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How They Met

by Rubbernun

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© Copyright 2004 - Rubbernun - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bondage; cons; X

Hi Gromet! Here's a little story I wrote for a friend. I thought you might like to add it to your website. Best regards, Rubbernun
How They Met by Rubbernun
Angelina stood in front of the cemetery's gate. Alright, maybe she shouldn't do it, but on the other hand, the party had already started and she didn't want to miss the right time to hit on the new guy. She really had a crush on him, that's why she had herself spiced up a bit more than usual. The short blouse and microskirt of her schoolgirl uniform didn't take much time, but she had really worked on her pointy red fingernails, and it seemed forever until they dried. Now it was already dark but, heck, the way over the graveyard would save her precious time.

She regretted her own bravery shortly after that. It was cold, it was creepy, and she felt like the darkness and the mist crept up her stockings. Had there been a sound? A swish? She turned around nervously ? but it was too dark to see anything. So she stumbled forward?

Why did it take so long to reach the other gate? The narrow path did not seem familiar! The trees and bushes looked threatening; they seemed to be closing in on her with every step she anxiously took, cursing herself. The branches covered the path, and she nearly tripped more than once in her platform heels. They were designed for partying, not for 'what was that?' Someone, something following her? She turned around. A shadow? Backing away, she tripped once more. No one heard her scream before she plunged into darkness?

When she awoke, Angelina opened her eyes. It was pitch black. She tried to stand up, only to find her hands tied together. Cursing between her teeth, Angelina struggled to get free, but to no avail. 

Then something made her hold her breath. A voice? female, soft like silk, purring, but nonetheless with a dangerous sound in it.

"Ah, my little darling! You?re awake. Finally!"

Angelina stared into the darkness. Was there a shadow moving? There was a sound. The sound of high heeled boots clicking on the wooden floor, and it became louder with every step. From the shadows a figure emerged. It was definitely female, towering on impressively high platform heels. Her waist was impossibly small under her bustline due to a leather corset cinched tight. She wore a mask with cat's ears, the pale skin of her lower face the only part of her that was not covered under her catsuit. Angelina stared at her, she couldn't believe what she saw! The strange woman was glistening, gleaming all over her body, while she approached her. Angelina's mind was still fearful, but her body began feeling funny.

"Wha' What do you want from me?" Angelina asked anxiously.

"Oh! Impatient, are we, my little pet?"

The strange catwoman touched her cheek gently. It was a strange feeling, and there was a strange smell. It was sweet, and it stirred her deep inside. She backed away.

"I'm sorry, honey. I forgot to introduce me. My bad!" The catwoman grinned. "My name is Dominique. I am glad that you found your way to my little hideout. It's been ages since I had something to play with!"

"Now, let's straighten you up a bit."

With these words, Dominique started to pull on a string, and the rope around Angelina's wrists tightened. Her hands were slowly pulled up into the air, and she quickly struggled to get onto her feet. Higher and higher her hands were pulled, over her head into the darkness, until she nearly had to stand on her toes. Then it finally stopped.

Angelina stood there, her hands in the air, trying to keep her balance. She felt helpless, exposed, but somehow it turned her on. 

The strange lady watched her. They stood in the middle of a circle of candles, shedding only dim light, flickering, bringing life to shadows all around the room.

"That's better, my dear," Dominique said. "Now let me see that georgeous body of yours. Spread your legs. Now!"

Angelina hesitated. SMACK! There was a sharp pain on her back, and she felt the sting of Dominique's whip. "I want you to obey me, Angelina! I am your mistresss now. You do what I want, you obey my commands, is that clear?"

"Y-yes?" A tear started to roll from Angelina's eyes. 

"Yes what?" The whip swung menacingly.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"There you go. That's a good girl! Now spread your legs."

Hesitantly, Angelina parted her feet. The catwoman aproached, and began caressing her legs carefully with her whip. It was soft leather, stroking it's way up her to thighs. The closer she came to Angelinas miniskirt, even wandering further up, the more aroused Angelina became. Was her body betraying her?

Angelina closed her eyes. She couldn't think clearly; everything became a blur, like a nightmare, but a very exciting one! Her new mistress began caressing her with her rubber gloved hands. She felt the smooth rubber on her skin, sending shivers down her spine. The catwoman stroked her arms, her forearms, her hands. As she stretched, her rubber clad breasts met Angelina's. She had never been touched like this before by another woman, in fact, she couldn't even remember having been equally aroused by one of her boyfriends!

"Hmmm! I like your beautiful nails, my little pet! They remind me of my own claws."

"Now let's have a look at that beautiful body of yours?"

With a metallic 'ka-ching', metal claws, sharp as razor blades, sprang from the tip of Dominique's fingers. Angelina froze.

"Hold still!"

