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Invitation to a Fetish Party

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2003 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f, rubber doll, bondage, latex; boxed; reluctant/nc; X

Invitation to a Fetish Party
by Rubberwolf

Invitation to a Fetish Party by Rubberwolf
Victoria was not sure what to expect when Matt asked to join him at a fetish party.  She knew that he had some definite kinks; it was one of the things that attracted her to him.  They had met a few months ago at a party held by a mutual friend.  She had found him witty, charming and very good company.  Although she would not call herself promiscuous, she had found herself leaving her telephone number on his bedside table the following morning, still smiling over the antics of the night before.

Victoria could not help but replay her introduction to the world of bondage, as she recalled that first night.  Upon returning to his hotel room, the mutual exploration of each other and consequent shedding of clothes had not progressed directly to sex as she had expected.

 “Do you mind if I tie you?  Just a little gentle bondage,” he had asked.

She was not sure weather the wine had been stronger than she imagined, or if her acceptance had said more about her own secret desires than she cared to admit.  Never the less, within half an hour she had found herself tied, spread eagled to the bed with Matt doing some very wicked things to her. After that she had seen Matt quite regularly, finding herself bound in a variety of ways, sometimes dressing up in revealing costumes, or using toys that come with batteries.  Throughout all of this, despite the bondage, he was the perfect gentleman.  Although she had been spanked occasionally, she had never been hurt and Matt would always stop when she asked him to.  She trusted him and felt safe with him.

She had not fully analysed her feelings towards Matt’s sexual tastes.  But one thing was for certain.  He was not short of a penny, or two.  His house was a massive, ten bedroom affaire, complete with a large garage to house his convertible Porsche, Ferrari and classic Bentley and situated on large, landscaped, grounds.  A girl could put up with almost anything when considering those sorts of fringe benefits.  With the way the relationship was progressing, if Matt popped the question, she felt that she would not hesitate to accept.

She was not sure what one wore to a fetish party and so had chosen her most tarty clothes for the occasion.  She had to admit, that despite the fact that she would not normally wear these clothes to a party, she looked good.  The short leather mini skirt, patent four inch heels, fishnets and blue Basque, despite making her look like she should be charging by the hour, looked very good indeed.  Her face looked a little pale and so she added more blusher.  This was always a problem, since her pale complexion and moon shaped face gave her the impression of a china doll.  This image was enhanced by her diminutive five foot four stature. Despite having tried several hairstyles, even the classic bob that she now wore could not dispel this image, she mused as she considered herself in the mirror.  Her pale face and dark, almost black, eyes staring back at her, framed by her dark hair.  All things taken in to consideration though, even with the clothes emphasising her narrow waist and 34 C breasts, she looked good enough to eat.  After one final glimpse in the mirror, removing some bright red lip stick that, as is usually the case, had found itself smeared on her front teeth, she grabbed her hand bag and headed for the car to take the thirty mile drive to Matt’s home.

Forty minutes later, which was not a bad time considering traffic at this time of day; she pulled on to the drive at Matt’s home.  It was still some time until the party was due to start and judging by the gleam in Matt’s eye, he had considered this.  There were two possible outcomes to that look.  The first was that she would find herself bound in some exotic fashion, screaming her lungs out in the throws of multiple orgasm, or that she would help Matt with his other passion, art. 

On several occasions, upon arriving at Matt’s, Victoria had found herself posing for photos, or having gunk applied to her face, or a variety of other body parts, so that casts could be made.  Matt, she was told, had a passion for sculpture, although how a man of Matt’s talents ended up selling novelty toys for a living, she could not imagine.

Her speculation was soon answered.

“I have some new bondage stuff, how about we have a little fun before the party?”

So, ten minutes later, Victoria found herself in Matt’s palatial bedroom, stark naked, with her arms behind her back, while Matt bound them.  The new toy turned out to be some sort of arm binder. 

Victoria tried not to wince as her arms were pulled in to a single sleeve.  Her arms were guided in to a single opening that, once her arms were in, was tied at the elbows, with a rubber strap, forcing them together painfully.  Laces along the length of the sleeve where tightened, forcing her wrists together painfully. 

