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The Further Training of 'S' 15: The Penultimate Sessions

by James W

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© Copyright 2011 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM+/f; D/s; latex; catsuits; bond; susp; treadmill; inflatable; susp; bagged; multi-layer; breathplay; tank; sd; conditioning; tease; climax; cons; XX

continued from part 14

Chapter 15: The Penultimate Sessions

Now fully dressed again in her slave suit she felt much better; she really was at one with her rubberised condition and felt both physically and psychologically uncomfortable without her total covering. The punishment helmet with feeding tubes issuing from the outlet was fitted over her slave helmet. The blindfold and breathe through gag were fully buckled effectively sealing her within her encapsulated state. She was led to the Punishment room where her next punishment ordeal awaited her.

She was made to knee in the classic slave position before her Mistress. The deeply embedded earphones clicked on, “Good day Slave.” The fact was it was 3am. “I trust you have slept well because you are in for a little exercise. As you know a slave must be in tip top condition so they are ready for anything which is demanded of them. To be out of condition is a punishable offense I am sure you know. Although you are undergoing seven days of unremitting punishment I am concerned that so far in your punishment there has been little actual exercise so I have devised a special punishment exercise programme which should get you back to fitness. First you need to be fitted into some special apparatus so you can enjoy the whole process. I know that you love being put in bondage so the Master and I have devised the apparatus you will be wearing as a special surprise. There, don’t you feel lucky?”

The cold sarcasm with which the announcement was made was not lost on ‘S’. She knew she was to be further punished. The irony of the situation made her smile within her containment.

“You will be fitted into the apparatus and connected up to various inputs all designed to keep you on your toes. Once that is completed I shall return and oversee your punishment. As a special treat your blindfold and gag will initially be removed however once you have mastered all the actions needed to survive then I shall replace them, after all you are being punished! I am really looking forward to seeing how you fare. You should sleep well after this session”. The earpieces clicked off.

The leather harness which ‘S’ was fitted into comprised of a bodice with special fitments at crotch and breasts; the whole outfit had buckles down each side and at the shoulders so infinite adjustment could be achieved. From the top of the shoulders heavy weight ‘D’ rings were fitted so suspension would be possible. ‘S’ crotch zip was opened and the deeply imbedded black rubber dildo with electrical connections withdrawn to be replaced with a reciprocating dildo worked by a vacuum pump. Her sensitive nipples were covered with two stainless steel orbs which had inflatable cuffs which would make a perfect seal with her latex slave suit. Both fitments had tubes extending out from respective centres which would be connected to the vacuum pump allowing a ‘milking’ like action to occur.

The punishment helmet was removed to be replaced with a full face industrial respirator with a collection of tubes projecting out. These allowed for breathing control, rehydration and sight control by clever electrical system which allowed control from completely translucent to totally obscured. ‘S’ was led over to the treadmill where a series of suspension springs hung down. She was connected to them and all tube connections were linked up. In effect she was held fast in suspension bondage with only her booted feet touching the tread mill. She knew she was in for an arduous punishment session.

Once all was set up the Mistress reappeared. “Slave we shall commence with your ongoing punishment now. I should explain to you that the form of punishment you are about to receive is designed to test your stamina and to keep you fit for use. Now to business, each session will last exactly one hour. You will have a five minute rest period each hour; that is if you succeed in completing each unit. If you fall below the standard expected you will be receive electrical stimulation from the dildo you are fitted with. I can assure you that you will not enjoy that. Equally you will be rewarded if you succeed in maintaining the pace we have decided you must achieve. Of course the treadmill can be inclined to increase the level of physical difficulty. You will receive instructions from the programme via your earpieces. You must follow these to the letter otherwise you will be further punished. I have a number of options available to me ranging from electrical shocks through vacuum pumping of your breasts to air and liquid controls. I should add that each time you fall below the standard expected the treadmill will slow to a stop and you will be hoisted up from it suspended in the air. There you will receive your punishment before being lowered to the treadmill. Now let’s begin.”

The treadmill belt started to roll forward ‘S’ had no alternative but to begin walking she used her gloved hands to hold on to the rails at the side to steady herself. A rail immediately in front of her stopped any attempt to step off. Initially the belt continued at a walking pace so she had no difficulty in keeping up the steady pace demanded however ‘S’ knew that this would not last and she would be tested to exhaustion before the session was finished. As time passed she was aware of a growing heat being generated within her latex encapsulation. She was so focused on keeping up with the rolling belt that she did not see the Mistress depart. Only a trainer was left to attend to her in the event of any mishaps. Suddenly the breast cups began their pulsing and for a moment she lost concentration slowing below the necessary pace demanded she was in a turmoil of pleasure pain; her breasts so sensitive from the earlier attention were sending delicious signals to her brain she wanted more of this! Immediately the belt slowed to a stop and she was hoisted above the belt. A series of pumping actions on the deeply embedded dildo began which had her swooning for more followed by pulses of pain as the electrodes delivered shocks. Suspended she could only flail. She resolved to pay attention to keeping up the pace demanded.

By the time the Mistress returned ‘S’ was steaming within her latex containment as well as very aware of the need to avoid at all costs the punishment awaiting her if she faltered in any way. She was bathed in sweat her eyes stinging from the sweat within the respirator.

