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Gwen's New Suit

by Moonwriter

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© Copyright 2018 - Moonwriter - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; starwars; enslave; captive; corset; boots; collar; hood; gag; toys; insert; transport; bond; straps; denial; climax; cons; X

Authors note: English is not my native language, please enjoy my story.

One day Neytiri, a striking near forty years old woman with an athletic build body, hair in the tone of copper and dark green eyes, came into the room of her Padawan Gwen, who just had her 18th birthday and also had an athletic figure, which she always hid underneath her robes, had blonde hair and also green eyes but in a slightly brighter tone, and said: “Come with me I want to show you my birthday Gift.” Gwen answered:” Yes, Master.” They went to the Speeder of Neytiri and boarded it. As they neared the Flat of Neytiri Gwen asked:” What do you want to show me, Master?”

“It’s a Surprise, Gwen and I don’t want to spoil it” answered Neytiri with a slight smile.

When they reached the Landing port in front of the Flat they exited the Speeder and walked inside. In the Entry hall Neytiri lead Gwen to the right into her Bedroom. There she opened the door to the Wardrobe and took one item from it. She showed it to Gwen. She took it with caution as she didn’t knew the material and its effects for it was so shinny and black and had a chill to the touch. She spread it on the bed and took a closer look on it. Then she saw that it was a Bodysuit. She looked at her Master and asked: ”What is this Master?” Neytiri answered: “It is a new material called Latex. It enhances the Force Sensibility of the user. Do you want to try it on?”

“I don’t know Master it looks so strange” answered Gwen. “Is it really without danger to wear it?” Neytiri said: “Yes it is. I’m wearing one of the Suits myself since a month and had no difficulties with it.”

“Then I would like to try it on. But I don’t know how, Master. I never have worn such a Suit.”

“I can show you how to put it on if you want, Gwen.”

“Thank you, Master” said Gwen with a smile on her face. Then Neytiri pointed on her clothes and said: “First you have to undress.” Gwen took of her Robe and her Boots and then looked at her Master. Who smiled and said: “You have to take of all your clothes or I will not have the full effect on your Force abilities.”

After that Gwen took of her Bra and her Slipper. “What comes now, Master” asked Gwen with a light blush on her cheeks.

“You have to oil your entire Body because the Suit is Skin tight and it won’t fit otherwise.” She gave Gwen the Bottle with the Oil.

Gwen first put on her tights and spread it from there first on her calves and then her feet bringing special interest to her toes to make sure the oil is all over them. After that she poured some oil over her belly spreading it from there over her Breasts making her blush even more than before. After that she tried to oil her back but couldn’t reach it so she asked: “Master could you please oil my back?” Neytiri took the Oil and spread it over Gwen’s Back. After that Neytiri took the Suit from her Bed and kneeled before Gwen to help her step into the legs of the Suit. Gwen stepped into the legs and pushed her legs into the Suit. The Suit went over her calves relatively easy and then Neytiri stopped and showed Gwen that there were two Phallus shaped objects between her tights.

“Oh. What are they for, Master?” asked Gwen.

“They are there so you can have some fun while wearing the Suit” said Neytiri with a wide grin on her face. Then she took some oil and spread it over the two objects to then push the first one gently in her ass and then the second in her vagina. After they were both inserted Neytiri took the Suit and covered Gwen’s Belly with it. After that she said: “Now I need u to push your Arms in their Sleeves.” Gwen did as she was told and first pushed her right arm in the sleeve of the Suit. As she had her hand nearly out at the she felt that the sleeve wouldn’t stretch and told it to her Master. Neytiri answered: ”Oh wait I forgot about that.” And she got an item from the nightstand which she inserted in a small hole in the sleeve and then turned a few times until there was a nearly silent Noise. After that she told Gwen to push her hand though the sleeve. After the she turned the device in the opposite direction until there was the Noise again.

When she saw this Gwen asked: “Why are you closing it again, Master?”

Neytiri answered: “It will only work if it’s fully closed on your Body. That’s also the Reason why it’s so tight.”

