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Institute for Complete Rubber Immersion

by Jane D'oh

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© Copyright 2021 - Jane D'oh - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; fpov; latex; bond; prison; nurse; catsuit; drysuit; hood; vacuum; mittens; cons; XX

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Awaking to the usual sounds of cell doors being unlocked and prisoners being escorted to the elevator for their daily tasks above, I recalled what my day ahead promised: an evaluation on Level 10. Before I knew it I had been strapped into one of the automated wheelchairs by our Warden and after whizzing past the mysterious 'noisy room' with its usual mechanical ministrations, waited with some trepidation for the return of the lift. On the way up I was happily surprised when our Nurse stepped inside at Level 6. She gave me the cheeriest of greetings with a knowing smile as I stared unabashedly at her bewitching presence. She looked like she had just left the set of a very high end pornographic production with a medical theme. The light green rubber mini dress just barely covering the very tops of her gleaming white legs, her make-up a little extreme but professionally applied, her shining patent boots laced like corsets, cosseting her curvaceous calves...she even sported a cute little rubber hat with a red cross on a white background. I was enamoured anew.

"Warden 10 enforces a rather strict dress code on her level," she said as the mirrored door closed and further enhanced my view. "I'm coming along to monitor you during your exam." I had little time to ponder why I'd need medical supervision for such an occasion. The car stopped and opened and the Nurse waited while my chair eased me into the enigmatic realm of Level 10. She joined me and stood by my side while we waited in the empty antechamber, anticipating the approaching detonations of the inevitable stilettos.

After just a few silent minutes another surprise greeted us. Approaching silently on gum rubber soles the 'Californian' appeared before us without warning. The powerful body of Warden 5's chief assistant had never looked better or more intimidating. Her rose-red rubber suit stretched flawlessly over every muscular curve of her well-trained form. She greeted us briefly and bid we follow her, explaining as we went (the Nurse now guiding my chair) that she would be my dressing assistant today. It hadn't occurred to me that I might be in scuba gear for my exam but it really wasn't a surprise considering the ICRI's inclinations.

Once the heavy steel door of Dressing Room 2 had locked behind us, my chair released me of my bonds. The woman motioned me towards a high stool in the centre of the space whose walls and shelves surrounded me with all manner of professional gear. Our Nurse seated herself in the wheelchair, as if to enjoy a bit of theatre. It occured to me then that the challenge of the exam wouldn't be in the questions themselves but in the restrictions of the school's uniform. Without hesitation my dresser set to her task.

I was surprised and almost a little disappointed when she produced an Aquala drysuit. These are very nice suits, all black rubber on the outside with a white rubber interior but they are of medium weight and I had expected something heavier and more challenging. It had attached gloves, soft booties and a hood so soon enough my pink form was completely sealed within it, save for my face. It was a tight fit and hugged me pleasantly as the woman briefly disappeared, returning with a long hose that snaked behind her along the floor. The suit had an inflation valve located just above my cleavage to which she attached a nozzle on the end of the hose with a quick click. I thought that added air would ruin the effect of the tight embrace of the suit but my dressing assistant had been planning the exact opposite. A rare smile lit her usually serious face as she pressed the release on the valve. I gasped as I realized that I was being vacuum sealed. A little squeak emerged from my lips as her snake rapidly sucked all the remaining air out of the Aquala and every square inch of my body tingled in its heavenly rubber embrace. I squealed and squirmed, trying to control the rising tide of my lust and my quickening breath. What a wonderful sensation. I steadied myself against the edge of the stool and managed to hold off, at least for the time being.


Like the nearly featureless surroundings of the white room on Level 8, my mind when looking back on my first day there finds little to grasp, as though it had taken cue from its environment and settled into a vacuous haze. Of course, the copious intake of Elixir had a lot to do with it. After vegging for an unknown time I sat myself upright again and looked towards my cellmate. There it stood in the centre of the room gleaming implausibly in the subdued light. I detected a tiny hint of pink right on its tip, the only colour in my otherwise pallid world. Unthinking, I dragged myself towards it again and once more plunged headlong upon it, sucking more slowly than before but nonetheless acquiring copious rewards. It was easier to convince myself to stop this time as my fears of the phallus disappearing or drying up seemed to be unfounded. I lay on my stomach with my ball head right next to it. From the blurred peripheral vision I was afforded it appeared to tower above me, stretching up to the ceiling. I sighed and let my mind wander off.

At some foggy point that day I thought my vision was failing. My surroundings became less distinct and even the glimmering phallus seemed to lose some of its splendour. I worried that perhaps my over indulgence was having unexpected side-effects on my health, after all the Elixir is obviously a powerful concoction even if no one seems to know what it actually consists of. After a few more minutes I had no doubt that the room was fading away, slowly slipping into darkness. I put a big white rubber sphere of a hand in front of my visor and examined it. There wasn't much to see but I finally realized that there was nothing wrong with my eyes, it was the room that was changing. I looked towards the thin gap along top of the wall to my left and felt some relief as my light source slowly faded into the twilight of dusk. Bedtime!

Except, I had no bed. Or perhaps I was a bed, of sorts. As my world slowly changed from white to pitch I decided to find a corner to spend my first night in. I thought that sleeping in the same spot each night would be a healthy routine to adopt (assuming this was to be a regular event and would last long enough to sleep properly). I shoved off and headed away from the last of the fading photons. I put my head in the corner by which I could face the setting sun and, I assumed, the rising sun when I awoke. I thanked my captors for this gift of temporal groundedness. I would probably be going mad soon enough even with this basis in reality but the thought of the light never changing was most unpleasant. As was the idea of it just switching off instantly or lighting up at once. I looked forward to a good sleep and a slow peaceful dawning to my second day.

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