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Jennifer's Holiday

by Rubberised

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Storycodes: MF/f+; latex; catsuit; toys; buttplug; armbinder; transported; breathplay; inflatable; enclosed; insert; climax; cons; XX

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7: Slave Jane

Soon the sharp retort of stiletto heels on the polished wood floor told them Miranda and Jane were returning. Miranda strode towards them, wearing the same red suit and heels, but now with a short rubber mack in the same colour, tightly belted around her waist. In her red rubber gloved hand she held the end of a thin chrome leash, which draped over her shoulder. At the other end of the leash, tottering to keep up, was Jane. She wore a white suit like the one from the maid's outfit, but with a tightly cinched white rubber corset around her waist. A matching neck corset kept her head held erect. The full head mask had only nostril and eye openings, her mouth covered by smooth thick white rubber. On her feet she wore white patent ballet ankle boots, and she was forced to keep taking small steps to retain her balance. Her arms were no help, as they were pulled behind her and strapped into a white rubber armbinder, straps pulling it so tight her elbows almost touched. Jennifer gasped at the severity of the outfit, but looking into Jane's eyes she could see they burned with excitement and determination. She really was enjoying this!

“I think it's time to show them the factory,” Steve said, adding, “I'll drive.”

Miranda smiled at this comment, then turned to Jennifer. “You may wish to change for the journey. Come with me.” She handed Jane's leash to Steve and took Jennifer back along the corridor to her dressing room. Opening one of the mirrored panels she pulled out a pair of glistening black leggings and handed them to Jennifer. “You'll enjoy the journey more if you wear these,” she announced, winking. As Jennifer unfolded the leggings she found they had front and rear sheaths moulded into them. Unzipping her dress she rolled it up above her waist. Wriggling she pulled down the black latex thong she wore underneath, then stepped into the leggings. They were well lubed inside and out, and slid on easily. As she eased them up her legs Miranda knelt down and helped smooth them out. When they reached her hips Miranda produced a dildo, and as Jennifer smoothed the black latex over her waist Miranda gently inserted the dildo in the front sheath and used it to guide the sheath inside Jennifer. Once she was lined with latex Miranda removed the dildo and used it to repeat the process on the rear sheath.

Jennifer pulled her dress back down over the leggings, but as the two women looked at her reflection in the mirrors they both agreed the dress looked wrong with high-waisted leggings underneath. Jennifer took it off as Miranda produced a black cropped top then helped Jennifer pull it on. It had long tight sleeves and clung to Jennifer's breasts snugly, and finished just above her waist leaving a few centimetres of flesh showing before the top of the leggings. Miranda then handed her a short black mack, similar to her red one. “Perfect” Miranda exclaimed as Jennifer pulled the belt tight, slipped on the black patent ankle boots Miranda proffered and the two of them went back to join Steve. They found him sitting on the sofa, with Jane kneeling on the floor beside him, head bowed, arms still pulled cruelly back behind her in the armbinder.

Steve got up as he saw them arrive and picked up some keys from the table in front of the sofa. “I'll bring the car round,” he said and headed off down the corridor. Miranda picked up Jane's leash and instructed her to stand, then led her to the front door. Jennifer followed, still bemused by this new situation. The bizarre sight of her strong-willed friend being bound, gagged and led by the collar was so distracting that she had barely given her own situation a second thought, but it now occurred to her that whilst the leggings were very comfortable she had no idea why she had been instructed to change into them.

Miranda opened the front door and walked down the steps to the drive. Jane followed, precarious on her ballet heels. Jennifer brought up the rear, and shut the door behind them when Miranda requested. Just then a large black Range Rover came round the corner of the house. It had tinted windows, but the driver's door opened and Steve jumped out, opening the rear door for them.

They headed for the car, Jane almost alongside Miranda, but as they reached the door Miranda gave a sharp tug on the leash “Not you!” she barked, “Not in there.” and walked round to the back of the car. Opening the trunk she lifted the floor panel. Where the spare tire would normally be was a large cavity, lined with black rubber. Peering in, Jennifer realised that a person could fit inside, if they curled up tightly. That was exactly what Miranda was now guiding Jane to do. Soon Jane's white latex clad body was curled up like some bizarre foetus in its black rubber womb. Miranda took an anaesthetic mask with a corrugated hose which seemed to disappear into the side of the cavity, and pulled it over Jane's face, tightening the straps behind her head. Then she closed the floor panel, trapping Jane inside!

Seeing Jennifer's shocked expression she guided her back to the rear door of the car. “Look” she said, climbing in and sliding over to the far seat. “The cocoon is controlled and monitored from here”. She picked up an iPad from the door pocket. The screen showed a number of graphs and dials. “This is her heart rate, and this her breathing” explained Miranda pointing at the graphs. “The rubber lining is double-walled, so we can inflate it like this” and she slid her finger up a slider on the right of the screen. Jennifer saw Jane's heart rate rise, and imagined how she must be feeling, her already squeezed body being compressed even further. Actually she could imagine her loving it, given her new-found propensity for bondage. “So you see she's perfectly safe, and we can release her quickly if there is any need” Miranda concluded.

“I think we should explain a few things about the proposal we’re going to put to Jane,” Steve joined in from the front seat. “We've had a number of slaves over the years, but the reality is neither of us are particularly dominant. We have no interest in causing anyone any actual pain; our BDSM games are more about helping our slaves fulfil their own desires. We'll take Jane on as a servant and treat her as severely as she wants, but we have our limits and she'll be free to leave at any time.” Steve turned and looked Jennifer in the eye, as if they needed her confirmation that she understood and consented to the arrangement. Despite not knowing Jane very long Jennifer felt some responsibility for bringing her into this bizarre world, but was pretty sure this was what she wanted. She nodded a response to Steve. He smiled in return. "Right, let's get going then," he said and settled into the driving seat.

Next to Jennifer on the rear seat Miranda put on her seatbelt, so Jennifer did the same. She found that they were five-point harnesses like a race car rather than the usual lap belts. The straps were thick rubber of course, and the seat covers were also rubber, with a patina of lubricant so sliding into them was easy. They were also much more shaped than standard car seats, and the combination of the bucket seat and belts held Jennifer snugly in position. She was not prepared for what happened next however. Miranda touched another control on the iPad and something started moving within the seat! Jennifer could feel it moving beneath her. From between the deep folds of the upholstered seat under Jennifer the heads of two slickly lubricated dildos started to rise. She soon felt them pushing against her, and understood why she had been instructed to change her clothes. She wriggled over the approaching intruders, doing her best to line them up with her front and rear entrances. They continued to rise, sliding slickly into the sheaths in her leggings. Deeper and deeper they slid, until just as Jennifer felt they would start to lift her off the seat they stopped. Looking over at Miranda it was obvious that similar intruders had penetrated her too; she had her eyes closed and licked her lips lasciviously.

“Everybody comfortable?” said Steve, with obvious pleasure, and started the car. Immediately they started to move Jennifer could feel the vibration of the car and every bump of the road and through her twin dildos. By the time they had reached the end of the drive she was already squirming with arousal and when they reached the open road and the car reached cruising speed the first wave of climax overcame her. As screamed she pushed her hands into the soft rubber of the seat, and felt Miranda's hand under hers. Their fingers entwined, and somehow knowing the woman whose hand she held was experiencing the same stimulation made the experience even more intense. The journey to the factory took them through the outskirts of the city and out into the country, but Jennifer registered none of the sights, lost as she was in orgasm after orgasm. Only when the dildos started to retract did Jennifer come round from her trance and begin to recover herself.


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