After that Neytiri took the other Sleeve and hold it open for Gwen, who obediently pushed her arm in it and waited until her Master repeated the opening and closing at the end of the sleeve. When both Arms from Gwen where in its Sleeves Neytiri pulled the Suit over the upper Chest of Gwen and put each Breast in its own pouch, which caused Gwen to blush again. After that Neytiri walked around Gwen and pulled both sides of the slit on the back together and again used the closing device by putting it in a little hole at the back of Gwen’s Neck. After that she again walked around Gwen and asked her: “How do you feel with the Suit?”

Gwen answered: “I don’t really know how to describe the feeling. It feels like I’m naked and also fully covered at the same time.”

“I have some Accessories that would match the look of the Suit do u want to try them, too?”

“Yes please, Master” answered Gwen with a big smile on her face.

Neytiri turned around and walked to her wardrobe again and opened the door to pull out a bright pink corset. “First I will lace you in this and then come a few other things if you want” said Neytiri.

Gwen answered: “That looks gorgeous and it will make a great contrast to the Suit, Master.”

So Neytiri walked behind Gwen and wrapped the corset around her torso. When it was fully wrapped around her torso Gwen saw that it would reach over her entire Belly and would support her Breasts and push them up. Then Neytiri connected the hatches at the front of the corset and pulled it tight. After that she laced it ever tighter until Gwen could only take shallow breathes. “Master does it really have to be this tight, when it’s only an accessory?” asked Gwen breathless.

Neytiri answered: “Yes it has to be and from now on you will call me Mistress! Am I understood?”

“But…” asked Gwen confused. “And you will obey to everything that I tell you! Am I understood?”

“Yes, Mistress. May I ask a question please, Mistress?” answered Gwen obediently.

“You may” responded Neytiri.

“Why are you doing this, Mistress?” asked Gwen shyly.

“Because I’m going to be more powerful than any other Jedi will ever become. I lied to you about the purpose of the Suit. As long as you are wearing this Suit your force abilities will be transferred to me and u can do nothing against it. And to make sure that you couldn’t get any help I’m going to train you to be my slave” answered Neytiri with an evil glitter in her eyes.

“But, Mistress, that sounds like Sith-Alchemy and isn’t that banished in the Jedi Order” asked Gwen with a silent voice.

“Yes it’s banished and that’s why I can’t let u be free ever again otherwise the Jedi will hunt and kill me” answered Neytiri.

And at this moment Gwen saw that the Pupils of the Eyes of her former Master had changed from her former Green Colour to a Green-Yellow mixture. After that Neytiri used the Force to get a bright pink Armbinder from her Wardrobe and to pull Gwen’s Arms behind her together. Then she pulled the Armbinder over both Arms and laced the two straps that where on the top end through Gwen’s Armpits crossing them before her Collarbone and bringing them over the opposite shoulder to their fasteners. After that she tightened the Armbinder as tight as possible without breaking any bones. Then she pushed Gwen with her back first on the Bed and again used the Force to get a pair of bright pink Balletboots and laced them on Gwen’s Feet. Who then said: “I don’t think that I can walk in these Boots, Mistress.”

Neytiri answered with an evil smile on her face: “Now comes the best part of your attire and you will be quiet at last. And after that our journey to our new home will begin.” After she said that she walked to her Wardrobe and got a mask from it which again was bright Pink and had only see through Spots where the Eyes would be, but no Openings that could be seen. Then she took it and sat beside Gwen and asked sarcastically: “What do you think from your new Face that you will wear for the next Time until I decide that you can have something else?”

“Imphhhh…” started Gwen answering but was cut short by Neytiri pushing the Gag that was hidden Inside the mask into her Mouth. Then she pulled the Mask over Gwen’s Head and used the Device from earlier to again close the Mask in the Neck. In the first few Heartbeats Gwen feared to suffocate but then she felt Air rushing through small nearly invisible Holes under her Nostrils. After that she saw Neytiri walking a last time toward her Wardrobe and took another Item from it and showed it to Gwen saying with a slight Smile: “I heard you like Collar’s like the One that was used on your mother as she was a sex slave. You can be happy you now have your own one. But I think in your case will nobody come to free you of yours.”

