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In at the Deep End with Ms. Mackay

by Ludwig

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© Copyright 2014 - Ludwig - Used by permission

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If this had been any of all those ordinary days she would just have walked past the ridiculously ornate mirror hanging on the stair landing wall without even casting a glance at her own reflection. This time, however, she paused in mid step to take a closer look at the deceitfully smirking green-eyed face that met her gaze. She had not yet got accustomed to her new appearance, even if it by all standards was a change for the better. It was still quite a radical change, which could be a bit unsettling. Someone had said that quick changes to your life were the best, where the old state of normality simply turned into a fresh one without leaving you too much time to react. Well, she thought, this wasn't entirely true. It certainly helped if you felt at least a bit in charge of what was happening, which was obviously not always the case, and then there was the burning issue of maintaining the new 'normal' instead of letting it slip back to the rejected previous state or just standing by watching it careening away into the unknown next. It had taken her quite a while to find purchase once the dominoes had started collapsing.

It was more an attempt to dip her toes than take the proverbial plunge that ultimately led to her decision to change career, which, as it appeared to her now, was the first toppled domino tile in the whole show. She had liked her job in that curious way certain people often did, like clerks, social workers, teachers and others dealing daily with matters that eventually could challenge your mental health. Call it a lulling inertia, or the unwillingness to let go of what had become a part of you- quite similar to a bad relationship- and perhaps, as in her case, a steady income that was far from being low.  The National Trust couldn't match her former employer there, but on the whole, it was worth every penny missing to be able to breathe again.

Breathing. Yes, that was part of the other matter she had been more or less forced to deal with. The nice doctor had for the first time ever threatened her with the Grim Reaper, and for the first time ever she had listened to a physician. Fear was a great motivator, and her hard-earned reward was a body she had last seen in the mirror seventeen years ago. It was an amazing feeling to be able to get a new chance to start over like this, but with like everything else in life, there could be unexpected pitfalls. Perhaps she would have known better, she thought as she drew in a sharp breath and made the last eight steps in two strides, how easy it was to get carried away and caught up in a tangle when things started going your way.


Her renewed curiosity in things that made life a bit more interesting had brought her into contact with Sophie via her old, innocuous 'friendship only' RubberPal profile page. What had began as a fairly tentative conversation, since it was quite fun for her just to have someone out there to chat with, or to send more or less lengthy e-mails about nothing in particular, had evolved in a somewhat unexpected fashion.  She was no longer sure about exactly when the conversation veered off in the direction towards uncharted territory, but quite certain that even if she was not the one who started it, she definitely enjoyed it more than she had imagined. Sophie was sixteen years her junior, a Canadian expat football player and secondary school French teacher currently between jobs, and would normally have been far beyond her horizon, but for some reason it all seemed right. The mirror image of the Karen Mackay who had sworn off relationships after all those years of trying and failing was slowly beginning to fade.

Oh, how easy it would have been to keep a fair distance, she thought as she tossed the car keys back in the little drawer. It was probably a better idea to take a walk to the station. She needed a bit of fresh air to clear her head.


How many times had she tried gauging the distance to the old red-brick bridge when waiting for the train to come? The station itself was perhaps looking quaint enough to impress newcomers, but having seen the peeling paint a thousand times and the cracks in the masonry growing wider with each season, it was much more pleasant to watch the grass and the trees slowly reclaiming their turf, or the Victorian bridge that seemed to remain unperturbed by the passage of time.

She smiled as she peered into the distance. Only weeks before they had first met, she had tried the same trick herself. She had been initiated into the joys of Skype by Edie, her neighbour's daughter. Looking after children had never been her forte, but she didn’t have the heart to say no to the young, single mother across the street with too much on her hands and Edie never really caused any fuss. The kid was quite fun, and it was an opportunity for her to get her mind off work and actually find something for them to do while mum was caught up elsewhere. So when Sophie had suggested that they would start skyping instead of just typing, she was of course game. Luckily, there was no one standing near enough on the platform to hear her snorting laughter.

What harm could there be in showing off something from each other's special wardrobe? It sounded fun, and any uneasiness was out the window as soon as she had figured out what to wear. Vanity, as it was said, always trumped privacy on the internet and she really gave careful thought to her choices. There was no sense in going over the top and possibly scare Sophie off.

