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Institute for Complete Rubber Immersion

by Jane D'oh

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© Copyright 2020 - Jane D'oh - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/f+; latex; bond; straps; gag; blindfold; ponyplay; prison; cons; X

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My initiation day couldn't have started any better. I was so enthralled with my tack that I had almost forgotten the glorious steed I was to be mated to. As Warden led me back towards the beast my heart leapt anew and any concerns I had about the upcoming vote upon my future were the furthest thing from my enraptured mind. The lowest foothold was so high off the ground that I couldn't imagine being able to gain my mount without a ladder but Warden proceeded to its tail and with the press of a button the hydraulic legs sunk into themselves and brought the entire stallion lower. She helped me get my left leg up to the intended ledge and I swung myself unceremoniously up and over the main torso with my right leg landing in place. The feel of the padded rubber horse between my thighs was exquisite and I squeezed tight, pushing my groin downwards yearning for further sensation. 

In quick succession my lower legs and forearms were melded tight to their intended locations as my prepper meticulously strapped me into place. She proceeded with the wide straps which adhered my waist, thighs and upper arms to the thing before adjusting its chin rest just so, to support me. Further strapping immobilized my upper body and head as I strained in giddy desire against the lot, knowing that I had no hope of succour. I was surprised to feel a slight touch near my privates and cool air enter to vainly attempt to control my rising heat. Alas, my Warden had never touched me there before and had no intention of doing so today, merely opening the gate for possible future traffic. My mount shied and I was raised higher but the rear legs outpaced the front, leaving my target several hands above the rest of my yearning body, and feeling more exposed and empty than perhaps ever before. 

"That's that then," the faint voice of satisfaction barely penetrating my rubber covered and plugged ears. "Lots of time before the others are due dear so I'll give you two some privacy for a bit," Warden chuckled at her own joke before presumably leaving the large room, being out of my limited range of vision. Happily she had found her true calling in life because her abilities as a horse breeder were clearly lacking: she'd gotten the wrong one on top! 

My nipples desperately wanted attention but my unforgiving bondage had completely immobilized them just on either side of the narrower front of the main body of the uselessly inanimate contraption. "Squeeze them please," I silently begged while at the same time feeling the slightest hint of air flow across the great void, further enhancing my need. 

Matron's description of the Initiation procedures hadn't included any violent violations of the candidate but I found myself picturing the few Wardens that I had met having their way with me, preferably one after the other in rapid succession. 

Warden 6 the Nurse could be first, I fancied her buckling up a large strap-on and lubricating it with pink Elixir before driving it home repeatedly. Or Warden 4 could remove one of her phallic feeding station dispensers and shove it not too subtly home while encouraging me with her firm rubber paddle. I hadn't met any of the other Wardens at that early stage of my incarceration but their anonymous souls were free to plunder this desperate mare in any way they saw fit. Soon, please! 

Although desperately exhausted after my first 'swimming lesson', the feeding stations of Level 4 could motivate one to new heights even after the running of consecutive marathons. My Keeper left me in the charge of 463, Warden 4's assistant. "You look hungry 123," she stated, as she or her superior inevitably do as a sort of running joke, and led me off to the feast. 

Two girls were already strapped in and Warden 4 was finishing up on a third. As 463 was preparing me another was shown in and before long the five us were waiting expectantly for the tardy sixth dining guest. I recognized the rapidly approaching sound of 043's toes in the distance and listened as the recriminations of our Feeding Warden assailed her. The ballerina was not having a good day and I again felt my antipathy towards her waning. Our hosts combined their efforts and in very short order the six of us were ensconced on our very narrow seats and awaiting the first and only course. 

Faint sounds emanated from our little party, as the girls fought against their restraints and more importantly fought to restrain themselves from attacking the object of their desire before Warden 4's little bell jingled the 'okay' to do so. My back was beginning to ache from the day's activities and having my arms squeezed together behind me in the heavy rubber arm binder wasn't helping matters. 