The Mistress approached her now dressed in a latex riding habit with jodhpurs and riding boots carrying a riding whip. She stood directly in front of the treadmill so ‘S’ could see her full splendour.

‘S’ was tired as the first hour came to a close. The belt she was walking on slowed to a stop. This frightened ‘S’ as she was expecting to be hoisted and shocked. Her earphones clicked on. “Slave I trust you are enjoying your exercise regime? Of course you know, don’t you, that this is only the very beginning of a very long punishment session. However you have a five minute break now so you can relax and recover.” With that ‘S’ was hoisted up above the treadmill and left dangling in space. “There that’s better, isn’t it? Because you have completed your first session with only one punishment shocking I am going to reward you with a ‘Pleasure’.” The dildo began to slide in and out of ‘S’ vagina as well as delivering a series of utterly stimulating pulses. ‘S’ closed her eyes as she was forcibly taken to an intense orgasm. She hung within her bondage utterly spent but totally fulfilled. In the back of her mind she knew this was in reality a punishment as now she felt she would be unable to even stand up let alone walk.

The next hour passed very slowly. She was hydrated continuously via the oesophageal tube although she was totally unaware of this; her full concentration being focused on keeping up the relentless pace.

Each hour she kept up as best she could but eventually the inevitable happened and she began to receive shocks as she failed to keep pace. She knew this was very much part of the planned punishment regime. At the end of each hour the Mistress returned to engage ‘S’ in a one way conversation. At the end of the fourth hour ‘S’ was very tired however she knew instinctively that this was very much part of the plan to test her to exhaustion. “Ah slave I see you are now getting on fine with the regime so I think the addition of further bondage is called for, don’t you agree”

‘S’ knew this was one of the Mistresses rhetorical questions which demanded no reply so she remained passive with eyes down cast. “Trainer fit her with the single arm glove and make sure it is tightly fitted I want no slack!” She turned to ‘S’ “Now you will walk tall with no support from your arms. This will test you further and probably result in more punishment shocks but you are undergoing seven days of unremitting punishment aren’t you slave. I shall leave you now to your own world of punishment whilst I return to my office for a well deserved coffee. I shall enjoy watching you via the video monitor knowing that you are receiving punishment. By the way at times your air supply will be reduced so you will have to contend with the extra demands made on you. To add to your challenge your visor will become progressively opaque, after all you know which way you are walking so don’t need your sight do you!”

The long hours of torment seemed unending to ‘S’ bathed in sweat and progressively becoming exhausted. She knew she had at all costs to keep going to avoid further punishment.

Eventually in the final hour she was informed that rather than keep up the pace demanded she would be set a new challenge one which had no time limit.

“Slave, the treadmill will now be raised to an incline. Your task is to complete the equivalent of two miles on this uphill slope. I should add that if you stop at any time the counter will zero and you will have to start again. When you have completed this challenge then you will be released taken to be bathed then put back in your cell to recuperate prior to your next punishment session”

‘S’ was already at her wits end but the words of her Mistress arrowed through her; she knew the instruction carried a very real threat.

The last session was the hardest for ‘S’ she knew she must at all costs, not stop. The relentless physical demands made on her were taking their toll. By the end of the first mile she was running on pure fear. ‘Mustn’t stop, must keep going...need rest ... but must keep going... think of your beloved Master who demands this test of me, as his rubber slave. Say your mantra.....’ her befuddled mind now slow ‘For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master, for the love of my Master....’ This helped ‘S’ to keep going when her exhausted body demanded a stop whatever the cost.

Her Mistress returned to view the final last few hundred metres. The fully bondaged form of ‘S’ moving so slowly trudged to the completion of her trial; her seemingly unending punishment now at an end. The belt stopped and ‘S’ buckled and gradually sank towards the belt of the treadmill. She was saved by the suspension tethers and hung there in a semi conscious state. ‘S’ was totally unaware of her stripping bathing or feeding and cleansing enema or being put into the spread-eagled position on her bed.

She was allowed a full eight hours of sleep but still had to be roused from her dreamless slumbers. She was returned to the punishment room and placed on a kneeling pad. She knew that this signified the classic slave position to be assumed. She took pride in placing herself in a kneeling stance with legs folded back under her thighs, slightly parted to expose her crotch, hands behind her straight back and head bowed. She heard the entrance of her Mistress as her stilettos tapped out the unmistakable message that she was approaching; ‘S’ heart missed a beat as she anxiously awaited her presence and what further punishment she was to receive.

“Hello slave I trust you are well rested and looking forward to your next punishment session? This one will allow you to fully recover whilst you are being punished. Of course you will receive further exciting punishments whilst undergoing the main punishment. I believe your level of fitness is much better after your last punishment. So my slave what fiendish punishments have we devised for you?” This was another one of her Mistresses rhetorical question which needed no reply from ‘S’. She remained head bowed not daring to move a tired muscle.

“First we must prepare you for your ordeal I know just how much you enjoy inflatable’s so you are to be put into a one piece complete suit with a full inflatable helmet without eye pieces. The inflatable helmet will have an unblemished surface just like a ball. The helmet has a series of breathe through tubes which exit at the crown. This will allow me to have continuing control over all body functions. You will be suspended high above the floor in the entrance vestibule so any one of my staff or for that matter anyone entering our establishment will see a heavily bondage form. You will be on display for the entire length of your punishment. There don’t you just love my ingenuity?” There was no answer from the encapsulated form kneeling before her.

