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Internet Rubber Bondage

by The Latex Girl

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© Copyright 2004 - The Latex Girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; latex; catsuit; corset; boots; bond; tape; chairtie; gasmask; toys; inflate; climax; cons; X

Beth stared into the screen of her computer. The lines from the parachat window stared back at her. She sat and pondered, how could the on-line Internet chat that used to be so interesting, so fun, so exciting now be so dull. 

Today's chat just seemed to be a long running argument on whether Bettie Page was a better fetish icon than Catwoman from the Batman movie. Beth found it all so unfair, she had even started to dress just to use the chat. Initially, she had found it a little strange, sitting in her study at home, dressed from head to toe in rubber trying to type on the PC. It was always strange how much harder it was to type with rubber gloves on. Beth did revel in it for a while, being able to tell other chatters of the intricate details of what she was wearing, from the corsets to the gags and to the boots. 

Men always seemed very interested in the details, how high were the heels, how much was her waist reduced by in a corset, how long had she been wearing her outfit. But even all of that was a little dull by now. 

Beth noticed that someone was trying to private chat her, it was probably some one who had seen her handle of 'latexbeth' and decided that they should e-score with her. Beth hated these, they always went along the lines of, 'hi, are you a real girl', and then 'can we meet'. Not very subtle and not at all successful. 

Beth was in luck though, the private chat was from a guy called 'rubber rog'. He was a chap that Beth had chatted to a few times before. He seemed nice enough, he had a few strange fantasies, but that was par for the course on a fetish chat server. 

Rog> Hi Beth, how's it going? The chat looks a little dull tonight. I can't believe that people are still flaming each other over Catwoman. 

Beth> Hello rog. Yes it is very boring. Sad blokes have been on the e-pull all night long. However, I'm fine, are you ok. 

Rog> I'm glad your fine. I'm feeling pretty happy with myself. My Internet orders from Skin Two and Honour came today, so I've got some new toys and clothes to play with. 

Beth> Really, tell me more. 

Rog> I got a full catsuit from Skin Two, a new hood and some bondage play tape. I'm just looking for someone to help me out with the tape. 

Beth> Wow. You tried the catsuit yet? 

Rog> Yup, I'm in it now. It's a very nice fit, I think it was well worth paying the extra for the made to measure service. The hood's pretty cool too. It zips up and then you can lace it up as well, very tight. It's got a pump up gag and eye shutters. The gag is interesting. Haven't really been able to try the shutters though. Anyway, enough about me, are you suitably attired to be in the chat room. 

Beth> I should think so. I fully rubbered up. 

Rog> Really, do tell more. 

Beth> Ok, I'm wearing a catsuit and latex underwear. 

Rog> Wow, keep going, more details. 

Beth> Ok, I'm wearing my rubber boned corset, rubber stockings and long rubber gloves. I'm also wearing a neck corset that my gloves are attached too. I'm also wearing my latex panties with the pump up dildo and butt plug attached. 

Rog> Wow, I'm getting more than a little excited here. You're wearing all of that under a catsuit. It sounds Divine. 

Beth> It is divine. Do you want to hear more. 

Rog> You bet, tell me.

Beth> I'm wearing a full catsuit over my underwear. I've got another corset on over my catsuit and it's padlocked shut. I'm also wearing a pair of latex ballet boots. They go up all the way to my thighs and they have a good six or seven inch heel. They are a little difficult to walk in but they do look so good. 

Rog> WOW, I'm having a lot of trouble concentrating now. 

Beth> I'm not surprised, my outfit is designed to have that effect on you men. 

Rog> It's certainly working then. 

Beth> It may be now, but it doesn't always have that effect. 

Rog> Beth, this is going to sound rather weird, but did you drop your shopping on Tuesday, by the entrance to a block of apartments called 'Sussex Heights'. 

Beth> Er, yes that does sound weird, and yes I did drop some shopping there. 

Rog> A-ha. A very nice lady dropped some shopping in front of me as I was leaving the block, as I live there. I helped you pick some fruit I think. Someone else came over and called you Elizabeth. 

Beth> It's a fair cop. 

Rog> I live in the penthouse on the top floor. What about you? 

Beth> I live at the front on the second floor. Fancy a meet? 

Rog> Are you sure? 

Beth> Sure, hopefully you won't rape me. You were honest enough with my fruit. Besides, it will save on the phone bill. 

Rog> Give me a couple of minutes. 


