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From Lab Rat to Slave 7

by Edrubber

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© Copyright 2016 - Edrubber - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; D/s; transsexual; captive; hospital; bed; nurse; recovery; bodymod; surgery; recapture; punish; oral; anal; climax; latex; bagged; cons/nc; XX

story continued from part six

Chapter Seven

Almost immediately after the black out I was already waking up looking to a ceiling devoid of the surgical lights, I could feel a tube down my throat and mechanical means of breathing and I was now in a bed rather then the surgical table. It was very confusing and I was somewhat worried that I was in a bed when the Master made it very clear that slaves did not sleep in beds. My body was aching something fearful but I suspected the surgery had not been done since I had absolutely no pains in the lower regions. Buzzers and alarms where sounding and soon 2 nurses ran into the room and started checking the instruments while on of them kept asking me if I was awake? And if I knew where I was? And if I could see how many fingers she was holding up? The only thing I could do was blink and barely shake my right hand.

A doctor came in and told the nurses to prepare to remove the tube.

Once the tube was removed I tried to speak but had no success.

The doctor came close and said; this must be very hard for you to understand but I want you to be very calm and listen to me for the accounting of what’s happening to you. Blink twice if you understand because you won’t be able to talk for a few days. Are you calm and do you feel O.K.? I blinked twice. He said; good, now then, you had a mild stroke while having surgery and you have been in a coma for the past seven months. Slowly we will find out if you suffered any permanent physical handicap however the good news is that the test I just performed on your reflects hands and feet, it all seems in good working order. The surgery was not performed in this hospital, you where brought in from another hospital already in a coma. We are all very excited and happy that you woke up because in another 2 days all artificial life instruments would have been turned off and you would probably have died.

As far as I was concern it had only been minutes since I was knocked out and the torture and the expected life quality was very vivid in my mind. My hand began to feel better and I was being able to move it better now so I made a signal requesting a pen and paper. It took him a bit to understand but he did and I was able to write; before you call anyone may I have a few days until I am able to speak?.

He answered yes of course, you were dropped by a clinic with no next of kin so, yes no problem rest easy and don’t worry we will have a nurse with you 24 hours until we feel that you can move on your own. What I want you do is start to try moving your hands, feet, arms and legs as much of your body as possible. I will check back in a few hours. While he was gone a good looking nurse in an impeccable nurse’s uniform sat at a chair next to me reading a tablet most likely a book. Within the hour I was able to lift my right arm and began moving all fingers and my left hand. I tried to make some sound with my mouth but there was nothing there yet. I was very hopeful that this would be my chance of freedom even if I had to get the police involved. I knew that it was imperative that I recuperate in a big hurry. As I worked on my limbs my mind was going a hundred miles per hour. I was never going to do this alone, I needed help and I needed to find out if I could access my money in the German bank. I had no documents but the recognition at that bank was a system of finger prints and lucky for me that had not changed.

It took me four days of constant hard work sleeping very little to be able to finally stand up and take a few steps. I had no choice but to trust the doctor with my peculiar problem and promised him 100 K for his help for me to get away. I emphasized that if the word got out all bets would be off. I don’t know if he believed the story of how I got there but he examined me and was convinced of the surgery and pledged to help stating that the money was not necessary. I told him that if I could get my hands on the account, I would insist. The doctor gave me a phone and I was able to reach Jacky who at first did not believe it was me and after some convincing she gave in and asked how she could help and how she could come to get me.

I told her I was trying to get to my account and if all went well I would make a transfer to her account in the amount of fifty thousand dollars so that she could come and bring me my passport and documents. She told me she had some money and she was making reservations for the first flight for her and the best private eye she could find. In the mean time I arranged for the doctor to drive me to the bank so that we would have funds for the get away. Upon arrival at the bank, we where received very well and when I explained that I had someone bringing my documents from the U.S.A the gentleman requested my finger prints and upon verification he asked me how much I needed. I told him that I would require a card with 250 K to begin with and I would call him with a code when more was needed. With in 45 minutes we left the bank with the card and went to the doctors bank so that I could transfer the 100 k to his account as promised. He was extremely surprised that it worked and could not stop thanking me.

We went to the airport and I was able to lease a private jet for the return back home and had to call Mr Hans at the bank and give him our code for an additional expenditure of 150 k for the plane. I asked the good doctor to bear with me for a little bit longer and accompany me to the stores so that I could buy some modern clothing to replace the badly fitting loaned dress I was wearing.

When we finished the shopping doctor Alex insisted in taking me to his apartment claiming it would be safer then the hospital. I asked him what they would do if the patient in that room was missing and he responded by telling me that a female body would be sleeping in that bed and it was going to cost me 5 k. apparently he was way ahead of me.

I was flabbergasted as we enter the driveway up to the entrance of the luxurious apartment building complex. It was evident that only the very affluent maintained residence here. It was difficult to understand how the good Dr. Alex was able to maintain residence here . He noticed my surprise and doubtful expression and explained that he is the son of a very wealthy real-estate magnet.

I had no reason to not believe him so we got out of the car and the building employee parked it.

We took the elevator up to the penthouse and as we entered, I could hear men’s voices and as we entered the plush living room, the man sitting at the sofa with his head to us got up and turned around while Dr. Alex said; let me introduce you to my cousin Thom.