‘S’ was put into a one piece double walled inflatable suit. The arms were welded to the side of the suit so her arms were pressed tightly to her sides. As it began to inflate ‘S’ felt one of her favourite sensations that of being pressed and squeezed all over as the pressure built.

‘Call this a punishment! If only you really knew just how addicted I am to full inflatable encapsulation you wouldn’t give this to me as a punishment. I am in my element roll on the suspension. Wow, to be on display is one of my secret fantasies, to have others viewing my suspended form knowing that either I or some other slave is contained within the suspension bondage and will remain like that until the Mistress or Master deem the punishment long enough and release is granted. This will allow me to catch up on my sleep. I feel like I could sleep for ages.’

Once all connections were made for body control she was placed on a hospital trolley and wheeled out to the entrance vestibule. There she was placed into a strap cage. This consisted of a round platform to stand on with straps diagonally arranged and fixed around the base. At the top about 2-feet from ‘S’ head a ring of metal was placed around her forehead. This ring of metal allowed room for slight head movement although the ball inflatable filled most of the available space.

Each strap from the strap cage ended in a ‘D’ ring into which a karabiner was threaded and locked. Gradually she could feel the pressure building as the already fully inflatable suit and helmet were compressed as the strap cage elongated causing complete unremitting pressure to all parts of ‘S’ rubberised body. She was hoisted up some ten feet and left gently swinging for all to see. At randomly selected intervals her dildo sprang to life and took her towards a perfect Pleasure but to her mounting frustration she was never allow to achieve one. ‘Pleeese Pleeeeesse let me take pleasure I am dying of frustration! This is one my favourite bondage outfits!’ ‘S’ was kept like this for hour after hour. This torment went on for the whole period of her suspension. She must have fallen asleep at some stage although she was not sure as there was no stimulation of her senses for long periods where she just drifted within the dark universe of total latex bondage.

Lizzie came through the vestibule on one occasion and stood transfixed by the sight of her friend hanging suspended from the ceiling. She had opened the door to allow the Master to enter.

Eventually the bondaged form of ‘S’ was lowered to the ground. A very relaxed slave was released. She wanted the inflation bondage to continue and was not sure just how long she had been held within the one piece inflated suit. It could have been a few hours or a whole day she had no record of time passing.

Now back to default setting of slave suit and helmet she wondered if that was to be the end of the session. “Right slave, now for the next suspension session, one which I am sure you will long remember.”

‘S’ was fitted with the heavy weight punishment helmet and all tubes fed out through the various ports. She was blind folded and the inflatable breathe through gag fully inflated. ‘S’ felt that her cheeks would burst. This was real punishment. Next her hands and wrists were fitted with suspension fetters. These allowed for comfortable suspension without cutting off blood supply. Her wrists fetters were attached to a karabiner then winched above her head so she was standing on tip toe. A full suspension corset further added to the control. This corset had a series of ‘D’ rings rising up from the shoulder straps to allow for taking some of the weight from the unfortunate slave so only some of the body weight was loaded onto the wrists. Attachment chains from her corset were connected to the spreader bar above her head. These would take some of the weight from ‘S’ wrists. A heavyweight black latex containment bag with a waterproof diving zip down one side was pulled around her enclosing her entire body within its large interior. The bag totally enclosed ‘S’ not even her hands protruding from the enclosure. There was no air feed to the bag.

‘S’ earphones clicked on, the Mistress spoke, “So as the first suspension was really a rest cure I have decided that you now need to be fully aware that you are within a long punishment regime which as you know will last for a full seven days. I also know with certainty that you have no idea as to how long you have been within this regime or how long before completion. I do hope you have sufficient resolve and stamina to make it to the end without completely collapsing. As I have said before this punishment will require all of your resolve. Now to inform you of what will happen to you in this session”, here her voice took on the ice cold tone which always made ‘S’ tremble. She had come to know that this voice always meant trouble for her and sexual excitement for her Mistress.

“You will already know that you are to continue with a suspension punishment as your hands are now high above your head. Equally, you will have some awareness that you are within a large latex bag which completely encapsulates your already encapsulated body. I do so love the idea, of multiple layers of latex, especially when undergoing punishment as a way of emphasising the seriousness of the offence. To be bondaged as you are with slave suit and helmet with punishment helmet over that then a heavyweight latex enclosure bag to contain the package is to my mind wildly exciting. I take great pleasure in viewing such an arrangement as you remain suspended deep within the water and air tight bag. Oh yes, I should mention that there are no airways into the bag so you will have to ration your consumption of air otherwise you will suffocate! To add to your ‘pleasure’ ” Here her voice was heavy with sarcasm. “Each hour throughout your suspension I shall unzip the bag and make you take pleasure. That will give you something to look forward to. You will not be released until I deem you have taken enough pleasures and I have had my fun. Now let’s get started!”

‘S’ immediately became aware of the bag being pulled around as the trainer closed the heavyweight watertight zip; her fettered hands and wrists were pulled tight as she was hoisted into the air. She swung slightly within her stygian enclosure knowing that she was very much at the beginning of full punishment.

