at crotch height, the girl at the front could see all that was coming while whichever one was at the back was staring right into Simon’s tight shorts, and for much of that it had one very solid focal point.

Eventually they reached one of the lifts to head down to their prep rooms, the door closed behind as Simon spun the trolley round, he could not take it any longer and quickly pulled his member out of his pants and advanced on Kate, he slid the gag out of her mouth and tipped her head back to the perfect height. Kate was glad to be out of the gag but hadn't seen the large cock that was following, she had closed her eyes as one of the dildos ridges was rubbing inside her, at first the touch on her lips felt like another gag being placed, but he pushed his member straight down her throat. She felt her gag reflex trying to kick in while he rocked in and out of her mouth, she started massaging the solid flesh with her tongue as it pounded her throat. He had been teased by the view for so long it was only moments before a hot splash of cum coated her throat sliding down, Simon held himself in her mouth forcing her to swallow the salty mess.

When the doors to the lift opened he had retreated back into his shorts and Kate was gagged again, still tasting the cum that refused to go down due to her position. The girls were delivered to their relaxation room and finally they were freed from their binds. The soaking pool felt so good after such a long night tied in various positions, as they floated around the girls giggled and recalled what had happened that night. Becky wasn't fussed about who or what it was she was sleeping with while for Kate it was a new experience, she had never even kissed another girl, let alone made out with one. She felt so alive with herself, there was no guilt about betraying Simon, he was half to blame anyway.

* * *

As the group began to prep for the evening and the other teams came in and out, the next group of guests were arriving. Among them were a large number of stag and hen parties, it would be a wonder how many would have shameful tales to tell their partners to be. Tonight Kate and Becky were going to be out together in the club, they were going to be installed as a static display like many of the teams so that they could be checked out by the new guests who could pick what shows they wanted to see by what they liked the look of. Down the middle of the club floor were three rows of vac beds, all held vertically. Some of them were already filled, the outer rows were all single sized to show off the many dancers that did walk arounds, only the ones who would be walking that night were missing. Each of the latex prisons was transparent and held its suction without constant suction, a box on the side of each held various implements and bottles for patrons to buff and polish the latex. Making it shine and the person to writhe with the touch.

As they passed the girls already sealed up they were all held in the same pose, their feet spread wide and hands on hips, their lips curled round the opening for breathing. Buried in with them a single cord ran up from the bottom into a magic wand buried their crotch, sealed in with them and not moving anywhere. At the moment they were all off, the switches pointing out for an interactive experience. Down the middle of the aisle were several larger vac beds for the performers who tended to pair up, only one was full at the moment, Lauren and Sarah had been on the ship for 3 months and were an open couple now. They were both stood facing each other, their hands cupping the others breasts, their bodies were bent with their rears stuck out, they had locked their mouths together in a deep kiss but from either side of the mouth a small tube led out for air, the effect was quite alluring.

And again in both girls crotch a magic wand sat dormant, Becky gave the sealed girls a push, unlike those who were flat in line with the latex, this pair had forced the latex to stretch already and there was little give. The girls inside were going for an intimate feel, Kate knew that swaying around with hands pressing on your body was Becky’s favourite part of a vac bed, Becky had had one at home while she was with her last girlfriend, she was full of advice on how to stand and get the most movement while still remaining so sealed in. It couldn't have been a coincidence that a week after breaking up and losing all the best toys in the split, Becky had ended up joining a ship like this.

Simon was busy lowering the end bed down for the pair, as he had his back to them Kate bounced up and gave him a slap on the rear making him drop what he was doing. She got quite a tickle punishment for that one. While the boys set up the pipes and pulleys for the bed, the girls took it in turns to braid each others hair, they both made two ponytails to run down their ears and sit over their nipples, they then began to slide their latex bras and thongs off, this time they had a plan to be without but still keep a little modesty below. After final checks it was time for the pair to get in.

Kate was first, she knelt down and began to wriggle into the opening. Once partly in she flipped around and began to slide her rear up the latex until she reached the tube being offered to her mouth. Once the bed was under vacuum the tube could be removed leaving just a hole over the lips, for now it was safer to keep the tube so the hole couldn't move. Kate settled into a comfy position face up. By her feet she could feel Becky beginning to wriggle her way up next to her, her hands using Kate’s body to pull her along, though she spent a little longer in places than Kate was expecting, a round cold object pressed itself into her crotch sending shivers up her spine. She realised she'd forgotten to take the wand vibrator in with her, the cold was her resulting reward.

Becky continued to wriggle her way in but rather than turning round she stayed facing down, outside one of the boys lifted up the latex to make sure she found the breathing tube. Once her mouth was in place they could start to seal up the bottom of the bed. Inside Becky was getting comfortable, she maneuvered her own wand pressing into her crotch, a small nodule hovering on her clit. She then placed her hand onto Kate’s crotch pressing down on the wand tip. Kate could feel her touch and pushed her own hand under Becky’s hip to replicate the gesture. All around the pair the air began to evacuate, the bed emptying a lot faster than the cubes. It was just moments before both girls were compressed and encased. Kate tried to clench her free hand but the sheet had found its way between her fingers locking it in place.

