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Journeys Into Latex

by The Latex Girl

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© Copyright 2013 - The Latex Girl - Used by permission

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The flat was dark. The curtains cut out practically all of the light into Mandy’s flat. Some of the sun’s rays broke through the gaps between the curtains, casting rays onto the interior of the flat. The phone started to ring, after several rings Mandy’s ansafone cut it. The sound of Mandy’s matter of fact message reverberated around the open plan lounge/kitchen diner of the flat, before it was replaced by the shrill whistle that was the tone to speak after.

"Ms. Jones we have your two week resevation starting today, our driver will collect you at 8 am, sharp".

Mandy slept soundly in her bed, the bedroom was as dark as the rest of the house. The curtains let a chink of daylight into the room and it fell across the bed, revealing the sheen of a black rubber sheet. The alarm clock flicked to seven o’clock and started to bleep. Mandy hardly moved. She couldn’t she was strapped to the bed by her wrists and ankles in a spread eagle position on her back.

The alarm clock stopped its pathetic bleeping, it clearly wasn’t going to wake Mandy. It was replaced with a quite whirring noise that seemed to come deep from within the bed, almost from within Mandy. It was Mandy’s alarm vibrator coming to life. Within seconds Mandy was writhing against her bonds as the vibrator started to excite her awake.

Mandy moaned into the ball gag that filled her mouth and snorted through the nose holes in the rubber hood that she was wearing. She couldn’t see, the lack of any eye holes denied her that sensation. All she could do was feel. Feel the vibrator toying with her sex, urging her towards one enormous climax. Feel the rubber that covered her entire form, sliding slightly over her body. And lastly, she could feel the bonds holding down to the bed, unforgiving stopping her from release. Not that that was what she wanted.

All too quickly for Mandy, she climaxed. Biting the ball gag hard and sorting through the nose holes, wave after wave of ecstasy ran through her body. It was a wonderful experience to start the day to, thought Mandy as the orgasm faded through her body. Mandy felt for the catch for her wrist strap, with one deft click her arm was free, in a moment so was her other wrist. Mandy bent forward and removed the now silent vibrator from her. Bending forward further, she removed the ankle straps and slid off the bed.

Mandy stood up, teetering slightly in her heels. She had always thought that wearing high heeled boots to bed was by far the most, well not kinky but decadent thing to do. Mandy started moving towards the ensuite shower room at the other end of her bedroom. She was still blind, she was still wearing the hood. Mandy knew what her room looked like, and had done this most mornings for as long as she could remember.

As she passed her dressing table, Mandy reached down to search for her keys. After a moment of fumbling, she found them and started feeling the keys to see which one would fit the padlock on her ankle boots. This was a task that Mandy was expert at. In no time at all she had the boots removed and was standing in her rubber feet. Next she removed the posture collar around her neck and circled her head a couple of times.

Mandy went though into the shower room, still blind she turned on the shower and got into it. She just stood there letting the water splash against her. After a while, she reached behind her neck and undid the zip of the catsuit and started to remove it. Once it was off she tossed it onto the shower rail to clean later. Mandy was now standing naked in the shower save her rubber hood, and her long rubber gloves. Mandy started to caress her breast and nipple with her rubberised hand, but thought better of it. Within no time, she had removed all of her rubberwear and was standing naked in the shower. She took all of her night wear and started cleaning it, as each item was washed, she put it up to dry until she had a set of drying fetish wear. Mandy then quickly washed herself, and stepped out in a very un-fetish towelling dressing gown.

As she walked by the ansafone in the lounge, she noticed that some one had called. Mandy played the message and looked at the clock almost in disbelief. She only had half an hour to get ready for her holiday. Mandy was now in turmoil, as she rushed back into her bedroom she remembered reading the ad in Practical Fetish magazine and booking for two weeks. She also remembered that that had been some three months ago and she thought that nothing would come of it.

