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Jillian's Mouse Trap 2.3: The Fly Paper

by RbrBill

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© Copyright 2009 - RbrBill - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; bond; susp; enema; electro; drugged; vacbed; encase; stimulation; toys; reluct; X

continued from chapter 2.2

Chapter 3: The Fly Paper

The note in the mailbox indicated a package needed to be picked up at the Shaw Island Post Office.  Ambrose looked at his attire.  He was wearing the wetsuit over his more rubbery things but he had that hood and gas mask on.  The keys to the locks were at home – as always – to guard against removal while away from the Private Island.  The adventure of being sealed in rubber in public turned him into a receptacle of erotic power that demanded attention as soon as possible.  Jillian was similarly charged from these trips as well and the two always consummated the return to the private island with a passionate blast of animal lust.

Choices, choices.  He could go home and remove the gear by which time the Post Office would be closed.  He could wait until tomorrow and dress minus the headgear.  They could go right now in gear and accept the consequences.  The Postmaster knew him as it was all of the locals knew more about him than he knew.  He realized this and decided to go on over in gear.  If an off islander was in the Post Office at the time, so be it.

The package was heavy.  It took all of Ambrose’s strength and the help of Jillian to get it into their pickup they kept on Shaw.  The thing was about seven feet long and pretty bulky.

The two struggled to move it into the boat for the trip home and again to get it up from the dock to the house.  Ambrose pulled the packing list to confirm that he was now the owner of a vacuum bed which was ordered six weeks earlier.

“Some assembly required” the instructions started with those dreaded words of every owner of anything new.  Five hours of sweaty rubbery work later the frame was completed and the two sheets of heavy transparent latex stretched over the frame.  The rubber was so thick that the material had a golden look of amber. 

Ambrose pushed the taught elastic sheet and felt the heavy resistance of the material.  The thing was tough, industrial strength latex.  The supplied direction of use and guarantee assured that the vacuum seal was near perfection and the vacuum device did not need to run continuously to maintain the tight seal around the occupant.

“This thing is amazing,” Ambrose exclaimed as he continued to run his gloved hands along the framed edge and test the tight rubber elasticity by pushing and feeling the recoil.

Jillian smiled as she watched Ambrose falling in lust with the device.  Her plan was coming together so easily.  Ambrose was so predictable when confronting a new rubber device.  She had been surprised that he didn’t own one of these as her growing knowledge of rubber made one of these devices a “must” for the true rubber lover.  He just mumbled that he’d never gotten around to getting one.

“We should try it now!” exclaimed Jillian.  “I’ll put you in it since you’ve never used one and you can consummate the purchase.”

Jillian waited expectantly for him to reply an enthusiastic ‘yes’ so she could finish her plan.

“I think you should be the first,” Ambrose replied.  “After all it was your idea to get it.”

Jillian thought quickly.  She had no logical reply to that argument.

“Let’s have some tea before we try it.  The deck looks lovely in the rain,” Ambrose said lightly.  “I’ll brew some up.”

Ten minutes later Ambrose was dragging a drugged Jillian to the small John Deere tractor and trailer they used for yard work.  He put the vacuum frame beside her.  He drove quickly to the Paulsen House.  In short order he had Jillian in the room with the robotic system.  The heavy discipline gear was there waiting. 

Ambrose hummed as he prepared Jillian.  He removed all of the “lighter” gear to her basic under suit.  He decided that the sheath wouldn’t interfere too much with the monster discipline vibe so he just slid the thing into her rubberized slit.  He figured he had time to get everything on and secured into the robot system.  The robot would handle the final sealing of the suit as before.  He just had to take care of the tasks that Jillian had been forced to do those many months ago.

An hour later a very hot and sweating Ambrose stood back to admire the work.  Jillian was in the suit and it waited the robotic system to finish the job.  The ballet boots were on.  The heavy torso with the incorporated corset waited.  Jillian was secured in the chair.  He watched in fascination as Jillian slowly recovered from the drugged tea.

She was in immediate terror as she realized where she was.  But her terror was tempered oddly by her masochistic remembrances of the heavy discipline gear.  This was a sudden and unexpected turn of events.  Her plans were to progress to the next stage as a Mistress of Latex and now she was a masochistic desiring slut again!  Well not quite yet but soon enough if things went as she remembered.

The equipment zipped the suit and the bone crushing corset closing began.  She breathed shallow rapid pants in an effort to get air.  She wasn’t surprised as the first heavy hood pulled over her head that was already thinly hooded by way of her maintenance suit.  The two ear pieces pressed against her inner hood and pushed through two tiny slits that Ambrose had made in it to allow access to the inner depths of her ear canals. 

The spotlight didn’t come on this time.  The arms polished her suit to a gleaming ebony shine.  Her head was immobilized by the strap.  It was all happening again!  She was being drug into the dark pit of her most masochistic psyche.  The inner posture collar locked in place.  The heavy gag came into view.  She knew no reason to resist as she surrendered to her fate.  She opened as the thing slid into her mouth and she bit into the recesses for the teeth.  The robot finished with tightening all of the straps of the harness to her head. 

