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Hobsons Choice

by Rubber Ballet

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© Copyright 2009 - Rubber Ballet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; enema; catsuit; corset; tease; toys; cons; X

Susan left the flat and headed for the bus stop for the last day of the week at the office. She looked like just the rest of the commuter crowd. Her stomach was rumbling. She hadn't eaten much breakfast. She was saving herself for tonight.

The bus journey to work was it's usual uneventful affair, apart from one man "accidently" touching her bum as he walked past. If she had been wearing her usual heals, she'd have "accidently" stabbed his foot. Today, however, she was wearing plain ballet flats. She was saving herself for tonight.

Once at the office, she filled up her large water bottle and took a large drink. Today was going to be hard. She was hoping the water would abate the hunger pains. She settled into her work, and for most of the morning she managed to ignore the hunger pains.

When one o'clock came, Susan was famished. She needed food. However, she had errands to run before she could eat anything. As she walked towards the lift, the office letch commented on her clothes.

"What no heals today ? And I do rather like it when you show off more cleavage"

Susan ignored him. Good job he didn't know she was wearing stockings and suspends today she thought.

Out of the office, the first stop was the post office. She had a small package to send. She was slightly hesitant about posting it, but it needed to be done. Whilst the clerk stamped her package, her stomach let out a loud rumble. Susan blushed at the noise her stomach made and smiled at the clerk. The package accepted, Susan set off. She headed out of the main town center, and down a quiet street full of small bespoke shops . She made for a pretty natural beauty shop.

She pushed the door and smiled at the receptionist.

"Go right in, she's expecting you", the receptionist said as Susan walked to the counter. Susan walked through to the back room.

"Ah, nice to see you again Susan. Come for you usual, I assume ?"

"Yes", replied Susan.

"You really should come more often you know. It's much better for you than these monthly visits"

"But if I came more often, we wouldn't have so much to talk about during the procedure"

"Ah, but I can talk for ever - you know that ! You know the routine by now, Get undressed and pop yourself up here" The attendant patted the leather padded table.

Susan swiftly undressed herself, and neatly placed her clothes on a chair in the corner of the room. She hopped up onto the leather table and lay on her side, one leg straight and the other leg bent.

She flinched as she felt the attendant's finger working into her anus. As if this was nothing unusual, the two women started gossiping away. After a minute or so, the attendant removed her finger. Susan then felt something cold and hard push against her anus. She flinched again, but quickly relaxed herself and the metal nozzle slid easily into her.

"Ready ?" asked the attendant only briefly pausing from her conversation. Susan nodded and seconds later she felt the warm liquid enter her. The women continued gossiping, Susan bemoaning how some men couldn't keep themselves to themselves. Occasionally Susan would pause as she rubbed her stomach to alleviate the cramps.

Once the enema bag was empty, the attendant removed the nozzle from Susan's ass and set a timer and placed it in front of Susan. The girls carried on gossiping. At first Susan paid no attention to the timer, but the pressure inside her was starting to build and she found herself glancing at the timer more frequently. With just two more minutes to go, Susan couldn't hold it in any longer.

She gently slid off the table, waddled across the room, sat on the toilet, and Susan expelled the contents of her bowels.

"Ahhh" Exclaimed Susan as the internal pressure released itself.

"Hmmm. I'm not happy" scowled the attendant. "You need a second flush. Too much rubbish in there, I'm afraid"

With her bowels feeling much emptier, she turned to the attendant.

"You say that every time", she smiled.

"And I say it because it's true. You need to come and see me more than once a month! Clean yourself up and get back on the table."

Susan moved from the toilet to the bidet, cleaned herself up and got back on the table.

The girls repeated the routine. First a gentle fingering to lube up her anus, then the insertion of the metal nozzle, then the warm liquid working it's way inside of Susan. Susan struggled to take this second filling.

"Is this larger than the first ?" Asked Susan.

"Yes, by an extra pint. You need a good deep clean out"

Susan just about managed to take the second fill and again, the attendant placed the timer in front of Susan. Susan had to concentrate hard to make it to the end, but finally the timer bleeped, and Susan dashed across to the toilet. Just as she sat down, her bowels emptied themselves. Susan sighed and smiled as she emptied herself.

"Ah, that's better now. You feeling OK?"

"Yes", whispered Susan. She was hungry when she entered. Now her bowels were empty she was even hungrier. Susan cleaned herself up on the bidet, walked over to the chair and got dressed.

"You look much better for that" The attendant said.

"I *feel* much better now", replied Susan.

The girls touched cheeks, and Susan left the shop. She made her way back to the office, her stomach rumbling even more than before.

On her way to her desk, Susan went to the toilets. She went into a cubicle and removed her knickers. She then took a pair of scissors out of her handbag and her mobile phone too. She cut the knickers into small pieces into the toilet. She took a picture of the pieces floating in the bowl. Placing one foot on the seat, she lifted her skirt and took another picture of her crotch. She selected the name from her address book (not that she needed to, she knew the number off by heart) and sent the two pictures. Flushing the toilet, she left the cubicle, washed her hands and made her way to her desk.

