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The Future of the Slave Trade

by Chevron

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© Copyright 2010 - Chevron - Used by permission

Storycodes: Machine/m; shave; bodymod; M2f; latex; sexdoll; packaged; encased; nc; X

At the turn of the 22nd century, human trafficking had grown to be one of the most profitable enterprises around, second only to that of black market fossil fuels. The United States endeavored to set up a new task force known as FREE (Federal Rescue and Enslavement Eradication) to respond to the growing epidemic. By 2135, over 95% of all human trafficking operations in the US had been effectively shut down. Much that remained now was a mountain of paperwork that the bureaucratic process would take another fifty or more years to work through.

Aaron Murdock had joined up with FREE right out of college, partly because the government agreed to cancel his loans, but mostly so that he could help make a difference in the world at large. At twenty three years of age, Aaron was a strapping young man in the prime of his life… tall, lean build, short black hair, and a boyish face that betrayed his years. He was more than eager to get out into the field and help bust up some slave rings. Unfortunately, the few remaining field assignments were reserved for the more experienced officers, while newbies like him were confined to a cubicle day in and day out. Aaron had been assigned the task of cataloging all of the assets seized from a particularly nefarious trafficking group that had been eliminated several years ago. This group catered to the more exotic sex slave market, primarily supplying to customers with unique fetish appetites. While Aaron sat and fantasized about kicking down a door and holding a gun to some perverted wackos… his reality was over 100,000 spreadsheet entries listing everything from offshore bank accounts and dungeon equipment, to more mundane things like personal vehicles and office furniture.

Late one Wednesday afternoon, Aaron encountered an unusual discrepancy. There was evidence of a large construction project, something that this group funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into. However, he couldn’t seem to figure out what in the world it was. Each of the known facilities these people had operated was raided and thoroughly searched. Surely they would have found something this elaborate and costly… but there was no record of such a place. He poured over the books in an attempt to track the paper trail. A few favors called in on personnel in record keeping got him access to every piece of information ever gathered on The Midnight Syndicate.

Relevant info was dispersed amongst graphic images of several of their “products”. Some of the more unusual ones included a man that had been encased in something that looked like a reclining chair, his exposed manhood providing pleasure to its user. Another was a young girl had been modified to look like a dog, complete with a detailed head covering, paws, and even a little tail. Aaron managed to stay focused enough to find what he was looking for. There was a very obscure entry in one of the reports, which listed the address of a warehouse in some small Florida port city. At first glance, it seemed trivial and unconnected, but Aaron had a hunch. He knew that if he relayed this find to his superiors, they would send in an experienced field unit immediately. This was his discovery, and he’d be damned if some grizzled old-timer was going to take the credit. With that in mind, he booked a plane ticket using his own money and packed his bags for a weekend trip.

After landing and securing a rental car, the young cadet spent an entire 24 hours keeping the warehouse under surveillance. He placed hidden cameras at vantage points all around the structure. Aside from the occasional dock worker walking by, not a single soul entered or exited the building all day. Aaron felt confident enough to attempt a break-in later that night. Photo-optic contact lenses gave him limited night vision, and the latest advances in active camouflage technology gave him the confidence that no one saw his approach. Even the digital lock was no match for his decryption device… and no less than 90 seconds later he was inside without a sound.

Upon closing the door behind him, there was a roar overhead from an air filtration system. On the walls he could see what looked like hazmat suits and other protective gear. Unsure of what might be waiting on the other side of the inner door, he opted to put on one of the available gas masks. The interior was devoid of light save for what filtered through a few windows near the ceiling. Aaron’s enhanced vision allowed him to make out what appeared to be dozens of work stations. On each of the tables were various pieces of technological equipment and half completed piece parts of… something. This section of the warehouse appeared to be a giant clean room of sorts.

