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Impulsive Purchase

by richardthrown

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It was an impulse purchase to say the least. Kelly had also been drunk as hell. Yet she had managed to go online and purchase the kinky costume. The price on the package’s invoice read $160.50 and there were no returns. She was a little depressed about the loss of her money, but at least shipping had been free. 

The label on the box had a picture that showed a very well proportioned woman in a skintight black rubber suit covering every single inch of her body except her mouth. It showed off every curve on the woman's body, but that wasn't what made it kinky. The suit had crimson red nipples and a very realistic looking red vagina at the crotch. If that wasn't kinky enough, the one opening, the mouth, was surrounded by a set of very large juicy red lips that left an inch between the suit and wearer’s lips. It was somewhat comical and very kinky to her. There were no eyes on the suit, but there were supposed to be hundreds of tiny holes where the eyes were so the wearer could see well enough to party.

Kelly was about to toss the package when she realized the box was pretty heavy for something that was supposed to contain a very thin skin tight bodysuit. Curiosity got the better of her and she opened the package she had regretfully ordered. The inside of the box was lined with small bags of air and in the center was a clear bag with the suit. It was a lot bigger than she expected. The box was almost a cubic foot and the suit was firmly held in place.

Kelly pulled the bag out and could feel a softness that reminded her of her own breasts. Her own were barely B cups but she could still grab a small handful of breast. She could also feel a pair of heels in the bag. She wondered what was going on with the suit. She quickly opened the bag up and pulled out the kinky costume. 

When she pulled it out of its bag, she laid it down on her bed and examined it. The suit actually had built in 6 inch heels that looked to be her size. She also noticed the suit had rubber padding at the bust, hips and rear. While examining the rear, she also found out there was a little red asshole exactly where the wearer's would be. She hadn't noticed in the picture, but there were inch long red fingernails on the gloves of the suit. 

The suit was several steps beyond what she imagined kinky to be. Wearing thigh high stockings during sex was what she thought was kinky. The black and red sex doll costume was easily way kinkier than thigh high stockings. Then she noticed something that was peculiar. The suit had no seams or zippers. She wondered how the hell anyone was supposed to put it on. 

She looked at the head portion of the suit and admired the enormous juicy lips that dominated the bottom half of the “face”. Her own lips were quite full and luscious as well. The suit’s lips reminded her of her own in a way. Her finger traced the lips of the suit and her own. While touching them, she discovered they were very similar to real lips except they were made of soft rubber and much larger. She had a hunch about how to put on the suit, so she grabbed ahold of the lips and pulled them apart. There was barely any resistance. She could pull the lips in any direction and the suit would stretch in the same direction as well. She found it fascinating that the only way inside was through the mouth opening. It was one hell of a way to get into a full body sex doll costume.

Kelly momentarily thought about putting it on and then pushed the thought away. She left her bedroom with the costume still on her bed. She turned on her tv and began to make her dinner for one. In no time at all she had forgotten about the kinky costume. She spent a few hours watching netflix before going back to her bedroom to change into athletic apparel for the gym. When she entered her bedroom, she had thought she had seen a shiny black woman on her bed. After blinking a couple times it had become just the kinky suit she had drunk purchased online.

She threw the rubber suit into a corner then changed into her workout outfit. She looked at the full body mirror and imagined what it would be like to not be the cute blonde she saw. She blinked once and saw in the mirror, wrapped head to toe in the rubber suit, herself. Another blink and the rubber suit was replaced with her matching black yoga pants and crop top. She shook her head at the weird vision she had just seen. She soon left her apartment to go to the gym she was a member of. It was part of her daily routine to go to the gym for at least an hour. Despite the interesting package she had received and accompanying vision, she still stuck to her schedule. 

The gym was within walking distance if she took a shortcut through the park. It was relatively safe and held a reputation for being so. On the way she ended up hearing a muffled moan come from some bushes. Being a curious person, Kelly decided to find out what it was. The park was rather large and had many hiding spots thanks to the many bushes on the winding paths. Behind a particular set of bushes she was able to hear the familiar sounds of lovemaking. It had actually been a while since she had sex, so she was a little envious. She had almost decided to leave them alone when her curiosity got the better of her. 

