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Julie and Thomas's Weekend Experience

by Neo

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Part One

Thomas stopped his car in front of the building door. He tapped  Julie's number on his car phone keyboard.

“Julie speaking.”

“Hi, it's Thomas, I'm just in front of your door. I’m in the grey car.”

“You're on time, mister. I'm ready. I'll be right out.”

Within three minutes, Thomas saw a pretty brunette exiting the building and searching for a car. She spotted Thomas's grey Cayman and recognizing him she smiled to him. They had only met once, in a bar. It was first real-life contact after few exchanges on internet. They were both looking for same thing and internet was a good means to find it. They both were pleased after this interview and prolonged it with a dinner in a nice restaurant she knew. But nothing happened this evening. They decided to continue their project and agreed on practical details via the internet.

Thomas exited from his car, took Julie's sport bag and put it in the front trunk as Julie stepped in the car. Their destination was around 100 km away, it was mid-afternoon, the sun was shining so Thomas decided to avoid the motorway and took the secondary roads, for his own fun, but also to please his passenger with some nice countryside views. He didn't drive like crazy, his car was pretty fast and well balanced, but he knew it and has no need to demonstrate it.

“Well, I'm pretty excited you know”, started to say Julie.

“I bet you are. I'm excited too but relaxed as well as I do it with you. I won't be alone”, replied Thomas.

“Yes, I think that it was a good idea to join you. Even if we discussed with Chloe what we expect, it still is a big jump for me. I have an overall picture of our week-end but I wonder how it will be for real.”

“Well, let's see.”

The discussion jumped to other trivial subjects, their respective works. Thomas was working in finance, Julie was more on marketing side. Holidays. Etc... After an hour the GPS was indicating that they weren't that far away. He turned right to take a smaller road, the landscape was great with big pines on both sides of the road. He checked his notes.

“We're not far now.”

Julie was really getting excited. She felt wetness between her legs. Until now the project wasn't real. Just a fantasy. Now that we was less than one kilometer from her goal, it was getting fucking real! The car decreased in speed with a characteristic noise as Thomas was shifting two gears down, and turned right leaving the road for a small track.

“We should be there. At least I hope so.”

The track continued in the wood, but soon it was getting clearer, and finally they saw a big house, with an alley passing along the frontside. Next to the house was a smaller building, where there used to be horses but now only held mechanical horses. They stopped in front of the door and stepped out of the car. A woman opened the front door of the house. She was dressed in strict dark grey tailored suit. She welcomed them with a nice smile.

“You must be Julie and Thomas, I'm Mistress Chloe. Please come in.”

They took their respective bags from the car and followed Mistress Chloe inside across the spacious hall, with marble in the floor. They reached a big living-room furnished with style. Mistress Chloe sat behind a table and offered her guests to use two armchairs in front of her.

“Well, we talked much before your arrival. I had an briefing with my staff regarding your wishes and limits. We wrote a nice program for your week-end. I have two other guests at the moment, two women who arrived yesterday. You may meet them during your stay, but you will not have any direct interaction with them. Hope it is fine for you?”

“It's fine for me”, Thomas said.

“Not a problem for me either”, Julie added.

“Fine. Well, if you don't have anything else to add, we shall start right now.”

Julie looked at Thomas, he saw in her eyes that she was understanding this was the point of no-return. She was quite excited, as Thomas was in fact.

“OK, let's start”, Mistress Chloe said pushing a button on the table.

A door opened with a rubber clad woman. Her body was covered with a shiny black catsuit from head to toe. She had her ankles stuck with two cuffs, more old-fashioned irons, linked with a small chain that allowed her to walk without too much problem. Her head was encased in a rubber hood, part of her catsuit, but she had eyes, nose and mouth left free. She also wore a neck collar, made of steel with "A" marked on it.

“I present you one of my two assistants. As you presume her name is “A”. Logic been what it is, the second assistant that will care of you is “B”. Since you both are novices, I won't spend much time with you, but I'll supervise them. I have full trust in their capabilities. They know what has been assigned to them and will seriously comply to it, and nothing but it.  You can leave now otherwise you follow “A” and we will see again tomorrow.”
“Please follow me as Mistress Chloe requested. We have to prepare you both.”

Julie and Thomas followed her across few corridors. In front of a door was standing another woman in same condition, she was "B".

“Thomas, please enter in the room where "B" stands. You will take a shower and put on your first rubber. You will find a bottle of lubricant to help you in this task. It will also shine your rubber prison. After this preparation "B" will take care of you. Julie, you'll follow me in the other room.”