Aaron holstered his gun and moved towards the nearest work station. Laid out across it was what looked like an electrical conduit of some sort, at least 6 feet in length. A closer inspection revealed that it was made of segmented metal disks, each several inches thick, which contained complex servo technology. It was the same type of tech Aaron had seen used in artificial limb replacement… Perhaps they wanted to make a moving metal tube? A robotic snake of sorts? He shrugged his shoulders and moved further into the facility.

The back half of the building had been walled off, and there were only two doors that he could see (one labeled Control Center and the other Prototype Testing). The first sported some advanced security; a finger print scan, a retinal scan, and a physical key were all required to gain access… not even his code cracker was going to get him in there. The Prototype Testing room was far more lax in its security protection. Although Aaron noticed all kinds of warnings posted, he thought to himself “Who’s here to catch me?” A few seconds later his device cracked the security code and granted him access. It took quite a bit of strength to pull open the heavy steel door, but soon enough he slipped inside.

For a few seconds, his photo-optics were overloaded by an array of automated lights coming to life. While shielding his face and waiting for his vision to adjust, he failed to notice the door pulling itself closed behind him. He swung around to catch it but wasn’t quite fast enough. The locks slammed shut with an unsettling finality and the door refused to budge an inch. Aaron cursed his stupidity before turning to examine the room. When he saw what was before him, he almost fell backwards out of shock… Taking up a majority of the space was a massive machine, filling the entire length of the room and almost touching the 40ft ceilings.

He didn’t have much time to ponder its purpose as a booming voice recording echoed throughout the room, “TARGET ACQUIRED, BEGINNING RETRIEVAL”. The front of the technological monstrosity split open like the maw of an angry beast, and dozens of those mechanical snake-like appendages darted out into the room. Aaron turned to flee, but there was nowhere to go. The cybernetic tendrils quickly wrapped around his limbs and torso, pulling him towards the machine. He flexed his muscles and fought against them… but their iron grip was beyond natural strength. His futile cries for help echoed off the metal walls as the gaping jaws of the machine closed him in.

Aaron was unsure how far into the machine he had been pulled. Eventually though, he came to a stop in a rather open space. Several tendrils, equipped with what sounded like sonic knives, deftly began to rob him of every strip of clothing. When they were done, thin cuffs of some sort were affixed to his wrists and ankles… followed quickly by bright flashes of light and the smell of fused metal. The army of robotic snakes disappeared as quickly as they had come. For a moment Aaron’s spirits rose, but they were dashed seconds later by a dull hum that filled the room. He felt his body lift up into the air, suspended in a magnetic field of some sort. The powerful forces pulled his arms and legs away from his body until his muscles and tendons began to complain. He hung in that spread eagle position a few minutes before a series of hidden lights illuminated the space. The room was a perfect cube, 15ftx15ftx15ft. The walls appeared to be made of smooth, white plastic… he couldn’t even tell how he had entered. Suddenly, a hidden panel on the wall in front of him pulled away to reveal a computer screen beneath it. The same computerized female voice stated, “TARGET SUBJECT, BEGIN PRELIMINARY SCAN”… matching text accompanied it on the screen.

Aaron tried to explain that this was a mistake, but his words were ignored (if even registered by the machine at all). In the meantime, infrared beams scanned every inch of his nude form. His physical stats were recorded and posted on the screen in front of him: male, 7.1752 ft tall, 191.3901lbs,… The machine continued to get more and more detailed, recording measurements as random as the length of his fingers and toes. His repeated protests were interrupted by the voice, “SCAN COMPLETE. SUBJECT FOUND VIABLE. PLEASE SELECT DESIRED PROCEDURE.” Silence. “PLEASE SELECT DESIRED PROCEDURE.” Aaron laughed out loud to himself. He couldn’t believe lucking out like this. The facility was completely empty, everyone that once worked here was likely dead, in jail, or in hiding. “PLEASE SELECT DESIRED PROCEDURE.” ‘Stupid machine’ he thought, no one was here to select anything. “LACK OF INPUT DETECTED. WILL PROCEED WITH DEFAULT PROCEDURE #1 IN 5… 4… 3… 2… 1” Aaron cursed and renewed his attempts to escape, but it was no use.