“Ouch, that hurts,” Victoria protested, as lower arms were bound forcefully together.

“Sorry baby, I’ll try to go a bit easier.  But this does look good on you, “Matt soothed as he brought her wrists up, behind her back and attached the sleeve to the D ring of the shiny rubber collar that now adorned Victoria’s slender neck.

Another of Matt’s new toys turned out to be a ratcheted device that he fit inside her mouth, on to her upper and lower wisdom teeth.  Matt explained that by squeezing the button on the side of the device, the ratchet was released.  He could, therefore keep her mouth in whatever position he liked.  To demonstrate this, Matt pressed the button on the side of the device and asked Victoria to open wide.  Once her mouth was fully open she attempted to close her jaw, or dislodge the device, without success.  She even attempted to push the button with her tongue, but could not reach it, since it was on the other side of her teeth and there was a threaded bar in the way.

For the next hour Victoria endured this ruthless position as she was forced to suck Matt’s Cock and perform other sexual practices.  But this was made up for the fact that he not only returned the favour, but also shaved her pussy.  Victoria found this incredibly erotic.

It was made even more erotic for her when he produced another of his purchases, liquid latex.  Victoria began to become a little concerned by the direction that Matt’s kink was heading, as he lovingly painted the substance over her pussy and anus, using the end of a paint brush to keep both orifices open as he applied the flesh coloured latex.

Once it had dried he inserted a dildo and a but plug in to their respective orifices.  Victoria had never had anything pushed up her rear passage before and thought about complaining, but decided to let it go, as it was obviously making Matt happy and consoled herself with a loud “Unghh” as the object was inserted.  This rather unbecoming sound was repeated on several occasions, as Matt used the dildo to bring her to orgasm, as he sucked and groped his way around her body.

After an hour though Victoria was in real discomfort from the arm binder and felt it was time to remind Matt that it was time they got ready for the party.

“Att.  Um on  ee ave oo et eady”  she mumbled as Matt chewed on one of her nipples.

“Your right, we have to get ready for the party”.

Having said this Matt adjusted the jaw ratchet so that her mouth was only just open, keeping her lips apart by only a quarter of an inch.  Having done this he then unceremoniously flung Victoria over his shoulder in a fire mans lift.

“I have a really special outfit planned for you.  You will love it, I promise,” Matt explained as he carried the rather puzzled Victoria down to his studio.

Having negotiated the stares and several doors, Matt entered the studio, carrying his increasingly annoyed passenger.  He made his way to a very curious stand, in the middle of the studio. 

The stand consisted of a circular base, with a three and a half, to four foot rod attached, much like a standard lamp.  At the top of the rod was a small, crescent shaped saddle.  Near the bottom of the rod, where two metal leg irons.

Victoria landed on the saddle with a bump, forcing the dildo and butt plug deeper in to her, eliciting a loud grunt.  Before she could recover however, Matt locked her ankles in to the leg irons.  Although her feet could not reach the base, Victoria found that she could keep her balance, if a little uncomfortably, by stiffening her legs, bracing herself against the leg irons.

“Att, et ee oe.  Et ee off is ing.  Att”, Victoria protested.

Matt ignored her.  He picked something up off of his work bench and placed it over her head.  From what Victoria could make out, it was a hood of some sort, made from the same flesh coloured rubber as her arm binder.  This covered her head except for her face and ears, where holes had been cut to in to the rubber.  After some smoothing, Matt seemed satisfied.

Victoria was not happy with this at all and started to struggle and voice her protest as strongly as possible.


Victoria was stunned.  Matt had never hit her, or seemed violent in any way.  Now the sharp sting on her cheek and the determined look in his eyes stated that the rules had changed.

“Ow.  Oo arstard, et ee owt o is.  Et ee o” Victoria shouted, or tried to angrily, but was cut short by another ruthless sting on her other cheek.


Victoria stilled her struggles and stared, perplexed, at the man she thought she loved.  Drool from her open mouth dripped down her chin and on to her breasts.

“That’s better.  Now I need you to hold still, there is so much to do before the party and I want you to look your best”. 