Gradually the heat built within the bag causing ‘S’ to begin sweating. The heady perfume of latex permeated her whole being. Each breath filled her lungs with warm scented air. Had it not been for the anxiety of knowing that she would either sink or swim within the bag because of the inexorable build up of stale air she would have enjoyed the heady aroma. However she was alarmed by the parting shot of the Mistress, ‘Help, the Mistress is intent on increasing my punishment. I shall probably suffocate within this bag by the end of one hour. If I survive I am to be taken to pleasure before being resealed!’ The very thought of being sealed away was stimulating to her, to be objectified worth less than a passing thought was one of ‘S’ long held fantasies.

‘S’ hung quietly making every effort to conserve her precious air; breathing in very slowly then holding on to each lungful before exhaling slowly. She was now bathed in sweat her slave suit feet progressively filling with her own sweat. By the end of the first hour she was still alive but the air she was being forced to breathe was substantially stale with the CO2 content making her slightly breathless. The bag being handled raised her from her zombie like state. The unzipping of the bag allowed fresh air to enter. ‘S’ was immediately aware of incoming clean air replacing the stale. The ingress of cool air came as a relief; she could feel the temperate drop through her suit.

Her Mistresses voice spoke deep within her bondaged head. “Slave I am delighted to see you have survived the first hour of punishment now your reward.”

‘S’ was plunged into her silent world again. The watertight zip at ‘S’ crotch was opened. She shuddered at the coolness of air as her vagina was exposed. The deeply imbedded dildo was left in place. She felt the soft touch of a gloved hand begin to caress her clitoris which responded by engorging with blood and hardening. Within moments she was being taken towards her first enforced pleasure. She was putty in the hands of an expert. All her being cried out for release. Her mind in turmoil she wanted more than anything in the world at that moment to achieve pleasure. ‘Ahhgg, yes..... make me your object of play use and abuse me for your own pleasures. Keep me like this forever lock me away within a totally rubberised world of sexual delight. Make me your plaything’. All inhibitions now gone she rode the oncoming wave of release with pleasure at the very front of her mind.

She could feel the orgasms approaching as she hung suspended within the bag her only contact with the world via the latex gloved hand of her Mistress which was working its magic on her. She rode the orgasm bucking and swinging helplessly. Lights flashing before her eyes, breath held to increase the intense pleasure. Completely spent ‘S’ hung limp, barely conscious.

The gloved hand was removed and ‘S’ crotch zip resealed to be followed by a trainer handing the Mistress a towel to dry her sopping wet hand. The Mistress smiled to herself knowing she had her slave very much under her control. “Zip the bag up that should weaken any resolve my slave has of lasting out still with some dignity. See you in one hour’s time!” She turned and strode out of the punishment room leaving the bag containing her slave gently swinging from the tether high in the ceiling. To an outside observer it looked like a huge black rubber bag for storage of some item or items needing careful protection.

Each hour the same procedure occurred. ‘S’ gradually lost all sense of time as well as any resolve she had to remain in some small way in charge of her self control.

After five hours of suspension within the heavy rubber airtight bag she was lost to reason knowing with certainty that she wanted but feared the sexual ‘Pleasures’ which she was forced to take.

“So slave, now for my pleasure, you see I am totally in control of your existence! I shall now bring you to ‘Pleasure’ because I can, whilst you have absolutely no say in this arrangement, you are my latex slave, my rubberised objectified plaything”.

For the ‘n’th time ‘S’ was very aware of her position. The gloved hand caressing her sopping wet clitoris soon had her climbing towards the inevitable orgasmic release. Although barely conscious after the unending suspension bondage, the endless highs then the awful lows as her body ached for release as she remained sealed within her containment her body began the long climb to sexual fulfilment.

‘yes, oh yes, pleeeassee take me to pleasure.....I am your plaything, having no rights whatsoever, I am to be used and abused for your pleasure.’

Gradually ever so gradually the Mistress worked her magic on her slave; her gloved hand ringing wet from the vagina secretions issuing from ‘S’.

The last pleasure took ‘S’ to oblivion; she hung limp unaware of being lowered to the ground. She was released and taken back to her cell where she was put to bed in the punishment default position.


The relentless punishment regime was taking its toll on ‘S’. She had to be raised from deep sleep by a Trainer. He removed the heavy latex covering from the spread-eagled form of ‘S’ then unchained her and without further ado lead her out of her cell and towards her next punishment.

Entering the punishment room she was taken before the Mistress now dressed in a SBR lancer fronted double breasted mackintosh fully belted to emphasise her narrow waist. The collar was turned up and all buttons fastened. She was the epitome of the imperious Mistress. Her jet black hair was pulled back in a very strict bun with scarlet latex ribbons interlaced.

‘S’ knew what she must do and immediately assumed the classic slave position.

Through the embedded earpieces her Mistresses voice, steel like, clinical filled her head, “Slave your punishment continues unabated because that is what I want and what you deserve for your major lapse of our Training centre rule. Now, to business, you probably have never heard of the Lilly tank which was used in a learned academic experiment to explore the mind of subjects who were denied any external stimuli. ”

“They were suspended in rubber diving dry suits in water at exactly the temperature as their body heat i.e. 37C. Their vision was occluded with all vital functions connected to a central control consul. Kept like this for long periods with absolutely no external stimuli the brain began to play tricks on the subjects. Because no stimuli were incoming the brain made up its own stimuli but here there was a dichotomy. What appeared to be real was infact nothing more than the brains attempt at creating a reality? Given this apparent vacuum the brain and the person who was held suspended from all normal sensory input grasped onto what appeared to be real. The fact of the matter was this reality was completely fabricated. Scientists soon realised that they could affect the subjects fundamental beliefs not just for a short time but permanently. This was in effect brainwashing; a condition where new input at the auto-suggestion level where constant low level input to the individual became the new reality completely overlaying the original neural patterning and leading to a fundamental change of his or her personality and beliefs. Well slave you are now to experience this process. You will however only be kept within the tank for a shorter period. The input you will receive will all be related to what you clearly are already, a true masochistic rubberist!”