“BEGIN SUBJECT CLEANSING.” Holes opened up in the walls and several of the metal tendrils reappeared. The tip of each peeled back to reveal a small nozzle, and together they worked to coat him in a foul smelling pink goo. The harsh chemical scent burned his nose, and he quickly closed his eyes to avoid getting blinded. Only a few moments elapsed before his skin felt like it had been covered in poison ivy, itching everywhere at once while he was forced to remain immobile. Although it felt like an eternity, only sixty seconds elapsed before the tendrils began to spray off the goo with jets of water and dry him with blasts of warm air. When they had gone he felt strange, no longer itchy, but somehow… more naked than before. He couldn’t see it, but he could surely feel the lack of hair on top of his head.

Aaron glanced down and was horrified to see his baby-smooth body shining in the light, with robotic attendants cleaning the mess up below. There was no time to be upset, as he could feel one of the machine’s appendages fumbling around his rear. A greasy nozzle pushed its way passed his clenched anus before inflating and filling his insides with a warm, soapy mixture. The system administered the near gallon-sized enema despite any complaints the cramping in Aaron’s gut elicited from him. He was sure his intestines would burst moments before the nozzle was removed. His feeling of relief was glorious but short lived, as the process was completed three more times…

“BEGIN GENITAL MODIFICATION PHASE 1.” Aaron didn’t like the sound of that at all, he knew what kind of business these people were in… they were surely going to give him some type of weird piercing. He felt movement behind him again. The head of this tendril sported what appeared to be a small hypodermic needle, which it quickly pierced his anus with several times. It hurt for just a moment before going completely numb. In fact, it went beyond numb… the ring of muscle tissue went completely slack. Another appendage carrying what looked like a clear, slimy tube passed by his peripheral vision. Aaron had no idea what was happening but knew this was something beyond a piercing. Once in position, the 2 inch thick tube of synthetic tissue was fed into the gaping hole. Beyond his anus, Aaron could still feel what was being done to him and groaned at the newfound fullness in his colon.

“CONNECTING ANAL NERVES.” There was a brief tingling in his ass followed by a confusing sensation. On the one hand, he could feel that there was a large object filling him completely… on the other, this new synthetic tissue responded to his mental inputs and felt like a part of him. He could contract and relax this artificial anus as if it was his own. “BEGIN GENITAL MODIFICATION PHASE 2.” At this point, Aaron realized that there was a digital display on the screen accompanying each procedure. He felt the first pricks of the numbing agent on his penis as he tried to make out the diagram in front of him. Once he figured it out, he fought the urge to be sick and did his best not to look down. There was a slight pressure on his pelvis and the sounds of the tendrils hard at work.       

Using a medical stasis field to prevent blood loss and surgical lasers to make all the incisions, the system was completely removing his manhood. Not only that, but it rearranged and altered the inner portions of his body to create a hollow space. Once complete, a far more intricate piece of synthetic tissue was fed into the cavity. After settling into his body, it now appeared that Aaron sported a clear jelly set of vaginal lips that fused seamlessly to his normal skin. They were perhaps a bit too puffy and pronounced, but they easily passed for the genuine article. “CONNECTING VAGINAL NERVES.”

Aaron snapped out of his stupor as he once again felt a tingling in his nether region. The sensations being interpreted by his brain were completely alien to him. He didn’t even know where to begin rationalizing what had just happened. “BEGIN FUNCTIONAL TEST.”

