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From Lab Rat to Slave 9

by Edrubber

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© Copyright 2016 - Edrubber - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/ff; D/s; postop; captives; slaves; cell; latex; bond; punish; hood; xframe; dungeon; enemas; torment; testing; experiment; oral; sex; climax; reluct/nc; X

story continued from part eight

Chapter Nine

Thom came into the room and Jacky automatically got on her knees and lowered her eyes to the ground. I decided to defy the humiliating gesture and see what would happen. Thom told Jacky to get up and sit back on the sofa.

I knew that I had a golden egg and I was the goose for now and was going to take full advantage of it. They devised the new transgender surgery and up to now ignored the incredible effects of joining the libidos of both sexes into one body. He sat across from us and started; I have decided to assign you two to a new endeavor in a town in Florida called West Palm Beach. I purchased a mansion there, and it is being fitted to be a special B.D.S.M. club. It will have special rooms and a very special dungeon. It will be used by the richest people of the world. You both had some training here to know what has to be done and how to make sure slaves stay on discipline.

I will be sending sex slaves that can double doing the servants work as well. I am promoting both of you from scum to Mistresses. That means that Gene will be head mistress and Jacky assistant mistress. You are both still slaves remember that but, will from now on take orders only from me. If a member decides to have one of you serve him sexually, I will have to approve it. All members will be informed of this. Gene will continue to have your account with the German bank however you will report to me every cent to be spent before you spend it. Mistress Jacky while I give Mistress Gene her instructions, get in front of me on your knees and give me a slow blow job.

Jacky immediately almost ran kneeled and started unzipping his pants and got his dick already hard out and was about to start putting in her mouth when he stopped her and instructed her to go over to a drawer and get a condom and while she was rolling it over his dick, he explained that this will be the house rules in Florida always safe sex. I have installed the most state of the arts systems to make sure you are following your orders I will almost know what you will be thinking. I will have people to take action the moment something is not done to my satisfaction. Remember that you will spend long days in the cage or worst if you do not abide by the orders, you are both slaves and will be slaves for the rest of your lives.

In order to be efficient Mistresses you will both have to learn to be dominating and inflict pain when necessary a couple of my head instructors will be directing you from here when the slaves arrive there. Now the job at hand is to stay on top of the installations of all amenities and equipment with out calling attention.

I chose you Mistress Gene because I know how devious you can be, there will be a doctor doing tests on you and working with a team here you will cooperate with him fully at all times. His work with you will take absolute priority over everything else and will be kept confidential from everybody else in the house. When he needs you, Mistress Jacky will take over.

He will have a free hand to do whatever he feels necessary for his research and that includes putting you in any of the dungeon’s equipment and fucking you with automatic or artificial means or with someone that I approve. I don’t want the Mistress title to go to your head, you are still a scum bag slave and don’t ever forget it. Ordinarily I would send you two dirt bags in some cargo box but, since you already paid for the private jet, I am going to allow it for expedience sake.

He almost started to cum when he stopped Jacky pushed her away and ordered me to take my skirt and panties off then go over and guiding his dick inside my ass sit on it and move myself up and down on it.

I think he had to show Jacky his dominance because I think that he knew I would never mentally bend to the bull shit of slavery and would always be an adversary given the opportunity and opportunity is what he was intent on eliminating.

I am sure that he came to the conclusion that as equals husband and wife, he was not going to control me as he wanted and I might have eventually controlled him. I had to admit his solution was brilliant but, I was bent on proving him wrong and making him pay a high price for all the male and female so called slaves he killed and all the patients I found out where killed in the name of medical research. I proved my resilience by dying and coming back. As I was bouncing up and down, the orgasm cycle kicked in and I turned into a human fucking vibrator and he came but held me sitting on him and continued enjoying my after shocks.

I guess he was not worried about the plane waiting for us, it must have been on stand by. I would probably have gone on for another couple of hours but at one point he let go and told me to get up get dressed again and both of us get the hell out of his office and on our way.

Of course I was thinking “ass hole your day is coming when I will be doing some medical research on your dickless holes. I got into my skirt and both of us left his office and joined Hans who took us to the Mercedes on our way to the airport. Jacky was quietly sitting next to me but suddenly she grabbed my hand hidden from view and was probably trying to scribble letters on my hand but I understood that she was not as brain washed as I thought. I smiled and she got the message. We boarded the plane with one of his handlers and we knew that it would be impossible to communicate because we did not know but were sure that there would be immense spying equipment on board.

