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From Lab Rat to Slave 5

by Edrubber

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© Copyright 2016 - Edrubber - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; M+/m; D/s; transsexual; latex; captive; cell; bond; bdsm; spank; paddle; punish; hood; oral; anal; climax; cons/nc; XX

story continued from part four

Chapter Five

I woke up in a rubber covered bed and when I tried to move I noticed that I was strapped to it and covered with a rubber sheet with a penis gag in my mouth and another penis dildo up my ass causing a throbbing sensation so I surmised it must have been large. I was in total darkness but there was a somewhat familiar smell to the place. It came to me that Derek the handsome guy I had sex with last night had kidnapped me and god knows what was going to happen to me. I was uncomfortable with the intrusion in my body and nothing was happening.

Then as I regained consciousness I noticed that I had a rubber hood with holes for my nose only and the darkness was because of my blindfold. I was lying there perhaps for hours. Suddenly I heard the noise of what seemed like a heavy metal door and the straps holding me to the bed being loosen.

I was apparently left alone again but free to move around, but before I did anything, A gurgled voice said; "You may take the hood off but do not touch the mouth gag nor the dildo up your ass". I reached for the base of the rubber hood and removed it slowly and almost fainted when I saw that I was back at my cell in Copenhagen and wearing the infernal rubber poncho with the high heel boots.

I could not sit because of the large intruder in my rear so I lay back down and waited for something to happen. The ceiling lit up and the master came on like he used to in the past, and he started saying; "I am not going to permit you to whore around like a cheap bitch. I told you that I love you and you are mine, and I was going to be with you once a month or the most two months".


"You are going to be severely punished and I am thinking of devising and building some kind of chastity belt that only I can open. Your punishment will start in 30 minutes. You will be taken to another room and I had a very special leather petal built to make sure it will hurt enough that you will always remember before you let anybody touch that ass. For the next 48 hours you will be punished for two hours and rest for one hour and the dildo will stay in your ass since you seemed to need one in there all the time".

I started to MMMPPHH as loud as I could because I wanted to ask for forgiveness and try to get away from the hard suffering I was about to endure.

He answered by saying; "I don’t want to hear it that dick stays in your bitching mouth for the next 48 hours maybe more". The Image went blank and almost immediately the iron door opened and Yohan walked in just like Déjà vu, put a rubber hood over my head, this one with nose and eyes openings then placed a black leather collar around my neck with big gold letters reading BITCH IN HEAT with an o ring in the front and a metal chain which Yohan had in his hand and pulled me behind him on the familiar corridors.

As we walked I noticed how busy this place was, poncho covered people with high heel boots where being moved constantly towards us and in our direction all anonymous rubber covered hoods.

After the taste of wealth and independence I had, it was so depressing to be back here in these humiliating painful circumstances that tears were rolling down my face. It was becoming clear that I was never going to be independent or completely free from the Master.

We came to a somewhat large room with a rubber upholstered bed standing with the front high and the foot part low in an almost 45 degree and had a angle at the hip area projecting the ass to a much more vulnerable position. There where two guys in there one on each side of the contraption holding a leather, foot and a half by 8 inches paddles with wooden round handles and holes throughout to emphasize the friction against the skin for maximum pain.

The poncho was removed and I was strapped to it and the spanking began alternating one side to the other. After the first few strikes I was sure I was going to pass out but, unfortunately it just kept hurting more and more.

After about 20 or 30 whacks I lost count, they stopped and one of them went to the corner and brought a bucket of hot water, dumped all over my rear and they started the beating again only now it hurt a lot more. It must have been an hour of beating without stop, two other guys came in holding identical paddles and took the place of the other two and without interruption continued the beatings while the tired two left. The beating was concentrated on my ass and it was now on fire and so much pain that I was hoping to pass out.

The psychological effect was working very well because all I could think about was of never even looking at another man and worshipping the masters dick.

It came to a point where the man hung the paddles on hooks on the wall and walked out. I was so thankful that according to what the Master had said I now had two hours to rest. As I am wondering how I was going to survive another 46 hours of this, a totally rubberized man walked in with a large condom covered dick showing, and I knew the master so well already that I immediately recognized him.