The feeding tube was next.  She wasn’t going to be denied any of the previous humiliation and discomfort.  She had asked Ambrose about “normal” medical tube feeding systems through the nose.  His response had been that would be good when comfort was necessary but when discomfort was required, the thick feeding system was the best.  Obviously this was the time for discomfort.

She took the thing and swallowed.  She was quite proud that her gag reflex was subdued… almost gone… though her automatic reflex pushed back briefly, her hard swallows overcame any auto reflexive resistance.

The inner mask sealed her completely save the tiny ovals at her eyes.  The various connecters found their matching fittings with those audible clicks of finality.  The robot pulled the heavy paddle-mitts on her hands and the cement locked them in place.  The arm shackles came loose but this time she didn’t try to pull anything off.  She knew it was futile and the dark masochistic corner of her mind was in complete control as well.

In very short order the final inner hood was in place and the arms pulled the outer helmet in place.  She was completely sealed in her isolating cocoon and her vision was again that multi-facet insect vision she remembered… and now loved.

Only now did Ambrose step into her view.  He’d watched the entire process with the same fascination as the last time.  He was completely aroused by the slow transformation from a free and self-determining creature to a completely dependent and subservient rubber slut the suit caused.  He still wondered what the treatment would be like.  Perhaps he would find the one Mistress to put him into the torture cycle but Jillian was not the one.

“Here we are again, my dear.  I think we had this conversation before.  I gave you another chance to show your love for me and my lifestyle as a loving rubber-centric couple for the rest of our lives.  You showed great promise.  You are also still quite the actress and you HAVE NOT CHANGED!”

Jillian jerked in her bonds at the venomous spitting of the last three words.

“I’m a computer geek, remember?  I recovered all of your e-mails, all of your chats, all of your schemes to become a rubber mistress and to leave me sealed in the vacuum bed as some sort of monument to your conversion.  It’s a nice thought to be worshipped as the founding inspiration for your business; however, I think I’ll pass on the way you were planning on achieving the adulation.”

Jillian was visibly (well maybe not visibly) shaken as she waited the fate Ambrose might have in mind.  Ambrose busied himself with the Vacuum bed.  He made sure everything was ready for its occupant.  He checked the slit alignments for the waste tubing and the air and feed tubes.  The bed had one circular opening for a breathing tube.  This opening would become the entry point for the feeding tube.  He trimmed a small circular hole exactly the correct alignment from the feeding opening to where the air hose fitting mated with the latex bed.  Then he doubled checked his measurement from the mouth opening to the point for the waste line entry.  He checked the measure twice by taping the distance from Jillian’s neck to her rear.  He decided that the measure was close enough and he punched the hole in the back side of the bed for the tubing.

He slid a circular ring seal over the waste line which had room to accommodate all of the electrical connections to the suit and the computer control cables.  He pulled all of these together at Jillian’s rear and slipped them through the little ring seal.  A ring clip held the thing in place.

Ambrose loosened all of the straps holding Jillian in the chair and pulled her to the bed.  He pushed her to the lower sheet and pulled the waste connection through to her suit connection ring and snapped it home.  He slid the protection seal ring to the thick sheet and stretched the rubber over the inner lip, letting it snap into the center slot of the ring.

He pulled the top frame down on Jillian.  She was struggling as the thing came down.  She pushed her arms out to block the frame closure and squirmed under the film.  Ambrose fired up the punishment cycle on the bondage suit and the electric shocks fired into her sensitive flower and nipples.  She stopped squirming immediately.  He pushed her arms and legs into position and closed the frame. 

Ambrose quickly pushed the feed and air line through the thick film and snapped them to the mating connections on the helmet.  He applied the suction to the vacuum bed and watched as the rubber drew down around the rubber-cocooned Jillian.  Once the rubber was completely sealed against her body, he applied cement to the bed around the front opening and additional rings that were fitted on the air and feed lines and pressed the rings home against her helmet under the bed.

He used a hoist to lift her to a vertical position and sealed the rear opening in similar fashion.  He then took a roll of latex tape and sealed the edges of the bed.  He applied the suction again and had the satisfactory vision of the whole thing drawing even more tightly to her form.  Soon the suction motor changed pitch indicating it was finding no more air to draw out.  He switched the unit to automatic to maintain the vacuum.

“Snug as a bug in a rug,” he said conversationally.  “Maybe a better description would be stuck like a fly on paper.”

He switched on the computer programming and waited for her first response as the punishment cycle began. 

Inside her trap, Jillian felt the building buzzing of the evil wand and the electric shocks and then the enemas began and she was swiftly driven to forced masochistic ecstasy as her mind dove deep into the dark abyss of pain/pleasure and she saw no end of the punishment in sight.  The resulting eruption of carnal lust shook the bed in its intensity as she tried to pull her arms and legs into a fetal position and clutch for the last shred of sanity fleeing her embattled mind.  She saw no end to this madness and she was totally driven beyond any reach of reality at that moment as the blasting pulse of orgasmic lust pulsed out from her enraged erogenous petals to engulf every inch of her fiber. 

She was in exquisite torment again!



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