I felt my blood invade my head and fell to the plush carpet but did not pass out. Thom stood in front of me and said; YOU WORTHLESS CUNT, STUPID BITCH, apparently we did not train you properly GET ON YOUR KNEES AND LOWER YOUR HEAD IN FRONT OF YOUR MASTER. I said; May I speak Master? He said yes you may but make it brief. I continued; Master If I had known that you would be here I would have been in the reverence posture Master. There where 2 other man in the room also dressed in 5 k suites exuding wealth, my humiliation of being on my knees with my head bowed was suffocating until Thom sat back down and told me to strip naked and while saying that he was opening his crotch and bringing his almost totally erect dick out.

Once I was totally naked, he ordered me to get in front of him and get my mouth to work on his dick and make sure to keep my legs apart so his friends could get a good look at the new cunt he had built. As I was choking on his large dick, he told his friends to take their clothes off and get comfortable so they could enjoy a nice fun evening of fucking. With in a few minutes they where naked and one of them got on his knees behind me and I felt the head of his dick pushing against my rectum. I was glad because I did not know how the new vagina would react and if it would hurt or not. To my surprise, the dick slipped in and it hurt all over again because it had been such a long time and my hole had shrunk some.

Master in between moans told his other friend to sit next to him on the sofa so as to get my mouth on his dick as soon as he was finished. Meanwhile my mind, my world, my feelings transformed me into an explosion of sexual ecstasy, the dick inside my ass was touching everything inside that could possible cause the utmost of sensations as if I was in a constant maximum orgasm. My body was involuntarily shaking and vibrating naturally providing an overwhelming amount of pleasure to the two male recipients of my incredible reactions.

Both the Master and the other gentleman inside my ass, came at the same time almost yelling in unison. The friend sitting next to Thom was asking him to push me over but Thom did not want to take his dick out of my mouth and the one in my ass was not getting out either, it was apparent they where stunned with what had just happened to their sexual experience. I noticed that for the first time Thom was lost as to how to proceed. He had no idea of what he created and was now rethinking on the use of it. It was evident he was not ready to share it any longer and I could read his mind and predict his next words. To my surprise, he caressed my head with his hand then slowly with both hands, in an caring gesture lifted my head away from his dick and pronounced that he was sending for other slaves for their entertainment, then ordered the doctor to take me to the bedroom and after I was cleaned up to restrict me in rubber for tonight. I was walked out and directed to the shower by Alex and told to shower and be quick about it. Alex had made a 180 degrees on his demeanor towards me.

As I walked to the shower my body was still shaking and I was still feeling aftershocks of the most unbelievable sex I ever experienced. All I could think was what would feel like having a cock inside the new pussy, or, one in the pussy and another in the ass at the same time. I should have been thinking of how my life was over again.

When I came out of the shower, Alex had everything ready, first he shoved a 3 inch long and 3 inch wide dildo gag in my mouth, than typed it around my head. Next, he made me lay down in a rubber bag that was stretched on the rubber covered bed and proceeded to zip it closed following by tightening outside belts placed about 2 feet apart from the ankles all the way up to my shoulders with my head sticking out. He turned the lights out and left the room.

Sometime later night or day how long I could not tell, Thom came in, sat next to the bed and said; your slave training was interrupted for the seven months that you spent in the coma. That means that I have to expedite the plans I had originally for your servitude. Later this morning, we are picking Jacky at the airport and both of you will be sent back to the dungeon for training. If the training is successful you both will be sent back to Miami to serve our clients there however, if we fail in your training and you or both do not qualify, we will terminate both of you.

Thom called Alex and gave him instructions to as soon as Jacky was brought up to get her naked into a full closed rubber bag with oxygen and place me the way I was now into another closed oxygen bag to be ready for transport.

As soon as Thom left, Alex went to work and placed me into another rubber bag this time encapsulating my head cutting all my senses of from the world. In my solitude I was totally remorseful of having involved Jacky and causing this tragedy in her life. In analyzing the betrayal by Alex and what I should have done differently, it was evident that my mission of freedom was a failing tactic from the beginning since it was obvious that Alex was the watch dog over me at the hospital.

I had no sense of time in the dark seclusion but eventually I felt being moved on to a gurney and being moved through halls and into a vehicle, a long ride and some more movement then nothing for a long time. The bag was opened and I was very briefly given sight of the familiar dungeon however before I could see any of the preparations or if Jacky was there, a rubber hood was forced over my head and face totally blocking my vision and restricting my hearing, only my mouth and holes for my nose were move in their place. I was ordered to open my mouth and a rubber tube was forced down my throat into my stomach next a catheter was pushed into my pee hole after which my legs where raised and a large enema plug was inserted in my ass.

I was lifted from the gurney, a rubber straight jacket was snugly fitted completely restricting my arms, I was then walked over to what felt like a wall and a head brace of sort was fitted after which I felt being lifted to a point of barely standing. Unbelievably at this point I was happy that Thom was sending me back to Miami and serving there would be 100% preferable than spending the rest of my life suffering in this dungeon or some other dungeon.

The question dancing in my head was * how does God permit humans to be so disrespectful and cruel to other humans.* I was not stupid and had in mind more or less the brain washing process they would be using and started preparing my mind to reject it but simulate acceptance. I could faintly hear some moaning and could only imagine that it was Jacky. At this point I no longer wished to die or contemplated dying. I now had a long mission and reason to live and that was to justify and liberate Jacky and effectively cut Thom’s penis off with a dull knife. My plan would take a long time a lot of patience and courage but most of all strong motivation which I had plenty of.

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