By the time she reached her desk, her phone had beeped. She looked at the new message. "Good girl. See you tonight x" It said.

Her stomach was rumbling again. Although she'd lined up a load of work for this afternoon to keep her mind off her stomach, she found it difficult to concentrate with the lack of food in her body.

The afternoon dragged on, her stomach rumbling at the lack of food.. One friend in the office heard her stomach rumbling and offered Susan a snack bar. Susan was very grateful for the offer, but politely refused it, saying that she was saving herself for tonight.

The end of the day finally arrived, and Susan packed up her things and headed home. As she left the building, she could feel the fresh air around her nether regions.

Finally, she got home. As she entered the flat, she shouted "I'm home"

She closed the front door and started to undress. Jackie walked in, just as Susan was removing her bra.

"Hello sweetie. Ready for the weekend ?" Jackie cherperly asked.

"I think so. It depends what you've got lined up"

"Bend over, and we'll start there"

Susan bent over, leaning on the back of the chair where she'd put her clothes. Again, she felt a finger probing her anus. This time, instead of the finger being followed by a metal nozzle, she felt a larger rubber item being pressed against her. She relaxed her muscles and let the item slide inside of herself. Once it was fully in, Jackie picked up the bulb attached to the butt plug and squeezed it several times. Susan felt the invader expanding inside of her.

"Finish getting undressed and then put this on." Jackie said, as she placed an old fashioned white rubber chin strap swim hat on the chair. Jackie tottered off and left Susan to finish off. When Jackie returned, Susan was standing in front of her, stark naked except for the swim hat, and the bulb of the butt-plug hanging down like a tail.

Jackie put a bundle of things on the chair. She reached for the bulb and gave it another squeeze. Susan whimpered as the invader enlarged inside of her. Jackie knelt in front of Susan and picked up a long thin tube. Jackie lubed up the tube and slid it up into Susan.

"You've never done that before". Susan had never had a catheter before, and the feeling was quite unusual.

"Just something special for the weekend. Now, talc up your body."

Jackie handed Susan the bottle of talc, and Susan covered her body in the fine white powder. Once Susan was done, Jackie gave the bulb another squeeze. Susan whimpered again.

"Start with this." Jackie handed Susan a rubber hood. It was black with a transparent face. She pulled it on over the swim hat, and zipped up the back.

"Bend over again". Susan obeyed and lent against the chair. Jackie deflated the butt plug and gently pulled it out. Susan was glad of the relief, but she knew it would only be temporary. She soon felt something press against her ass. Susan relaxed her muscles and Jackie slowly pushed the glass butt plug in. Once fully inserted, Jackie wiped away the excess lube.

"Stand up and turn around." As she stood up, Susan could feel the butt plug working inside of her.

Jackie reached down to Susan's crotch and started fingering Susan. It didn't take long for Susan's juices to start flowing. Jackie gave Susan a quick kiss on her lips, and gently slid a dildo into Susan's wet pussy. Susan gently moaned as the dildo slid inside, feeling it working against the butt plug.

"Next, put this on." Jackie handed Susan a transparent latex leotard with short arms and legs. Susan pulled the leotard up her legs. Jackie helped pull the catheter tube through a small crotch hole in the leotard. With this done, Susan slid her arms into the garment, and turned round, for Jackie to zip her up. As Jackie pulled the zip, Susan adjusted her breasts to fit into the cups. As her breasts settled into place, she felt the nodules inside the breast cups settle against her nipples. With the zip done up, Jackie smoothed out any small wrinkles. As Jackie smoothed out the legs, Susan realised that there was no crotch access. The dildo and butt plug were inside her for the duration. "That's why she put the catheter in" Susan thought.

"Next!" beamed Jackie. She picked up a heavy rubber corset and wrapped it round Susan. Susan did up the front busks and then Jackie got to work on the lacing. Jackie took her time over this, slowing pulling the laces tighter. As the corset got tighter, Jackie stopped several times, just to let Susan's body adjust to it's new internal arrangement. With the corset done up, Susan's breathing was much shallower. Her stomach pangs had also diminished as well.

Jackie reached round Susan's body with her arms. One hand went to Susan's breasts, the other reached down to Susan's crotch. Susan quickly started gently moaning as Jackie massaged her.

"Sit down, and we'll start on the next layer", said Jackie, bringing Susan back to earth. Susan sat down on the chair, and Jackie knelt on the floor at her feet. Jackie picked up a black catsuit, turned in inside out, and slid Susan's feet into the feet of the catsuit. Jackie slowly rolled the catsuit up Susan's legs, making sure to remove all creases as she went.

