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Hope Floats Part 2: Pool Toy

by Nate Walis

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© Copyright 2012 - Nate Walis - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/f; latex; bond; objectify; costume; inflate; display; pool; hotel; toys; insert; tease; fondle; mast; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

continued from part one

Part 2: Pool Toy

Hope hardly remembered the rest of the night and seemed to have sleepwalked through the process of being freed from her restraints and escorted to her room afterwards. The first thing that she truly recalled after the intensity of her orgasm the previous evening was waking up in what she presumed was her bed, her arms and legs still holding the dull memory of her time as a human table in the form of aches and stiffness.

She dragged herself out of bed to shower and dress, vaguely aware of the fact that she seemed to have been booked into a twin rather than single room.

Somewhere was a recollection of Marie and Geoff filling her in as regards room allocation, but that was soon barged out of the way by the memories of last night and the experience of being used as a toy by her own friends.

Hope was surprised to discover that while there was a small amount of cringing associated with the whole thing, for the most part she was rather less than ashamed by what had happened to her. After all they had not known it was her under all that latex and perhaps that meant there was really no guilt or recrimination to associate with their antics.

For her own part, Hope had simply accepted the attention as being normal for an object such as she had been. People leaned on doorframes, grasped balustrades and did all sorts of things while sitting on toilet seats. There seemed to be a strange logic that when presented with a table that had erogenous zones all of its own, people might be inclined to stimulate them.

There was something so simple and liberating as well in having her element of choice removed from the equation. Hope was not ready to become some kind of submissive slave on a permanent basis, but she could see the appeal of occasionally casting aside the complexities of consent on a moment to moment basis for the understanding that she was ready and willing at any given moment instead.

One thing that worried Hope however, was the fact that she had no idea of what had gone on at the opening ceremony beyond her own little adventure into her friend’s private lives. While she was okay with the idea of paying for her trip by working, it occurred to her that doing so might mean she missed out on the best experiences that the event had to offer.

As she showered and dressed she resolved to track down Lennox and put her concerns to him in the nicest possible way. She figured that she would need to see him anyway in order to find out what else was expected of her and so both issues could be tackled at once.

Hope tried Lennox’s office, assuming that it was the logical place to start her search, but there was no sign of him and it was deserted.

She asked after him at reception and the woman behind the desk offered to call his room on her behalf. Hope decided that it was her only chance to get hold of the man, save for wandering around and asking everyone she passed as to his whereabouts, so she nodded. The call was brief and the woman hung up with a cheery smile before informing her that Mr Lennox would see her in his room and providing the number and directions.

Hope located Lennox’s room on the upper floors of one of the resorts multi-storey blocks overlooking the main pool and bar.

Her knock was promptly greeted with a shout to come in and she opened the door onto a very modest hotel room that could have been unlived in save for the presence of Lennox himself, standing on the small balcony and beckoning her towards him.

“Good morning,” Lennox was as positive and beaming as ever, “I trust you’re recovered from last night’s high jinks enough to enjoy yourself today?”

“Still a little sore,” Hope admitted, “but it’s not a problem.”

“I’m not surprised,” Lennox gestured to a jug of water and glasses as he spoke, but Hope shook her head. “I had a little look around myself when things had quieted down and I can tell you that one of those tables would make for quite a conversation piece!”

“It was quite an experience, I can tell you.”

“And I expect you’re here to see what job I have lined up for you tonight, eh?”

“Not exactly,” Hope shook her head.

“Oh,” for a moment she felt guilty as Lennox seemed to have been wrong-footed by her negative statement, “please go on?”

“Well, the thing is that after last night I’m kind of feeling too washed out and used up to really get anything out of what’s on offer today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m committed to working as we agreed. But I was wondering if I could sort of speed things up, maybe put in more hours now and have more time for myself later in the week?”

“Well,” the smile had reappeared on Lennox’s face, as if the unexpected detour into territory that was not covered in his marching orders was finally over, “that’s not a problem of any kind. If you want to work longer and sooner, I can shuffle some paperwork and get you onto something in the next hour or so, if you’re willing?”

