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Hot Date

by Rubberking

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© Copyright 2004 - Rubberking - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; toys; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

Warning!  This story is intended for persons over the age of eighteen and should not be viewed by those under that age or the legal age of consent where you live.
If you are underage or are offended by Adult material: Read no further!
Warning! This story contains aspects of sexual intercourse, rubber fetishism and other sexual acts and practices that may be offensive to some people. This story is for Adults ONLY! If you don’t like seeing things such as this, Please, read no further.
This story is a work of fiction and any persons or situation herein are purely inventions of the mind of the author, it’s just a story folks…
Unless authorized by the writer, this story is considered copyrighted and is the intellectual property thereof. Please do not post to pay sites or any place else with out the authors permission. Retain this notice in toto. And eat all your spinach too… 
Thank you and please enjoy.

Hot Date By Rubberking ©2004
Roy was the king!

Here he was, sitting and necking with Sybil Higgins, one of the hottest chicks he’d ever met in his entire life! The curvaceous redhead was the catch of a lifetime!
They’d struck up a conversation in the market, progressed from potato blight to sharing laughs over strange things people talk about with complete strangers in public places, and wound up over dinner at Mikkinny’s steaks and with her teasing him under the table with her stockinged foot.

Now they were at her place, and from the moaning she was doing into his mouth, he was minutes away from heaven!

The lord givith, and the lord takith… she pressed away from him, gasping slightly.

“You know Roy… I really want to make it with you, but I can’t trust you yet and I have no idea where you’ve been… maybe we should quit… that is, unless you’ll play by my rules?” she smiled at him half-lidded and aroused.

“Like what? I’ll do anything… really, I will…” he promised.

“I want you to wear something for me… it’ll make me feel better about giving you what you want…”

“Anything, anything…” he begged, praying he’d get what she promised, some release…

“I want you to wear a latex suit for me …for our mutual protection and enjoyment… whatta ya say?” she said, pushing further away and making like she was starting to rise to her feet.

At that point, he would have stormed fort knox to get at her luscious body. Hell, he’d wear a rubber if she wanted him too, sure?

“Sure… sure.. whatever you want. I have condoms.”

“No, I mean a all-covering rubber suit and sheath for your… penis. All right?” 

“Sure, sure… as long as… …we…”

“We will… oh, yes, we will… wait here honey…”

She ran from the room and he sat trying to hold back the raging hard-on in his pants. Hell, he’d wear a dress as long as she’d fuck him! He revised his opinion as she came back in holding a black floppy rubber male form and handed it over to him, saying. “Put this on and I’ll go get ready too. I think you’ll like this, trust me Roy, you’ll really, really love it!”

“You’ve got to be kidding? Wear this? For sex? Kinky!”

She looked stricken, he backpedaled. “How do I?... “

She brightened again, pulled a zipper down and showed him that it was lubed with some clear gel inside. “Slides right on… I’ll help you… that is, if you don’t mind being naked in front of me that is?”

“er… no…” he mumbled, his hands flying to his belt and getting naked in record time. She smiled and held the suit open for him to step into, as she’d said, it glided right on and felt slippery all over against his skin.

The weird part was her grasping his cock and balls and twisting them while snapping them into the ring-necked rubber sheath and seating them so it didn’t pinch against his groin. His cock looked huge all covered in black, way cool…

She helped him into the arms and gloves and lastly pulled the stretchy mask on over his face and then worked the zipper up the back. There was a snap. He felt behind him, it was locked flat, he couldn’t get out.

“Just to keep us both honest. Now, wait out here and I’ll be right back after I change… think about that while I’m gone lover-boy.” She explained, turning on her heel and walking into the bedroom.

Hey, whatta ya know. This stuff was rather comfy, he thought as he walked around the room, waiting on her and exploring his new black skin. He felt like he was trapped in a condom, instead of wearing one. Still, it was sensuous-feeling as he ran his hands around, feeling himself all over. In the bar mirror, he looked like some kinky fetishist on TV or something. Actually, it looked kinda cool.

