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Humiliation Suit

by M88

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© Copyright 2016 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; tease; drug; strip; shave; tattoo; latex; catsuit; hoods; chast; insert; sissy; slave; femdom; hum; public; cons/reluct; X

Steph had been waiting for months maybe years for the right target. She had been working on the perfect humiliation suit for both men and women. And had finally completed her designs and build a prototype. And to top that she had found her first victim. A young and sex driven man with a small list of kink and fetishes. Someone how would want to do anything to sleep with her and would be open to new ideas. She still needed to find a girl with the same way of thinking.

She was working on the project at a small warehouse on an industrial estate just outside her home town of Luton. It was located close to the airport and was only built a couple of years ago. She worked there by herself and often at night. The warehouse was soundproof and well lit with lots of space. All the doors and windows had high end locks and linked to a top security system. She had a massive amount of fetish equipment, drugs, tattoo equipment, camera equipment, computers, editing software, 2 vans, medical table, breathing equipment and plastic bottles filled with weeks worth of her own piss. 

She was going to meet her plaything at 2pm on a nice warm summers day. They would have a couple beers at a pub a short walk away from her warehouse. She would mix some powerful sleeping drugs in with his drink. She would tell him about her kinky dreams and how she wanted him to go in deeper into the life style. Not that he would have any say in his transformation from boyfriend to slave. But it would make her feel a bit better if he wanted her to open his eyes to the fetish world.

She was wearing latex leggings, leather jacket and a metal related girl’s t-shirt as she walked over to the pub with her red high heels clicking on the floor. Her tattoos could be seen around her neck and fingers. Her legs and ass looked great in the shiny tight latex. She knew it would work to her favour and turn his head. He was wearing a white diesel t-shirt with black writing all over it and dark blue knee length shorts. He was tall and thin with black hair and brown eyes. Not that she cared about how he looked or dressed. 

They had a couple of beers and she just waited for him to go to the toilet, before pouring the liquid sleeping agent into his drink. About 10 minutes later they had finished drinking and headed to her warehouse. She had said that she wanted his opinion on some stuff and with her looking as good as she did. It was impossible for him to say no. She wanted for them to be leaving town and on their own, before bring up some of her kinky ideas to him. Then had to listen as she talked about chains and whips all the way to the warehouse.

He was getting a hard on for the most part, but was also a bit scared of what she would do to him if they ever had a full on fetish session. She was talking about straightjackets and gas masks by the time they reached the main front doors. She was going into real detail about all the items she said to him about and how she wanted him to enjoy it with her. 

She entered the codes for the front door and asked if he would be up for anything like that. He was turned on by the idea of a mistress in a latex catsuit, restraining him with whatever she wanted. And then having her way with him. He had no idea what most of the fetish stuff she talked about was. But she was amazing looking and great fun to be with. So how bad could it be.

All this was running through his head as they moved into the heart of the warehouse. She knew the drugs would have worked their way into his blood stream by now and he was only a couple of minutes away from lights out. So she took him to room 13. It was the room she had set up for his transformation with everything she would use ready and waiting for her. She wanted him to see it before he ended up wearing it. She needed to enter another code to open the door. He was just looking at her latex covered bottom half and thinking about her in a full latex suit. The lights switched on automatically as the door open and they walked in. He was taken back by what he saw. In front of him was a colour layout of the project and a step by step guide of what to do.

He looked back at her as she shut the door. His eyes returned to the blue prints as all the bits and pieces joined together. It was then the drugs hit him and they hit hard. He was on the floor with his eyes closed in under 10 seconds. The reason they took so long to start working was how long the person taking them would be out for. The drugs had been design to get the person to a safe location with help available to them. Which worked well if you wanted to get someone to walk to the place you would kidnap and torture them. It was miles easer then getting them into the back of a van in the middle of the night. 

