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Jessica Darling Chapter 19: Moulding Jessica

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/ff; D/s; bond; encased; statue; display; public; climax; tease; toys; reluct/cons; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 18


Chapter 19: Moulding Jessica

Jessica stood in the center of the room, once again nude save for her silver jewelry. Her hair had been carefully placed in a loose bun, held together by two black lacquer chopsticks. It was the exact same style Jessica wore the night she first met Brulée, at the celebrity auction, and that fact hadn't been lost on the investigator. It had dawned on Jessica that perhaps she, and not Heather, had been Brulée's target all along.

Jessica had been carefully posed and positioned by the ever-present assistants under the watchful eye of their employer and, in keeping with Brulée's penchant for sexual torture; the subject had been positioned so she was straddling a cylindrical saddle-like device. A thick stud on the front of the saddle was buried into Jessica's pussy and nuzzled up to the base of the embedded vibrator that had become her constant companion since her capture. Towards the rear of the saddle was a thicker, longer stud which had been pushed into Jessica's ass. Surprisingly, this anal stud did not click into place like the kitten’s tail which previously had been installed there, rather this stud simply settled into her rectum. Jessica could feel between her legs that the cylinder to which her saddle had been mounted seemed to be somewhat light in weight, as if it were hollow. In fact, if she pushed inward with her thighs, Jessica could feel the cylinder flex ever so slightly.

“Maybe she expects to take me for a hard ride…” Jessica scoffed as she continued to observe the various activities going on around her.

A sharp mechanical *clang* demanded Jessica’s attention as a large hydraulic arm moved towards her and, attracted by the magnetic cuff on her wrist, attached itself to her. A second arm performed the same capture maneuver on Jessica's left wrist and, in unison with the one on her right side, began to move Jessica's arms into the pose required of their human Madame. A third arm quickly moved behind Jessica and captured her by the collar and through subtle application of pressure, forced her head into the final element of the dramatic pose which had been pre-programmed.

A slight smile on Brulée’s face confirmed that the end result of the final positioning process had ensured that Jessica had been set in a suitably signature ‘Brulée’ pose: Right arm elevated as if holding something in offering to the sky, left arm extended from her midsection as if reaching out to draw something or someone close to her, head slightly uplifted.

It took several more moments of inspection, with Brulée reviewing the pose and positioning of the model, throughout which Brulée tormented her captive by whispering small comments into Jessica's ear and administering light nips to her neck and ears. Finally, after several minutes of detailed inspection and interspersed tormenting, Brulée gave a slight nod of the head indicating her satisfaction as she turned and sauntered to a location a few feet away.

With their Madame having completed her review of the statue-to-be, the ever present assistants quickly pushed the two large plastic mould halves together and sealed the seams with a clear gel that instantly welded the two clear pieces together which ensured there would be no leakage of whatever was going to be used to fill it. The final step of the preparation process was completed with the attachment of four hoses to the ports built into the mould. Based on her observations of the twisted Madame, Jessica decided that whatever material Brulée intended to cast her in was going to be injected, like plastic, at a high pressure into the mould. Jessica knew that this would not only serve to create a flawless mould, but also be an instrument of torture which Brulée had no doubt concocted just for her own twisted pleasure.

“I guess she's...” Jessica didn’t have time to add the final word to her silently mused observation before a warm, gooey, substance suddenly shot into the mould onto and around her legs. Jessica inhaled and trembled slightly as the material spilled onto her bare feet creating a rapidly expanding pool which quickly began oozing between her toes.

“I see our little crumpet is enjoying herself!” Jessica heard Brulée cackle when the investigator's nipples began to stiffen and harden in concert with the events taking place in the lower reaches of the mould. The material which was quickly engulfing her feet and ankles felt like a thousand soft tongues all licking her at once. Jessica tied to use her training to cover her reactions, to not let her increasing physical arousal become obvious to her captor, to not give Brulée the satisfaction. However, it had been a losing battle even before she had been placed in her current distress.

Indeed, Jessica's pussy had begun to drip in anticipation well before the material had begun to be fed into the plastic mould which encased her from the waist down. In her locked pose, Jessica couldn't see well enough from her peripheral vision to tell exactly what substance Brulée was encasing her in, she could only determine by the sensations caressing her legs that it was something warm, thick, and fantastically arousing. As the material continued to fill the mould, the reason for the hollow cylinder which held the studded saddle that had been placed between her legs became ominously clear. As the substance reached her knees, which corresponded to the very bottom of the cylinder, it began to push the cylinder upwards; further wedging the saddle and its invasive protrusions deeper into Jessica's crotch and ass. In response Jessica attempted to raise herself up onto tiptoes to lessen the pressure, only to find that she could only lift herself up a few inches as the material in the very base of the mould was already greatly restricting her movements.