She remembered standing in front of the bathroom mirror preening herself to perfection, wondering in the back of her mind what the hell she was really up to. No, there was absolutely nothing outrageously gaudy about the blouse she had picked out. It was, in fact, a fairly conservative piece in white latex that easily could be mistaken for a regular one if you didn't look too closely- although it did emphasize her regained curves in a very special way, and a minute's worth of buffing made it sparkle like nothing else. The devil lay in the details that wouldn't show up on camera, unless, of course, she felt inclined to flaunt them. Yes, she could have settled for just about any underwear, but instead she had gone for that black bra that had been a bit too squeezy for her only three quarters of a stone ago. Indeed, it did work small miracles up front, and it was anything but frilly. Her tights were of the very same, slightly heavier gauge black rubber. Not exactly something that would go unnoticed anywhere, especially since they were still very much on the tight side, which left very little to imagination. The way they hugged her certainly made her simmer a little, and she appreciated the look of the silvery zip twinkling like a beacon in the business area, as to underline the statement that they were anything but simply cute.

She had blamed the little imp whispering in her ear for all the added naughty, and probably quite unnecessary bits. Why, she had even bothered to put on her very best dining-out face, done her hair the best way she could in such a short time, and topped the ensemble off with a pair of short, black gloves matching the blouse. Her only concession to a casual approach to all this was that she had left her feet bare, which made no real difference whatsoever. The imp seemed to have convinced her to make the most of it while it lasted.

It really had been more than just a simple visual encounter. There was no denying that she had felt shamelessly pleased when Sophie had become really curious about her ensemble, and she had done her very best impression of a model, albeit someone having trouble with the camera and the extension cord on the floor. Then the scenario had changed in a way she hadn't really anticipated. Sophie had plumped for modesty, and chosen to show herself off in a plain but well-tailored red catsuit. It certainly did the trick, but that wasn't the only reason why she felt herself drifting off when looking at her. There was something about her charming, demure vivacity and her way of moving her slender but quite sturdy body that really was captivating. But those dark eyes, half hidden under choppy, ashen bangs were simply impossible to resist. What had started as a nice, bubbling feeling of excitement rapidly turned into something rather more searing somewhere deep inside her, and forced her to bite the inside of her cheek to stay cheerfully talkative. She found herself sitting nearly motionless after they had said goodbye to each other almost an hour later, with her hands tightly clasped, staring at the dull screen.


In another life, she thought, that might have been the moment when she had decided to forget about the whole thing, after pacing ruefully throughout the house calling herself a silly old cow for the rest of the evening. That didn't happen. Instead, practical reason prevailed: she had to deal with the visceral drive before she even tried to think straight again. Quite unsurprisingly, her body agreed. Fully aware that it would be useless to waste time and effort figuring out the nicest way to quench the worst of it, she resorted to using her trusted fingers. Even unbuttoning the blouse felt like unnecessary stalling, and the sudden sting when the fancy-looking zip pinched her most precious parts as she pulled it a bit too quickly didn't slow her down a second.

Her teeth nearly caused a nasty laceration in her already sore cheek as she bit down sharply at the touch of her chilly, gloved hand. She had been through these little fits quite a few times before, and there was very seldom anything nice about them. Just another call of nature, as it were. What made her puzzled this time was the inexplicable sensation of soothing fluffiness within that seemed to interfere with her desire to get things over with quickly. She kept squeezing and pulling, making an inept effort to stay focused by intently watching herself masturbate, but the damn laptop screen proved entirely useless as a mirror. There was only a blur before her, and her roused imagination kicked in to fill the void. Again, back to the fluff.

When she finally gave up trying to end her misery quickly and relaxed, slumping in the chair, her reward came slowly rolling over her after a few deep breaths. Not the nearly epileptic flash followed by the usual gut-wrenching purge that left her feeling a bit ill, and not the also all too familiar 'housewife's sigh' that just came and went without leaving any lasting impression, but a very pleasant tremble that was just enough to sate her for at least a few moments. Enough to give her some time to sort herself out.

Surprised and a bit bewildered, she mused upon what had gone into her dirty mind. As she closed her own eyes, smiling to herself, Sophie was there in front of her again. Idly caressing herself without much zeal just because it still felt quite nice to play around a little, she didn't know what to believe. It wasn't that shedidn't have quite a vivid imagination, as it were- but this much suspiciously pink and soft interspersed with the usual raunchy, raucous fun could only mean one thing.