Beth logged off, almost as soon as she did, there was a knock on the front door of her flat. She got up and started to walk down the hallway. Beth felt unbelievably nervous, she could believe that for one, one of her neighbours as much of a fetishist as she was. Beth had always thought that this was a block of nice decent people, but then again she was here. Second, she was about to let a man she had never met into her flat. Thirdly, she was going to let this man in while she was literally covered in rubber. Beth knew that she certainly was still in the closet as far as telling the world of her rubber fetish. Sure, she felt comfortable buying things mail order or though the net. She'd even been off to a few shops and tried things on and let the shop assistants and the other customers see her. She was happy to live out her rubber fetish in the virtual reality of the Internet, but this was getting a little too real for her. 

Beth staggered down the hall way to the front door, when she told Rog that the boots were a little difficult to walk in she hadn't been lying. Beth got to the door and had a look through the peep hole. Amazingly, she could see this black figure of a man carrying a small bag, looking rather furtive and very nervous. Beth opened the door. It opened a crack and the door chain stopped it from opening further. 

"Hi Beth, it's me Roger, you weren't expecting anyone else", asked Roger, and then added, "Could you let me in please, I feel a little conspicuous out here". Beth opened the door and Roger hurried in, Beth quickly shut the door. 

Beth ushered Roger into her lounge and offered Roger a seat. Beth could hardly believe her eyes, there she was in her own lounge with a man who was completely cover in black latex sitting down in her arm chair. 

Beth went to sit in another chair, "Please don't sit just yet. Could you give me a twirl first?", asked Roger.

"Sure", replied Beth, and she started to slowly turn round in front of Roger. 

Roger was getting into a real state of shock. There in front of him was a woman who was almost completely covered in shiny black latex. All that wasn't was her head and her long red hair with its loose curls. Beth seemed to turn in slow motion to Roger, he was mesmerized by the way the light was bouncing and shining off Beth's polished thighs. He couldn't believe that women really could wear things like those ballet boots, Beth's feet just seemed to point downward, and the latex and the laces of the boots just seemed to keep climbing up her legs all the way to her thighs, unbelievable.

Then Roger saw the two pumps swinging between Beth's legs. She really was wearing a pump up dildo and a pump up butt plug. Roger had heard so much of pump up toys, he had tried a butt plug but found it very uncomfortable. Of the women that Roger knew, all of them reckoned that pump up butt plugs and dildos were just a myth and the only reason women would wear them in photo shoots was that they were being paid to. But here he was with a real woman doing it, for free, for her own experience. 

The extra corset Beth was wearing over her catsuit just seemed to extenuate her natural curves. Her hips looked wide, but not child bearing wide, her waist just seemed to disappear in that corset and her breasts were just sitting there on top of the corset, almost defying gravity. Beth was no supermodel, she just didn't look tall enough or thin enough, or maybe androgynous enough. But she was all curves and shiny latex and sure does take some beating. 

All too quickly for Roger, Beth finished twirling and sat down. Roger didn't care, Beth could have twirled all night and Roger would have died a happy man. Besides, Roger had a vision of Beth twirling in his mind now and it wasn't something he was going to forget in a hurry. 

Beth started to talk and it snapped Roger out of his erotic daydreams. Beth told Roger of her loss of interest in the Internet chat systems, and how she longed for it to be more exciting again. Roger explained that she should try IRB.

"Surely you mean IRC?", replied Beth.

No, Roger explained that IRC was just another chat medium, like parachat or e-mail or anything else. IRB was different as you experienced more excitement. Roger told here that IRB was Internet Rubber Bondage and was a phrase coined by him and some of his 'scene' friends. 

The system was simple. Instead of just using the Internet or dressing in rubber and using the net, the IRB'er was bound to the Internet. Normally, this was done by tying the rubberclad surfer to a chair or placing them in a cage or anything that would restrict their movement. The whole idea was that the surfer would be immobile apart from their hands, which would allow them to operate a keyboard and/or mouse. 

Roger carried on to tell Beth that in some advanced situations the IRB'er could stay connected for a couple of days, being released only when they e-mailed someone to release them. 

Beth was fascinated, "How could I try Roger?", she asked. Roger explained, that all they needed to do was to tie Beth to her PC chair and she could probably have a go. If she wanted, Roger would stay around until she got comfortable with it and then she could mail him once she wanted to be released. 

Beth took Roger to her study and showed him her PC desk. The chair she used was the perfect bondage chair. It was an aluminum tube chair with a high, straight back and arms. 

