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I Will control you

by Spike Jones

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© Copyright 2001 - Spike Jones - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; bond; reluct/cons; X

I Will Control You by Spike Jones

I had just started my greatest dream. I won the lottery and was set for life. I could travel to all the places in the world I wanted to see. I could buy anything on impulse. I could look any way I wanted. I had my passport and my Concord flight to London England.

I had a couple of days free in New York city. I asked the limo driver if he knew any wild places.

He asked how wild?

I said I was ready for anything. He drove me to a night club. I told him he was to wait for me. He said he would be at my beckoning.

I spent most of the night dancing and drinking. When I walked out he was waiting and helped me into the limo. He asked if that was wild enough. I said if it was possible to get any wilder. Sam said he had another place in mind if I was game.

I said I was ready.

Sam said it was special and he would pick me up at 6:00 p.m. I would need a new outfit.

I protested.

He said to dress casual and I would understand when I got there.

I was out the door at exactly at six. He was already there.

Sam drove me to this fashion store. All the mannequins had on a shiny or polished look. I jumped out my shoes as one of the mannequins motioned for me to enter the store. They were all live mannequins. The salesman greeted me as I entered. He was a good looking in shape gent. He had on the same polished clothes.

He had on a white long sleeve close fit shirt, nice cuffed black pants. He wore a black vest over the shirt. His shoes were highly polished. Strange as this may sound his head was totally enclosed in the same shiny material. He had a slit opening for his mouth, small holes for his nose and larger cut out for his eyes.

He sensed my surprise. He told me he was dressed in rubber as were the mannequins. He noticed my hand rise and was trembling. He said I could touch it or him.

I slowly and softly ran my fingers on his chest. I actually felt faint. He reached out and took hold of me and lifted me up.

I wet my panties as he carried me to a chair. Even his hands had black rubber gloves on. Gently he lowered me into the over plush rubber upholstered chair. It felt cold at first then it warmed up to my touch. I let my hands run down from his shoulder to his chest. When my fingers hit his belt, I jumped like electricity was going through me. I could see him smile through his mask.

He pulled me up to him and asked if I would like to try on some rubber.

I could not answer him. I knew I was smiling from ear to ear.

He whispered in my ear he would have some models display some of the styles. What was I interested in?

I still could not talk. I just nodded and sat back down.

He walked out and returned with another man in a dark blue rubber dress suit. He introduced himself as the owner Vincent.

All of a sudden his eyes got stern and he snapped, "Where is her wine".

At that the salesman dropped to his knees. He begged forgiveness.

Vincent said that was one demerit. He turned around and apologized to me. He said his servant was still in training. The salesman returned got on his knees and lowered his head. Slowly he raised the glass of wine and offered it to me. I was told as punishment he would be my table for the rest of my visit.

Vincent turned and motioned to a salesgirl to come over. She rushed over and fell to her knees and lowered her head to the floor, and spread her arms out.

YES Sire Vincent.

What would I be interested in seeing.

I was still a little over whelmed. I told her I would like to see dresses and blouses.

She returned with several models all in rubber. Full dresses and skirts. A line dresses and skirts. Long and short sleeve blouses. Next was bras, panties, stocking, gloves. They even had figure enhancing corsets that was guaranteed to reduce my waist by 6 inches.

All the time my salesman kept me refreshed with wine and hors d’oeuvre. He never looked at me again. He kept his hands above his head and took the glass when I was finished drinking. When the salesgirl told him something was empty. He immediately left and returned with something different.

After the dresses the models had on slacks and jeans. All different style blouses. A model came in, in a cat suit. She was totally enclosed. Her body was enclosed in a second skin. Her breasts were not restricted though. They stood out so nicely.

Impulsively I reached out and touched them. I jumped back when I realized what I did. The salesgirl told me not to be shy. I could touch anything or place I wanted to. She then slapped the models tit and cracked her ass. Then she turned to me and encouraged me to touch the model. I reached up and felt her breasts. Then I massaged them. I could feel her nipple get very hard.

I asked what keeps them erect.