Silly old cow. Oh, well. She'd had much worse from other people. Some of them still suffering the after-effects of Unexpected Flying Furniture. Right now, she felt stupid for being almost an hour early. Something she had never learned, and would never learn, was how to properly wait for something without getting ideas. Perhaps that was why she got along so well with Edie?

Karen kicked the remains of half a Mars bar towards a house sparrow that already looked like a slightly ruffled, feathery pool ball, thinking about the talk she and Edie had when going through a particularly rough time for both of them. A change of schools ranked equal to a possible disaster, much like an upcoming career decision would feel to adult but without the acquired social armour, which she had hammered flat and polished for decades. They had talked about how stupid it was to worry too much about what lay ahead, and she was still a bit unclear on if the kid had actually taught her something instead of the opposite.

Sophie had invited her to Stoke Newington for their first meeting in real life. After a very short rendezvous at The Lion, they had ended up in Sophie's diminutive studio flat with a large bag of Pakistani takeaway. It would have been a fairly normal, reasonably relaxed girl's night out if it hadn't felt like some sort of test. Naturally, the process of getting to know each other for real had to run its course, and none of them seemed to be that much used to it. But it was not until then she fully understood that she had actually walked these streets in Sophie's shoes not that long ago, and London hadn't been that forgiving to her either.

She smirked at the thought of their second meeting in that little cubbyhole. That might have been the real test of character. Sophie had insisted on showing her something that she'd come across on eBay and bought on a whim, which apparently had 'blown a huge hole in her budget'. Showing, in this particular case, meant putting it on. Watching Sophie undress, and then languidly wiggle into a catsuit that looked like liquid black smoke being poured over her skin was a dangerously tempting sight. The amount of self control it took when she was asked for a helping hand polishing a few difficult spots was nothing short of immense, and she had a hunch that Sophie deliberately tried to figure which buttons to push to make things happen. She still prided herself on being careful enough not to let herself loose on the poor girl, even though the imp was back on her shoulder again. It was more than enough with a bit of cuddling, bordering on snogging.


A few other sparrows had joined in on the impromptu feast on the platform. Time seemed to drag even worse when she tried not to be impatient, and she hoped the train would be on time. Again, she wondered if Sophie was expecting something to happen this weekend. It might have been a slight mistake to let things turn a tad lewd during their last online session. Although she had kept quiet about, or at least not been too obvious about what usually happened after nearly each call, the girl had probably figured one or two things out by herself. This particular time, she was forced to pinch herself several times to stop herself from asking Sophie to do something naughty for her. Fortunately, they weren't dressed for the occasion, as it were. It would have been quite difficult to tell what would have happened if they had been.

However, it seemed that her mouth could really run away with her mind when she became aroused, and perhaps a little too much information about her special preferences apart from the ones already shared might have leaked out when it got a bit steamy. Oh well, it was fun to be full of surprises sometimes, and Sophie didn't appear to be put off at all. The image of her face when they got to that point would have been worth saving for future use, though.

The sound of an oncoming train made her snap out of her reverie, and she let out a sigh of relief. Instead of the fairytale dule of turtle doves flying off accompanied by an ethereal choir, a skinny young man standing a few feet behind her blew his nose and scared the sparrows away from the tasty remains of the chocolate bar. Romance had a tendency to present itself in mysterious ways sometimes.


“You know, this place has a certain feel to it.” Sophie nearly whispered as she twirled her glass of dark cider in a raised hand. She seemed to be happy saving the sightseeing for Saturday after the house tour, where she had eventually lost herself among all the books and records in the downstairs sitting room. “Is this, like, home for you or...”

“Just the place where I live? Well, it actually depends on how I feel.”

“Was it like this where you grew up?”

“Not really.” Karen sighed, deciding not to bring up how Bradford was like in the early 1970's. “No, I wouldn't say that. How about you?”

“Less trees over here.” A brief display of teeth as the last of the cider went down. “Please excuse the cliché. Oof, this stuff isn't for kids.”

“Please tell the kids round here that. They think it is.”

“Really good, though.” Sophie nodded, carefully nudging the volume control on the ancient stereo where Secrets of the Beehive was slowly spinning, adding to the already unnervingly charged ambience. There was a sudden twinkle in her eyes. “I think it's time for me to show you something, or do you think it's too...”

“I wouldn't mind that. I'd hate to keep you waiting.”