Mandy picked out her favourite items, she had to be quick with only half an hour to spare. A short while later she was dressed and finishing off her hair. Mandy couldn’t believe it, it normally took her so much longer to get ready when she was going out. Mandy Had a good look at herself in the mirror. Black catsuit, recently polished. New patent knee high boots. Rubber waist clincher, not too tight, might have a lot of travelling to do. And of course black shades. They contrasted with Mandy’s deep red hair. She had had her hair ‘done’ a few days ago and Mandy was still unsure about the deep, almost burgundy red that it had been coloured. She was unsure about the perm too, it was a bit wild, but it did suit what she was wearing.

Mandy glanced at the clock, 8 o’clock, just. The intercom buzzed. Mandy picked up, it was the concierge. "Ah Ms. Jones, there’s a man to see you". Mandy told the concierge that she was coming down. This was it no turning back now..

* * *

Mandy could feel her pulse race as she went down the stairs, she could feel her heart almost beating though her chest. She arrived at the foyer of the apartment block, to be met by the strangest sight. In the centre of the foyer was a chauffeur, in what looked like a very dark uniform. It was a rather strange uniform, big boots, with riding britches a very impressive jacket and a peaked cap. Though Mandy very quickly realised that normal material shouldn’t shine like that. "Oh Christ!", thought Mandy, "the chauffeur is in rubber, a rubber chauffeur".

The concierge looked strangely at Mandy. "Er Ms. Jones?", he questioned. Mandy replied, and give the concierge her flat keys. The chauffeur came up to Mandy. "Ah Ms. Jones, I am your driver", as chauffeur finished his statement, he clicked his heels together.

Moments later, Mandy found herself being ushered out of the apartment block and into the back of an old black Mercedes. Its windows were blacked out and its chrome shone dramatically against the blackness of the car. Mandy made herself at home in the back of the car. It didn’t smell like an old car should there was no leathery odour, it smelt of rubber. All of the seats have been recovered in rubber, the carpet was a layer of rubber and the roof was rubber too. Mandy couldn’t believe it. The car sped off though South London, towards the Docklands Airport. The chauffeur spoke, "Ms. Jones, it’s a relatively short journey to the airport, where you will board a charter flight to your destination. Sit back and enjoy yourself".

Mandy looked around the back of the car some more. In addition to the rubber seats, there were some metal fastenings in the back seats. Mandy was intrigued. "Driver, Er what are these for?", Mandy asked slightly hesitantly. "Oh, sometimes our customers have second thoughts about their holiday plans, I can use those to reassure them that they are making the right choice".

"If I had second thoughts, what would you do to me", asked Mandy almost teasing.

"But you haven’t", replied the driver.

"Oh, but I have, stop the car, let me out I don’t want to go", replied Mandy trying to sound concerned, but sounding terribly flirty and provocative.

"Have it your way Madam, I will let you out at this garage, after I’ve washed the car".

Mandy cursed her luck, her holiday was over before it had even started. The car pulled into a garage and slowly moved to the automatic car washer. The driver wound down the window and inserted enough money for the full washing treatment. Mandy just sat in the middle of the back seat, cross legged, looking down at her hands, feeling that she should say something.

The driver pushed a button on the passenger seat and it moved forward, allow the driver to swivel round. Mandy was suddenly interrupted from her thoughts by the presence of the driver on her legs. He was straddling her, and sitting on her hands. Mandy knew she was utterly powerless to resist, the driver was much bigger and stronger than she and to be honest she didn’t care too much what he did.

The driver fumbled around on the rear parcel shelf of the car, pressing a button it opened up a compartment. The compartment was full of chain and heavy looking black rubber.

"So, Madam’s resisting then?", the driver question Mandy, but it was more of a statement than a question. Mandy opened her mouth to say not really, or I do want to go on this holiday. She had hardly said a word when she found a large gag inserted into her mouth, with the driver hurriedly fastening it behind her head. Mandy knew that she probably wasn’t going to be let out in the near future. She moaned with delight through the gag.

The driver was not wasting any time, placed a collar around Mandy’s neck and attached it to the seat back. Quickly he worked his way around Mandy’s body securing her to the car seat. This was not a difficult process as Mandy was keen to be helped further into her deliciously helpless predicament.

