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His Wife is a Robot

by Garsponlin

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Storycodes: MF; married; unhappy; harassment; MM; offer; prepare; surprise; M/f; latex; catsuit; hood; gag; shave; trick; cage; basement; captive; android; replace; sex; climax; cons; X

Brian enjoys his life he has a fantastic job and a stunning wife it's almost perfect almost but not quite, his problem is his gorgeous wife she is so aggressive most of the time that he is actually scared of her, he actually adores her but every day is a problem and it's starting to affect his work, and he has no solution he won't divorce her, so he has run out of ideas as to what to do. 

He is sitting in the park lunchtime near his office enjoying the fresh air, he finds it very therapeutic to just sit and think, it really helps with his job and it gives him a chance to think over options as to how to deal with his wife problem.

He is deep in thought and doesn't notice the guy who sits down on his bench.

“Hi my name is Roger, I hope you don't mind me talking to you but I thought you looked so unhappy that I thought I might be able to help”

“No I don't mind but I don't think you will be able to help with this one”

“Try me”


Brian tells Roger everything normally he would keep all this stuff to himself, but there is something about Roger that makes him trust him.

“Thanks for telling me I have had an almost identical situation with my own wife, but it's now perfect shall I tell you how I did it?”


“Ok I run a small company that makes very realistic human like robots, so what I have done is replace my wife with a robot, in every way the robot is identical to my wife, she cooks my meals, looks stunning and the sex is amazing, she even talks like her, none of my friends and family even suspect the robot isn't her”

“This sounds very good but I wouldn't want to harm her, and I guess if she is being replaced I would have to get rid of her”

“Not at all you need to keep her alive as the robot won't work without her, I keep my wife in a cage in the basement for that purpose”

“Wow this is so bizarre, can I see your robot some time?”

“Come round to my house this evening after work I live locally so it's easy”

Roger writes his address and phone number down on a piece of paper and hands it to Brian.

“See you later then and please don’t tell anyone about our conversation, as what i have done to my wife is probably illegal, and don’t come over till gone six as i won’t be home till then”

“Don’t worry your secret is safe with me, all this is quite unbelievable but i’m intrigued enough to come over to your house”

Brian shakes Rogers hand and goes back to his office, all afternoon he can’t stop thinking about what Roger has told him and he can’t wait to see for himself, even though he doesn’t believe any of it.

“Its five thirty so Brian finishes work and drives over to Rogers house, when he gets there he is stunned it’s not a house it’s a mansion, Roger pulls up next to him on the long gravel driveway a few minutes later. 

“Hi come in”

Roger unlocks the front door opens it and is greeted by a stunning woman dressed in the most kinky outfit he has ever seen.

“This is my wife i hope you like her”

“Like her ? she is gorgeous”

“And a robot, i know it’s unbelievable but let me show you how i charge her batteries”

The robot stands still while Roger unzips her rubber dress and removes the cover on the charging input, it’s just above it’s bum.

Brian can only stare at the plug in amazement  Roger refits the cover and zips the robots dress back up.

“Now do you believe me?”

“I do, this is just incredible, if i hadn’t just seen the plug i would never have believed it wasn’t a real and very sexy woman”

“Now i will show you my real wife come with me”

There is a secret door in the hall and it opens when Roger presses a certain part of the architrave that surrounds it, Roger turns the lights on and Brian follows Roger down some really steep concrete steps and into a cellar, at one end is metal door, Roger unlocks it and they walk into large room with a cage in the middle, inside is what appears to be a female wearing what appears to be some sort of very tight black latex full body covering, her arms are secured behind her back with thick rubber straps and she seems to be gagged as well, she certainly can’t see anything.

“Nobody apart from me has ever seen this before, so i hope you will keep it a secret”

“You don’t have to worry about me I won’t tell anyone about this, but i do i need to know how all this works and the cost as well”

“Ok let’s go back upstairs and i will explain everything”

Roger locks the metal door and they walk back upstairs, he turns the lights off and shuts the secret hall door, it auto locks so it impossible to open unless you know where to touch the architrave. And it can’t be seen anyway now.

Roger has a comprehensive brochure already printed, so he hands that to Brian and they sit down in the lounge.

“Have a read of the brochure, it explains everything but just don’t let it out of your sight, what's in there is pure dynamite and if it got into the wrong hands i would go to prison for a very long time”

Rogers robot wife brings them both a hot drink and just stands perfectly still by his chair waiting for its orders.

Brian reads some of the information in the brochure, but he still needs to ask a question or two.

“Ok to save me reading all this tonight, can you tell me why you keep your wife like that?”

“The robot won’t work without a live woman nearby, that’s why i can’t take the robot out with me, the robot has sensors that pick up the radiation from my wife, that's how the robot gets its intelligence and realistic movement, as regards cost you are looking at about a million pounds but that does include a lifetime warranty”

“I can easily afford the million, so i think this is on, can i actually confirm with you tomorrow”

“You can”

Brian is fascinated by the robot wife so he stands in front of it to see if it reacts to him but it just stands quite still.