As the catsuit made it's way up Susan's body, Susan noticed that it was a particularly thick and tight catsuit. With the catsuit past Susan's knees, Susan stood up, and Jackie continued to pull the catsuit up Susan's legs. As the catsuit got to Susan's crotch, once again, she threaded the catheter tube through a small crotch hole. With the catheter threaded through, Susan picked up the arms and slid her hands down into the attached gloves. Jackie helped to remove the creases in the arms, and then set to work on the zip. With the zip done up, Susan was encased in rubber, from head to toe.

Susan rubbed her hands over her body, admiring her new enhanced figure.

"Sit down, and I'll put your shoes on for you". Susan sat down on the chair, feeling the toys inside her as she sat.

Jackie slid the first ballet boot onto Susan's feet.

"How long do you expect me to wear these for ?" Ask Susan.

"The duration", replied Jackie, lacing up the ankle boot.

"I'll never survive" complained Susan.

"Well you should practice more. Look at me. I've been in mine all day"

"Yeah, but you work at home. I work in an office. If I wore these to work, I'd get even more sexual harassment."

"Stop your whining, and give me your other foot"

Susan gave Jackie her other foot, and Jackie laced the second boot on. Jackie stood up, and reached out a hand to Susan, beckoning her to stand up. Susan gently came to her feet. For a few seconds she wobbled, but she quickly adjusted to the shoes.

"See, easy" commented Jackie. "Now for the dress." Jackie picked up a black rubber dress and lifted it up over Susan's head. Susan reached into the dress, threading her arms into the sleeves, and then pulling it down over her self. She turned round and Jackie zipped it up.

"How come I'm all in black latex, and you're wearing red and white latex ?"

"'Cause I'm in charge this weekend" Jackie gave Susan a quick kiss on the lips again. "Actually", whispered Jackie, "it might be a while 'til I get to do this again, I'd better make the most of it" Jackie pulled Susan's head towards her own, and gave Susan a long passionate kiss.

Jackie pulled away from the kiss, and looked into Susan's eyes.

"Almost done now" said Jackie. She picked up a black latex hood and gave it to Susan. Susan took it, and brought it up to her face. She noticed the large solid gag inside it. She slid the gag in her mouth, and brought the hood over her face and head. As she adjusted it, she notice the nose tubes, and inserted them into her nostrils. She smoothed out the hood and zipped it up. The pepper pot eyes gave her little vision.

"One final thing" Jackie picked up a rubber harness. She placed the collar round Susan's neck, and then the two cuffs on Susan's wrists. With then all done up, Susan's hands were fairly free to move, she just couldn't reach her crotch. Susan knew what Jackie was planning.

"OK dear ?", asked Jackie, smiling at Susan.

"Hmpf" replied Susan.

Jackie took Susan by an arm, and led her to the bedroom. The two girls sat on the edge of the bed, taking the weight off of their ballet booted feet. Jackie picked something up from the bedside cabinet. Through her pepper-pot eyes, Susan couldn't see what. Suddenly, she felt the dildo inside her spring to life. Susan quickly became horny and tried to reach down to rub her crotch. But the manacles stopped her. She reached instead for her breasts, and started massaging them, working the nodules against her nipples. She was soon aching for an orgasm. However, Susan could rarely cum without her clit being directly stimulated.

After what seemed an age to Susan, but was barely five minutes, Jackie switched off the vibrator. Susan was frustrated. Horny as hell, wet as anything, and unable to cum. Jackie let Susan come back down to earth, before switching on the vibrator again. "This isn't pleasure, it's torture" thought Susan, as her arousal levels shot through the roof again.

After a few more minutes, and no orgasm, Jackie switched off the vibrator. Jackie let Susan calm down, then sat astride Susan on the bed, gently rubbing Susan's breasts.

"Can you see these ?" Asked Jackie, as she held up a couple of padlocks in front of Susan. Through the pepper-pot holes in her hood, Susan could just about see the padlocks. Susan nodded.

"Here's the deal". Started Jackie. "You've barely had ten minutes of that vibrator and are already gagging to cum. I've been playing with it all week, and I reckon the batteries last a good three hours. If you put this padlock on your dress, and lock it, and the rest of your clothes on, I'll release your hands and you can cum whenever you want. However, you know where the key is to this (and my) padlock. I will also demand over the weekend that you attend to all my sexual needs as well.

"On the other hand, I can continue to torment you with the vibrator, and once the battery has died, I'll release your arms, and you will be free to do whatever you want - including removing your current attire, going out and leaving me here."

With that, Jackie reached behind herself, and gently rubbed Susan's crotch. Susan felt so close to cuming, but Jackie was too skilled in teasing Susan to let her cum.

Jackie then reached down under her own skirt, and slid a rubber clad finger inside her wet pussy. Making sure her finger was covered in her own juices, she removed it and placed it by Susan's nostrils, giving Susan the aroma of Jackie's juices.

Susan was torn. She didn't know what to choose. The chance of being free before midnight was very appealing. But the desire to cum was strong, and that was after just ten minutes. She would have hours more of the torture before being able to cum and she wasn't sure she'd last.


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