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Jessica's Fondest Wish

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F+/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; oral; anal; toys; pony; slave; cons/reluct; XX

David Flyinn was a widower, having lost his first wife to cancer. Jessica Flyinn had only had a daughter before her untimely death, and being born at Easter her name was April.

April grew up to look exactly like her mother in all respects.

But time waits for no man and as the years past David found someone new, her name was Kaye Barker.

David swept Kaye off her feet and asked her to move in with him and April this happened a few weeks after April’s eighteenth birthday. Kaye didn’t want to cause any friction between herself and April, especially as David worked for one of the big oil companies and travelled round the world. So David wasn’t at home that much which meant that Kaye and April were left on their own a lot of the time. Kaye and April seemed to be getting on very well and the household was at peace, Kaye noticed that April never really opened up to her, so tried to get a little closer to her. One Sunday afternoon April walked in on Kaye who was putting her lipstick on at the dresser.

"Hi Watcha doin!’" Said April who spread herself over their bed, one arm propping her head up.

"Oh nothing much." Looking at April in the mirror.

"My Mum used to do that when she was alive."

Kaye’s heart jumped into her mouth as she realized that she may have trod on her mothers toes.

"Oh don’t worry Mum’s gone now, but we used to talk a lot like this."

"What about?"

"Oh I don’t know, my first real relationship, where Dad was, I donno."

"Oh I didn’t know you had a boyfriend!"

"I didn’t!"

"OK… a girlfriend then."

"Yeah, I never did like men much."

So far Kaye had been looking at April’s face, as she looked down April was topless and had black Latex cycle shorts on.

As Kaye looked to her feet April said, "Oh I’ve pulled my boots off, I’m on your bed."

"I Know, I know! Nice shorts though."

"Thanks, I got them a couple of days ago, and anyway I wanted to talk to you about Dad and his… Kink."

Kaye stared at April wondering when’s the next bombshell going to drop.

"Yeah I didn’t think he would have told you, It’s just that he’s a bit shy."

"Well, have I got to drag it out of you?"

"Oh he’s heavily into Latex Bondage!"

"What! Your joking!"

"Oh he’s harmless enough, he just loved seeing my mum in Latex tied and defenceless. I think he just wanted to feel my mum and make her come."

"Well I don’t know much about rubber."

"Well the first thing is that it’s Latex rubber, the stuff I buy is anyway. Oh and I nearly forgot I have a present for you!" April jumped off the bed and came back a few moments later with a large box.

"OK first I got you a latex catsuit." And pulled a black shapeless Black thing out of the box.

Kaye not quite believing what was happening, got up and felt the catsuit.

"The zips at the back, try it on. I had to guess your size, but I’m quite good at that."

Kaye sat next to April on their bed, taking off her shorts and top, trying to work the zip down the back.

"You might need some talc to get it on, I do." Said April fingering her pussy.

Kaye stared at April’s pussy. Then realizing she was staring looked at April who was grinning at her. April got up from the bed and helped Kaye get the catsuit on. As April did the zip up Kaye’s back, Kaye noticed their were zips across her breasts and a zip like April’s in between her legs finishing above her pussy.

"They’re for access, you don’t want to spend hours getting into your latex only to find it takes hours to get out of it!"

"No that’s true!"

After a lot of pulling and messing Kaye smoothed the Latex across her body, she looked into the mirror at her reflection.

"Wow! If I’d known it feels like this I would have tried it years ago."

"Well next I’ve got you some knee high rubber boots, I looked at your shoes and got your size, Sorry!"

"Oh that’s OK, thank you so much." Kaye pulled the boots over the catsuit and looked at herself again in the mirror.


"You’ve got me more things." Kaye looked at the box but April closed the lid keeping what was inside a secret. Kaye put her hands on her hips and gave April a look.

"Next! We have a latex corset!"