He did begin to think about what Sybil was going to wear, after dressing him like this. He imagined all kinds of kinky outfits she could be putting on, putting on to come out and do wild things to him…

He got hard again, very hard… imaging her in high-heeled boots and shaped and molded into a work of fuckable art… god he was hard…

The door opened and his dream was made flesh.

She came out wearing not one, but several contrasting suits, one semi-transparent latex covering her head and face, neck and shoulders and feet, the second, red covering her from her ankles to her shoulders and wrists. Over this was a heavy-duty looking black and blue-trimmed corset which winched her in in all the right places and a pair of thick black panties that locked with small padlocks on her hips. On her feet were ten-inch or better spike-heeled platform shoes with criss-cross straps and open toes thru which her red toenail enamel peeked thru the latex. Elbow-length glossy-black gloves completed her outfit.

“Glad you waited darling Roy?” she asked sexily, striking a pose which thrust out her hidden but outlined and enhanced bosoms.

 “You look awesome!” he gasped.

“Thank you, you look hot too, by the way. Come over here, let’s get some of that pressure off of you…”

He had no idea what she was talking about, but when she guided him over to the couch by his bobbing dick, how could he say no? She pushed him down, then, to his astonishment, she fell to her knees and took him fully into her mouth, sucking like a street-hooker! It wasn’t long before he lost it and coated the insides of his sheath with his cum, bucking under her ministrations as he pumped dry. She smiled up at him.

“There now… better huh? Don’t worry, we’re just getting started. Ready for a little more?”

“I donno…”

“You don’t have to do anything more than please me now, ok?” she soothed, sitting back. “Come with me…”

Again, he allowed himself to be led around by the dick, she seemed to enjoy it too. He was led into her bedroom, or what was supposed to be a bedroom anyway. Instead of a frilly, fluffy setting as one might have thought, the place resembled a dungeon more likely. The walls and floors were red and black latex painted and carpeted and thickly insulated. The one bed was steel and low, with low rounded-pipe ends and looked heavy-duty.

Things hung from hooks and from the ceiling in here, all kinds of things, things like wide rubber cuffs and gasmasks he recognized, others were not so easily discernable, all kinds of rubber clothing hung from the walls as well, like art. There were medical devices, like chairs and tables and equipment in there too, he started to get nervous. She sat him on the bed, looking down at him.

“I bought something new from ErosBoutique. I want to put it on you and let you pleasure me until you’re ready again. Is this all right with you?”

“You’re not going to do anything medical are you?” he asked, pointing out the equipment. She half-smiled.

“Do you want me to do something with you? I wasn’t planning on anything like that tonight. Just some sex, with you. I may restrain you, but I promise I won’t hurt you in any way. All right?”

“That’s fine… sex is fine. You’re incredible, and this is way outta my league lady…” he shook his head.

“Just enjoy the ride sailor. No strings, no worries. You don’t even have to ever see me again after tonight if you don’t want to. It’s up to you Roy?”

“I think I’ll take the red pill.” He laughed.

“Good man. I like a man with courage, and a penis, hee hee.”

“Got one of those, right here…” he joked.

She pulled a floppy mask out from behind her. The well-made latex mask had a penis on the outside and a thick gag on the inside, it was one-piece and zipped at the back. “Ready? I know I am… here we go…” she said, opening up the mask and pulling it on over his face and letting him take the big bit in his lips and seat it there as the rest was stretched on over his head and then zipped, snugging tightly to his face and head. He snorted several times thru the nose-holes and found he could breathe easily enough. He felt the penis jutting from his lips and shuddered as he thought about how covered he was already.

“I’m going to bind your arms behind you, so that I’m in control. Is that all right with you? You will not be harmed by me. Will you do this for me Roy?”

He nodded and rolled to his knees on the deeply padded bed, the rubber squeaking loudly as he moved as she directed him. Amazingly, this was turning him on again. He felt himself harden in the sheath again. he felt her slide his hands and elbows into some kind of bag, which she fed all the way on up to his shoulders in back and then criss-crossed some straps over his chest, buckling them one at a time.