The driver finished and looked at his handiwork. Mandy’s wrists were strapped to the ends of the seat stretching her arms slightly. Her elbows were also strapped to the top of the seat, to prevent any movement. Her ankles were strapped to the underside of the back seat and her waist had been strapped down as well. Mandy tried but she knew that should couldn’t move a tall.

The car wash stopped and the driver continued, "Must get Madam to the airport on time". Mandy gave a muffled replied, as they drove through the streets of London she was in ecstasy.

* * *

The car pulled into the Airport’s good’s inward entrance. It drove past the large hangers and warehouses to a small private charter building. The car pulled up to the garage and the driver honked the horn. Almost immediately, a section of the building started to open and the car was driven into it. Once inside, the car stopped and the driver got out, leaving Mandy alone. Mandy had half a thought of what may happen to her next, but she didn’t really care. After no time a tall, the left hand door opened, this was quickly followed by the right hand door. Two blokes peered into the car, looked at each other and then started fumbling with the seat that Mandy was attached to. Mandy was intrigued.

The seat suddenly came away from the car, one bloke pushed, the other pulled, until Mandy and the seat were completely free from the car. The two blokes carried Mandy and the seat off into a smaller room.

Mandy looked around the room, it seemed to be full of air freight boxes. The men put her down and started looking at the boxes with some interest. Mandy looked at the air freight boxes, they seemed quite small, about the size of large trunks. What were they for, suddenly Mandy remember a TV programme where someone had been locked in a trunk, and it was about the same size. Now Mandy knew what the trunks were for. Mandy thought back to the trunk on TV, it had been a magic show, the assistant was bound and forced in to the trunk. At the time it had really turned Mandy on, now she was going to do it for real.

The blokes selected a box and brought it over to where they had left Mandy. One of them removed the gag from Mandy’s mouth.

"Look love, we’re going to put you in the box, it’s part of the holiday experience. If you’ve got a real aversion to small spaces, then you can go standard, but it’s not so much fun", the bloke reasoned with Mandy.

Mandy looked at the box, at the blokes and at herself. She knew what she wanted.

"I want the box", she replied eagerly. "And when you put me in it tie me up, tie me tight. I don’t want to be able to get out without a lot of help. Now replace my gag, please".

"Oh good", replied the lead bloke, "It’s always nice to meet customers with spirit". With that he thrust the gag back into Mandy’s mouth and retightened it.

Mandy was quickly removed from the car seat and made to stand up. The two blokes worked quickly on her, she seemed impatient. They removed the original bindings and replaced them with thicker ankle and wrist cuffs and a bigger posture collar. The lead bloke beckoned Mandy into the box, she almost skipped into it, the catches from the ankle cuffs clanking. Mandy’s ankles were then locked together and she was placed into a kneeling position. Next, her arms were placed behind her back and the cuffs were locked together. Finally the blokes took two chains, one was connected to her ankles and then passed up to a ring on the front of the posture collar and back down to her ankles. This was tightened forcing Mandy into a tighter kneeling position. This chain was then locked in place. The second chain was then made to pass through Mandy’s ankles, her wrist cuffs and her posture collar before being tighten and locked. With all of this in place, the lid of the box was forced down, and snapped shut.

Mandy was in complete darkness, she wondered if she should have spoken with such bravado, the bonds were extremly tight. And with that Mandy found herself moving again.

The box containing Mandy was loaded onto the charter company’s small plane. The plane taxied and waited to take off. Taking off in a box in a plane was a new experience for Mandy, but not a wholly unpleasant one. Mandy was starting to enjoy herself, even though she had demanded to be tied too tight to move, there was some play in the chains. The one over her sex was giving her quite a nice sensation, she wondered why all airlines didn’t operate like this. Suddenly Mandy felt a huge waft of air enter the case, and it suddenly got lighter. Someone had opened the box.