Beth sat in the chair and Roger positioned her into a suitable state for binding. Roger picked up a roll of his new bondage tape and started to bind Beth's leg to leg of the chair. In no time at all, Roger had finished the first leg and started on Beth's other leg. When Roger was finished, Beth's legs and the chair's legs were one amorphous entity. The only thing that could be seen though the bondage tape was the outline of the laces in Beth's ballet boots. 

Next Roger started binding Beth's torso to the chair. First he worked on the area that was covered by the corset that Beth was wearing. Next he went onto Beth's breasts, winding the tape diagonal over her breast and the top of the chair back and back round under her arm pits. 

"Now, Beth I hope you can touch type", Roger exclaimed as he pulled out a small keyboard, a mouse and a gasmask from his bag. "The keyboard has been reduced in size so that you can operate all of the keys with one hand and not need to move you hand a great deal to use it. The same is true of the mouse, it's set up so that you don't need to move it that far to get across the screen. I'll just hook these into your PC and get it booted up". 

Beth was getting very excited by all of this. She had always wanted to explore her interests in bondage, but had never really been able to find any partners that could help her. 

Once the PC had booted up, Roger placed the keyboard under Beth's left hand. The keyboard was T-shaped, the long root of the T was a piece of wood that Roger put under Beth's arm. Once Roger was confident that Beth could reach all of the keys, he strapped the board to Beth's arm and then started to bind Beth's arm to the arm of the chair with more bondage tape. Roger did the same kind of job on Beth's arm as he had done on her legs, her arm was completely secured to the chair and there were no gaps in the tape binding. 

The mouse attachment was a similar construction to that of the keyboard. Roger fitted the rest under Beth's other arm and then slipped Beth's hand into the glove that held the mouse. As he did this, Roger explained that they had had a few problems in the past with IRB'ers dropping their mice or the keyboard and then not being able to pick them up again because of their bondage. The boards had stopped these problems. 

Roger bound Beth's right arm down onto the chair and completed Beth's bondage. Roger then connected Beth to the Internet and let her start using the new mouse and keyboard. 

After a while, Roger asked Beth if she was comfortable. Beth replied that she was. He then asked her if she was happy with the situation. Again Beth replied that she was. Finally, Roger asked her if she wanted to try the full immersion version. Beth looked puzzled and asked Roger what he meant. 

Roger picked up the black latex gasmask and showed Beth the inside of it. He explained that the glass lenses of the mask had been removed and a stereo LCD monitor eyepiece was in there instead. So it would give you a full view of your monitor. 

Beth was intrigued, she told Roger that she was very keen to try it. Roger applauded her decision. He quickly disconnected the monitor from the PC and connected the gasmask. Slowly, he pulled it over Beth's head and seated on to her head. When it was comfortable he pulled the zip down on the back of the gasmask, sealing Beth's head in it. Next he worked the laces that covered the zip tight, to give Beth the closest fit possible. Finally, he did up the collar buckle at the base of the gasmask and padlocked it shut. 

As Roger put the latex gasmask over Beth's head she could feel something pushing against her lips. Instinctively, she opened her mouth and felt a small rubber object enter her mouth. Beth assumed that this must be some kind of gag. Then she felt Roger fumbling with something over the back of her head. She heard the familiar zip noise of the zip coming down over the back of her head. The mask felt tighter. It was quite a pleasant experience. Then she felt Roger fiddle around some more at the back of her head. Slowly, Beth could feel the gasmask get a little tighter still. Finally, Beth felt something tighten around her neck and the sound of something snap shut. Beth could easily place that sound, but she was sure it was nothing untoward. 

Beth could now see the Internet as her complete field of view, when she clicked on a picture, it was all she could see. It was an amazing experience. 

Roger picked up the pump for the gag and slowly started to pump. Almost instantly he could see a reaction in Beth. Her gasmask clad head was nodding in agreement. 

Roger remembered the butt plug and the dildo. He reached down and gave those a squeeze. Again, the gasmask nodded. Roger repeated it three or four times, with Beth replying with a nod each time. On the last time, Roger sensed that Beth's breathing had changed, she was snorting a lot more and she was writhing a little, as much as her bondage would allow. Roger reckoned that she was probably orgasming. 

Roger realised that Beth had too much freedom in her neck. The last of his bondage items came out to solve the problem. A thick rubber neck brace. Roger applied it to Beth's neck and could now see that it was impossible for Beth to move her neck at all. 

Roger left Beth to her own devices. He left the study and turned the light off, leaving Beth to her IRB. 


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