“Sounds good to me,” Hope looked out over the resort from the balcony, “need me to be a barstool or a hat-stand?”

Lennox smiled; more it seemed to show his appreciation of the effort than to actually express amusement at the joke.

“I could get you on down there,” Lennox had followed her gaze down to the pool, “not much in the way of demands except for floating around in the water. Might help you to relax into the bargain?”

Hope had been watching the people around the pool, in particular those that seemed to be employed to enhance the experience of the guests. Some were just serving drinks while wearing outfits that would have got them arrested in the real world, but around the edge of the pool she had seen some more interesting sights.

Lounging on a slope of imitation rocks and man-made waterfalls on a small scale, Hope could see a trio of man-made mermaids who seemed to be doing nothing more than flipping their rubber fins as they basked in the sun. Each was different from the next, the first being covered from head to tail in green latex, the second sporting a blue tail and corset that ended below her breasts and a matching hood and the third wearing only a pink tail, a hood of the same colour with blonde pigtails of hair on either side and pink shells barely covering her nipples.

She watched as a guest dressed in swimming trunks walked over and struck up a conversation with the blue mermaid. Whatever he said, she seemed impressed and held her arms up to him as he scooped her off the rocks and disappeared to who knew where.

Hope watched the two remaining mermaids for a moment, pondering whether or not she could manage to do nothing more than flaunt herself in a latex tail and shake a pair of shell covered breasts at passers by. Like many women, she had always had a soft spot for mermaids and at least their hands were free. If she admitted it she was also curious as to what was happening right there and then to the blue mermaid.

“Sound fine to me,” she was already picturing herself with a tail as she spoke.

“Okay,” Lennox led her to the door, “if we have you on pool duty for the best part of the next two days that should pretty much see you free for the rest of the week. Can you find your way back to Alison and her people from here?”

“Of course,” Hope hurried out of the door, ready and willing to become a rubber denizen of the seas for as long as she had to endure the agony of simply being adored.

Hope stood naked on the cold floor of the prep room and asked herself, for what seemed like the hundredth time since she had walked in the door, why she had not specifically asked just what Lennox wanted her to do before she agreed.

Her head had been so full of thoughts of latex tails and worship from men with perfect beach bodies that she had failed to hear Alison when she said the words: inflatable and pool toy.

By the time the words had sunk in, Hope was stripped off and being helped into a new rubber garment that would form the inner layer of the costume she would be wearing. At first she could have been mistaken for thinking that she was being dressed as a mermaid after all as the thing lacked separate legs and ended in a pair of flippers, but then she saw the mask that was attached to the front of the hood and noted the snout and whiskers.

“I’m going to be a seal?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Alison asked as she yanked the inner garment up Hope’s legs, “they’re really popular at those sea park places, people love them.”

“I suppose.”

Hope had to sit down as she was eased into the garment as though there were no separate legs to it; the inside of the lower half did have a compartment for each leg within it. When her feet finally reached the bottom and slid into the thick rubber flippers at the base, she raised it up and wistfully thought of mermaids again. Soon her arms were inside as well and her fingers held still in the rigid plastic flippers that ended the sleeves. Alison zipped the suit up her back and all that remained was to secure the hood in place.

“I suppose there’s some mystique to pinipeds when you think about it,” Hope mused as Alison pulled the hood over her head, “some people think that the Loch Ness Monster is actually just a very large leopard seal.”

“You don’t say,” Alison shook her head as she sealed the hood in place.

Hope now looked like a bizarre blending of seal and scuba diver, the black rubber of the suit covering her from head to toe and the mask and flippers giving her the vague appearance of a semi-aquatic mammal.

I can cope with this, she thought.

Maybe I’ll be something different to the conventional mermaids, something that appeals to a more enlightened eye.

“Right,” Alison hauled another mass of black rubber towards Hope, “time for the next layer.”

The hood effectively rendered Hope silent, but her eyes could be read easily even behind the clear plastic lenses of the mask.