Whoever it was, they managed to manhandle Mandy out of her retreat on to the floor of the cargo hold. Mandy felt rather stupid. She was on her side and was looking at a pair of black stilettos. Mandy followed the stilettos up to the tanned legs that filled them. The posture collar stopped her viewing anymore, until she was rolled over and saw all of the woman.

She looked like an air hostess, thin brown tanned legs, a reasonable sensible, but short blue skirt, a high necked blouse, little black gloves and a small peaked cap. Only her hair was unusual, it looked like a bleached white flat top, not very air-hostessy. The air hostess disappeared and came back with four almost identical colleagues, all with the same hair style. Obviously, bleached flat tops are in, thought Mandy.

One of the hostesses came up to Mandy and started to release her bonds. Mandy stood up, she wasn’t sure how long she had been in the box, through it’s always nice to be able to stretch you limbs after a session, Mandy thought to herself. The hostess didn’t seem to bothered about the gag that Mandy was wearing, so Mandy decided to remove it herself. As she reached up to undo the gag the hostess stopped her. Mandy tried again, again the hostess stopped her. Though this time the hostess signalled to her colleagues who came over.

The next thing Mandy knew was that she was being backed into some crash netting, it was taught and didn’t give at all. One of the hostesses held her to the netting whilst the other four worked on her limbs. In no time Mandy was spread eagled against the crash netting. Mandy wondered what was going to happen next. The five hostesses stood before her in a line. As one they removed the caps, to show their flat tops. Very nice thought Mandy, they’ve tied me up, now they’re going to subject me to formation hat wearing.

Next they all removed their blouses. The was something of a shock for Mandy, she had expected to see their bras, but all she saw was a sea of black covering the hostesses from their necks, to their wrists. Very strange, thought Mandy, very nice though.

Finally, off came their skirts, to reveal that they were all wearing some kind of all in one latex leotards. The head rubberclad hostess came up to Mandy and kissed her on the check. Then she kissed her on the other cheek. While this was happening two of the hostesses had started caressing Mandy’s breasts, they picked at her nipples through the rubber catsuit. Mandy started to shiver with excitement, although she had never tried anything same sex, she had often fantasised about it and this was as good as any fantasy.

Mandy felt the front zip to her catsuit open, a rush of cooler air hit her sex, she shuddered with delight. Mandy was terribly excited, she felt like putty in these girls hands, and quite frankly she didn’t really care what they did. She felt something enter her and moaned with delight. One of the girls was fingering her, with a rubber finger. A truly wonderful experience. She felt another inside her and moaned through the gag to show her appreciation.

One of the hostesses fondling Mandy’s breast started to playfully bite and suck Mandy’s nipple through her catsuit, Mandy was in seventh heaven. Suddenly, Mandy felt the fingers withdraw from her and some thing much larger replaced it, it felt like an ample sized dildo. It felt very good indeed. Without warning Mandy felt something enter her butt, the shock brought her down from her previous euphoria. Sensing this, the girls all pulled away.

Mandy looked down and could see that she had been fitted with some kind of chastity belt. The head hostess came back and finished fitting the belt. It had a waist belt which seemed more like a corset that a belt, it must have been a good four or five inches deep. The hostess laced up the belt to Mandy’s desperate pleas, that consisted of head shaking and some groaning.

Once the belt was laced, the hostess fastened straps over the lacings. A second hostess came forward carrying several padlocks, each strap was padlocked into place. Next the head hostess looked at the thick belt that came from between Mandy’s legs. The hostess pulled it up to lock it into place. This movement pulled on the dildo and butt plug inside Mandy, she groaned with delight. It was practically impossible for Mandy to resist it was all too nice.

The belt was strapped into place and then padlocked securely. The two hostess then removed the bindings keeping Mandy secured to the crash netting. Mandy was the moved to another part of the cargo hold, where the other hostesses had been busy laying out leather belts. Mandy was positioned at the bottom of the belts and then helped down to lay on them. The hostesses quickly started tightening the belts around Mandy. There seemed to be a strap every six inches or so, and with the five hostesses tightening them Mandy soon found herself utterly immobile.

