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Institutionalised 5: Threesome without Tyra

by rbbral

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story continued from part four

Part 5: Threesome without Tyra

After a few more days, I was finally let out of the security wing and returned to the general patient area, and slowly was accepted by the women there. What had happened to me, or supposedly happened - my being reassigned as a permanent patient - actually met with sympathy and understanding for the most part. But it generally wasn’t discussed and it was pointless me going through the real story of my incarceration over and over again. No one believed me now, no one. My goose was well cooked.

Then one evening,Jessica came to my room and sat on the bed opposite my chair.

“We have planned a short scene tonight Connie, so can you come with me upstairs now?” And this was how it would be now. It was all very civilised, there were no histrionics or fighting from me. I was sure if Jessica, or whoever else it was, encountered any resistance, they would leave and then return with the straightjacket and maybe even the cattle prod that they had threatened me with all those weeks ago, although I had never had it used on me, the threat was enough, and so I just relented. They usually came after everyone had returned to their rooms for the night, and there was never anyone around, no patients, and the night nurses were usually in their station, so this transfer to the security wing and their playroom could be done very easily and undetected.

When I arrived in their room, only Dawn was there, and she told me to take all my clothes off. I was wearing the bra and girdle panties and standard top and jogging pants, but soon I was naked. I did this without any embarrassment, for now I was so used to it, this would be the least of my worries. Jessica had disappeared when I arrived, but returned quickly as Dawn now left the room, no doubt to change as well.

Jessica looked striking in just an ankle length white rubber hooded cape, which was open at the front allowing me a peek at shoulder length gloves, a peephole bra and crotchless panties with suspender belt and stockings, all in matching shimmering white rubber. To complete the ensemble, she had a white mask. She was carrying a bundle of rubber, and I knew this was for me.

“It’s just Dawn and me tonight, Connie. I know you have a soft spot for Tyra, and she does for you as you know, but she’s been called away, so we get to sample your talents, and I have to say, I’m looking forward to that.” She tossed the bundle onto the bed.

“You’d better use lots of talc, this one is pretty tight.” And so I talced up as she calmly watched me. When I was ready, I spread the bundle on the bed. It was one piece of shocking pink rubber, a catsuit incorporating attached fingerless mitts, feet and a full head mask. The zip extended from the small of the back to the bottom of the neck and I knew immediately it would take some effort to be squeezed into it. I sat on the bed and pushed one foot and then the other into the leggings, pulling the smooth rubber up and over my thighs. Then with another steady pull, I managed to get it over my hips, and I couldn’t help but notice two strategically placed openings, about two inches in diameter and edged in bright red, very narrow rubber tubing, directly opposite my bum hole and pussy. I wasn’t in the least bit surprised by this. As I was bending over to slide my arms through the sleeves and my hands into the mitts Jessica made her entrance, dressed identically in gleaming white rubber cape and underwear. Now it was getting much harder, and I was sweating already. Before pushing my hands into the mitts, they approached me and told me to wait a second. Dawn then got a narrow doughnut-shaped piece of rubber and threaded my hair through it, pulling my hair hard until I gasped, she quickly made a taut pony tail at my crown. Now they were ready to double me over.

“This will be the hard bit, we have to get your head through the narrow neck and then into the mask. Okay, when we say push I want you to thrust your head as hard as possible into the neck.” And then they gripped the sides of the rubber around my shoulders and I dipped my head into the back of the suit and on the command push, I did so. The rubber clamped over my face and I pushed again and my head shot through into the mask. Quickly Dawn adjusted this, pulling my pony tail through the hole at the crown of the mask and aligning the eyeholes and mouth, which was a two-inch diameter opening with red rubber tubing edging. Now Jessica pulled in the sides of the suit and zipped me up to the neck.

Other than the openings at eyes, mouth, nipples, bum and pussy I was completely covered in a single suit of shocking pink rubber. I stared at myself in the mirror, and saw what? A rubber doll? My face had the look of a doll “shocked”, due to my red-edged open mouth in a large “O”, and bright blue eyes and slightly raised black eyebrows. The tight mitts allowed me very little use from my hands. My breasts were thrust out and cupped in firm bra cups. And my long hair, which I always took pride in, flowed out of the crown of the mask and down to my shoulders. Jessica wasn’t finished, for she now got another small rubber doughnut and threaded my pony tail through this, pulling my hair hard, almost yanking it, and essentially making a tight seal at the crown of my head. The rubber encasing me, gripping every inch of my skin, was already warming up and I knew very soon I was going to be sweating profusely. Now Dawn switched on a couple of cameras placed around the room.

“Showtime, Connie, Tyra is hugely impressed with some of your talents, and we’ve been with you a few times, so let’s see what you can do, hhmm?” They each took an elbow and led me to the bed.

There followed an hour of intensive Sapphic lovemaking. The two women were attentive and talented, certainly not as talented as Tyra, but then she was the one that really knew me, and what made me tick, the best. They were also very complimentary about me, and particularly my oral skills. Where had I inherited these? Are you born with them? Now that’s a thought. Prior to being incarcerated here, my only foray into the world of Sappho was my giggly fling with Laura, which had been great fun, but not really “serious” but I had no idea then that it would lead to me being a, relatively, willing partner in a ménage-a-trois in rubber.

At first, they laid me back on the gurney, and Jessica took pride of place by nestling herself on my face. Slowly lowering herself, she established her rubber pantied behind such that my mouth was directly opposite her succulent pussy and my nose firmly between her cheeks, for she was now facing her partner, who was bent over and beginning to lick and nuzzle my already moistening love channel. And so we proceeded, the two women above me, being pleasured, and taking pleasure, and I had to admit, as was I. I could feel them lean over and play with each other and I knew, not just this time, but long before, that they didn’t just do this for the cameras, they genuinely loved doing this.

I suppose I am becoming an expert at satisfying women in the most intense sense and getting to know one pussy from another, its feel, its aroma. Jessica was very generous with her praise and perhaps, still strangely, I was rather pleased to receive it. She tasted differently, felt differently to Tyra, I shouldn’t have been surprised at that, and she gained satisfaction differently too. Dawn was also very proficient in the tongue department and tried something that Tyra had not tried on me. She moved to my side, while her thumb found my nubbin and she rubbed it gently. But at the same time, and this came as quite a surprise, out of my sight (obviously) she slipped on a surgical glove, lubed up her middle finger and began to stroke and rim my tight anal ring. This is not something I have a great experience of, although I am familiar with the bloody remote-controlled butt plug and what that can do! And so I am well aware that this is a sensitive area. And somehow, I don’t know why or how, I began to actually like it. She didn’t thrust her finger, or even two or three fingers into me, she rimmed me very slowly, even tenderly if one can say that, before extending her finger and entering me by barely an inch. The fact that she was rubbing my clit with her thumb, and now nibbling my nipple as well, may have had something to do with the fast-approaching orgasm that I experienced.

