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Instant Vacuum Bed Surprise

by Colnorth

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My mistress and I had always enjoyed our games; she would love to send me little notes and instructions during the day about how she wanted me when she got home.  She enjoyed my efforts and I enjoyed pleasing her.  One of our favorite restraint systems involved latex vacuum beds, when the latex was thick enough and the vacuum strong enough the beds allowed almost no movement what so ever.  The problem with most vacuum beds is that you have to keep the vacuum going, and you run the risk of frying your vacuum if you leave it on too long.  Also nosy neighbors in our apartment building might wonder why the vacuum was running for more than say 20 minutes, especially at night!  Well in one aspect we were lucky our neighbor across the hall had become good friends of ours, and both Tom and Mandy knew of the kink in our lifestyle. One night after several drinks they admitted they had a kinky lifestyle also, but we could never get them to expand on that, but it was nice knowing they would understand and late night moans and groans.

So after some research and a little ingenuity I solved the vacuum bed dilemma, I created a system that worked without power…well sort of…

First, I hooked the bed to a pipe with a ball valve that had a red (trapped) handle on it, when the valve was open it let air flow from a canister through a pipe into the bed, when closed it sealed all air out of the bed.

Second, the canister, it used to be some kind of air tank that I got from a salvage yard it could hold a lot of air under pressures of up to 200 Psi, it was a very heavy tank, with very thick walls.  Although I never went that high, 75 – 100 Psi was plenty tight enough to restrict movement, the little gauge on the tank always seemed accurate.

Third, on the other side of the tank I ran a pipe with another ball valve with a green (release) handle, when it was open it allowed air to flow through the pipe into the tank, when closed it sealed all air from getting into the tank.

At the end of the pipes was a vacuum, now the great thing about a tank designed to hold air at great pressures, is that it holds a vacuum at great pressures also.  I could run the vacuum with the green (release) handle open and the red (trapped) handle closed and suck all the air out of the tank, close the green (release) valve and have a giant instant vacuum inside the tank.  Whenever I wanted all I had to do is open the red (trapped) handle and all the air inside the bed instantly goes into the vacuum.  No constant vacuum going, no noise what so ever. 

So when Mistress came home she can close the red handle if she wants sealing the system shut, or turn on the vacuum again and increase the pressure and repeat the process, or to let me out it’s as simple as opening up the green valve and letting the vacuum escape the tank and voila the system is normal pressure and I am free…

The real beauty of this system is that we could use it with any of our beds…I said vacuum beds was one of our favorites! We had one that only had a breathing tube and black latex front and back, this one she used when Mistress wanted to discipline me; it was very isolating experience, total darkness, with only a little air coming through the tube, which she liked to control…..

We also had one that was black back, and clear front, the wonderful thing about this one was it had a head hole and a cock hole.  It was definitely my favorite of the several we owned.  It was easy to breathe since my head was free, and my manhood was exposed, it allowed me the ability to pleasure my Mistress.  Now of course how I pleasured her was completely up to her, sometimes Mistress rode me like a horse, and other times she would just straddle my face and stay there until she could take anymore pleasuring, either way I was happy as long as I could pleasure my Mistress…

The real trick was in triggering the system remotely, one I was inside, well since I had become very good at self bondage to present myself for Mistress, I simply used the old ice trick.  I placed a string on the red handle and run it through an eyelet on the wall with ice around the string preventing it from going through the eyelet, on the other side of the eyelet the string is attached to several weights.  When the ice melts the string goes through the eyelet pulling the handle and again… instant vacuum bed.

The wonderful part about this is if I am blindfolded or in the black bed, then I will not know when the actual entrapment will occur, ice melting is silent, and the vacuum is instant, as soon as the valve is cracked all the air inside the bed goes into the chamber.  I thought about doing the same thing for the green (release) handle, if I put a larger block of ice on it I could so the same thing.  The only reason I never did it was because that would give me a way out, and I wouldn’t even have to do anything to get it my release, and what fun would that be? 

My wonderful Mistress is serving her country right now, my Mistress has gotten orders and is overseas for the next 15 months, and after she left it was almost unbearable.  After a few months she got her shift changed and we were able to communicate more, and even do video over the net.  I told her how much I missed our games, and how much I missed pleasing her, she came up with a great idea I would set up the camera on the computer to take a picture at a certain time, then I would get into whatever self bondage position she wanted and send her a picture.  The only drawback was that I was able to release myself, and it required very little of me to do it, I know my Mistress pleasured herself while watching me like that but it wasn’t the same because I was able to do it directly. 