Kelly got closer and looked in the space behind the bushes. She received a very unexpected sight. There was a woman wearing the very same costume that was on her bed earlier. It was the second time she had imagined it. The woman was slowly moving her hips up and down on a man's crotch while licking her lips with a long tongue that reached the suit's oversized lips. The costumed woman stared directly into the eyes of Kelly before making a smile and continued motion up and down on the man. Once again Kelly blinked and the shiny costumed woman disappeared. In her place was an attractive latin beauty with well proportioned curves. She had seen the suit again and tried to brush it off. 

Kelly blushed red and continued her walk towards the gym. She had tried to put the kinky costume to the back of her mind, but now she had just seen it on a random woman in the park who was in an erotic situation. She quickly made her way inside the gym and began her regular Friday night workout. She spent the first few minutes doing stretches before moving on to machines. When she was done on the muscle specific machines she went to an open treadmill. 

Originally she wanted to do a couple runs through the park since the full length of its path was exactly one mile. It would have been two miles and she would end up tired and feeling much better about herself. She was afraid the couple were still having sex and didn't want to encounter them again. Instead she got onto the treadmill and ran for two miles. 

During the two miles on the treadmill, she had continued watching netflix on her phone. Her head was down the whole time. When she finally finished her two miles she looked up to see that the mirror directly in front of her had a glistening black figure with red lips, nails, and nipples. She walked around the treadmill towards the mirror and was excited to see that it was her in the suit. She now had the curves she had always wanted and looked sexy in shiny black rubber. 

After her vision cleared, Kelly was staring at her regular self and made up her mind. She would put that damn costume on. Her subconscious was obviously telling her as much. She quickly left the gym and jogged home. 

When Kelly arrived at her apartment, she quickly rushed in and went to the corner in her bedroom where she had thrown the kinky costume. She couldn't find it. She looked under her bed and all corners of her room. She went back to the living room and couldn't even find the box it had come in. She went back to her bed and fell on it. She hadn't bothered to turn the light back on because the window had enough illumination. If she had, she wouldn't have been surprised as much by the rubber clad woman that jumped on her. 

The rubber woman had landed on Kelly's legs and pinned her arms before pressing her mouth to Kelly's. Kelly resisted at first but then began to kiss back with fervor. She wondered if she had fallen asleep and was dreaming of the suit coming to life. 

Kelly continued to make out with the rubber woman for several minutes. Eventually the rubber woman began kissing her neck in a familiar way. She was sure she recognized her. The rubber woman then began to pull off her athletic leggings and panties. Kelly watched as the rubber woman pressed her panties into her face and inhaled. Kelly was sure who it was at that point and let her do what she wanted. 

The rubber woman dropped the soiled panties and dove into Kelly's sweaty and wet pussy. Kelly moaned while her rubber clad acquaintance serviced her in the way she loved. “Becca make me come please! Becca! Becca! Becca! Please, I need it!” Kelly was starting to push her pussy harder towards her friend with benefits, Rebecca. She felt that her friend's tongue was quite a bit more enthusiastic than normal and welcomed it inside her. Her tongue darted in and out of her pussy in short bursts then rose up to give her clit some much needed attention. Kelly loved the way Becca’s tongue expertly played with her clit and the countless times she would stop before she reached her orgasm. She loved the build up and attention she was receiving. 

After what seemed like forever to Kelly, Becca let her have an orgasm, Rebecca didn’t pull away from Kelly's clit and focused fully on it. Kelly’s hips soon shook and her thighs gripped Becca’s head with all her being. Her hands balled up into fists while her toes curled to one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced. Her juices flowed all over Becca’s rubber face and lips. Becca spent some time licking Kelly’s pussy clean while she basked in the afterglow of her first orgasm of the night. 

Despite Kelly’s first orgasm, Becca returned to eating her out like a demon possessed. “More. I need to taste you more babe.” Becca sounded incredibly aroused and she had been the one giving Kelly pleasure. Kelly wanted to return the favor, but Becca was way too into it. She had never shown such intense enthusiasm to continue eating her out before. 