It appeared that Karen had met her match in getting up the stairs quickly. When she caught up with her in the guest bedroom, Sophie had already flung her suspiciously swollen cabin bag open on top of the bed. Like some sort of luggage magician, she carefully demonstrated how to undo the straps underneath her neatly packed clothes and necessities, and then opened up an impromptu secret compartment.

“Here we go.” she declared. “God, I've been aching to get these out.”


Sophie gave her a knowing look and laid out three large bundles, and six or more smaller ones, carefully packed in plastic bags, onto the bed sheet. There was something else hidden inside the case, but she seemed careful not to put whatever that was on display yet. Karen made a mental note to find out what was so special about it, and wondered if they actually tried to play the same game here.

“I figured it was better to wait and see, but what the hey...” she hummed. The contents of two of the plastic bags came slithering out as she emptied them.

“Now,” Sophie continued, “I need your opinion on this one. Which of these would suit me the best tonight? Do we dress up or stay... casual?”

Keeping a serious face proved to be difficult. The casual piece Sophie held up was indeed not to be sneered at; a bright red sleeveless pencil dress with black side panels which looked almost unworn. It hadn't been properly treated for some time, though, and by the look of it, the rubber needed more than just a quick polish to stay the way she wanted it. In the other hand, its evil cousin dangled, looking portentous.

“You know, it feels like you want me to pick the other one, for some reason.”

“This one?”

The pencil dress ended up on the floor as Sophie unfolded and presented what really gave the impression of being a bit less casual, shining like a piece of Japanese laquerware. It was an onyx black long-sleeved leotard dress that would fit a very daring figure skater, with the interesting options of a pair of really snug shorts hidden underneath the skirt and a couple of D-rings, which didn't appear to be purely decorative, attached in handy places.

“That one.”

“Excellent.” The hint of teachery smugness in Sophie's voice was effectively disguised by the look on her face, with the tip of her tongue peeping out between her teeth. “Now, Karen, if you remember what I said...”

“There was a 'we' in there somewhere, wasn't there?”


It was Karen's turn to feel smug when the delayed final stretch of the house tour reached the upstairs walk-in closet. Instead of stowing away all the interesting bits and pieces of garments, gadgets and toys in boxes or hiding them on hangers behind a thick curtain, she had recently added a partition wall and created a little extra space inside the closet. The special thing with the door had felt like an outright overkill when she had decided on how to solve that little problem, but she simply couldn't resist fitting in the old, battered wardrobe and making a Narnia conversion. It worked really good, and looked even better for a first attempt of home improvement. The expression on Sophie's face when the doors swung open was priceless.

“What is this?”

“I'm sorry to say that I'm currently sorely lacking in the fur department, but there might be some compensation available for you if you step right through here.” she chortled, ushering Sophie in. “Please let me know if you're allergic to Turkish Delight.”

It was quite amusing to see her getting a bit lost among the selection of rubbery delight instead, touching, sniffing and examining every piece of interest with great care. The lighting could have been less clumsily installed, but Sophie obviously didn't care much about having to fumble around a bit.

“This is amazing.” she gasped. “This is a lot of stuff you've got here.”

“Oh, this isn't all of it. I've grown a bit cautious over the years, you see.”

“Nosy people? Burglars?”

“Not really. But what if there's a fire? It's better to keep some of it more safe, if you don't want to lose it all in one woof.”

“Oh, no.” Sophie clasped the legs of a heavy catsuit and shook her head. “Pretty hard to replace all this stuff, I guess.”


Karen felt slightly guilty for not telling the whole truth. Nearly all of the more serious gear was carefully hidden together with what she had tucked away for safekeeping, but only partly because some of it actually could explode in case there was a fire. There was no point in pulling out all the stops yet, even if she perhaps eventually would, and possibly ruin what was beginning to feel quite fun. What remained in here was carefully arranged to look reasonably wicked, courtesy of nice but slightly twisted aunt Karen, leaving her revered guest wondering if the things she had happened to hear about were only figments of imagination. At least for the time being.

“Ooh, here we go.” Sophie was really at it now, not paying attention to the pair of eyes following her every move like a cat watching something small and squeaking. “What about this? And...yeah, this as well.”