I was told the cat suit and any thing else I wanted to go braless in was reinforced to keep them outstanding.

The model had a helmet on, gloves and 5 inch heeled boots that ran up to her crotch. The crotch had a zipper to let you relieve yourself. She wore shorts to hide the zipper. The helmet had a long neck which was covered by the high neck on the cat suit. I was told I could wear a wig over the helmet or have my hair threaded out.

I wanted it immediately. The salesgirl asked me to strip. Without thinking I did. As the salesgirl was taking the measurements. I realized I was still on the sales floor. The model was writing down the measurements.

The salesgirl said that I was very close to what the models were and I had a choice. I could have custom made or select off the hangers.

I said I wanted something immediately. I wanted to wear the cat suit. I also wanted to have a skirt and blouse to wear later.

The salesgirl excused herself to get Sire Vincent. At that the model went down on her knees and lowered her head and spread her hands on the floor.

Sire Vincent entered and said he understood I was interested in immediate sales. He apologized and said the clothes may not fit as he would like. They would fit nicely.

I said I understood but I wanted to be in the cat suit immediately. I told him about my flight on the Concord to London England. I wanted something to take with me.

He slowly looked down at me. He said I have a beautiful body and he would do me proud. He reached out and held my breasts. They will look excellent in a cat suit.

He motioned to the salespeople to go get what I wanted. He then sat me down on the salesman. He lifted my leg and started to powder it so carefully. Not one bit of powder hit the floor. He did the other leg. He took my hand and lifted me up. He powdered my hips then my crotch. He said I was very wet. He asked me if I wanted something inside me.

I said with a start, "What!"

Sire Vincent said he had all kind of fun things to fill my voids.

I said I never did that and was not ready for it.

Sire Vincent said I soon will.

The salesgirl returned with several rubber male members. The were all sizes and shapes. Sire Vincent describe them as dildos and butt plugs and gags. He even had some rubber nipple rings.

I said, "people wear these?" Sire Vincent pointed to a salesgirl and told her to come over. He instructed her to show me her plugs. She unzipped her crouch. She took my hand and rubbed her pussy. Inside was something hard. She told me to push up on it. As I did she groaned. She told me to push a little harder. When I did it started to buzz. Her eyes closed. Then she took my hand and rubbed her ass hole. There was something hard in it. She again told me to push it. It also came alive and buzzed. She when asked me to zip her up. She then lifted my hand to her breasts. I started to massaged them. Her head went back. Her long hair flowed back. She asked if I felt anything.

I felt something hard on each side of her nipples. She said her nipples were pierced and the post was holding on her slave rings.

I looked at Sire Vincent. He said they all want to be his slaves. I should address them as slaves from now on.

The slave girl entered with my cat suit. Sire Vincent had my whole body powdered by now. He sat me back down on the salesman. Sire Vincent lifted my leg and slid it into the leg of the cat suit. He pointed to the slave girl to get my foot into the sock. When he got to my knee he lifted my other leg and slipped it into the other leg and the slave girl guided the other foot into the sock. Sire Vincent took both of my hands and helped me to stand.

He looked down and said " You really like the rubber."

I looked down and the slaves back was all wet.

Sire Vincent asked for a towel. He dried my thighs and pussy. He walked around and dried my ass. He rubbed powder them all over again. He said I was all wet again. He told the slave girl to get a sanitarily napkin. Sire Vincent placed it against my wet pussy and pushed it in place. He then slipped the cat suit up to my crotch. He said he would take it out when I was completely dressed. He guided my hands in to the arms and told the slave girl to get my hands into the gloves.

Sire Vincent asked if I wanted a helmet on. I said no. I wanted the high boots on. The slave girl ran out and came back with a pair. She also had a pair of nylon stocking. She had me sit down again. Sire Vincent told me it is very hard to put rubber boots over rubber. The nylons helped a lot. The slave girl slipped the stocking on then the boots. She rolled the boots to my pussy.

They then produced some small belts. Sire Vincent explained that they kept my foot from slipping around in the boot. It was a harness that fit around the heel and fastener around my ankle and foot.