With two swift sweeps of her hand, Dominique cut the schoolgirl's blouse and bra away. Immediately, the nipples on Angelina's breasts stiffened with arousal.

"I take it you enjoy what I'm doing to you, my little toy?"

With all that was left of her old mind, Angelina wanted to cry 'No, let me go!' But as the rubber vixen started to massage her breasts, her body took over. 

"Y-yes, mistress?" Angelina whispered. 

"Very good, my dear. Oh! How clumsy! I forgot to retreat my claws, now there's a bit of blood on your skin! Wait, let me clean you up."

The catwoman bent down, licking the blood from Angelina's protruding breasts. As soon as the cat's tongue touched the blood, her eyes started to glow. 

"Hmmm, delicious!" Dominique purred and she smiled with blood stained lips. "You know what? I think I'm gonna keep you, little pet!"

As the rubber catwoman stepped nearer, Angelina saw that her smile changed as well, there were fangs growing from Dominique's teeth! She stared into her Mistress' green glowing eyes, hypnotized like the hunter's prey, parting her lips eagerly as her new mistress' tongue started probing her mouth. 

It was a long, deep, sensuous and very erotic kiss. Their tongues played as Dominique grabbed Angelinas hair from behind. The young girl let it happen, submitted herself to her rubber clad Mistress. In fact, she enjoyed the control Dominique now had over her, heightening her sensations, intensifying her lust. She started to move her hips, rubbing her clit on Dominiques rubberized leg so conveniently placed between hers. 

Too soon the grip on her hair was released.

"My slave, I think it is time for you to worship your Mistress now."

"Whatever you command my Mistress, I will obey."

After her miniskirt and her thong had been cut away, too, Angelina felt her hands being released. "Follow me, slave!"

Dominique led the way, and Angelina stumbled behind her. She was completely naked now except her white overknee stockings and her black patent platform heels. But she didn't mind, instead she admired the wonderfully corseted waist, the slender legs and the wonderful, firm ass of the woman in front of her. She was so wet now, she could almost feel her juices flowing.

"Kneel down, my pet." Angelina turned around, sat down on a rubber covered bench and spread her legs wide. She placed her slavegirl between her thighs, and as she opened her zippered crotch, the rubber parted and gave way for the moist lips of her vagina. 

"Come on and please me!" Dominique grabbed her head with her rubber gloved hands and pulled Angelina's head towards her. But she didn't need too much effort; Angelina was way too eager to lick her mistress' cunt. 

"Ohhh, yesss! That's a good slavegirl!" moaned Dominique as Angelina's tongue explored the juicy depths. "Hmmm!" she purred, as Angelina started to caress her mistress' thighs with her hands.

Here she was, once a usual schoolgirl, now a prisoner, a sex slave, eating her mistress out, licking a rubber catwoman's pussy! Horny as hell, Angelina probed her own pussy with her fingers. She had never dared to please herself in the past, but her fingers made their way, she massaged her clit, stroking and pinching it, never getting enough.

"Hmmmm? ahhhh? Thank you, my pet, you did a wonderful job." Dominique was panting. "I think you earned a reward."

Angelina was very proud of having pleased her mistress so thoroughly. Placing her hands obediently behind her back, she watched as Dominique produced a leather strap with two dildos attached to it. One of them slid easily into her mistress' wet pussy, then after attaching the strap to the front and back of her corset, the catwoman now featured a black dick that would have made more than a few porn stars envious. 

"Come on my dear, suck this dick good! After that, you may feel it inside you!"

While Angelina eagerly licked the rubber dildo, Dominique grabbed the pump that dangled between her legs and inflated the dildo that the crotch strap secured inside her. Excitement was towering inside her as well, she'd had finally found a mate, a toy, a plaything to spend her nights with.

"Lay down on the bench!"

Angelina shuddered a bit as her breasts touched the cold rubber. Quickly her mistress tied her wrists to the legs of the bench and walked behind her. She tenderly stroked Angelina's behind, licking her back and then working her way up her spine, sending lustful goosbumps all over her lover's body.

Angelina felt her mistress' rubber gloved fingers probing her vagina, and moaned as the dildo eventually entered her tender pussy from behind. 

"Ummmm! Oh, mistress! Yes! Please fill me, fuck me, make me yours forever!"

"Of course, my silly slave, I never intended anything else!" purred Dominique into her ear, nibbling her neck while the black dildo pumped in and out of her slaves pussy. Her eyes started to glow again. "You will soon leave your pathetic old life and enter a new one, a life where you'll stay young and beautiful forever!"

When Angelina reached the climax of a towering orgasm, she felt Dominique's teeth sink into her neck, sucking her life from her. 

As sweet dreamless darkness embraced Angelina, her transformation had only begun!

The End


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