The drugs would keep him in a deep sleep for just over two days and in that time she would work on him day and night. She removed all his clothes and put them in a black bin bag that she would get rid of later. She would now spend 14 hours getting the first layer of humiliation onto his body. She was going to tattoo his whole body with degrading and horrible images and words. ‘Piss hole' was put on his forehead with ‘Slut’ inked on his cheeks. A huge image of a red and black high heel shoe was drawn on his back. ‘Piss Slave' was written in large letters on his chest with an image of a toilet placed on his stomach. She added the word ‘cunt’ on both his upper legs and ‘slave' between his knees and ankles. This covered his legs in black ink as the words marked his skin.

The next one was ‘shit hole’ and an arrow being put on his ass. The arrow pointed to his ass hole. The word ‘Stink’ was put on the base of his back and ‘Small dick' was put just above his manhood. A whip was inked on the back of his legs. She then tattooed random dicks all over his body. Along with other classy images of bondage equipment like gas mask, bondage hood, gimp suit, ball gag and chastity cage.

With the ink dry and his body covered in humiliating tattoos it was time for a chastity cage. She had the stainless steel cage in place and locked on to his cock in a heartbeat. His cock and balls had been placed in the tight cage that covered every inch of his sex. So he could piss a small hole had been put at the top of the cage. The light shinned off the metal around his balls and the huge padlock made a lovely sounds as she tested the cage. The flawless metal would remain on his cock, until she wanted to remove it. With that done a medical anal speculum also in stainless steel was pushed up his ass and widened. It had a removable handle so it would be impossible to remove or close. She lubed it first and drove it deep into his ass. 

With that done. She had a skin tight and full body latex catsuit in a cream transparent  colour. She had made a lubed the inside of the suit and after a lot of pulling and pushing the latex. He was locked in the suit and it was completely skin tight without any air pockets. His armpits, bottom of his feet and his ass and dick all that a torture device build into it. A small rubber bag with liquid itching powder housed inside. The bags had very small hole which allow the liquid to get out. But only a couple of drops at a time. Meaning the bag would last around 4 weeks and the effects of the stuff was brain blowing. She had tested it on animals and found they went mad for around 1 hour from just one drop. None of the animals were hurt throughout the test.  

The bag would open if the latex suit had a temperature over 35 degrees. She then removed all his head hair and squeezed a very tight latex hood over him. She had shaved him and then used a razor to leave him totally bald. The hood was easy to slip on. It was transparent with holes for his nose, eyes and mouth. The neck line of the hood rolled over the collar of the latex catsuit.

She then put a transparent urinal hood over his head. The rubber was made from thick rubber and she zipped it tightly close. The hood had plastic lenses over the eyes so he could see what was happening. The hood had a rubber ring which was now forced into his mouth and he would be unable to close it. The front of the hood had a half funnel build into it and the funnel was joined to his face on both cheeks. Anything poured into the rubber funnel would end up in his mouth. She locked the urine hood closed and got out the bondage equipment.

Large rubber mittens in a sexy black were forced onto his hands and locked shut. To add to his humiliation, he was put in a see through bra, knickers and suspender belt. Plus suspenders as well. All the women clothes came in a tight red latex. Leather ballet boots got squeezed on as well and padlocked in place. This made his hands unless and the boots made walking next to impossible. Heavy duty steel cuffs then got used. Pulling his elbows together as she closed them behind his back. A short chain linked the cuffs around in ankles and knees. Adding another layer of bondage to stop him removing the ballet boots.

His wrists then had been cuffed to his upper leg or groin. So his gloved hands stayed by his side. A huge and heavy metal collar was then wrapped around his neck. A chain was used to join the collar to the cuffs around his elbows. A heavy metal belt was then put around his stomach and closed painfully tight. His wrist cuffs also got chained to the metal belt. His metal chastity cage was also locked to the belt. Another chain was used to link his cock cage with his knee cuffs and then his ankle cuffs. He could still move around but not very well. She also added a cow bell to his collar. She had a couple of new devices for him. 

