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In the Vice 7

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

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In the Vice by Rbbral

Chapter Seven

Joan led Dee into the “operating theatre”, a simple whitewashed cell with a padded bench that Dee was told to sit on. Around the bench were stools on wheels and two trolleys with their contents covered. 

“No going back now Dee.” Anna said and placed a hand on her shoulder and Dee leant back, the rubber covered bench cold on her bare flesh. Her head rested on a small raised section. Straps were passed over her thighs, calves, stomach, above and below her boobs and then her forearms, and biceps. She could now only move her head. By the bench Tom pressed a button and Dee’s legs were unceremoniously spread apart. The humming stopped and her legs were left all of four feet apart. Next, her arms were separated in the same way, the rests drawing them from her body sideways until they were at right angles. Satisfied, the five then left her!

And there she lay, exposed, naked and vulnerable, about to be adorned with her slave jewellery, something she had volunteered for. Detective Sergeant Dee Long; proud, independent, and smart; now to be shaved, pierced, collared and ringed as a sex slave….willingly. She actually chuckled at the route she had come in the last ten days; her throat was a little dry now, nerves certainly. She raised her head and looked down at her bound and spread-eagled body, she was proud of it, firm and fit, but soon it would change….in a big way. Then the five returned, all wearing identical full cover white smocks, tight surgical gloves and surgical masks….all in latex. Joan explained.

“Don’t look so worried Dee, this is of course for cleanliness; there will be very little blood at all, but it is a bit of dressing up we like to do. Trust me Dee, the pain will be minimal, we’re all going to work on you at the same time, saves time that way. I’ll start, assisted by Anna between your legs here while John works on your wrist cuffs and collar with Kurt. Then we kind of change places a bit, I work on your nipples while John goes down and fixes your ankle cuffs. In the end you will be wearing about a pound of gold. We have decided that you shall wear all gold Dee; the others wear silver but, well we think you are a bit special, we know you won’t disappoint us. Then I will work on your nose, perhaps the most….painful of the procedures and then we will finish with your skull, as you know all your hair must come off. We know all this is quite traumatic Dee, so we will take our time for you to adjust to all the changes. If you want a break or a small drink then say so straight away, otherwise we will just carry on with the work.”

“Okay, I know what I let myself in for, so do your worst.” 

“All right Dee, away we go,” she pulled her gloves tighter, “Anna, eight gold eyelets and the piercing gun, and the syringe please. Dee I’m giving you a little local down here so you will feel a prick on either side of your vulva.” She sat on the stool between Dee’s outstretched legs, and Anna, similarly masked and gloved sat the other side of her left leg. John then settled at her right wrist and she could see the smile in his eyes above the mask. She suddenly felt a jab at her pubis and winced. She looked down and saw Joan’s head between her legs and Anna leaning over.

“We’ll give it a couple of minutes to take effect and deaden the area. Are you used to being fully shaven down here now?”

“Yes, I suppose so, although I’m a little sensitive down there right now.” Anna was gently rubbing her, and slowly the sensitivity began to deaden. Meanwhile John had taken her right wrist measurement, then her left and after lifting her head also her neck in several places. 

“I feel like Frankenstein’s monster.” 

“No monster, Dee,” said Tom, “quite the contrary.” Then Joan said.

“Okay, should be pretty numb by now.” She pinched Dee’s labia. “Feel that?” Dee shook her head. 

“Anna, piercing gun please; okay Dee, four eyelets on either side. It means we can ring you vertically, two rings on either side and then connect the rings horizontally, or of course seal you with four horizontal rings, we like this option being available!” Oh God, thought Dee, four eyelets on each side, too late now to quit. Joan pulled out her labia and squeezed the first hole, Dee winced but it was no more than a pinprick of pain. Anna swabbed the small amount of blood and Joan repeated the exercise three times on the right side. Anna handed Joan the eyelets, like small tubes of gold an eighth of an inch in diameter. She threaded the first through the opening and squeezed it shut with the grips, then repeated the exercise three more times, each tube fanning out into a small trumpet shape that gripped her labia firmly without biting. They were beautiful, bright gold and ready for rings or laces. 

While this was happening John had returned and placed an open ended gold bracelet two inches wide and rubber lined around her right wrist. She watched in silence as John pressed the ends together for a snug fit and with a battery powered soldering iron proceeded to join the ends into a permanent seal. The fairly soft gold joined easily and Dee was left with a well fitting but not too tight bracelet, with rings on the inside and outside. Kurt then started to smooth out the rough connection and rub the cuff to a bright shine while John repeated the procedure on her left wrist. It was all done with quiet, almost military, precision. Three minutes later she was cuffed on both wrists with bright gold bracelets. 

“Now the slave collar, lift your head a little; good.” Even the words slave collar made Dee shudder a little as John wrapped the open gold collar, two inches deep, around her neck and gently squeezed the ends closed. 

“This is important Dee, this must be comfortable, if it is in any way too tight say so; also it cannot be too loose as it will chafe your skin, so try this for a few seconds.” Dee swallowed, moved her head from side to side, coughed, and clenched her neck muscles. Frankly, it felt fine and she nodded. 

“It’s fine, fine.”

“Sure? Remember this is to stay on permanently, or until the rubber wears out, and then we replace it.” She didn’t need to be reminded of the three years, but she nodded her assent, and carefully John began to solder the ends together. This was different to the cuffs, for Dee, the collar somehow really represented slavehood. This was now irrevocable; collar and cuffs, she was a slave! By now Joan had finished with the other eight eyelets, and Dee’s labia had now two vertical rows of four gold eyelets lined up opposite each other. To test their efficiency they had passed four rings horizontally through the eyelets, and Anna had mischievously tried to get at Dee’s clit, but she had failed. It was a beautiful seal but with enough gap in the lower ones for her to pee. Dee was not fully aware of this due to the local anaesthetic and being occupied with the collar, but she would learn out soon enough, that if they didn’t want her to pleasure herself, in private or in their company, then they could very easily do it. 

Kurt had now finished smoothing out the solder and rubbing the gold to a fine shine. In the centre in indented letters was her name, “DEE” in one inch high capitals, and under that a half inch diameter slave ring. There were also slave rings at the sides under her ears and at the rear, at the nape of her neck. 

John had now returned with anklets of gold, while Anna and Joan turned their attentions to Dee’s nipples. John carefully worked on her ankles, and couldn’t help but look up and see her vulva with the eight eyelets nicely lined up. The girls had removed the rings that had sealed her temporarily; and to John she looked wonderfully exposed and vulnerable - which is exactly how Dee felt as Anna and Joan lowered their masks and their tongues descended on her nipples. She moaned softly as they became hard and the two women looked at each other, nodded and Joan dabbed the first nipple with antiseptic, then with the piercing gun, pierced her flesh.

“Aaahhh.” Panted Dee, suddenly brought back to the reality of her subjugation.

“The piercing gun is not much more painful than the local anaesthetic, so I thought we would speed things up a little.” Joan’s eyes smiled somewhat cruelly behind the rubber mask. She slipped a small self locking gold ring though the throbbing nipple and John leaned over and quickly spot soldered it on. While Dee breathed heavily, the process was completed in silence on the other nipple – pain, throbbing and the placement of an irrevocable and immovable ring. With each addition to her body Dee realised the severity of her future life in bondage. The final work for Joan was Dee’s septum and Dee knew that would hurt!