April unclipped the waist clincher and put it round Kaye’s waist and clipped into place. Kaye was having to stifle a growing need to touch her pussy and bring herself off! As April tightened the corset it seemed to focus the sensual feelings and bring them to the fore.

"Next! We have a Latex hood!"

Kaye wasn’t so sure about that, she was a bit frightened about something covering her face.

"Hey, there’s nothing to it, it feels the same as the suit, It’s great! Tie your hair in a ponytail and I’ll slip it on."

Kaye tied her brunette hair back into a ponytail, April stood behind Kaye and slipped the hood over Kaye’s face, zipping it up and feeling Kaye’s head, shoulders, arms, and stopping at her hips.

"It’s so sensual, just having it on."

April brought her hands together, her arms around Kaye. Her hands started down towards Kaye’s pussy, but as she almost got there……

"Next! I got you some opera gloves."

April side stepped Kaye and felt around in the box, pulling one after the other out of the box. It sounded like there was still plenty in there! Kaye removed her rings before putting the gloves on. Like everything else they felt so good. So tight. So sensual.

"Next! I need you sitting, well no kneeling."

Kaye got into a kneeling position next to her bed and April pulled out of the box a rod with two leather wristbands attached.

"This is called a leg spreader, so if you can open your legs a bit more I can do them up. These bits at the ends are called cuffs.’

As April got behind Kaye she gently pulled Kaye’s legs apart so she could attach the leg spreader, Kaye realized she was getting wet with anticipation. It was Kaye’s turn to rub her pussy, she let out a groan as she fingered herself.

"Oi stop that!" April stood over her waving a finger at her. "You don’t know how much we have to go. Next we have some mittens!"

"Mittens!" said Kaye.

"Yeah so give us your hands!"

Kaye wanted to play the game so she offered both her hand to April, who pulled the mittens over the gloves pulled the laces tight, did up the strap and padlocked it on!

"Hands behind your back please!"

As before Kaye put her hands behind her and April padlocked them into the small of her back.

"I only have a few things left to give you, Next I have two things, one is a ball Gag. The other is a ring Gag. We’ll leave the ball Gag for a while!" looking Kaye in the eye. "Open up!"

Kaye opened her mouth and accepted the Gag.

"Now what do we have here?"

April opened a new pack of vibrating nipple clamps. Unzipping Kaye’s breasts, April gave them a sharp squeeze. Getting on her knees she licked and sucked Kaye’s nipples till they were rock hard. The clamps want on! Kaye felt the sharp pain as they went on but it dulled to a throb. April unzipped Kaye’s crutch zip and fingered her gently finding her clit and rubbing, playing toying with it. Kaye stuck her tongue out of the ring Gag and made very clear what she wanted. April stood up unzipping her own crutch zip and mounted Kaye’s face, rubbing her pussy into Kaye’s mouth. Kaye, for her part was loving it, she had been in lesbian relationships but nothing like this, never, ever like this!

April spurted in Kaye’s mouth, Kaye drank it all. As April regained her composure she looked again in the box and pulled out a egg shaped thing with what looked like a remote control. The egg was pushed into Kaye’s pussy and Kaye’s crutch zip was done up. April looked into the box and pulled out a Stainless Steel chastity belt.

"I guessed the size, I hope in fits!"

April fixed the chastity belt around Kaye. She adjusted everything and locked it on, it fitted perfectly. April removed Kaye’s ring gag and pushed the Ball gag in it’s place.

"For the moment this is the last thing I have for you." April looked in the box for the last time and pulled out a posture collar, she showed it to Kaye as she strapped it on and she realized who all this had been for, the posture collar had on it PUSSY SLUT!

All sorts of things were going through Kaye’s head when April came back into the room, and headed straight for Kaye. Kaye saw a blindfold in April’s hand and had just started to react when it was pulled over her head and the lights went out. April must have pressed the remote as everything started to vibrate, the egg was expertly positioned. Right on the G spot! After building up almost to a massive climax the damm things just stopped and Kaye shook with rage, she didn’t know it was designed to keep her on the boil until the batteries gave out.