Gwen saw the Collar with panic in her Eyes as Neytiri closed the distance between the Bed and the Wardrobe and then pulled her upright in a sitting Position closing the Collar, which was so wide that it pushed her Chin up, around her Neck again with the Closing Device from before. After that Gwen could only sit there as long as her former Master was dropping her Jedirobe to unveil a similar Suit to Gwen’s only that it had a red Colour and her new Mistress wore a black Corset. Gwen saw with fear that on the Side of the Corset hang a leash. Neytiri than took off her shoes and put on a pair of high heeled Boots that were standing next to her Nightstand. Then she took the Leash and clipped it to a D-Ring that was at the front of Gwen’s Collar and pulled on it softly saying: “I know this is hard for you to accept that you once more are a slave, but you were born one so it shouldn’t be that hard.”

Gwen tried to stay up but failed to do so and dropped back onto the Bed. Then Neytiri pulled harder on the Leash to support Gwen in her next try and she got to her feet but could only hold her position for a few seconds before she fell forwards onto Neytiri who made a sidestep and evaded Gwen’s falling Body. Gwen hit the Floor hard and lost her breath for what seems to be an eternity but only were a few seconds. After that Neytiri said with another Smile: “We don’t have time for you learning how to walk with your new shoes, so we will use the second method I prepared.”

After that she left the Room and returned with a trolley. Using the Force Neytiri manoeuvred Gwen onto it and then used the Straps that she had fixed to the trolley in preparation to fix Gwen to it without any possibility to move the slightest in any direction. Then Neytiri took the trolley and used it to bring Gwen outside the Flat and inside her Shuttle. Inside the Shuttle she brought Gwen into the Cockpit and said: “Before I will start your training you will see how we leave Coruscant behind on what the Order thinks to be another scouting Mission on Kuat. But we will not fly there. We will fly to Korriban to a House that I have been building there before. And if you Hope that they will track us with this Ship then you under estimate me. When they will search for this Ship they will find it on Naboo where I want to show you something. So let’s get started shall we?”

Then Neytiri took flight and as soon as they were out of the atmosphere of Coruscant she pushed for Lightspeed. After that she took the trolley and pushed Gwen on it in the second quarters where Gwen saw that they where rebuilt so that in the middle stood a treadmill and over it hang a leather harness. Neytiri said to Gwen: “I thought you would like to have some practice with your new boots after all you will wear them for quite a while.” After that she loosened the straps that secured Gwen to the trolley and took up the leash to guide her to the treadmill. Then she secured Gwen in the harness so she couldn’t fall over and started the treadmill with the mockingly asked question: “How do you find my entertainment program for you on our journey?”

From Gwen came a frustrated: “Hmm momm ymmm kmmm!”

Neytiri answered with a big smile: “I forgot to show you the key feature of that gag.” Then she got a tablet from her pouch and changed the volume of the gag so that it now filled Gwen’s complete Mouth so that she couldn’t make any more Noises. After that she said: “Oh and the Vibrators in your ass and your vagina are also controlled from this tablet. That’s a feature of these nice Suit’s that I inherited from my Mother. After all she couldn’t let some stranger get his fingers on our family stuff that belonged to our family since the first Jedi invented Force Alchemy one of them was the founder of my Family so we kept these Suit’s in our Family to control our Slaves that was until someone busted my mother and she was sentenced to death. So enough for now we will be on Naboo in about four to five hours so have fun training and if you don’t do it properly I will notice it.”

Neytiri then left the Room and went to her own Rooms and sat on the couch and looked on the Monitor how her new Slave was doing. After an hour watching her she decided to get a little nap. Three and a half hours later the systems of the Ship woke her up because they were nearing Naboo and she had to get back into the Cockpit. As she took her seat the Comlink blinked and she heard a voice asking: “Here is Naboo flight Control what are you transporting?”

Neytiri answered: “Here is Jedi Master Neytiri to investigate on the Edrier Belongings.”

The voice answered: “Ok Master Jedi please proceed.” Then Neytiri flew to the Mansion and landed on the Private Landing Port. After that she went to her own quarters and saw with a slight smile that Gwen was still training on the treadmill. After that she went to Gwen’s quarters and greeted her: “I see you now can walk in your new boots that is good than I don’t have to push you through the Mansion on our tour.”