The restless yearning of the six diners was palpable and our hosts didn't deter us from expressing our longing for their fare in the form of non-verbal pleadings of grunts and moans. If the Doctor ever required a saliva sample from one of her patients this would be the place to come as we were all but literally drooling in anticipation of the tiny tingles that would signal our programmed reward.

Finally the uneasy truce was annulled by the much anticipated bell and the six starving diners sprinted towards their respective finish lines. I stretched and stretched my sore body towards the source of my relief and replenishment, already tasting the thick reinvigorating pink goo on my imaginary palate. Never in my months of feedings had I found the source so elusive, not knowing if the difficulty stemmed from my fatigue alone or if the goal had been intentionally separated further from my starving lips. I was all but ready to give up when a final inspiration to not only feed but to impress my superiors took hold of me and I readied myself for one final go. I pictured Warden 10 watching the scene unfold live on a screen somewhere above us and realized that it was more than likely she who had ordered the problematic placement of the big black rubber shaft.

Success! I had half of the head squeezed between my well-exercised lips and wasn't about to let go. I fought and fought to gain a few more precious millimetres until at last I had hold of the entirety of the glans and felt confident enough to concentrate on sucking it dry. The glorious pink goo had never tasted so delicious as when my efforts were rewarded with the first trickle of life-giving manna. I sucked and sucked, visions of the alien goddess dancing in my groggy brain. She was seated at her desk behind her monitor, legs spread in an unladylike manner, her right hand invisible beneath the rubber of her short maid's skirt. "Suck harder 123," she ordered. "Bimbo whore-sluts aren't good at much else...Suck!" She disparaged me passionately as I did my best to fulfill her fictional commands, greedily milking the rubber phallus of its precious essence.

You would think my colourful and vociferous performance might have attracted some attention but I was just one of the girls at a typical brunch, the needy sounds of the others spurring me to ever loftier heights of degradation. Once the final drops of Elixir had been drained we continued our act, hoping against hope in our brainwashed minds that an iota of goo might remain. When our hosts tired of our loitering they activated a control which slowly pulled our providers from between our loving lips, and left them quivering beyond our reach. Warden 4 and her charge set to work unbinding their guests and soon ushered us rather unceremoniously out the door in preparation for the next party of six. 


A strong memory came back to me as I awaited the arrival of the Wardens. I was on my Aunt's farm in a large indoor arena with her at my left. A horse stood with a handler some distance away and a second, larger horse was being led in. The menege was unheated and great clouds of breath issued from the obviously excited creature as he approached the other. There was something tangible in the air. I'd never seen an animal so alive, so real and vivid. The basic essence of Life seemed to emanate from him, filling the large space and captivating my young attention. I had no idea what was going on, even after the emergence of an unthinkably large penis growing beneath the stallion. 

The mare too was very animated and frisky, clouds of breath and excited sounds coming from her flaring nostrils. No one spoke as the two creatures communicated with each other in the ancient dance of Love. When the male reared up and somewhat clumsily mounted the female, steadying himself with his hooves astride her wide back I began to realize what I was witnessing. His enormous growth eventually disappeared inside the mare and my memory blurs beyond that point. Aunty never spoke of the event and I was much too shy to say anything about it to anyone, though I'd clearly had a memorable learning experience. 

There was little mystery in why such reminiscences would present themselves at such a moment. Bound in my lovely tack to my impotent stallion, my maddeningly vacant hole aloft and exposed: I wanted nothing less than hyperbolic proportions of consummation. 

At length faint sounds could be discerned and my heart jumped as I realized that multiple people were arriving and my initiation was entering the crucial stage. My plugs prevented me from hearing all but the loudest of voices and I could detect only a hint of occasional conversation below the level where I could comprehend it. The noise of their footfalls was quite pronounced however and I could monitor their positions to some extent as their heels met the hard floor. 

None of the Wardens had come into my limited line of vision yet nor had any had come near enough to my prone body for me to feel their presence. The faint articulations I could just detect seemed to be offering friendly approval or praise and I fancied that they were congratulating Warden Sub 2 for her display, which couldn't hurt my cause. I was again worrying more about the vote than my immediate needs and welcomed any good signs. 

