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Inescapable Embrace

by R U Latex Bound (Mrs)

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© Copyright 2009 - R U Latex Bound (Mrs) - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; latex; bond; vacbed; mast; oral; sex; toys; reluct/cons; X


Early in our relationship, my husband confessed to me his love of rubber and bondage; this caused a small rocky patch in our relationship, but we grew back together, and have now been very happily married for over twenty five years. During this time his love of rubber and being securely restrained has not subsided, and as he wrote about it here a couple of years ago, under the name of R U Latex-Bound (in the mummified section), he has accumulated a few heavy latex bondage outfits; unfortunately, I have not grown to share his like of latex, but sometimes enjoy being the victim of bondage games.

As well as his rubber stuff, we have a full set of lockable leather bondage cuffs and straps, in which either of us can be securely and quite comfortably immobilised. Occasionally, every few weeks, the urge overtakes him, and I will fasten him into one of his outfits, then tease and torment him various ways, until allowing him to come, sometimes letting him squirm himself to a climax on his own, or helping him out by hand, rubbing his hard member through the latex, or letting it out for a hand job, or occasionally, as a special treat a blow job. If I get particularly turned on during the play, I have been known to have him on his back and straddle him, riding him to his climax, while twisting and pinching his nipples through the open zips, which he loves.

As I said earlier, he has not really converted me to rubber, but I do occasionally pander to his wishes, and have at times found myself zipped into the first bondage outfit that he bought, this being a shorty suit, from above the knee to high neck, without sleeves, but an internal single sleeve across the stomach, to confine your arms in a strait jacket position. It also has zips over each nipple. Now on him, this is very tight and confining, however on me, it is a little looser, and I can maneuver my arms out of the internal sleeve, and get my hands up to protect my nipples if he gets a little over enthusiastic with his attentions. However, I must confess that, even though I find this thing either cold and clammy, or hot and sticky, with little middle ground, he always manages to get my juices flowing, and have never been released before climaxing!

One particular occasion sticks in my mind, when, for Valentines Day, which fell on a weekend, we spent a couple of nights in a beautiful country hotel. We had a fabulous romantic suite with a four poster bed, marble trimmed en suite, and all the trimmings; well the first night was a lovely romantic evening with dinner, followed by a super loving session, with no mention of his foibles, apart from me joking that the four poster would have been ideal to tie me to!

The next day, after undertaking a long walk through the beautiful countryside, we returned to our room to rest, and bath before dinner. The timing was not premeditated; it was just the way it worked out. I decided to have a soak in the bathtub to sooth my muscles, and as there was also a separate shower, he had a shower while I soaked. When he emerged there were obvious signs of anticipation of more activity, and he came over and caressed and kissed me, suggesting that I should not stay in the bath too long.

When I emerged from the bathroom a little later, bursting with anticipation, I was met by him holding out this bondage suit, telling me to step into it, hoping that it would suffice, as he hadn't brought anything to secure me to the four poster with! Well, what the hell - I stepped into it, dreading the cold clamminess, only to find that, as he pulled it up over my body, he had warmed it on the radiator! It was not really that bad, and I was soon zipped in and almost helpless. I was a little surprised when he produced one of my broad leather belts from my wardrobe, and proceeded to fasten it tightly around my waist, and realised that this tightened the sleeve over my arms inside; I wasn't 'almost' helpless, this time I was very secure!

I was taken to the bed, and told that the only rule to this game was that when I demanded release, which he always complied with, I must fasten him up in it, complete with all my sweat and sexual juices for at least twice as long. I was then given some superb attentions, being caressed through my latex confinement, and of course, through the strategic zips. The culmination of my pleasure was when he loosely fastened my ankles together with a dressing gown cord, then pushed his head up between my thighs, so that my legs were over his shoulders, with my feet resting on his back, he buried his face in my pussy, and reached around my legs to play with my nipples.

It took no time to realise that I was absolutely helpless to resist his stimulations, licking me and tweaking my nipples. I was totally helpless and enjoying every second of his loving attentions, eventually enjoying an earth shattering orgasm, bucking and squirming as I came. At this point, I like to lay back and relax in the warm glow, but oh no, he had me so secure, and he was perfectly placed to continue (which he often wants to do against my wishes) and there was no let up, his tongue and fingers working overtime. I was writhing in ecstasy, or was it agony, I don't know, but I was soon begging him to stop, - pleading, before he stopped.

I laid there, exhausted for a few minutes, in his loving embrace, before realising the discomfort of my bondage, and asked him to free me.

As I emerged, glistening with sweat, and dripping pussy juice, I reminded him of his rule, and he eagerly climbed into the suit for his turn. It is always a struggle to zip it up the back, as it is so tight on him; when the zip came to the top, despite the extra belt he used on me, he was gripped so much tighter and more securely than I had been - just as he likes it – his arms welded to his body, the rubber welded to his skin.

