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House of Servitude

by Edruber

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Storycodes: M+/m; bond; enema; drug; rubber; bdsm; electro; oral; anal; reluct; true; XX

Part One

It was the end of summer in New Jersey I was 17 years old and very unhappy with my life, because for the last two years, my parents had left the country due to my father’s work contract overseas. They left me with my aunt and uncle to avoid disturbing my school schedule however, life with them was unbearable and I decided to run away and make my own arrangements. I packed the few belongings I had, drew the $875.00 I had saved from part time job out of the bank, purchased an airline ticket to Miami Fl.

In the beginning of the 60s the plane was a 4 engine prop constellation and it took 4 hours and 50 minutes to arrive in Miami. I got off the plane and wandered the terminal with no idea where I was going, or how far the remaining $750.00 would take me of course, you have to understand that $750.00 was a considerable amount of money in those days to give you an idea gasoline was $0.57 cents a gallon I had to find a place to live, a job, and a way to get back to school because I did want an education.

I crossed Le June Rd. and walked east on 36th St. Mainly because there were a lot of used car dealers, and since I loved cars I thought in getting a job within the dealerships. I stopped in 3 places and inquired about work but in those days Miami was a small town, and it practically closed in the summer months. I finally stopped at a small luncheonette to get something to eat and drink, the lady which I estimated to be the owner, came over and took my order Hamburger and coke.

After she served me for some reason I decided to take a shot and ask her for as job, she remained silent for a while then said; "Well I could use someone to wash dishes clean up and maybe be trained as a short order cook where do you live?"

I replied; "I don’t know yet I going to look for a place I just arrived from out of town".

In an excited voice she said, "Well you are in luck, there’s a room and bath with shower in the back you can live there and I will pay you $10.00 a week until you can find something better, at least it will hold you to winter when business starts again."

I cheerfully accepted, she showed me the room and told me to relax the rest of the day, and start work in the morning the hours were from 9 am. To 6 pm. It was just breakfast and lunch catering to the car dealers in the area. I was lucky to find this but; certainly I would have to find something better.

At 17 years of age, I was big for my age, slender, 6’1” tall in good condition with a very well shaped body and for some reason a lot more mature than my age. Because the luncheonette was open on Saturdays, she gave me Thursdays off which I used to look for another job. I crossed the McArthur Bridge to Miami Beach and hit the Hotels with no luck many of them were closed for the summer.

On the third Thursday off, I came across a bridge from the Beach to a private island where the more affluent people lived. The first 2 mansions when I rang the bells, the servants would answer and tell me that it was summer try again in the late fall. I was getting discouraged until the third one I knocked on the door, and a tall dark hair man in his thirties opened the door and when I asked him if he had any job opening, he looked me up and down for a few minutes without saying anything then finally starring at my body instead of my face he said; "Come on in maybe I got something for you."

I walked in front of him to a beautiful expensively decorated small living room. He closed the door and told me to have a seat in the lounge chair in front of me, he sat on the one across from me divided by a marble covered coffee table, it was an awkward few minutes in silence, and he finally asked me to stand up and turn all the way around 360 degrees slowly. I complied wondering why he was asking me to do that but, he just looked at me as I obeyed and asked: "Do you live with someone?"

I replied, "No I live in a rented room behind a luncheonette by myself".

He said, "Good, I can use you to serve in our weekly parties we have two or three times a week but, you will have to live here because of the hours we will be needing you, I will pay you $100.00 weekly do you agree?"

I swallowed hard and replied; "Yes of course when do I start?"

He said; "I want you to go get your belongings, just clothing we provide all the comforts and be back here as soon as possible that way you will be serving tonight. I need as much time as possible to get you here trained and ready for the events, so hurry up be back asap."

I left the mansion only thinking of how I finally made the big time, $ 100.00 a week was executive pay in those days, and I decided to spend big and get a taxi and make sure I got back fast before he changed his mind or someone else got my job. I got my clothes spoke to Mrs. Evelyn Trend the owner of the luncheonette that I was leaving to a job out of town, got on the taxi and returned to the mansion. The trip and back only took 45 minutes.