After several months I had tied myself in almost every position I could think of, and I could tell Mistress was starting to feel the same, then I got a very interesting letter from her, I was to set up the laptop for a video conference, and aim the camera at our vacuum bed area.  This threw me off immediately, the questions started running through my brain and doubt started to creep into the back of my mind, then I heard a voice tell me, “ My Mistress would never let any harm come to me, she knows what she is doing”.  I continue to read the email…

“Dear Slave,

I have a surprise for you, and you will trust me.  At 1700 EST on Saturday the 12th you are to have a Video Conference up and running on our site.  You are to focus the laptop camera on yourself inside the Vacuum Bed with two openings.  You are to have set up the ice release so that you are trapped inside no later than 1715.  Before you are entrapped you are to place the headset earplugs in your ears with the microphone next to the laptop, then place the leather ring gag in your mouth, and the heavy leather locking hood over your head (the one with only the opening for nostrils and your mouth).  You are to lock the hood on your head, and place the key on a key ring and set it in an envelope next to the vacuum bed.  Then wait for my surprise….

Love Mistress”

The thoughts all hit me at once….Why the bed? Why headset earplugs? Why a ring gag? And most importantly why would I have no system for release? How would I get out? Why did the keys need to be outside of the bed? They could have been in Timbuktu for all the good they would do me; once I was trapped inside the bed I would have no way to self release so I couldn’t unlock the helmet.  She called it a hood, in reality it was a padded sensory deprivation locking helmet, it had a strap under the chin, around the eyes, and around the neck, and all three had locking points at the hasps.  So any one could be undone and not the others, and once it was on you couldn’t hear anything anyways, why the headset earplugs who was going to talk to me?  I finally figured it out that I could listen to her through the video conference.  That would be real torture, I could listen to her get off but was unable to do anything about it myself, but the vacuum was silent, and the ice was too, why did all chance of hearing need to be gone?

Well at least she had chosen my favorite bed; I guess it would make a nice tomb, because that is what I was setting myself up for with no release mechanism to speak of.  I guess that is why she said I have to trust her, so I shaved and prepared myself for the upcoming ordeal, she didn’t say anything about toys so I set about finishing my preparations for the evening ahead.  Earlier I had set up the vacuum tank to 100 Psi so I would be completely immobile in the bed.  I set the envelope with the only key I have to the locks that are sitting next to the hood that will be on my head in the next few minutes.  I placed the microphone for the headset earplugs next the computer so I could listen to the video conference.  I set up the ice timer with just one ice cube; it should allow the weights to drop in about 10 minutes or less. 

I get into the bed I slide each head through its appropriate hole, and then push the little microphone ear plugs into my ears, I could hear the computer humming through the earpieces.  I place the ring gag between my teeth, and run the straps around to the back of my head, and then I tighten it snugly.  I unlace the back of the helmet, I have to hurry now, I am racing the ice, I slide my head inside and start to tighten the straps, the eye strap is first, and after I can feel the hood snug against my eyes the hasp gets a lock.  I tighten the strap under my chin forcing my jaw even tighter around the ring gag.  It too gets a lock though the hasp.  I pull the laces tight on the back, I feel the strings pulling thought the eyelets forcing the rest of the hood tight against my ears and face, and tuck them under the back of the hood.  Finally I pull the last strap around my neck and tighten it, not too tight but doesn’t matter the strap covers the laces and once the final lock is in place with a click I never hear but can only feel in my fingers, I am trapped in the hood until I can get out of the bed…what am I talking about that’s right I don’t have a way to get out of the bed….

Now that my head is fixed proper, I figure I have about 5 minutes until the ice melts and the bed gets its vacuum victim, I pull my arms inside the bed and lay back waiting for the inevitable, I know she is watching, I saw her on there when I set up the video chat earlier, Mistress is enjoying this greatly I bet I hear noise coming through the computer from her side (it has to be their sure as hell isn’t any coming from my side).  The thing that had me worried is the guest…Mistress had invited a guest... guest_0001 as a matter of fact.