Victoria sat very still on her perch as Matt removed all of the make up from her face.  Pulling wax strips from a packet on his desk he applied the wax to her eye brows, before pulling the strips and eye brows off in two painful tugs.

He then opened a pot of flesh coloured latex and painted her face and ears in several coats.  Victoria held back tears of frustration and rage, while Matt meticulously painted around her eyes.   Matt waited until all of the latex had dried, before applying another coat.  After several coats of latex it was difficult to see a join between Victoria’s new face and the hood.

Once the final layer had dried, Matt applied paint to the latex.  High gloss pink paint was applied to her lips, a bright blue to her eyes.  Eye make up was normally a tricky job for Victoria, but with all of the layers of latex coating her eye lids, the usual problem of blinking was no longer an issue.  She could still blink, but her eyes lowered and rose slowly, like a dolls.  After the eyes, Matt applied a blusher paint that emphasized her cheek bones.  He then painted her eye brows and finally stuck long, false eye lashes in to place.

While this was drying Matt wandered off to gather some more equipment to help in Victoria’s transformation.

This gave Victoria the chance to analyse her situation and to wonder at Matt’s behaviour, but could find no answer.  Obviously she did not know Matt as well as she thought she did and had only just scraped the surface of his sexual fantasies.  She would be having words with him after the party.  She might only be a twenty four year old supply teacher, who was currently between jobs.  But there were some things she would not put up with.

Victoria’s musings were interrupted by Matt’s return.  Her heart sank as she saw that he was carrying more rubber and latex.  All thoughts of later fled at the sight of so much latex, obviously intended for her.  Begging seemed very appropriate at this moment in time.

“Ees Att.  Oh or, ees.  I’ill oo anying oo ant.  Ut on’t oo any ore oo ee.  Ees”.

“God Victoria.  I thought you had learned by now.  I had hoped that you could talk to the other party goers.  But all you’re going to do is whine.”

With that, Matt forced her jaws apart and locked them open with the ratchet.  He then rummaged through the pile of rubber that he had been carrying.  Finding what he wanted he turned to Victoria and forced a large gag in to her mouth.  The gag was made of flesh coloured rubber and covered her mouth from the bottom of her nose, to the underneath of her jaw.    Matt tightened the gag, behind her neck, forcing a large rubber bulb, attached to the inside of the gag, deeply in to her mouth.  Now Victoria could not even protest.  Her best efforts producing a rather feeble  “Mphh”.

Seemingly satisfied, Matt returned to his bundle.  When he returned his attention to Victoria, he was holding a strange rubber sack.  It was only when he pulled it over her head that she realized what it was.  She was now wearing a strange corset.  Unlike other corsets that she had worn, this had a completely smooth, flesh covered latex front.  This was not the only thing different about the garment.  It covered her to the neck and over the shoulders, with two teardrop shaped gaps for her boobs to poke through.  The thing that the corset really lacked though, was arm holes. 

After ensuring that her boobs were nicely on show, and adjusting the laces at the back, Matt rolled the bottom of the hood up, removed the collar from Victoria’s neck and then rolled the hood back in place.  The D ring and surplus rubber from the single glove was then folded back on itself so that it was hidden inside the corset.  Once satisfied, Matt tightened the laces on the corset.

Victoria grunted as Matt put all of his weight and his knee, in to tightening the corset.  Victoria watched in amazement as her waist line vanished and her breasts swelled.  Finally, after a great deal of heaving and grunting (from both parties), Matt tied off the laces of the corset. 

After some adjustments behind her, which accompanied the strong smell of glue, Matt stepped back in to her vision.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?”  Matt asked.  “Would you like to see the progress so far?”

Without waiting for her response, Matt spun her on her stool until she was facing the opposite direction and a full length mirror.

Victoria did not recognize the armless dummy that peered back at her.  Although the make up, what she could see of it, was reminiscent of Barbie, the impossibly slim waist, which must be only eighteen or nineteen inches, and the enhanced bust would have had feminists queuing in the shops to rip the dolls from the shelves.  This doll oozed sexual presence and would not be suitable for a child of any age.  Two metal pins, where the arms should be caught her attention, but she could not puzzle their function.  This was just too fast, too weird and too happening to her for her to grasp small details.

