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June's Experiment

by virtualstories

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Storycodes: F/m; latex; cons; X

This is my first story. I hope you like it. If you want me to write a continuation please reply to me or this thread. For adults only. May only be reproduced in complete form.

June's Experiment
by virtualstories

Well, this is college, and you know how that goes. You perpetually don't have any money. Any money I would get would go to buy a CD or something stupid. But my boyfriend’s birthday is in a month, and I don't want to buy anything cheap. We have been going out for a year and he has spent so much money on me, I really want to get him something nice. What is a girl to do?

Well, I asked my friends what I could do to get money in short notice. From that question I found out that all my friends are stupid easy sluts. Denise said I should go to the local strip club to make some quick cash. I am not saying that that wouldn't be bad, I mean I do have a body that would work for that. I can go hardly a day where I don't hear catcalls after I come out of my physics class. But I don't want to strip, that seems so dirty. Then, the true slut, Kim, jokingly told me I should offer sex for money. Now that is something I would have never done. That is just SO wrong. But, when you get excited about money, something that seems sooo wrong can be SOOO fun.

In college they always need people for research experiments. Most of these pay, and some pay very well. I was in the psychology department and saw a flyer for a women's only experiment. That was good for me, because college had been the most trying time of my year long relationship with Mark, he's 3 states away, and we only see each other maybe once a month now in that we are in school. If there weren't any guys in this experiment, that would be great, no temptation. I wrote down the phone number and called it from my dorm room. When I called it there was just a recording of an email address. I thought that was kind of weird, but I sent an email to the address with my name and phone number and got a call back in what I thought was about 2 minutes.

There was this girl on the other end that seemed like she was real anxious about something. All she would tell me is that I would need to be available this weekend for the entire weekend, and upon successful completion I would be paid $600. For that I really didn't care what I had to do. I could spend about $300 on Mark and still have $300 to buy some new clothes. She gave me an address to show up at 8am Saturday and hung up. I thought it was weird that she didn't ask me any questions. But... whatever, $600 is $600. I packed some clothes and waited for Saturday morning.

The address she gave me was somewhere on campus I had never been. It was this brownstone building with blinds closed in every window. There was this weird gargoyle thing on the roof, with two letters below it. I lost my contacts and didn’t wear my glasses so I couldn’t tell what it was. I went up the stairs and rang the doorbell. This girl came to the door wearing only a latex bikini. When I saw that I wanted to turn right around and leave. But I thought to myself, I'll just hear them out, find out what they want me to do, and if I don't want to do it,  i'll leave.

The girl, who identified herself to me as April gave me a form to fill out. I sat down on what looked like waiting room chairs and filled out the form. The questions seemed of a medical nature. First was, age, sex, etc... normal stuff. Then there was shoe size, bra size, dress sizeā€¦ that was odd and then some weird questions came up, like sexual preference, have you ever had anal sex, have you ever had sex while under the influence of mind controlling drugs... weird shit. I had pretty much only fooled around with Mark, and only got as far as giving him a blow job, so my answer for all those questions was no. April came back and sat down next to me, took my form and looked it over. She said "yeah, you should do, you can be our control for the experiments, you seem like you've never had any fun." Right after that I asked her exactly what the hell this all was about. She said, well, the psychology department wants to test women’s reactions to new and unfamiliar activities, and that that was all she could tell me until I signed a nondisclosure agreement and agreed to stay the weekend in exchange for $600. Somewhere I read on some paperwork that I may not be able to leave of my own accord... That struck me as odd. But what the hell, I wanted that money.

Right after I signed the paper another girl wearing the same latex bikini came in and handed me an exact copy of what they both were wearing, the girl who was called "October" took my bag of packed clothes and told me I wouldn't be needing them. They pointed me to a small room and told me to change.

At this point I think I was thinking to myself, damnit!! I have gotten in way too deep!! I changed into the latex bikini and looked at myself in a mirror on the wall, the shiny material looked like it was custom molded to my body. I must say... I looked pretty damn good.

I walked out of the room and November came and took me to a room with 10 new girls I haven’t seen before, all wearing the latex bikini. Somebody whispered to someone else "That must be June..." And I guess I was June. There were 12 girls, one for every month. We were standing there in a perfect circle in a circular room that only had a light in the center, there were things to the sides, but I couldn't make them out.

Suddenly then an extremely seductive feminine voice came from nowhere.