“Of course there’s more,” Alison stood Hope up and began to yank the new rubber layer over her head, “without this you’ll just sink!”

This was a heavier layer than the first and once she was manhandled into it, the thing covered her entire body save for her head and the flippers at the extremities. Hope watched as Alison attached an air hose and began to inflate the entire thing, wide bands of the rubber revealing themselves to be chambers that ran across the width of her body and arms. If she had been restricted by the undergarment, Hope was now all but unable to move as the pressure of the air held her ever tighter inside the rubber. Even her head was forced to move upwards until she was able to do nothing but stare at the ceiling with her arms outstretched and her legs pinned together below. Fully inflated the costume bulged out to three feet in width at its widest point before tapering to no less then two at either end.

The effect was completed when Alison and an assistant pulled a final skin of shiny black latex over Hope’s new shape and gently lowered her onto her stomach. From there she found that she was able to push herself up on her flippers enough to move around at an achingly slow pace, but apart form that all she could manage was to simply lay prone on her inflated belly.

“The suit has an inbuilt tube and bag for your necessities,” Alison explained as they loaded hope onto a trolley, “a member of staff will be along to make sure it’s changed at night and see that you get fed as well. Plus there are the usual devices for stimulation built into the thing for your use. No reason you can’t have some fun while you’re out there as well!”

As the trolley was wheeled away, Hope wanted very much to ask just what she meant by being changed and fed.

To her it sounded worryingly as though this was a twenty four hour affair.

Hope’s arrival at the pool was greeted with a great deal of interest as the guests crowded round to see what new distraction was being wheeled out for their attention. The sight of her shiny skin and the way she bounced gently up and down with the motion of the trolley sparked a round of comments about the possibilities she represented.

She managed to catch snippets of what was said, hearing one man wonder out loud if he could entice her to perform with a few fish. Another male voice commented that he would have liked to feed her something else rather than a few limp sardines.

Hope realised that unlike her time as a table, this was going to be time spent out in the open and very much subject to the whims of whoever happened to be at poolside and interested in playing with the toys. More than anything the prospect of being left at the mercy of strangers and having no idea what to expect scared her and she closed her eyes to hide her fear.

Lifted off the trolley and placed into the water, Hope found herself floating free on the surface and calmed a little by the experience despite her trepidation. She dared to open her eyes and was rewarded with the sight of two young women looking back at her as they trod water a few feet away.

Unable to read the fear in her eyes, the women wasted no time in seizing hold of the new toy and making her the focus of their energetic play. One woman clambered onto Hope’s back, causing her to dip down into the water. The weight and the sensation of her body climbing over the air-filled rubber reached Hope in the centre of the costume and pressed down on her yet more. The feeling was unlike any kind of touch from another human being, it seemed to encompass all of her body at the same time and wrap her in a sense of awareness whenever the woman moved an inch. While her companion rode Hope above the water, the second woman dived under and clung to the latex belly beneath. She explored the contours hidden by the latex skin, hands squeezing and massaging as she went until she could hold her breath no longer and returned to the surface.

Hope found that for the most part the guests were a mixture of those that were content to play with her gently and those that tended towards the rough, but none were prepared to do anything that truly abused her. She accepted hands that groped and legs that squeezed as part of the job and soon a portion of her mind had floated away as it had when she had become a table.

The laughter and comments that accompanied the antics of the guest who first managed to turn on the vibrator in the costume simply washed over Hope as she became more and more immersed in her role as a toy. Before long she found herself greeting the stimulation of the device by clapping her front flippers together as if in gratitude, an action that endeared her to the guests at poolside every time she performed it.

Her lack of restraint was helped by the fact that it soon became an accepted part of the deal that before the seal performed; she was offered a straw through which to sample the guest’s drink. Before too long Hope was so inebriated and disoriented by the motion of the water and the hands of the guests that she simply went with the experience regardless of what was asked of her.