When I rang the bell of the mansion, an employee of the estate came from the back through the outside of the house and told me to follow him to the entertainment and employee’s quarters in the back. I was amazed to see another complex behind the mansion almost large enough to be another mansion. We walked in a rear entrance which looked like a small foyer with strange looking stuffed chairs with casters that could be moved easily and a small kitchen table between them, and the next strange looking thing, was a large metal closed door that looked like the entrance to a European castle.

The servant leading me told me to have a seat and wait because he had to get the keys to the door and before he walked away he asked me if I wanted something to drink, I accepted and he walked away. He came back in about 10 minutes with an open bottle of coke and handed to me saying let’s relax for a few minutes, drink up, and then I will open this heavy door and go in. We both sat on the funny chairs, and I gulp down almost half of the coke being so very thirsty from the heat and activities. He started telling me about the owner of the place our boss, but I started getting dizzy seeing double, and the room started spinning with a loud ringing in my ears and I was out.

I was trying to drink the rest of the coke, but, I could not get the bottle up to my mouth!!! No wait I am paralyzed!! Oh I am paralyzed!!! my mind was completely confused.

Finally and slowly I was able to open my eyes and noticed that I was looking at a nice marble white tile floor! I could only look down, or, if I moved my eyes all the way up I could see the bottom part of the wall also made of the same tile! But I was paralyzed and I could not swallow, my throat was a little sore my mouth was full! It was very confusing. Then I heard a familiar voice that of the guy that gave me the coke, I could not move to look at him but suddenly his shoes came in to view and he startled the heck out of me by describing my predicament.

"Hey welcome back, you been out for almost two hours I had you ready for your treatment for tonight an hour ago, and I even flushed you once already to get the thicker matter out now, all we need to do is continue flushing your butt through the tube until I can see through the clear tube that you are absolutely clear! The boss is very particular about a good clean insides."

With that news and the fact that my head was now almost completely clear, I was aware that I was very tightly bound to a contraption with something very large in my mouth I could not even move my head I was tied to this thing doggy style and now I began to feel something kind of large inside my rectum which was painful from its presence. My traitor friend’s shoes came into view again and he proceeded to tell me just what my future had in store for me.

"Our boss, the multi milionare and two of his friends, have orgies two or three times a week, involving a young boy and for now your it. They usually like to do what I’m doing to you themselves, but, they are in a hurry tonight to get on with their other gang bang games ideas since you’re new meat. My advice to you is to obey and do your best to please them or you will regret it. The punishment is very long and painfull. I’m going to install a remote control collar around your balls and cock then I’m gonna give you a level one pain to give you an idea what level 5 or 7 would be like and the thing goes to level 10."

"Now let’s get on with it I already pushed a liquid laxative through the tube going down your throat and now I’m going to start your enemas if you notice I have a half inch double balloon catheter shoved up your rear and here comes the first gallon, ohh I wish you could see the size of this gallon rubber bag it would give you a preview of how all this liquid is going to feel inside of you extending your guts and giving you painful cramps. Oohh I’m really going to enjoy this".

I was now beginning to sweat and tremble with anticipation and fear, and no matter how I tried there was no avoiding it, then, I felt a movement in my rear the warm liquid started invading my insides with a painful vengeance at this point I felt his latex covered hands massaging my abdomen to make me suffer more, he was enjoying himself with my peril.The pressure of all the water was getting unbearable and at the same time to my startling surprise I was getting aroused in all this terrifying circumstance.

The tormentor came around the front and started to install a couple of plastic globes on my breasts and clipping the rubber belt holding them in place, behind my back, he then started pumping a rubber bulb causing pressure in my breasts pulling them tightly and extended inside the globes until the nipples where just touching little rubber nubs , now every little movement would cause two small mechanized weights to move the nubs against the nipples causing a strange sensation in my body making this anal intrusion almost sexually pleasurable.

I was confused, terribly afraid, and in discomfort trying very hard to feel some kind of sexual stimuli to mask the pain in my rectum and insides. I was now so full of water that I thought it would start coming out of my mouth soon, my rectum was aching and demanding release but the large double balloons inside and out where not permitting the relief of evacuation. My faith rested in the hands of the tormenter to open a little valve, the water stopped flowing in at least 10 minutes ago, how much longer is he going to make me suffer and squirm?