It wasn't that much of a surprise that one of the catsuits had caught her interest; the girl apparently had a slight penchant for those, but the one she had decided on was perhaps not the most obvious choice for someone only wishing for a quiet night in. It was a sleek and austere-looking piece Karen had bought from Germany for quite some time ago, put hadn't put to much use since she had experienced some problems with the back zip and stand-up collar when there was a bit more of her.  Now, however, when her extra chins and bingo wings were no more than a bad memory, it could work. She was quite pleased that Sophie had avoided anything transparent, and stayed with black. One of the other things she had found somewhere in the dark would still take some shoehorning to get into. It must have been ages since she last used that front buckle waist belt to keep her cheap tights from riding down, but she was willing to give it a try, since it would look quite nice together with the suit.

“So you want me to put that on?”


“You want me to look like a domme, then?”


There was this little glint in Sophie's eyes again.

“I won't be able to get any sort of cooking done in that, I tell you.”

“Aha,” Sophie chuckled, wiggling her finger. “but you won't have to, right? I think I spotted something waiting in the oven earlier, which I suspect is the hotpot you promised I'd love. Nice try.”

“Might just be a bit too rich if you had anything special in mind for later, but there you go. Besides, I think you would've savoured pot noodles as long as you got me to wear that.”


The dinner proved to be a grateful moment of tranquillity after the donning and buffing of all the gear, which tended to turn into more of a teasing game. Getting Sophie changed was the quickest and easiest bit this time, although it was pretty hard to remain composed even when the simple act of helping her with the borrowed stockings and long gloves got pleasantly tense. Then, there was the ordeal of having nimble fingers fussing all over her once the suit, which to her relief slid on as easy as never before, was zipped shut at the back of her neck. She had almost forgot what a few fingertips in the right places could do to her, especially if they were exploring her through a second skin, and she came dangerously close to not bothering about any bloody food.

Watching Sophie sprawling lazily on the old leather sofa, conveniently shrouded in a spare rubber sheet for the occasion, after virtually cleaning the plate twice, made her heart race again.

“You're not going beddy-bye already, are you?”

“No way.” Sophie stretched and flexed her fingers. “I'd never insult such a killer cook by not leaving room for dessert, you know.”

Karen eased herself down onto the sofa and tried to pat Sophie on the belly, only to find herself locked in a smooth embrace. Her raised eyebrows at the sudden, tentative kiss planted in the corner of her mouth caused Sophie to blush violently.

“Sorry. I...”

Instead of giving her any more unnecessary reasons to have second thoughts, she simply swooped down on her and silenced her the best way she could. It was remarkable how perfectly natural it felt, although it had been eternities since she had practised this on anyone, let alone a girl. Not that poor Soph seemed to mind that she was probably not such an expert kisser, since she barely  let go of her long enough to catch a single breath.

“Now look at you,” Sophie moaned, dizzily plucking at a few stray auburn locks. “Your hair's come undone.”

“Not just my hair, dear.”

Without any further hesitation, she let her gloved fingers travel in tightening circles around Sophie's left breast, following the seams of the dress for a moment before letting them explore the softness hiding beneath the black surface.



Her fingers met no resistance as they continued moving downwards, sliding down the short skirt and then under it, tracing the inside of Sophie's thigh where she let her hand rest, amused by the slight twitching she could feel at the minutest movement of her fingers. A very familiar, searing heat began to spread rapidly within her as she received a pleading look from Sophie, who gently tried to coax her hand further up without much success. It didn't move until she stopped fidgeting, but sought its way straight to where it was headed once the message was clearly understood.

The little slider was easier to find than expected, and Karen carefully but swiftly pulled it down and let her fingers slide through the aperture. Waiting a moment for Sophie to start breathing again, she had time to compose herself before she continued exploring. To feel the torrid dampness against her fingertips was such a remarkably strange and yet lovely sensation of recognition. Pure instinct guided her hand, and she noticed how Sophie slowly opened up under her touch.

She burrowed her nose into Sophie's neck, fearing that she might bite her ear off out of sheer excitement if she tried to kiss her there, and inhaled the scent of warm rubber blended with what no one would ever succeed to bottle. How long was it since she last had the chance to even feel the smell of someone else like this? Had she ever, more correctly, had the chance? Her hind brain seemed to suggest it was a good idea to have a taste as well, and she couldn't resist letting the tip of her tongue brush the damp skin touching her lips.

Instantly, her gloved fingers were allowed to enter deeper, and she didn't let the opportunity slip away. It was as pointless to let the poor girl suffer for much longer, as it was silly not to give her something that left her wanting more, and she was eager to try something that had worked really well countless times. Sophie's weak grunts of disappointment as she pulled away to get a better reach turned into short, ragged gasps of astonishment as she found what she was looking for.

