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From Top to Bottom

by rbbral

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© Copyright 2015 - rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m+; latex; catsuit; hood; club; tease; cd; fem; dress; corset; sideroom; condoms; oral; anal; denial; climax; cons; X

After many stories relating to rubber fetish and associated themes I have decided that, at least for now, this is my last, and for that I wanted to write something very different, and challenging for me So this is a gay rubber story, something I have never tried before. Whether or not it “works” and has credibility is entirely up to the reader, although I have to say I did quite enjoy writing it.

Chapter One – A Chance Encounter

I saw him across the room, and knew immediately I wanted him.

I don’t say that in a predatory manner, all of my sexual encounters have been consensual with both parties well informed beforehand. And talking of encounters I have had many, and nearly all of them very pleasurable. A number of them have been one-nighters, which had been fine for both parties. Others have been longer term, sometimes weeks or months. But for one reason or another I had never found a life partner (I really don’t like that term). There are times when I regret that, but it is simply something you can’t force.

I am now in my early 30’s and am, as they say, financially comfortable, in fact more than comfortable. To cut a long story short I did well in the high tech/dot com era, when big money could still be made. And so I don’t have to work again. I do a little consulting if the mood grabs me but for the most part my time is my own. So I go to the gym every day, and I run etc, you’ve heard it all before. I’m in very good shape, because I have the time to be.

And I am gay.

I don’t say that with any overt pride, or shame, absolutely neither. It’s a fact but I like to think I’m not defined by it, although I get a huge satisfaction from my sexual encounters. And the role that I have always had in these is the top, the dom, the one who is always in control. I don’t know where that came from but being the sub has never really appealed to me. I generally am attracted to men younger than me, maybe early to mid 20’s that are confident and at ease in being my sub.

I enjoy fucking young men, who want to be fucked, it’s quite simple really. As I said, I like to be in control, always have. And sucking of course, I love to look down on a head bobbing over my cock, succulent lips locked around it. I don’t think there’s anything odd about that at all. It is what it is (another meaningless phrase I hate). But I like to be the top, always.

And what I say next may surprise you. While I like to fuck young men, love to, I have never, never been on the receiving end. It’s not a matter of prudery, or believing it’s dirty, or whatever else. It’s simply a matter of preference; I prefer to be the giver rather than the receiver. And for one reason or another I have never “received”. The situation has very rarely arisen and I have never been fully pressed on it, perhaps it is the partners I choose. Would I baulk if a partner (who I maybe had taken a shine to) really pressed me, I don’t know.

But there’s another side to me, and again I don’t know where this came from, and that is I love rubber.

I love latex, and all its wonderful, sensuous characteristics – feel, touch, look and smell (oh yes, the addictive perfume of it), and there are times when I can’t get enough of it. To have a young man in my arms, under my control and dressed in rubber makes me take a breath just thinking of it. I have a lot of rubber clothes at home, and I wear it as often as I can, often under my street clothes when out. When it rains it’s even better as I can wear rubber all over my body and then a rubber hooded cape over that. I get the odd look but nothing more. And I can almost come when walking through the streets dressed like that, sheathed in the smooth, shiny, clinging loving embrace.

I also wear it at the club I go to, and where I am now, as I glance across again at that beautiful young man perched on the stool at the bar. The club is a gay rubber club, members only with a very strict dress code. It’s called “Rubber Necking” which is quite funny and sums it up very well, for there a lot of both at the club. Open every Saturday night it amazingly attracts a very large crowd. I had no idea there were that many gay rubberists around, never mind in my city, but maybe they come from far and wide. Leave their homes (their wives?) for a weekend of rubber debauchery!