We would have to follow the charade for at least months while intently studying the European control.

We arrived at Ft. Lauderdale airport and after deplaning the handler directed us out of the terminal and roughly pushed both of us inside the back of a panel van on the carpeted floor and swung our bags on to us hurting my leg a little and we were on our way to the new mansion. After a little over an hour we entered the grounds of the estate and the van backed down a narrow entrance into a garage and after coming to a stop the rear doors were open and we were ordered to come out and follow the handler already there. We followed him to the dungeon where he gave us the order to get naked then proceeded to cuff us to two X crosses. Hoods were fitted over our heads and after a few minutes I felt a lubed finger up my ass and the enema plug inserted next the tube in my pee hole and eventually the tube down my stomach and the inflatable gag.

I was somewhat perplexed with our welcome because my understanding was that there was a lot of work to be done for the success of the project. Since we where in storage I had plenty of time to analyze their actions and came to the conclusion that this was a means of showing us that we continued being slaves here in the U.S.A and the process of changing to Mistress in charge would be very slow and calculated to make sure we did not loose sight of who was master. It was all physiological and all we would have to do was calmly bear it and continue paying close attention to their surveillance and find the eventual break to invert this scenario.

The hot water started to invade my colon and this time it must have been over two gallons, the cramps were becoming extreme and painful. It stopped and after maybe 10 minutes it was released. Due to the hot temperature of the water my temperature climbed making me feel sickly however as most of the water evacuated I felt ice cold water going in causing worst painful cramps.

Mean while I felt liquid going into my bladder which filled me to a painful situation in conjunction with the enemas.

This lasted about 4 to 5 hours and stopped for a long period which I calculated to be the next day. Frankly I was beginning to adjust to dosing off standing tied to the cross.

I woke up with the enema butt was being taken out followed by the caterer and the stomach tube. I was released from the cross and promptly tied to a padded bench belly down but to my surprise the rubber hood was removed.

Next to me was the cross where Jacky had been suffering the same as I had.

Jacky’s hood was also removed and now we could see each other but without talking. The handler came over to me with a leather paddle and informed me that I was going to be punished for daring to make motions of complaints when going into the van that transported us here. I was going to get 20 lashes with the paddle. After I had gone through with the paddling in the past, this was going to be a breeze. My ass was burning and pain shot all over but I had worst. The bench I was tied to was on a hydraulic system and the handler while raising me announced that the doctor was going to be performing tests and I was going to be fucked by several volunteers, and since my mouth was not occupied he was going to get a nice long blow job.

The doctor came over and placed a pad between my belly and the bench with an electronic strip connection which he plugged into the monitor a few feet away. A line of five blindfolded men where guided in and received condoms which they all promptly installed on their erect penis. The first one came behind me and the bench was readjusted to his height after which, I felt the poking against my ass hole and the intrusion of a large thick organ deep into my colon. The handler came in front and was about to shove his dick in my mouth when the doctor stopped him and demanded that he get a condom. He tried to complain but the doctor told him that if he did not comply he would be easily replaced.

With in minutes I was being pumped at both ends and was sure that these two had no clue of what was coming. In view of the fact that I was in a weaken condition due to lack of sleep and the excessive internal cleaning it took me a little longer to be jolted into my unique orgasmic stance however once it started it made the two come and I just continued without interrupting until all had come in record time.

The doctor came in front and informed me that what had just happened was so intensely provocative that he was in need of relief and if I would allow him to enter me. I said; yes of course sir. He penetrated my pussy and lasted about 35 seconds.

I was released from the bench and taken to a room which was a duplicate of the cell I occupied in Europe including the rubber covered bed and a black poncho and stiletto boots next to the bed. Later the door opened and a handler put a dish with oatmeal several pills of hormones due to my surgery and vitamins, a drinking aluminum cup and a plastic bottle of water..

Just knowing that this was a mind game and it could not last too long was enough to keep me on the track of having him tied to a cross or a bench and hear his screams of pain and beg me to kill him.

Just some 50 yards outside these walls there was a fantastic world of pleasure and happiness and how could it be possible to be a victim of so much injustice. Just before I was led away, I happened to glance over to Jacky and notice she was closing her eyes and throwing her head back in a gesture of pain and discomfort. It was evident she was being invaded by enemas rectal and urinal. I ate the tasteless oatmeal and downed all the pills after which I laid in what felt like a bed at the Hilton. I swore to myself that I and Jacky would be out within 6 months at most. I was sure that he had a spy in the German bank by now so, financing was a problem I would have to get help from people that would trust me and give me credit until I could liberate my funds. I was very worried about Jacky there is only so much fluid intrusion that the body will tolerate before permanent damage will set in. She was my responsibility; I got her into all this and would get her out or loose my life trying. My problem was that Thom knew that I could be very resourceful and would be very attentive to possible breaches.