After a while they changed positions with Dawn now firmly planted on my face and Jessica between my thighs, and again I was surprised at how different Dawn was to Jessica, in so many ways. I was now getting very hot and sweaty in the almost suffocating body-hugging pink rubber suit. But Jessica and Dawn were just warming up. After I had brought Dawn to her shaking orgasm and with the taste of both women on my tongue and lips, they got me to stand groggily while they both stepped into strap-on cock harnesses. Oh god, now what? I noticed the cocks weren’t particularly large as they tightened the straps around their waists and over their exposed pussies but, as they say, they would do the job.

Jessica now sat on the small stool that they’d previously used when I was in the gyn/ob chair, and theatrically spread her white cape open and parted her thighs. I needed no further instructions and knelt down as she placed a gloved hand on my masked head and pulled me to her. So it would be a rubber cock I would be sucking. However, considering my opinion of Mann, this was actually the better of the two options, and I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out under the shaft, then dropped my head and sucked it in.

It was actually made of softer rubber, like a three-quarter hard cock, not rock hard, and I didn’t find it disagreeable at all (can I believe I said that?) as I sunk my teeth into the shaft. Then I felt Dawn kneel and raise my hips as she positioned herself behind me. Well, what was it to be, pussy or bumhole? I prayed for the former and was relieved (?) to feel the cool head of the rubber shaft nudge my labia. I spread my thighs further, inviting her in and she gripped my hips and leaned forward. I was still very wet and the shaft effortlessly slid in and I groaned in pleasure around the cock in my mouth. Now they took up a practiced rhythm, Jessica pulling up and down on my pony tail while Dawn gripped my hips and plundered me from behind.

What a sight we must have been. A pink rubber-suited doll servicing rubber cocks strapped to two rubber-caped and masked women. Should I be ashamed to say that I was liking this? I was a prisoner here, kept against my will and forced (?) into these games. But I knew that if I was going to escape this place it had to be planned properly, and now most definitely was not the time. So, as I have said earlier, and as Tyra had kept reminding me, you take your pleasures when they are offered, and so I did.

As Jessica controlled my movements from above, one hand on my cheek and the other firmly gripping my pony tail, up and down, up and down, Dawn fondled my taut rubber buttocks while she thrust in and out of my wet love channel. It wasn’t long before I came, snorting around the rubber cock.

The Unkindest Cut

And this was the signal for them to change places as well, it was certainly share and share alike for these two. And what this meant was that after savouring the delicate delights of their fluids, I was about to taste mine, not for the first time in this place. As Jessica held my hips from behind and eased her cock into my already wet pussy, I lowered my head, with the implacable assistance of Dawn, onto her cock, which had a creamy film along the whole shaft, my juices. I can’t say they tasted greatly different from Jessica’s or Dawn’s. Or for that matter Tyra’s, who I had tasted the most. So I knuckled down to the job, so to speak, as Jessica applied a forceful fucking from behind.

By now, soaking wet in the brutally tight rubber doll suit, I really didn’t care about anything anymore, not the filming, not these women, as another orgasm took over. I should have been hating this, detesting these women. But that would be for sometime in the future, once a plan of escape had been put together. They were able to do to me exactly what they wanted, when they wanted, after all I was just their rubber dolly, and I went along with it, and as you can see, made the most of it. You pick your battles.

Finally, they seemed to be satisfied and with a slight slurping plop as Jessica withdrew, they helped me stand up. I took a few swallows, tasting my own juices as well as those of the other women. They led me to stand in front of one of the mirrors. Dawn expertly slid a narrow rope through one of the hooks in the ceiling beam and Jessica cuffed my mittened hands behind me. I am now experienced enough to know what this meant and waited patiently as Jessica attached the end of the rope to my cuffs and Dawn slowly pulled on the rope raising my arms behind me, and inevitably forcing me to lower my head, further and further until I was almost parallel with the ground. I spread my legs for balance as Dawn now displayed in front of my dipped head a short, stubby thick pink rubber cock on a matching strap.

“Not as long as the ones you’ve been sucking, but a bit thicker, and should keep our dolly quiet for a while I think. Open wide, dolly.”

And of course I did, and the thick rubber slid past my lips and into my mouth, making a perfect seal with the red rubber tubing surrounding the mouth opening of my mask. She pulled the straps resolutely behind my head and secured them there. I mmmmffed at the tension as I took a deep breath through my nose, but that just made her chuckle. Now they circled me, fondling my breasts, by buttocks, my thighs, knowing that my body would probably betray me. Then they stroked my pony tail.

“What a beautiful tail this is, lovely hair, so lush and wavy.”

“Oh yeah, silky all right, but don’t you think….”


“Well, don’t you think it’s in the wrong place? Aren’t pony tails, well, at the other end?”

“Yes, of course you’re right. But we can take care of that though.”

Now wait a minute here, I thought, as I mmmffed again and shook my head. I don’t like where this is going at all. But then I glanced up and saw Jessica, still in her brilliant white hooded cape and mask approach me with a pair of long scissors in the gloved hand. And then I remembered something way back when one of them, Tyra I think, said they would take care of it, make it easier to put on and wear masks for long durations. And of course it “dawned” on me. No, no, no, I shook my head, but quickly Dawn, standing at my side, gripped my tight pony tail and pulled, yanked it up. I couldn’t move my head an inch now and stared into the mirror as Jessica took up a position on my other side. I wanted to struggle, I wanted to kick out but I was held motionless.

“We’ve had this planned for a while Connie, and so there will be no escape for you I’m afraid. Anyway, it will make it so much easier to pull all your masks on. You’ll get used to it. Much easier to wash and dry too.So we’ll make this nice and quick.” With Dawn holding the tail, Jessica slid the scissors under the rubber doughnut and next to the crown of my mask. Aligning it carefully, in two quick squeezes she was through and my lovely locks were now raised by Dawn, like a macabre parody of an executioner raising the head of his victim at the guillotine.

I screamed in anger and frustration and tried to kick out at them with no success. Dawn and Jessica coolly ignored me, sat on the bed and together began to construct my pony tail. Round the doughnut they smeared a fast-acting glue, then inserted it into a brass holder, much like an enlarged candle stick holder, about an inch long and in diameter. At the base of the brass tail holder there was a screw attachment and this they screwed into the matching thread at the base of an ample rubber butt plug. Ohgod, yes, I knew where that was going. I already was distraught at losing my hair, or most of it, now they were going to make me into a real pony or pony girl. I screamed in anger at them.

I was aware of this phenomenon, pony girls and pony play in the BDSM and fetish communities, and after the last month or so, there was very little that surprised me any more. Jessica approached me, smearing a dollop of lube over the plug. Like most butt plugs it was pear-shaped, the thickest portion being adjacent to the narrow neck and curved, contoured baseplate. My sphincter would grip the narrow neck and the base plate would settle comfortably (?) vertically between my cheeks. Dawn held my sides as Jessica went behind me and immediately I felt the cold rubber at my entrance. I shivered and tried to raise my leg to kick out but Jessica just giggled as the narrower head was now pushed further into me.