Delving deeper, intently stroking Sophie with precious little care about holding back, Karen could feel her fingers being caught and held tight by strong muscles. It was very nearly painful, but she was curiously amazed by how the girl's body fought back, forcing her to keep working until she was done. Sophie had an equally puzzled expression on her face, as if she didn't really have a full grasp of what was well under way, but she clearly enjoyed the experience. The noises she made made it really hard for Karen to stay focused.

It was over in a matter of seconds. Sophie tensed and arched her back, involuntarily covering herself with the sheet as she clawed into it, as if she tried to put up a last, desperate fight to remain in control of her own body. The sudden sensation of something very warm and wet enveloping her hand slowed Karen down, but she didn't remove it until the cramps eventually subsided and the fingers slid out by themselves.

“Well...” she breathed, peering down at the flushed little face between the folds, not really expecting an articulate response. “Where did we leave off?”


She would never had dreamed of how demanding it could be to just sit back and let someone pamper her the way Sophie tried her best to do, without even getting the chance to try a few more tricks right away, to see if there would be some more fireworks going off. Of course, the sensation of caressing fingers and the warmth of a sliding tongue on her body, amplified tenfold by the taut rubber against her skin, was beyond description. Something she definitely couldn't imagine being without again. It would have been pure heaven if she'd only known how to relax properly, and if she'd been able to rid herself of the feeling that something was a bit off.

On her knees, with her head resting on the inside of Karen's left thigh, Sophie looked up with an uncertain expression on her face, indecisively playing with her fingers over the lower belly. Ignoring the notion of unzipping herself and forcing the girl to finish what she had started, Karen laid her hands over Sophie's.

“What's wrong, dear?”


The answer came as a soft mumble, and she somehow knew what it was all about.

“Sorry,” Sophie continued, smiling wanly. “I... I haven't done... I've never...”

“Oh. Well...” she started, trying not to giggle. “that makes two of us, so don't worry.”

It was quite an education to witness how quickly a pair of eyes could change from expressing uncertainty to baffled incredulity and confusion, and then, as Sophie finally put two and two together, to some kind of alleviated embarrassment interspersed with sheer relief.

“Oh, God, this was awkward...” Sophie groaned, pressing her face against the thigh. “I don't know what to say.”

“Then don't say anything, dear.”

“You're telling me you haven't tried...” she went on, gesturing meaningly, “something like this before? You certainly had me fooled.”

“You didn't seem to mind, though.”

“Oh, no.” she sighed. “That was... amazing.”

“Stop whimpering and get your precious little bum back up here, then. We're not done yet. Far from it.”

Still acting a bit mindboggled, but slightly more at ease again, Sophie crawled back onto the seat next to Karen. There seemed to be nothing wrong with her curiosity, despite her sudden loss of nerve in the crucial moment. Satisfied with being at least partly in charge of the events again, Karen gently unzipped herself at the crotch and elaborately pushed the rubber away from her flesh, as if to show that what was hiding beneath the trimmed tuft of russet hair wouldn't bite.

“Now,” she breathed, running her fingers, still sticky with Sophie's juices down her cleft. “let's try this first. I'd love it if you feel like joining me.”


Sometimes planning ahead really paid off, she thought. It would have been quite bothersome if she hadn't given her recently purchased bedlinen a proper once-over and put them where they could be easily found. Now, it was only a matter of minutes before her trusted, creaky snoozebox was transformed into something slightly more purposeful for what she had in mind. It certainly helped that she barely had to lift a finger to get things done, since she only had to let Sophie loose and enjoy herself from a safe distance.

The £600 worth of latex adorning her bed, the black fitted sheet and the purple duvet cover and pillowcases seemed even more like a real bargain now, when there was someone willing to share the bed with her- someone who looked like a naughty little genie with mussed-up hair and a dish sponge in her hand, meticulously working up a nice sheen. An adorable sight, indeed.