Well, my enclosure had seemed like an eternity of pleasure, but had in reality been only about forty minutes, so I had to keep him confined for an hour and a half, what should I do to him? So I immediately straddled him, sliding his solid rod into my sopping pussy, unzipped his nipple access and squeezed his nipples as hard as I could while riding him furiously. He was whimpering that I really was hurting his nipples, and please PLEASE don't make him come yet. OK then, as I felt him build to his climax, it must only have been two or three minutes since I had mounted him, I eased off his dick, and released his nipples. Oh, the look on his face, and the inhuman sounds that came from his lips! I kissed him deeply on the lips as I zipped in his nipples, and then gingerly, without any further stimulation, tucked his dick back into the suit and zipped that in too.

I explained that I had no option now but to have another bath before going down to dinner! But, so that I could see what he was up to, and could not squirm inside his suit, or roll over and hump the bed to make himself come, he had to come into the bathroom with me.

I pushed him into the shower cubicle, and closed the glass doors on him. I then ran myself another bath full of water, and added the nice soaks and foams provided by the hotel. Totally ignoring his predicament, I enjoyed a long luxurious soak.

Eventually, after an hour sitting in the hard shower, hot, excited and frustrated in his latex bondage, I reversed the roles by taking him back to the bed, fastening his ankles together, as he had mine, and with my head between his thighs, and my fingers clamped on his nipples, giving him the blow job of his life, making him beg for mercy!

What a weekend that was!

However, I have digressed from my main theme; from very early in our relationship, he has repeated this fantasy of both of us being sealed in a large sack, with only our heads outside, and then the air being sucked out so that we would be held together in whatever position or embrace we are in. I am sure that this was related many times before he ever saw or heard of a 'Vac Bed'. The last time he related this fantasy, I admitted that it might not be that bad, or even quite nice, as my big problem is that I like naked skin next to naked skin, not a layer (or several layers!) of rubber between us, and although this would involve his favourite material, we would actually be naked together inside. I also felt safe in the thought that it would never happen, as there would be no way would we ever have someone else there to fasten us in, and use the vacuum cleaner to do the stuff!


Some weeks later, after several parcels had arrived via a well known internet auction site, and some hours in his workshop, I was invited to the bedroom to see his new contraption. There on the bed lay this huge latex bag, with bits stuck in it, and sticking out of it! He explained that he had got two double latex sheets, semi transparent, two latex dry suit neck seals, and a timer switch, and finally a couple of meters of strong hose pipe, and a long zip with a tab on both the inside and outside.

A neck seal had been glued into each sheet towards the top edge, equal distance from each side; the sheets had then been glued together to form this huge sack, with the zip glued in across the bottom. A small grommet had been made at one corner, which at this time was plugged with a wine cork. Laid on top of the bag was a coil of hose pipe with holes along most of its length, and an electrical switch in a flex between a plug and a socket.

I was gob smacked! (A good Yorkshire expression, if you have not heard it before)

Did I want to play? No vacuum this first time? - Reply - None, just an open mouth with no words coming out!

The next instant, he was helping me out of my clothes; he held open the bottom of the bag, and told me to slide in head first, and stick my head out of the hole in the bottom sheet. Gingerly, I crawled in, oh no, it was cold and clammy! He held the neck seal, and helped me get my head out; I was not really very happy, but, he had been talking about this device for twenty five years, so I decided to give it my best shot! Oh dear! He didn't crawl in with me, but fastened up the zip, only to disappear into our en suite, and come back with several towels, and a large bottle of lube! This might change things, I thought. He placed the towels on the bottom of the bed, under the end of the bag, unzipped it again, and started to climb in. As he needed to zip it up, he turned around, pulled the zip across apart from the last eighteen inches or so, then emptied the entire contents of the lube bottle over me, before tossing the empty bottle out, taking a deep breath, and pulling the zipper closed. He then wriggled around, sliding over my slippery body, until his head appeared through the other hole in front of me. Well, this was something else, although we couldn't use our mouths or tongues, except for kissing each other, and boy, did we kiss! The slip sliding fun that was had, with hands and fingers going everywhere, and the final screwing was awesome!

As we lay there, bathed in lube, sweat, and a few other bodily fluids mixed in, he explained that he thought that I might like this as an introduction to his new toy, YES, I certainly did! And that he would have to do a couple of tests, to make sure that the thing would work as he wanted, with my help of course. If I liked this game, would I try some other things out?

A few days later, at the weekend, he asked if we could test this thing out, but it would be a little more clinical, as there were things that had to checked out before going for a vac pack of the two of us. Well, it was a miserable day, and not much else to do, so I agreed, only to be told that I would be the guinea pig. Oh thrilling! I thought.

But as the first time was such fun, if further testing was needed, then I will give it a go. I was asked to bring the vacuum cleaner up to our bedroom, while he got out the sack and other bits and pieces. When all the bits were there, he explained that this is how it will really work.