Turning to the trainer she instructed him to take and prepare her slave.

‘S’ had already experienced a dry-suit and SCUBA breathing earlier in her training so knew what she was in for. She had loved the experience but the sound of this punishment session had raised her anxiety levels substantially. The suiting up went without a hitch; the catheter tube was fitted to a large leg bag whilst the enema tubing was sealed. The dry suit was an Avon in black rubber.

‘S’ sat on a stool awaiting the fitting of the headpiece her helmeted head emerging from the latex neck seal of the dry suit. The sight of the headpiece came as a shock to ‘S’ It was a Kirby Morgan modern divers full hard helmet as used commercially not the old copper dome of past ages. It comprised of a Kevlar outer in yellow with chrome encircled hardened glass face piece, breathing tubes projecting out from the front. Neoprene under helmet in black and oral nasal mask which had feeding tube in place which would connect with the penis gag through which the feeding tube descended to ‘S’ stomach.

‘S’ took in the tube and dutifully swallowed it then took in the penis gag which she had come to love. She had become addicted to gags since being at the training establishment. She was now being fed pure oxygen via the special breathing apparatus. This would allow scrubbed oxygen to be fed to her via input and output tubes thus no exhaust bubbles would be created to cause any sound as they vented into the water whilst being suspended weightless within the Lilley tank. The helmet had been modified to incorporate a fold down shutter which would seal any light from entering the helmet. Around her waist a weight belt was attached to give her just the right amount of negative buoyancy to allow equalisation keeping her at a set position within the tank.

Through her ear pieces came the voice of her Mistress, “Slave, you will now be placed into the Lilly tank, submerged, tethered, connected to life support and left. At some time in the future, at my discretion I shall release you. There is a microphone within your breathing helmet so every utterance you make will be recorded. At a subliminal level auto suggestive messages will be played to you over your earpieces; to further enhance your complete lifestyle as a rubber obsessed masochistic slave.”

It took some time to fit all connections and to suspend ‘S’ fully submerged within the tank. Eventually all was complete and the fully dry- suited trainers using SCUBA gear left the tank.

For ‘S’ this was both very exciting as well as causing her anxiety levels to reach an all time high. On the one hand she loved the total enclosure, layer on layer of latex and rubber, sealed within a life support system where she had absolutely no control; a dream come true.

‘This is what I have often dreamed about to be weightless adrift within the dark universe of total latex encapsulation with external control in the hands of another, wow, am I a lucky slave? Although at the back of my mind I am very anxious about the length of time I will spend in this tank. Will I eventually become completely disorientated and lose all sense of where I am and what is happening?

At the moment all I can feel and hear is the pulling of the trainer as I am tethered and the sound of the SCUBA regulator as they breathe out the air. This makes a loud bubbling noise so I know that I am not alone. How long am I to be kept here? The Mistresses ominous words, “Sometime in the future, at my discretion, I shall release you.” As this is another punishment I suspect I shall be kept here for a very long time, oh help! but there is nothing I can do about it. She squirmed at the thought of being totally dependent on another, particularly the Mistress.’

Suddenly ‘S’ was aware of silence not the normal silence associated with being in silence in air; this was utter silence within a tank of warm water at precisely body temperature. Soon any reference to her position or where she was would fade. ‘S’ hands were enclosed within triple layers of latex, the slave suit, bondage mitts then heavy diving mitts. Her arms and legs were tethered away from her so no touching could be facilitated; she was in effect in a relaxed spread-eagled position with head slightly above her feet with her body lying prone within the tank.

Now alone for the first time she took stock of her position. ‘I love this, completely comfortable no stringent bondage position I am totally comfortable and most excitingly I am submerged totally rubber encapsulated dependent on outside control to care for me. I could get use to this!’ entering her beloved zone of acceptance of her condition she was at peace.

The passing hours went unnoticed to ‘S’ as she existed within her own world. Warmed liquid nourishment was piped into her without her having any knowledge of the ingress. She was neither hungry too hot or too cold or in any way uncomfortable in fact she was being held in stasis. No external input whatsoever was available to her.

Gradually her brain devoid of any input began to make its own reality. ‘S’ had slept deeply unaware of this fact as there was no reference to allow her any feedback. She was only aware of being conscious although she wasn’t sure of this any longer. She settled into a semiconscious state just existing. Whilst asleep her earpieces began the process of inputting subliminal messages to her. She was completely unaware of this however at a deep level the messages were having their effect. ‘I am a completely rubberised object existing to please my controllers. I am without any independent thoughts. I exist purely for the enjoyment of my controllers. I am a sexual plaything. I am at one with my condition. I am. I am I am’...... her thoughts began to slow as she drifted off to sleep again. She rose through the darkness, aware that it was time to begin her meditation, she assumed her kneeling position and began her mantra, ‘for the love of my Master, for the love of my Master, for the......... she was in the zone.