The hostesses stood back and looked at their work. Mandy lay there, unable to do anything except look back at the hostesses. The hostess started working again. Mandy was repositioned into an upright position. One of the girls was at her feet trying to put her feet into a rather tight looking rubber bag. The other four girls lifted Mandy and soon her feet were in the bag. They put her back down and started to pull the bag up around her.

Mandy knew what this was, it was a bodybag and a rather tight one at that. She squirmed with delight as much as her bonds would allow. The girls worked the bag up her body and stopped with it just under her shoulders. Then they stopped, the spare hostess came forward with a hood, which seemed to have no holes bar two long tubes. The hood was forced over Mandy’s head and zipped into place. The two breathing tubes were pushed into Mandy’s nostrils, and then the girls went back to finishing off the bodybag.

Mandy felt the zip slowly going up her back and sealing her into the body bag, sealing her into her own immobile world. Eventually the zipping stopped, Mandy was entombed, she felt wonderful. Mandy didn’t really care what happened next, she just didn’t want it to end. She felt herself being picked up and placed in something. Then everything went quiet. Once the hostesses had finished with Mandy, they put their clothes back on and got ready to serve the landing sweets.

Once the plane landed, the coffin containing the very alive Mandy was collected, and driven to the isolated castle.

* * *

Paula stood at Victoria Station, she was cross. She had been waiting for her big sister, Mandy, to meet her at the station at 2pm. The last she had heard from Mandy had been nearly two weeks ago, but she was sure everything was OK. She got her mobile phone and dialled Mandy’s number, the bloody ansafone, again. Paula thought to herself, Mandy’s two hours late, she’s probably forgotten. Paula decided that the best thing to do was to go to Mandy’s and sort her out when she turned up.

The cab dropped Paula off outside Mandy’s apartment block. Paula was most impressed. Her family had always jibed Mandy for never inviting them round to her new home, they always claimed that it was in a bad part of town or something. Paula walked into the foyer and caught the attention of the concierge.

"Ah, Ms. Jones you’re back. My you’ve changed a bit, no more of those tight fitting clothes and you hair’s back to normal again".

Paula wondered what was going on, suddenly it clicked, the concierge had mistaken her for her big sister. It used to happen all the time when Mandy lived at home. Paula didn’t want to upset the old man so she just let him go.

"Anyway Ms. Jones, here are your keys, I would imagine that you’ll probably want to have a rest after your holiday, so I’ll let you be".

Paula thanked the concierge and started walking away. The key ring had a small brass 14, Mandy’s apartment number so Paula just followed the directions. As she walked, Paula wondered to herself, why Mandy hadn’t told anyone of her holiday. From what the guy downstairs had said, she’d been gone for a couple of weeks and tight fitting clothes, weird.

Paula opened the door to Mandy’s flat. "Very nice Mandy, shame about the dust", thought Paula as she started to walk round the flat. There was a fine layer of dust covering everything, about two weeks worth to be precise.

Paula started noising around Mandy’s flat, to see what here sister had been up to. Soon Paula found herself in the bedroom. Paula gazed at the four wardrobes that ran down one side of the bedroom. "You must certainly have spent a lot on clothes, Mandy", Paula thought out loud. Before too long Paula’s curiosity had got the better of her and she opened up the first wardrobe, to be confronted with a collection of business wear. Nice suits and blouses, very sensible. Paula turned to the second wardrobe, nice casual wear, full of jeans and t- shirts. Paula tried the next wardrobe, but it was locked and so was the forth one.

How strange, maybe Mandy’s body’s been stuffed in there Paula thought. Paula looked round for a key, there was a bundle of them on the dressing table. Quickly she found one that looked like it would fit and tried it. The lock turned, Paula braced herself half expecting her sister’s body, half expecting the boiler for the flat. The door opened but nothing could have prepared Paula for what she found.