The first one was a smell pod that clipped onto a d-ring on his forehead. The other was a large rubber bag for his waste. The latex suit had a zip between his legs and built into the latex just inside was another zip to which the bag would be put. Because of the bondage the bag could not hang perfectly between his legs. But she folded it under his ass and thanks to a d-ring at the bottom of the bag. She padlocked it to his ankle cuffs. She also padlocked the zip from the bag to the zip build into the latex suit together. She loved the look of the thick rubber bag was it waited for his waste.

With the waste bag in place and locked on, she moved to the smell pod. The pod was the size of a cricket ball and made with black rubber. The surface of the pod was covered in very small holes. The pod would give off a horrible stink if it was shaken around. A couple of thick leather straps got used around his shoulders and over his elbows. So his arms stayed pinned to his back.

She had been up for almost 2 days and was feeling so sleepy it was hard for her to keep her eyes open. She slid her new sissy plaything into an empty room next to the door of the treatment room. She then went home for the night. 

She woke up at about 2pm the next day with very little energy and in need of a coffee. She slowly got out of bed and had a shower. After getting herself dried and dressed. She had a strong coffee and egg on toast for breakfast. She then walked back down to the warehouse.

Again it was a warm sunny day as her high heels clicked against the footpath. She was wearing a full catsuit in a crimson red colour. A black latex corset and black latex gloves completed her look. She knew the route to the warehouse was always devolve of people and even if someone did see her she looked stunning in her latex outfit. She got to the warehouse at around 4pm and was feeling a bit sweaty in the latex as the sun had beaten down on her. But her uncomfortable walk was worth it, when she opened the door on her sissy pet.

Sadly she had missed the moment it had come too. But it was curled up in the corner of the room. She walked over to it and saw it try to protect itself from her. But with all its bondage and fetish equipment on as well as being trapped in a small room. She would begin it’s training now and got a cattle prod and bullwhip. He was shouting loudly though the funnel hood as she entered again and fighting against the steel cuffs.

She just stood there and waited for its struggles to end through physical exertion. He was acting like a madman as he pushed and pulled on his cuffs and shook his head around trying to get the hood loose. She laughed and put down the cattle prod and whip and got a mirror. She put it against the closest wall to her sissy. She then forcibly moved him inline with it. 

“Look at yourself!! You are my bitch and i will humiliate and degrade you in any way I see fit. You will wear this outfit at all times, even if we are out in public together. If you talk out of turn or do something wrong. I will punish you ruthlessly until you change your behaviour. This is your new life and I am the only person you serve and obey. You are just my sissy latex slave and toilet. I have weeks’ worth of piss for you to drink. Oh and the suit you are wearing will torture by its self if you keep struggling. I will leave you to find out how sooner or later. Right let’s start your training. Get to your feet pig”

The whip come crashing down over his latex covered ass and he jump into the air from the pain. But sadly for him he was still not standing. So she used the cattle prod and shocked his stomach and legs. He was screaming through the funnel as the shockwaves flowed along his body. This made him shake and moan. She continued shocking and whipping him until finally he was standing up in his bondage.

She was a little surprised he could stand up and was hoping to just torture him all day. She wanted to show him off and put a lead on his collar and walked around the warehouse for a bit. He could just about walk in the battle boots and was almost falling over with every step. But after hours of training they went outside and she dragged him along to the pub they meet at three days ago. The pub was packed as a football match was on. He was pulling back against the lead as she tried to get him inside. 

“If you keep struggling I will whip and shock you all night. Plus I will pour chilli sauce into your asshole and force you to eat something horrible. Go into the pub with me and sit the fuck down. I will get you a beer as a job well done. Now follow me you sissy bitch” 

He mind was racing if he walked inside the pub it would be the first step in giving in to her and becoming less of a man. But after the torture he had already gone through. He may just have to give in. Plus she was amazing looking and men would gladly switch places with him. Also he may get a lot of sex out of her this way. He was miles off with his thinking. He had only had a quick look in the mirror and had missed all the tattoos, bondage items and just how humiliating his new look was. He was blinded by her sexy look and made a massive mistake and followed her into the pub. 


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