Matt stood behind her, with a large mirror to show her the back.  All trace of arms had been hidden beneath the apparently seamless garment.  Padding, combined with the tightness of the garment combined to hide the fact that this doll had ever had arms.  As Victoria puzzled about the exactness of the garment, she remembered the various body casts that Matt had taken of her.  The level of planning involved worried her.  But before she could ponder this further Matt indicated that it was time to continue.

“Well times getting short, shall we get on?”

Without further comment Matt undid her legs and lifted her off of her perch and placed her on to the floor.  Unfortunately, she was forced to lie on her arms.  The pain that this caused, combined with the fact that the corset was forcing her to take short breaths meant that she could not relax now that the weight had been taken off of her pussy. 

Matt pulled the dildo and butt plug from their respective holes and then returned to his diminishing pile of latex.

“What now?” thought Victoria, as Matt returned with yet more flesh coloured latex.

Her question was answered as Matt began to roll the latex on to her feet and up her legs and over her buttocks.  It was a cat suit.  Victoria discovered that this cat suit was different from others that she had seen, as Matt repositioned the now resigned dolly.  It had no arms for one.  It also had an elliptic hole in the crotch.  Holes allowed the metal pins on her shoulders to poke through.  Also, unlike other cat suits that tend to compress the bust, Victoria’s boobs seemed to fit in to pre moulded cups in the suit that seemed designed for her newly enhanced breasts, giving them a round, natural look.

After zipping the suit at the back, which ran from the base of the suit to the top of the high collar, Matt began to seal the suit with glue.  Firstly around the neck, joining it to the hood.  Down the back, she assumed that this was to hide the zipper under a latex seem, as he had done with the corset.  He then glued around the pins  and finally turned his attention to her pussy and anus, which, she now remembered, had been coated in latex.

While Victoria squirmed on the floor, Matt returned to the latex pile, re-appearing  with two rubber stockings that he rolled up her legs, with the aid of talcum powder, until they were just below her pussy.  Next a pair of purple, knee length, and lace up boots were dowsed with the white powder and forced on to her legs.  As Matt pulled the pink boot laces tight, Victoria had a moment to study their design and shuddered at the transparent, seven inch, heal and clear, one inch, plastic sole.  She doubted that she would be able to stand, let alone walk in those boots.

Next Matt inserted a new, even larger, vibrator in to her pussy.  A process that Victoria tried to resist as the massive twelve inch plastic cock was lubricated and then unceremoniously rammed in to her pussy.  Next he inserted a smaller, but no less intimidating six inch vibrator in to her anus.  Matt then fitted a sort of cover over this.  This cover was elliptical and rounded.  From the glance that she got of it, before it was whisked between her legs, it was made of metal and coated with plastic.  Whatever it was, the two clicking sounds that accompanied it touching her inner thigh suggested that it had somehow joined itself to the vibrators.

Matt now brought a long white pole and bent down between her legs.  There must have been a hole in the strange plastic crotch piece that she now wore, because Matt began to screw the end of the pole in to the thing.  Once he had finished, he brought a white circular plate from his pile and affixed this to the pole.

Without warning Matt grabbed one of Victoria’s legs and forced it towards the pole.  A clicking sound, accompanied by the fact that she could no longer move her right leg told Victoria that the boots attached to the base somehow.  As expected her left leg was then locked in to position.  Matt then walked to stand behind her head, before bending down and lifting her by her shoulders to rest on her new base.  The pleading look in her eyes was lost beneath several layers of latex as she returned to her earlier position.

Matt had done quite a job, Victoria mused, as she studied the rubber dolly in the mirror.  It was, like all dollies, due to the strange crotch piece, now completely sexless.  Despite this, the doll that she was becoming possessed a sexual power that she had never dreamed of associating with herself.  The dark pink paint around her nipples was a particularly nice effect.  Despite her earlier concerns, she was getting quite turned on by this and attempted to squirm on the Vibrators in order to alleviate her growing arousal.