The club could be termed hardcore I suppose, there is a large dance floor, and long bar, and tables and booths, but down a corridor to the side there are private rooms, well equipped for my partner and I to get to know each other, and changing areas and lockers at the rear. The rooms are small, intimate I suppose is the term, and there is either a small bed, with latex sheets and pillows, or something more hardcore, maybe a St. Andrews cross or vaulting horse. Condoms are provided, and latex surgical gloves and bottles of lubricant; it’s part of the membership fee. The place is kept pristine - latex is easy to clean, and there are volunteer “observers” who keep an eye out to make sure everything is safe and consensual. I have been going there for many years since I turned 20 or so, and have had many wonderful nights there. Everyone generally behaves themselves, one black mark against you and you are gone for good. They also have a stringent health policy, everyone has to have a recent clean blood test with them, of course it makes sense. I really love the place, the lights shimmering off the shiny rubber the guys are wearing; the powerful aroma of rubber, for when you get a lot of horny, sweaty men in rubber in an enclosed space the pungent aroma assails you.

I know a lot of the guys there, and been with a good few of them. While there is the sweet aroma of latex throughout, there is also the heady scent of sexual anticipation, but the general sense is one of people just out to have some fun, whatever prevails, whether they want to drink, chat, dance, have sex, find a partner. And there are some really fine looking guys there.

As with all clubs, or groups there are smaller factions within it, and a rubber club is no different, and the range in “tastes” is huge. There are the guys from the gym, dressed perhaps in super tight rubber – a catsuit, leotard, hot pants – whatever, to show off the muscles, and believe me there are some gorgeous men there. They tend to like to dance, drink, kiss and chat.

Then there is the really heavy rubber crowd, which can be dressed as if they are going deep sea diving. There are often layers of rubber, full enclosure, boots, heavy gloves, masks and full face masks, like gas masks with coiled breathing tubes and more. It must weigh a ton and they must sweat a pint in the hot club. But it doesn’t stop them having heavy sex, as they grab and grapple each other, breathing huskily and with only their cocks and bums exposed. I know because one time a couple of them left the door open to their room, I’m sure not accidently and a small group of us got a look in…. all-in sexual rubber wrestling, and all good fun I thought.

There is also the pee group, a small and fairly tight knit outfit. I am not into this at all, and can’t quite figure why you would want to do it, but as long as most people behave themselves (and they do), and are safe, sane and consensual, well fine, get on with it. One master brings his fettered, and consenting, slave and chains him very efficiently between the urinals in the toilet via two short chains attached to his steel collar, leaving him very limited movement. He’s fully clothed in a stunted arms and legs rubber gimpsuit with his head in a tight zipless mask. This has only a mouth and nose holes and a clever half-funnel arrangement around his lower face opposite his open mouth, leaving little to the imagination. I don’t know how many avail themselves of this opportunity but they keep coming so they must be having a good time.

At the other end of the spectrum are the trannies, and sissies (and happy to be called that) or t-girls, and this is quite a large group, with again, smaller factions. Some come for fun, don’t try too hard, don’t take it seriously and might dress up quite outrageously, but underneath there is not too much doubt that they are guys. Others, a smaller faction, are more serious and these will be in full gear, stockings, heels, skirt and busty top pushed out with real silicon tits. Some are real beauties and would fool anyone. Add on the fact that they are all in shiny rubber, well you get the picture. Make-up has been expertly applied, hair is perfect, with tight corset, false boobs, some have a cock and ball sheath hiding their goodies whilst others prefer to display their wares thus accentuating the illusion. A couple could walk down the fashion catwalk, and yes, most of them are amazingly steady in heels. This is no tacky drag act.

The one with the most admirers is Candy, an absolute stunner of about 30, tallish, slim waisted but curvy in all the right places. She is funny, witty, poised, confident in her beauty and very flirtatious, without being over the top. There is no trace of being gauchely effeminate, no outrageous gestures, just perfect femininity. It’s an odd sensation, I am gay but hugely attracted to this perfect “woman”, but it is of course the knowledge that she is a very desirable man that makes it all the more enticing. Candy is the real thing, she has no desire to be a transsexual, she likes being a man who can be a woman, a stunning woman who can attract other men. I know she dresses as a woman in street clothes as well, as one time I saw her in town, in silk blouse, short leather skirt, black tights and knee boots, and beautifully made up, not slutty but perfectly understated. I watched as she walked down the street – so comfortable in her heels, and there wasn’t a man who didn’t turn his head, and a few women too, ha ha, if only they knew.