"You thought you had 2 hours of rest but that was only from the beatings, you love cock so much that you need to be constantly being fucked and blowing cock". And with that he removed the dildo and slammed his dick into me hard as if intending to cause as much pain as possible. One could feel his anger. He stopped a couple times to prolong it then continued for about 30 minutes.

Once he came, he did not rest on top of me as usual he just pulled out and said he was going to find a few dicks around in need of relief. Nothing happened in the next 30 to 40 minutes until he came back, pressed some buttons and the table became totally horizontal and with another button the part where my head was resting moved leaving my head in the air. He came in front of my head and pressed the button until his dick was in line with my mouth at which time he slammed it deep to the back of my throat causing me to gag violently and even forcing down deeper to the point that I could not breathe.

I was passing out but not fighting because I was glad to be passing out and at this point even hoping to pass out for ever. He must have noticed that he was going too far and pulled back allowing me to resume breathing. I tried to hold it a little longer but it did not work. He was a little more careful but continued pumping hard without regards to any consequences.

My remorse was beginning to turn to hate. Now I was considering a contract on this monster. He was going to let me loose sometime, my turn would come.

He finished in my mouth withdrew abruptly and shoved the gag back in and left the room. My ass seemed to be hurting more now that the beatings had stopped. I was exhausted and just laid there almost falling asleep except the pain from the beatings would not let me.

Time was going by and they left me alone and I was thinking that maybe the Master was having pity on me, but, the door opened again the two guys took their positions on each side of me, the bed was moved to the position as before and the beating started again as before except the pain now seemed to be doubled.

Just as before after an hour they changed again and there was no respite. After the two hours went by Master came in again and with a control in his hand, lowered a leather sling with metal chains with wrists and ankle cuffs. I was placed in it with my limbs firmly cuffed and my head hanging loose and backwards.

He came over to my head grabbed it with both hands and shoved his dick abruptly in my mouth all the way to my throat blocking my breathing, only this time it seemed as if he had made up his mind to kill me because I actually passed out.

I came to and was very sad that I was still alive. He was fucking my ass with me chained way up. Every time his legs and balls hit my ass cheeks, the pain was unbearable. After he came and pulled out, he said; "I am having you taken back to your room because I am tired of fucking your bitching ass and mouth and I don’t want anybody else in it ever again. I rather see you in your coffin then find out that someone else had sex with you. Don’t think it’s over, tomorrow your punishment starts again you have four more hours to go". And he walked out. They released me from the infernal bed and put the poncho over my head then Yohan came placed the chain on my collar and tugged me out on the way to my old room.

Even the rubber from the poncho touching against my ass was painful that I could hardly walk. He just pushed me in, took the chain off my neck, and left, locking the door behind him. No gag, no dildo, no night straps. I very carefully laid on the bed belly down and with a lot of sacrifice and pain fell asleep. When I woke up the pain was unbearable with out the poncho touching.

My ass was swollen and it felt as it was twice the size even touching with my fingers was out of the question. The pain was constant and relentless I was sure that I could not survive nor wanted to survive another spanking.

I looked around for any means of hanging but there was none. I just took the poncho off and wrapped it tight around my head and face, it was very difficult in the beginning I almost took it off, but I figured that the worst was behind me and I was almost there.

I passed out. I woke up in a daze looking at a tiled floor. Slowly I realized that I was in a bed like the ones people with spinal injuries use. I was hooked up to heart monitor I.V. and started feeling wet stuff covering my ass and hanging over the sides.

I was treated for another four days at the end of which my ass was normal again and I was able to sit on it but carefully and slow. The Master came in with a face as if nothing ever happened.

Before he could say anything I spoke; "You better kill me now a good shot of insulin should be a good merciful death. I never want to see you again and when I am on my own again I will give the insulin to myself. I am no longer a man, I am not a woman and I will not be your slave for the rest of my life. I sure learned my lesson that money is the root of all evil".

He answered; "Not only you will not kill yourself but you will take very good care of yourself and your body, I had the marriage certificate made, you are now my official wife. You can be as free as we had discussed once every month or two months I am coming to fuck your brains out. But make no mistake about it, I have eyes on you all the time and one more betrayal you will be back here to suffer a very long painful death as you now know".