Matt noticed this and smiled as he fitted two rubber arms, complete with fingers, on to the metal pins at her shoulder.  Although they appeared to be made of flesh coloured rubber, the majority of the arm was covered by long, pink, rubber opera gloves that went up to the dollies arm pits.

Dolly was now fitted with a gorgeous purple rubber corset, with pink trim, that emphasized her small waist and large boobs.  She initially thought that this must be for show.  But with some effort, Matt managed to coax another inch out of the waist. 

Next the dolly was fitted, with the aid of lots of talcum powder, with a purple sheaf dress, again with pink trim, long sleeves and a high collar.  After a wobbly time to get this under the base and pulled up her body, forcing the rubber arms in to the sleeves,  Matt zipped up the dress and fastened the collar over the top of the zip with a buckle strap, Victoria was amazed at how great she looked.  She might forgive him after all, if not for the fact that her shoulders and arms were so painful.

“I had hoped that you would be a witty addition to the party Victoria, but you can still look your best,” Matt promised, as he again returned with more latex, which he pulled over her head.  This was not another hood, but a complete mask.  As Matt smoothed the eye holes, which he assured her were coated with gum, so she could show her real face later, if she behaved, Victoria looked in to the mirror at her own face.  True, the make up was a little heavy and the teeth displayed by the wide, dopey smile were a little too white, but it was definitely her face.

Finally, Matt stuck a wig, coated in tacky gum, to her head.  The black wig was cut in to a classic bob, similar to the one she wore under the latex.  He then completed the outfit with a pink rubber Macintosh, cut just a little lower than the mini length dress and tightly belted around the waist.

His work complete, Matt went go gets changed for the party, leaving Victoria to contemplate the doll that she had become.

He returned a little while later wearing a black rubber cat suit and hood, black rubber boots and a black rubber Macintosh.  Walking behind her, Matt tilted Victoria back until the casters on the base enabled him to wheel her in to the garage, where a rental van was waiting for her.  The back of the van contained a mattress and pillows which, with some pushing and shoving, he laid her on before closing the doors and driving to the party.

Due to the padding and the fact that she was not putting pressure on the arms, or pussy, Victoria found that she was quite comfortable and after twenty minutes, or so, drifted off to sleep.

The doors being opened and Matt pulling her out of the van awakened her.  Once upright, Matt lifted her by the waist and carried her along the gravel drive of an enormous house, before putting her down and ringing the door bell.  As they waited for the door to open Matt snapped his fingers, as though he had forgotten something.

“Oh yes, one more detail I forgot.  It might get you in the party mood.”

The doll with the stupid grin stared back at him as he bent down and thrust his hand up her skirt.  She heard a click, which must have been a switch, because the vibrators came to life inside of her.  Not only did they vibrate, but also they moved up and down, in alternating rhythm.  Not much, an inch or two at most, but enough for Victoria to feel an orgasm building in her.  The crotch piece must have some sort of motor, or something, built in to it, she thought, before all conscious thought left her and she was rocked by orgasm.

At last the door was opened and they were shown in to a room full of rubber clad people.  Matt wheeled her around, introducing her to various people, who were very understanding at her inability to respond.  As she was ferried to and frow around the party, Victoria saw that there was a large stage at one end of the room.  The tall purple stage curtains were drawn, so Victoria assumed that shows were held hear and that, if one was scheduled for tonight, she had no idea.

Her evening went in a blur, as Matt moved around the room of people.  She was groped, prodded, squeezed and even had her ass slapped.  But she was mostly oblivious to this as the Vibrators did their work and orgasms rocked her body.  However, Victoria conceded, even without the vibrators, she would have found the situation hugely erotic.  Being trussed up and dressed like a rubber dolly and then shown off like a prize possession

At last, the evening seemed to be reaching its climax and Matt wheeled Victoria around the back of the stage.  She now saw that the stage contained two large boxes, a huge plasma screen and a lectern. 

As Victoria was wheeled closer to the boxes, she noticed that it was only one box, the other being a lid of some sort, with a clear plastic front and pictures painted on it. 

