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Janet's Experience

by mcthor05

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© Copyright 2009 - mcthor05 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFFF/f; bond; wrap; spandex; unitard; vacbed; tickle; tease; cons; X

Janet had been into bondage and latex since her early teens. She'd spend hours in the mall at Spencer’s and hot topic, looking at the starter kits, fuzzy hand cuffs, and novelty latex under garments.

It wasn't until she was in college that she began to actually pursue it. It was kind of hard to do this in her small Midwestern town, but when she moved to the Cities for school, she was able to experiment and figure life out for herself.

One night, she was surfing around online and discovered a soft fetish site doing some pretty interesting stuff. To her joy, she discovered that they were looking for models. It was a smaller site, but they had some interesting clips, a lot of it involved DIY homemade equipment. She kept reading, until she stopped at the words 'latex vacuum bed'. Apparently, the two usual models were scared to death of it and wanted nothing to do with it. They were fine with getting slimed, tied up, buried in foam, stuck to the walls in goop, but they were both claustrophobic.

For Janet, in her mind this was it. This was the ultimate experience, combining both her love of latex and bondage. She was always trying to tie herself up, but was always getting free. She also had quite the collection of latex garments, but nothing too expensive or freaky. Her roommate was quite vanilla, and didn't want to play. Janet thought it would be nice to tie herself up and leave herself as a gift. It wasn't well received.

Janet looked at all the clips that Sulfur Studios had available. Neither of the models was naked or forced into doing anything sexually uncomfortable in any of the clips, for doing fetish stuff, it was pretty tame. It said on the models’ bios that they were college students just like her.

She sent them an email. She had butterflies in her stomach. She could get paid for modeling a vacuum bed. She didn't even care about the money, although it would be nice. She just wanted to know the embrace of the latex, covering every inch of her body, totally unable to move.

Dear Sulfur Studios
My name is Janet, and I am interested in your open modeling position. Latex is my favorite, and I've always wanted to experience a vacuum bed in person. Attached is a photo, I hope you like it.


Janet got a reply back in only a few minutes.

Dear Janet
Wow, you are exactly what we are looking for. We won't be able to pay you much, but we'll give you as much time with the vacuum bed as you want! Are you free this weekend? I would like to set up a shoot as soon as possible. Thanks!


Janet gasped. It was happening. It was really happening. She could barely fall asleep that night. That Saturday morning she was making the drive to Sulfur Studios. She dreamt that Thursday night of the tight stretchy embrace of the latex, holding her tight. Friday she could barely concentrate in class. Friday night was once again, full of dreams. She woke up to a puddle between her legs. She had an orgasm during her dream last night. Her roommate, Lucy, gave her a dirty look. Oops, she must have moaned or screamed or something too.

Janet showered, shaved, packed, and hit the road. Steve at Sulfur Studios was waiting for her. More specifically, his latex vacuum bed.

She found the house where Steve and his models did the shooting. Janet was greeted at the door by a woman she hadn't seen in any of the videos yet. This was Lauren, Steve's wife. Steve and Lauren, and the two models from the video, Sandra and Kimberly were eating breakfast.

Steve and Lauren, Sandra and Kimberly and Janet all did introductions. Around noon, they started shooting video. At first it was just a glamour shots with Janet and the other models. The next shoot was Sandra and Kimberly wrapping Janet up in saran wrap, as kind of a get to know you thing. It was fun, but Janet wouldn't be satisfied until she knew the inside of the promised vacuum bed. They had skillfully wrapped her up like she had seen in many of the videos, except for her feet. They tickled her soles and she giggled and squealed for the camera.

Steve asked what they wanted to do next. Janet, flushed from being tickled over and over, meekly said she wanted to do the vac-bed shoot. Nobody had any objections, so Lauren went into the hall closet and got out the latex liner and the piping and the vacuum. Janet watched her and Steve set it up in anticipation. She could smell the latex from half way across the room. She was nearly in a trance when Sandra snuck up behind her and grabbed her sides to tickle her.

"Hey, relax would ya! Don't be nervous, Steve knows what he's doing" Sandra said.

Janet was startled back into the real world. "Oh... yeah, ha-ha, I guess you're right. It's just... I've been waiting for this... for a long time now."

"Ohh... gotcha. Well, here, put this on. Steve's protective of his gear. This will prevent you from snagging on the bed during the shoot." Kimberly snuck up next to Janet and presented her with a spandex unitard. "You go put this on, we'll help finish preparing."