Outside a pair of winches began to whir, Kate could feel the latex flexing as the poles began to move upwards, as the material tightened she could feel herself being lifted within the bed. Simon made sure the team were ready in case the cords failed, mainly an excuse to hold onto the girls inside, Becky’s breasts and Kate’s cheeks were prime places to hold, from the reactions of the girls the team really should have warmed their hands first. When the winch reached the top the poles were perfectly upright, but the latex just flexed in all directions, it's size giving the pair a greater amount of sway though the latex still held them immobilised, instead their whole bodies were forced to bend and sway with the cover. The floor brackets were fitted and the winch released for the next bed. Having gone so far up in the latex bag both girls feet were now inches in the air giving both a feeling of a strange sort of flying. The last step was to remove the breathing tubes leaving them reliant on the holes.

Each girl was now held legs apart with a wand vibrator stuck to their crotch, the others hand sealed on top, each one facing the opposite way to the other. Simon gave a small push on the latex in the middle resting in both girls bodies flexing with his lightest touch, he pushed a little harder before pulling his hand back quickly, the girls sprang back with the latex bouncing around. Simon smiled and walked off to ready the others. Over the next hour the girls hung gently swaying as they both experimented with the range of motion they could achieve, alongside the twitching fingers on each others cunt. Around them the other beds were filled with women in all manner of positions, the male performers down the other end. Above each display a plaque with the names of the performers to match the programme.

Inside her shared prison Kate could begin to hear the first of the rowdy crowds entering the room, in her stomach that feeling of anxiety and the desire to run and cover up mixing with the thrill, the secret desire she now craved of knowing that a group of strangers were watching and touching her all over, that only a thin sheet of latex protected her from any number of drunk and horny men and women, in previous shows there had been those who took things too far, one man had to be escorted away to calm down after pulling out his penis in the crowd and trying to push it into one of the performers at the poles. She considered herself to be lucky in her safe haven, at least safe from being penetrated without her permission.

Once a large enough crowd had gathered the music was lowered, Kate could hear distorted voices as announcers welcomed people and began to list off some of the main attractions, each time a group was announced the lights would shine on them. Even with her eyes closed Kate could tell when the lights were shone on her and Becky, especially as their vibrators were turned on at the same time, both girls bucked around as the strong powerful waves throbbed against their clit, it only lasted a few moments but Kate could tell Becky was as turned on by how her fingers were trying to clench up in Kate’s crotch. The light passed on and the pair were left waiting for the talk to end.

When it did the music returned and so did the vibrations, someone had tied every vibrator into the speaker system, the wands all pulsed with the music's baseline. The effect had both girls moist in a few heartbeats. Kate could feel Becky beginning to rock her hips with the pulses trying to push herself into the wand, every time she moved Kate was rocked as well. Kate's own movements were beginning to join in, her body going through the motions without her even thinking about it. She could feel the waves of pleasure rising, her pulse now racing, every muscle began to clench as she climaxed, spilling her juices into Becky’s hand. It wasn't long before her own hand was being soaked by her friend.

Together they swung in bliss, the orgasms still building up again, then hands began to touch and probe the bed. Kate's nipples with her hair running next to them were prodded and squeezed, she tried to pull away but Becky was pushing the other way, they ended up pushed angling towards the middle of the bed before the hands let them swing back. The crowd loved the effect, they pushed the bed with their hands watching the girls bodies contorted in all manner of directions before the latex forced them back to vertical, some of the touches turned into rubbing motions as people began to find the latex shiner and pads. The number of pads criss crossing her body grew, she could feel them buffing along her cheeks behind, when she tried to push her hips forward it gave her crotch an inflated look and it became a target, she was left to rock away with Becky doing the same.

Their climaxes became more violent and they were getting tired, but they couldn't escape the intimate touches or the constant pulsing below. Kate lost track of conscious thought and just drifted held in her prison. At some point the pressure of the orgasms got beyond her limit and she passed out. Even unconscious her body was kept under constant attention, it still jerked from some of the touches but mainly it hung limp. Becky was hanging on as best she could, she knew Kate had passed her limit and her own body was beginning to shut down everything but her orgasms, she had only have been this high before once and she couldn't dream of a better feeling, she used all her remaining control to buck around feeling the freedom and constriction of her prison before she climaxed one last time then she too passed out.

Simon came to check up on the pair, he felt their chest and they were still breathing. It wasn't unusual for people to reach their bodies limits here, encased with nowhere to run all you could do was ride it out. He gave Kate a nice rub in her crotch around Becky’s hand, in her short time here Kate was already adapting, it wouldn't be long before both girls simply left their modesty on the deck entirely.

Kate woke up and could feel her body all limp, she felt like she was floating, indeed when she looked round she was backstage in the floatation pool, her neck float keeping her head still and above the water. She floated and recalled the feeling of true bliss she had felt last night. By her side Becky floated still far away. All around her more girls were floating around, some awake, some still sleeping. But all had that same happy smirk, they knew they would feel it again soon, but until then, they may as well make the most of the vivid feeling while it was still fresh. Kate lent back and let her mind drift away, it was a new week, new guests, and tomorrow best of all new toys.

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