Finally I caught a glimpse of someone at the edge of my left blinder. It was a strain to look down with my head held so high but I was desperate for input. After a time of just flirting with my line of sight the figure moved into full view and I was rewarded with the beautiful sight of Warden 6 our Nurse and she was dressed to the nines. 

Of course everyone in the Institute always wears rubber but I'd never seen her presented as such a perfect fantasy Rubber Nurse. She caught my eye and smiled before doing a slow full turn to show off her look and I heard someone else laugh good-naturedly at the display. The mood was good and the sight of our sexy Nurse had reminded me of my want. She walked directly towards me and out of my ceiling-fixed stare. 

I felt a hand on my left breast as she applied an instrument that created a vacuum over my rubber-covered nipple, sucking it outward. I was delighted and the weight of the thing added to the sensations as she released it. Once my other half had been similarly outfitted I was feeling quite grateful for Nurse’s unexpected ministrations. 

The ladies appeared to be in no rush to get on with business. I learned later that the initiation ceremony is one of the most important and looked-forward to events at the ICRI. The Wardens don't get together under festive circumstances as a group very often and they all dress up for and make the most of the occasion. 

Some time later a woman I didn't recognize passed before me without making eye contact. She looked the part of a traditional dominatrix and a rather frightening three-foot riding crop hung from one side of her corset. The beauty of her partially masked face and the garments covering her robust figure were making a very strong impression on me. She held a nearly empty champagne glass and wore a Cheshire Cat grin on her deep red lips as they disappeared from my view. 

How I longed for her to take me...I knew it was utterly unlikely under the circumstances but still. Perhaps she could at least unleash her intimidating crop on my exposed desire: any attention would be preferable to the empty void at the centre of my yearning. I felt a presence at said yawning and iterated a tiny squeal around my huge gag. “Yes! Please!” The very subtlest of touch ensued while someone, presumably the cat, inserted a very small plug into my quivering derriere. Not the hole or size I had in my wanton mind but I'd settle for just about anything at this point. It was smooth and cold and tapered snugly into place without any ado. Then a slight twist initiated a subdued but unignorable vibration within the little intruder. It purred like a contented kitten, providing me with no satisfaction but increasing my already astronomical desire.

After a time, two more strangers appeared before me, talking together in intentionally hushed tones well beyond my range of hearing. One was quite young, perhaps thirty, and Japanese. The other, middle-aged and European, had a very regal bearing as though of royal blood and fine upbringing, the penetrating intelligence of her gaze had me averting my eyes immediately. 

Her companion was the tallest and fittest Asian woman I had ever seen, her powerful form exuding the strength and vigour of a professional athlete. She too caught my glance and again I shied away, submissive to her physical supremacy. She would be the perfect choice to fill my emptiness, forcefully and dominantly ending the maddening forced abstinence of my 'birthday'. Alas, it appeared destined to be a virgin birth.


The six nearly sated diners (as satisfying as the Elixir is, one can never quite get enough) awaited the elevator without a chaperone. Despite the fact that 043 and I had had a very long day it was really only about half over and we all had previously assigned destinations. I was feeling much better after the replenishment and the close proximity of five delightful rubber sisters had me even friskier than I normally feel post-goo. No one spoke or touched as such actions, although not technically prohibited, could be used against you. 

Once the sluggish lift finally arrived and we were squeezed more closely together inside its mirrored confines the level of desire rose higher amongst the group. I fantasized of a power outage stopping the car between floors, only a dim emergency light illuminating the trapped rubber prisoners. Perhaps the CCTV would be down as well and we could enjoy each other's company without fear of incrimination. Time had slowed almost to a stop as we crept higher through the centre of the Institute. 043's delightful pink rubber breasts were surrounded by seemingly endless others and I tore my eyes away in an attempt to control my nearly irresistible desire to initiate a full-blown rubber orgy. 

As fate would have it my gaze landed squarely on the emergency stop button of the control panel beside me. The little red circle seemed to grow larger as I looked and the crawling car tingled with the forbidden temptation of impulse. My hand appeared in view as though arriving of its own accord and I watched, fascinated as it slowly homed in on its target. A pink rubber index finger extended and seemed destined to take a bite of the shiny red apple dangling before it. My heart leapt to my throat as a quiet chime indicated that we had arrived at our first stop and the door opened to release one of our party. I gasped in surprise and aborted the madness of my all but subconscious scheme.