"Welcome girls... This is going to be a valuable experience for the university's psychology department and hopefully yourselves. First we are going to start with some simple activities, mostly just housekeeping things. Now, any of you who have any hair below the neck raise your right hand."

Well, I have never shaved down between my legs cause I was afraid I would cut something down there, plus I didn’t want to look like an 11 year old girl. I raised my hand, and so did 5 other girls.

"Alright, you 6 will proceed to shave each other over to your right"

Just as that was said a light went on over there and 3 gynecological beds could be seen. Next to them were hospital trays with shaving foam and razors.

I went with the other five and paired up with this redhead who was called January.

"This is my second time here, I love doing these experiments" said January. Great I thought, I can ask her what this is all about.

"Um... what are we doing here" I asked.

"Well, I am going to shave your crotch and you are going to shave mine" She said.

"No, I meant what are we doing this weekend here" I asked.

"I can't tell you that, it was in the agreement you signed, you can’t speak of what we do here to anyone who hasn't already been through it, or you don’t get the money and you can’t come back, how bout you go first here." She said.

Fucking great I thought as I hopped up on the table and put my feet in the stirrups. I have this random girl who is going to shave my pussy and I don't know what the hell will be next.

As she was shaving me some of the foam went inside of me, and I swear to god there was a finger or two that didn't accidentally touch me... the hair on the back of my neck stood up, but it also sent a tingle of pleasure through my body, after all I hadn't seen mark for about five weeks now. After she was done I ran my hand down between my legs, it was so smooth, so sensual. Mark would love this I thought to myself. It reminded me of the first time I touched myself when I was 13 years old in the shower, it felt so naughty, but so good at the same time.

I got off the table, pulled that little rubber bottom back on and then January got on the table. I slid her bikini bottom off and saw a tattoo of a Phoenix under her pubes.

“What is that tattoo?” I asked.

She thought for a while and then said “Oh just something I got when I was drunk once.”

Okay, whatever, I thought. Then I started with putting some foam in my hand and rubbing it on her mound. I couldn’t help but get excited as I smeared it all around. I carefully shaved all the little hairs off and we rejoined the group.

After that little exercise we were back in the circle. The voice said:

"Now that all the housekeeping is taken care of we can get to the experiments. Are any of you girls virgins? If you are raise your hand"

Shit!!! I am, but should I tell them, this is getting out of hand, I don't want to be here, wearing this rubber swimsuit... but I felt my hand going up. FUCK!!!

"Ah, I see our only virgin is April. This should be a treat for the rest of you girls then. The first experiment will test body convulsions as a vibrator is used to bring April to orgasm. Can I get a volunteer to perform the experiment?"

January raised her hand, that fucking bitch!!

"Thank you January, take June over to the x table and start"

What the hell is an x table? I thought to myself. A black metallic x lit up across the room. Two of the girls grabbed my arms and walked me over to it. They tugged at my bikini bottom and took it down my legs. Both my arms and ankles were strapped to this big metal X. Then it was rotated on a hinge in the center so that I was lying on my back. I felt so helpless lying there mostly naked when a girl is going to use a vibrator on me when I haven’t ever had sex. There was all this fear, but then again, I almost was looking forward to it. January put a few drops of lubricant on the large flesh colored latex tool, but to be honest, she probably didn't need to do that. As she slowly slid it into me, my body exploded. Mark had never done this to me. This felt fucking awesome!! She slowly slid it in and out of me. In about 2 minutes my entire body was quivering like a tuning fork. That was the first and one of the best orgasms I have ever had.

After that January came up and kissed me on the lips, normally I would have turned away, but since this already was a fucked up experience, I kissed her back. Long and passionately, just like I would have kissed Mark. Then the voice came on:

"Alright you two, that’s enough of that, there will be more time for that later. Right now I need all of you to go over to the mats on the floor to your right. Six of you lay down and six of you kneel at the feet of the other six."

January and I walked over together and she whispered something to me:

"That had to have been your first time coming to orgasm."

I nodded.

"I think you need another first, you lay down"

I laid down on the mat and the voice came back on:

"Alright girls, those of you on the mats are going to be put through a cardiovascular test, the latex tops you are wearing have sensors in them. The other six are going to bring you to orgasm orally"

Just as the voice stopped January already was licking my inner thigh. I didn't bother putting my bikini bottom back on after the x so she went straight for the gold. She started by licking and kissing around the folds of skin. Then she would softly hold the outer lips between her lips. Only after the outside was carefully attended to would she go to the inside. I could feel her tongue in me, going up and down. She was so rhythmic and I was so into it that I almost let out a little yelp when she slowly put her index finger in me. Out of the six it took me the longest to get to orgasm out of the six, but I think that is because she kept teasing me.