With her nipples and vulva both throbbing Dee looked up into Joan’s steely eyes. She spoke through the rubber mask.

“Now Dee, we need you absolutely still for this procedure, as it will be the most painful, so we are going to pass these straps over your face to keep it still.” She nodded at Anna, who drew a thick strap of transparent rubber across the lower part of Dee’s face. Ann’s eyes smiled as she said.

“Open wide now.” And Dee saw attached to the inside of the strap was a large cock gag, thick and bulbous. Dee obediently opened her mouth and Anna pushed in the gag and adjusted the straps both sides of the headrest. A second strap was then passed across her forehead and tightened; Dee blinked her eyes and realised she could no longer move her head at all, anchored as it was by the large cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes and awaited the pain. Joan rubbed antiseptic and a local anaesthetic ointment inside her nose and waited a couple of minutes. 

The room was silent, the five masters arranged around the prone, motionless figure, newly adorned with her slave jewellery. Joan then aligned the ends of the gun up each nostril and squeezed. Dee howled and bit down hard into the gag. John laid a gloved hand on her forehead, as Dee felt a grinding sensation as her septum was breached. After a little blood and the application of a coagulant, Joan placed the short gold tube through the hole and squeezed the ends shut with her tool. It dawned on Dee that it would be difficult, and probably more painful to get these eyelets off than putting them on!

The five of them inspected their work with pride, Dee feeling not much more than a slab of meat. She was sore and throbbing, and now very well aware that her journey into absolute slavehood would be no picnic! Now Tom spoke.

“All done Slave Dee, only two small procedures left; firstly the removal of the hair from your head. We advised you of this earlier, I think, so it shouldn’t come as a shock to you. The second thing we have discussed between us earlier. Due to the number of eyelets in your labia, we feel it will be much easier if we depilate that area through the regular application of creams rather than through shaving. So we are going to now apply a strong depilatory cream to you, let that work its wonders while Anna shaves your head. We don’t want any arguments from you Dee, but we must take the straps off your face to give you a nice close shave. So no talking, all right?” She tried to nod her assent but could not move her head at all. The others chuckled as Tom and Anna removed the two straps and out plopped her gag.

As they were doing this Joan was between Dee’s outstretched legs again, gently applying with her rubber gloved fingers the depilatory cream. Dee shivered as Joan smiled behind her mask and rubbed her labia and Dee gasped. Despite the throbbing of her nipples, septum and labia, Joan was an expert at arousing the deep desires in Dee. She knew then to say anything as Tom activated a button on the bench and she was raised to a 45 degree angle. Anna approached with a can of shaving foam and began to lather it onto Dee’s head. Although she realised she was very soon going to be shaven bald, Dee found the attentive hands of Anna soothing. Tom dropped the head rest and now Dee’s foamy white head was fully exposed. 

Anna then began to shave her head, starting at the back and then over her ears. Dee closed her eyes and breathed slowly; she didn’t find the procedure unpleasant; her hair was to go and that was the end of it. 

“Soon the only remaining area was a line down the middle and Anna giggled.

“Shall we leave her with a Mohawk? No, off it all comes!” And shortly she had finished, after wiping her off with a damp towel. Joan also wiped her pussy down and now Dee was ready for her new life as a slave. They released her from the bench; her muscles were sore after being stretched for so long. She stood a little groggily, and they watched as she explored her bald smooth dome, her collar, cuffs and then, her more personal items of jewellery, her eyelets. She examined herself in the mirror, the gold gleaming under the lights, even the gold eyelets. She was still a bit sore but was beginning to feel better.

Kurt, ever the gentleman and who had said little over the last hour, held open a one piece leotard in burgundy rubber; Dee was not surprised to see holes at nipples, arse and pubis. 

“We are now going to move onto your initiation Dee. We think you will enjoy this, we most certainly will. It is a kind of welcome into the fold; we will wear our rubber and you, apart from a couple of additions later, just this leotard. We liken it to a goodbye to the past and a welcome to your new state of slavery.” She stepped into the leotard and they pulled it up her thighs; she settled her boobs into the firm cradles, her ringed nipples poking through. They zipped her up; it had a neckline ending at her new slave collar and sleeves to just above her cuffs. It hugged her tight and she enjoyed its warm clammy embrace. She expected a helmet or a gag, but there was none. 

The others had now removed their smocks, masks and gloves. They took her by her arms upstairs. 

“I hope you don’t mind a little audience Dee, but we thought the other girls might enjoy watching your talents close up.” Joan said, as they entered the main hall. The girls seemed to have hardly moved since Dee had left them. Marj, in her evening dress, was cuffed and cock gagged; Lara remained on her haunches, bonneted and dummy gagged; Jo was in her tight rubber suit and mask still gagged and Michelle still had the red ball gag and the dildo tail up her arse. 

They all inspected her in silence, their eyes noting her bald head, the rings at her nipples and her collar and cuffs. They saw the eyelets at her labia and all noted that Dee had succumbed to a more severe piercing than any of them. They looked almost sympathetic. But one thing was now clear; she was now one of them, a plaything for their masters. She saw Joan unzip her tight jodhpurs and unstrap the strap-on dildo that she had used on Michelle. She tosses it on the floor but stayed unzipped, and Dee could see her moist, shaven lips. The three men sat down on the couches and Tom said.

“Well, ladies first I believe. Joan and Anna, there she is, a real treat for you to enjoy. I think we are all looking forward to the show.” Dee was now a little nervous again, but she also felt a deep arousal within her. In the centre of the couched area Tom and John removed the table and replaced it with a black rubber covered bench about four feet long and eighteen inches high and wide. It was made in three sections and the two end sections could be raised to face each other, like two connected chairs. 

“Now Dee, it’s just us girls for the moment and Anna and I can’t wait, so firstly open your mouth wide and I will fasten this large gag around your head, good; you will see on the inside a nice cock gag for you to grip and here on the outside, well this is for my pleasure, a pink rubber dildo….we’ll get this nice and tight, like so.” In the silence of the hall they all watched as Joan fastened the straps around Dee’s head embedding the cock in her mouth, straps passing either side of her nose and over her head and connecting with one over her cheeks and under her ears. Dee did nothing, just stand with her hands obediently at her sides. She glanced across at Anna and saw her unzip her yellow catsuit and strap on a six inch dildo, with a four inch insert for herself. As she bit down on her gag Dee could see where this was going very quickly! As the others, the masters with their glasses of champagne, and slaves who were considerably less comfortable, settled down on the couches, Joan eased Dee back onto the bench. She lay on her back staring at the ornate ceiling, painted nymphs looking down at her, and what a sight she was with the dildo sticking out of her gagged mouth, and the rings and eyelets in her nipples and labia shining in the candle light. 

She tried to get comfortable, her head cushioned at the top and her legs spread either side at the bottom. Her hands were free; well, she thought, that at least was some concession! She looked down and saw Anna, with a lascivious smile on her face, settled at the foot of the bench and raise both of Dee’s legs to the vertical, holding them at her shoulders. Then she felt the dildo at her vulva. She was amazed to find she was wet and Anna had little trouble easing herself in past the eyeleted lips. Dee mmmmfed into her gag but she had little time to reflect as Joan, still in her red and white riding gear, stepped over Dee’s face and settled down on the dildo sticking up from Dee’s mouth. 