I had the human error factor on my side. It is inevitable, eventually a human will make a mistake and it was my mission to be alert to it and take full advantage.

My plan had to be perfect and daring. I woke up with a handler depositing a laptop on the table and informing that the master was going to give me my commands. I turned it on and the miserable excuse for men came on and told me that all the drawings of the rooms, equipment, special facilities etc. where in the files of this laptop and I would have to dress in normal clothing and start directing and supervising the coming contractors and workers. I in a very humbling voice asked; Master, will Jacky be helping me?

I will need help and I want to make sure that all your wishes are satisfied with out any chance of hitches. He answered; Jacky should be there with you now where is she? I answered; I last saw her possibly yesterday on a cross in awful pain. He said while I get her to you I want you to look at all the plans carefully then both of you walk the entire house room by room to get a mental picture of what the contractors will be doing tomorrow. I started looking over the plans and found that it was not that complicated, except for a larger dungeon with a lot more equipment which would have to be built and placed by special people perhaps aficionados.

The bastard came back on and told me that the two of us would be getting up every day at 6a.m. taken to the enema then the shower then back to the cell for breakfast and we had to be ready to receive the workers at 8 a.m. The workers would have to be gone no latter then 6 p.m. at which time we would be locked in the cells. I asked him how I could contact Jacky after 6 p.m. to plan for the next day’s projects. He said that he was going to have another bed placed in my cell and we would be locked up in the same cell.

Inside I was jumping with joy, one more small step towards victory. As I was looking over the bar set up in one of the lounges Jacky was brought in wearing the poncho and the stiletto boots with shaky legs from the abuse and lack of nourishment. I called the handler and told him to bring our suitcases and all our clothing and shoes, also make arrangements to have another bed in this cell and bring breakfast for Jacky. I continued; for your information we have been named Mistresses of the mansion and from now on you and all the staff will answer to me and Jacky during the hours of 6 a.m. and 6p.m.

The handler looked at me with fire in his eyes and yelled, HOW DARE A SCUM LIKE YOU GIVE ME ORDERS? I AM GOING TO MOVE YOU TO THE DUNGEON FOR SEVERE PUNISHMENT.

I said; I strongly suggest that you get in touch with the Master now and handed the lap top. He spoke with Thom and all was confirmed then Thom addressed himself to me and said that regarding sex if I wanted to have sex with Jacky it would be alright as a matter of fact he encouraged. I answered; thank you Master. The handler commented that it would be difficult to fit another bed and I suggested he place it next to mine and we would jump the beds to use the toilet. I laced the boots to my legs and put the poncho over my head and told Jacky to stay and study the layout while I walked the house and later after her breakfast we would walk again together. I knew she was too shaky and weak to be walking.

The mansion had 37 rooms and the plans called to transform them in suites by adding larger bathrooms with Jacuzzis and bidets with enema nozzles. They were very large rooms and the plan was to take part of them and make a small dining area with a kitchenette. The ceilings had to be fitted with hidden motors and chains for activities of the BDSM type. I had to find manufactures of rubber sheets, rubber pillow covers, dildo, gags, kits of dildos for enlargement, black enema 3 gallon bags, enema butt plugs with inside and out balloons rubber tubing but all for every room and a supply of extras to replace lost or stolen items. Those details would have to be started to be ordered now to give manufactures time to make them and deliver them. These were not cups and saucers, these were unusual to say the least. Speaking of cups and saucers this club was going to cater to an affluent clientele and the china had to be of a better quality and would have to be chosen from European manufactures.

Special shape beds had to be manufacture with mechanism of elevating the center and cut out for oral over the edge with a comfortable seat for the blow job recipient. Those would have to be manufactured by different companies and assembled by a selected group. All the work to be done would be difficult under normal conditions under the special secret conditions 100 times more. It is very difficult to get enthusiastic about a project that you’re absolutely against. Some people do wish to be submissive and forced into being sex slaves and if that is what they voluntarily wish to pursuit and it fulfills their existence, they will be happy in this ambiance. I however was forced to change my gender against my will and now I was being forced into sex slavery against my will.

I will have to work to become indispensable and gain their thrust before turning the cards on them and gaining my vengeance.

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