In the mean time the rubber knobs where causing havoc with my male uncertainty and insecurity, I was making every effort not to accept or enjoy any of this deviate sexual behavior, but more and more I was giving in to the fact that this was beyond my control and if I gave in I may not suffer as much and finally he opened the valve and I was in heaven feeling the release of the fluid discharge. The enemas continued two more times and on the last discharge I felt the contraption moving. I remained tied on all fours but, now I was completely vertical and stayed like that for about 30 minutes to insure that all the fluids would drain completely.

For a few minutes I was glad it was over but then it hit me now what’s next?

My tormenter came behind me and started deflating the balloons in my rectum, and slid the enormous tube of my rear then with a tone of defiance he said, "Don’t get to comfortable another one is coming in his place as a matter of fact because you are a virgin there will be a series of plugs that you will be getting up your cute arse in graduating sizes!"

As he was talking I felt something else poking at my rear and opening my sphincter even wider than the tube there before, the pain was excruciating for a few minutes and then subsided leaving the feeling of an amtrack locomotive inside me. It was uncomfortable, painful but as the devilish nipple knobs kept moving, I started feeling a sense of excitement in my groin and was ashamed with myself. After he pumped the balloon in the rear plug, he started grabbing my balls, and placed a tight ring around them and another around my dick and clicked something that connected the two rings together.

"Now then", he said, "you will obey and do everything you are told to by me, by the Master, by anyone from now on, what I just installed in your tool is a remote control device that has 10 settings and can get painful enough to make you pass out, to give you an idea, I am setting to number one and zapppp".

"OOOOOuuuuiiiiii". I screamed inside my gag.

He continued, "Now you can just imagine number 9 or ten so, behave do as your told and you don’t have to worry about anything."

He proceeded to take out the tube from my throat then let the air out of the balloon in my mouth and slipped the rubber bladder out of my mouth I run my tongue around inside my mouth trying to get it moist, and was about to ask him when he said, "Don’t you dare speak from now on you only speak when you have permition".

He unstrapped my right arm and set a leather wrist cuff on it, which had a 10 or 12 inch chain to a leather collar and the same to the left wrist. Once that was done he unstrapped from the rest of the contraption and helped me of of it completely naked with the exception of the butt plug and the collar. He walked me through another door into a larger shower room where he gave me a long shower, soaping my body rinsing and then drying me. He than grabbed me by the elbow and took me to a small room with no windows, rubber padding floors and walls, and a bed with a rubber mattress and several rows of straps hanging from both sides. He told me to lay down and rest for about an hour then he will be back to change the plug to a wider one and prepare me for the party tonight and with that he left locking the door behind him.

Alone but with my arms attached to my neck there was nothing I could do except lay down and think of how I could have gotten myself in such a mess. I started thinking of the nipple knobs, the butt plug which now was uncomfortable but when the knobs where working it gave me pleasure so the only part I could reach with my fingers was my nipples which I started to massage and imediately received a shock in my groins alerting me that there must be a hidden camera in the little room. I closed my eyes and dosed off.

* * * * *

I woke up with the door being unlocked and the tormentor walking in carrying a larger butt plug. He ordered me to lie on my stomach, deflated the plug in my rear and removed it, replacing it with the larger one. The pain was excruciating and this time it took longer to stop, but it eventually calmed down to a throb to keep me aware of its presence. The tormentor told me that he would be back for me around 9 p.m. for the beginning of the orgy and it usually lasted until 3 or 4 in the morning unless the Master invited 3 friends instead of the usual 2 in which case it could go to 5 or 6 in the morning and with that he squeezed my buttocks and left.