"Oh I hope you don’t mind I’m having some friends round and I know they’re into older women, if you know what I mean!"

After four or five sessions of vibro Kaye was desperate to come. But she had no chance not in the bondage she couldn’t move at all. Kaye tried to fall face first on the floor but April must have put something between her ankles and her neck so stopping her from leaning forward. Just as the vibros had started again April walked in the room with some friends.

"OK This slave is called…. Err I suppose I should have given slave a name, but on the plus side she gives good head and I know your all dying to try her out."

The blindfold was removed and Kaye was surrounded by four young Girls, one of which was April..

"I think I’ll just call her Pussy Slut as that’s what’s on her collar."

April had changed into a mistress, Black leather jodhpurs with a zip which started at the belly button and went under the legs and back up o the small of the back. A White latex blouse and a thin leather tie, and the other three were exactly the same. There were differences though April was a red head, one was a brunette and two were blond. One of the blonds undid her ball gag.


The brunette grabbed Kaye’s nose as the ring gag was reinstated. The Brunette said. "No piercings yet."

"No I’ll wait until she can tell me how much she enjoys being a slave!"

"Well why don’t you ask her now?"

"Because she has been in this position for about an hour, and I don’t think she would know yet."

"Well why not ask her anyway?" Said the other blond.

"OK take the Gag out! I’ll make this easy, Yes for I want to be your slave and no for I don’t want to be your slave!"

The Gag was removed and the girls stood waiting ………..


Kaye had surprised April, she really thought Kaye would have thrown a fit and demanded release. But NOW! April unzipped her Jodhpurs and mounted pussy slut also turning back on the vibros as Kaye sucked and burrowed her way into April’s mound, April ground herself into Pussy slut’s face. As the pair of them were getting there the Vibros stopped and Kaye stopped, only to get a crack across her arse by a riding crop. And when April came she spurted into Kaye’s mouth as she did the first time. As April got her breath back she rested her arms on Kaye’s shoulders.

"Your aware that our relationship will never be the same again don’t you?"


"I think my friends would like to see if your worth this effort I’m putting into you."

The other three turned towards Kaye and started to unzip their Jodhpurs, and took turns with Kaye. After they were all satisfied the two blonds went out of the room for a while and came back with some sort of trestle. Kaye was released from the kneeling position and her hands were freed from behind her back and was helped to the trestle. Kaye was lifted over the centre and found that there were small eyelets screwed in the bottom of the legs which when locked to the mittens meant she couldn’t move. Her ankles were locked in the same way she couldn’t really move.

The ring gag was replaced with the ball gag and Kaye’s crutch zip was undone. She heard someone putting on Latex gloves and felt something fingering her sphincter. A gentle probing and something was in her arse. As it probed, Kaye purred with pleasure. This was the first time she had had anything anal and because of the amount of lubrication it was a very pleasurable experience. The finger suddenly pulled out and a much larger thing slapped against her arse. She realized where it was headed, trying to gain entry to her hole. Finally she couldn’t hold it out and it forced it’s way in. She screamed into her gag. A finger was one thing, this was something else!
As it pumped through her body the pain lessened and although much larger it began to get pleasurable again.

"Consider yourself broken in slave!"

April walked round into Kaye’s field of vision with a ten inch dildo sticking horribly out of her crutch. Kaye’s ball gag was removed and April moved closer to her mouth.

"Open!" April commanded!

Reluctantly Kaye opened her mouth and the dildo that had just been up her arse was now in her mouth.

"Suck it! Suck your shit off of it!"

Kaye just sucked and she knew she had surrendered something very important, She was now just a whore, sucking her own shit.

April Smiled down at Kaye, In a few hours she had proven herself deeply submissive, April was torn between exploring the submissive nature of Kaye or carrying on with the plan!