After I came again I was just laying there on this blue mat on the floor. This experience isn’t as bad as I thought it would have been. These girls I was with were definitely attractive, but I wasn’t attracted to them. I am most definitely heterosexual. I love being with Mark, I love touching and caressing his chest. I am attracted to him. These girls are just participants in some wacko university experiment probably run by some horny old psychologist. I am not a lesbian, if that is what you are thinking.

Well the voice came back on:

“June is the winner of that test, her heart rate soared to 190 beats a minute. We have a lot more experiments to conduct, but all of you have done so well that you deserve a break. Go through the door opposite of the one you came into, there is a hot tub and a table full of refreshments. You have one hour before you have to be back.”

A light came on and the door opened by itself. We grouped together and went into the room, which was tiled from floor to ceiling with purple little tiles. After all that excitement I was really thirsty. I went over to a punch bowl on the table and poured myself some. Hmm... tastes like Hawaiian Punch with rum in it. It was really good, and I drank the entire glass down right there. As I was pouring another 3 girls came up to me and introduced themselves as March, May, and September.

“You did real well back there, you should be proud, you took the longest to cum back on the mats.” Said March.

“I remember my first time here, they put me on the X and I was so scared, I was so nervous that my rubber bikini bottom slid right off as I was walking because I sweating so much.” Said May.

“Are you a lesbian?” Asked September.

“Definitely not, I have a boyfriend.” I said.

“You know, that’s what I would have said three months ago, before I started coming to these experiments. My boyfriend was a real nice guy, but he gave the worst head ever. After I have had a girl go down on me, I never went back to guys. They just don’t know what they are doing; girls do it so much better. We’re so much cuter then them too.” September said.

“I can see where you’re coming from, Mark is my first boyfriend and I am his first girlfriend. He tried going down once on me in his car, but it didn’t work very well, all he did was lick me, it didn’t do much for me. But when January went down on me it was so much better.” I said.

“Just don’t go putting a rainbow sticker on your car just yet.” Said March.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well, my boyfriend is so much better than being with a girl. As nice as we are, we are missing something... A dick. He gives just as good of head as and of the girls here and then he can do more after that. I would never consider going lesbian, lets just say I am bicurious.” March came back with.

“March is right, guys just have that nice tool between their legs, and it’s so nice to suck on. Girls are too mushy over things, guys just seem to always keep their emotions in control.” Said May.

“You know what, I don’t think we have to convince June to go gay or stay straight right now, why don’t we join the other girls in that hot tub over there, and I’ll tell you what, I don’t need this stupid rubber thing on right now.” Said September.

September took her top and bottom off and got into the hot tub, the rest of us followed, but I left my rubber swimsuit on. She had the same tattoo right on her mound that January had... I started to wonder about that. Everyone was joking and laughing in the hot tub. From somewhere a case of beers appeared and beer was being passed around the tub. I took one and started to take a swig as April started to say something about me.

April (somewhat giggly) to February: “You see June over there, I was up in the psychology office last week and saw her come in looking for a paying experiment, just as she came in I put up our “women’s only experiment sign” don’t you think that she is a fine recruit?

“What... this isn’t a psychology test? I yelled inquisitively (and somewhat slurred) at April. Everyone in the hot tub went silent.

“(still laughing) Well, I suppose you can hear it now instead of tomorrow, your right, this isn’t anything about psychology. Most of us belong to the Alpha Zeta sorority, and those who don’t are pledges. Almost every large school has a chapter, and there are only 12 women in each chapter. Our previous June graduated early and we needed to fill her spot. Our sorority is dedicated to fun and pleasure. We do these little experiments whenever we have a new recruit. So far you are doing well.”

I felt so violated. They lied to me. I just wanted to leave right then. I almost trusted them.

“If you want, you can leave right now, we’ll find someone more willing, but you won’t get your $600. If you stay until tomorrow night and then decide you don’t want to join our sorority as a pledge, you can leave with your $600. It’s up to you.” April said.

There it is again. The money thing. $600 was really tempting. And so far I haven’t had a bad time. It might not be so bad to stay until tomorrow.

“I’ll stay.” I told April.

“Great, now we can continue the tests. Later we will tell more about the sorority. But for now the fun will continue.”

The voice came back on:

“Five minutes left.”