“Ahhh.... I see you're about to go for a nice long ride my morsel!” Brulée called out as a sharp sigh escaped Jessica's mouth, accompanied by the widening of her eyes.

Days (or was it weeks at this point) ago, Jessica would have cursed Brulée as she felt the twin intruders in her sex and ass push deeper into her as the rising glop passed her upper thighs and covered her, saddle, pussy, and ass, on its relentless march to her waist and the top of the mould. Instead, the bound detective closed her eyes and shifted her legs slightly in an attempt to invite the saddle deeper into her.

“Oh yes... that's it my tasty crumpet...” Brulée whispered as Jessica closed her eyes while the increasing pressure of the saddle and the glop which continued to be forced into the mould began to push Jessica towards that increasingly familiar territory of being encased in sexual frustration.

It took a few minutes before Jessica came to the realization that she was unable to do more than wiggle as the mould had been filled to its limits. The pressure in the mould itself was enough to keep her from creating any size of pocket in the material, which had already set to the consistency of soft clay, before it hardened completely. Not that Jessica was really trying to work her way out. In fact, Jessica's hard nipples and sopping pussy told the true story, one that Jessica barely worried about containing. If she had full use of her hands, they would be working their way up and down her body as Jessica felt the moulding goo continue to harden around her, expanding slightly, further compressing her and driving the saddle deeper, and her frustration higher.

“Not much longer my morsel... not much longer and you'll be ready.” Brulée murmured softly as she watched Jessica squirm slightly in the embrace of the metal arms. She knew that the substance she had decided to use on Jessica would set hard enough to contain the subject in a matter of minutes, allowing her to finish crafting another signature Brulée masterwork.

As Brulée had designed, within minutes Jessica couldn't move a muscle from the point where her nude body disappeared into the material. As Brulée's assistants pulled the mould halves away from her, the effect of the moulding became clear as it appeared that the investigator's body simply ceased to exist from just above the tops of her hips, instead disappearing into a solid block. The substance appeared to have bonded to Jessica's skin from the point where bare skin met the material, leaving the barest hint of a seam.

“Well my dear…” Brulee murmured as she moved towards the encased Jessica; “let’s see how you have turned out so far…”

Jessica sighed as she felt Brulée's hands work over her still nude torso, caressing her breasts and nipples, moving down her stomach until they reached the block in which she had been encased. Jessica couldn't do anything but shiver slightly as Brulée continued to caress her. Even if her arms had not been restrained, Jessica conceded in her mind that she wouldn't have done anything else.

“Mmmmm.... so my tasty little tidbit...” Brulée's voice softly appeared in Jessica's ear. “Are you ready to be finished?”

Jessica smiled lightly as Brulée carefully fitted a small pair of clear eye goggles over Jessica's eyes, while in the background, an assistant moved to retrieve a spray gun from the workbench on the side of the room.

“I don't know who will enjoy this more, me or you my crumpet!” Brulée whispered as a short test spray signaled the assistant's readiness to complete Jessica's transformation.

“OH! I almost forgot my dear!” Brulée suddenly erupted in excitement. “As I'm sure you're already about to burst from the sensations you are feeling, I thought I'd give you a little something to further ensure you convey the level of emotion I expect from the finished product...”

Jessica watched with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity as another assistant rolled a cart with a small monitor perched on top of it over to within a few feet of Jessica and pressed the 'power' button. The flat screen took a few seconds to brighten to life before it brought onto the screen a familiar face.

It took a few milliseconds before Jessica recognized Heather, nude and enclosed from the neck to her hips in a clear acrylic box. The porn starlet struggled, her luscious tits swaying slightly within the acrylic enclosure, as Jessica watched another of Brulée's ubiquitous assistants walk over to the box and fit a hose with a nozzle resembling what one would see at the local gas pump to the top of the box. With a quick pull of the handle on the nozzle, thick honey-colored goo began to flow, oozing onto and over Heather's back. With a *click*, the assistant compressed the handle on the nozzle and locked it into place. As the gelatinous fluid continued to envelop her, Heather's squirming increased in intensity as an equally nude Taffy appeared in the scene and began to lightly begin to caress Heather's bare feet and legs.

Jessica's mind flashed back to the movie which Heather had queued up on the screen in Brulée's private jet on their flight over, in what seemed like a lifetime ago. Part of her was genuinely afraid for her close friend, but those feelings were quickly overwhelmed by increasing lust as she watched the scene unfold with the glue continuing to ooze over her now moaning friend, beginning to fill the enclosure as Taffy licked and caressed Heather's feet and toes with her tongue and mouth.