“Please Becca, that’s enough pussy eating for now.” Kelly whispered and Becca quickly obeyed but lunged towards Kelly’s face. Kelly was not expecting the wet set of lips to begin making out with her. She accepted Becca’s advances and didn't mind tasting her own sweat and fluids thanks to being caught up in the moment. Rebecca's rubber hand soon wandered down to Kelly’s pussy and fingered her. Kelly wanted to tell her to stop but Becca’s other free hand was massaging her back, neck, and head while her mouth received the sensual kisses she enjoyed from Becca. Her fingers were deep in Kelly’s pussy and seemed to avoid her clit altogether. She already knew where her g-spot was and attacked it relentlessly. Kelly wanted to scream in ecstasy, but Rebecca did her best to prevent that by keeping her mouth locked over Kelly's. 

Eventually Kelly spasmed for several minutes in Rebecca's embrace. Rebecca loved that part of their lovemaking and just watching her friend spasm was almost enough for her to orgasm herself. Her hand left Kelly’s pussy and it began to rub Kelly's juices into her rubber encased pussy. She was surprised at the elasticity of the rubber suit as she was able to finger herself very deeply without too much resistance. She enjoyed watching her friend bask in the afterglow of her orgasm some more and made sure to finger herself as much as possible before the amazing sight before her ended. 

Rebecca continued to finger herself and stare at her tired friend. Then she started to feel a tightness around her neck. The tightness had always been there from the moment she put the suit on. The closer she got to an orgasm, the tighter the suit got around her neck. She remembered how an ex boyfriend had an asphyxiation fetish and she had liked it a little. The way he acted around other girls was an instant kill joy for her and prevented her from exploring further. 

There was more to the tightness around her neck though. She could feel that same tightness all across her body and loved it. The whole process of getting into the suit was intense and she could tell it was more like the suit was wearing her. She knew it was beautiful and just needed someone to fill it and give it life. 

She admired her body while Kelly recovered. Her fingers were somehow perfectly encased in the tight rubber gloves of the suit. She especially loved the slightly hard rubber nails that were attached to them. Her feet were similarly encased and she admired her toes for a while before getting another friendly reminder of the suit’s tightness in the crotch. It was the kinkiest feature and she loved the red rubber pussy of the suit digging itself deeper into her own. At first she thought the internal sheath was going to be uncomfortable but the situation was quite the opposite. Her red rubber nipples were no different. The little cups her nipples rested inside of would lightly pinch them as the suit got tighter and she loved it. 

Every second she stayed in the suit, it got tighter and Some part of her body would get rubbed or teased by the movement. “Tighter. Please get tighter,” she whispered under her breath as the second skin made of rubber squeezed her even tighter. 

Even before Kelly came back she had a hell of a time fighting the urge to masturbate too much in the suit. It seemed to enhance or affect all of her erogenous zones in some positive way. Just walking around to hide had made her breasts and pussy tingle as the suit stretched and adjusted around her body.

“Becca. Becca can you hear me?” Kelly was groggy as she was finally able to focus enough to see what her friend was doing. Of course Becca was in her own little world. Kelly admired her for a bit. Her best friend and kinky fuck buddy was less than a few feet away from her dressed head to toe in a latex fuck suit that she had accidentally purchased. She seemed to be having more fun than usual. She loved the way she looked in her suit. The lips were especially tantalizing. She loved how big and juicy they looked with Becca’s smaller cute lips inside them. The lack of large eye holes made it hard to know what she was looking at. She believed that she probably had her eyes shut and was probably very close to orgasming.

She was right. Becca was finally close to orgasming and her rubber fingers were giving her rubber sheathed pussy the same treatment they had given Kelly earlier. Becca soon spasmed and bucked her hips as she enjoyed the orgasm she had been craving for a long while. Kelly loved seeing Becca writhe in pleasure and she looked amazing in her suit. That was right. It was her suit.

“Becca!” She put more force into her voice than usual and it seemed to wake up Becca from her sex trance.

“Yes honey.” She responded when she finally paid attention to her friend.

“I need you to take that off and give it to me right now.” Kelly had a wild look in her eyes that she only got when she was super horny. 

“No prob Kelly. It’s your suit and I put it on without asking.” She paused to catch her breath. “I shouldn’t have put it on without your permission.” She knew she was in the wrong and the wonderful tightness the suit had provided was not for her. Kelly was its owner and deep inside she wished Kelly was her owner as well.