I could not tell time but it seemed like several hours later the door opened again and the tormenter entered dressed in a shining rubber leotard; large boots; rubber gloves and a rubber head cover with only his eyes and mouth showing. He was carrying several items all rubber, and after he ordered me to stand up he lay them down on the bed. He took the collar and the wrists cuffs off then, deflated the plug and removed it leaving a feeling of emptiness and vacuum in my rear, he gave rubber trousers, skin tight with a slit cut in the rectum area and ordered me to put them on, then a sleeveless shirt also rubber with padded breasts but inside the pads there were metal plates that fitted on the tip of the nipples. Once I had it on, he pressed a button some where in the edge of the pad, and the nipples came alive again as before with the knobs. Next a pair of boots with 3 inch heels and finally a rubber hood with eyes, nose and mouth openings.

I was taken to a large dungeon type room with 10 or more different stations with all types of bondage equipment made of metal, rubber, chains, wood, everything one can imagine in the S&M scene. In every station there where comfortable seats some high some low to the ground and some under slings hanging from chains in the ceiling.

He walked me over to a station with two chrome pipes inserted on the floor, about waist level high with leather wrist cuffs at the end of 4 inch chains and on the floor next to each pipe ankle cuffs with about ten inches of chain. There where comfortable stuffed chairs around this station. The tormenter placed me in between the 2 chrome pipes and cuffed me to the top, and then the ankles, then he walked over to a cabinet on the wall and got a bottle which he brought back, and after lowering my rubber pants, he spread the oil from the bottle all over my buttocks, upper rear legs and with his finger he pushed all the way into my rectum making sure I was well lubricated there he then raised my pants back up, closed the bottle put it away and left the room .

I was alone in their experiencing a strange sexual pleasure with every move I made, due to the oil under the rubber, it felt like hundreds of fingers massaging my rear and it was beginning to arouse me. While feeling the rubber, I heard the voice of the Master; "YOU ARE NOT TO BE MOVING LIKE THAT WITH OUT THE Master’S CONSENT, I am going to punish you this time with only 30 whacks with the rubber paddle next time it will be 100 whacks". I dare not look back or say anything but I heard others coming around and the squish of the lounge chairs.

It took a couple of minutes until I heard the noise of someone hitting something with probably the paddle that was about to punish my behind, and then another loud SPACKK. It took a few seconds for me to realize that my rear was attacked and it was in almost unbearable pain and on fire, I let out a ouiiiiiii, and felt the shock in my groins this time a lot more painful than before.

I started shaking and perspiring intensely, it hurt so much I was out of breath he stopped hitting for a few seconds to lecture me how he was going to beat into me the discipline and obedience required to be his slave, and then he began hitting hard and calculated strikes on one side of my ass then the other then a little below in my upper legs. The pipes where about 3 feet apart which kept my legs spread apart enough for him to aim right to the entrance to my rectum, by the time he was finished with the 30 swats I was feeling the extreme heat but, my rear was kind of numb from so much beating.

He stopped and came passed me in my line of sight where I could see that he wore a rubber cat suit but the front of his suit was all covered with rubber knobs pointed and about an inch apart from each other and only about ¼ inch long, his massive erection was sticking out through a opening in the front. He went to another station got a tube of lubricant and walked back lubing his massive erection. As he was walking back the fire in my rear turned in to a massive itch it was so bad that even knowing the penalty for thrashing about I could not help myself .

Noticing that his devilish plan was taking affect, he said, "It looks like you may have need to scratch yourself and I’m feeling generous so I am going to put my dick against your hole and allow you to scratch your insides and your rear on my rubber knobs."

I felt when he had of his tool against my hole and without hesitation pushed my ass against it impaling myself on the huge tool all the way so that I could get to the knobs on my buttocks, once I felt the knobs I started moving against him, in and out around frantically anyway I could trying to relieve the itch from inside and out. It seemed like it was relieving but if I slowed down it would come back with a vengeance. Of course it was the properties of that oil that reacted like that with the extra body heat, and would not stop because the more I pumped the higher temperature kept going & does nothing to curing the itch. I had a huge erection and stranded in a convulsive diversified transition with the large tool up my rear, the nipples stimulation my tool hard and rubbing inside my rubber pants, all of this was transporting me to a world of constant almost orgasm, it was an absolute timeless transition. The Master suddenly got larger and harder and he started to pump viciously banging in to me hard, and after about five minutes I felt his load spraying inside of me like an enema. He calmed down and just stood there while I kept scratching myself against him in a slower pace.