After that she took the Harness from Gwen and led her with the leash towards the exit and onto the Landing Platform. When Gwen saw the Mansion she immediately recognised it from her time before the Jedi Order. “I see you recognise this Mansion. This was my mother’s house before she was sentenced and so now it is mine. And I know exactly that you once were her slave so know you have become what you ever should have been after my mother died and that is my property! And with enough time given you will accept this fate also! Oh and I can warn you I wouldn’t take your mother back my interest lie only in strong force sensitive slaves so I can put them in my suit’s that are just as yours, so you will get sisters because there are only female suits. So let us start our tour and look for things that we can take to Korriban. And on the way I can show you another feature of your suit. If I so will I can change the look of it that is why you didn’t recognised it when you first saw it. This Collar you are wearing isn’t just like the one that your mother was wearing it is exactly the one and the suit you are wearing was also hers only my mother liked the more street suitable clothes your mother was wearing but she couldn’t take them off either that’s why she always wore them. The only thing I can’t change is the collar, so you have to stick with it, but after all it’s also an inheritance from your mother, so you should wear it with pride. So more fitting for your next task would be boots in that you can pull the cart over there behind you. How about Boots with Hooves that would be fitting don’t you think?”

So she pulled a tablet out of her purse and made a few tips with her finger and said: “If I were you I would sit down on the cart or you might fall over again. The Boots will not support you until they are fully changed in my desired form.”

So Gwen moved quickly to the cart and sat down. Neytiri watched how Gwen struggled to get to the Cart and as she sat Neytiri pressed the field which would start the changing and explained: “This Suit and the Accessories are an interesting invention and are made of this special material named Latex that can be controlled by my tablet to take every form I wish them to take. So I could change your Outfit into everything I desire. So for example if I want you to pleasure me I could make a dildo appear in front of your mouth. But for now I want you to pull the cart so you simply need your hooves and maybe something on the side of your corset to attach the front bars of the cart.” After saying that she made a few adjustments on her tablet and on each side of the corset appeared a D-Ring. “So I see your Boots are ready so stand up and walk in front between the Bars of the Cart” said Neytiri, while walking over to the cart and packing the tablet back into the pouch. Then she took the chains from each bar and attached them to the D-Rings on the Corset and after that she sat onto the bench behind Gwen.

“So first we should go to the main bedroom I think you know the way so get going or I will use this whip I have here on you!” commanded Neytiri and Gwen first was stubborn and didn’t moved so Neytiri used the Whip to hit Gwen around her Body on her left Breast. After that Gwen howled in agony and went going towards the Mansion. When they reached the main Bedroom Neytiri pulled the Break and went inside leading Gwen on the leash inside. Inside she told Gwen: “Look it still looks the same as 15 years ago when your mother was freed out of here and even her Cage is still here. There is the Wardrobe I think you will like what we will get from it!”

Then Neytiri walked over to it and took out a few bags and opened the latches to show Gwen the inventory of them and Gwen saw that in each one of them was a maid uniform like her mother was forced to wear while serving in the mansion. “As you see here are five more Uniforms for me to use on other future slaves”, said Neytiri with a bright smile, “so you will get five sisters. But for now you don’t have to worry I will first break you before I will get another slave to accompany you and by that time you will help me getting her!”

After she put the bags onto the cart Neytiri went back onto her seat on it and asked with a deviant smile: “Will you behave now and go to the Back entrance or shall I whip you again?” Gwen made a wide circle in the bedroom and went out of it to go to the designated target. When they reached there Neytiri stood up and opened the door to the wide Yard and revealed another ship that she led Gwen to by her leash. When they neared it the freight door opened and Neytiri directed Gwen inside. After they passed the Door it closed again automatically. Inside Neytiri unclipped the Bars from Gwen’s Corset and sat her onto the cart again. After that she pulled the tablet out again and changed the Boots back to the Ballet version and made the D-Rings disappear. Then she guided Gwen by the leash towards the sleeping quarters on the vessel and there she led Gwen into one Corner and made her stand still: “Now it’s better if you don’t move otherwise you could be injured” after saying that she pushed a button on the wall and from the ground lifted a pole between the Armbinder and Gwen’s Back after reached the height of six feet it stopped and Neytiri used the strips that were dangling from it to secure Gwen on it.