Dee could only look up as Joan parted her lips and slowly eased the pink cock inside her. Dee watched as Joan’s shaven pussy got closer and closer and finally she settled her rubber jodhpurs on Dee’s cheeks. Dee could hardly breathe as Joan’s love lips snuggled up to her nose. The smell of Joan was now more familiar to Dee, and she gulped in air as Joan raised herself and lowered herself on Dee’s face. 

Meanwhile Anna was working up a nice rhythm at Dee’s pussy, steadily pumping in and out. The others, masters and slaves, watched in appreciative quiet as Dee was assaulted at both ends. Then with her hands free Dee did something that even surprised her, one hand went to Joan’s breasts and she fondled them through her rubber blouse. The other more surprisingly went to Joan’s arse and she firmly rubbed Jon’s ring before easing in her index finger. Joan squealed with shock and then pleasure, as she looked down at Dee, trapped between her thighs. As Anna pumped between Dee’s thighs she leaned down, took each of Dee’s ringed nipples and gave then a gentle twist. Dee squealed into her gag and pushed further with her finger as Joan wriggled over her. The others watched all this in silence, clearly appreciating Dee’s talent and fortitude. This went on for a while before Anna touched Joan on the shoulder in a pre-arranged move; and both women stood. 

But there was no break for Dee. Anna, with her dildo now wet with Dee’s juices, lifted Dee just a bit more and then thrust hard at Dee’s arse. There was some initial resistance but Anna pressed on and quickly she was in Dee’s rear and pumping in and out in a smooth rhythm. Dee moaned and shook her head to the side but Joan quickly turned round and faced Anna, then impaled herself on Dee again. This time however when her rubber covered arse settled on Dee’s face, Dee’s nose was thrust into Joan’s rear crack. She could hardly breathe, and what she could breathe had a certain pungency, and she could hardly see as the white rubber covered bottom bounced up and down on her face. As Anna pumped away she rubbed Dee’s clit until her moisture was almost flowing, while Joan twisted and rubbed her nipples. 

Dee came maybe three or four times before the other women, screaming into her gag. And finally exhausted, Anna and Joan stood up, extricating themselves from the prone Dee. Joan placed a gentle hand on Dee’s head and slowly released the dripping gag. Dee was almost too tired to move, sated as she was. But then she heard Anna say.

“Well, she’s warmed up nicely for you fellows now, it’s your turn.” The three men now approached her and John helped her to stand up, while Tom and Kurt raised the two ends of the bench upwards to form two back rests facing each other. Dee was not stupid; she knew she was to be the sandwich, as Tom, in his black catsuit sat down in front of her and Kurt, in his tuxedo, behind her. Both men then took out their hard cocks and smiled up at Dee. Tom said. 

“We tossed a coin earlier, Dee, and I get your sweet pussy while Kurt is more than happy to take your recently expanded rear!” Joan gave Kurt a condom, which he slipped on. 

“We have lubricant if….?”

“No, no, I don’t think I will need it now, not after what happened earlier.” And Joan and Anna smiled at their recently finished fun with her. Kurt took her hips and Tom her waist as she stared across at John to the side, who gave her a reassuring smile. Tom slid easily into her front, while Kurt took his time at her rear, slowly widening her sphincter and, as Dee gasped he slid into her. She placed her forearms on Tom’s shoulders as she felt Kurt’s hands come around and fondle her breasts, encased in the burgundy rubber cradles. She was now firmly wedged between the two of them, and they began to raise and lower her in a steady rhythm. She looked to the side and then saw John unzip his tights and pull out his hard cock. She needed no order, but turned to the right, opened her mouth and slid it over his member. He was warm and tasted of salt and rubber. She sucked hard as he placed a hand on her bald dome and gently massaged her. 

She was now being assaulted in all orifices; she looked down and saw John’s rubber tights moving nearer and then away from her face. She glanced left and saw Tom’s calm face as he pumped into her front but could only feel Kurt at her rear. Further to the right she glimpsed Anna and Joan sitting on the couch, admiring this tableau. She could not see the other women but was sure they would be taking all this in, gagged and in severe bondage. Her bald head continued to bob on John’s hard cock, she was getting to like his taste; her body continued to rise and drop between the two men and her breasts continued to be fondled by Kurt and then sucked and gently bitten by Tom. Dee had become shameless, she knew the others were watching and she knew she would be the best of them all! She would earn her million all right!

After ten minutes Kurt could hold no longer and she felt him jerk behind her, gripping her breasts hard. Then Tom, sucking hard on her left nipple, the gold ring firmly held in his mouth shuddered and thrust into her. She could feel his warm cum inside her, but it was John she was now concentrating on. His sweet and pungent tasting cock continued to invade her mouth but then she felt his juice come down his shaft and hit the back of her throat. It was warm and salty, and as he slowly withdrew she felt it slip down her gullet as she swallowed. Tom and Kurt raised her slowly, got out of the chairs, and she dropped back on the bench. Her arse and pussy were sore and her lips, after the assault by Joan and now John felt puffy and sore too. 

She closed her eyes and rested as the others got themselves in order, discussing very quietly her performance, which everyone agreed was phenomenal!

“It’s been a long day for all of us, particularly you, Dee.” John said, taking her by the hand as she stepped out from between the chairs. “Tomorrow, your new life begins, as our rubber bondage slave, to do with as we please. You will have no opinion, no choice and no life, other than to please us.” Dee shuddered for a second at the thought. “Tomorrow Tom is going to test you out in his mannequin, well your mannequin really. You will be imprisoned and gagged in the perfect fitting body, as the world passes by the shop window, and you can do nothing about it.” 

They led her away; she glanced back at the other four women, not knowing when she would see them again. They led her back to the basement, and into another room. Dee was still in a bit of a daze. 

“This is a vacuum bed.” She looked at what looked like a trampoline about three feet off the floor. 

“Simply, two skins of rubber, airtight, two small nostril tubes and a plug for your mouth. No other contact with the outside. Climb in now, we wish to go and play with our girls. You’re done for the night.” I surely am, thought Dee, as she slipped between the skins. She squirmed around for a second before finding the nostril tubes and plug gag. She accepted it into her mouth as she felt the side being zipped up.

“Okay, can you breathe easily?”

“Mmm mmm, she grunted in assent.” And then she heard a motor and the air was sucked out of the sack. Within seconds the rubber clinched and cinched her, finding every crevice, exploring her labia and her arse. Then it stopped and she lay, suspended in the membrane, the meat in a very tight rubber sandwich. Hands swept over her body and she tried to roll with it, but she could not move an inch. 

“Good night Dee, and welcome to our world…pain, pleasure, suffering and joy. Tom will see you tomorrow and then the rest of us can’t wait to enjoy your considerable talents. We have all much to experience.” 

In her black, warm prison, suspended above ground, Dee heard the door shut. And then the final realisation came upon her, there was no escape, no hope of rescue. Her life was now rubber, bondage, slavery, suffering and discomfort, but she hoped, also pleasure. Smart, proud police Sergeant Dee was no more, now she was Dee the rubber bondage toy. Her head and pussy were bald; her labia and septum eyeleted; and her nipples ringed, her neck, wrists and ankles were wrapped in inescapable gold slave collar and cuffs. She steeled herself for the future, a future she had to remind herself she had chosen. She was determined to experience and take pleasure, yielding only on her terms; they, as well as she, were in for an education!