She still felt a bit giddy after the rewarding little session on the sofa. It certainly seemed that the concept of mutual masturbation was not lost on Sophie, who had no trouble at all with putting on a mindblowing show once she had understood how to please an audience of one and play a little quid pro quo. Staving off her own orgasm long enough to see the poor girl almost slide down onto the floor, grunting like a joyous piglet as she fell prey to her own probing touch, was much more difficult than she had imagined. All the excitement amounted to two unexpectedly large highly explosive ones, knocking the air out of her. She couldn't really understand how Sophie was able to find such energy after a steady meal and a romp like that, while she was toying fitfully with the temptation to have a short lie-down and a cup of nice, hot tea before exerting herself further. It had to do something with the season; she was always coming down with some nasty cold that made her feel slightly out of whack for a week or two this time of year, because it sure as hell didn't have anything to do with her growing old. Oh, no. 

Satisfied with her work, Sophie happily tested the bed by bouncing on it a few times, and then spreading herself out on it as if she was trying to make angels on the slippery surface.

“Oohh, yeah...” she sighed hoarsely. “This is something.”

Even the way her toes surreptitiously pushed the plush duvet further down to the lower end of the bed seemed like a strangely evocative erotic invitation, and Karen didn't feel like wasting any more precious time on just watching. There would be no rest for the wicked for quite a while, and she knew a pretty good cure for acute weariness.


There was a little unforeseen issue with the bed. Since neither of them were especially sylph-like, it was a bit too softly sprung for any advanced moves once things got slightly heated, and the softness combined with the slippery rubber sheet demanded some patience and careful planning before trying something new and exciting.

It felt slightly awkward to have Sophie sitting astride her chest, leaning against the wall, but it was at least better than tearing the suit or ending up with a wry neck. Curiously, Sophie didn't seem reluctant at all when it was her turn to receive a little special attention, judging by the way she had happily straddled her like a rocking horse, but that didn't matter. It was, however, just a wee bit intimidating that she was in such a hurry to push her freshly uncovered little wonder straight in her face. Perhaps, Karen thought while quickly trying to come to terms with where to start, it would serve the girl right to get the same sort of rapid aversion therapy sometime soon.

Her instincts didn't fail her this time either. There was not a hint of feeble hesitation once her lips and tongue felt what Sophie had to offer. The faint traces of rational thought, no more than slivers of light flashing through her mind, circled around how enjoyable this new thing actually was. The smell and taste of Sophie was as compelling as she had imagined, only slightly tinged with what she suspected was the result of the girl's thirst for the insidious dark cider, and she was quite amused by how effective her first attempt at this seemed to be. Careful not to sink her teeth too harshly into the tender flesh, she sought out the little button hiding underneath the folds and sucked a good portion of Sophie in between her lips, trying to mimic the sort of kiss she would gladly accept from anyone daring to have a go at it- and the sooner the better, the way she was beginning to feel now. It was impossible to help herself the way she was pinned down, and the girl was too busy trying to wiggle her into a state of slightly concussed giddiness.

Dimly aware that she had become viciously wet under the suit, she wondered what would happen if she was a little too successful in pleasing Sophie. She wasn't entirely at ease with the possibility of being served more sour apples, but there was really nothing to do besides mentally crossing her fingers and keep going. It was far more exciting to suck it and see what would happen, as it were. The girl was about to come right in her face, and the thought of that was just the kind of pure naughty fuel she needed to really enjoy herself.

The frantic wiggling suddenly turned into uncontrolled juddering, and Sophie seemed to sag under a heavy load, drawing deep breaths through clenched teeth as she finally gave in. Karen refused to let go until she could sense the spasms waning, pleasantly surprised by the result of her work. There was no unfortunate little accident. Instead, it seemed like the climax only made Sophie taste even more interesting. She gave her a last, encouraging flick with her tongue before letting her slide off to the side.

It was, in a way, quite satisfying to watch the girl trying to find her bearings, almost totally spent after the ride. However, something had to be done about the tension that she had built up close to breaking point, and quite soon. Even the touch of Sophie's lazy fingers smearing the sticky streak on her suit right between her breasts felt like electric elvers through the thin, wet rubber. She had an idea of what could help her out quite nicely, but that involved getting out of bed, away from the magic fingers. She had no choice. It was that or a full scale attack on the poor girl within seconds.

“I'll be right back,” Karen groaned, heaving herself up, her feet automatically looking for the slippers that weren't there. “Don't move.”