When Gwen was secured to the Pole Neytiri pulled the tablet out again and showed it to Gwen, who saw with horror, that on the screen was her every Bodypart with the exact measurements and as she saw that Neytiri picked the Vibrators with a simple tap of her finger and scaled the intensity of their vibration to a quarter of the scale after that she tapped on the go button and the Vibrators started working but on such a low setting that Gwen wouldn’t be possible to Orgasm but to constantly on the Edge without getting over it. Then Neytiri changed the angle of the tablet so that Gwen couldn’t see what she was doing and changed the lenses over Gwen’s eyes so that there where pitch black which left Gwen blind. “I wish you a good Time with your Entertainment on this Journey. I will see you when we reached Korriban” said Neytiri with a huge smile.

After that she changed another option so that Gwen wouldn’t be able to hear anything. Then she took a few minutes to watch Gwen squirm in her restraints and began searching for her own mask. As she found it she put it on and used the force to tighten it on her head with the closing device she had used on Gwen after that she again used the tablet to change the colours of her attire so that she was garbed in complete black. After that she went to the Cockpit and set the destination for the Hyperdrive on Coruscant to get some things from the Jeditemple. When that was done she went back do the Bedroom and laid down on the bed and watched Gwen squirming while her own hands wandered to her own Breasts imagining how it would be to having Gwen with her in the Bed. After a short while her left hand wandered between her thighs and searching for the slit that was over her own vagina. When she found it she entered first one finger and started playing with her clitoris and while she got ever closer to her orgasm she used two fingers to find her own pleasure spot while simultaneously massaging her clit with her thumb. After what felt for her like mere seconds she came as hard as she never had before and after that experience she drifted into a deep sleep.

As she woke up she went to the Bathroom to check how she looked. When she saw her own reflection in the Mirror she got another idea. So she got her tablet again and changed her mask so that her mouth was covered and all here features were hidden from outside the mask. Then she went to the Cockpit and saw that they were orbiting above Coruscant. So she flew the Ship to a Landing Port in the industrial area of Coruscant and from there took a speeder for the Jeditemple. When she reached there it was dark outside and she managed to sneak inside without being noticed by anyone. Inside the temple she went to the Quarters of the Padawans and there went straight to Gwen’s Room inside the room she took the suitcase Gwen already had prepared early for their mission on Kuat. With the Suitcase in her hand she went outside the Room and heard some Noise closing in on her from one side so she went as fast as and silent as she could towards the opposite direction and from there to the exit. When she left the Temple she went to the Speeder she had parked in a nearby street and flew back to the ship. Back in the Ship she first set the Coordinates for Korriban and then went into the Bedroom where Gwen was still squirming in her corner. After that she opened the suitcase and looked through the items inside it. She found few personal items from Gwen mostly changing robes. But one item caught her interest and that was Gwen’s Diary so she lay down on her bed and began reading in it. The last entry was from the day before and there stood:

Dear Diary,

I had again this strange Dream, which I talked to you a few times. My Master was wearing this strange clothes and not her Jedirobe and commanded me around like I was her slave. When I woke up I felt my Heart racing like I just had run around the entire Temple. But what really was strange I felt dampness between my legs I only had felt a few times before and it was ever after I had these Dreams about my Master. I know that these Dreams are called Premonitions, because I asked a Master why I had these Dreams, but I didn’t mention to him what I was dreaming only how real they felt and they weren’t so blurry like other Dreams. I wonder what my Master will do with me in in the next one, because I never had these feelings before. And every time I meet my Master in again have this dampness between my legs but I don’t know how I could talk to her without she getting mad with me or worse she might abandon me to another Master and then this Dream would never get real, but I so want them to get real, because ever since my rescue from the Edrier’s Mansion I felt this strange Pull towards my Master. I even don’t really know what to do when my Master doesn’t tell me anything I mostly sit in my Room and Daydream of getting one of these Premonitions again and to feel whole again after so many years of yearning for her.

When Neytiri finished reading this she sat up and looked at Gwen with awe and disbelieve. And she read it again. After she was sure she hadn’t misread anything she took out her tablet and made the Lenses in Gwen’s Mask see-through again and showed her the Diary. But there was no Reaction of her because she had her eyes closed.

Gwen was in heaven and in hell at the same time after so long her Mistress had somehow found out about her deepest desires to be used by her but than her Mistress had put her onto this Pole and left without warning as if she doesn’t want her anymore. Gwen so hoped that her Mistress would return soon and end this so that she could tell her how she felt for her since the first time they met all these years before when she still was a youngling. And since she had been freed from her enslavement she never knew how she could do anything without being told how to do it until her Mistress came and took her as her Padawan. After that she always wanted to please her every wish so one day her Premonitions could come true and she could be the Slave of her Mistress she so longed for.