Eventually only I and the ballerina remained as we descended to Sublevel 2. I stared at her beautiful pink thigh-high boots, the heavy rubber hiding the pain that must lie beneath, if not at the moment then once the afterglow of dinner had faded. The door released us after the indeterminable journey up and back down the long shaft of ICRI's core. 

We walked to Warden's office and waited at the threshold of the open door beyond which the large white figure was busy poking away with two fingers at her keyboard, moving her head up and down between it and a screen affixed to the wall. It was difficult for the prisoners not to be amused by the sight of their Jailor, especially since she was repeatedly making mistakes as her big rubber fingers stumbled over the keys. Each time she did so a little grunt of frustration would emerge from the xylophonic discipline helmet and I was tempted to laugh aloud. 

We hadn't announced our arrival, assuming the staccato approach of 043's boots would have been more than adequate to do so but I now feared that Warden's concentration was such that she may think herself still alone. I hesitated, unsure what to do and my fellow inmate made no move either, although a glint in her eyes indicated she was enjoying the moment. I didn't want it to end awkwardly but I saw no other resolution, retreat and re-approachment seeming unlikely to succeed and a sudden pronouncement of our position could startle or upset Warden. 

Finally the ballerina broke the stand-off with a rather clever tactic: standing in place she tapped her talented toes gently at first before gradually crescendoing to a much louder stop, the sounds mimicking those of our initial approach. I took up the part, moving slightly in place as though I had been in motion and the scheme worked. Warden swung round in her chair and greeted us, unaware of our harmless subterfuge.

“Oh, you must both be exhausted. 123, be a dear and get those boots off while I finish this...oh but the gag first: you can have it while you do your work," she spoke and returned to her pecking while I was surprised to find how eager I was to share something intimate with 043. As I reached up to unbuckle the thing I saw that the blindfold that she had worn that morning had been slipped behind the gag's strap for storage and it hung limply, partially covering the slender pink neck of our dancer. 

Warden remembered at the same moment, "Oh yes, the blindfold, you can have that too, dear." She wasn't being facetious by making it sound like she was granting me a favour: she knew I would enjoy my upcoming predicament and her casual commands had already reanimated my arousal. I removed the thing from its place and strapped it blindly behind my head. Relying on touch now, I found 043's back and followed it up to the gag's strap which I easily released, having had a lifetime of practice in such proceedings, albeit a lonely one of self-bondage. I eased the big pink pecker from its place in such a way as to prevent spillage and avoid hurting my lady's jaws. Greedily I found a new home for the slippery silicone, savouring my superior's saliva whilst strapping it tightly in place. This was getting good. 

Had we still been equals I would have taken the opportunity to grope as much of 043's torso as possible, certainly venturing a touch of the wonderful boobs that had been haunting me much of the day. Once I had been given my task however, and even before the blinding and gagging, I had sunk naturally into my submissive self. I again found her form with my left hand and as respectfully as possible used it to guide myself around and in front of her where I knelt in obeisance. 

I wanted to massage the beautiful boots on the beautiful legs of the graceful dancer but simply sought out the top of the lacing which I found literally right in front of my nose. I knew I had to concentrate on my task, especially the critical first step of loosening the bow knot which could theoretically go wrong and leave a more difficult unravelling for my somewhat benumbed rubber fingers. I tried to find and separate the two loose ends I sought but had trouble doing so with the distraction of the images my mind was creating. Somehow, in my complete blackness, my Lady had become even more attractive, her boots more perfect. 

I fancied I could smell what I knew lay hidden just inches away from me, beneath the tight pink rubber folds I could suddenly picture so vividly. In growing frustration I took a chance and just pulled on what I hoped was an aglet that would release the knot. It worked! Now I set about the great loosening. Down I slowly went, grovelling happily in my chore while still enjoying the visions my mind was producing to distract me from it. There are close to eighty grommets on each boot and when I eventually reached the end I reversed course, retracing my steps and slackened the infinite lace further on my way to the top. Most footwear of this nature have a zipper down the side for quick release but such a thing would not suit the character of the Institute. 