Victoria gasped as she recognized herself in the pictures on the box, which loudly proclaimed, in bright pink letters:

“Victoria Doll”

She recognized some of the pictures of her, taken by Matt during their days out.  One showed her, with enhanced colours, like a printed cartoon, driving Matt’s red convertible.  She is waving and happy in the picture.  Another one shows her lounging by the pool and happily looking up at Matt from the magazine she is reading.

As Matt wheeled her to the other box, Victoria could at last see its contents.  A woman shaped indentation was the centre piece.  Around the place where Victoria would, presumably,  be placed were another two outfits.  One looked like a dark blue rubber Victorian dress.  Underneath the dress were black rubber ankle length boots.  She could also make out long white rubber gloves, stockings and bloomers, as well as a black antique style rubber corset.  Above this was placed a dolls head, which again she recognized as her own.  This time the colour and make up were consist with a china dolls.  A long curly ginger wig accompanied this.

On her right was another dolls outfit.  A full length red dress, with hobble skirt.  Red, thigh length rubber boots, corset, Rubber gloves and stockings.  This time the dolls head resembled a sex doll, with wide open mouth, and heavy make up.  A long blond wig, held in a pony tail, accompanied this.  All along the top of the box where various bondage implements, also made of  rubber:  Gags, harnesses, cuffs, whips and dildos.

“This is too weird” she thought as Matt wheeled her around to the other half of the box.  He then tipped her on her side, released her feet from the base and unscrewed the base.  Thoughts of escape flooded though her brain.  But the exhaustion of the evening and the effects of the vibrator turned her legs to jelly, although having her legs encased in three layers of rubber, combined with those impossible heals, would have made her escape comically slow.  It was with some ease that  she was guided in to a Victoria size indentation and secured with rubber straps to her ankles, knees, waist and neck in to her new home.  The stand was then placed in a slot in the box and secured with rubber straps.

“Nothing to say for yourself Vicky?”  Matt asked the mute doll.  Before she could grunt a reply, Matt squeezed the left hand and Victoria heard herself say:

“Hi, I’m Vicky.  Play with me”.

The rubber arm obviously had one of those tacky gadgets in it.  But how did Matt get her voice on to tape?

Eliciting some help from the other party goers, Victoria watched the front of the box, complete with circular hole and informative label advising you to try making her talk, she now saw, being pushed towards her.  Absently she noticed that there was not a bottom on the box coming towards her and that, by the way it glided towards her, it was mounted on casters of some sort.  Finally, the two sides were joined, as the box lid slid effortlessly around the smaller box containing the dolly and her accessories, coming to rest with a resounding click, indicating that the two halves were secured by locks, or catches of some sort. 

The stage cleared as the plasma screen came to life.  The curtains opened and Matt took his place at the lectern.

He then introduced himself and welcomed the guests to the auction.  He described the product on offer as a trained dolly, along with accessories, which she described

Once the general description of the dolly were complete, age level of fitness and training, he played a video, which would come with the doll, the contents of which would remain the exclusive property of the new owner for one year, before being placed on the web. 

With a start, since she could just make out the screen from her position, Victoria realized that it showed her in Matt’s bedroom, tied in various poses.  The bastard had videoed their most intimate moments.  Matt flicked through the scene selection, and Victoria concluded that this was a DVD. Matt’s face, she noted, was blurred whenever he appeared in shot.  Finally the last scene showed her being captured, bound and screwed by Matt, obviously recorded earlier in the evening.  The next scene showed her rubberization in Matt’s workshop.

The bidding started and Victoria was consoled by the $175,000 that she reached.  Her last view of the evening was of workmen covering her box in bright wrapping paper, depicting a cartoon version of her, as she was packaged ready for her new master.

Cindy considered herself in the mirror.  She was six feet tall, and incredibly skinny.  Her long blond hair, blue eyes and long slender legs had led to her being the brunt of many Barbie jokes at school and she had avoided wearing pink ever since. 

Barbie would not be seen dead in the clothes she had chosen for tonight.  The black leather bustier and short black skirt were not going to be in that dolls wardrobe.  Nor were the five inch heel boots, spiked leather cuffs and collar.  Not unless they release a Barbie does bondage range.  It was, however appropriate for tonight since Matt had invited her to a fetish party‚Ķ.


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