A silent signal from Brulée prompted the assistant to begin spraying Jessica, who quickly covered the back of Jessica’s head to match her now hard pedestal. The thinner coat hardened almost immediately on contact with her and as she watched Taffy bury her face into Heather's wet pussy, watched the golden-colored glop continue enclosing her friend in its amber embrace, the spray was played across her face and goggles. The subsequent plunge into darkness pushed Jessica into the realm of a more powerful tormentor than even Madame Brulée; her own vivid imagination…

Once in the dungeon of her imagination, Jessica didn't need the vibrators to climax; the images of Heather being encased and serviced coupled with the sensations of the cementing candy being sprayed over her face, neck, and torso pushed Jessica over the edge. She didn't hear Brulée’s applause of Jessica’s performance when the uncovered portions of her naked form shuddered and twitched as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her before gradually receding and ebbing back into her sex. The spray had cemented Jessica's erect nipples in rigid attention, giving every spectator a clear indication as to the state of excitement in which she had been encased.

The last portion of the statue to be finished was the coating of Jessica's arms and hands, accomplished once the assistant had played the spray down around Jessica's lower torso and waist, further enhancing the effect of the model being crafted from a single, pure white, block of plaster. Several more applications built up the coating to ensure that the enclosed investigator, the subject, the blissful victim, couldn't move more than a single millimeter.

A sudden flash of light interrupted Jessica's blissful retreat into her inner fantasy basement as the goggles, made of a substance that the chocolate plaster wouldn't adhere to, were removed to reveal a smiling Brulée.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed your little ‘nap’ my crumpet! I know we certainly enjoyed the performance!” Brulée giggled.

Even though she could have grunted her disapproval through her plaster-sealed lips, Jessica didn't protest. Unconsciously she had all too happily begun to accept her position as marionette to Brulée's puppeteer.

“And as you can see, your friend is almost finished as well...” Brulée moved the monitor into Jessica's remaining line of sight as the assistant mixed a small detail brush in a can of the plaster in preparation to touch up the small patches of skin that were still visible, an effect of the goggles covering Jessica's eyes.

Jessica watched as Heather's legs were tied straight out to the back of a second acrylic box with clear rope, her feet not touching the back wall. The bottom wall of the form, which had been used to enclose her torso, was removed and the acrylic case enclosing Heather's legs pushed up against the honey-colored block which had now set into a semi-rigid block.

“Now we'll leave that there for you to keep you ‘entertained’ while we finish you up...” Brulée motioned to the assistant, who carefully began painting plaster around Jessica's eyes to apply the finishing details. When she was complete, Jessica would look to the entire world like a solid white plaster statue, save for the bright blue eyes standing out from the white chocolate coating which encased her and held her in rigid ecstasy.

Jessica's attention was firmly focused on the screen as she watched Heather's legs begin to be covered by the same honey-amber substance as that which held her nude torso. Heather didn't appear to be in any immediate peril; in fact if the twitching of her ass was any indication, Heather seemed to be enjoying the feeling of the gelatinous goo as it slopped over her legs and slowly oozed over and between her thighs and dripped to the floor of the acrylic case.

  It took several touch-up coats of plaster before Jessica was completely finished and ready for 'display'. In this case, that meant being placed just inside the main entrance to Brulée's massive office in the main factory. It was with great surprise when the 'mate' to Jessica was placed directly across from her on the other side of the massive ebony doors which led to Brulée's inner office. There, in a pose which perfectly mirrored Jessica’s was Taffy. She too had been completely encased in the pure white chocolate plaster with, no doubt, a matching saddle buried deep in her 'pedestal'. click to enlarge    

The twin statues spent the hours of the day able of doing nothing but staring at each other, watching each other's eyelids flutter and their eyes roll back as yet another wave of release overtook them. They performed as mirrored twins of statue: entertainment: curiosity. They were a designated stop for every group of fetish assistants which came through the facility, shown proudly to each visitor who came to call on the Madame Brulée. Brulée herself made special effort to demonstrate to a young model who had been invited to 'audition' for Madame the pure ecstasy which her 'models' enjoyed if they were 'gifted' enough to be selected to work for Madame, by causing the twins to climax in front of her young guest; though the girl was too sexually naïve and didn't notice. Such an oversight normally would have been reason for Brulée to dismiss the idea of working with such a model, but the smirk on Brulée’s face was proof that the demonstration wasn’t solely for the girl’s benefit.

Such was the task that Jessica had been reduced to, decoration, plaything, ball of yarn to Brulée's cat's paw. It was this status which Brulée took the opportunity to reinforce throughout the time which Jessica and Taffy were on duty outside her office by making sure each time she walked past at least one statue would be brought to orgasm. On occasion, Brulée would activate the vibrators buried in their pedestals and set the twins spiraling into a competitive frenzy just moments before Brulée’s next meeting was scheduled to arrive. If their lips had not been firmly sealed by the tight plaster, Jessica doubted the meeting could have taken place with the twin screams that her and her matching companion would surely have loosed otherwise.