She likes to socialise and chat, doesn’t come very often, doesn’t flirt outrageously and only occasionally will she join someone in a private room. Every man there of course wants to be with her and I was fortunate to have been with her once, a short time ago, and it was an evening to remember.

She was perched on red high heels, with scarlet red stockings, the tops of which were barely covered by her scarlet and white striped flared skirt, and brilliant white blouse with red mandarin collar, and sleeves tucked into bright scarlet rubber gloves. She had just the right amount of foundation, mascara, eye shadow and liner, and luscious scarlet lip gloss, topped with a jet black pageboy wig just covering her perfectly plucked eyebrows and settling at the nape of her neck and exposing two perfect pearl drop ear rings, she could stop a train. Over the years we had chatted and she has this so-normal voice, no lisp, no overly female inflection, just a light slightly husky softness. She wasn’t playing at it, she was it. That night after a pleasant chat we took a room, she taking my hand as she led the way. I have no interest in kissing women, or fondling women’s boobs, but I certainly like kissing men dressed as women, and fondling their falsies, their slim corseted waists and firm bottoms, strange as that may seem. Candy is a great kisser, like a woman I suppose, more tender than fierce, sometimes just brushing your lips with hers, and her intoxicating aroma of rubber, perfume and her own heat was heady.

She took her time, as I like to do, turning to me and taking my helmeted head in both hands, lightly kissing me on the lips. I petted her bum and rubbed my chest against her firm realistic breasts. We stood like this for a while and then settled on the latex sheets. She was wearing her cock and ball pouch, where they are tucked into a tight rubber pouch, with two straps going between her legs, separating her cheeks (conveniently!) and attached to the back of her heavily boned corset. She has a very tender mouth and is a gentle considerate lover, not passive but attentive. As we lay on the bed I lifted her skirt and caressed her mound, for that was what it was. She took a few quick breaths, whispering.

“Normally I keep them hidden away and like to do the sucking, and being fucked, but I may just this time succumb to you, ha ha whoever you are.” She unzipped me expertly, and my hard cock popped out. We skilfully moved to a 69 position each on our sides and she began to lick and suck me, again taking her time. I could have come in a single minute, but she knew exactly what to do, and played with me, taking me to the edge and then backing off, frustrating perhaps but delightful too. I felt a bit frustrated and she seemed to sense this, saying, between mouthfuls of my cock.

“I’m getting hard down there and it certainly isn’t comfortable. That doesn’t happen often to me, I pride myself on my discipline. All right you lucky man, you can roll my panties down, now don’t rip them. Then detach the two straps from my corset, then you can get your reward.” And I did so, slowly drawing her red panties (with white frills) down exposing the rubber pouch imprisoning her crown jewels. This was not easy to do as she was still licking my cock and rolling my balls like dice! But I succeeded in releasing them and a fine set they were. She wasn’t huge, just, as they say, a good mouthful. She was fully smooth-shaven and I whispered.

“Oh you are so smooth, how do you shave so close.” I heard her laugh.

“Not shaved, just the best depilatory cream on the market, I’m a smooth as a baby, don’t even need it more than once a month now. I’ll get you some.” And she mentioned a brand name. I wasn’t sure about that so kept quiet and took her into my mouth, hearing her gasp. We proceeded like this for a good half hour, I certainly was in no hurry and she was so skilled she kept me hard but not coming. She was making the calls and finally when I was dying of frustration she expertly rolled a condom on me, rolled me on my back and straddled me. She was very flexible and placed her slim muscular legs either side of me in kind of a front splits. Placing her hands on my chest she lowered herself onto me, smiling. It seemed she did not like the conventional doggie bumfuck, but liked to face her partner.