“Don’t worry about it. Just take it off girl.” Kelly wanted her out of it.

Becca started removing her wonderful latex skin by grabbing onto the huge lip above her own and pulled it back over her head to reveal a gorgeous emerald eyed redhead with short matted down hair. Kelly could see her friend had sweated a lot while she was wearing the suit and it made her look more attractive. She continued watching as her friend opened the maw of the suit wide enough for her shoulders to appear and then pulled it down revealing more of Rebecca's sweat covered pale freckled flesh.

Kelly's breath grew frantic as her friend peeled the rubber fuck suit off her skin until she reached her vagina. Kelly watched as Rebecca pulled the rubber pussy away from her own. Kelly's eyes went wide as she saw a red rubber lining slide out of her friend’s vagina. She was in shock. The suit really was meant to turn the wearer into a sex doll. She then noticed another liner coming out of her friend's other hole and it aroused her further. She had never really tried anal but the suit made it look appealing. “Don’t worry I'll clean the suit inside and out once I take it off.” Rebecca reassured her friend. 

A dirty thought ran through Kelly's mind. “I'll clean it later so don't worry about it. Besides, there's a specific way it needs to be cleaned.” She quickly came up with an excuse. 

“Sounds good. Mind If I take a shower? That suit was hot as hell in more ways than one.” She winked at Kelly. “Also I’m really sorry for coming over without texting you first. I had a really long day at work and the A/C broke down at my place. I know you gave me a key to your apartment for an emergency but I just wanted to relax and have some fun with my Bisexual Bestie.” She had removed the suit completely and left it in a heap on the floor. 

“No problem Becca. Just give me a heads up when you wanna wear my stuff. Especially anything as personal as this.” Kelly had picked up the suit. 

“Yeah sorry. I just never expected to see something so kinky at your place. When I saw those lips, I was reminded of yours and I wanted to have them close to me. I was gonna shower before I put it on but something overcame me. I really wanted to, no, I needed to be inside of it.” Rebecca had an aroused look on her face but it quickly faded. “Anyways gotta shower.” She gave Kelly a quick peck on the cheek and walked to the bathroom that was connected to Kelly's room. 

Kelly had stared at her friend's ass and noticed it was a little fuller. Even her breasts seemed bigger. She knew her best friend was the same size as her in almost every way except for her waist. Kelly's was always a little narrower and she was proud of it. She pushed the thought aside and focused on the still warm sex doll suit that was lined with her friend's juices. The idea of wearing the suit without giving it a thorough washing was kinky as hell to her. The lengthy sheaths that were inside her friend's body came to mind. She wanted those inside of herself as well. She wanted to be closer to her friend and the suit so badly. Her heartbeat had already been beating uncontrollably since she had realized it was her friend who had filled out the suit. She had wanted to be the one to fill the suit. It was hers and no one else's. 

It didn’t take long for Kelly to stretch open the suit's lips and stick her leg into it. It didn't need additional lubricant because of Rebecca's sweat and whatever she had used as lubricant when she put it on. Her foot slid down the leg of the rubber suit and it met a gradual change of soft to hard rubber encasing her feet. It held her leg firmly and she had a hunch they would actually be comfortable to walk in. She repeated the process with the other foot and admired how sexy her feet looked in the shiny black material. 

Kelly heard the shower turn on and smiled knowing she had a good ten minutes to put the suit on fully. She pulled the suit higher and higher until it was at her upper thigh. There was a mass of rubber at her thighs and she could barely figure out what to pull up. Thankfully the arms of the suit were easy to grab onto and pull up. She did so and the rubber suit along with its rubber breasts were pulled up to her waist. She could also see the red lips and it made her appear to be getting eaten by the suit. It was a kinky thought that was very appealing. 

The suit's extra padding had wrapped around her rear and hips perfectly. Kelly was in love with how curvy she now was, but her lower body was not yet complete. She reached into her nightstand and pulled out a small six inch pink vibrator and shoved it into the red pussy of the suit. She bucked forward as the suit was shoved inside of herself. She also noticed something had latched onto her clitoris. It was the suit's vagina. It somehow had a clitoris too and it had sucked Kelly's into its own. She couldn't believe how amazing the suit was. She touched her shiny new clit and shuddered at how well the sensation transferred through latex. She wanted to spend a long time just playing with her clit, but she knew she had to put the suit fully on. The vibrator in her pussy was completely inside her and it took some excessive arousing effort to coax it out of her tight rubber pussy. 