Firstly, the hose was threaded through the grommet in the corner of the bag, and he explained that a couple of the small holes should remain outside the bag, so that the vacuum cleaner could suck in just a little cool air to stop it overheating, as it would be still running after all the air in the bag had been sucked out. This may need a little fiddling with to ensure a good vacuum inside the bag, but no risk to the vacuum cleaner. This hose was then attached to the vacuum hose; the lead with the switch assembly was plugged into a mechanical timer, and then the vac into the socket at the end after the switch.
He explained that the switch was an electronic one touch timer type, as used on stairwells etc. It could be set at any duration up to fifteen minutes, but if for any reason it should fail, the mechanical timer would be set for thirty minutes to ensure safety. So the vacuum cleaner was plugged in, with the timer set at thirty minutes, and connected up to the hose in the bag - OK, he said, get your kit off and into the bag. Well, as I have said before, after all this time, why not? I was soon zipped up inside, and he was plugging the empty neck hole with a small plastic pot. For the first trial, I was on my own.

He told me to lay the hose around me, then lie on my arms, and spread my knees, but with the soles of my feet together. He apologised in advance, as the vacuum cleaner would have to be running for the full fifteen minutes. It would be far better if 'Kink Engineering' had made it with a waterproof/airtight zip, then the controls could have been different, with the vacuum being switched off after the air extraction was complete.


He hit the switch, and away we went. It worked a treat, in very little time it was as if I had been spray painted with latex, but I hadn't anticipated that, in his instructions to lie on my arms, with my legs open, that I was securely bound, and open and vulnerable, except for the thin layer of latex! Even with the large excess of material, my envelope was quite a small part of it, and the excess was just creased up around my encased and restrained form.

The vacuum cleaner was whining away, and he checked that first, then the timer and hose, and lastly, me! He then went back to the vac to make sure it was all right, and it seemed that he had got the air flows right first time, everything was fine. He came back to me, and asked if I would be all right for the timer to run it's course, another ten minutes, to ensure that it was all going to work properly.

'Getting a bit bored' was my reply, although, in reality, I was getting hot as hell, because I knew that if it was working all right, and I was helpless, he would have something further planned; and I was right!

His first caress of my breasts and touch of my nipples was electric, I realised that the bondage outfit that I had been in previously was made of far thicker rubber, and also had zips over my nipples; this was completely different. What on earth would it be like when he got down to my exposed clitty, with just its thin veneer of latex, and with no zip in the way? I was soon to find out. He gently caressed and stroked my body, boobs, shoulders, stomach, thighs, even my calves and feet, every touch exciting me even more, it felt fantastic. Then he worked his magic between my legs, the latex was moulded around my lips and clit, his touches were like electric shocks, the gentle stroking was simply mind blowing, naked with fingers is pretty good, but this was somehow different. He moved his attentions around my captive body for the full ten minutes, but not allowing me to climax, until the timer switched off the vac, and air slowly made its way back into the bag through the hose and material of the zip as I struggled to move around. It was several minutes before there was enough air so that I could have made a bid for freedom by going inside to get to the zip a the bottom of the bag.

He said that everything appeared fine with our new toy, and was I ready to come out. I pouted, and said that I felt lonely in here, wasn't he going to come inside, as he had done a pretty good job of making me horny?

No more encouragement was necessary, well, that was what he intended all along. He removed the plastic pot from the second neck seal, whipped his clothes off - to reveal a huge erection, and reset the safety timer. He undid the zip and climbed in, resealing the zip on the way. Instead of coming straight up and poking his head out, he dived between my legs, and as horny as I already was, it took only a very short while for his flicking tongue, and nipple stoking fingers to bring me to a shuddering climax.

A few seconds later, his head squeezed through the neck seal, gasping for fresh air. 'It's a good job that didn't take long' he said, 'otherwise I might have suffocated!' He fiddled around a bit with the hose, getting the end of it between our stomachs, as her slid his huge and solid erection into me, missionary style. As he started to pump away, his hand reached out and hit the switch, that was positioned under the edge of the bag, and quickly brought it back to under my shoulder, with his elbows next to mine, to support his weight; I knew what was happening now, and slid my hands between us to grab his nipples: the vac was now whining away, and the bag closing in; with each pump of his hips, the movement became less, his chest pressed into my boobs - we were drawn closer and closer together - being gripped ever tighter in the rubber embrace.

He was deep inside me, and that is where he was staying, pushed in deeply, as we were sealed together. That was it, all the air, and any free movement was gone, we were glued together, immobile, in a fantastic, erotic, exciting, unbelievable, interlocking, inescapable embrace for the next fifteen minutes....

Oh why did I say no for twenty five years? I could have had twenty five more years of these extra games and enjoyment!

p.s. , You may know that we have had a nice hot sunny spell of weather, like today, in England ; another of his fantasies or ponderings, has been, 'what would it be like to wear black rubber outside in bright warm sunshine' as black surfaces readily absorb heat. So, during the course of me writing this, in our quiet secluded garden, we have a double wooden swing seat, a bit like a wooden seat suspended on a frame by chains, and sitting upon it has been Harry. He is in his full bondage suit, with hood and gas mask, completely enclosed in heavy black rubber, with arms spread, the D rings at the end of his sleeves padlocked to the chain at each end of the seat! In one hand he has an emergency call button (A cordless doorbell press, and I have the chime) which he has so far used twice, and I have had to use the hosepipe to cool him down

Well now the time is up, and I am thinking about how to provide or cause his final pleasure or climax!



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