And so Dee’s new life began and as each day, night and week passed the world, her former life, became more and more a distant memory. Her new life became one of constant pain and pleasure, discomfort and humiliation, her senses sometimes controlled and sometimes enhanced. 

In her training there was the ever-present rubber; tight and restricting or loose and all-covering. She was passed between each of the five masters, or owners as she had come to look upon them, at regular intervals. She saw the other girls only on special events and the weekly sessions. But there were times when even though she did not see them, she knew one or more of them were in the same house as she was when undergoing training. There was not great contact and Dee kind of missed their company. When they were brought together, there was very little time for conversation as their owners played with them. But life was very full as she was passed between owners. She grew to appreciate how well organised they were; she would have sessions with one of them, but sometimes with one or more watching.

They were right about the aftermath of her disappearance. Initially the police pulled out all stops to search for her. They gave three of the owners (the ones they could connect with Dee) a hard grinding. But the owners remained cool, knowing there was no way that a real connection could be made. Yes, they had “encounters” with Dee but that was all. They were very sorry that she had gone missing, and that was it. The trail went dry, Kathy moved on to new pastures and the vice and murder squads had new crimes to consider. 

As for Dee, as time wore on she was aware that a bond (a bad pun) was developing between them and her. It was clear that she was their star pupil. The others were good and accepted, willingly or not, their fate, but Dee was set apart. It was a challenge for them to think up tougher and more devious trials for her. If owners could love a slave then these did, but it did not mean that they would be soft on her. No, they knew better and they “rewarded” her with more stringent tests as the weeks and months passed. 

Kurt, the gentleman, was perhaps the least inventive. He enjoyed her company in public and this was the main opportunity for Dee to retain a connection with the outside world. They would go to the theatre, ballet, the races with Dee always in rubber underclothes, always plugged, often back and front, wigged and made-up. But to the outside world she looked perfectly normal. Often she would get second glances or people even staring, mainly at her cuffs and collar with the rings and her name emblazoned. Dee enjoyed these times, even getting excited at the knowledge that all those people around her had no idea of her bondage….a sex slave in public!

Tom, ever the inventor, enjoyed her in public too. Within the first day of her contract she was crammed into the mannequin with short plugs in her front and rear and a stubby gag to suck on, and planted in a shop window dressed in garish, tarty rubber clothing. She peered out of her pinhole eyes at the world passing by, either leering in appreciation or looking away in disgust at her statuesque plastic body. She was three feet from them but it might have been a mile. She did not know how long she was in there the first time but it must have been at least six hours and she was bathed in sweat. 

Then Tom would remove her, disrobe her and dump her unceremoniously in the back of his van and take her home. There he would release her, wipe her down, allow her to do her ablutions and then cram her back in the suit of armour and inflate her. Then he would plug her with her custom pussy and arse dildos, or occasionally plug her himself. He would drop the visor, gagging her effectively and get on with his life! Sometimes he would entertain his straight friends and Dee thought just how they would freak if they knew they were in the company of a well stuffed and gagged former detective sergeant observing them!

She gradually got used to her shaven head and as she was commanded to keep it smooth and shiny she got very good at shaving herself. She continued the depilatory treatments on her pussy, but gradually it required less attention after continual treatments. She got used to the cuffs, anklets and collar, and only when stared at in public did she become really aware of them. She was never approached however and if she had been, she joked with herself that she would say they were the jewellery of a slave, which she was, to her present companion. She would have liked to do it just to see the reaction, but it transpired she never needed to. During the first times out she was a little embarrassed but over time it simply didn’t concern her and she adopted a proud stance…slave maybe, but proud slave! When in public she wore a series of wigs, but once she did go out with John and he decided for a bit of fun to take her out bald. She was again a little embarrassed at the stares but quickly she began to rather like it, particularly when John held her hand under her cape and kissed her. 

And so day by day she adjusted to her new life and body. She barely gave any thought to her nipple rings. They were almost socially acceptable now, in some circles. Her owners would hang bells from them, leash them or chain them, sometimes to a ring through her septum. She would get used to this, standing like an obedient dog as she was leashed and led to a new training session. The septum eyelet was much more sensitive, often they would pass a large gold ring through it and it would rest on her lips, a constant reminder of her slavehood. Joan would lead her round by it gently pulling her by the nose; this was a much more efficient trainer than the nipple rings, as it was so sensitive. 

Her labial rings she got used to as well, she would inspect herself in the bathroom, and the shiny small eyelets set in her soft pink folds. She was often ringed shut, not always as a punishment, but just to satisfy her owners’ perverse needs at the time. She was barely able to pee, and certainly unable to gain access to her clitoris and please herself. They would also occasionally hang bells from rings through these eyelets, or sometimes weights which caused her some discomfort. 

But even pain was something her body and mind were getting used to; she did not crave it, but when it was administered…..always subtly and efficiently, she would rise to it, meet it and overcome it. All five owners would administer it in one form or another. Spanking and whipping were common, mostly given by Joan and Anna. Dee dwelt on how often it was the women who seemed to be the cruelest to other women! With John of course it was electrodes and plugs and vacuums, when trapped like a fly in his creature. John’s fertile mind would punish her appendages and orifices in a different way every time. She would go into the harness a minimum of once a month. Gradually, moving into the second year of slavehood, she actually got to look forward to it, to challenge it and to overcome it. Dee noticed that John seemed to be falling for her, which she did not discourage. She had indeed taken a fancy to this young, handsome, devious and yet gentle man, who now knew exactly how to please and punish her, often at the same time. 

Early in the second year he made a decision, without telling the others, as it was strictly against the rules, but the effect she had made on him precipitated it. A year before she had challenged him to go into his devious machine, to be controlled and tortured and played with by Dee, she had never mentioned it since, she was after all a slave; but every time she was harnessed and plugged, enema’d and vacuumed, fed and watered, he could see in her eyes behind the mask the look of a challenge. So during several weeks he designed adjustments to the suit, so it would fit a male rather than female. He was aware the rules were being broken, but his desire to accept her challenge, and to also accept his own masochistic tendencies, were too strong. 

He was aware, very aware that once in the harness, she was the boss; she could leave, blow their cover, to return to being a cop. He thought this fairly unlikely, but it did occupy his mind a lot. Yet he continued.

While it was to be a traumatic evening for John, the day started like many others for Dee. She had spent the day with Anna, locked in a revised romper suit, with her legs and arms folded inside to her buttocks and shoulders, so all she could do all day was waddle around. Anna had given her two bottles of water and baby food in the morning, feeding her on her lap, with bottle firmly in Dee’s mouth while her other explored her breasts and pussy. Dummy gagged and bonneted, Dee had much of the day to herself as Anna had work to attend to. Later in the day she wanted to urinate and mmmffed into her gag, Anna feigned ignorance and ignored her until Dee finally had to pee into her suit. Degraded and humiliated Dee was then taken over Anna’s knee and spanked very hard, the sounds amplified by the rubber suit and the urine around her crotch. She was then stripped and bathed by Anna, and it was then that she revelled in the warm water and Anna’s attentions. 