“It will only react to me as yours will if you do it”

“The only possible problem is that I won't be able to take it out with me”

“You can if you can put your wife in some sort of container, i did that once I put my wife in a suitcase, so long as she is within fifty yards of the robot it will work ok”

“Now that is really kinky, ok i had better go home I will phone you tomorrow morning”

The robot accompanies Roger to the door, and the last sighting Brian has is of Roger with his fingers in the robots pussy, he has pulled its rubber dress right up so he can do that.

As soon as he gets back home his wife is as usual very aggressive and demands he pay for a week at a health club for her, he quickly agrees to try and keep the peace, any doubts he had disappear at that moment so he decides to phone Roger tonight while his wife is making dinner.

“Hi Roger, Brian here i have decided i want to do this, so can i phone you tomorrow to arrange everything”

“Yes of course, i promise you won’t regret this”

His wife has calmed right down now and gets very amorous with him, when she is like this it's brilliant and the sex is fantastic, but there are now too many times that she is really aggressive. 

The sex goes on well into the night but he needs to sleep so by one they are both fast asleep
In the morning as it starts to get light Brian is the first to get up, his wife doesn't work so she just turns over and goes back to sleep. 

His company is located in the suburbs so he can drive to work, and he always gets there very early, at nine thirty he phones Roger. 

"Hi Roger Brian here ok how do we do this?"

"Ok the first thing I need to do is take lots of video's and pictures of your wife, I also need to measure her properly, I know it going to be hard to do that, so you need to think up a reason for me to be doing that, maybe you can tell her that I will be making her a very special outfit so that's why I'm there" 

"Leave that to me, she loves sexy clothes so what you suggest should work"

"What about tonight, I guess you want this done ASAP"

"I do, ok tonight it is then I will phone you later once I have spoken to her. 


He won't phone her till midday she should be up by then.

In between working, he phones round to find a company that makes a suitable cage, he finds one very quickly and orders it, he will have to wait till his wife is at the health club before he can get it delivered. 

"Hi Brian here, I want to have a very special outfit made for you, so I have arranged for the guy who will make it to come round tonight, he wants to measure you and take pictures and videos don't ask what the outfit is as it's a surprise"

She loves getting dressed up sexy so she is really excited. 

"Knowing you it will be something really erotic, ok I'm up for that"


He feels more relaxed now and goes to the park at lunchtime with quite a spring in his step. 

The first thing he does when he comes back to work is phone Roger. 

“Ok it's all set for tonight, come round at eight and the story is as we discussed you are making her a sexy outfit "

"Perfect I need your address can you text it to me"

His feelings are of elation and anger in equal measure but overall he feels very good.

He texts his address to Roger and gets a message back confirming it within a few seconds.

When Brian gets back home his wife is all dressed up in her most kinky outfit, and she has a few, she has no idea what he is planning, so she is feeling very horny knowing he is going to have a special outfit made specially for her.

“You look gorgeous”

“Thanks i have dressed up just for you, I hoped you would like it”

“I really do, it’s a shame in a way that the guy is coming round this evening, if he wasn't i would have taken you out, maybe we can go out afterwards”

“I would like that”

They only have a light snack otherwise they will feel a bit bloated and they sit together till eight, she is just like she was when they first met very quiet and very sweet, he is already having second thoughts but then he remembers how she is most of the time.

At bang on eight Roger arrives with video and still cameras plus a tape measure.

“This is Roger, he is the one making your outfit so i will leave you two to get on with it, i think he will need you in the nude is that ok?”

“You know the answer to that and of course it’s yes”

He leaves them together and she strips off everything, even her lace up corset”

Even Roger is impressed  by Brian's wife and he gets an instant hard on, he measures her and video’s her from every angle, he also takes literally hundreds of digital pictures, then he helps her to get dressed again he really loves lacing her back into the corset, she manages the tights dress and shoes herself.

“You really know how to fit a woman into a corset i can tell you enjoy it, even Brian hasn’t been able to pull my waist in like you have”

Brian comes into the room just as they are finishing. 

“Is it all done?”

“Yes all done, I will let you know when it's finished”

“Ok great and thanks”

Roger leaves the house and drives back home.

“I enjoyed that, he is very thorough, though I have never been videoed and pictured for an outfit before”

“He is just very careful, i’m sure the outfit will be just perfect, by the way your waist seems a lot smaller have you been on a secret diet?” 

“No that was Roger, he did the laces up on the corset even tighter than you have done”

“He must be really strong”

“I guess he must be”

While they were doing the measuring David was upstairs going through his wife's garments in the wardrobe and he finds the perfect outfit, it's an all over black latex catsuit with only two holes for her nostrils, she also has a large collection of gags, all he will need to get is some latex or leather straps for her arms.

“Ok let's go out and have some fun”

They go to the nearest club first and work their way eventually to the fetish club, and that's where they stay for the rest of the evening.

it's by far the best night he has had with his wife, she looks and behaves beautifully and he almost forgets about the aggression and anger, but he has decided and he will go through with it, she is so randy that when they do eventually get back home she just jumps him as soon as they are inside and he loves it she is so sexy he has an erection for hours.