When the vibrator was finally out of her she placed it near her new rubber asshole. She visualized her friend pulling out the lengthy sheath from her own asshole and it aroused her. Soon that same sheath would be inside her. She pulled out the red lining and then slowly began to ease it, along with the red sheath, inside of herself. It was a new experience for herself and she found herself liking the fullness in her rear. It seemed to add a little more pressure to her pussy and she liked that. It was almost like a light caress on her sensitive insides. She continued to shove the vibrator inside herself until it disappeared. It was fully inside her, but she could still see the lining. She shoved her finger into her new red asshole and then pushed the vibrator deeper into herself until her new crimson rosebud looked almost normal. When she removed her finger, she accidentally flicked a switch and the vibrator activated. 

The feelings inside her escalated quickly and she had an orgasm. She spent two minutes laying on the bed squirming in pleasure before she remembered what she was doing. The vibrator was still on, but she wanted to put the rest of the kinky bodysuit on. She left the vibrator inside because the constant stimulation was intoxicating. 

She had to struggle with the arms of the suit because there was little room to work with. Luckily her small breast left her some extra room to work with. Unluckily the suit's fake breasts and tiny red cups on the inside that tried to suck in her nipples like the suit had done to her clit. When she finally got her right arm into the suit's own, her right nipple was sucked in place. It was one of her most sensitive areas and it now had a constant feeling of being slightly pinched and pulled. She experimentally touched her new red nipple. It transferred pressure to her nipple underneath the fake breasts and caused her to moan. It wasn't as direct as her clit, but it still felt good to her.

She repeated with her other arm and soon she was rubbing both nipples. 

She was almost completely inside the rubber fuck suit when she heard Rebecca turn off the shower. She stopped playing with new red nipples and continued to put on the last part of the suit. The engorged red lips had settled around her neck and were actually quite comfortable. She started off by grabbing the upper lips behind her and pulled hard until it would be enough to encase her face. With her free hand she held down her hair as she slowly covered most of her face with the suit. She discovered that she could see pretty well. She got up off the bed while pulling the lower lip over her chin. When she reached the mirror she spent a few seconds adjusting the suit's lips to match the smile she was making. She quickly added another layer of red lipstick and leapt onto the bed. 

She struck a erotic pose and waited for her Bisexual Bestie to come out of the bathroom. While she waited for her friend to come out, she felt the vibrator that was in her rubber asshole increase in strength. Or perhaps she had just begun to notice it more since she was no longer focusing on putting the suit on. Subconsciously she had begun moving her hips to make the vibrator press into her more. Her smile had changed from a seductive one to a hungry for sex one. 

When Rebecca came out of the shower, she was surprised to see the sexy creature that was on Kelly's bed. The way the light reflected off its obsidian skin was divine. She recognized the lips that were the only real flesh visible on the latex creature and she dropped her robe and pounced on her. 

Kelly was feeling intense pleasure at all of her erogenous zones. Rebecca's hands were using all the tricks she had learned over the years to bring her rubber encased friend to orgasm. Kelly reacted sensually to all of Rebecca's ministrations. It felt so different for Kelly. The rubber costume was the only difference between the other times they had sex. If anything, the suit should have dulled down the sensitivity between the two of them. Kelly had snuck her own hand between Rebecca's legs and was making her wet with her rubber coated fingers. The red rubber nails were soft and long enough to play with Rebecca's g spot safely. Kelly was met with even more violent thrusts into her pussy as Rebecca had her first orgasm. Her juices flowed onto Kelly's rubber hands and her friend fell onto the bed. She shuddered every so often and Kelly found it odd that her friend was the one to orgasm first. She stared at her vaginal cum covered rubber hands. She had never been very good at fingering and yet she had just made her friend have a very satisfying looking orgasm. She began to lick Rebecca's secretions off her hands and she made eye contact with her while doing so. 