Hours later she was vaguely aware of consciousness as she drifted alone in her sealed world. ‘S’ had no idea where she was or what she was doing. All cognitive reasoning had closed down her brain was receiving no input and was without compass it had lost the vital input which allowed it to function normally. It was desperately trying to gain some input but without success other than the occasional subliminal messages which played the same message over and over again.

As in a dream ‘S’ brain turned in on itself creating its own reality. She was suddenly within space floating comfortably but without any contact with the world alone so completely alone. An overwhelming sense of loss pervaded her soul. Tears welled up and issued from her eyes. Whether they were open or closed she couldn’t tell she was completely without any reference as to her condition other than the feeling of being completely alone. All human contact gone, alone lost in a dark void. The tears flowed, she sobbed, then an animalistic wail followed by the scream of a lost soul. However because of the penis gag fitted only a low guttural sound was picked up on the external monitoring facility. How long this continued was recorded in the control room monitoring her. The Mistress was called and appeared quickly. She smiled to herself. ‘Yes, I have broken her! ‘S’ mind is desperate for any input and will be completely receptive to any message given now. These messages will become her new default setting, she is ready for reprogramming to enhance her already high dependency on 24/7 latex encapsulation. She is naturally highly masochistic.’

She turned to the Trainer, “play disc number 2 for the next 12 hours.” She listened to the sobbing and wailing of her disorientated slave for a few minutes, smiled to herself and left the control room.

Chapter 16

Deep within her endless tormented loneliness ‘S’ gradually, ever so gradually became less troubled as the unconsciously perceived subliminal messages fed into her receptive brain. She was, of course, completely unaware of this. As a result of this cognitive stimulation after the terrible loneliness of the timeless period she began to feel less alone; less troubled until she was completely quiescent as her mind began to perceive the quiet subliminal message.

‘S’ recumbent form lay within the Lilly Tank suspended tethered but with enough slack to allow for some movement in the warm water of her confinement. Her slave suit and heavy rubber divers dry suit over this keeping her dry for the extended time she had been under water,

“You are completely dependent on being latex encapsulated it is now a fundamental part of what and who you are. Without it you would soon die” and,

“You have no will other than to please your Master; Bondage is now the ultimate pleasure; Love is shown by complete dependency on your Master, the more dependent you are the greater the show of love.”

These subliminal messages were played endlessly without any respite hour after hour.

Now in a relaxed state for some reason which she could not understand she felt intense satisfaction. She still had no idea of where she was her mind at this time apparently empty.

‘S’ mind now began to assimilate the content of the program over the next 12 hours.

Suspended within her dark world within the Lilly Tank ‘S’ now had a focus to hold on to. Gradually she assimilated the messages and felt a new purpose in her life. She still had no idea where she was and no recognition of what had happened previously. The fact that she was floating within space was now her default setting; she had completely acclimatised to her watery environment.

On the next sleep period she was untethered and very gently removed from the tank, placed on a trolley and taken back to her cell where she was put into the spread-eagled position still within her drysuit and diving helmet the inlet disconnected so she was breathing air.

She slept easily awaking hours later refreshed and hungry. Her stirrings were noted by the slave monitoring her and the Mistress informed.

Entering the cell with a trainer accompanying her the Mistress now dressed as a latex nun complete with wimple.

On removal of the diving helmet ‘S’ smiled innocently yawned and awaited the Mistresses directions.

“Hello slave I hope you slept well and are feeling refreshed and ready for further punishment?”

“Oh yes please Mistress, I can recollect that I am in punishment but nothing else. How long have I been here please?”

“Slave, that is of no matter to you needless to say for a long time. You have been ill for a while but are now better. Your memory has suffered but in time you will recall much of your memory, don’t worry. Now tell me what the thoughts highest in your mind are at the moment?” For a moment ‘S’ eyes looked blank then she spoke, “I am dependent on complete latex encapsulation if I am taken out from it I will gradually die” She was quiet for a moment then continued, “I need to be kept in severe bondage to show my love for my Master; the more stringent the bondage the greater my show of my love for my Master.”

The Mistress smiled. “Slave your thoughts are commendable, well done. So first Breakfast for you then you will be brought before me for confession; depending on that I shall decide on your next punishment, now off you go to be fed. But first let’s get you out of the special punishment suit you have been in”.

‘S’ was released from her bed, taken to the dressing room and her diving suit removed to be replaced with the baby doll outfit complete with frilly boots, mitts and bonnet in pink latex, then led to the kitchen where she was fitted into the adult size high chair, strapped in carefully and fed via the oesophageal tube and latex bladder hanging high above her on the special hook attachment extending upwards from the back of the high chair. For some reason ‘S’ felt completely at one with this situation. She had no recollection of her previous deep humiliation and detestation of this.

A certain elation had entered ‘S’ soul which she could not understand. However she was of light step eagerly keen to meet her rubber nun and to make confession.

Released from breakfast she was led to the punishment room. Her heart skipped a beat as she spied her Mistress in full latex nuns outfit her face made up perfectly making for a truly fetish image. ‘S’ knelt before her head bowed in the classic slave position, legs slightly opened to expose her crotch, hands behind her back.