“Just relax, Connie, you’ve had this before, just relax now.” Easy for you to say, I thought. As she pressed and my tight relatively virgin sphincter gradually slackened, I felt I was being split in two. Then it reached its widest point, and was temporarily stopped by the narrow opening in my suit, but Jessica gave one more push and I squealed into my cock gag as it plopped home. It was actually a huge relief that it was now embedded inside me. She adjusted the base plate and tucked it under the rear of the suit, and it now settled vertically between my cheeks, the tail jutting up for an inch or two and then falling down to tickle the rear of my thighs. Dawn loosened the rope to my wrists and I could now stand erect, but unable to move from the centre of the room.

“Well, we’ll leave you for a while now. You do look wonderful in that pink rubber dolly suit and now that fantastic tail. We have a special bit and bridle for you and a harness with blinkers, but that’s for the future. Oh Connie, we’re going to have so much fun with you.” Jessica slapped my buttock playfully and they left the room, no doubt to change. How long would they take to return? Were they going to leave me like this? And what could I do anyway?

I was exhausted as I stared into the mirror, I had little choice, and to be honest I was interested as to what a pony girl looked like. And now I could see. On the one hand, I was embarrassed and humiliated. What a sight of pink equine submission I was, unable to do anything but stand and stare at my utter helplessness.

But on the other hand.

I could see my fit body (I did still keep in shape) encased in body-hugging pink rubber from top of head to tip of toe. As a material, I now understood how it can make the female form look so much better, it was so flattering, I was really getting to actually like it. The pink gag in my mouth covered my O-shaped lips, but my large blue rubber eyes and black eyebrows still gave off a message of alarm or surprise. My eyes wandered down, to my very healthy breasts and it had to be said, erect, nipples. Another sign of my “situation” was that my crotch area was still smeared with my drying juices. The tail stuck up out of my bum crack and then fell to my buttocks. I wiggled by bum and felt the hair, my hair dammit, brush and tickle my backside and the tops of my thighs.

I was still mad and angry at the loss of my hair - well more its transfer, from literally top to bottom - but looking at myself in a cool, analytical way, I could see that I struck a fairly sexy pose. There wasn’t much exposed (well, the important bits obviously) but I knew I had the body for it, and the shiny rubber didn’t do it any harm at all. I bit down on the rubber cock gag, and wondered when, or if, they would return. I was still very hot and wet in the suit, and I could feel my hair, what was left of it, wet and matted to my skull under the constricting mask. And so I stood there, staring at myself, perhaps even getting used to this image, and waited. It must have been twenty minutes before the door opened, but it wasn’t Dawn or Jessica.

A Return Welcomed

It was Tyra. How did I feel in seeing her? Pleasure? Well more relief I suppose. I know what she can do to me, how my body reacts to her. Yes, despite the fact that I was dejected that I had lost my beautiful hair, I suppose I was pleased to see her.

And what she was dressed in, for a second, took my breath away. I shouldn’t have been surprised, Tyra had a habit of making me feel like this. She certainly did.

It was a variation on her earlier cream rubber corselette, suspenders, stockings, heels, gloves and mask. In design it was almost identical, pinching her waist, pushing out her stunning breasts. But it was the colours that gave it an entirely different image. It was in brilliant, shimmering scarlet red and black. The gloves and stockings were in alternate stripes, about a half inch wide. And for the corselette, which was crotchless, the stripes were about an inch wide, narrowed to the waist and then widened to her hips, and then a red under-support of the bra. The mask was black, with red edging around her eyes and mouth, and she smiled broadly as she approached me, towering above me in her four inch black heels.

“Well, there’s my pretty pony. Connie, I’m sorry I didn’t make the session. I wanted it to be me that was to cut your hair. We’ve had it planned for a while.” I screamed at her, suddenly I was angry again, and I wanted her to know it. She rubbed my buttock, and a breast at the same time, perhaps trying to calm me.

“I knew you wouldn’t like it, and I wanted to be here to help you through it, but I couldn’t. I’m sorry. You have beautiful hair, full and shiny, and that won’t change, you’ll just having it sprouting from your bum.” She tried to make light of it, but it wasn’t her hair that had been relocated.

“It will be much easier for putting on your masks, you’ll see, and pretty soon you’ll forget you ever had it. Now I’m sure you know all about pony play. Well most of our scenes up to now have been in the playroom here, but we have wanted to branch out for a while and do some outside scenes. Now that’s not easy.” She was now rolling my nipples between her fingers, and I was beginning to mmmmmffff again, but not in pain. I couldn’t move, with my hands cuffed behind my back and connected to the ceiling, the only consolation was that they had loosened it and I was now able to stand erect.

“But we think we have found a couple of secluded areas where we will be able to put you through your paces. Either dawn or Jessica were to be the pony girls, but now we have you, and I know you will be perfect. We have bought quite a lot of pony girl gear, I think it’s called tack, or is it tackle, well never mind.” Her lips were now covering the strap across my cock gag, kissing the rubber sealing my mouth.

“What I do know is that you will look fabulous. Your tail is stunning, accentuating your very curvacious buttocks, and once we get you in hoof boots, bit and bridle, you will be unbelievable, I know for sure. Look, I know you’re mad right now, at me and the others, but you must get over that. You’re here for our pleasure, and for yours as well, which I know you are experiencing, just by my personal contact with you. I think you actually might like the discipline of pony play, we’ll see. Now I’m going to take out your gag, but Connie, I want no histrionics, in fact I want you silent. And if you aren’t silent then I will whip this nice backside of yours, all right?” What option did I have, so I nodded mutely. She unstrapped and withdrew the large cock from my dripping mouth and I took a few swallows, still able to taste my juicesand the other women on my tongue, a very strange cocktail indeed. Then she released the rope from my wrists and I wanted to rub some blood back into my arms, but she kept me cuffed. She saw I was frustrated as I shook my head, but remained silent, and she just smiled. Then she turned off all the cameras.

“Okay, now don’t do anything silly, Connie, and come and sit here on this stool. Sit on your thighs, move back a bit, I don’t want that butt plug tail disappearing up your rear, that would be very unfortunate.” I sat gingerly on the stool, my tail draped down to the floor behind me. And here I was again, staring at myself in the mirror, a pink mute rubber doll.

“All right, what I’m going to do is unzip the back here and pull off the head portion of your suit. This will actually be easier than before as I’m sure you are soaking in that suit. So I need you to bend down, wriggle your head and pull back when I tell you. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but we’ll see.” She unzipped me partly down my back and much easier than I thought after some pulling and wriggling, my head popped out the back of the suit. As she said, I was soaking and my hair was matted to my skull.

It looked awful, and I felt tears rise within my eyes. My hair was still held together with the second rubber doughnut, but when she pulled it off, it looked dreadful, four or five inches long on sides, back and fringe, it gradually shortened to an inch at my crown; I looked like a very strange monk.