She was slim waisted yet curvy, flexible and light, and holding her narrow corseted waist, I had no trouble in guiding her onto my cock. She was neither super-tight nor loose, and she took her time as she lowered herself finally to my root, accompanied by a satisfied smile and a gentle whimper.

“Oh I like that, yeeees.” Her cock and balls were now resting on my belly and I ran my finger up and down the hard shaft, and she grunted in approval. So we ground it out, slow and easy, with me even giving her false tits an occasional squeeze, making her chuckle. I looked up at her, her false breasts thrust out, her head rolling from side to side, her pageboy cut framing her stunning face. Her eyes were mostly closed, but a couple of times she stared down at me, nodding, encouraging me. Finally I came and then she raised herself and moved off me and forward so I could now take her shaft in my mouth. Here again I showed off my deep throat talents and she seemed impressed for I soon brought her to a strangled orgasm, tasting her stream as she thrust into my mouth.

We lay on our sides for a while, caressing and stroking each other and also talked a lot. We never really talked about our “regular” lives, everyone is allowed there to live a double life if they wish. I found it very easy to confide in her, a little at least. She stroked my helmeted head and quietly said.

“I would really like to see who is under this mask, from what I can see you look pretty attractive, but I’m not pressing.” But in a move that surprised me I nodded and allowed her to remove my mask, up till then she had been the only person who has done that.

“Well well,” she scrutinised me appreciatively, “I truly cannot imagine why you would hide away that beauty, but I know of course a tight rubber mask can enhance the experience, with the anonymity. Ha ha, I of course hide behind my make-up.”

“I’m not sure you even need make-up, you are exquisite.”

“Well thank you,” she pecked me, “you could be a stunner too, the right complexion, good bone structure, even wrinkleless skin, light beard. I could work wonders with you in 20 minutes with my kit.”

“Hhmm, I’m not so sure about that, I like being the top, I love being with rubber trannies, and you are the absolute best, but I’m not sure it’s for me.”

“Well, you have a head start over 90% of us, you could be a real looker. Anyway, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.” She chuckled

Up till then it really had never occurred to me, and I didn’t dismiss her out of hand as it would appear bad mannered. She was complimenting me, and I suppose I was flattered by it subconsciously.

We made love one more time. I have always been the top and she was comfortable with that. I loved stroking her rubber encased body, her slender yet muscular legs and her constricted waist. We kissed a lot, much more than I normally do, for she was so skilled. Again she straddled me, now very much in control of my orgasm, as well as her own. After she had come and had removed her condom and I had finished sucking her off we lay for a long time facing each other, cocks deflated and exhausted. We had spent a long time together, longer for me than anyone else, and perhaps for her too.

Finally she stood and I helped her tuck away her goodies in her pouch, pulling the straps behind her.

“Oooh steady, I’m a bit tender there now, hhmm?” And she laughed a slow husky chuckle as she pulled up her panties.

“Sheez, I must look a real sight.” She approached the mirror that all the booths had and I watched her quickly and expertly clean her face and apply new make-up.

“Better?” And I nodded, amazed at how fast she had made herself so perfect.

“Got to keep my fans happy.” She grinned

“Well I’m certainly one.” And she sat beside me, drawing my face to hers.

“It was great, just great, now I know you will know that I’m not one for hooking up, not one for live-ins or long term relationships, it’s just the way I am, okay?” She pecked me lightly. “No offence, you have been the best and I would love to do it again, any time, okay? And any time you want to try the tranny road then you know where to find me.”

I had known on the grapevine that she came and went, a mystery to most in the club – a conundrum wrapped in an enigma, but she was accepted for that, and respected for it, for she made no illusions about it. And I knew what I had got into the second we decided to take a booth. I grinned and kissed her back.