Thomas entered in the room, which was basically a bathroom with a table in the center. On the table he saw same old-fashioned irons "A" and "B" wore but this was a combination of wrist, ankle and collar, linking all three in the center with a vertical chain. Nearby was a rubber catsuit with hood attached. He took it in his hands. He was still new to latex and this feeling still had this part of surprise. Then he noticed a sort of gag with straps and a small bottle. He knew why these irons were on the table and started to have an erection.  He quickly undressed and packed his stuff in the bag standing on the table. Then he went under the shower, this warm feeling added to his erection and he started to masturbate. So aroused by the situation, it took little time to come. He ended the shower, dried his body and hair and went back to the table.

Near the bottle was also a condom he didn't noticed before. He put it on his cock and then started to lube his body up to his neck. He was happy to have come in the shower because now he was calmer. Thomas took the catsuit and put one foot in it. The second followed and thanks to the previous lubing he quickly pulled the catsuit up to his neck. He then put the hood on. It wasn't easy to line the appropriate holes but he managed to zip the hood.  It was similar to those of "A" and "B". He felt a thick pressure all around his face, exaggerating the confinement sentiment. Then he realized that he was unable to close the zip in his back. At this very moment "B" entered in the room.

“Now I'll finish your preparation. Please stand still and do not make any opposition. It would have future implications.”

He nodded and "B" came behind him to close the back zip. She did it in a very efficient way, fully sealing him in the thick catsuit. It felt really like a second skin, thanks to made-to-measure fitting. Then she asked him to open his mouth and produced a "boxer"-like gag that fitted his teeth. It was quite effective and more comfortable that common gags he was saw cruising in the web. Straps were attached to this gag encircling his nose, joining on the forehead. Two other straps attached on right and left of the gag. "B" first secured these last two behind his head and then joined them with the last third. He tried to push out the gag but it was no use.

“Don't even think about it. It's locked now. And for a while.”

She also produced a tiny lock, joining his hood zip and back zip of his catsuit.

‘Here I am now. Gagged and wearing a skin-tight latex catsuit. And more to follow...’ he thought.

He was right. "B" took the irons and started to open all five cuffs with a screw shaped key. She kneeled and placed the two larger cuffs around his ankles. Despite the rubber covering his body, he felt the coldness across the catsuit. What a sensation...

"B" closed the cuffs and removed the screw, she then took the collar and proceed all the same around his neck. Few seconds later his wrists were also secured with appropriate irons. They were heavier than modern cuffs but easier to wear since surface was larger.

“And now ‘la touche finale’”, she added, obviously quite happy with result of her work.

She took a chain and locked it to the front ring of the collar.

“Now, follow me, you will start workshop number one with your friend.”

She took the chain and he followed her, holding the central chain of his cuffs to avoid the ankle chain dragging on the floor. They crossed a corridor and entered in a small chamber without windows, with rubber on the floor. Someone was sitting against one mirrored wall, fully covered with a shiny black latex catsuit. ‘Julie’ he thought. He was amazed how sexy she looked in this situation. She was also encased with the same iron combination. Her neck chain was attached to a ring in the wall.

“Yes, it's your friend Julie. She followed exactly the same preparation as you. Now I'll lock you to the opposite wall. As you can imagine you will not be able to have contact. Nevertheless you'll both play a game. As you can note, except your gag, your lower orifice is free. Workshop two involves some anal training for both Julie and you. Last to cum here will win and take the lead for workshop two.”

"B" guided me to the opposite wall, a grey concrete wall and locked the chain to a ring. Then she exited and closed the door. A camera was standing in one corner. He was sure they were monitoring. Thomas sat on the floor, in front of Julie. He noticed that when he entered she had her hands between her legs. Not hard to guess that she was masturbating. After workshop one challenge was explained, she understood that it wasn't the most effective strategy.

After their first evening, Julie and Thomas defined what they were wanting from this experiment, they started to set the limits of what they agreed to endure. In fact they both had in mind the same idea : it was no question of being a slave, to serve a Mistress. It was far more selfish. Their own pleasure was in the center, not the dominant pleasure. Mistress was here as a consultant hired to give entertainment. For this reason they were ready to pay an additional fee. Mistress Chloe knew that a demand was strong for this type of games, and she accepted this limited role, because from this demand she was able to highly select the submissives she liked.

During this preparation period, they set up the limits of the game, which were quite simple : no strong pain, no hardcore, no direct interaction with anybody except both of them (they weren't dating but they thought that it would add something). Regarding type of penetration, Thomas quickly understood that Julie had no real experience with anal sex, but was curious. Just as he was.