But what was that there was light but she doesn’t dared to look in fear of the absence of her Mistress and in Fear this could again be another Hallucination after all this hours on this pole. Then she felt someone touch her left Breast and began to massage it this little gesture was enough to bring her over the edge and she Orgasmed for the first time in her new life as her Mistress’s Slave. After what felt like Years she heard a Noise she so hoped to hear. It was her Mistresses voice talking but she couldn’t recognise a single word before she gave in to the Blackness louring and the edges of her consciousness.

The next thing Gwen came to remember that she was lying on a bed besides her Mistress and she also felt that there was nothing in her mouth anymore. But she dared not to talk because her Mistress hadn’t given her a permission to do so. So she looked in the light green Eyes of her Mistress and hoped that they would never get any darker again because that meant that her Mistress was going back to the light side and that would mean that she would lose her again.

Neytiri watched over Gwen as long as she needed to recover from her Orgasm and while doing so lay her on the bed and took off her Armbinder and her Mask so when Gwen would come to her Senses they could talk freely about what Neytiri discovered in the Diary. After about half an hour Gwen woke up and Neytiri just wondered if she would do anything. But there she lay besides her looking her into the Eyes without Fear but with what looked like Joy. After a few Minutes Neytiri began to talk: “I found your Diary. Did you mean everything that you wrote into it?” Gwen answered with a slight smile: “Yes, Mistress.”

“So you wanted to be my Slave since you first saw me training you?”

“Yes, Mistress. I wanted to be your Slave for my entire Life since the Jedi rescued me from your Mother. Since then I never felt like I’m belonging in the life of a Jedi. There was something missing in my life until you had the grace to take me as your Padawan. And after that I ever longed to fulfil your every desire and to serve you with my whole Body” explained Gwen with a serious Face.

”Why didn’t you ever try to talk to me about that” asked Neytiri.

“Because I feared you would abandon me or worse bring me in front of the Jedi council to let them decide my fate” said Gwen with a still serious expression.

Neytiri next asked: “So you will do everything I tell you and without asking?”

Gwen responded immediately: “Yes, Mistress.”

“If I asked you to bring another one from the Jedi order to wear one of these Suits you would do it?”

“Yes, Mistress”, was again Gwens immediate response with a slight smile, “I only would want to know if you have anyone particular in mind?”

“That is good but first we have to work on your skills with your new boots otherwise they would simply throw you on the ground, then escape and would alarm one of the other Masters.” said Neytiri with a smile on her own face,” So would you prefer any special training method?”

“It would be nice if you could refasten the mask and the Armbinder on me and hang me into this Harness again that you used on the journey from Coruscant to Naboo, Mistress!”

“Then it’s good that I have one of this on Korriban in the Dungeon! And for now you will lay here and recuperate before we get there.”

“Yes, Mistress, but could you put the mask back on I think it fits better with my outfit.” Gwen said with a slight smile.

Neytiri answered: “I have a better idea. We could dye your Hair in the same Pink as your other Accessories.”

“That would be nice but then there still would be my face with the mismatching colour.” said Gwen with a shy smile.

Neytiri asked with astonishment: ”So you want me to put on your mask and control it so that your hair comes through it and your face is still covered with it?”

“That would be nice, Mistress! If it’s possible, Mistress.” answered Gwen again with joy.

“It is possible, but first we need to recolour your hair permanently!” said Neytiri with a commanding tone.

“Yes, Mistress. As you command, Mistress.” answered Gwen and bowed her head. Then they went to the Bathroom and Neytiri dyed her hair. After that was finished she got the Mask and put it back on Gwens head and reprogrammed it with her tablet to the parameters they had talked about. In addition she refastened the Collar and attached the leash. Then she took out the control tablet again and changed a few settings so that Gwen was blind, deaf and silent again. After that she lead Gwen with the leash back into the bedroom, laid her on the Bed and took the Bedsheet to lay it over her. With a quick glance to check if Gwen was alright she fastened the sheet so that Gwen was lying on her back and couldn’t move much. Then she went to the Cockpit thinking how this past day had changed her and her former Padawan.



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