“I’m not sure I can handle an evening like that more than a few times a year, you just spoil it for everyone else.” And again she repeated.

“Any time you want some help with tranny tips or make-up, just ask, now let’s make you all mysterious again.” And she helped me with my mask. We certainly had a great time and before we parted good friends I knew somehow we would meet again. We kissed tenderly one last time, she really was a wonderful kisser.

Anyway, enough of all that. At present I am keeping my eyes on the very cute guy by the bar.

I am in my full rubber gear, as I generally am, skin tight catsuit with attached gloves, which is a beast to get on, so tight it is; knee high tight rubber boots and a full head mask with just eye, nose and mouth holes. I have always worn a mask with the exception of the Candy encounter, perhaps at first through shyness, but that wore off quickly. No, I like its feel, its comfort. A lot of guys know who I am underneath it, and accept it. I am certainly not the only one there masked. At the back of the building there are a number of lockers and changing kiosks, and that is where we get into the gear, otherwise we’d sure as hell shock the neighbours. I think the suit looks pretty good on me, superbly shiny and body hugging, it doesn’t hide much and is not meant to. With all the rubber and handsome guys around it is hard to cover my cock, which is now hard and pressed against my stomach.

I don’t consider myself a predator, I want a handsome partner, a beautiful young man to share some fun, and right now there is a beautiful young man perched on the stool at the bar. There were a couple of guys with him, fighting for his attention, preening, but while he seemed to be pleasant to them, it was clear to my experienced eye neither would prevail. I suppose I must have been staring, for he was quite stunningly attractive, fashion magazine model attractive. About early to mid 20’s, he wore a full body catsuit too, but this was in gunmetal grey with black trim at collar and cuffs. And then I saw he wore knee length gleaming leather boots, and, here this caught my attention, high spiky heels. Now that is interesting, I thought.

There are plenty of rubber trannies at the club, and in the full gear, some rubber maids, rubber schoolgirls, and as I said earlier some of them really could pass for the real thing in the full light of day. As I said I have been with a number of them, and the feeling of having a sexy, squealing, cute rubber tranny maid on all fours in front of you, wriggling coquettishly while you lift her skirt and drop her frilly panties, is one I’ve had a number of times, and never been disappointed. But this young man, except for the heels, was very much exuding a male aura. Was he a top or bottom? Well there was only one way of finding out, so I joined the group.

I introduced myself and shook his hand through my rubber glove, his grip was firm, his eyes steady on mine and his broad smile showed perfect pearly white teeth. He seemed almost too good to be true, and I subconsciously reeled myself in a bit. We made polite conversation, and very quickly the other two guys got the message that something had clicked between us and excused themselves, there were no hard feelings, a mutual attraction was clear between us, and there are lots more options on the dance floor.

Once they had left we were silent for a while, just looking at each other, and then he chuckled.

“So, do I get to see you without the mask? Not that I don’t find it attractive, perhaps just a bit intimidating.” I looked hard at him.

“Hhmm, you know I have a feeling you don’t get intimidated easily.”

“Ha ha, no, you have me there. I was just kidding. So…” he giggled, “do you come here often?”

“Actually yes, all the time, and I haven’t seen you here before, for I would most certainly have remembered.”

He took a small sip of wine, his tongue running along his lower lip. God I thought, he’s either very good and experienced, or very naive.

“No, I’ve been here a couple of times, but I like it already, a lot. I’m fairly new to the city.”

“You live around here?”

“Not far, I’ve got a contract for 6 months work, and rent a place.”

“And you’re going to make the most of it.”

“Oh yes.” He smiled. “Do you mind if I ask what you do?”

“No,” I said, “not at all, I’m er, well, retired I suppose.”

“Oh, wow, well good for you. And at such a young age, I can tell you are pretty young even with the mask.” He laid his hand on my forearm and a shudder went through me, and I think he noticed.

“How about you?”