After releasing Kaye from her bondage, they eased back as David, April’s father was coming home for a couple of days, if they got through that a decision would be made. The four Girls, April, Jane, Sara, and Stacey had a few striking similarities as the four had all gone to the same boarding school, all of them had lost their Mothers to injury or illness and all of them had decided while at school that they would do everything in their power to keep their Fathers true to the Mothers they had lost. The decision to be made was simple, do they keep Kaye as a slave, the first one to prove she was a submissive slut or would she "disappear" like the others had. To date six women had disappeared, but it was thought that they got cold feet and left of they’re own accord. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The morning after Kaye was preparing breakfast, April crept up behind Kaye and gently put her arms round her stomach.

"Morning Slave! How are you this morning?"

"Morning Mistress! I had to use half a bottle of mouth wash to get rid of the taste of my own shit, But Fuck, Wow! I didn’t know I would enjoy my own shit so much!"

April’s hands lifted from Kaye’s hips to her breasts, tweaking her nipples until Kaye turned around and kissed April on the lips.

"For the moment keep what we have done to yourself, no telling Dad. I want to teach you a lot more before your ready, OK?"

"Whatever you command of me mistress." said Kaye, trying to recreate the atmosphere of last night.

"Good slave! If your good, later I might give you another lesson before Dad gets home tonight!"

"Oh thank you Mistress!"

True to her word April got back very early and asked Kaye to put a business suit on, she went the whole hog charcoal grey jacket, Leather pencil skirt, stockings, the works! April dressed in a Latex catsuit and boots. She put handcuffs on Kaye and the ring gag. And marched her to the wet room.

"Kneel before your Mistress Slut!"

With difficulty Kaye got down on her knees, as April unzipped her crutch. She undid the ring gag and let it fall to the floor.


With that April pissed into Kaye’s mouth, Kaye drank almost all of it. The only reason Kaye didn’t drink it all was the speed the piss came out was faster than Kaye’s ability to drink it!

"Why is it I ask you to do something simple like drink and you find it impossible to follow my instructions?"

"I’m Sorry Mist………..!"

Kaye watched as April picked up the ball gag and a whip. "I think you need to be punished!"

With that Kaye was lead out of the wet room into David’s study April pulled on a secret lever and a door appeared out of the bookcases.

"This is Daddy’s Playroom!"

Kaye stared in disbelief at the room roughly the size of a tennis court with every type of medieval torture device known to man. Cages obviously for slaves were stacked up on one wall, a rack, an iron maiden, ropes and chains littered the room. A dentist’s chair, and operating table, the things in the room caused a shiver run down Kaye’s spine.

"SLAVE! Come over here now!" said April raising her voice.

Kaye hurried to where April was standing, where April removed Kaye’s Leather skirt. She locked a leg spreader to Kaye’s ankles and shackled it to a ring in the floor and put the ball gag in her mouth. April got some rope from a bench and looped it around her waist and through her legs. As April found a ring a couple of feet in front of Kaye and looped the rope through it. She tied the two ends together and gave a gentle tug, the rope rubbed on Kaye’s pussy and she gave a squeal of disapproval. April hung a bucket on the end of the rope and put some weights in it! As the weights pulled on the rope Kaye tried to move and couldn’t the rope was cutting her pussy in half and she was powerless to stop it.

"I think you’ll like this punishment, the weights just seem to get heavier and heavier, see you in an hour!" With that April walked out and left Kaye to her torture.

The Gang of four were drinking coffee in April’s kitchen April, Stacey the brunette, Jane and Sara the two blonds were deciding what to do about their latest "problem.’

"Normally I would vote to lose the bitch, but now I don’t know. Not an hour ago I got her on her knees and she drank my piss, if that isn’t Submissive then what is?"

"It isn’t a question of how submissive the bitch is. The question is how likely is she going to be your new Step mother, because If that’s on the cards then we have to dump her whatever." Sara had a way with words. Then Jane had an idea!