I got out of the hot tub and poured myself another glass of punch. This is going to be interesting I thought to myself.

We all went back to the large circular room, which now had all the lights turned on. There was all kinds of stuff in there, I had no idea what any of it was for. There was a whole rack of chains and shackles. More of those x tables. Tons of stuff. In the center there were 12 chairs and what looked like wet suits draped out on them, each had a month written down the leg. There were also containers of something white under the chairs. Then the voice:

“Girls, you will all put on the latex fun suits, take off your bikinis. Await further instructions.”

I’ve been scuba diving before and putting on a wet suit isn’t an easy task, but I started right away, mine was purple and then there was a strip running down from the shoulder to my left ankle that was metallic silver. On my leg there were large letters running down the strip that said June. On each shoulder there was that same design that was tattooed on all of their pussies.

This was no wet suit. There were high heels built into the bottom of the legs. There were some kind of rubber fittings where my pussy and asshole were. The sides were open, the bra part of it had the nipples open, then there was a metal collar that went around my neck. On both of the sleeves and the legs there were rubber donuts that I had no idea were used for, I would find out soon enough though.

I tried putting it on, but it kept getting stuck when I put my legs in it, I was still wet from the hot tub. I was so busy thinking about how to put it on, I didn’t notice that everyone else was using those white containers. Inside of them was this flowery smelling powder. It was like a dry lubricant. I used some of that and the suit went right on. It really fit like a second skin. That must be why they asked all my sizes. Then April went over to a far table and brought back a box of something that made metal clanking noises. She came over to me and put the box down on the chair I was standing next to. She told me to turn around. She opened the box and took something out. I couldn’t see what she was doing. She grabbed my metal collar and snapped something on it, it was a padlock.

“There, that should keep you secure.” She said.

She went around to everyone and locked them up too. Then when she locked December, she handed a lock to her and December locked her too. December tripped in her heels and knocked the box off of the chair, it felt to the ground and made no metal sound. There were no keys in it. Where were the keys? The voice again:

“Thank you April for securing all of you girls, those suits have a tendency to come off in heavy play, those locks will keep you nice and tight for the duration of their use, for those of you who have already been here you know how they work, but for you June. That suit has steel fibers woven into it, the collar is the locking mechanism, After it is padlocked if you didn’t have the key it could only be taken off with a cutting torch, and we wouldn’t want to have to do that, now would we? If you decide to leave now, your specific and only key will be destroyed. No locksmith could unlock that lock, it would have to be cut off, and to do that would burn you badly. So I don’t recommend you leave until we unlock you.”

Shit, this is getting rough now. Before it was just oral sex, now they seem to be some kind of bondage freaks. What is the worst they could do to me? I don’t think they would hurt me. I am in now for the duration. At least I’ll get my $600 now though.

“Girls, each of you will go over to the 12 x tables. Place your rubber grommets on your wrists and ankles into the auto lockdown mechanisms. You will be tested for endurance.”

This was an entirely different x table. It had all kinds of mechanics on it. I stood back to it and watched the other girls. They put their wrist loops on the upper x supports and the machine just grabbed their arms. Then they put their ankle loops on the lower x pieces and it grabbed their legs. I did the same. After it grabbed me I couldn’t do anything. I was helpless.

The machine rotated by itself so I was lying on my back. Something came up between my legs. A large plug was pushed into my asshole. It really hurt, but felt very sexual at the same time. Then a rounded metal cone pushed itself into my pussy. I felt it come alive. It was vibrating inside of me. Being pushed in and out. Then the butt plug started to vibrate. I could hardly contain myself. It felt like my body was full of electricity. It was really weird, but it felt really good. I could hear the other girls screaming in pleasure, but it was all very muted, I was swimming in my own pleasure. I had an orgasm, not as good as the ones before, but still very good. After that it seemed to know I had one, and it started going faster. The next orgasm was better. Now two arms came up around my sides and put cold metal pads on my exposed nipples. It sent shivers through my body. The pads then heated up and started vibrating. I was writhing in pleasure. Every part of my body was on fire. I had a violent orgasm. The machine retaliated by turning again, but backwards, I was on the x doing a handstand. All the blood rushed to my head and all I could hear was my heart pumping. It seemed like I was on that x for hours. Then all of a sudden I was rotated again, so I was hanging facing the floor. There was a pad that wasn’t there before. The machine stopped, withdrew its probes and dropped me on the mat. I was exhausted and fell almost instantly asleep.


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