“Now don’t get all weepy on me, Connie, it’s not the end of your life, I’m going to transform your hair and still of course beautiful, in less than five minutes. You’ll see.” Brandishing a comb and a pair of sharp, pointed scissors, she went about her business. I, on the other hand, was still traumatised - not by the rubber suit or butt plug up my rear, but by the loss of my pride and joy - and I simply closed my eyes in fear of what I would see. Yes, stupid of me. She snipped away for a while, and I just held my breath, still furious. When she had finished she said.

“Okay, open up, and don’t tell me you don’t look fabulous.” That seemed unlikely, but I opened them expecting the worst. And I looked….well, different. A bit boyish, tomboyish, Peter Pan-ish, a bit punkish, slightly spikey, all rolled into one. It was short, for sure, but she had got it to curl a tiny bit around my ears, and I actually looked younger, like a young schoolgirl, and completely, absolutely different. I would not recognise myself in the street if I looked like this.

“Well?” I nodded, yes, it wasn’t too bad, not bad at all. I was frankly astonished that she had done such a professional job.

“Now I have to test my comments earlier, we’re going to get you into the mask again and see how easy it is.” At this I shook my head, but said nothing, frankly I had had enough of the pink one piece for now.

“Now stop it, don’t pout, you’ll see how much easier it is.” She took both sides of the back of the mask and I dipped my head into the opening at the neck. Would you believe it, my head popped through without any problem and the tight rubber clamped over my head again.

“See.” She said, very pleased with herself, as she zipped it up and adjusted my mouth and eyeholes. And I looked ahead and saw, staring back again, the surprised expression on the doll’s face, me. Behind me, Tyra leant over, pecked my head, and then moved forward, peck, peck, as she fondled my breasts. And for no reason I could fathom, I raised my head, looking up at her, nodded and she planted a firm but loving kiss on my lips. She raised me from the stool, and reflected in the mirror I was reminded how stunning she looked - black and red vertical stripes on her stockings, gloves and corselette all accentuated her already voluptuous figure.

She took me by my forearm, led me to the bed. Then she uncuffed my wrists and laid me back.

“Now, like a good girl, I’m going to play with my doll.” She didn’t allow me to say anything, or help her in any way, or take any initiative. And anyway I didn’t want to take the initiative, for I knew she would take care of everything. As she stroked my rubber skin, she said I was a banquet and she was to feast on me. Despite this drum-tight carapace, I could feel the lightest touch she made. Her technique on my pussy had me gripping the sheets and gasping in minutes, and after I had come in a torrent, she then placed her lips on mine and again I could taste my own musky fragrance.

And all this happened while my rear was plugged with the butt plug and tail. After only a couple of minutes, astonishingly I hardly even noticed it. And for an hour or more she played with her doll, her fingers, lips and tongue covered every part of the pink rubber encasing me When she had sated herself, she asked me to kneel on the bed and went behind me. Now what? I thought, but all she did was ask me to relax, and after all the sex we’d had that was easy, as she very carefully, very slowly extracted the plug from my rear. I won’t say that it didn’t hurt for a couple of seconds, particularly the first, widest part, but then it came out easily, and oh, what a relief it was.

“Thank you.” I whispered, the first words I had said all evening to her. She ignored my comment and lay on her back, looking up at me still kneeling, and cocked her head.

“Well come on Connie, dolly, show me what you have.”

She was a wonderful lover, no question. Did that mean I was in love with her? No, well I didn’t think so, but I loved her making love to me, without a doubt, better, more considerate, and knowledgeable than any man, or other woman, I’d been with.

And it seemed unreasonable and selfish on my part not to reciprocate, despite what she had put me through in the last couple of months. Being with these women, and most of all Tyra of course, had taught me how women, and again most important, myself, can be satisfied. Even more perversely I was now taking some pride in satisfying them, and mostly, no surprise, Tyra. Not just in the giving sense, but I genuinely got to like the taste and texture of her pussy, of her firm ample breasts, and her talented tongue and mouth.

Don’t ask me why there had been this epiphany, I suppose that’s the right word. I have no idea how this could come about. I just felt very much at ease with this women, and her body. So it was with no dread at all, but anticipation, that I reciprocated her tender lovemaking. I didn’t have her skills, but I had learnt a lot from her, and perhaps perversely wanted to please her. After we has sated ourselves we slept fitfully on the narrow bed, her hands barely able to keep off my rubber-encased body, but around three in the morning I awoke as she whispered.

“I’m going to have to get you back to your room downstairs.” I was in a bit of a daze as she helped me slip out of the sopping suit. She towelled me down, pausing with a chuckle at my swollen pussy, then as she stripped off, I pulled on my familiar girdle panties and bra, and then the t-shirt and baggy pants.

I had time to gaze at her stunning figure as she quickly dressed in her power pantsuit, regretting not being able to dwell on her in the black and red rubber. Now dressed “normally” she guided me to my room. There was no one around at that time and before she locked me in, she pulled me to her, squashing me to the wall and gave me a last, juicy kiss.

An Escape Attempt!

My new hairstyle got a few, I have to say very complimentary, comments the next morning, when I advised anyone who asked that Ms. Benson had been kind enough to cut it for me. No mention that it was against my will, what was the point? Nothing more was said.

Needless to say, as the weeks passed, I was becoming thoroughly “institutionalised”, but I continued to plan my escape. While having sex with three very talented latex clad women (and with a good-sized cock, but unfortunately attached to a complete dickhead) on a weekly or even bi-weekly basis had its compensations, being interned here against my will didn’t appeal to me at all, I could get rubber sex on the outside if I wished, and that certainly did appeal to me now (and hopefully with Tyra) but I wanted my freedom. Tyra still came to my room, not after every session, but when she did, I knew that I would be made love to by someone who knew every inch of my body, and could play me like a Stradivarius. And in planning my escape I was aware that a huge negative would be that I would be leaving Tyra behind. It wasn’t just the sex, which was amazing, before and after our sessions, we began to talk, just talk and I realised that there was a lot more to this stunning beauty than her lovemaking skills.

But I still had to escape.

The Oaks is about ten acres encircled by a high brick enclosure. There is a single wrought iron gate entrance, electronically and video controlled. The encircling wall is a classic Victorian brick wall, about twenty feet high, efficient in its day at keeping the Victorian hoi polloi out, and keeping us in now.

Like all the patients I was allowed out into the surrounding gardens, after all, we were not going anywhere. During these times, in between talking to the other women and relaxing I did a full inspection of the perimeter, a la “The Great Escape”, for I hoped I was going to play the role of Steve McQueen. Like all escapees, it is not getting out that’s the biggest problem, I thought that I would be able to do that, the problem is remaining undetected while outside and staying free. Luckily, my sister lived about ten miles away and it was to her that I intended to head. I was sure I could convince her of my innocence, and with my passport and some money she could lend me, I figured I could make the Eurostar and hide out for a while abroad.