"Why don’t we have a vote now, because if we can decide what we’re doing, I can contact the two shoes and arrange a date".

"OK are we agreed to vote."

A general nod from everyone so it was put to the vote.

"As It’s your Prospective Stepmother you get the doubles, You get two votes." The girls have devised a system where the girl with the prospective stepmother gets two votes to every one else’s one, which also means that there cannot be a dead heat!

As the voting was done the balls were put in a black bag which was emptied on the table in front of them!

"Oh Shit!" said April. "I Actually liked her a lot!"

"Well that’s how it is, you lose three to two!" Said Stacey the brunette.

"We’ve all been there, but if they’ve got to go, they’ve got to go!"

And they all said together "When they’ve got to go they’ve got to go!"

"Right I’ll give em a ring and sort something out for next week OK!"

"Yeah my Dads due home in an hour so I had better release her and get her cleaned up!"

"OK we’d better shoot! Laters!"

April released Kaye and again swore her to secrecy to her father.

"He will tell you in his own time all I’m doing is trying to teach you what he will want from you!"

"Oh O.K. I understand I can’t think of a better teacher though!"

At that moment April realized why she didn’t want to lose Kaye.

"Shit!" thought April, "I’m in Love."

Which made it even harder to do what had been decided earlier.

David her father had said he would be home for a day or so and he was going for a couple of weeks to oversee the installation of something or another. She had told the others of his plans so there was no way she could undo what was going to happen. Her loyalty to the others was absolute, the vote as always was right, But…

David got home on time Kaye made him dinner and they went to bed early, April went out to a Club and got back in the early hours. April fought against the thought that Kaye was not sleeping with her, but her father. The thought that if it hadn’t been for her father, Kaye would not have been in her life at all! David went the following day, apparently to an island in the Pacific, he said he might be out there for as much as a month. With him out the way there was no way they would have any problems doing the deed! The time was arranged and it was up to April to get Kaye ready.

"Tomorrow we get together and go out somewhere special, I want you in all you Latex I got you. We go riding in the country. Don’t worry we are going somewhere totally private and I’d love to show the others how lovely you are!" With that April Kissed Kaye on the lips, a gentle kiss, a meaningful kiss. A kiss of lovers.

Kaye and April slept together that night, for the first time, and as much as April fought against it she had fallen for Kaye.

The following morning Kaye had dressed in her latex, head to toe in rubber. Her hands locked behind her in the small of her back, ball gag in place. April was proud of her. The ladies arrived in a people carrier, Including April they had dressed in the same outfit. Leather Jodhpurs, white latex blouse, leather tie and riding boots!

April sat in the passenger seat, Kaye sat in the middle with Sara and Stacey sitting either side. Sara slipped a blindfold over Kaye’s head which she didn’t like!


"It doesn’t sound unlike a wet fish does it?" Everyone started laughing!


"Calm down Pussy Slut, We’ll be there in twenty minutes!|"

As the People carrier pulled in a sign over the drive said : TWO SHOES PONY STABLE.

Deep in the countryside they could have been anywhere but the girls knew exactly where they were.

"Out you get Pussy Slut!" said April getting out of the people carrier. Helped by Sara and Stacey she walked with their hands under her arms. A Man came out of an office, he saw the girls and their captive and walked over.

"Hi Uncle Alex!"

"Hi Jane, is this your latest."

"Yes, she should make you some money out of her!"

Kaye was in turmoil was this a game? Was it real? There was nothing she could do about it anyway.

"Kneel Pussy Slut!"

Kaye was forced to drop to her knees and the blindfold was removed and for the first time she saw "Uncle Alex."

"Say Hi to your new owner !"

Dumbstruck by what was said Kaye looked at Uncle Alex, A big man in a flat cap, jacket boots and riding breeches.

"Can we watch the piercing?" Said Sara, "We always enjoy that!"

"Well I wanted to talk to you about business, I made a loss on the last one!"

"Oh why?"