Once powdered, she knew she was next for John, as Anna produced the thin transparent body suit with the metal connections at boobs, arse and pussy. Her arms were fastened behind her back and pulled high almost touching her collar. Then high heels, a long cape, a blonde spiky wig and she was ready. Rather than sunglasses the owners had now adopted the use of contact lenses for Dee, lenses she could not see through, so she was completely blind. Anna drove her to John’s place, occasionally feeling through her cape and gently probing between her labial rings that she had sealed Dee with after the bath. Dee groaned with pleasure in her latex suit, blinded and cuffed and yet completely at ease with this young girl. 

An hour later, wet between her legs despite Anna being unable to get at her clitoris, Dee felt a ring being slipped through her nose connected to a short chain. Then she was led out of the car.

“Here she is John, all nicely ringed underneath and nicely warmed up for you.” Anna pecked Dee’s cheek and kissed John, then left. Dee was led inside and downstairs to the “creature” room and John took off her leash, leaving her nose ring in, and then her cape and finally, carefully, her contacts. Blinking in the bright light Dee was astonished to see John dressed in an identical to hers. It was of transparent rubber with reinforced holes at breasts, arse and crotch, such that his large cock and balls hung through. She was happy to see that, in her presence, his cock was already enlarging fast! He took her in his arms and lifting her nose ring kissed her hard, she almost melted, on the one hand she wanted him to hold her tenderly and on the other, she wanted him to be brutal with her. Then he spoke.

“Well Dee, I’ve decided to take you up on your challenge. For both of us it will be a moment of truth. Once in that,” he pointed to the harness, “I’m in your hands, powerless, to do with as you wish.” He took off her wig and then released her arms.

“I’m breaking all the rules, you could leave me, return to your previous life, have me arrested, ruin me and make a big name for yourself; but I have to, want to go through with this. Love can make people do strange things.” She realised he was babbling because he was nervous and she acknowledged that for him this was a big move. But she was not going to tell him that this is what she wanted anyway, to put him in the creature and challenge him, no, she thought rather maliciously, I think I’ll make him squirm a little. But the bit about love was a little surprise, she knew he had a thing for her, but that comment she put down to his nerves.

As he was making his speech he was already strapping himself into the thigh boots. She stood watching in silence – he had not given her permission to speak yet, as he finally laced them tight up his legs.

“Now I need your help.” He produced a thick male corset and she helped him to lace it up and tighten it about him, tighter and tighter until he was almost gasping – but it didn’t prevent him from retaining his erection.

“You have my permission to talk now, Dee, what is going to happen will be more difficult if we cannot communicate.”

As he pulled on shoulder length rubber gloves with leather cuffs and D rings, then a high posture collar, again with rings attached, she asked him.

“So why are you allowing me to do this to you, you understand that I will have control of you to do whatever I wish.”

“Of course, because I trust you…with everything. God, you look wonderful like that.” She stared hard at him.

“Well, that’s some trust John, mmm well, okay, let’s see what you will do for your slave’s love.” She said wryly and stretched out his legs, then clipped the spring coils to his ankles, and thighs. Then she did the same at his waist. Then she stopped and looked at him, God, he thought, she looked superb, transparent rubber, gold cuffs and collar, high heels, tightly ringed pussy and ringed nipples and a ring through her nose, all topped off with a shiny bald dome. Outwardly she was a slave, but also assured and self confident, without any shame or embarrassment.

“Last chance John. What will I do once you are in this? You can back out now, and put me in it or….be subject to my perverse and revengeful mind!” She smiled and raised her eyebrows. He could see she was gaining confidence, which she was never short of, and she seemed quite excited at the prospect of being the dominant, despite her submissive appearance. She moved closer to him, he could smell her sweet breath, her rubber, her heat, she whispered.

“Two little snap hooks on the wrists John, and then…you’re mine. Can you handle that? I’ve been in there maybe…fifteen times. Are you getting cold feet now?” She teased. As she spoke she clipped two supporting springs to his posture collar. She whispered again, rubbing his cheek.

“Things going too fast for you? Got to decide now. Do you come out and I go in or do you raise your hands like an obedient slave for his mistress?” Her face was within inches of his, her taut body, honed by all the pony training Joan had put her through, was next to his, his hard cock actually touching her sealed pussy. She liked watching him, second guessing himself perhaps. But no…he raised his hands. She said nothing and looked him in the eye as she attached his wrists to the springs. He breathed out, now irrevocably trapped. She stood back, admiring his fine physique – corseted, rubber suit and thigh boots and hard cock. She was now business like.

“Lot’s more to do John, we’ll move to your arse next.” 

“I’ve never been…plugged before…could you….”

“Be gentle with you, John?” She chuckled. “Of course I will, as you have been with me all these times. I see you have greased it well, that’s good. Now you need to be well stretched out first so….I will winch you up and…like this, nicely stretched out, like a star.” And he was lifted, a strange sensation, no pain or discomfort, but a stretching of muscles, particularly his thighs. 

Then he heard a chuckle and felt a rubber covered finger rimming his rear; she was now behind him and had slipped a glove on quickly, and was now pushing one finger, then two up into him. He tried to relax as the fingers were removed and replaced by the rubber and metal plug that was pressed against his opening. She pushed and then stopped and then pushed a little further. 

“Aaahh, ahh…phooo.” He gasped.

“Come on John, just relax now. I’ve had this probably fifteen times here and dozens with your buddies.” And she pushed on; once the sphincter was breached she eased it steadily into him. Within a minute he was impaled and he heard the bayonet lock being turned. She came round, her breath on his face, which she cradled in her hands. 

“Not quite so comfortable on your side, is it John?”

“I feel like I’m being split in two.” 

“Don’t worry, slowly your arse muscles will relax; I won’t say you will get used to it, but it won’t be so bad soon.” She attached the enema tube and vacuum to the end of the arse dildo, then taking the vacuum cups, attached them to his chest. They were obviously flatter than hers, but the metal shock plates were still there opposite his nipples and once sucked out an inch or so, he would be nicely zapped! Next, she picked up the groin attachment.

“I see you have gone to some considerable trouble, quite the design. I admire your imagination; I just hope your fortitude matches it!” The single base plate held two separate designs; a long metal and rubber tube with a catheter tube down the inside and a double-skinned rubber sack to envelop his balls connected to a separate pump. 

“Very ingenious John, and quite painful I should imagine, I wonder if you thought of that when designing it.” She bent down and he felt her slide his balls into the rubber sack, and push his hard cock through the rubber and metal tube. She attached the device to his corset at the front, then at the top of his thighs. 

“Now for the uncomfortable bit.” She said, and introduced the catheter into the small hole in the tube, and into John. 


“Mmm, not much fun is it? A little bit more now, there.” Next she gripped the helmet and peered inside. It was the same as hers, and she recognised the teeth marks on the hard rubber cock gag, where she had bitten down on it – in pain or pleasure she could not remember. She kissed his cheek lightly, a little hampered by the nose ring. 