Would they actually come after me? Yes, of course they would, for they had a lot to lose, everything, and still they clearly didn’t trust me not to write a story on them. So if I was to escape I had to plan it properly and for several weeks I walked around and around, studying the grounds and the institute’s routine, and I made my plans. I noted the delivery men and the times they came, and when the live-out staff came and went, I got to know the timetable of the whole place. At the rear of the property climbing up the wall was a Virginia Creeper, very attractive, but also, I figured an opportunity for me to try out my climbing skills. Once out, I would hot foot it to my sister’s keeping on the side roads and avoiding any contact with people, and then make my escape abroad and lie low for a while. It all seemed fairly straightforward, well, wasn’t it?

They do a head count at the institute every night, but not during the day, and so I decided my opportunity for a good head-start would be between lunch and dinner, which would give me about five hours on the run. This would be during daylight, which was a serious problem - I would be quite a sight, standing out in my light blue t-shirt and loose pants of rubber (plus my sports bra and panty girdle underneath). But stealing out at night was just not possible as we would be all locked down by then.

I bided my time, until one sunny day about four months after my arrival (and after many more rubber sex sessions with the three women and occasionally Mann) already sweating in the long-sleeved rubber t-shirt and jogging pants, and I hoped with no one looking, I hitched up the creeper, surprisingly easily - they really should have cut it - and was over the top and out! I couldn’t believe how easy that bit had been, and the feeling of elation almost bought tears to my eyes. But I knew once the word got out, I would be a wanted woman, and no doubt the police would be informed. After all, according to the staff, I was a violent psychiatric patient! I knew there would be an alert out for me.

And so off I set, keeping to the side roads. I knew the area a little and if a car or bicyclist came along I would dart over a hedge or into a ditch. It really was all very British Second World War PoW stuff. But for me it was serious, if I got caught and taken back, they would from then on keep a very watchful eye on me, making any future escape very difficult, if not impossible. The day was warm and I was sweating buckets in my rubber clothes, the panty girdle slipping and sliding over my lower body, which was actually not an unpleasant feeling, but I had to concentrate.

I made good time and on a few occasions had to leap over a gate or into a ditch when I heard a vehicle approaching. Only once did I meet anyone, a strange encounter not surprisingly. A lady exercising her dog came around a corner and I had no chance to dive for cover and so had to confront her. She was young, about my age, maybe a bit older, quite attractive in a t-shirt, shorts and hiking boots, a country-set type. With her she had a very attentive black Labrador. We exchanged pleasantries, her dog sniffing me in the usual places, if you are a woman you know where they are. But he didn’t seem just interested in my crotch, the usual area dogs go for, but the rubber as well, a fetish dog? I had to chuckle at that.

The woman didn’t take her eyes off me, and seemed interested in my strange garb and asked, with a quizzical look, if it was rubber I was wearing, she actually said latex, and I said yes. Hhmm, interesting, quite hot for this weather, you must be sweating buckets, she said and I could see her mind mulling this over. Quickly I said that I was out for a walk/run and this was the best way to sweat and lose weight, and for sure I was certainly sweating. Yes, right, she said, but I wasn’t sure she was buying it, particularly as I was still wearing the institute issue sandals – not at all good for running, but what other explanation was there? Maybe she was aware of the institute and their rather unconventional clothing policy, this concerned me a bit, but she said nothing more and we soon parted. I wasn’t quite sure what to do about this, so I decided to up my speed a bit.

I should have brought a bottle of water with me or some energy bars for after a couple of hours I was getting tired and dehydrated. I picked some blackberries from the hedgerows and took some water from a stream, hoping it was not contaminated but apart from that I kept up my pace, getting wetter and wetter in my rubber clothes.

I lost track of time but it must have been about four or five hours later when I approached my sisters’ small house in a tidy village away from the city. I was soaked, tired and still dehydrated, but happy to have reached my first destination. I prayed she was in and thank god she was. I would have been quite a sight no doubt, in my light blue two-piece rubber clothes and my new, short haircut. At first I wasn’t sure she recognised me for a few seconds and then she did and looked truly shocked. She stared at my new short hair cut, and then my strange rubber clothing.

Tyra had been right, the hair was better for all the masks and helmets I was now wearing during our evenings of rubber sex, and I was now actually quite used to it, and it was easy to wash and dry for certain. But the look on my sister’s face when she opened the door was complete shock, as I slipped past her as fast as I could, to the kitchen for some water.

She followed me in, full of the predictable questions, why, how, and so forth. I expected her to be more supportive, but she seemed uncomfortable in my company. Did she really think that I had changed so much? That I had somehow become this violent patient. Surely not, I was her sister after all. I had to stay calm and convince her I was fine. No doubt the institute had convinced her so well that I was unpredictable and potentially violent that maybe she thought that her well-being was somehow in jeopardy. I remained calm, and cool and explained to her, again, that I was fine. I didn’t go into the real story of being held against my will etcetc and had to get away, as it seemed at the time this would just complicate things. I was a bit regretful about this, I wanted her to know the real truth, and anyway she was my sister, why shouldn’t she believe me now? I told her I needed some money, my passport (which she kept with other valuables she’d taken from my house) and to borrow some of her clothing. She continued to look at me quizzically, was she suspecting me to get violent, throw a tantrum? Finally seemingly convinced of my sanity, I hoped, she nodded and nodded in agreement to my requests.

She went upstairs to get my passport and lay some clothes on the bed for me, then made me a sandwich and a drink of juice, which was just what I needed. I relaxed for a while, still in my rubber. I would wipe down quickly, put on her clothes and be on my way again. I didn’t want to trouble her further. My sister was still looking nervous, not able to take her eyes off my rubber clothing, which I understood, for to anyone outside the institute no doubt it was pretty strange.  As I calmed down and cooled off, I began to relax just a bit. It had gone well so far, but there was still a long way to go for my freedom. As I was planning my next move, there was a knock at the front door. My sister looked just a tad uncomfortable, saying it was probably the neighbour, then left the room and opened it. There was muffled a conversation.

And in came Dr. Mann, Jessica and Dawn looking very serious and (mock) sympathetic!

I suppose I should have guessed - one, that they would know I might go to my sister’s first, two, she had bought into their lie and had never believed me from the moment I had arrived, and three she had behaved a little nervously, strangely since the moment I arrived. She had ultimately betrayed me, I suppose with the most naïve of best of intentions. Oh, what a fool I was. I could see Mann was holding back his anger, trying to stay calm in front of my sister.

My sister had a back door off the kitchen and in desperation I decided to make a last ditch run of it, although in retrospect I realised that without a change of clothes, and some money I would look pretty ridiculous like this, and not get very far. Nonetheless in desperation I pulled open the back door and hurtled through it.

And into the welcoming, all-enveloping arms of Tyra.