"Come into the office and have a drink and we’ll talk. I’ll get some of the stable hands to sort this one out!"

With that Uncle Alex and the girls walked off and left Kaye on her knees, even if she could get up where would she run. Someone grabbed her clipping a leash to her posture collar and pulling her up.

"Get up you lazy bitch, by the time we’re through with you you’d wish you’d never been born!"

Kaye saw her tormentor, a stable hand, a girl at that. Leash in one hand and riding crop in the other. Laying into her arse as she spoke.

The girls were having a glass of wine, uncle Alex his whisky.

"The thing is," Said uncle Alex, "That all the big names have moved to Countries that don’t enquire into where they get their Pony girls from. There are still collectors but their going the same way. We can still get them out but I’m seriously thinking of selling the lot and starting in another Country. Anyway,"


As four men walked through the door.

The girls looked disbelieving as their fathers stood over them. "They are drugged?"

"They’ll be unconscious in two minutes." Said uncle Alex

"How long then?"

"About forty five minutes, maybe an hour. But we’re done by then."

"Do It!"

The girls were about to fall unconscious when their Fathers walked through the door. Apart from the shock of it, there was nothing they could do but gape at their fathers.

The Girls were taken from the office and prepared in exactly the same way as the girls had watched their prospective Step mothers being prepared. Shaven, pierced, branded and hooded. Their arms put into mono gloves and thrown into a stables for them to wake up.

An hour later, screaming was heard from the stables. The girls were waking up, but decided to wait until they thought that they were all awake. It took about twenty minutes for all their daughters to wake. The fathers walked into the stables, there were their daughters tethered to the stalls. Their hair shorn their leather corsets tightly laced round their middle and the paraphernalia more usually associated with horses. They had been heavily pierced in their breasts, their clit, lips and their sternum. Their inability to stand was probably because they had been forced into ballet boots. The girls were terrified, but their fathers had agreed the course of action was the appropriate one.

David father of April, James father of Jane, Michael father of Sara and Colin father of Stacey filed into the stable. David pulled out some notes and spoke.

"As we have all lost our wives we found it unbelievable that with all our best efforts our new partners seemed to leave without another word, as if they had left the planet. As we talked to each other we realized that something was not right. So we all had a covert system put in our homes, which recorded everything that moved with sound. Our worst fears were realized when it became apparent that our only daughters had in some way removed any chance of happiness that we might have had. As we watched the footage that we recorded it became apparent that not only had our daughters been complicit in the removal of the women that we brought into their lives but they reduced them to lives of beasts of burden, namely Pony girls. As our former girlfriends have been sold and have left the country there isn’t much we can do to put things right, but all we can do is reduce those responsible for our heartache in the same position as they put our girlfriends and until our girlfriend can be found and brought back to this country you will be here under the ownership of Mistress Kaye".

The girls were shocked to the core whilst they understood the anger of their fathers to leave them in a place like this?

Mistress Kaye walked into the stables. Her beige Jodhpurs fitted perfectly with her white blouse and black tie the only thing that wasn’t "horsey" was her five inch boots. Riding crop in hand Kaye walked over to the cowering April who was still on her knees. Still obviously in pain.

"Oh April, dear April, I hope you get a good night’s sleep, because I will be training you and the others from early tomorrow morning and just remember, anything you can do I can do better, after all I’m a professional and I have been paid very well to look after you. You will be fitted with dildos, Dildos that are as big as your arrogance. Your hair that has been shaven has been collected and lovingly made into Monster butt plugs and we will fitting them tomorrow morning. Every morning you will be eating my shit and drinking my piss, you all will be trying a hand as my toilet slaves. April, it was you mothers fondest wish that your father could look after you and find you something interesting for you to do. I think she would have liked this."

The fathers turned and left leaving Mistress Kaye with her screaming and crying ponies.

"All four of you have better be ready in the morning, after I’ve finished with you eating my shit will seem a luxury!"


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