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Jessica Darling Chapter 16: The Caged Bird Sings

by Michael England

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© Copyright 2010 - Michael England - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; D/s; mc; bond; collar; gummi; corset; encase; hogtie; gag; cons/nc; X

LEGAL NOTICE: This is purely a work of fiction. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. continued from chapter 15


Chapter 16: The Caged Bird Sings

Jessica suddenly felt a little under dressed for a 'guest-of-honor', given that she was only wearing the elaborate patterned bubblegum pink gummi corset, matching gummi stockings and gloves, and equally pink 'fuck-me' pumps.

The room was immaculate. A standard Victorian-style receiving room except, as with everything it seemed Brulée did, on a much larger scale. Dark oak flooring met Jessica's heels as she was led into the room and towards the large couch in front of the fireplace. The maid dutifully presented Jessica to Madame Brulée, who rose from her seat in the large ruby-red velvet chair, to inspect the maid's efforts to adhere to Brulée's instructions for Jessica's evening attire.

Brulée performed a slow circle of Jessica, who was standing in the center of the rug in front of the fireplace in an unconsciously directed submissive stance, and examined every inch of the investigator for the slightest flaw in presentation.

"My, my... you do look scrumptious my dear!" Brulée announced as she brought her hands together in soft mock applause directed towards the assistant who curtsied and quickly left the room.

As the maid closed the door behind her as she left, Jessica's attention was drawn to the far end of the room, where a song she instantly recognizable emanated from. Brulée motioned for Jessica to investigate the source of the music, ensuring her that Jessica was 'allowed' to move freely about the room.

Jessica moved closer to the source of the song, enraptured with its melody, so enraptured that she didn't notice Brulée join her as she stood in front of the source of the musical performance.

"Stunning isn't she? She makes such a scrumptious songbird don't you agree?" Brulée whispered into Jessica's ear as Jessica stared in amazement at the performing songstress in front of them.

Bobbi Brennan had been fitted, or perhaps more accurately 'decorated', with a body suit running from her crotch to the silver collar around her neck. The suit reflected the same multicolored feather design as those in the tail still fitted into the plug that had been glued into her rectum earlier that morning. Her legs were covered in a pure white substance that reflected the ambient light in the room, showering it in all the colors of the spectrum. Her hands and arms were similarly covered in the substance, while the singer's feet were fitted into white ballet-type slippers that were tied around her ankles and up the calves of her shapely legs. Her hair had been sculpted into a style that resembled the head feathers of a bird, and covered in the same substance that her body costume was constructed of. The effect was stunning. Brulée, or rather her assistants, had made Bobbi Brennan into the most beautiful songbird Jessica had ever seen.

The entire time Jessica stood there admiring her; the singer continued her song, almost oblivious to her audience. It wasn't until she finished and Brulée went over and gently stroked Bobbi on the cheek that the singer acknowledged she was aware of them by presenting them with a broad smile before beginning her next song.

Brulée stood by Jessica as the singer continued her private concert and explained that Bobbi's outfit had been constructed out of, essentially, a very durable type of cake frosting that formed a rubber-like material once it cured. The bodysuit had been sculpted slightly and different colors used to create the effect of feathers, as was the singer's hair.

"The stockings and gloves are especially stunning my crumpet." Brulée continued... "That is a pure-white version of my frosting, only I mixed in microscopic Swarovski crystals to create the shimmer you see on our tasty songbird."

Jessica moved closer to the still singing bird, taking in the craftsmanship of her dressing. "But, the stockings and gloves are perfectly smooth! Even a perfectly frosted cake has swirl marks in it!" Jessica commented.

"Silly crumpet!" Brulée began "We didn't 'spread' the frosting on her that is much too crude of an application method for my 'Frosting d'Elegance'!" Jessica turned away from Bobbi the Songbird's supple legs to hear the rest of Brulée's explanation. "Applying the stockings or gloves requires the subject's arm or leg be dipped into the frosting, much like a handcrafted candle. The frosting self-levels and then contracts as it cures which creates the near-flawless surface you see there on our lovely songbird."

Jessica moved behind Bobbi the Songbird to admire her exquisite tail feathers not having been able to fully appreciate their color and detail when she first saw them fitted to the singer before her molding process was started. Their length and size belied their weight, as Bobbi the Songbird was moving around in her performance as if her tail wasn't even there. Jessica listened as Brulée explained their construction of lightweight plastic and composite materials, thus reducing their weight to mere grams, continuing to let her eyes wander up and down the songbird's lean body. The bodysuit, with its feathered effect had been continued to cover Bobbi's entire back up to the point where her tail met the crack of her ass, at which point her sculpted ass and legs were uncovered until the upper thighs where the crystal encrusted stockings began. Bobbi the Songbird's shaved pussy was completely uncovered, which only served to cause a stirring in Jessica's own sex as she realized that the songstress was becoming sexually aroused during her concert performance.