“Oh, my dreams have been answered, Connie running into my arms. Oh, Connie, Connie I thought we were getting on so well. I am so disappointed in you” She whispered as she locked my head in the crook of her arm, her hand clamped over my nose and mouth and looking down on me. So was so much stronger than me I couldn’t move, and was having trouble breathing through her hand, which I noted was clad in a rubber glove.

“Now calm down Connie, stop struggling, calm, calm, you know it won’t get you anywhere. My, my, you have really proved a big disappointment. I really did love our sessions together.” She whispered. I stopped struggling, nodding my head in defeat and she released her clammy hand from my face. Now Mann was behind me.

“Oh Connie, why would you do this? We are looking after you, taking care of your needs, you know you really shouldn’t be out here, we don’t want you harming other people or yourself of course.” He continued patronisingly, speaking loudly. He didn’t have to continue the game, my sister had disappeared, perhaps to her bedroom, I hoped in shame, but probably it was more in pity. Still held in Tyra’s unyielding embrace, I shouted, hopefully within earshot of my sister.

“You phoned him, how could you, how could you, do you have any idea what you have done? You fool, I thought you at least I could trust, and now you send me back there, you have no idea what they do to me there, do you? I cannot believe my own sister would, would betray me.” I was shaking with anger as my sister replied from her room, without the courage to face me, fully convinced she was in the right.

“It’s for your own good Connie, Dr. Mann has told me…”

“Yeah, I know, and stupidly you believed his pack of lies. Now you, yes you are responsible for me being put away again, that’s on your conscience. I don’t know if I can ever face you again” As I was saying this, concentrating on berating my sister, Jessica had moved adroitly behind me and as Dawn draped the straightjacket around me, she quickly zipped it up.

“Aaaah, so is this what you want? You don’t even have the courage to see how they treat me? Don’t you get it yet?” I screamed at her and wriggled but Dawn and Jessica were way too strong and practiced at this. They held me upright while Mann attached the small compressed air canister that he had brought with him in his doctor’s bag to the shoulder of the jacket, and in no time as I wriggledand struggled it inflated. I squirmed and uselessly fought, not saying anything more, and quickly I was their prisoner again. Mann called to my sister that it was all right to come out now, and smiled at her, all cool efficiency and sympathy.

“I know this is hard for you, this looks so strange, but you did the right thing, you must know that, she might have been a danger to you, you shouldn’t feel bad about it, we’ll take care of her…”

“You bastard, oh I’m sure you’ll take care of me, I know how you do that.”

“Jessica, I think poor Connie may be becoming distressed again, we should put the tongue protectors in her mouth for her own safety. We don’t want her biting herself.”

“Oh yeah, and shut me up before I tell her what you really get up to, aaarrgh, aaarh, aaaahh.” But I never did tell her, with one of them holding forehead and jaw, the other inserted the two gum shields into my gaping mouth and firmly over my teeth, and then clamped my jaws closed. I was thoroughly gagged again, only able to gurgle nonsense. All my sister could do was watch, partly shocked, partly sympathetic, but I’m sure in her mind she really believed she had done the right thing. And there I stood in front of her, a rubber captive, gagged and helpless again.

I hated her for willingly (and unwittingly) returning me to Dr. Mann and the institute. By now I was subdued, physically and mentally defeated and exhausted. Then Mann said.

“Jessica, I think perhaps the head protector would be a good idea too, just for the protection.” I didn’t struggle as Jessica, with a sly smile, pulled the head protector - the rubber inflatable helmet with the large mouth opening, over my unresisting head, down to my neck and then pumped it up. I stared out at my sister through the small lenses, now silent, powerless, and thoroughly rubberised.

“Yes, the head protector and mouth guards are a good idea. She will be fine now. We’ll take care of her.” Tyra, who had said nothing since she had held me in her arms, smiled comfortingly at my sister as they marched me out, and I didn’t even give my sister one last look, so angry and tired I was.

In Mann’s car, I was squashed between Jessica and Dawn in the back, the tinted windows hiding my predicament. Not a word was said during the journey. Tyra in the front, looked back at me occasionally, shaking her head, actually looking rather hurt. Clearly, I was a huge disappointment to her. We had had many evenings together of intense lovemaking, mutual lovemaking, just the two of us, between sessions with the other girls, and occasionally Mann.

I did enjoy those sessions immensely, but my freedom was worth more to me, and I had to say that I thought her attitude was strange, for wouldn’t she have known, or expected that I would try to escape? I’m sure she would know I would try and make a break, despite our “relationship”. Yes, we were great lovers, and outside the institute we might have made a go of it, who knows, but she didn’t seem to realise, or couldn’t accept the fact I was still a prisoner under her, and the others’ “care”.

Mann I could see was furious, his security was blown and in his mind I had come close to revealing his whole set-up. Actually, I wasn’t bothered about that at all. I wanted to get away, that’s all, not come up with some (in the eyes of some members of the public) lurid sex story for my paper, which I admit would sell a lot of copies. But the fact was, and I was now prepared to admit it, I wasn’t shocked very much any more with what they got up to, and even more perversely, I enjoyed a great deal of it. No, not all of it, but certainly everything that involved Tyra. The only thing that depressed me was that I was a prisoner, with no access to the outside world. I had had my few minutes of freedom, but now I was going to be returned to that world. And one thing I knew for sure. There would be retribution from them, serious payback. And I was proved right very swiftly. 

Retribution Comes Swiftly

They didn’t wait long for their revenge, their teaching me a lesson, for it was the very next night when Jessica and Dawn came to my room in the security section. I had seen them in an odd assortment of costumes so I shouldn’t have been surprised when they unlocked my door and came in dressed as schoolgirls! I was aware of the schoolgirl thing for many men, not the paedophiles (god, no), but the thing that many men have for adult women to dress as saucy schoolgirls, all pretty harmless, as long as they are adults, and of course consenting. And I wasn’t surprised that the rubber fetish community is known for including this fetish it into their “games”.

They were dressed identically, very short flared skirts of dark crimson, with matching gloves, brilliant white shirts buttoned to the collar, with long sleeves covering the gloves. Their stockings were white, tucked into crimson granny ankle boots. A crimson and white striped tie encircled their necks, but above that were matching transparent rubber masks that managed to distort their features, although I knew them well enough,so was able to distinguish between them. On top of that they wore jet black wigs in the pageboy style, encircling their faces and bordering their eyebrows. I wasn’t able to see their bras or panties, but was sure they would be of rubber and I would get a glimpse later. They were innocent and shocking at the same time, a perfect parody of the schoolgirl, rather coy and yet blatantly sexy at the same time.

“Come on Connie, up you get and take all your clothes off. We have a session planned and as you have been such a naughty girl, I don’t think you’re going to find it a lot of fun, but it will look great on film. Yes, you’re going to pay the price for your lack of discipline yesterday, very, very silly of you, and we’re going to make you regret it, and make sure you don’t try it again.”

“And if I don’t want to…play your game?” I said truculently, and naively, knowing the answer already, as Dawn held up the cattle prod.