Long after dark, when the last of the guests had deserted the poolside, Hope felt herself pulled to the edge of the pool by an unseen hand and lifted out of the water. She was placed back on the trolley and wheeled perhaps twenty feet to a secluded spot behind the bars that serviced the pool area. The small space was filled with piles of floats, inflatables and stacked loungers, clearly a mixture of storage area and dumping ground.

Hope felt herself being lifted off the trolley and tossed on top of a pile of other inflatable toys, the impact as she landed making her take a sharp breath of surprise.

At the sound of her breath, the footsteps that had been retreating from the storage area stopped and paused before starting to return. The maintenance worker was quite aware of the fact that one of the pool toys he was removing was very much alive and the sound of Hope’s breathing had reminded him of his duties towards her.

The noise had also reminded him of his reason for stashing her in the storage area out of sight.

The man’s face was obscured by a baseball cap as he busied himself rummaging around inside the costume in order to remove the bag holding her waste and fit a fresh one. Deprived of the sight of his face and still under the influence, Hope simply accepted the indignity in silence until he was done.

When his hands returned, Hope assumed it was to continue his attentions to her bodily needs and she was taken by surprise when instead he began to grope her inflated form in the same manner as the guests had throughout the day. The man’s breathing had quickened as the chance that he had been waiting for throughout the day had finally arrived. After watching Hope’s inflated body from a distance, now he was free to indulge himself alone and uninterrupted.

He moved to stand in front of her masked face and hastily unzipped his flies, checking again that he was alone as he smoothed a condom over his erect member. Satisfied there was no one to disturb them, the man plunged his penis into the rubber snout of the mask and from there into Hope’s mouth.

In any other circumstances, Hope would have fought like a banshee and more than likely bitten his member as hard as she could. But she had come to accept her role as a rubber toy and in that state of mind, what was one more humiliation on top of the others?

Hope swallowed as much of his penis as she was able and lazily massaged its length with her tongue, her lips putting as much pressure as they were able into the act at the same time. She was too far beyond tired and still too drunk to make any more effort, but the owner of the member in her mouth did not seem to notice. For his own part he was so consumed by his need to commit the act and at the same time so fearful of being caught that the quality of her technique was the last thing on his mind.

The entirety of the blow job might have lasted for minutes or been a matter of mere seconds from Hope’s point of view before she felt him stiffen and ejaculate into the condom. He wasted no time once he was spent in removing his member from her mouth and hastily stuffing it back into his trousers.

As he looked down to avoid snagging his privates on the zipper of his flies, Hope caught a glimpse of his face, illuminated in part by the dimmed lights at the side of the pool. Her mind had cleared a little by now and she was becoming aware of the fact that this could have been an experience to make her enraged beyond reason. But the face she saw was not that of a gloating monster, instead the thin, clean-shaven features were those of a man perhaps no older than she was herself.

His expression seemed so filled with guilt and self-loathing that Hope found that she pitied rather than hated him. Perhaps it was the odd nature of the experiences that she had gone through in the past few days, but there was actually a feeling of battered esteem attached to the idea that this man had been so desperate to get his hands on her and the lengths he had gone to in order to make it happen.

He was far from unattractive and under any other circumstances Hope realised that she would have been more than happy to be the subject of his attentions. It felt strange and a little sad that they had been placed in their respective situations and not in another where far more might have been possible.

But before she could ponder the thought further he disappeared from sight and she was left alone.

Hope was about to allow herself to fall into a confused and mixed up sleep, when she remembered that in his eagerness to flee the scene of the crime, the maintenance man had quite forgotten to feed her.

Soon the only sound that she could hear was the groaning of her own stomach.

Hope’s second full day as an inflatable pool toy began much as the first had, save for the fact that she was ravenously hungry when she awoke and only became more so as time went on. She endured the same kind of playful teasing and actually enjoyable attention from guests as the day went by and was granted a small mercy in the shape of the occasional morsel of food offered to her by those who were inclined to do so.

The biggest problem was that more often than not the titbits that were fed to her were the pieces of fruit that seemed to be a staple of the exotic cocktails served by the poolside bar. Inevitably these were soaked in the alcohol they had been served with and soon Hope’s stomach was roiling with the combined effects of lack of proper food and once again becoming intoxicated.