Roger works very late on the mould he has made from the measurements, the videos and the pictures, after talking to Brian he realises that the usual three months won't work so has speeded up the whole thing, he can make the body quite quickly, it's the electronics and the joints that will be the challenge.

The weeks go by really quickly and Brian has to put up with lots of abuse, he can't wait for it to be all done so he phones Robert most days, luckily his wife has been at the health farm for an extra week which of course he has paid for, so he has only had a week of abuse to deal with, eventually by the end of the third week Robert phones to say the robot is finished so he goes to his workshop to see it and he is stunned, it's just like seeing his wife, it doesn't move as it needs to be within a certain distance of her, so he will need to wait for that but he does pay Roger the balance with a bank transfer, now he needs to get his real wife ready.

“I want to take you out clubbing tonight, why don't you wear the all over rubber catsuit with your figure you will look stunning”

“The only problem is I can't see in it, so you would need to help me walk around”

“I'm happy to do that”

“Ok I will”

Brian knows he will have to be very careful, as his wife is exceptionally strong she is even stronger than he is.

“You know what would be really kinky”

“No what's that”

“If I shaved all your hair off and gagged you, just thinking about it is making me horny”

“Well I do like being gagged, but if you buy me a few expensive wigs I will do that”

“That's a deal”

She gets completely undressed apart from her corset and sits down in front of her dressing table so Brian can shave her hair off, he does that straight away just in case she changes her mind and its soon all done, he paints her head and body with hair root killer and puts a penis panel gag in her mouth, it's the most extreme gag she has and she loves the feel of it in her throat, he gets her to have a shower so all the hair rook killer is washed off.

“Now let's get you into the catsuit”

She helps Brian pull the tight catsuit, it has very high heeled shoes built into it, so the first thing is to push her feet in them, then they pull the legs and body on, she puts her arms into the built in gloves and forces her hands into the fingers, he stops when he is just about to pull the hood on.

“I think I need to seal your eyes in case the rubber affects them.” She just looks up at him and closes her eyes, so he glues double latex patches over them, she can’t see anything at all now, so he pulls the hood over her head and zips her in, as she can't see so she doesn't know he has glued a latex strip over the zip, now she is permanently sealed in. He pulls her arms behind her and he straps them tightly together, this is the first time she has struggled but that only lasts for a few minutes, he lifts her over his shoulder and carries her down into the cellar where the cage is, the door is already open so he pushes her in, its a very small cage so she only just fits in, before she can do anything he has closed the door and padlocked it, she is really shocked this was not what she wanted at all.

“I guess you know now that we won't be going out clubbing, this is your new permanent home so don't struggle it's pointless, what I have done is have a replica of you made, at huge cost I might say, if you had been the woman I married all those years ago this wouldn't have happened, but in a way you have turned into a monster, so from now on the new you will be my wife although it's a robot in every way, it will be just like you used to be. Anyway Roger is bringing it round later so I can get used to it, I will feed you but not till tomorrow so for now I need you to get used to being in a cage, as that's where you will be permanently from now on.

She really didn't see all this coming, she should have realised when he suggested cutting her hair off that he was up to something, but it's too late now she knows that she is in a cage as she can feel the bars.

He turns the cellar light off, locks the steel door and goes upstairs just as Roger arrives with the robot, he helps him carry it indoors and they stand it upright as soon as Roger turns it on it starts moving. 

“This is proof that so long as it's in range of your wife it will work”  

Roger has dressed it in one of Brian's wife's latex outfits so it looks really sexy.

“In reality she is a masterpiece, I don't think anyone will doubt she is your wife, by the way don't try and contact me for a few days I'm exhausted, this has been my toughest job yet, so i'm going to spend a few days in bed”

“I'm so grateful, she is just perfect I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself”

Roger gives Brian a huge book of instructions to read and leaves him to it.

As soon as Robert has driven away he tells the robot to make his favourite drink and it does perfectly.

The deal breaker for him is the sex, his real wife was amazing in that, so he gets the robot bent over the back of the sofa pulls its dress up and starts shagging and the robot reacts perfectly, it’s just as though he is shagging his real wife and by the way it is reacting it seems to genuinely like it.

Down in the cellar his real wife is having orgasms just as though she is the one being shagged, Roger never explained that everything the robot feels his wife feels as well and back again, that's why the robot is so sexy once Brian reads the instructions properly he will know that.

Over the next few weeks Brian gets more used to the robot and actually forgets it’s not real, its only when he tried to take it out that he remembers what Roger told him, so he buys a suitable suitcase and fits his wife in, he keeps it in his boot when he is at the club as its close enough to power the robot.

The only time he needs to visit his wife down in the cellar, apart from when he takes her out in the suitcase, is when he feeds her which is only every three days, he does that through her nostrils with the super concentrated liquid food that Roger has provided.



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