After the songbird finished her third song, Brulée walked back to her and placed her fingers between the vocalist's legs, gently fingering her wet crotch, playing with the vibrator glued into it. "That was very nice my little pet..." Brulée cooed as the songbird smiled and began to grind her crotch further onto Brulée's fingers. "Yes, very lovely my sweet little pet..."

Taking her hand from between Bobbi’s legs and placing them on the songbird's lips, Brulée softly, firmly, commanded the chanteuse to "Continue your singing while my little crumpet and I discuss business and I will reward you with a wonderful climax."

Bobbi the Songbird smiled softly and then as Jessica and Brulée turned to sit in front of the songstress, began another set of songs. All throughout the concert, Jessica couldn't get her mind off the events of the past few days. The enslavement of the various celebrities Jessica had seen, the exquisite bondage and torture technologies Brulée employed to both punish and reward, and Jessica's own collapse into sexual bliss as she watched Taffy's agonizing IM encasement.

"And now my dear crumpet!" Brulée announced in full showman-mode. "The final glorious moment that will complete our entertaining experience tonight!" Hitting a series of numbers on her remote, Brulée summoned her servants to wheel in a rather large object covered in a fine satin cloth. Once positioned in a preordained location in the room, Brulée dismissed the servants and taking Jessica by the hand, led her over to the object.

"And now, you are privileged to be the first to behold my latest creation!" Brulée exclaimed as she pulled the satin covering off the object and let it fall to the floor.

Jessica gasped as she instantly recognized the statue in front of her. There was the statue of Bobbi the Songbird, the molding of which Jessica had witnessed earlier. The statue was in intricate detail, crafted in pure white chocolate, or more accurately, a solid white chocolate resin. The only differences between the pose Jessica had seen molded and this final statue was the addition of the title plaque on the base and a microphone stand, molded of the same resin material, which held a large penis-shaped chocolate dildo only inches from the singer's open mouth. Some of the white resin had been placed onto the tip of the dildo in such a manner as to replicate cum emerging from it. Taking in these additions, Jessica fully understood the statue's title: "Singing for her Supper".

Brulée detailed how the two parts of the mold were joined and a hard resin derived from chocolate injected into it under pressure to ensure the resin reached every single crack and crevice of the mold which ensured that no air pockets would exist as these air pockets could create cracks in the large statue as the resin cured. Brulée went further to add that on occasion she had made molds of disobedient servants and then injected the resin into the mold while they were still encased inside. Reading the sudden look of concern on Jessica's face, Brulée explained that since servants represented a significant investment in time and money, they had been molded with breathing tubes in place so they could breathe. "And the body is remarkably compliant under pressure..." Brulée added.

"In fact, you can see some examples of this at the party I've planned tomorrow night to unveil our songbird's statue! I have quite the event planned, something worthy of the artwork I do say." Brulée was quite the showman, so Jessica knew that this party would indeed be something to remember.

"Now my crumpet, the reason why I brought you here..." Brulée's hand began to lightly stroke Jessica's hair. "I have a proposition for you that I think you will find quite interesting".

Jessica tried to ignore the gentle caress of the woman in whose embrace Jessica had recently exploded in sexual ecstasy, trying to focus on the mission and the simple fact that Brulée still had to answer for the various kidnappings. "And just what 'proposition' would that be Brulée?" Jessica responded with what she hoped was a business-like tone as she attempted to pull her head away from Brulée’s grasp.

"My... so unplayful are we?" Brulée whispered into Jessica's ear... "Very well then, we'll discuss 'business' then." Brulée summoned an assistant, who attached a leash to the collar on Bobbi's neck and led her out of the room. Jessica couldn't help but watch as her favorite singer was led away, watching her legs and ass the entire distance until the door was shut behind her.

"Very well my crumpet..." Brulée broke Jessica's concentration on the departed songbird and brought her back to Brulée's attention. "I present you with the opportunity of a lifetime." Jessica raised an eyebrow in mock curiosity. "I know your reputation as an investigator. Your skills, my capture of you not withstanding, are renowned."

"Why Brulée, a compliment from you? I'm flattered!" Jessica again attempted to antagonize Brulée into dropping her guard long enough to drop her with a right-cross to the chin.

"But..." Brulée continued, unaffected "it's your 'other' skills, your skills in industrial espionage that I am more interested in."

Jessica realized that Brulée must have found someone who was willing to confirm Jessica's source of income before she abandoned it for the work of a private investigator, so she decided it wasn't any real use denying it. Jessica simply sat on the couch staring intently at Brulée as she continued her 'pitch'.