We had never let anyone in on our lifestyle except the neighbors, Tom was Army, and was downrange right now, and his wife Mandy was his little pet, but she would not be watching this she was much more of a submissive, the person watching me do this was definitely someone who enjoyed the power, and control.  So I am lying there trying to figure out who my Mistress had watching me besides her.  I had no clue, I was starting to think that maybe I had set the ice timer too long when…fwop….the latex went flat, every ounce of air had been sucked out, and now I was completely immobile, well except for both of my heads….but since I was alone trapped in this bed, neither one was doing me any good at the moment…

I tried to start using one of them….think….test and see what you can move….… arms….no… feet…nope…toes…a little… hey if I can move my toes….fingers….nada…I had my hands spread open, since my toes where all together they didn’t get latex in between them so they still had some flexibility, but my fingers were spread open like I was counting to five, so the latex wrapped every finger individually.  Any movement there was impossible, so how about a bigger muscle group?  Waist, hips, torso, pecks …. no … no … no … and nope damn I had done a good job.  I am sure that my struggles were enjoyed my Mistress and the mystery guest_0001 I could still hear noise and distant talking but couldn’t make out any actual words.

So I guess this is about the time I did a full assessment: Here I was alone in our apartment, deaf beyond any hopes of sound except whatever this noise was in the earplugs, blind beyond any sense of light, with a forced open mouth, and exposed raging hard on, and a sizable butt plug shoved up my ass.  Completely immobilized and not only locked into the hood, but trapped in a clear latex vacuum bed with no means of release, either from the bed or sexually.  Why had my mistress told me to do this?

She was half a world away, no one knew I was here but her, in hind sight why didn’t she just put me in the solid black bag with only the tube to breathe through? Why expose my manhood, and mouth? What good were they?

I jumped at first when I heard Mistress come though the microphone earplugs…. I had been paying so much attention to my predicament that I hadn’t heard her sit down at her computer half a world away…then she began to explain what this was all about…

“Slave….I don’t want you to get out of practice for when I get home… so I arranged a little training to make sure you keep up on your skills.  I was walking through the ward of soldiers coming in from the battlefield wounded, when I came across Tom, our neighbor…”

What did she mean training?, how was I going to get any training when she is half way around the world and I am now trapped here… and what did Tom have to do with this story…I am sad to hear he was injured but…

“Tom wasn’t injured very badly at all, just a bad sprain in his knee, but he can’t go back into the field for a few weeks… I pulled some rank and cashed in a few favors, and got him assigned here as Moral support for others who come in…anyways… he and I got to talking about how neither of us had gotten any in a long time, and how bad it must be for you guys being at home..”

I was glad to hear that Tom was ok, but I wasn’t sure where this was going…

“So I told Tom about how you and I were, and that you would put yourself into a situation without any means of escape.  Tom decided to call me on it  and we collaborated on this little scenario….you see Tom didn’t think I had enough control over you to have you get into a situation without a release… obviously I was right and he was wrong, but because you did as you were told, I can’t just leave you there like that…”

I was glad to hear that….

“So here is what’s going to happen, since I am so far away I obviously cannot present myself for you to pleasure…”

Well that is kind of obvious….

“So instead….”

That is when the smell finally became stronger than the latex and leather, I smelled the undeniable scent of pussy very close to my face, and then lips were pressed against mine, as a mouth wrapped its self around my cock.

“Mandy is going to fill in for me, you are to pleasure her, as you would me, and since I can’t let you have all the fun…”

Well that at least answered the most pressing question about the pussy on my face and mouth working on my cock, and then another question got in my head… how? It took me a second to think about the how, then I realized the obvious answer, we had given them a key so they could watch our cat whenever we went out of town, she had just used it to let herself in.  To say this was unexpected is the understatement of all understatements. After giving me a few seconds to adjust to the shock and surprise of my current situation my Mistress continued… 

I heard the grunts and soft moans even before she said it…

“Tom is going to step in for you while I am here, and Mandy is your reward for obedience, you are allowed to cum as much as you want, but every time you do there are going to be consequences later down the road, you are to let Mandy know when you are going to cum with two grunts”

My Mistress had given me permission to cum as much as I wanted… just what wanted to hear because I wasn’t going to be able to hold out long, with a dripping pussy on my face and a surprisingly talented mouth working on my cock, it wasn’t very long before I started grunting to tell Mandy I was about to cum.

 Mistress came back on the microphone “I am going to set up different bondage scenarios every week and send them to you, you are going to use the laptop camera just like you did today and Tom and I are going to watch you two suck and fuck while we do the same here …”

Suddenly I realized why she had left my mouth and cock open to use, and why I was blindfolded, in fact since I could hear Mistress moaning as my neighbor Tom plowed into her it was easy to pretend the soaking wet pussy thrusting down on my face was that of my Mistress, especially since Mistress’s moans where all I could hear through the earpieces.