He withdrew from my rectum and left me in itching agony but not for long for I felt another huge head against my entrance and I pushed against it again starting the thing again however this time it took longer to satisfy the tool up my ass because when he was in the brink of orgasm, he would pull out and calm down for a few minutes before re-entering. Eventually he got harder larger banged into me hard and pulled out.

I was hoping the next one would hurry up and fuck me, because the itching was becoming unbearable but he must have been getting in to his special knobby suit but, finally the redeeming head of a dick against my hole again and I eagerly pushed in to start the itching relief prossesses again. In my world of different feelings and emotions I heard the guy say to the Master; "This ass is the best and this method you came up with deserves first prize, I hope I have energy left to get hard again and go another round."

The last one was the longest but he too finished and left me empty and itching more then ever. The tormenter came over to me released me from the pipes, and led me back to the shower where he ordered me to take my boots and pants off then instructed me to take the hose shower and rinse my rear and push water inside the rectum. I naturally obeyed, and to my surprise, the itching went away like a miracle, all it took was water. I was ordered to put the pants back on as well as the boots and was returned to the room where we came up to a station with a board at about 45 degree angle very thickly padded rubber of course. With straps hanging to the sides, I was ordered to lie on it belly down and the board came up to just below my breasts leaving them hanging and my head. My arms and legs where firmly strapped in place. This apparatus was in a metal structure with casters for easy mobility.

All 3 men came over and took their seats in the loungers with their legs wide open and their dicks out. The Master’s was already at full attention the others semi flaccid. I was first instructed by the tormentor to give them perfect blow jobs or, I will be spending the next 24 hours hanging in a very unconfortable position. He rolled me to the area and placed my mouth directly over the Masters erection. Of course I put it in my mouth and started the long process of getting them all off again.

When the last one came, the Master told the tormenter to tie me to the sex bed which was a rubber mattress with a elevation in the center to expose the hole and make it accessible my legs where pulled apart and tied with ankle cuffs, and so were my wrists. This time the Master jumped on top of me and worked both of us to frenzy for about 45 minutes then coming with loud groans and breathing. One more of his guests did the same, and when he was finished they all got up and exited the big room.

This orgy was over, I had no idea what time it was but I felt exhausted used and shamed that I actually was constantly aroused and on the brink of orgasm in homosexual acts like this. Before yesterday I was a normal young man with no idea of homosexuality and now I wanted more.

The tormenter untied me took me back to the shower and ordered me to take a fast shower, after which he took me back to my little rubber room where he left me totally naked. This time I found a rubber sheet at the foot of the bed, and after lying in the sexy rubber bed I covered myself with the sheet enjoying the feel and the aroma of the rubber. Now relaxing, my nipples started hurting, my rectum hurting and throbbing, my whole body was aching from all the activities. But I fell into a deep sleep.

The tormentor woke me up with all my clothes in his hands told me to sit up and listen carefully;

"The Master has decided to keep you as his sex slave but he wants you to go to school and have a normal life except when you are to service him and any other person he wants served by you."

He handed me some papers and said; "You are going to live in his Hotel in Coral Gables, they have your small suite reserved and ready, in the garage there is a new Ford automobile for you for transportation they will have the keys and the registration at the front desk. You will have your meals at the restaurant in the Hotel. You must register at school next week. you will be watched 24 hours a day if you try to leave or hide or do anything outside of his rules you will be brought back here and live your days in confinement, bondage and constant punishment. You will continue to receive $100.00 weekly. VERY IMPORTANT WHEN YOU RECEIVE ORDERS TO REPORT, YOU WILL STOP ANYTHING YOU ARE DOING AND OBEY. If you have to be picked up, your punishment will be very severe."

"Get dressed and the limo will take you to the hotel, if you don’t hear from us again be here Saturday at 2 p.m."

And so my life of servitude started with many more incredible variations that someday I will expose in writing.

Six years later Master moved back to his country, sold the mansion and gave me U.S.500.K as a present and my freedom.

This is my true life story with some convenient frills and omissions of some tortures I had to endure. I do wish I could find the Master because the 500 K is gone.



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