Thomas stared at her. She was gorgeous. She looked quite horny based on her eyes and breath. It excited him. They were both chained, clad in latex, and for the full week-end, and most of all they liked it! As he was thinking about it, he became really aroused and semi-consciously his hands started to massage his cock. But he was quickly stopped by his wrist cuffs. They only allowed him to reach half of his hard cock. Then he tried to relax. But it was not evident. His latex-clad body was too nervous and sensitive. When he looked at Julie, she had her hands between her closed legs again. She was so aroused that she couldn't stand from caressing her clit! It turned him on violently and he tried to caress his cock head. He felt the pleasure each time come closer, shared between envy to lead workshop two, to lead it even if he wasn't sure what it meant, and some submissive thought that after all would be ok if Julie was leader.

Now he was on the edge, assuming his defeat, when suddenly he saw Julie's body spasming and heard a loud "Mmmmmmmmphhhh...". He had won ! This idea made him coming in the instant, filling the condom tank. He felt ashamed on how little control he had. Julie looked in same state. Her eyes were telling him "Ok... I lost but please but kind with me next stage..."

After few minutes that lasted like hours, a latex covered woman entered. When she turned in front of him, he saw she was "A".

"Number 3, please stand". He stood up.

“Congratulations Number 3, you won”, she said, “but it's not thanks your discipline as we monitored. Number 4 is a really latex slut. It's good for her, because you'll wear latex all week-end long... But you don't know what you won, do you ?”

Reply was hard to elaborate, so he decided to nod.

“Well, it's not much. You both will be plugged in your ass. As far as we understood you have little experience with it. What you won, Number 3, is that you'll control both penetrations. So one thing you must know is: be calm, prepare the intrusion with all lube you need, keep slow, and everything will be fine. Anal sex can give strong pleasure, but must always be done with much care. Do you understand?”

He nodded again.

“Cool. Then workshop two is quite simple: you both will have to handle a small butt plug. Number 3, you'll first work on you, and in the mean time we will prepare Number 4 for her training. Here are all you need.”

She kneeled and placed a small tray at her feet, with a latex medical glove, two small butt plugs and one bottle of lube. Both plugs had condoms on it.
“You can notice condoms on the plugs. Don't worry, as stipulated in your contracts, all toys are brand new, as is your catsuit. All toys are included in the package, as you know. But for easier cleaning we prefer to use condoms above them, should we use them again during our sessions. Well I guess you imagine how to proceed. Should you hesitate, keep this in mind: if you are not ready when Number 4 is, I'll personally take care of you. The result will be same. Now turn against the wall.”

Thomas turned and quickly she opened a small rear zip on his crotch allowing access to his ass.

“When you're plugged, close it back”, "A" added, “I'll now free your hands.”

She took a key-screw and unlocked his wrist cuffs.  He sat down and put the latex glove on his right hand. He took one plug and with the gloved hand started to lube the plug. He wasn't so sure how long they would have to endure this plug so even if the condom was already lubed he decided to put a large amount on it, as “A” stated. Then with his over-gloved hand, he put some lube around his asshole. It was a strange sensation. He decided to test one finger in, to lube it before using the plug. Even if some girlfriends liked to finger him during sex, he wasn't a pure fan of it. He was more dominant during casual sex. Thus his experience was limited and this lubing work was quite new.

In the meantime, "A" unlocked Julie's collar chain from the wall and placed Julie on all fours, head looking the wall. She was in disbelief with the image the wall returned to her. A shiny black body encased in chains. She only recognized her green eyes, to confirm that it was real. He had not much time. He took the plug, it wasn't that large, 2cm wide and 8cm long he'd say.

"Well, no more options", he thought. He laid on his back and started to introduce it. The lube was excellent and it started to slowly enter in his ass. He kept pushing it slowly, and centimeter by centimeter. After few seconds, the plug base reached his ring. Without more thought, he quickly took the rear crotch zip and fastened it. "A" came to him and locked again his wrist cuffs. He was now unable to open the crotch zips.

He saw Julie on all fours, and between her legs he saw that the tiny chain of her wrist cuffs was locked to a ring on the floor. From this position she wasn't able to release much her wrists and by the occasion, her head as well. Worst, she couldn’t change her position neither. Her ass was clearly exposed, but still had a .35mm rubber protection.

"Now that you're an expert on fingering sphincters, work !" said "A".

She unlocked his collar chain from the wall. Then "A" opened both Julie's  crotch zips and he understood why Julie had lost Workshop 1. A vibrating dildo was expelled from her soaking pussy, wet from her juices. He heard Julie quietly moaning during the process and as a reaction, his sphincter contracted around his butt plug, reminding him his current position.