“I’ve truly got you in my clutches, haven’t I? It’s a strange feeling of excitement and vulnerability…what shall I do with you…and for how long?” She kissed him on the mouth. “Mouth a little dry? Nerves, John.” Then she placed the open helmet to his face and allowed him to take the cock in his mouth, there was a slight grunt and mmmfff and then he nodded. She slipped it over his head and zipped it down the back, knowing that this exercise would push the cock deeper to the back of his mouth. She connected the nose tube to the inhalation casket, forcing him to breathe the pungent rubber that she had got so used to now. The final tube, down his throat caused him some retching and coughing but soon it was locked on and he seemed a bit more relaxed, if you could be relaxed in his position. Then she stood back and admired her prisoner, her hands on her hips. Despite the fact that she was sealed up, he could see out of his lenses moisture at her labia, shining between the eyelets and rings; clearly she was highly aroused by her new power. He just hoped she could keep it in check! 

She lowered him slightly to allow him a bit more movement, but he was still suspended, slowly getting used to his predicament. Was he regretting it? Too late for that, he thought. She circled him slowly, surveying her prey….now she was the predator! She put the video camera on and sat behind the console, examining all the dials and buttons. 

“Oh dear, John, I really don’t know what they are all for…I’m afraid we are going to have to wing it!” She said loudly with a wicked smile and turned a dial to look for his reaction. 

And so John’s odyssey had begun, just as Dee’s had a year before. He had accepted her challenge and as she subjected him to pain and she hoped pleasure, she was surprised that it was an hour before he finally gave his open palm sign, for enough. In the intervening period she had gained confidence with the dials. She looked for his reactions to everything she subjected him to. The shocks to his cock and the pumping of the double bag around his balls got the greatest reaction as he convulsed in his bonds, but the enema and the flushing were taken stoically, as was the zapping of his nipples. Finally he surrendered, she knew this was a serious game and immediately stopped and slowly released him. Two circles at his chest were bright red as was his cock and sphincter when she removed all the devices. When she lowered him he could barely stand and she almost carried him to a chair, where he sat, saying nothing. His hair was matted and his face bright red and lips a little puffy. He swallowed hard a glass of whisky there was by the console. She helped him out of the corset and boots and then the gloves, and shortly, like her, he was in transparent rubber, his cock and balls and arse exposed. 

She sat next to him as he regained his senses and placed a hand on his thigh. His cock was flaccid and red, and he looked at it with a wry smile, then he took a deep breath.

“Well,” he croaked, “did I pass the test?” She smiled.

“I thought you did it because you wanted to? But you did it for me, but I think it’s important to know what I go through each time.”

“Oh, you go through a lot more than me, I can’t believe that you stay two, three hours in there. Yet I love to put you through it, watching your reactions. But sometimes I’m sorry I am so cruel to you; if I could have, I would have even more respect for you.” 

“There you are, Mr Tough Guy getting all sentimental. But don’t John; I am your slave for another two years, for you and the others to do with as you wish. I’m not getting out of the contract and I don’t expect the others want to either. You’d better adapt the creature now and put me in it, before you start crying!” But he put his hand on her thigh.

“No, no, not tonight, this is different now. I will go in it again; maybe I can challenge it like you do. I want us to share this together…push each other…I want to try and be your match – although I don’t think I ever will. Tonight I want to rest…to sleep. And Dee, I would like to know if you want to come upstairs with me?” She stared at him for fully ten seconds.

“That is a strange request for a master to his slave. Look, I am your slave, now and for the next two years, do you understand? A master does not request, he orders! I am not breaking a contract John don’t go all soppy on me.” Then he looked at her again.

“I understand the circumstances Dee. Believe me I have some serious plans for you still. But well I feel I must……very well, slave…I order you upstairs and to do exactly as I command.” She was almost tempted to defy him; this changed their relationship, which was on an even keel up to now. But he was attractive and she was very interested in this cruel and tender man. More to the point, she hadn’t had “normal” sex with a man in a long time – if that was what he wanted. Would she enjoy it? Did she really want “normal” sex? So she stood up and she saw a smile on his face. Kneeling down he removed the rings from her labia, she opened slightly and juices appeared at her entrance. He then removed her nose ring and she winced slightly. They were now almost identical, transparent suits with cut-outs at groin, arse and chest, the differences being her bald head, eyelets, rings in nipples and her slave collar and cuffs. 

Her took her cuffed wrist and led her through his house and upstairs. Where this would go, neither had any idea. 

Their lovemaking, if it could be termed that at this stage, was at first tentative and clumsy, both coming to realise that their “relationship” would change irrevocably. In the latex sheets of his bed, however soon the matching latex bodies moved into a quiet unison. To her, he didn’t seem an experienced lover; clearly his kinky side was that which ruled. But he seemed intent on pleasing her, discovering her. It was she that encouraged him to use all her orifices, for she was the one taking the initiative. All in all, she thought it was a very good night. She slept like a log and next morning both said little of the encounter, but both knowing that they had changed. She had not escaped and run off to the police and he had entrusted her while in the harness and being played like a puppet. Joan arrived the next day with horsebox and tackle and he whispered to her as Joan prepared to take her away.

“As I said last night, I understand our relationship; you are still my slave and I will treat you as such, don’t worry Dee, I still have painful plans for you. But that doesn’t take away the fact of last night, and we will have more of them too, as your master, I demand it.” And Dee smiled to herself as she was uncomplainingly dressed in her riding gear, boots, rear plug, bit, bells and bridle and driven away. 

With Joan her training had developed enormously; through her she remained extremely fit and strong. When pulling her buggy, Joan pushed her to new heights, and Dee could pull her for several miles on Joan’s wooded estate. This physical exertion was like a release to Dee. The wind, the fresh air, even the rain, and being held under strict tutelage by Joan, she revelled in it. Even in the winter, with a slight frosting on the ground and chill in the air she would lead Joan around, her only concession to the weather being a cape clipped to her posture collar and down to her waist, but still leaving her rubber buttocks exposed for whipping. 

On occasion the five girls would all be in harness, and what a sight that was to see. The owners would have races through her estate, blinkered, bitted, saliva dripping down their fronts, bells ringing, as they were whipped to a faster pace. After the first race it was clear that Dee was far fitter and stronger than the others; she was natural pony, quick and obedient to the reins. The others, while admiring Dee, and wanting her for their buggy, thought this unfair and demanded handicapping. Joan complained but was so proud of Dee that she conceded and agreed to extra weights being piled on the rear of her buggy. The second race she still won, so by the fourth race she was taking extra weight and a delayed starting time. Dee was furious and once the blinkers were closed was determined to show them all. Half an hour later, sweat pouring from her face and her bald head down her chest, bells jingling as her breasts heaved, arms shaking in their tight bondage and tail swishing between her arse cheeks…she had won. 

In the summer and during the miserable English winter the owners would take breaks abroad. Sometimes they would go alone or more often together. It took organising but the girls were soon packed into trunks, or crates; rubberised, cathetered and gagged, immobilised for several hours they were transported across Europe, to be unpacked and abused at the other end. Using Kurt’s business they were transported without any trouble, for the owners at least. But it was no real fun being rubberised and packed inside a crate for hours. Despite her star status Dee did not get any preferential treatment, and she noted that John was not any more lenient to her after their “liaison”. This actually pleased her, for she wanted to be treated like the rest, and when they did meet and could talk they all treated her like one of them. 