As people squeezed her with their limbs and jumped onto her broad back, Hope prayed again and again that she could keep what little was in her stomach down.

She was exhausted by the attentions of the guests, but a large part of her dreaded the idea of being left to her own devices as the infamous puking pool toy.

The first real trial of the day came when she realised that the latest in a long string of guests to sit astride her back was actually trying to make conversation with her.

“You know,” Hope had glimpsed her before she was mounted and so could put a handsome rather than pretty face to the voice and guess that the raven-haired woman was approaching fifty, but looking good with it, “I should have come sooner and seen what was floating around down here, but there’s so much to do at these things and so little time.”

Hope was sure the woman was aware of the fact she could not reply.

“My name’s Angelina,” the way she spread herself out on top of Hope made the younger woman feel as though she wanted to sink into the inflated latex and rubber herself. “It’s important that you remember my name, as I want us to be very good friends.”

There was something about the comment that set off an alarm bell in Hope’s mind. She had been subject to the whims and wants of so many people in the past two days that most new encounters seemed to merge into one.

But so far no one had made overtures like that towards her and it was the bizarre notion of an offer of friendship in this context that disturbed her. It was at once so at odds with the way in which the relationship with most of the guests had gone so far; Hope had come to accept their impersonal approach to her in tandem with their need to play with her as an object. Somehow the way in which this woman was trying to befriend her was infinitely more worrying than the idea of a stream of people simply making use of her and leaving it at that.

The intimacy that Angelina seemed to crave from her made Hope uncertain as to just where the woman was intent upon going.

Whatever it was, Hope was sure she would not like it when she got there.

At first it seemed that she might have been mistaken as Angelina was content to keep pressing herself against Hope’s back in much the same way as other guests had before her. But soon her movements began to become more and more intense as she gripped the sides of Hope’s latex body with her thighs. Before long she was riding on the unfortunate pool toy as if there was a bucking stallion beneath her and vocalising her pleasure as loud whoops that filled the air around poolside.

Every head within earshot turned at once to seek the source of the hubbub and soon a crowd had gathered to watch as Angelina shamelessly ground her pelvis into Hope again and again.

Forced to simply endure the experience, Hope wondered if the sudden attention of so many people would serve to dampen the mad woman’s passion.

But she was wrong and Angelina continued to become louder and louder no matter how large the crowd grew.

After what felt like a lifetime of humiliating treatment, Angelina finally gripped her harder than ever and then slipped off her back and into the water, but not before she had let out a shockingly loud cry with her climax.

Hope felt a number of hands grab hold of her and lift her out of the water. They placed her on the edge of the pool and she realised that a number of the onlookers had felt for her enough to remove her from Angelina’s immediate vicinity at least for the moment.

For her own part she was exhausted from the experience and burning with embarrassment at being made a part of the older woman’s showing herself up in public. Picking up bruises was almost impossible within so much rubber and cushioned as she was by air, but most of her body had been left sore by the pounding received in the water.

Hope tried to make the most of the respite she had been given and was grateful that most of the guests at the pool seemed to agree she deserved it by leaving her alone.

“That was exquisite,” suddenly there was a weight pressing down on Hope and her heart sunk as she recognised the voice that belonged to its source, “you’re such a find that I simply have to have you all to myself, or else I might die of the disappointment!”

Laughter filled the air again as Angelina pounced on Hope’s helpless form for a second time, rubbing herself against the latex skin once more. Her victim had no way of knowing that most of the amusement was derived from the older woman making a complete fool of herself before the crowd. It was just more humiliation and abuse that worsened as she tried to feebly drag her body away across the ground with her tormentor firmly attached to her back.

The ordeal came to an end when fellow guests dragged Angelina off the unfortunate pool toy and took her away to calm down.

But no one thought to comfort or soothe Hope as she lay there at the side of the pool.

And after all, why would they?

She was just a pool toy.


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