Sire Vincent asked if I wanted anything else. I told him I wanted the long hobble skirt, an A line skirt and matching blouses. I picked out a fashion dress a pair of jeans and shirt.

Sire Vincent said they will get my order ready as he showed me to the mirror.

As I walked with Sire Vincent. Everyone applauded. I did not realize all these people were watching.

When we reached the mirror. The slave girl slowly opened the curtain. I collapsed at the sight of me in all tight black rubber. I was beautiful. I was the most sexy woman on earth. The tight rubber highlighted every curve. I could even see my bellybutton. The zipper hid my pussy.

Sire Vincent reached down and unzipped my crotch and pulled out the napkin. When he zipped it up the zipper went in between my wet swollen lips. Now I could see them in the mirror. I turned around and the zipper was between my cheeks. They stood out round and firm. The high heel boots shaped my legs beautifully. The tops of the boots seemed to spread my lips even more.

Sire Vincent asked where I was going to show myself off. I said I just wanted to have my limo take me back to the hotel. I wanted to look at myself.

Sire Vincent said that would be a shame. He would instruct the driver to take me to a party dance.

I paid and the salesman carried the packages to the trunk.

When I walked out Sam the limo man, just whistled. He said I looked really beautiful.

He helped me into the back seat. That is when I realized how much wine I drank. Sam drove off he said that Sire Vincent gave him instructions for a party.

I fell asleep as Sam drove.

When I woke up it was all black and quiet. I got up on my hands and knees. When I tried to lift my head higher I bumped it against something. I tried to raise my hand to the sides and they both bumped something. I reached forward and it was open. I started to crawl forward. I crawled and crawled and crawled for hours. Could not find the other side. I turned around and crawled and crawled and crawled again. I could not find where I started. I could not see a thing. I realized with the heavy rubber cat suit on I could not feel a thing. I tried yelling but I did not even hear an echo. 

When I was totally exhausted. I laid down that is when a voice boomed, "When Sire Vincent is happy I am happy." "The happier I make Sire Vincent, the happier I will be." When ever I stopped crawling and attempted to rest the voice would repeat one phase or the other. It kept repeating the phrases until I said it. When the voice said one phase I said the other. Soon I kept saying both phases as I crawled to no where.

The only change happened when I said I had to relieve myself. I was told to unzip my crotch and back up. When I did something sucked my pussy and ass hole until I finished relieving myself. Before I did anything I had to repeat both phases. When I got hungry. I had to say the phases and was told to move forward and suck. When I did there was something hard and rubbery at my mouth. When I sucked hard something came out of the rubber tube for me to swallow.

After what seemed like forever I saw a light and the voice asked if I was ready to serve.

I said yes I was. The light went out and the voice stated "When Sire Vincent is happy I am happy." "The happier I make Sire Vincent the happier I will be."

Now when I stop crawling. I would receive a hard slap on my ass. I crawled and crawled and kept repeating the two phases.

After crawling forever again the voice asked if I am ready to serve. Without thinking I stated "When Sire Vincent is happy I am happy." “The happier I make Sire Vincent the happier I will be." With that a I seen the light again in what seemed as ages. My eyes hurt.

When I crawled out I bumped into someone. Their stood Sire Vincent. He said make him happy. I immediately said, ”When Sire Vincent is happy I was happy."

Sire Vincent said good slave girl. Sire Vincent told me to open his belt and carefully take his pants down. When I started to open his belt without stating the phase. He slapped my ass and pushed me back into the door.

He said leave me there until I learned. If I did not learn soon. My trainer will take lessons again. With that I was in the dark crawling again repeating both phrases.

I could not figure this out. Why could I not find the end of this corridor. If I turned and started crawling I never touched another wall. Just the one by my left hand. When I was hungry, how did the rubber tube know where my mouth was. When I wanted to relieve myself it was always there to suck my piss and shit from me.