In this moment, she felt relieved that she had left at least some of her heavy artillery within her reach. Hidden in plain sight, her Libido Bag for emergency use was only a few feet away from the bedroom. Resisting the temptation to bring the whole arsenal back to the unsuspecting Sophie to see if she could push the envelope a little further, she carefully fished out the powerful wand massager lying on top of a veritable snake pit of corrugated tubing. The heady smell of medical grade rubber, and the muted tinkling of small metal cylinders as she shut the bag added a faint trace of a smile and some more colour to her already flushed face.

“Now we're talking...”

The naughty genie, slightly more ruffled looking now, seemed to spring back into life as she laid eyes on what was in Karen's hand.

“I'm really not sure...” Karen hummed as she tried to find the socket right beside the bed in the dim light, “...if I should trust you with this.”

“Oh, not that precious kitchen knife thing again. Please. That one is already blunt.”

“As in 'blunt force trauma', dear.”

Sophie shrieked at the touch of the pulsating head to her lower belly and made a feeble attempt to escape before succumbing to a fit of giggles. Karen knew full well what kind of surprise the ordinary-looking massager packed, having thoroughly tested its capacity and failed to reach even close to the higher settings before erupting violently. Where her old wand reminded her a little bit of riding on a small, high-revving Japanese bike- it certainly made her feel quite as numb in the nether regions after only a few minutes- this one was like trying to tame a crudely balanced, torquey monster of an engine in a sleek but rigid frame. You didn't even think of braking before it was too late.

Once comfortably ensconced on the bed with a piece of the duvet cushioning her lower back, Karen handed Sophie the wand with a dignified gesture.

“Slowly, now.” she warned. “I just might forget that thing about not biting, you know.”

It took a while for Sophie to figure out where to begin, but she soon discovered how to use the toy in the right places to stir things up a little. Not that it demanded a whole lot of guesswork- even the gentle touch of the head, rumbling silently on an idle setting, to the inside of her thigh made Karen growl and dig her gloved fingers deep into the sheet. If she was wound up much further, it would take a bomb squad to disarm her safely.

Sophie seemed to enjoy being in control, trying new and interesting spots without hurrying too much. It was getting increasingly hard for Karen to resist grabbing the wand and finishing herself off.  All of a sudden, the idea of having some sort of restraints strewn about the house didn't seem that far fetched. She had never really taken a liking to those things apart from a few quite interesting ones she had wanted to try, but never on her own. Now, however, she would have nothing against a solid spreader bar keeping her legs reasonably still and a proper, sturdy rubber strait jacket to prevent her from causing any harm. God, how she wanted to pull that sweet little head right between her legs to show Sophie what needed to be taken care of straight away.

It didn't exactly help that Sophie had found out how to work the controls, either. Her left breast received a thorough burst as the wand suddenly went into oscillating mode, and she bit her tongue trying not to swear loudly. The feeling of a thumb and forefinger carefully pulling at the little zip in her crotch almost made her bounce out of bed.

“Wait.” she breathed. “Leave it.”


“Too much. Works better like this.”

Fortunately, Sophie understood aroused telegraphic lingo perfectly well. The rumbling wand travelled south in a single, sweeping movement, and the sensation of the tip against her throbbing sex through the rubber was like fiery red ink spreading in water. A soothing wave of warmth rolled over her, soaking her aching tendons and muscles in a quick but relieving bath. She surfaced and gasped for air, trying to find her rhythm again. An almost fiendish grin spread across her face, as she realized that the remaining sparks frizzing through her body was just the end of the prelude. This was getting really promising indeed.

“Did you come?”

Sophie's hot breath made her nearly voiceless whisper feel like being poured straight into her ear. The way she delivered the question revealed that she was definitely not expecting an intelligent answer, and instead of letting off even for a second, she used her newly found skills with the buttons to further stoke the flames. Seemingly unwilling to wait for her turn to have a taste of the beast on her own, Sophie slowly rolled herself back on top of Karen again, pinning the business end of the wand between them right where they both could enjoy it the most.

Gently wedged between the soft mattress and Sophie's warm and very slippery body, Karen found this new experience of having someone mounting her like this a quite pleasant and interesting one. Judging by the way the girl sounded while she kept pounding the poor toy, she was already catching up really nicely, and every single thrust pushed them both closer to the brink.

In the strangely serene calm before the storm, losing herself again into Sophie's eyes as they widened and darkened in that very peculiar way, she thought about what was to become of all this. Perhaps this wouldn't last for long. Who knew what might happen? Who had thought this would happen only weeks ago? Only one thing was certain. This was beyond any doubt something she could get used to.

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