“Oh, I do okay, IT stuff, travelling around a lot.”

“You look like you work out a lot, you have a gorgeous body.” I don’t know why I blurted that out, but he was unfazed.

“Well thanks, and for an older guy you’re in pretty fine shape too.” He laughed at his friendly shot at me, and flicked some hair from his forehead. It was a cute little joke. We talked for a while longer. He told me he really got into rubber in a big way in college and loved it. I agreed I was addicted to it and we seemed to be moving on at a hell of a pace. We were soon touching, arms around waists, resting on thighs. I could see he was erect and had been for a while, which was a good sign. And I was too.

“You know we have to get to this topic sometime so why not now. I like to top, I don’t switch and the sub role is, well so far anyway, one that doesn’t appeal to me.”

“Hhhmm, interesting, with the mask and all, doesn’t really surprise me.” He grinned. “But you should try everything once you know, before dismissing it out of hand. I can switch just fine, play either way, but if you are determined not to experiment, well it’s your choice.” Well, I thought, let’s not mess around.

“Look, I don’t know if you know, but there are private rooms to the side here for… getting to know each other a bit better if you see what…”

“Oh yes, I know. I’ll tell you now I gave myself a thorough enema this evening in anticipation, so I’m as clean as a whistle, ha ha.” He laughed as I took a deep breath, this was moving on at a pace. “And now you know, you want me to come with you?” He smiled broadly, placing his hand over his groin.

“Yes, I can’t think right now of anything I would like more.” He stood and I took his hand in mine. We quickly found a private room and told our observer where we were going, and he put the DND sign on the door. Before it had closed, Ryan, (for that was his name) had turned and placing his hands around my masked head, kissed me greedily.

“Slow down, we have all the time we want.” But I was hungry for him too. I ran my hands over his torso, not a muscle out of place, not an ounce of fat, yes, he really worked out. His buttocks were firm and muscled too and I kneaded them like dough. I could feel him press his groin to me, his hard cock trapped behind the latex pressing on mine.

“Well,” he panted, “if you are going to fuck me, the least you can do is suck me as well.”

Now I do like being the top, I like fucking rather than being fucked (although I’ve never experienced it) but I also happen to really enjoy sucking a good cock. That may be perceived as a sub role but I don’t find that a dichotomy, it’s a case of do what you like doing.

“Oh yes, but in good time.” I whispered, taking big gasps. I just wanted to savour running my hands all over his body, his muscled, trim rubber-encased body, his cock outlined against his stomach. I breathed hard through my nose, the sweet aroma of the latex mixed with his masculine bouquet. I ran my tongue up and down his chest, wanting to suck and bite his nipples. He couldn’t wait, and neither could I. I quickly he lowered his crotch zip, and his cock leapt out like a tent pole. I stared at it, smiling, saliva settling in my mouth. He lay back, cool as cucumber, waiting for my attentions as I settled between his legs.

It was a nice cock, not that I have met many I didn’t like. Not too big, a good size to get my mouth around. The purple head glistened in the dimly lit room, a little pre-cum oozed out of the end, I smiled and laid the tip of my tongue on it and licked it off. Ryan had propped himself up on a latex pillow to watch the show and I was not about to disappoint him. He was rock hard and I could see from his face very excited, and I had to hold myself back. I took his shaft gently in my gloved hand rubbing ever so tenderly, and licked his bulbous head again. He didn’t really taste of anything, perhaps a bit salty, but nothing else. I slipped my lips over the head, softly gripping with my teeth and breathed slowly through my nose. This was going to take a while, I was going to savour this.

I find it hard to explain how much I like doing this, the hard flesh in my mouth, warm, a living thing, and now wet, the head rubbing my palate, the shaft settling on my tongue. I ran my tongue along the underside of the shaft and heard a groan from Ryan, I would have to slow him down. I took his balls in one hand and rolled them round like dice, then gripped the base of the sac, holding them firmly in my hand, squeezing, releasing, and then repeating, I liked doing this. I heard him wince but nothing more.