Jessica had long since lost count of the number of orgasms she had experienced during her most recent encasement, long since forgotten about her predicament, long since stopped being obsessed about Heather's predicament. Each time Jessica's thoughts turned to Heather the only images which flooded her mind were of Heather's peppermint statue; her moulding; her recent amber-gelled imprisonment. The most recent scene of that thick, viscous, nectar slopping over Heather; slowly oozing down and dripping from her breasts, her feet and toes, between her legs and thighs, served to bring Jessica to climax without fail every time she replayed the mental movie in her head. Jessica even began to use that to prolong her release by refusing to cue up and play the scene. But inevitably, inescapably, the movie would start and Jessica would quickly be overwhelmed and flooded by sheer physical joy.

Taffy didn't last the entire time that she and Jessica were on 'station' outside Brulée's office. Jessica watched as the emerald green eyes of her pure-white twin slowly drifted off to sleep. Jessica herself was exhausted as Brulée left late into the night after stopping to tell Jessica how “delicious” she looked dressed in her white chocolate prison, and about how she had fingered herself to release several times thinking about the “tasty chocolate morsel” outside her door. A vicious grunted taunt were the last words Brulée uttered as she took stock of the sleeping Taffy; “Pathetic little girl! You never did have enough endurance to satisfy me. My dear Ms. Darling on the other hand…” a quick glance over her shoulder at the plastered Jessica ended the thought as Brulée swept out of the room leaving the twin statuesque women behind.

A set of latex-clad assistants eventually came to retrieve the two decorative pieces, the jostling rousing Taffy from her exhaustion-induced sleep as they tipped her ‘pedestal’ back and placed her on the wheeled transport dolly. Jessica wondered what had caused Brulée to turn so harshly on someone who had been a trusted business partner, and more importantly, her lover. Jessica had long ago determined that Taffy had to be the real brains behind the materials used in Brulée’s works, someone with an extensive, creative background in materials science. Just what had gotten her and Brulée together remained to be determined, but at the moment Jessica was more interested in what had broken them apart. She reassessed the events from her memory prior to Taffy’s encasement in the marshmallow-like substance, when she climaxed in Brulée’s arms, over and over again while she waited to be retrieved.

Finally, physical exhaustion won out and Jessica was forced to relax her mental efforts while she was being transported from Brulée’s office to wherever she and Taffy were next assigned to be taken. She found herself wanting to sleep during the trip, but the relentless bumping and jostling she received during it only served to start spooling up her desire once again. Every bump, every vibration homed in on her crotch with laser-guided accuracy and delivered their small, frustrating, payloads to cumulative effect. While a single bump was nowhere near sufficient to drive the exhausted statue over the edge, their cumulative effect did; five minutes into her trip, Jessica’s eyelids fluttered as she slid again into the bliss of climax.

She must have passed out finally because the next image that met her eyes was that of the statuesque Taffy approximately three feet in front of her with some type of liquid showering down on her. Jessica could only assume that the same was happening to her as she saw white fluid flowing down past her peripheral vision. Whatever Brulée had planned to do to them was finished, at least for this day, as the fluid ate away at the chocolate plaster, melting it, returning the encased Jessica and Taffy to the land of mobility.

It took time, as was indicated by the assistants assigned by Brulée to administer to her models, before Jessica was able to move her body. As was explained to Jessica, this was because while her head, arms, hand, and torso would enjoy the freedom of movement as the chocolate plaster dissolved, the rest of her remained trapped in the plaster pedestal, which would take much longer to melt. Jessica could see Taffy barely able to keep herself upright as the enough of the plaster washed away from her exhausted, nubile body that she was not supported by anything but her own body.

Finally, as the pedestal had been reduced enough, Jessica managed to break her long legs free and quickly shuffled over to her statue-mate.

“Here, let me help...” Jessica whispered into Taffy's ear as she began to wrap her arms around Brulée's drained ex-lover. It didn't take a second offer as Taffy collapsed into the investigator's arms.

Jessica spent the next several minutes holding Taffy's limp form in her arms, cradling her, as Taffy's plaster pedestal finally released their grasp on Taffy's lower legs. Jessica tugged slightly to pull Taffy away from the remainder of the plaster, a soft 'sluuurppp' signaling that Taffy's tiny dancer's feet had pulled free of the suction of the chocolate mud that had formed on the tile floor of the room. With her last mission of the day completed, Jessica slowly slid down and sat on the tiled floor, cradling Taffy in her lap. Taffy woke just long enough to look up at Jessica, her big brown eyes saying more than the words; “I hate that cunt... I really hate that fucking cunt...” which slid from her lips before she drifted back off to sleep again.

Only the slightest of smiles appeared on Jessica's weary face, and it was only a matter of moments before she lay back with Taffy on the floor, and joined her fast asleep in a puddle of muddy, white chocolate glop.



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