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Jody Rubber Tease

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2002 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; cons; X

Jody Rubber Tease Author: Anonymous
Jody had just received the anxiously anticipated phone call from Jack. "The dress had arrived!" 

A wanton smile engulfed her pretty face as she thought back to that day several weeks ago when her erotic adventure with Jack began.  It started like many other days. She had gone next door to ask or borrow or something now long gone from her memory. Jack had answered the door, sheepishly shielding all but his face behind it. As she gave him a big 'good morning smile' and started to speak she got a fleeting glimpse of his powder blue shorts. The moment would have passed except that she was sure the material was rubber. 

From there on things had moved rapidly. She teased him into letting her see what he was wearing. He invited her in hoping to avoid further embarrassment in front of the open door dressed as he was. Instead, his embarrassment increased in giant steps as Jody's fascination with latex clothes embolden her. Before Jack knew what had happened she had coaxed him into letting her try on the top of his two-piece outfit. She remembered the sensuous thrill of feeling the material slide down across her tiny boobs and how her nipples erected like they were spring loaded. So excited, she hadn't been the least bit upset about peeling off her T-shirt to encourage him to part with his. Rubber had always been a turn-on for her on, but she was astounded at its intensity upon seeing Jack dressed as he was. 

Jody was as surprised as Jack when she purred: "Please let me try on the shorts too!" 

The sexual tension in the room has been rising steadily and Jack's cock with it.  It was now pointing straight ahead. As she tugged at her jeans, Jack, red-faced, started the latex waistband down over his hips and protruding cock. Jody snatched them from his hand as he hesitatingly offered the blue shorts. She remembered slipping them, literally floating on air with excitement, pirouetting around the room, and admiring herself in a full-length wall mirror. Jody smiled as she recalled the look on Jack’s face. He didn't know quite what to do standing there naked and erect. But while he was embarrassed, she was enjoying this spontaneous indulgence. 

A good measure of Jack's trouble was that he had been fantasizing about Jody ever since he had moved into the neighbourhood. Now those fantasies were materializing at a blistering pace right there in his house. 

Jody was a tiny creature, blond, about five feet tall with the sweetest manner. Her innocence had always raised in him a guilt trip when he literally salivated over the way Jody's ass moved in a pair of tight jeans. In fact, watching her work in her yard had made working in his own yard work quite enjoyable, though he didn't get much done. Jody's ass was in a class by itself in Jack's book.  Now there she was before him, dressed in his number one turn-on: a custom made latex copy of a famous designer's innerwear/outerwear set. Was he dreaming all this? That thought was a fleeting one. What Jody's ass was doing to those shorts was mesmerizing. 

She enjoyed the caress of latex on her skin as she moved. The feeling was exquisite. It was making her pussy dewy. She began consciously teasing him as she paraded around the room. The sweet innocent public demeanour had vanished. She was getting a "high" on this unrestrained recklessness. And when Jack broke, falling to his knees, she knew exactly what was she was doing as she turned her back to him. Instinctively, without a moment's hesitation, Jack seized her hips with both hands and buried his face in the latex clad ass. 

Jack went crazy with lust. What a morning that was! The latex shorts, wet with kisses he lavished on ever-square inch, were soon on the floor. He was intoxicated by the smell and feel of rubber. The top soon followed. Never had she been eaten with such enthusiasm! Never had she had so many orgasms! And a tongue storming her sphincter, melting its resistance with insistence bordering on panic! Never had she experienced such erotic abandon and she was amazed at her appetite for it. 

Now, as she recalled the excitement of that morning, another thought invaded the delicious stream of consciousness. At one point Jack, who had been on his knees between her legs as she sat on the sofa, had straightened up and sat back on his heels. She had just released his face from her thigh's silken embrace after another orgasm. He looked exhausted and slowly laid down on the rug breathing heavily. She worried momentarily that she had nearly smothered him with the leggy embrace that time. 

Jack's cock was slightly less erect than it had been earlier. It was lying against his tummy with a fiery reddish-blue hue to it. Jody felt a little guilty. She had been having all the fun and poor Jack by now must be hurting. Thinking about how nice that cock would feel sliding into her pussy she moved from the sofa to her knees and straddled his hips. She took Jack's cock in her hand and rubbed the tip up and down her vulva, intending to impale herself on it as it once again became very hard. 

But this unselfish thought faded as Jody's mind moved a step ahead. If Jack 'got off', that could spell the end of this exciting morning. After all, he must be in his early forties, no longer the young stud with a six-shooter. And at thirty-six she was happily engaged in discovering what a sheltered sex life she had been leading up till now. No, she wasn't finished with Jack yet! 

So when he was rock hard she stopped worrying about him and inched her way forward until her pussy was over his face. Still up on her knees above him, she looked down into his eyes. Jody thought they were pleading. His tongue was wetting dry lips. He was ready to go again. He freed his arms, trapped between her thighs and his torso, and began caressing those gorgeous buns. Eager to taste her, Jack raised his head from the floor toward her beckoning pussy, but Jody gently pushed it back. She felt devilish depriving him. The tingle she got from teasing him was more than she could resist. "Oh lordy! Could there be anything better!" she thought to herself. 

Slowly she settled down on his chest. Grasping his head with both hands, she inched closer to his mouth until his tongue could 
just reach her blond bush. She tickled his outstretched tongue by slowly moving her ass. 

Whatever possessed her to do it she'd never know? Still holding Jack's head with one hand, Jody plunged two fingers from the other hand into her wet cunt. She worked them in and out slowly and then gave them to Jack to suck on. He sucked them in ravenously, lashing them furiously with his tongue. Pitiful muffled cries came from his throat as her fingers explored the inside of his mouth. He was literally going out of his mind with desire. 

"Please, Jody, don't do this to me!" Jack had pleaded. She liked that. She felt a rush of power. 

When Jody finally relented and gave him the real thing, all sense of time and space left him. The intensity of his ardour almost frightened her. It would have if she hadn't been enjoying it so. Jody rewarded him with two more orgasms, flooding his mouth with sweet nectar of the Goddess. 

"Gawd, she was bad!" thought Jody, now lost in her reverie nearly a month later. But she had loved every minute of the tease. And it made fulfilment all the sweeter. A grin overtook her face. She was thinking, "Jack had been to church and taken communion. Boy! Had He! Lots of it!" 

Later, when they were physically and emotionally spent, they cooled down with the aided of champagne from the fridge. Before they parted, Jack vowed to buy her a floor length latex gown that just might possibly do justice to her most perfect derriere. There had been a brief, sweet kiss at the door when they parted as she and Jack went back to being their "other" selves. There had been enough conversation over the champagne to convince both that a fundamental change had taken place in their lives during those few preceding hours. 

A day or so later they had waved to each other, neighbourly like, and she notice one change in him she hoped would vanish soon. And at the same time she wondered how he was explaining away his obviously bruised lips. 

Now the dress had arrived and Jody was beside herself in anticipation. She was wet just thinking about it. What could she do differently this time to fly higher? Had they "maxed" out on their first meeting? Could it get better this time or would their meeting be anticlimactic. There must be something new to introduce and with only two days before D-Day she had better started - if only she could stop revelling in thoughts of having Jack's tongue buried in her pussy again! 


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