Despite the discipline and punishments she endured, she looked forward to her foreign trips. Tom had a place in the south of France and all the girls would have time off and play by the pool. It must have been a strange sight though; five bald, beautiful girls, naked or clad in latex swimsuits, one piece or bikini, collared and cuffed, nipple and nose ringed, frolicking in the pool or sunbathing to a deep bronze. And they did look quite magnificent, their bald heads now bronzed like the rest of their fit, trim bodies. 

The owners couldn’t resist the odd bit of discipline around the pool however and when the girls had got too hot and sweaty they were chained together at the bottom of the pool, each with only an eyeless inflatable helmet on and a single tube to a floating air canister above them. Above them the owners watched, or on occasion dived in and watched them play with each other under water. Some of this play was quite boisterous as each girl fought for supremacy and it was often Dee who would soon get another poor girl in her clutches and fondle her mercilessly. The owners allowed them this concession, but come the cool evening they were then put through their paces. But they were well taken care of, the food was good and they were allowed alcohol, but they paid for it in the ways only these owners could think up!

It was during these trips that Dee noticed Kurt and Joan drift into a tighter unison, and then, perhaps more strangely, Tom and Anna. She would see the couples together more often and they took to disciplining Dee together. 

Her dominant/submissive relationship with John continued; when with the group she was severely disciplined by him, as if he had to prove to them how hard he could be, but when at his house she would often have him in the harness. They also spent more occasions in bed between his latex sheets, but the feeling was odd, as both seemed to recognise that they got more out of their relationship when either one was the dominant. His dominant side stayed brilliantly inventive and cruel and even their vanilla sex developed into a more dominant/submissive struggle, which she enjoyed. That vanilla side, while great fun was only a part of their bond, and evidently not the strongest part, for either of them.

By the third year Dee spent little time thinking about the outside world. She was still exposed to it through dinners and concerts with Kurt, now accompanied by Joan; and the TV of course. Again she noticed Tom and Anna drawn closer together, but it did not deter them from punishing her and the other girls as efficiently as ever. 

Soon it was time for Michelle to leave, her contract was up and after much thought she decided to move on. There was a tearful goodbye in the presence of all the girls, she was then taken downstairs for the removal of her collar and cuffs, eyelets and rings, and the others didn’t see her again. Quickly the other three followed, Lara, Jo and Marj in the same manner. Each did not regret the experience yet Dee sensed that even the owners found it hard to keep five slaves under control. They honoured their contracts, or Dee at least assumed they did, and then she reflected that she only had another nine months to go herself. 

With the others gone Dee’s days were even fuller and she had little time to herself. There were more group sessions; Dee often hung in John’s creature, writhing and struggling, gagged and plugged in front of the five of them, with now Tom and Anna openly holding hands, each getting off on her jerking in her bonds. When with Anna, in one of her baby outfits, now each took it in turn to feed her and discipline her. With Joan one afternoon, all five of them sat in the adapted buggy and Dee, at first with difficulty, pulled them along, groaning, thighs straining, saliva dripping from her bit, to a country picnic. She later stood, exhausted, head against a tree, resting as her owners had a pleasant meal, and John, always John, would remove her bit and feed her tiny morsels. 

As the final days of her contract approached it was clear that her owners, as well as Dee, were getting nervous. John became quieter, almost surly, and for the first time in a while when in the creature she was soundly and painfully paddled. She writhed and silently screamed but John carried on, as the vacuum pumps and electroshocks pummelled her. 

With Anna it was sometimes Tom who slept in the latex pouch between her legs, and Dee lay uncomfortably in the cot next to them; one time Anna in a fit of pique did not allow her to pee, and Dee had to lie in it, in her suit during the night. 

Finally the last night came and Tom, Joan, Anna and Kurt were all present at Tom’s. The atmosphere was very sombre and strained. They were in their familiar latex clothes; Tom in a deep green catsuit, Anna in her canary yellow catsuit, Joan in her familiar riding gear of white jodhpurs and blouse and red jacket and Kurt, more relaxed in white shirt and slacks. Kurt and Joan were now very much an item, sharing each others interests and of course Dee’s talents. Tom and Anna had also clearly bonded and even Anna had shown a slightly submissive side as Tom forced her (half complaining only) into the suit of armour. But John and Dee were not there!

All had agreed that Dee would spend her last day at John’s. She had been brought there in the late morning after spending the night between Tom and Anna. Her head had been locked in the latex pouch between Anna’s legs and Dee was forced to struggle for air while they had fun playing and groping each other. 

In the early afternoon John placed her in the creature, he said nothing to her as he hooked her up to all the attachments. As she was raised from the floor and John settled at the console Dee knew she was in for a torrid last session. And she was right! John did not relent and, like their very first time, it became a battle of wills as John pushed her to the limits. For two hours he coolly sat watching her as she writhed and jerked in her harness, her body wracked by waves of pleasure and then sharp zaps of pain, but she would not yield despite him paddling her very hard on her buttocks. Finally in late afternoon he released her. She was unsteady on her feet as she stripped herself of boots, corset and gloves until all that remained was her familiar transparent suit with the cut-outs. Then he took her hand and led her upstairs.

Although she was tired and all her orifices were aching she became energised being with him again in his bed. Dressed in a black and white patterned full body suit, he was not tender with her, and nothing was said as they grappled within the latex sheets. After she pleasured him (and herself) with her mouth, he lay back and she straddled him. Further permutations followed until both fell asleep. She woke to find him washed and dressed in a white latex sweatshirt and the familiar black latex tights. Clearly they were late. Quickly he pulled her up, cuffed her arms high behind her back, pulling hard until they now reached her collar. She winced and was glad of her flexibility but said nothing, and then she obediently opened her mouth as he then pushed a large red rubber ball gag into it. 

She would play this out to the end, she thought, she was still their slave. But, again she was still fascinated by this handsome man who was so tender and then so cruel, and she did not know which part of him she liked the better. He quickly slipped a ring through her septum eyelet and attached two gold chains to it and these to her nipple rings. He squatted and using a series of rings he then sealed her up! Jeez, she thought, he really intends to finish this with a bang. The chains were a constant irritant as he got her to sit and then placed her feet in a pair of six inch ankle high ballet boots. After three years she had now got used to wearing these, and before he led her out of the bedroom she had a final look at herself in the mirror. 

The bald figure stared back at the tight, fit body held in the transparent suit. She teetered on her high heels, her mouth gripped around the large ball gag, her hands almost touching her collar behind her back. Her nose and nipples were connected to gold chains and finally there were the vertical and horizontal gold rings sealing her pussy closed. She was the ultimate vision of the sex slave kept under complete control……and yet she really liked the way she looked….and felt!

He carefully led her downstairs and out to the car. From the trunk he took out a full cover burka. She had worn it before; it covered her from the top of her head to her toes and allowed her only limited vision through the cloth mesh opposite her eyes. As she sat in the passenger seat, she reflected that no one, absolutely no one would detect her complete bondage under this disguise. They drove in silence, she feeling the burka rub against her chained nipples and nose. 

Soon they were in the country and at Tom’s house. He helped her up and then into the main hall, where the others were waiting. As if unveiling a prize statue, John lifted the burka and there was an appreciative murmur as the others saw Dee in all her glory. John said.