"I'm in need of someone of your skills to ensure that my corporation remains the dominant couture confectionery in the world. There are several European firms that have designs on my market and I want to put a stop to it. At any cost." Brulée explained.

Jessica sat and listened, but not really paying attention. She knew that she could never work for Brulée, someone guilty of kidnapping and potentially even murder if pushed, regardless of how much of a threat Brulée might be to Jessica while she was her captive.

"As you can see my crumpet, money is not an issue for me so you will be handsomely rewarded. Plus..." Brulée moved behind Jessica and began to lightly stroke her shoulders and hair "there are excellent 'fringe' benefits available to someone as tasty as you..." Brulée began to move her hands down to fondle Jessica's corseted breasts before Jessica broke away and turned to face Brulée.

"Come on Brulée! You really think I could be persuaded by money and sex? Please! You're a fuckin’ slime, who resorts to kidnapping to support your half-assed artistic endeavors. Hell! You’re not even smart enough to even think up the materials you use in your 'art'!" Jessica practically spat out the final word... "You take credit for poor misguided Taffy’s work as your 'inventions'. You're nothing more than an ego-centric, middle-aged, ethically and morally bankrupt twat who is becoming more and more jealous of those with more youth and beauty than you the closer you get to menopause! You're pathetic! You're not an artist! You’re nothing more than a no-talent hack who might as well be painting by numbers!!!" As soon as she finished her verbal assault, the final word echoing off the paneled walls of Brulée's receiving room, Jessica noted Brulée's hands balling into fists and adopted a defensive posture waiting for a physical reply from Brulée. Which was exactly what Jessica hoped and waited for.

And waited, and waited, and waited...

After several moments, the dead silence was broken with a familiar, obnoxious giggle... "My dear crumpet!" Brulée finally broke out laughing. "You've no idea how happy you're about to make me!!! I had heard rumors that you weren't easy to tame, and I was so truly hoping that I would get a shot at it!" Brulée placed her hands in her pockets and hit the requisite key strokes.

Jessica's wrists and ankles suddenly slammed together, and Jessica fell to the floor with a resounding 'thud'. Jessica's head impacted the wooden floor with enough force to stun the petite blond.

Brulée quickly moved to her desk and, after retrieving a ball-gag made of rubberized liquorice, stood over the stunned Jessica. She knelt down onto Jessica's back, roughly took Jessica's hair in her hand, and pulled up while harshly grinding one of her knees into the small of Jessica's back.

Jessica responded by opening her mouth to scream in pain, only to have Brulée immediately shove the large gag into it. Brulée then released her grasp on Jessica's head by sharply throwing her head down to the floor again.

The second impact almost knocked Jessica cold, but through the forming fog she could feel the gag in her mouth begin to ooze slightly as Brulée secured the gag's straps behind Jessica's head.

"Just so you know my crumpet, that gag is coated with a special glue that is activated when it comes in contact with saliva!" Jessica heard Brulée cackle through the cobwebs still forming in her head. "Your lips are sealed to themselves and the gag until I decide to apply the solvent! So, I hope you're used to gags, because that one will be with you for a while my pet!"

Jessica feebly struggled on the floor in front of Brulée, her head pounding and her limbs useless, until Brulée pulled Jessica's legs upwards towards Jessica's neck. Brulée quickly secured Jessica's ankles to a ring on the back of Jessica's collar with a length of liquorice rope she had retrieved from a nearby end table, and tightened the tie several times.

This action forced Jessica's legs closer to the investigator's back before Brulée finally knotted the end of the rope. With Jessica partially hogtied, Brulée released the wrist magnets long enough to allow her to reposition them behind Jessica’s back before she reactivated the magnets to attach Jessica’s wrists to her ankle bands.

Brulée stood to admire her handiwork. "Not too bad. I'm sure one of my assistants or Cocoa could hogtie you much tighter, or more properly my crumpet, but this will do for making you controllable for transport."

Brulée then used her cellphone/remote control unit to summon several assistants, who would subsequently be instructed to take Jessica to Laboratory 3 for 'adjustment'. Before the assistants could appear, she had one final comment for her prone guest: "I am so going to enjoy playing with you my pet!" Brulée chuckled as she knelt down in front of the still struggling and dazed Jessica. "You may think me an amateur, but I promise you that there are subjects in which I am a master. As you are about to be made to realize my tasty morsel!"

The assistants, having finally appeared to implement Brulée’s bidding, quickly lifted Jessica up and placed her on a stainless-steel room-service serving cart and quickly spirited her out of the room and began Jessica's return to Brulée's fetish candyland.


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