Rebecca was astounded at her friend. She had never had such an intense orgasm before. Nor had she ever seen Kelly willingly lick up her vaginal juices. She was sure it was the suit. It was bringing out her devious and kinky side. She loved it and gave her a knowing smile. 

“I want it from the source.” Kelly's voice was different. It was huskier and emitted sex appeal. Rebecca's breath quickened as Kelly spread open Rebecca's legs. At that moment she noticed something had changed in the suit. The lips had gotten closer to Kelly's. Originally the lips had left her nose slightly exposed with about half an inch of skin visible below her real lips. The distance had changed and the lips on the suit had shrunken down a bit. 

Rebecca was about to say something when Kelly pressed her mouth against her pussy. She felt her friend's tongue violently explore every nook and cranny of her pussy. Rebecca held onto Kelly's head and tried to press it hard against her pussy. She could have sworn her tongue had somehow reached all the way to her cervix and she was loving it. Then Kelly stopped exploring and focused on her g spot. She made patterns with her tongue and used a rhythm that kept her at the edge for several minutes. Then her tongue stopped playing around and focused on making her cum. Rebecca grabbed a pillow and screamed into it as another orgasm washed over her. 

Rebecca wrapped her legs around Kelly's head to keep her there. To her surprise, Kelly started to repeat the process of making her cum. Rebecca was in heaven. Her best friend was finally able to unleash her kinky side and go full throttle at her pussy. Normally they would spend most of their intimate time together kissing and her going down on Kelly. A few times she had reciprocated, but she was quite vocal about not liking it much. 

Rebecca was really starting to like the rubber material. It felt pretty nice on her skin and looked phenomenal on the body. Kelly and herself were proof of that. She had actually spent a good while posing in the suit up to her neck for selfies. She couldn't wait for Kelly to give her a chance at wearing the suit she had worn moments ago. Then it hit her. Kelly hadn't washed the suit at all. She recalled how long it had taken her to put the suit on herself, so Kelly couldn't have been able to clean the suit and lube herself before putting the suit on. Rebecca knew how she tended to release a lot of vaginal fluids while she masturbated. It meant that Kelly was covered in her cum and sweat. 

“Kelly you kinky slut! Give me a kiss!” She released Kelly from her legs grip and she felt Kelly's unusually long tongue slide out of her pussy. Rebecca received a shock when she saw Kelly's face. There were no longer two sets of lips. There was only one familiar set of lips that looked to be Kelly’s only slightly larger and two red outlines of eyes.

“Is something wrong baby?” Kelly told her in her new seductive voice as she climbed on top of her. “Is the mask a little freaky for you?”

“A bit.” She was a little frightened by Kelly's appearance. 

“Sorry baby, but I’m not taking this fuck suit off anytime soon. I feel so alive and I'm pretty sure your pussy is my tongue's biggest fan.” Her tongue slid out of her mouth and it appeared normal except for the increased length. It was about 8 or so inches long and Kelly seemed to have great control over it. Before Rebecca could respond, Kelly pressed her mouth against her mouth and kissed her lovingly. Rebecca expected a tongue violation from the new Kelly sex demoness, not the usual sensual kiss from her loving friend.

Rebecca went from only being kissed to receiving the full attention of her rubber friend. Her breasts were being massaged like she had done so for Kelly so many times before. Her pussy was also being pleasured by a mix of her friend's rubber fingers and new tongue. Eventually they ended up in the 69 position and she got a clear look at Kelly's new red latex pussy. It looked a lot different than when she had worn it. Originally it looked like a cartoonishly made pussy with an attached condom. The pussy in front of her looked to be a very accurate rubber representation of her friend's pussy. It even had her cute little clit on full display. She gave it a lick and it caused Kelly to shudder in a familiar way. She decided that whatever the kinky sex doll-suit was doing to Kelly was more like an enhancer for their sex. At least that was what she hoped as she began eating out Kelly’s red latex lined pussy. 

They spent an hour making love to each other. Both of them lost count of the number of orgasms they had. One thing was for certain, Kelly had been the one to control the situation most of the time. It was not something Rebecca was used to, but she welcomed the change in her submissive friend. In fact she actually found the role reversal much more pleasurable than she expected. 