“But we really don’t want to use it, do we? Now come along, Tyra is waiting, and she has a special treat for you. Don’t you want to see her? You should not have crossed her, Connie, she was getting to have a real thing for you, and then you go and spoil it. You’re going to be punished, Connie, no two ways about it, and filmed as well. It will be a hit on the site, I think.” She chuckled and I noted the emphasis on the word hit.

“You must understand by now that if you transgress, then you face the consequences. I thought you would have learnt that when we had you force fed. We’re not going to let you escape and ruin the good thing we have going here.” I wasn’t going to tell them I wouldn’t expose them, for they wouldn’t have believed me anyway.

“This punishment is going to be shorter but I’m afraid significantly more painful. Tyra is not in a good mood at all. She feels you have betrayed her and now you will pay for it.” Me betrayed her? Well that was a laugh, I had been kept here for months, and certainly had pleasurable times with Tyra, but they didn’t seem to get it that I had to try for my freedom. Or maybe they did, and this was all a bit of an act. It didn’t matter anyway, they were going to get their jollies punishing me, and that was that. By now I had stripped naked andJessica tossed me a bundle of flesh coloured rubber.

“Now you have your hair shorn, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with that.” I opened it out and saw it was a mask - a flawless replica of a mannequin’s face, perfect features, ruby red lips with a small half inch slit between the lips, black eyebrows, even ears, and blue eyes with pinholes just sufficient enough for me to see out of. There was no zip, and I knew it would be drum-tight, so I gripped the neckpiece and stretched it as well as I could, before placing it on my crown. Then with a solid tug I drew it over my head.

It felt like it nearly took my ears off, but Jessica helped me bypass them and quickly it settled around my neck. Jessica adjusted the eyes and mouth, and I then detected two tiny breathing holes under my nostrils. It was extremely close-fitting, and as I turned to look into the mirror I was genuinely shocked to see this perfect model face, a beautiful woman certainly and yet, of course, impassive, emotionless. I tried moving my face muscles, even my chin, but it was so tight there was barely any noticeable change in the inscrutable expression. The lower portion extending to under my chin gripped my lower face so inflexibly that I could only just open my mouth. I could move my lips all right, but my teeth were almost clamped together. I tried to say something, god, this is tight or something like that, and it came out very garbled, so I found it was quite an effective gag, as well. They then placed an identical pageboy wig over my head, pressing hard on the adhesive patch.

“Excellent, you are a beauty, and like all schoolgirls, should be seen and not heard.” She laughed.“All right, Tyra is waiting for us and can’t wait to get started. Now, just watch us and do exactly what we do, otherwise Tyra will make you pay for it. No point in making it worse than it is already.”

I didn’t like the sound of that, as they led me from my room to the playroom, holding my forearms, although where they thought I would escape to was beyond me. We entered their playroom, and I saw Tyra waiting. Of courseshe did not disappoint in her appearance. I knew she was set on punishing me, and probably painfully, but again I had to admit that I was aroused at the stunning sight she presented.

“I really am so disappointed in you, Connie. You’re not a slow learner, not when it comes to the oral sex department anyway, but you do seem to want to be so troublesome.” She said loudly as she approached me, superbly elegant and also just a bit frightening. From tip of head to toe she was dressed this time in just one colour of rubber - black - and this certainly enhanced her imposing figure. She scrutinised me, and I in turn studied her as best I could through the pinholes in the mask.

If it were not for the material - rubber - and the mask she wore, she would have looked very much the schoolmistress, albeit a rather strict one. A long, conservative skirt extended below her knees, covering tights or stockings, one couldn’t tell, but I put my money on suspender belt and stockings. On her feet were granny boots with four inch heels, making her tower over me. The shirt was long sleeved, with tapered wrists tucked into black gloves. The torso was loose, but her ample breasts were held in cups that pushed them out like torpedoes, perhaps not so much a schoolmistress here. She had buttoned it to her throat, and over the neck of the mask, a very unsubtle black one, with eye and mouth holes, and through which her hair tumbled from a hole in the crown. Over her shoulders, she had draped a calf-length gown in rustling black rubber, open at the front and with openings at the sides for her arms. All very scholarly, with a mix of the dominatrix.

“Get her dressed.” She commanded the others, and they led me to the bed, while she now sat calmly in a chair, studying me. It had been only 24 hours since my escape and capture, but this seemed to be a different Tyra. Of course, I had disappointed her, but how could she expect me to “settle down” here. Yes, I was getting to love the sex, she was a wonderful lover, but my freedom meant more to me, why didn’t she understand that?

Assisted by the two “schoolgirls” I dressed myself identically to them in crimson and white rubber. First, white garter belt and stockings, sliding them, I had to admit, sensuously up my legs, then a peephole bra - no real surprise there. Now I knew what the other two women were wearing under their ridiculously short skirts, the panties were of quite thick white rubber and not terribly sexy, being high waisted and not skin tight, but not loose either, rather 50’s I thought, didn’t they used to call them passion killers, something like that. Anyway, I slid into them, shivering at their coolness but knowing they would warm up quickly. I eased my arms into the shoulder-length crimson gloves and they helped me work out the wrinkles. I buttoned the shirt to the collar and after slipping on the short skirt, tucked the shirt under the waistband. Jessica raised my collar and tied the school tie around my neck, adjusting it, and then lowered the collar.

Tyra had scrutinised all this without comment, and now approached us as we stood in line, at attention, our hands behind our backs. The vignette was about to begin, we were all to be “in role”. Three sisters, triplets, fully grown women dressed as rubber schoolgirls, ready for their discipline, I suppose. If you weren’t aware of the fetish association then you would say will looked silly, adults dressed as teenagers in rubber for god’s sake, but if you were of that fetish inclination, then we looked extremely sexy. We all had good, athletic bodies, I was perhaps larger in the breast department and Jessica was taller and slimmer, and they had their transparent masks, just giving an indication of their features, whereas my mannequin mask, the perfect model mask hid everything, and I appearedemotionless, inscrutable. But underneath I was breathing hard, wondering what was to come. Tyra was now all business, circling us, placing a hand on a waist, a breast, a thigh, then she stopped in front of me, putting a gloved hand on my rubber cheek.

“All right you two, over by the mirror thre, facing it, and no talking. I have a few words to say to this girl.” And now Tyra came close to me, until our nipples were nearly touching. I took a deep breath, wondering what was next. Her hand went behind me, now resting on my buttock.

“You are a perfect lover, Connie, so good after such a short time, and a good rubber slave in all our games. We are a very good partnership indeed, I really do have a soft spot for you, and I hope you for me. So I’m very disappointed that you should escape. When will you learn there is no escape, only acceptance. Thereforeyou must be punished, you know that, and again, perhaps after this, you will learn something, we’ll see.” She stroked my nipples through the rubber shirt, and I was shocked to feel them hardening. She continued to caress my rubber cheek.