Paula stood there, just looking. Looking at a wardrobe busting with clothing made from some shiny material. Most of the articles were black, but the were some red ones too. The black ones were as black as night an almost strange black. The red ones were almost blood red. But both colours seemed to shine quite brilliantly. Somewhat phased Paula opened the final wardrobe, now really not knowing what to expect. She was rewarded with a fine collection of boots and shoes all very such pointy high heels. In addition their seemed to be a large collection of belts and belt like things. Paula had never seen anything like this before and was very lost.

She went and sat on the bed, it all clicked into place, her sister was obviously some kind of rubber freak or something. Paula remembered some of Mandy’s stranger behaviour when they were growing up. Mandy always ‘lost’ her rubber swimming hats, but kept them under her bed. She always used to like swimming with an old rubber inner tube and she used to get those magazines through the post. Paula had only seen one of them, but the women in it were dressed in clothes like these.

Paula went back to the wardrobes, could women really wear heels that high? She looked at one boot, it must surely come up to your thigh, she thought. I wonder what it feels like? She looked at the rubber wear, it all looks so tight, I wonder what that feels like?

Paula noticed a pair of opera gloves on the inside of the wardrobe door. She picked them up, these must be ideal for washing up, she thought to herself. What the heck, I’ll try one.

Paula took off her sweatshirt and looked at the glove, it looked like it would completely swallow her arm. She started to put it on, after several attempts, she found that rolling it down to the glove end and the working the fingers one was more successful than anything else. Paula rolled the glove up her arm, all the way to her armpit.

"Hmm, very nice", thought Paula. Her arm felt different. It was now slightly thinner than her uncovered hand and slightly cooler. Things felt different in that hand. Paula held her arms out, the gloved one looked so nice, maybe it was the blackness of the latex or the sheen or what ever. Paula decided to put the other one on.

In a handful of moments both her arms were covered in latex, Paula suddenly felt very wicked with herself. She had discovered her sister’s big secret and now she would have some fun with her when she got back. Paula started to rummage through the wardrobe to see what would go together for an outfit to surprise her sister.

Paula pulled out a black catsuit, in for a penny she thought as she removed her normal clothes and started to pull the catsuit over her legs. Paula couldn’t believe how easily the catsuit went on, in no time she was zipping it up. She wandered over to the mirror and couldn’t believe the sight that greeted her. There was her head on a black almost statuesque body. The catsuit was hiding all of Paula’s slight imperfections. She posed for a couple of minutes and then went back to the wardrobe.

Shoes, she had to try the wild heels. Paula found a nice looking pair of boots, with sensible 4" heels. She sat on the bed and slipped them on. They came all the way up to her knees, and were deliciously kinky. Paula bent over and started lacing them up. It was a wonderful sensation tightening the boots up around her calves, no wonder her sister had so much fun.

Paula stood up and started walking round the room, the heels were surprisingly comfortable. Not what she had expected. Paula decided to have a closer look at the last wardrobe, with all of its belts and straps. These turned out to be bondage items of all manner. Paula picked up something and for a while she could see what it was. It looked like a corset but with some kind of attachment for the neck and another for the groin. She found a small label hanging off it which showed how it should be worn. It was a corset with a groin and posture collar, well that’s what the label said. Paula examined the label in more detail, the model was dressed in a similar manner to her, but with some kind of hood, not to be outdone Paula went looking for a hood.

She came back with one and put it on, it covered her head with just a small cut out piece for her face. Very sexy thought Paula, ask she unzipped the catsuit slightly to feed the bottom of the hood through the neck of the catsuit.

Paula started putting the corset on, it was a particularly tight one, just more for show than figure control. The front of the corset had a number of straps, which had to be closed with padlocks. Paula found the idea of locking yourself into your clothes very wicked and wasted no time in applying the padlocks to the corset. Next Paula picked up the groin strap and locked that into place on the front of the corset. This gave here the most wonderful sensation in her sex. Last of all she tightened the posture collar around her neck, adjusted its straps to the corset and locked that in place.