Without much warning, a lubricated probe eased its way effortlessly into his new vagina. He unconsciously moaned as unfamiliar muscles contracted around the invader, trying to draw it deeper into him. It began to thrust in and out of him at a steady pace, and despite his revulsion, he could feel a warmth building up inside him. From behind a similar probe began to rub against his clenched anal passage. It massaged the new muscle slowly, until it relaxed enough to push inside. Aaron no longer cared why and was trying his best to thrust back at these intruders, but the magnetic field kept him essentially motionless. Somewhere in the blur of pleasure, he felt a small, finger-like protrusion press into a sensitive portion above his vaginal opening. He likened the sensation to someone flicking the head of his penis… just a hundred times stronger. When the object touching the nub burst into hyperactive vibrations, Aaron thought he would lose his mind. His entire body convulsed in a full-body orgasm that shook him to his very core. Before he could even come off his high, all of the objects were removed unceremoniously from his body. For some reason, the feeling of the vaginal probe pulling out was especially undesirable and sent a shiver through him.. “FUNCTIONAL TEST COMPLETE.”

Aaron couldn’t even form a complete thought, it was all happening much too fast. The automated system pressed on continuously. “BEGIN UPPER BODY MODIFICATION.” Since he was in rather good shape, there was very little liposuction and skin stretching that had to be accomplished. He didn’t even have to look at the screen to know what was next, but that didn’t make him flinch at the needle pricks on his chest any less. Once numb, the tendrils surgically removed his nipples and the uppermost layers of skin and muscle from his pecs. He now watched the process  with a morbid fascination. A pair of crystal clear, C-sized synthetic breasts were fused to the unprotected tissues, complete with large nipples that already seemed to be stiffening. One of the tendrils sporting a clamp pinched each of them roughly, which earned a yelp of surprised pain from Aaron. Seemingly satisfied, they went about wrapping something strange around his waist. It looked like a very thin sheet of the synthetic tissue with clear plastic rods segmenting it every few inches. Once fused to his skin, he felt it tighten quite severely… forcing his midsection into more of an hourglass figure. Between that and the new weight on his chest, his breathing was becoming quite difficult. However, he had little choice but to learn to deal with it.

“BEGIN FACIAL MODIFICATION.” The machine seemed to undertake several tasks at once now. After his throat was numbed, his laryngeal prominence (Adam’s Apple) was surgically altered to a smaller size and also to change the sound of his voice. Higher up, minor alterations were made to his cheekbones and jaw line using a special ossification solution. His mouth was forcefully pried open and a rubbery sheath inserted. At first it seemed too small, but once seated it expanded to fill his mouth (save for an opening in the back to breathe through). The coating was thin enough over his tongue to move it around normally, but it was thick enough over his teeth to effectively turn them to soft, springy gums. Grunting (now more of a mewling), he did his best to expel it… but it appeared to have been sealed in place with some kind of adhesive. Slimy tubes were pushed into his nasal passages and down into his lungs, before they too expanded and sealed themselves in place. As a final insult, an unknown substance was injected into his lips to give him a more full and pouty expression..

Aaron hung limp and totally defeated. “BEGIN FINALIZATION OF MODIFICATIONS.” What more could the machine possibly do to him? As if to answer, he felt pricks on each of his fingers and toes. All of his nails were forcibly removed, cauterized, and replaced by fakes. Massive ossification injections in his pelvic bones enlarged and changed the shape of his hips (not an entirely painless process). Further down his body, rigid molds were fused to the arches of his feet that would make it nearly impossible for him to stand without the use of high heels.

“BEGIN ARTIFICIAL SKIN APPLICATION.” The nozzle-equipped tendrils took care to spray his entire body with a powerful anesthetic. Once he couldn’t feel a thing, the room was bathed in some sort of radiation… which rather quickly burned away what remained of Aaron’s natural skin. The cybernetic appendages were quick to return and coat his body in a thin layer of black fluid. After it was exposed to the open air, the substance rapidly solidified into a rubbery membrane. “CONNECTING SURFACE NERVES.” Aaron’s body began to spasm uncontrollably as feeling returned to him. Several of the tendrils began to caress different parts of him to test his reactions. This new skin made every touch more noticeable… almost exhilarating. He was almost disappointed when they pulled away.