"She's all yours, Number 3, please proceed." He took some lube on his right hand and applied it near her delicate ass hole. It contracted in reaction. Then he slowly pushed one finger through her ring. She was so contracted that he had to remove it to add some lube. The second try was easier since she understood she had to relax. He pushed his finger deeper and then slowly removed it. Now he repeated the plug lubing, applying a generous amount on it. When ready he positioned the plug next to her ring hole, and slowly began to insert it. She was contracted again but quickly relaxed and allowed her ass to accept the intruder. Few seconds after she was plugged and crotch zips closed again.

“Good, Number 3. You've done a good job and I'm sure Number 4 appreciate your care”, "A" said, “now remove the additional glove and go back to your wall.”

He tried to sit but it wasn't as comfortable as before due to his plug. He decided to lie on my back. Then "A" locked his collar chain again and raising his head he saw Julie in same position as he was.

“Now this game is different. Coming is the goal because you won't have access to Workshop 3 otherwise. This third training will be the last for this evening so the sooner you'll reach it, the sooner you'll sleep.”

As before he had no access to his genitals, the maximum the irons allowed him to touch was his cock, and not totally. Each movement of his legs reminded him that his ass was penetrated by a plug. Lube was efficient but due to his tight catsuit, it would keep its place for a while. He heard noise made by Julie's chains. She too was discovering this sensation of being ass plugged. He thought she wondered how she took this crazy decision to come here! After few minutes, he felt excitement rising in his body. He wasn't able to really caress his cock so he grabbed the central chain and pulling it he applied pressure to his cock. In same time, he wasn't able to expand his legs but he quickly noticed that this position increased presence sentiment of the plug, which wasn't that bad.

He continued this amazing masturbation and was about to reach orgasm but exhausted he had to give up and release the chain. During 10 minutes he was relaxing from this trust. Then he heard Julie's "Mmmmmm..." and look at the ceiling. She was in same position he was few moment ago, with the central chain pressing against her crotch. Unable to reach her clit, she used the chain as an instrument. She was joining her legs and relaxing more and more quickly.

"... she's leading the competition it seems." he thought, quite pleased that she was getting so aroused by the situation. It excited him and he pulled again the central chain in same way she was doing. He realized how his current situation was unreal: sealed in a tight latex catsuit, chained and plugged, trusting in his chains to come. His sphincter was holding the plug more tightly, he realized that he liked this sensation, a mix of shame and lust crossed his mind. He felt very depraved but it was good from time to time!

Then a sudden orgasm shook his body, he "Mmmmmph" loudly as Julie heard. This was a trigger in her mind and it gave her also a very brief but violent orgasm. They were there, both breathing heavily post-orgasm. He suddenly wanted to remove his plug, to stop all this, but he knew that he wasn't able to do so. It was the second cum in his condom and he was glad to have it otherwise it would have been quite messy in his catsuit.
"A" entered in the room.

“Well you both are qualified for today's final stage, congratulations!” she said before adding, “Seems that you like anal sex. It's good news for the remaining sessions. Stay on your back we'll take care of you for Workshop 3”.

"B" joined in the room holding a box. "A" took a small lock and said, “As we saw, you naturally understood in which position you'll spend the night.”
She pulled the central chain joining his ankle and wrist chains to the collar until his legs were touching his butt. Then she locked one part of this chain to a ring in the middle of his wrist chain. Due to this, he felt again chain pressure against his cock. She then opened his crotch zips and slowly removed his butt plug without difficulty. She cleaned the extra lube around his hole and then removed his condom around his cock. She cleaned it with a tissue and put on another condom.

He could see on the ceiling "B" had prepared Julie same way and was now lubing a dildo. She inserted in it Julie's shaved pussy and he heard the now familiar "Mmmmmphhh" across her gag. Then "A" lubed his ass ring again and slowly inserted one finger. After workshop 2, it was an easy penetration even if the plug hadn't been much wider than a finger. After lubing and massaging this part, she thought he was relaxed enough to continue. She removed her finger and gently pressed the plug against his well lubricated orifice. Slowly he felt it penetrating his ass and as its wider part passed his ring, his sphincter quickly contracted against its narrow base. It was just slightly wider and longer but its shape, with a narrow base, didn't allow his body to expel it. He was plugged again. At this time he heard another "Mmmph" from Julie confirming that her slippery asshole had been penetrated as well.

She was obviously experiencing same fate. Although, this plug was bigger than previous  one but not too big either. He felt no pain, just a strong presence. "A" closed his crotch zips and he saw that a small wire was exiting from between the zips. She connected his wire and Julie's in a laptop in middle of the room.