I was ready to attempt the first removal, hoping that enough slack had been created. I felt 043 place her hand on my head to balance herself and without too much effort I was able to fulfill the first of my two duties. Just laying the exquisite thing aside on the floor seemed inappropriate but my momentary dilemma was resolved when my Lady removed it from my conscientious grasp. 

As I found and attempted to loose the second knot the back of my left hand made the briefest and slightest of contacts with what could only have been the worst possible place to affront a superior. The prima seemed to shudder from head to pointe but issued no sound. Her hand returned to my crown and exerted a compelling force that drove my chin past my clumsy hand and my nose directly into the scene of the crime. Her other hand joined in and I felt the foot of the boot it was holding brush against my hip as the dancer drove my face into the heart of her sex, all but eliminating my airflow. 

Diligent as always I continued my work and actually managed to undo the second knot quite quickly. As I continued blindly I hoped that 043 was not too distracted to keep an eye on our Warden, lest she find us in unbidden postures. My progress was retarded by my awkward positioning, my lack of air, and the glory of having my face pressed forcefully into such a transcendent twat. 

Despite her silence my Lady must have been close to the edge as she used my face like sex toy and showed no signs of slowing down. I had no choice but to continue my work on her second boot and she was considerate enough to move her leg into a position more accessible to my blind reach, if not so thoughtful as to allow me adequate oxygen. By the time I had made the full circuit up and down the length of her delightful appendage and deemed it ready for removal the ballerina was well into the final act of our strange pas de deux, squeezing me into the heart of her lustful centre stage. 

Then, perhaps through a technical glitch, the curtain came down prematurely before the dancers had completed their performance. My head was set free just before it could release my Lady's accumulated desire and fresh cool air returned. I pulled from the ankle and guided the boot off, wondering if we had managed to deceive the Warden twice in succession. 

"Perfect timing 123, I've just finished my email, I'll take that dear," Matron's voice betrayed no knowledge of our iniquities as she took the boot from me. "Give me the gag and blindfold as well my sweet," she said and I quickly removed them, cleaning the big pink penis with my tongue and lips before handing it to her. "You look flushed dear, are you feeling okay?" she asked. I nodded and smiled, then closed my eyes and let my head fall slightly to one side to indicate that I was merely tired. "Yes, yes I know you've both had quite a day so far but rest is near, just give me a few minutes girls," and she walked out, her big waders squeaking pleasantly. 

The Initiation, or "Great Frustration" continued. The little vibrations in my backside doing everything to highlight my need and nothing to fulfill it. None of the other Ladies deigned to grace my limited vantage but I'm sure they were all well versed in who and what I was long beforehand, and had already made their respective decisions on my worthiness. 

Finally, at one point I heard a voice rise almost distinct enough for me to make out the words. The cadence was such that I assumed she was reading or reciting a pre-written script, very likely the ceremonial calling of the vote I had been nervously awaiting since learning of it the night before. My heart fluttered and my focus shifted from my immediate needs to my infinitely more important future. 

At the time I had assumed that there was a Warden 12 who was officiating over the proceedings but no such post exists. Nor is there a Warden 11. The senior Warden was none other than the alien goddess that is Warden 10, whom I was not destined to meet until several months afterwards. Her speech ended fairly quickly and I hadn't really been able to decipher more than a word or two but the ensuing silence lasted far longer than my trepidation cared to endure. 

How long would it take for a few ayes or nays to be uttered? I feared that perhaps the vote had already ended with negative results but the rousing cheers and applause that finally penetrated my plugged ears washed away all my life's doubts. I wept and wept and tried to express my appreciation through my big rubber gag as the glorious tumult slowly subsided and the high pitched clinking of champagne glasses hailed a toast. I thanked my Creator with all my heart and fell into a state of utter completion, my previous carnal desires being utterly subsumed by the reality of Love.

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