“I thought we might like one last look before releasing her, she really is quite spectacular.” The others nodded and John firstly released her hands from behind her back, then took out the large red ball from her mouth and finally the gold chain connecting her nose and nipples. He left the rings in her septum and labia and she made no move herself to remove them. There was a steely quiet in the room as they handed her a glass of champagne. She sat down, unperturbed about her nakedness under the transparent suit in front of them. They all looked at each other and then at her, yet no one seemed to want to say anything. Dee gulped down the wine and handed the glass to John to fill. Finally it was Dee who spoke. 

“Well, did someone die? For God’s sake someone say something!” The others smiled, Joan raised her glass to Dee.

“It’s been quite a three years Dee. Firstly I have to thank you for bringing Kurt and me together.” Kurt nodded. “I keep thinking there should be an Olympic event for trussed and bitted pony girls, you would have a gold medal round your neck by now. Your stamina…your form is amazing.” And Dee thought that although she had been blindfolded, plugged and whipped, as she had run her heart out, it was during these moments when she had felt so free! Kurt raised his glass.

“To the perfect dinner companion.” 

“And the perfect mannequin, silent and stunning.” Said Tom. 

“Oh, and the perfect baby, to be fed and fondled.” Anna chimed in. Dee reddened and then having prepared this speech for over a week, said.

“Am I allowed to speak now? Good. You all better sit down. I came to you over three years ago, a tough, no nonsense policewoman on the way up. I had a mission, and I was successful, I found the missing women. But something changed along the way. I found me, the inner me. The real me…whatever…and I became your toy.” She surveyed them all. “I am cuffed, collared, pierced, ringed and rubberised; I am your possession, your chattel, and have been for three years.” 

She waited for a few seconds. “And I have revelled in it. It’s an odd sensation, admitting to love being a sex slave, a pony, a rubber mannequin, a puppet to be played with. I’ve grown to love the restriction, the subjugation. So here I am being set free, a free rich woman….and I’m not sure I want to be completely free. You said I could…sign on for another three years……well, I’m prepared to do that, if that is possible. But I have a problem…and that is John.”

“Me? What do you mean a problem?” John looked shocked, but the others perhaps not so shocked. Dee lowered her bald head.

“Well, let me explain, much as I love being disciplined by you all, I realise that you are coming together as couples and you have your lives to live. If there is anyone I really want as my master it is John. I don’t suppose I realised it until recently but I have been in love with you, and your creepy, devious mind for a while now. I don’t know how I can explain it…..but I want to be played like a violin, by a vicious crazy pervert like you, and then taken like a child and held tenderly in bed….and then getting my revenge on you later!” She smiled at the memories. “I can almost come now, just thinking of your delicious tortures.” She looked down at her ringed labia, tightly closed. John moved and sat down next to her. 

“I wonder if you are in some way telepathic Dee. We have discussed you amongst ourselves; obviously. We don’t want you to continue as our slave Dee. We want you to be with us as an equal. Now we have the ironic situation of the slave wanting to continue being the slave, while the masters want her as an equal!” Dee thought on this for a minute, and then looked at each of them.

“Well, how about this for a….compromise. If John will have me, I have very few…requests. I do want some freedom, yes, to go out looking normal, well fairly normal. But I have been your slave for three years….and I want to continue to be so; to be shared amongst you as and when you wish; to continue to be Joan’s prize pony and Anna’s baby and Tom’s mannequin and all the rest of your perverted desires. The only change is I have some freedom. If you desire me to travel around in an inflated rubber-lined steam trunk then I must do so. You get what you want, a slave to play with and discipline; and I get what I want, if he will have me. I am happy to be with John, on a more permanent basis, if that makes any sense. It seems to me there is an opportunity here for some serious, perverted fun.” 

The others nodded, it seemed to be almost the best of both worlds for all of them.

“I want to keep all my rings, I am marked as John’s property, I enjoy the feel of my nipples and being closed up down there; and not being able to satisfy myself is almost….exciting. I feel it building up inside me. But I would like the collar, anklets and cuffs taken off, to be altered so that I can wear them on special occasions, and I will leave those decisions up to John.” 

John looked about the happiest man in the world and the others were pretty delighted at the outcome too. Tom spoke. 

“Well, what are we sitting around waiting for? First things first, Dee, this is a copy of your bank account and you will see the million has grown quite nicely with interest. The contract has been paid out, both sides with interest I believe. Now why don’t we remove those gold cuffs and collar?”

They returned to the cellar and Dee cheerily laid herself out on the table. She looked a little alarmed when Joan bound her arms and legs spreadeagled as before.

“Don’t worry Dee, we don’t want you cut when we remove the jewellery, so you have to be perfectly still…likewise the head, my dear…open up.” She did so and Anna slipped the transparent gag strap across her mouth and pulled it tightly into the headrest. She was once again immobile, a silent slave inviting them to do as they wished. She stared at the ceiling as Tom began cutting at the cuffs and then the collar. When he had finished, John said.

“Are you sure you don’t want us to remove the eyelets? Blink once for keeping them and twice for us removing them, okay?” As John leaned over, she calmly blinked once….she wanted to bear his mark, to be his property, but soon, if they were to be partners – dominant/submissive – whatever transpired, she would broach the issue of him being ringed around his cock and balls….yes, she liked that idea! They released her from her bonds and she stood up, still in her transparent suit. John approached and removed her nose ring and then the rings sealing her vulva. 

“I almost feel naked without my trappings; I was rather hoping while stretched out there, that you were all going to have your way with me!” They laughed and as they returned upstairs, Anna asked.

“What about your hair, Dee, will you want to let it grow now?”

“Maybe I should leave that to my master,” she looked at John, “I rather like it bald, it is so much more sensuous, and so much easier for masks and helmets.” 

“You can grow it if you wish,” John said, “you have to start making your own decisions again, Dee, at least some of them.”

“It’s strange not having everything…decided for you, having a choice. I have to admit I kind of liked having my whole life organised for me.” 

“Don’t worry Dee; I have plans that I….we, in general, will still have control over much of your behaviour, your movements, and your pleasure….”

“Good, and if I am bad girl, then you will have to punish me very harshly.” And they all nodded.

“We all owe you a lot, Dee.” John said. “You’ve brought my four friends here together. We look at you now - eyeleted, ringed and shaven bald, we have to be sure; are you sure about your future with me, with us?” She did not hesitate.

“Oh yes, my life as it was is now over, was actually over a while ago. I’m not ashamed of this,” she touched her shiny head, “or these,” as she fingered her labial eyelets, “they’re a right of passage. I wear them with pride.” She picked up her long rubber cape and draped it over her shoulders, shivering at its touch covering her from neck to the tops of her ballet boots. 

“I’m very happy to be part of your…family, I hope to learn more from you all…maybe even teach you a thing or two. I can’t be happier than I am now. I thank you all for the pain and pleasure, humiliation and pride you have, and will continue to give me. Tomorrow you can begin any plans you may have for me and my future, but tonight I would like to go to John’s and request him to do with me as he wishes. I trust him and I hope he trusts me.” Here she gave him a confident smile. 

“So goodnight to you all….and I hope to see you again very shortly.”

She walked to the door, confident in her ballet boots, her cape swishing around her, her bald head held high. John held up a wig for her; she smiled, shook her head and with John following her, left.


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