Janet went to the bathroom and stripped down to her panties, which she noticed were getting damp again. She then gracefully put on her spandex unitard, one leg at a time, then one arm at a time. It seemed quite tight, but the built in bra gave her plenty of support. She took a deep breath, looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled.

She strode back out to the living room, where everyone was waiting for her. Steve had just finished rigging up the lighting. They all looked at her. It was her moment, and they knew it. Everything seemed to slow down. The flash of the camera seemed bigger and brighter. They started out with some more glamour shots, and then Kimberly opened the zipper on the vacuum bed. Janet's heart started to beat faster and faster. She slowly sat down on the floor and slid one foot in. She could feel the resistance and the friction of the latex immediately. She had to take a deep breath.

She slid her right arm in too and felt the top and the bottom of the bed. The latex was thick, almost an 8th of an inch. It had some stretch to it. It was starting to feel like the inside of a balloon. She then brought in the other half of her body along with her head. Janet moved her head so her mouth could accept the breathing tube. It passed through her lips and deep into her mouth. She looked to the side and could see the light disappear as Kimberly drew the zipper shut.

The latex sheet was touching the entire top of her body, it was completely dark inside of the bag. She knew what would come next, and positioned herself. Her legs were spread as wide as she could get them before they touched the frame. Her hands were at her sides palms flat against the bottom. She arched her heels and spread her toes. The moment, it was almost here. Her whole life was building to this.

And then she heard the vacuum kick on. The latex began to shrink around her body. It was tight against her chest, hugging against her breasts through the fabric of the unitard. It was sucked tight against her thighs and crotch. The pressure felt so amazing. None of her toys were even close to this feeling. A second later and she could no longer wiggle her fingers or toes. For fun she tried to struggle a bit, and couldn't move a muscle. She tried to open her eyes, but she couldn't even do that. The pressure kept her eyelids closed.

A few more seconds had past. Breathing required focus. Each breath was now a deliberate exercise. That’s exactly how Janet wanted it. The sound of the vacuum cut off. Was it over already?

Absolutely not. Janet was given a few minutes to herself. She tested her bonds in complete silence. Everything was amplified. Every hair on her skin felt alive. The smell of latex filled her nose and mouth. The only things she could hear were her heart beating and hear the sound of air filling her lungs then leaving again. Every moment, every struggle brought her closer to climax. Only, nobody outside knew this. They just thought her bucking and struggling and deep gasping breaths were showmanship for the camera. Janet was close. Her breathing got heavier and heavier.

And all of a sudden, she felt something on top of her. Sandra had climbed on top of the vac-bed and was polishing it with Janet still inside. This was it. Janet couldn't help it any more. It was an explosion between her legs. It was lightning all the way down to her toes. Her body arched and lifted the bed. She let out a moan from the breathing tube. Sandra continued to polish the latex. Every touch was electric to Janet. Every sweet gentle caress. In addition to the polishing she started to feel something else too. She was laughing uncontrollably inside the vacuum bed. She was being ticked! Somebody was tickling her! It was Kimberly. The conflicting sensations were too much. Her body spazmed in pleasure again.

The rubbing and the tickling gently faded away, but not before Kimberly took Janet’s left side, Sandra her right, and polished her inside the bag slowly from head to toe, paying special attention to her chest and waist line, and then a quick tickling of her feet.

Light. She could see light intruding from the side of the bag. Air quickly filled the space which had been nothing but two tight sheets of latex. She could see Kimberly smiling at her through the hole. Slowly the zipper came undone, and Janet slid out of the bed. Steven had her answer a few questions for the camera. She tried really hard to answer them, but she was in such a sex daze. Her panties were absolutely soaked. This was ok though because the unitard was also soaked in sweat. Janet took a shower while Kimberly and Sandra did a tie-up shoot.

After the shower they sat around, talked, ate pizza and relaxed. The day wasn't even over but she was already looking forward to her next session with Sulfur Studios. After Kimberly and Sandra left, Steve and Lauren talked with Janet for a while. That was the most incredible shoot that Sulfur Studios, in its 6 months, had ever done. Janet blushed when Steve said how much energy and enthusiasm she had during the shoot. She confessed that she came during it, twice. Lauren said she thought that might happen. It was totally obvious that Janet was unusually about the shoot, and that’s why she had the girls tickle and polish her. Steve and Lauren promised they wouldn't share her inside secret with anybody. Steve and Lauren also said that as long as they could shoot video of it, she was more than welcome to use it at any time. With this, Janet's eyes lit up. Steve and Lauren giggled.

Janet spent the night with Steve and Laura. She was too exhausted to drive back to campus. She fell down on the guest bed, and drifted off to sleep.



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