I continued to work on his cock while I did this, moving my mouth up and down, rubbing my tongue down the underside of his shaft. He placed his hands tenderly on my masked head, smoothing down any creases, encouraging me, not pushing me down further, but just letting me do what I wanted.

Over many years I have learned to control my gag reflex, it is not an easy thing to do at all, and has taken a lot of practice (!) but now I can take a cock to the back of my throat and beyond. It’s all a matter of not panicking and controlling your breathing, which I can do to perfection now.

And so I moved onto phase two. With one hand gripping his ball sac, I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, then I took a deep breath and took his shaft to the back of my throat, cutting off my breathing, and gripping him with my teeth. Pushing my nose right down to the root, yes I can take 7 inches, as I say it’s just a lot of practice and being able to overcome a very natural reflex and control your breathing. With him like this, fully swallowed, I can manipulate my throat muscles (holding my breath of course) as if I’m wanking him. It’s a great trick but often has the unfortunate sideline of making them come too quickly and spoil the fun, so I have to really pace it slowly, which I did with Ryan. In this manner I was really in control, although some may think that I was in the sub role. Anyway it didn’t matter as both of us were having a fine time.

We must have been like this for at least half an hour and I know he was bursting to come but I am a bit of a control freak and when I felt him near, I simply stopped and looked up, smiling through my mask. A couple of times I heard him whisper, to himself I think, you bastard, you bastard and then chuckle.

But the thought of having him lying back, under me, with his cock stuffed in my mouth finally spurred me on and as I sucked harder I encouraged him and with a huge lunge he spurted his load into the back of my throat. I didn’t release him, just moved back a little allowing me to take all his seed, savouring it. Finally I released him, licking my lips, I have to say pretty pleased with myself. I moved over and lay next to him, as he whispered.

“That was just stupendous, oh wow, I have a lot to learn.”

“Well we have plenty of time, and now I think it’s my turn, yes? Now get me nice and hard and I’ll give you a good fucking.” He needed no further encouragement, and leant over and unzipped me, my cock being at half mast. He too took his time, as I lay back he played with the head, rolling his tongue around the shaft, stabbing me with the tip of his tongue and eventually taking me fully in his mouth. What a feeling it is. Your cock enveloped in a warm, wet, welcoming embrace, a tongue working along the shaft, teeth gently gripping and nibbling. I was hard within seconds but he took his time, holding me back. After a few minutes, I wanted him, there and then, and eased him off me. On cue he knelt and turned his back to me, anticipation in every breath he took. By the bed I popped a condom packet and slid it over my cock. Then I slipped a pair of surgical gloves over my latex covered hands and picked up the bottle of lube.

I lowered the back zip of his suit and his rosebud peered up at me, ready for plundering. I ran some lube over my cock and at the entrance to his love channel.

“Come on, come on, take me.” He whispered. I ran my hand over his firm buttocks.

“Plenty of time. The good things come to those that wait.” I laughed. I placed the bulbous head of my cock at his puckered sphincter. This is the bit I always love, testing the resistance, feeling the tight muscle relax and yield up its treasure. He was tight, which I like, it would need lots of gentle pressure, which I applied as I gripped his hips and drew him to me. I didn’t need to tell him but leant over and whispered.

“Easy, easy, relax, relax, here I come.” It’s such a joy looking down and seeing the taut hole gradually, so slowly relax and begin to yield. The head was soon half buried, his hole stretched and the next bit would be the hardest, the widest diameter of my cock, and so I pressed again, and then held it there for a few seconds as he took a few gasps. I gave him another squirt of lube and gently massaged his buttocks, calming him down and I felt just a miniscule loosening, and pushed forward an inch. And the head disappeared inside him.