“MODIFICATION PROCESS COMPLETE.” Several moments passed where the only sounds in the room were Aaron’s labored breaths. When he collected himself enough to look up, there was a video feed being displayed on the screen in front of him. The image was that of some beautiful ebony creature… her unnatural rubber skin glistened with sweat in the artificial light. She was spread for the world to see. Her physical features screamed sex, but both pairs of lips had been colored a crimson red, resulting in her looking like some sort of exaggerated fetish fuck doll. Aaron took as deep a breath as he could manage and waved his hand, only to have the image wave back. The revelation was simply too much to process… for now he had to concentrate on getting out of here.

“PREPARE PRODUCT FOR SHIPPING.” The friendly nozzle tendrils returned and sprayed his body with a silicon solution, making every inch of him shiny and slick. More of the mechanical limbs took their time pulling matching sets of red latex shoulder-length gloves and thigh-high stockings onto him. The sensual caress of the rubber sliding over his new skin alone was almost enough to send him over the orgasmic edge once more. A red latex bra was pulled over his new mounds, teasing his sensitive nipples with internal protrusions. Lastly, he could feel an unusual pair of panties being slid up his legs… moaning loudly when the dangling phalli were pushed deep into his new holes. His voice was now completely different, sounding much more high-pitched and feminine.

The magnetic fields began to shift his position using the metal bands under his new skin, pushing his arms behind his back and his legs together. A thick latex arm-binder was pulled up his arms and secured over his shoulders, before being automatically tightened as much as possible. The result caused his chest to be pushed out harshly, pressing his nipples even further into the bumpy nodules. Similarly, a single leg sheath was pulled up to his waist before the slack was taken out… causing the two invading rods to be pushed almost painfully up into him. The full-faced hood was the last item he was forced into. It was made of the same thick rubber as the other restraints, had an internal gag that inflated once it was seated inside his mouth sheath, and had no openings save for his nostrils and a hole through the gag. Aaron swallowed frantically, as he could feel a tube being fed down into his stomach. Shortly after, the tube was pulled free, and it felt as if he had eaten a large meal. Little did he know that the substance pumped into him would solidify into a rock-hard resin when exposed to his stomach acid… over time degenerating into water and nutrients. Combined with his synthetic skin’s ability to filter any waste water as normal sweat, this meant he could essentially be stored for weeks without being attended to.

Trapped in darkness, Aaron could only listen as he felt the magnetic field dissipate and the mechanical tendrils wrap around his body once more. They moved him further into the machine. Eventually he came to a stop and was carefully laid out on a soft, gel-like cushion of some sort. He half sunk into it, the substance conforming to every curve of his new body. Tubes were connected to his nostril openings, and a small air pump took over his breathing. On the outside, the machine finished the preparations on his shipping crate. A second slab of the gel material was placed on top of him and a lid nailed to the open side of the box. Within the confines, Aaron was robbed of what little movement he had left by the memory gel. His only company was a dull throbbing from the shafts still piercing his nether regions and his extremely sensitive nipples. He moaned pathetically into his gag…

Outside the warehouse, the morning fog had engulfed the harbor. A lonely dock worker sat near the water eating his fast food breakfast sandwich. The sound of hydraulics from the abandoned warehouse behind him nearly sent him leaping off the pier. He spun around and watched as an automated door opened and a small crane emerged carrying a large wooden shipping crate (perhaps 7ftx3ftx3ft). The unmanned crane deposited the box on the dock and retracted into the building without a moment’s hesitation… returning the area to a quiet stillness interrupted only by the occasional seagull. Utterly perplexed, the dock worker approached the container and inspected it for any indication of its contents. This area had been under highly armed security several months ago, but had become utterly abandoned since. Sure enough, there was an attached shipping document on the side of the box. As he opened it and read the first few lines, his mouth split into a wide grin: “Dear Customer, We thank you for your patronage and interest in our highly advanced line of sex slaves. We are sure that you will be more than happy with your purchase. Some of her features include… ” The man stopped reading and ran to find a crowbar..

Inside the warehouse, a monotone female voice echoed inside an empty chamber. “CYCLING TO DEFAULT PROCEDURE #2. AWAITING NEW SUBJECT.”



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