The voice started giving me instructions as I crawled. She told me I was to tell Sire Vincent how happy Sire Vincent made me. When he told me to do something. I would happily do what ever Sire Vincent instructed me to do. When I did not repeat one of the phases after each instruction. I would receive a crack on my ass or tits or pussy. I think they knew how much I liked to be spanked. I did not know that spanking my pussy would make me horny. I wanted one of those slave men to fill my pussy to the hilt. I wanted a dick to suck and feel his balls slapping my chin and neck. I wanted some hot cum pumped into me. Even my ass hole wanted something in it. This rubber cat suit made me feel like I was cumming every were. I felt like I was a dick in a condom. I never knew what horny was until I was encased in rubber.

All of a sudden the voice asked if I was ready to be a slave. I repeated with enthusiasm how happy I wanted to make Sire Vincent.

The light appeared again and the door opened. Outside Sire Vincent stood. I crawled out and kissed the floor and spread my arms. I lifted my head a quarter inch and told Sire Vincent how happy he made me. I told Sire Vincent how happy I wanted to make him.

Sire Vincent instructed me to pull down his pants. I told Sire Vincent that I would make him happy doing it. I slowly ran my hands up him leg to his belt. I slowly unbuckled it. Then I started to unzip his pants. Sire Vincent told my to use my teeth. I trembled with excitement when my lips touch his pants. My lips could feel his dick push through him pants. I grasped and took hold of the zipper. I pulled out and down. His dick hit me in the eye. I kissed it.

Sire Vincent slapped my face very hard. He knocked me to the floor.

“I did not give you permission to kiss my man hood.”

I slipped my nose under his man hood and continued to unzip his pants. His balls came out and I so much wanted to kiss and suck on them.

When I finished I bowed down and kissed the floor wishing it was his man hood.

Sire Vincent said If I wanted to kiss something. I was to kiss his ass. I told Sire Vincent how happy I wanted to make him. I crawled around him and tenderly kissed those firm cheeks. His sweat moisten my face. I licked it off . Sire Vincent told me to french kiss his ass hole. When he bent down I immediately kissed his hole. Then I slipped my tongue inside. I slipped my tongue all around. I was surprised how much I enjoyed doing it. When I pulled my tongue out it tasted good. Sire Vincent said I did a good job and to come around in front. I did and as I looked up at Sire Vincent. He told me to open my mouth. When my jaw dropped. He started to pee in it. Sire Vincent told me not to miss a drop. It was like drinking hot coffee very fast. It seemed to burn all the way down.

When he finished he turned around and picked up something and returned to me. He handed it to me and said stick it into my pussy. Then he picked something else up and told me to stick it into my ass hole. Then he handed me something and told me to stick it in my mouth. I did each of these with out hesitation. I felt so proud of myself. I wanted to please Sire Vincent so much. Sire Vincent then gave me something big. He told me to stick it over my head.

I opened it and slipped my head into it. It fit so tight. It squeezed my jaw tightly around the gag. Sire Vincent zipped it shut. I could not breath. As I tried the gag went deeper into my throat. When I exhaled and tried to inhale the hood sealed itself even tighter. I started to panic. I could not inhale. The hood was sealing itself to my eyes, my nose, my cheeks were squeezing against my teeth. My whole head was being squeezed. I was gagging on the gag and growing faint.

Why was Sire Vincent letting me die. Why was he suffocating me. I could not get the hood off of me. All of a sudden my arms were bound behind my back. I blacked out.

When I awoke I was shaking. I was so scared. How did I displease Sire Vincent. I felt cold air in my nose. I felt something in each nostril that let me breath.

I felt something holding my arms together from my finger to my shoulders. They were held so tightly and completely.

I was turned around and placed on my knees. My head was pushed to the ground and fastened down.

Sire Vincent voice came to me. You have a new instructor while she is being retrained. Then a mans voice came to me. He said the next time I move around Sire Vincent or do anything I will bow and show my pleasure to him. I will never look up to Sire Vincent until instructed. With that I started to be beaten. Sometimes they were multi hits. Some were single hits. Other were hard and flat.

It would please me so much if it were Sire Vincent doing the spanking.


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