“That’s the tough bit, you did well, and now we are going to have some fun.” I squirted some more lube and then pressed into him another couple of inches and he grunted quietly. And then another couple more, then withdrew to the base of the head, gave him a breather for a few seconds and pressed into him again, and slowly, slowly right down to my root. He let out several guttural grunts, and a loud aaaaahhh. But I held him there, all of me inside him.

It was very hard for me not to come right away. Oh god, how I loved this precise position, fully enveloped in this rigid, warm embrace. There is nothing like it, he was certainly no virgin, but his sphincter still had a very tight grip at the root of my cock, perfect, just perfect, I was loving this man more and more.

And so we began to rut, the only problem being me trying not to come too soon, but we would stop when I sensed a surge. As I plugged him, probed him, impaled him, in and out, in and out, slowly – I always like slowly, I played with his cock and balls, and although he came only 15 or 20 minutes before he soon became hard again. We must have been interlinked at least half an hour, with neither of us wanting it to end, but we knew it had to. He would be getting sore, his sphincter I saw was now quite pink and was noticeably loosening, and I have to say, my cock was getting a bit tender too, despite all the lube.

So one last time, I thrust into him, all the way to the root, and came, and came, and came. And so did he, squirting his new found juice over the latex sheet. We held it there for a few seconds and then I pulled out of him gently, waiting first to become a bit flaccid to allow my head to extract itself easier. As I pulled off the condom and lay next to him, he said.

“Here, let me.” And he eased it off, held it up gingerly and tipped the open end to his lips.

“This,” he said seriously, “is to seal our bond, to give you some ides of my feelings for you, already.” He leant his head back, opened his mouth and allowed my cum to drip, well more like pour, into it. When satisfied he swallowed, licked his lips, tossed the condom onto the floor, smiled and lay back. This young man was something special, I knew it already. Seal our bond, eh? I pulled off the surgical gloves, and I lay next to him, smoothing my hand over his latex covered chest.

We didn’t have sex again that night. It was almost as if we didn’t want to spoil our first encounter, it would have been hard to top. So we lay there, rubbing our hands over our latex bodies, playing with our cocks, and kissing. We talked very little, not breaking the spell, but knowing we would meet again, we had to meet again. At around 3am, he had to leave, he was working Sunday, and so we kissed goodbye, promising to meet again next Saturday. I was delighted that he didn’t press me to unmask, I would have done if he’d asked, but I really admired him for allowing me the moment to do it. We didn’t even choose to meet in the “outside” world. That might - would, come later, we just had this night to savour.

For the next 7 days I was a in a bit of a whirl. This had never happened to me before, oh, there had been great guys, and we’d seen each other over a few weeks or months, but nothing like this, I couldn’t get him out of my mind, I was like a sixteen year old and so I would have to rein myself in, and get control. But the days did pass, and so the following Saturday, there he was, on his stool, fighting off his admirers again. He saw me and clearly knew me through the mask, and didn’t hold back at all, no flirting, just walked over, a big smile on his face and planted a huge kiss smack on my mouth, his hands gripping my buttocks.

“Come on, let’s find a room.” He said straight off. And we did……

For the next 3 weeks we met like this, at the club, every Saturday night, and each time it was as good as the first. Obviously there were variations to it as we found out what turned each of us on, which was pretty obvious. Ryan never pressed me in any way, was always a wonderful lover, until the fourth meeting he said, as we lay together after a particularly energetic bout.

“I think I know you pretty well now, Don, so…. could I get to see you, in the flesh?” He seemed a bit nervous which was odd after all we had done together. And there was absolutely no reason for me to be masked any more. It was just that I liked the masks, I loved them, they allowed me to be free, without inhibitions. But this young man was having a very different effect on me and so without comment, I unzipped and pulled off my black and red rubber mask. Ryan took a while assessing me, smiling and placing a rubber gloved hand on my cheek, then said dismissively.

“Yeah, you’ll do, ha ha…. now let’s fuck.” And that was it.

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