“You are very beautiful, a natural beauty, not a made-up one, but there’s a reason I have covered up that beautiful face. I don’t want to see it again for a while, naturally I am saddened and disappointed in you, and it will make it much easier for me to punish this mannequin, this impassive model, beautiful yes, but not you.” There was a bitterness in her voice, yes, but more sadness.

“Thereforeyou are going to be wearing this mask for some time, until we get back on an even keel again. And you won’t see your face either, that’s your long-term punishment, but the shorter, sharper part is to come. Mann has said that you must be punished and, well, I agree with him, and he’s left it up to me to carry it out. This is for real Connie, no games here.” She stopped for a second and gathered her thoughts.

“Yes, I suppose I am stupid to think you wouldn’t try to escape, you are a prisoner here after all, I know that, and I have been trying to make your incarceration here as palatable as possible, but I understand your escape attempt. But I’d like you to know that I was disappointed when I learnt you had escaped, if only that it meant that you wouldn’t be here, for me.” Her hand was under my skirt and she was fondling my buttocks, which of course I found arousing, I found pretty well everything she did to me arousing.

“But, we get back to, whether we can trust you. I think maybe I do, just maybe, but the others, no. Like me, they have a lot riding on our enterprise here, and they’re not going to risk it on letting you go. And that’s a fact tight now, and you have to accept that. Maybe in a couple or three years I’ll have enough to live on and we’ll shut it all down and go and live on the French or Italian Riviera, but not yet, Connie.” I had stood next to her in silence, knowing that what I could say would do no good for now, and would come out rather muffled anyway. But I took some small tiny ounce of hope from what she had said, but would I be able to last three more years here? She now tenderly squeezed my breasts and spoke louder.

“Now I will discipline Jessica and Dawn first, for they are also at fault here, it was their job to share the duties to keep an eye on you. So they are going to assume the position, for which they are aware, and you can watch, and wait your turn.” The other two said nothing, seeming to accept their fate, without so much as a murmur.

They faced the mirror about four feet apart, then in perfect unison spread their legs about four feet until their opposite feet touched. They bent over to about 30 degrees and rested their hands on their knees, each taking a breath.

“There’s no need for ropes and cuffs here, these two know the score as they know they were partly responsible for your escape, and will accept it.” I could already see their stocking tops, but now Tyra draped their miniscule skirts over their backs, exposing their shiny white behinds. She took up a rubber paddle, about three inches wide and twelve or fourteen inches long, and slapped her palm. There was a loud crack.

“The rules are easy, you take your poison, you don’t move a foot, you don’t move your hands and you don’t raise yourself up. If you do, then that strike doesn’t count, simple, yes? And it will be ten each for these two.”

And she went about, quite coolly, thrashing their behinds. This was not just a show for the camera, she took precise, hard and well aimed swings, and the sound of the paddle thrashing their rubber buttocks filled the room. This was theatre. She whacked them alternately, taking her time. I don’t know if that was better, giving them a short respite, or worse as they had to wait for the next blow. I have to say they were very impressive, they didn’t scream, yelp, or even move. I got the impression that this was far from their first time. Who knows, maybe they got a kick from it, I couldn’t see how, but as I watched I knew I would be next.

But it wasn’t just the paddling, in between each swing she would stop, then look over at me, no smile, no emotion at all, and then stroke their thighs, their buttocks, even between their legs, and I could see them take deep breaths. And then she would move to their side and fondle their breasts through the rubber shirts. This was just as much for the cameras as me. She was displaying her power, her cool superiority. The women panted and groaned, but said nothing more, stayed bent, with hands on knees, taking their punishment, and with a bit of pleasure too perhaps.

When she had finished, and they had had their ten each, she folded back their skirts over their white panties, and they stood, taking heavy breaths, their hands clasped behind them. Then, for the cameras or not, they moved together in a joint embrace, and Tyra even kissed them both, a delicate peck on the cheek.

“You both did very well indeed. I didn’t hold anything back and I know you are hurting, so why don’t you go over to the bed there and comfort yourselves.” Whether this was in their script I don’t know, but they smiled at each other through their transparent masks, and needed no further encouragement, holding hands and moving to the bed and settling down, where a second camera was pointing. But now it was my turn.

I was sweating in the tight rubber mannequin’s mask and in the schoolgirl’s uniform too, but as Tyra approached me, I shivered in anticipation. There was no escape from this, and with the mask so tight across my mouth I could barely plead my case, such as it was. And I knew anyway that she would not show any mercy, not this time. She was now inches in front of me, our eyes locked.

“You’ve caused us,” she cocked her head, pursing her lips, “me, quite a bit of grief, Connie, so now you pay the piper. You look so tasty in that uniform, I could devour you in one sitting, but not tonight. When I beat you, as I will, I want you masked as it will make it easier for me to do this. You saw how the girls behaved, and I expect the same from you.” Then she bent her head and her rubber cheek pressed against mine, and she whispered.

“This is for real Connie, Mann wants you to remember this. It will hurt like the devil, as it is meant to, and I hope this will be the end of your belief that you will or can escape, that is simply naïve of you. So accept the inevitable, and we can get back to life as before. Now go over there in front of the mirror and assume the position.”

Did I get the feeling that it was Mann behind all this? Yet, he wasn’t “man” enough to do it himself. Having said that, I was sure that Tyra would not hold back for she she was representing all four of them, and the last thing they wanted was to show weakness in the ranks – however she did seem just slightly reluctant. And I assumed the position. Facing the mirror I saw a shapely woman – full breasts, well muscled legs, slim waist -  dressed in rubber, as a schoolgirl, and yet with a perfect mannequin face with a pageboy wig topping it all. What a strange sight indeed, saucy and sexy yes, but it hid my real emotions of being terribly vulnerable. Behind me, I saw Tyra lubing up a sizable butt plug.

“Yes, Connie, you’re not getting off quite so easily as the other two.” I was now bending over obediently, and I felt her hand raise my short skirt and then slide down my panties.

“Wider now.” She commanded and I parted my legs further, waiting for the assault. The cool rubber of the head of the plug made me tremble, but I tried to calm as she pressed it into me. Can one get used to this, the invasion of butt plugs (an interesting movie title perhaps?). No, not really, I felt the narrower head breach my sphincter as Tyra placed a hand on my back and pressed further, and further. Ohgod, this one seemed bigger than the others, and it occurred to me that maybe this was part of my training, to accept bigger and bigger ones, but where would that end? At the second I thought I would split, it slid in, to my relief. Then Tyra adjusted the baseplate to settle vertically between my cheeks and pulled my panties back up, smoothing them, erotically, over my buttocks.

“Good girl, I think you’re getting a lot better at taking these. In this case it will allow you something to grip on when the pain really sets in.” Great I thought, a butt plug to make me feel better. But now I saw Tyra take up the rubber paddle. I don’t know why, it was all pointless, but I wailed a noooo into the mask, a useless plea as Tyra placed a hand on my back again, and at the same time stroked my buttocks.

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