“This system is quite advanced as you'll notice. You both are ass-plugged with a vibrating item. Vibrations are triggered by captors around its base. Each time you contract, it vibrates. Julie, of course, your pussy dildo and clit stimulator work also in same time. Try.”

He started to slowly contract his sphincter and the plug started to vibrate. He quickly relaxed to stop. Then curious but this stimulation he never tried, he contracted again, the vibration restarted. He continued and understood that more he contracted, the stronger were vibrations.

“Ok, now relax both of you”, ordered "A", “OK. Fine. As you agree, it wouldn't be fair to let you control vibrations. So this more tricky. When you contract, you'll activate yours friend's plug, not yours. It will add some interaction! You'll both have to reach a target before the vibrations stops totally. Julie you'll have to cum 10 times. This goal should be reachable since you are also filled with a strong vibrating dildo in your pussy and around your clit. Thomas is only a man, with physiological limitations, so he'll only have to cum only 3 times. Then vibrations will stop for the night, but we won't release you until the morning.”

"A" and "B" then exited the cell and closed the door. He heard Julie Mmmmphing in protest but they both now that it was useless. They've paid for being under control, and it was not going to change.

He felt the plug starting to vibrate. He moaned in protest, ‘This slut is not able to control herself’, he thought, ‘The next hour will be challenging.’
Indeed due the vibrating intruder, he couldn't prevent his ring to contract around the plug. In response, vibrations increased to a new level, by waves, each time stronger, and due to Julie's incredible moaning he understood that she was building a monstrous orgasm. When it broke, the vibrations came to full potential and he wasn't able to control himself. He jerked in his chains, nearly breathless for few seconds. This wave of pleasure was so intense that he felt really exhausted after.

The vibrations had stopped. They were both regaining their mind, breathing heavily thru their hoods. He was still recovering when he felt again vibrations in his body. ‘Oh no... she's ready getting hooked into this...’ he thought. The vibrations again increased by waves as he sensored deeply, seeing her fighting against her irons. But it was too soon after his previous orgasm, and even if aroused, his body hadn't recovered yet. After another loud Mmmmmph, the vibrations stopped. In the ceiling mirror, he saw that she was lying there, exhausted, her eyes begging  for release, wondering how she hadn't been trapped in this game with her full consent.

After one hour, she had already cum four times when he tried to move slightly. It wasn't easy, especially with this shorter central chain. These moves reminded him of his situation. He would have to stay for the entire night tightly catsuited, heavily chained and fully plugged. He shivered and another erection was building. As a consequence, Julie's butt plug started to vibrate with direct implication for his working with solidarity. He was on his way for completing two thirds of his task, and when properly done, trivial accounting put Julie’s program half processed.

Relative calm filled their cell again, wouldn't be for chain sounds from time to time. He felt himself so sore that he was semi-conscious when Julie increased her score to 8 without his help. He thought her vibrating device stuck in her pussy had some effect on her libido, notwithstanding with the fact that her clit had lot of attention too. The idea of Julie double-plugged within her latex coccon, and enjoying it with such passion had an erotic effect than soon allowed him to finish the task. In sympathy, she experienced her ninth orgasm in this workshop.

Now he was free from this vibrating hell. He tried to check it by voluntary contracting his ring muscles, and even if it reminded him that by no way it would quit his hole, he had no vibration in response. But he could contemplate that Julie’s plug was still at work. He decided to relax and let Julie have some rest. After what he thought 10 minutes, he heard Julie's breathe getting more regular. He decided it was time to launch his attack. He contracted his muscles and kept it as tight as he could. Julie awoke jerking against her chains and he could imagine how angry she was against him. She started to Mmmmmmmmph in rage, half begging him to stop this outrageous action, but he took too much pleasure to have her in control, that it was no question about releasing her from her torment. She quickly understood his plan and resigned to concentrate on her pleasure building over her body. He heard her breath accelerating, the Mmmmmph to get longer to formulate and gaining in passion, she was on the edge of her tenth orgasm. At this moment he stopped her ass vibrations.

Furious Mmmmmph’s were emitted in sign of protest and frustration, and she fought against her chains in attempt to reach her clit with her fingers. But the irons didn't allow her to complete this B-plan. Her frustration grew, and he decided to be charitable, since they were on the same boat for the whole week-end. She needed some sleep as well after all. The vibrations resumed and in no time she finished Workshop 3. "B" entered in their cell and without a word, released the lock shortening each central chain. They were able to expand their legs along the floor. "B" then exited soon after, after a sadistic "Sweet dreams".

They  were exhausted by all these experiences, their mind were empty and soon they were sleeping on the floor.

To be continued...



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