Right after I gave Mandy the signal that I was going to come, she took her mouth off, and put a cup at the end of my cock and proceeded to use her hand to give me the stimulation I needed…like it took a lot, with Mistress moaning in my ears, and be completely immobile, and sucking on my neighbors snatch, yeah I needed a lot of stimulation to cum.  Somewhere in the back of my mind, a little voice was telling me that the fact she was collecting my cum might come back to haunt me, but I was able to shut that voice up with very simple very stupid logic, I wasn’t wearing a condom, Mistress just wanted to keep the vacuum bed clean and prevent me from inseminating the neighbor… it was as simple as that.  The fact that Mandy could have provided one, or that latex cleans fairly easy with the right cleaners never entered my mind.  Why would it?  I was in total ecstasy; questions were not being answered right now, only enough blood to work one head at a time, and one was very busy right now.

After I came, the pussy on my face was replaced with something hard and small being pushed through the ring gag, after my initial shock, a few seconds, and the first few pumps it became obvious what it was, it was a pump gag, as it was inflated, and my speech was rendered completely gone, a soaking wet pussy thrust down on my cock.  The pelvic thrusts that followed seemed to correspond to the sounds coming from the computer, I could only assume since it was impossible to the screen, is that Mandy was riding me the same way  Mistress was riding Tom.  Mandy was going to use me as a surrogate for Tom; she was going to enjoy this as much as they were… I knew Mistress had a lot of stamina I only hoped that Mandy was up to the challenge.

As it turned out Mandy was, she rode me till orgasm multiple times, I could only think that Tom must have done the same to Mistress, every now and then Mistress would demand that I cum, Mandy would get off and place the cup at the tip of my cock, I could hear Mistress instructing Mandy to get every drop, then the fucking would continue.  I wondered if Mistress demanded that I cum because Tom was cumming inside her, I had imagine that was the case.

 Then finally I heard the moans and groan start to fade, Mistress started talking to Mandy directly, Mandy dismounted me and went to the computer, just as I thought I was going to be allowed to listen in on the conversation Mistress told her to turn the microphone off so I couldn’t hear the next set of directions…

Now I was completely stumped, I was gagged, blindfolded, restrained and now completely deaf left to think about a new set of directions what else did she have planned… if I knew my Mistress she had something special in mind… After what felt like a while but was only probably a few minutes, I felt Mandy return, I felt Mandy slide my overworked cock into her mouth, she used her very talented tongue to get me rock hard once again, then she got up and lowered her drenched cunt down onto me, she began to ride me once again but slowly this time, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me, why did Mistress give her instructions I couldn’t hear, just to do what she had been doing for quite some time now?

Mandy suddenly stopped her slow riding, and raised up off my manhood, I felt her shift her weight and she turned around, then she grabbed my throbbing hard on, and guided it towards her rear entrance.  I thought that she would need more lube than just a quick dip in her pussy, but as she started sliding down my shaft she seemed to be already lubed, her tight asshole still fought to keep out my raging hard on, but the weight of her body forcing me past her sphincter, and deep into her bowels.  She started to pump rhythmically up and down, slowly the muscles relaxed and she started to slide up and down on my cock easily.  I felt the urge to explode into her almost immediately, she was so tight and her entire rectum gripped my cock, I started gave her the signal that I was going to cum after not very long I am sad to say, but she didn’t stop like before, instead she sped up her rhythmic up and down motion, from when my balls slapped at her pussy, until the tip of my cock was all that was left inside her, and back down again.  I began to grunt frantically trying to tell her that I was going to blow my load inside her, until finally I couldn’t hold it any longer and I coated her intestines with my load.  I felt her squeeze her sphincter closed and work her muscles almost as if she was milking me to get every last drop out of my cock.  After she was satisfied that I was fully spent, she started to get up off my cock.  I really wish I wasn’t in this hood; I would have loved to see her gaping asshole and all that cum beginning to ooze out of her rear.

Immediately after she got up she quickly turned around and started to deflate the gag that had rendered me completely silent up until now, since I still had the ring gag in I was still pretty quite but at least my mouth was now a little freer.  Mandy then did the last thing I expected….