“Slave, look in to my eyes!” ‘S’ slowly raised her eyes until she was staring into the eyes of her Mistress and tormentor; a pang of pure fear and delight arrowed through her. A frisson of emotional delight had her heart beating wildly. This was a revelation to her as previously, before her experience in the Lilly tank, she had, after the endless punishment cycle, come to dread each meeting with her Mistress knowing that she would have difficulty in coping with the demands made on her. Now she willed the cycle to continue without respite.

“Slave you know why you are here?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Bow your head and begin.”

The voice that issued from the latex covered form before the Mistress was quiet, monotone and deeply submissive carrying words which were clearly carefully chosen.

“Mistress, I know I am here to be punished. I know I deserve to be punished without end. I, ....... I have been put here by my Master who wants me to be the perfect slave. To become the perfect slave I need to receive constant bondage, the more stringent it is the more I will please my Master. Without this constant attention to keep me completely under control I shall become errant and fail my Master. To show my deep love for my Master I must accept willingly all that befalls me. I am at one with my latex encapsulation; this is something I have always fantasized about it is now my reality, without this total coverage I have a deep down conviction that I could not go on living. My second skin is now very much an essential part of me. I am naked, vulnerable and deeply fearful without complete rubberisation.” There was silence for a moment then she began again.

“I know I am not worthy of any release from my punishment and seek willingly all that you visit on me. It seems that the time I was ill with a fever helped me to open up the last remaining part of my essential being which I have been guarding for some reason. It is as though all cobwebs in the deepest recesses of my mind have been removed and spring cleaned. I am reborn as the slave I have, all my life, been questing for. I am now ‘whole’ at one with my condition, excited at the prospect of serving you for whatever duration you deem appropriate and my beloved Master when you finally hand me over to him to continue serving him to the best of my limited ability. Of course I will need very close supervision at all times to keep me on the correct path. I have lost many of my earlier memories of my life which have cluttered my mind and kept me from realisation of my destiny. It is as though I am a clean slate ready for a life of complete servitude as my Masters slave. I feel deeply that to show my love for my Master I must be kept as I am; a bondaged, fully encapsulated, rubberized slave under duress at all times.” Here she bowed her whole body in a show of complete submission.

“Mistress Nun please deal with me in the way I deserve, I am ready for any absolution you deem appropriate to atone for my sins.”

There was complete silence as the latex nun considered the confession. This silence lasted for a long time; all the while the kneeling form of ‘S’ remained unmoving as a obsidian statue. Eventually the nun spoke, “Slave whilst I consider every single sentence of your confession you will be taken from here and put in strict bondage as befits your station. Rise and wait for the trainer to lead you to your place of bondage.”

Now held in strict bondage, ‘S’ was in her element, she felt completely at ease with this situation. It was as though she had broken through into a new reality one which she had always been questing for. She had little recollection of her time in the Lilly tank and the reprogramming of her deepest unconscious desires although she did have a gradual awareness that something had happened whilst undergoing punishment which had allowed her to move into, as it were, an area which she had been completely unaware of, a deeply held conviction which had eluded her completely until something had allowed her to gain access to it and in doing so, as it were, to complete the circle. She now had total conviction that she was complete, whole and ready for a new life where certainty was her constant companion. She was wholly fulfilled in her position as her Masters latex slave.

The final punishment was completed easily and she emerged tired but ready for the next session. It was as though she was now able to overcome any demands made on her.

In the study the Master and Mistress were discussing the dramatic change in ‘S’ behaviour since her time in the Lilly tank and what the future would hold for her.

“I do believe we have been entirely successful in the training of slave ‘S’ it is as though we have finally broken through the last remaining hurdle one which she had unconsciously guarded. It was the streak of independence which was inhibiting her from complete dependence on another. I feel we are now in a position to hand her back to her Master as fully trained” said the Master. “What are your perceptions?”

The Mistress considered the question for a moment then spoke. “I am completely in agreement. The last week has tested ‘S’ to her limits, especially the Lilly tank session. Your idea to keep this to the penultimate session when she was stretched to her limits and completely exhausted was right. I know I had advocated it much earlier in the program but I was wrong. The results speak for themselves; we now have to all intents and purposes the epitome of the perfectly trained slave. She is, in my considered opinion ready for release to her Master. We have been completely successful in our training of ‘S’. She is a delight, I have enjoyed every single moment of her stay with us. She was already a latex loving slave of exceptional potential, deeply in love with both her slave position and her Master who had made the initial training very successful. He had her best interests in mind when he handed her over to us. Now he will have both a loving partner and slave to cherish and to extend. He is a very lucky man. In many respects I shall miss dear ‘S’ she is a gem, a one in million, indeed in all my life I have never had the pleasure of training someone who is such a delight. I know we both very quickly saw the tremendous potential in her. We can take immense satisfaction in knowing we have been completely successful in our training.”

“Right then we both agree that we shall contact her Master immediately for his collection of his slave. I think we should now inform ‘S’ of her imminent release back to her Master.” The Master picked up the phone and informed the trainer to bring ‘S’ to them.

‘S’ was lying spread eagled to her latex sheeted bed chained at neck, wrists and ankles happy in her bondage. She was gagged, blindfolded and corseted. The trainer entered her cell and informed her of her audience with the Master and Mistress. ‘S’ immediately focussed on what had prompted this action. ‘I’m in trouble! I have failed on some point and will be given further punishment until they are satisfied that I am on line again.’