Next he felt more straps being cinched around his arms, binding them tightly behind his back. next, she slid some kind of thick ring on over his cock to the root.
Something pulled on it and then he found his arms end movement controlled the tugging on the ring. He was tethered to his own cock. If he moved his arms, it jerked on the ring, and pulled his cock like a hand, milking him. Not that it felt bad, oh no. it felt pretty good actually once you thought about it.

“Now we’re ready darling. Now, cum if you must, but I want you hard at all times, so…” she said, then he felt a clamping pinch between his balls and his asshole. Wham, his approaching cum receded in the distance. He was under her control in that regard too.

She clambered on with a thick pillow and laid back, spaying her legs and pulling him down by his head, down, down, until he saw he was lined up with her covered vagina.

“Stay like that a moment…” she used a small key she produced and removed the panties sides, under the panel her red suit was unzipped at the crotch and a thick pair of shafts were housed in her front and rear. She removed them, shuddering as the thick ring of the flange of the plug in her rear irised her open and came slowly out, the thick and knobby front dildo appearing like a Christmas-tree as it too came free and was removed and dropped to the floor, revealing the dual transparent latex sleeves in both orifices underneath.

He could see from this vantage point that a fair amount of secreted fluids had flooded out from inside her pinkness and squished freely around under the milky latex wetly. She slathered some lube on the shaft and lay back and eased him in, he got closer and closer, then his nose settled into her cleft just over her clitoris, prodding it as she moved around, getting comfortable with the fullness of the dildo attached to his face filling her.

“OooooooOooOOooooo, not badddd… I’ll have to order from them again. How’s the view lover? Hot pussy under glass, I hope you like it, ‘cause we’re just getting wound up. Oooooo baby! I better get a gag too, I Know I’m gggooonnnaaa… scream, mM Muh! Mmmmhhh! MMmmmmmHHh!”

Oh yeah, he was loving it all right, and every jerk or tug pulled on his ring and that went straight to his cock. He was jerking himself off as she rode his face and the amazing mask

She was moving him back and forth now, drooling around the bar-gag she’d put in her mouth at the last minute, her body writhing continuously as she humped his face, her legs wrapped tight around his head.

After about two minutes, she stiffened and grunted hard and his face was halted momentarily, then she resumed where she started off and built to another, then another. Shaking like a leaf and contracting continually for several seconds, then going on, each climax building in intensity until she just fainted and relaxed, leaving him nearly mad with frustration!

He grunted, pulled back and then climbed atop her, his missile finding it’s path right in on the second try and he rode forward, feeling the welcoming muscles trying to milk his seed immediately clamping down on him. He rode up and back, without his hands it was tough, but he was like a mad bull, he couldn’t have stopped if he’d tried!

She slowly came to, riding out another orgasm in the process.

He stopped, this was rape, he realized too late… his hips rolled on on auto-pilot after just a second.

But she spit out the gag and moaned. “It’s ok… Ooooohhh… yeah! I knew you would do this, it’s ok this time… Uuggh! OhhhhH! Next time I’ll tie you down though. This issss why we wear the suitttttt! Uggh, Ugh, ugh Ugghh! Oh Fuck yeah! Oh god! Ohhh Yes! Yesssss, ahhhhhhHH!!!”

As he bucked wildly, he felt the clamp removed and backed-up sperm race from his bouncing, churning balls up his shaft and burst free into the twin layers of latex.
His eyes crossed and he exploded inside her, unable to stop anyway. He fell over her and she rolled him to the side and sucked salaciously on the dildo joining his mouth to hers. They lay that way for a bit, then she said.

“Too tired to continue darling? I’ll send you home if you like, or… you can stay here tonight and I’ll suck the very life from your bones. That’s plan B, I can go for days, but even I have limits. So, what’ll it be, yes, stay, no, get cleaned up and go home after a fairly good night, huh? It’s win-win for you Roy, in any case. You and I both got our jollies tonight and had a fun time. Your choice?”

Well, he thought, I did take the red pill… he nodded forcefully twice, bopping her in the chin both times with the dildo-gag.

She kissed the tip, smiling evilly, it was going to be a long night, he thought.




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