Paula looked at herself again in the mirror. She looked every inch the mistress, the dominatrix. She felt very sexy. Paula wondered if she could hide her face to surprise her sister even more, surely there would be something in those wardrobes to achieve that. She went back and had another look. Suddenly she saw two glass discs staring at her, she tried to bend down to pick it up but the restrictiveness of the corset stopped her. Instead she had to bend her legs to reach it and stand up.

Paula examined what she had retrieved, it was a gasmask. Not a very usual gasmask though. It had a collar with a buckle and padlock fastening and a large zip down the back of it. The glass discs weren’t clear glass, but seemed to be tinted. 'This is it!' thought Paula, and forced the mask onto head. She stopped immediately, there was a large piece of rubber sticking out where her mouth should go. Paula looked at it and then forced the mask on again, this time with her mouth open to accommodate the gag. Paula moved the mask slighty to get a better fit, then finding the zip with her fingers, she pulled it down over the back of her head, sealing herself inside. She took a couple of breaths through her nose to make sure she could breathe, then Paula fastened the neck strap and padlocked it.

* * *

Paula stood looking at her reflection in the mirror, everything seemed a bit darker now, with the tinted lenses of the mask. She looked every inch the mistress. Noticing a riding crop on the back of the bedroom door, she picked it up and started switching imaginary slaves. Paula started to walk round the flat doing this, thinking of what she could do to Mandy when she got in.

Paula stood next to the door, preparing to switch an imaginary Mandy on the arm of the sofa, when the doorbell rang. Paula froze. She regained her mistress like composure and tried to look through the spy hole, but her gasmask stopped her from seeing anything. Maybe they’ll go away she thought. The door bell rang again.

Paula suddenly released, it’s probably Mandy, I’ve got her keys. If it isn’t they’re expecting Mandy and they wont know it isn’t Mandy under this. Paula opened the door. There was a thirtysomething woman standing there in a huge coat that seemed to reach to the floor. It looked like it was made from the same material that Paula was wearing.

The woman came in and shut the door behind her. She looked at Paula and then at the riding crop. Deftly she snatched it from Paula. The woman started to circle Paula. Paula was feeling nothing short of terrified, this woman wasn’t her sister, she was scary. Paula wondered what the woman was doing behind her, the posture collar stopped her from turning her head to find out.

When the woman returned to Paula’s view, Paula got another big shock. The rubber coat had gone, under the woman was dressed entirely in rubber. She had a very tight dress that ran from her neck down to her knees, rubber stockings and patent boots.

"Well Mandy, where have you been for the last fortnight, I’ve missed you", the woman began, still circling her.

Paula felt a sharp pain on her buttock, she tried to let out a shrill yelp but just ended up making a moaning noise into her gag. The woman circled her again asking similar questions. When she disappeared out of view for the second time, Paula felt a weight on her shoulders then suddenly she was kneeling on the floor. The Mistress came back into view.

"You’re very quiet for someone who’s been very bad", Paula pointed to her mouth. "Oh so you’ve gagged yourself now?", retorted the mistress. She started to examine the neck strap and the padlock.

"Do you realise that you’ve been using those time delay padlocks again Mandy?", the Mistress sounded more concerned as she checked the padlocks that Paula had used with such gay abandon.

"You know the 24 hour ones, the ones that don’t always work for a couple of days". The Mistress was starting to get sarcastic now. Paula heard what she was saying and realised that she was probably going to have to wear this outfit for a couple of days.

"Well I suppose you ought to have some fun while you’re dressed so provocatively", said the Mistress as she started to put her coat back on. She reached into her pocket and brought out what looked like a dog leash. She bent over and snapped one to a ring on the front of Paula’s gasmask collar.

"Come on then, we haven’t got all night", beckoned the Mistress. Paula stood up and started following the Mistress out of the apartment and into the street.

It was still light outside and the were quite a few people around as the Mistress lead Paula down the street. Paula noticed how everybody was looking at them, she felt very strange, normally she hated people looking at her, being the centre of attention, but now she was but she didn’t mind. Paula thought that it must be that nobody knows who she is. Everybody was looking at her because, she decided, the rubber made her look great. Paula felt quite happy with this.

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