The next morning Rebecca woke up wrapped in the arms of Kelly. She was glad that Kelly was no longer inside the suit. She could feel her friend's warm skin wrapped around her body and she loved it. It felt different though. She untangled herself from her friend and she only stirred slightly. When she got a good look at her friend, her eyes bugged out. Kelly had gone from being a slim and fit woman to a voluptuous babe. Her lips seemed to have kept some of their new size as well and her hair was now as black and shiny as the suit she had worn last night. 

Rebecca was envious of her friend and also worried about what the suit was. After she had put it on herself she had briefly attempted to find the seller on ebay with the information on the invoice. She wanted one for herself. With no luck she resolved to surprise her friend with other latex items in her apartment. She wanted to show she would love to embrace her latex fetish. She had no luck and realized it was because latex was likely her secret fetish. The rest of her latex gear must have been expertly hidden. At least that was what she thought at first. She now understood that the suit had augmented her friend and wished it could happen to her as well. She still didn’t know what the suit really was. Her friend was proof that it had to be magical or something.

She got off the bed and ended up stepping on the suit. It felt like she had stepped on a used condom filled with cum. It was almost disgusting until she remembered it was a mix of each other's cum. A smile appeared on her face as she thought of climbing into the suit and covering herself in their cum and staying in the suit all day. It was actually kind of nasty but also quite erotic as well.

Rebecca took the suit with her to the bathroom. Once inside she turned on the light and got a good look at it. The suit had changed. There was no longer a big set of lips to enter. In their place was a regular sized mouth with similar smaller lips. It even had a hollow rubber tongue and set of teeth. She also noticed that it had a rather long sheath that was gonna go down her throat. She sighed deciding it was definitely magical. 

The rest of the suit hadn't changed much except it had kept completely lost all of its asset enhancers, but the red pussy and asshole had kept its realism from when it was worn by Kelly. She also noticed there was an object in the anal sheath. She wiggled it out and discovered it was Kelly’s vibrator. She was surprised she had the little toy inside her the whole time. Then again the new kinkier side the suit had awakened within her was probably the culprit. 

With the suit having its mouth sealed, more or less, she didn't know how to get inside. She sat on the toilet and relieved herself while examining the back of the suit. There she noticed a barely visible seam that went from the back of the hood to just above the ass crack. She got excited and pulled it apart. It opened up and she was hit with the pungent aroma of her vaginal juices and Kelly's mixed together and left overnight. Instead of closing it and turning away in disgust, she got aroused and began sliding her leg into the sticky mess that was the inside of the suit. 

Her feet made a squelching noise as soon as they reached their new home. She pulled the suit higher and inserted the anal sheath with the help of the vibrator and her shared cum as lube. The vaginal sheath went in as well and she was amazed at how the red pussy enveloped her own so well. Even her clit had a rubber version over itself. 

Rebecca pulled the suit up higher and when it reached her breasts she felt a firm rubbery grip on her nipples. It didn't take long for her to realize the suit had wrapped its red rubber nipples around her own automatically. She tested them and was happy to once again be able to feel through the rubber. She pulled her arms into those of the suit and found the experience several times easier with the lube she and Kelly had made. She didn't question how their lube had traveled to every inch of the suit nor how there was so much of it. Instead she swallowed the slimy sheath that was sticking up at her from the suit's hood. She pushed it deep into her throat and somehow she lost her gag reflex. Her tongue found its sheath and so did her teeth. She pressed the rest of the hood against her face and over her head. She couldn't see like before, but she didn't mind. She wanted to be inside the suit and have it change her like it had changed Kelly. She wanted a big ass and huge breasts. The suit then began to seal itself up from the bottom. She felt the tightness and welcomed its familiar embrace.

When she was fully encased in her slimy latex prison she blindly walked into the bedroom and when she hit the bed, she carefully got onto it and crawled towards Kelly. When she got close enough she felt herself get pulled into the arms of Kelly. “Does my pet like her new skin?” Kelly's voice was different again, but instead of worrying, Rebecca felt happy for her friend discovering herself. 

“Mm hmm.” She answered her as best she could with her thoroughly filled mouth. 

“I think we're gonna have a fun life from here on out. Don't you think so?” Kelly whispered into Rebecca's ear before beginning to massage her smaller, but still sensitive, breasts. Rebecca moaned and let her new owner have her way with her. 


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