Awaiting the order to enter the drawing room ‘S’ was in a high state of anxiety.

‘Enter’ came the order and she was led into the room. Kneeling head bowed she was ready for the castigation she knew would be visited on her.

The Mistress was the first to speak. “Slave we have called you here because we have an important announcement to make to you.”

‘S’ knew now she was lost and the punishment regime would continue unabated into the foreseeable future.

Now the Master addressed ‘S’ “You have come to the end of your time with us.”

‘S’ was dumbfounded she stopped breathing holding her breath waiting for the castigation she knew would follow. This was worse than she could ever have imagined; she was to be sent away! There was a long period of silence. She held her breath transfixed at the awful reality of the situation.

“We are both convinced that you are ready for release back to your Master. You have surpassed all training demands; indeed you are without doubt the best slave we have ever had the pleasure to train. You made a slow start to your training, and became sidetracked with our serving maid ‘Lizzie’ but once fully focussed on your destiny you showed us remarkable potential which we have realised together. Yes, you are very much part of the equation, without your spirit and determination to give yourself willingly to the program we could not succeed. ‘S’ you can be very proud of yourself. We plan to inform your Master that you are now fully trained to the highest level. Now all that remains is to prepare you for your return. Go with our trainer. You will report to us prior to your release.”

‘S’ reeled under the succession of positive words that flowed; she was completely overwhelmed unable to make any reply because of the gag. Had she not been kneeling she would have collapsed at the news.

It took some time for the message to sink in. She was lightheaded and in complete shock; the news of her imminent release had come as a complete surprise. She was helped to stand and led away but not before making her obsience to the Master and Mistress.


She was now fully focussed on her imminent release and reuniting with her beloved Master. All thoughts of continuing unending punishment completely subverted to be replaced with the heady knowledge that release was imminent.

She was prepared in a new slave outfit complete in every detail. She looked like a living statue of obsidian polished to a perfect shine. The trainers took every care to ensure she was perfectly prepared.

She entered the living room and knelt before her Master and Mistress. The trainer quietly left the room.

“Rise and come join us in celebrating the completion of your training here”. A chair was offered to her. This was something which ‘S’ had long ago given up. The only chairs she had experienced since arriving were those that involved restraint of some sort or the other. She initially took a double take then realised that the offer was not one which she had any say in; it was a direction.

She bowed her helmeted head and sat stiff backed before her overseers who spoke down the telephone. Within a moment a knock on the door of the reception room was answered by the command, ‘Enter’. There in the doorway appeared their serving maid ‘Lizzie’ She was dressed in her maids outfit of the classic Victorian period, complete in every detail; obsidian latex with stark white trimmings. She was gagged and her gloved hands were fettered with a short silver chain between each wrist.

‘S’ heart skipped a beat at the sight of her erstwhile friend. She knew that this was to be probably the last meeting with her prior to her leaving.

“Lizzie you may serve the champagne.”

‘S’ couldn’t take her eyes off her friend as she took every care in opening the bottle and served the champagne and curtsied before offering a crystal glass full to the Master and Mistress then to ‘S’ before retiring to the side of the room where she stood stiffly to attention awaiting further directions.

Raising their glasses they toasted ‘S’. “Here’s to your successful completion of all your training. You can be very proud of yourself slave ‘S’; in a short while you will greet your Master who is at this very moment driving over to collect you. In many respects this is the beginning of your life as your Masters latex slave. You will now enter the world of reality where you will live for the rest of your life serving your Master. You will be gradually introduced to the outside world under the complete control of your Master. You will have to function within that world. However, first you will have to become accustomed to the new regime you will be under.”

The one way discussion went on for some time. ‘S’ became lightheaded not used to alcohol. Lizzie was instructed to return to the front door to greet ‘S’ Master.

It seemed only a matter of moments before the door was knocked and her beloved Master appeared dressed in SBR mackintosh and rubber riding boots; the same outfit as when he had chanced upon the similarly dressed ‘S’. Immediately ‘S’ knelt before her Master and bowing low placed her helmeted head on his booted feet.

“Hello slave ‘S’ I am here to take you home to begin your new life. I am told you are ready?” This was a rhetorical question not requiring any answer. “Sit back on your knees and look at me while I prepare you for your journey home”. ‘S’ did as directed. Their eyes met briefly. In that moment the pent up love between the lovers arrowed through the space between them reuniting them in their mutual love of each other; immediately followed by the fixing of a blindfold.

There followed discussion between the Master and Mistress and her Master which she was not part of. ‘S’ heart was pounding she was in her element completely fulfilled happy, contented and ready for her return.

‘S’ now fully bondage was carried to the awaiting car where she was packed into the boot of his new car which had been modified to carry his slave. This would be her mode of travel for the foreseeable future. She would be taken back to his apartment which had been extensively remodelled ready to receive his slave into her new life as his 24/7 rubberised slave.

He had her to himself; all training now completed a new world of adventure together had begun. Of course she would be kept in the custom she had come to both accept and welcome; she was at one with her condition totally fulfilled.

She was on her way home at last.

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My lovely wife would be, in some ways, satisfied that the time I spend writing these stories is not a one way process, thanks fellow rubberists’.

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