She moved from my chest, and put her feet on either side of my head, then I felt her squat down over my face, she picked turned on the microphone and pointed it at the computer speakers I heard my Mistress say…

“If you want to ever get free then you have to get all the cum out of Mandy’s asshole with your tongue”

Mandy then turned off the microphone and left me to think about my situation.  Well since I figured really didn’t have much of a choice, especially since there wasn’t any way to get free without her help. So I started licking and teasing her rosebud that was just over my mouth.  I figured one load of cum, after cumming so many times before, there couldn’t be much in there, and this should be quick and painless.   When the cum first came out in a little trickle I thought I was off the hook, it had been easier than I thought, then a bigger glob fell down, I continued licking figuring that had to be it, there was no way I had come more than that while in her ass.  Then an even larger clump came out and fell into my mouth, and it had a stream behind it that continued to ooze into my mouth and down the back of my throat.  There was no way I had just cum this much, that’s when I put two and two together…

That’s when I realized where all the cum that had been collected in the cup had gone, that’s why she was so well lubed up, she had used something to squirt all my cum from the entire evening up her rectum, and when I finally topped her off she was ready to explode.  She just squatted there over my mouth, as load after load of cum drizzled out of her gaping rear end and into my mouth, until I coaxed every last drop of my own cum out of her asshole. 

Once she was satisfied she was empty she got up again and walked towards the computer, she turned the microphone back on; I could hear her talking to my Mistress…

“He did it, and did a great job too… by the way his tongue stopped early on you were right he didn’t have a clue… ok …yep …ok …ok … no problem, I can figure it out … ill go do it now … I understand … I will don’t worry … I’ll talk to you guys later … Bye”

Apparently she didn’t turn the microphone on so that I could hear what Mistress was saying, she must have turned the microphone towards herself and not the speakers on the computer.  I wondered if Mistress knew that the microphone was even on … I heard Mandy talking to herself as she worked on the computer.

“Close this… turn off that thing…. Open new window… and done”

I guess she was shutting down the video feed, I could only hope that now came the part where I got set free, and then I heard Mandy talking directly to me

“Your Mistress said I am to let you go, and that she will send you a new email next week with the details of what you are to do and how and when you are going to please me again….”

Wow it was going to start that soon … At least this session was over and I could finally get some much needed rest.

“She did say let you go now, however, since your Mistress isn’t online anymore, and I have the keys and the control of when you get free, it would seem that your Mistress isn’t so far away anymore.  She is here, I’m in control and you have got a lot of pleasing left to do … Oh, and by the way since you seem to enjoy an audience Tom is going to continue watching from his computer, so as far as I am concern, you are my own personal toy now, and I am not even close to being fully satisfied yet, and since you cannot object I assume from your raging hard on that you are ready to go, so let’s get to it, but before we do, first things first…”

That must have been Guest_0001, Tom had logged on to our site with his laptop and Mandy had just opened a private view for him so he could watch along.  What did she have planned?  Why wasn’t she letting me go?  I had done everything like I was supposed to.

I felt her slip something in my mouth and hold my nose and cover my mouth forcing me to swallow

“There that little blue pill should keep you going for quite a while longer, and don’t worry there is plenty more where that came from, now let’s see if we can’t put that mouth back to good use … but first…”

She left me alone; the thoughts were racing in my mind, where did she go, in the other room, across the hall to her own toy chest?  Did she leave me here completely alone and go off somewhere, the possibilities where endless, what if’s were streaming though my head, when all the sudden the pressure began to increase in the vacuum bed.   If I wasn’t snug inside before I was definitely now, I guess some air had began to leak back into the bed through the latex, that happens, but Mandy must have turned the vacuum back on and removed the air again from the bed, now I was inside really tight.

“I noticed that you where getting some moving room and I want you completely restrained, that should do it for quite a while.  Oh and since I am in charge now …”

She let the last few words linger in my ears before she continued, letting the helplessness of my situation really begin to sink in

“You better perform just like earlier with that mouth of yours, and I want you to continue to let me know when you are going to cum … I have an idea …”

She drifted off on her words again, letting the most terrifying word in the sentence just hang in my mind “idea”….

This time it registered not only in the back of my mind, but in every single possible corner, that my cum was being saved, and that I may not like its future destination.  I heard the click as the microphone was turned off, and I felt Mandy step back over me.

With that her pussy was dropped back down onto my face and her lips took my cock into her mouth once again…just like we had started hours ago….plunged back into darkness and silence… once again I didn’t know how or when I was going to get out of this devilish bondage, but the biggest change was that now someone else was in control, someone I didn’t know and things could easily get worse before they got better, especially since she had an “idea”….

to be continued...


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