"I love you with all my heart and I want you to love me as well. Tomorrow we are going back together now that we are married we are going to take that boat out again on a short honey moon. If you want we can have a padre come over and do the religious ceremony. You have any questions?"

Crying I said; "If you love me how could you?"

He said; "I had no idea it was going so far. To tell you the truth, I was told you had committed suicide and I got my gun and was stopped just before pulling the trigger. I can’t live with out you".

I got up slowly and told him; "You better come over here and hold me real tight husband". He embraced me tight and kissed me tongue and all, I just kept his hands from grabbing my ass the way he always did.

I called the captain and told him I was in Europe he told me how everyone was going crazy looking for me and that he better call the police and let them know I was alright. He then said that Jacky was pestering him to hand over the phone.

Jacky went right on calling me a bitch, inconsiderate, mean, and the next time I disappear I better leave a last will and testimony. She was saying all that loudly and crying. I said honey I got some news for you, Thom and I got married, and we are going to have a religious ceremony at the boat. She said that I could not imagine how happy she was for me and she was getting started on the ceremony and maybe a small reception.

I said we should be there tomorrow some time and we are going to go out for a few days on a honey moon. She said; let me know one hour before touch down so I can pick you guys up at the airport. I said I will hon By.

The next day we boarded the private jet and as soon we got in the air Master told me to lift my skirt lower my panties and sit on his dick. I said, "No Mister no more of this Master stuff now, we are married and you will no longer humiliate me in front of others this way, you can have your way in private and when my rear gets well you can spank me again IN PRIVATE".

He looked at me for a minute almost saying something but just said; "Yes dear". Grabbed a magazine and started reading it while I was catching up on e-mails. I asked him; "Did you have someone following me in Miami?"

He said; "No I had your lap top hacked and saw when you found that club, then I had you followed".

I said; "Don’t you think I have the right of privacy?"

He said "No, from the day I had sex with you for the first time, you were mine and I will always look after you no matter what I have to do or follow or hack. When I go back to Europe you should know that I am always next to you in a loving and protective way. By the way, I had our experts and lawyer look into your investment in Brussels and they agree it was a wise investment and the German bank was a good move because you are getting 3 and one quarter per cent interest which is the best in Europe, as a matter of fact I transferred 100 million there myself. As far as your investment office, I think your looking for a lot of unnecessary work and headaches, the stock market will be a better and easier way to make money, if you let me I will give you some ideas on several promising stocks so you can just watch the money roll in".

"If you don’t have to get stressed working you can concentrate on making my dick happy. And besides you are now the wife of a multi, multi, billionaire with no pre nop. Your 50 million is your account but you are now also a part of me and my multi billions legally you are now too valuable to waste your time in a small investment office. You should start researching the market and large world investments. But I promised you that you are free to do what you want and I will not interfere, this is just advice".

I said; "It looks as if we are having a very good honest and open relationship".

He said, "That’s how it should be".

I said; "By the way hon, if you ever try the same thing you did the past two days again, I will spend the entire 50 million to have you killed slowly".

He responded; "Understood". He then said, "are you ready for honeymoon sex?"

I said; "Not the ass, I will have to do it by mouth. My rear is too tender for now".

He said; "Why can’t you give me a blow job now?"

I said, "Because the crew may need to come by here on their way to the rest room besides, your not going to bust by waiting until we get on the boat in our cabin".

He resumed reading and moaned Fine. I called Jacky and asked her if she had contacted a minister for the ceremony she said yes and she also rented a restaurant on the water ways for a little party and it was being decorated as we spoke and the boat was going to dock next to the restaurant in the back on the water ways. I said you are so efficient I think I need to give you a raise, by the way Jacky please have a Justice of the peace present to marry us in the U.S. as well, I like to have that certificate also. She told me no problem then we said bye and hung up.

I asked him if he minded saying I do a couple of times in Ft Lauderdale since you have not said it once yet. He moaned; "As many times as you wish dear". I thought I would get a rise out of him because frankly I wondered how legal that marriage certificate was when I was unconscious when it was being performed.

But the proof of the pudding was yet to come to bear. After we landed on the way home I asked; "Jacky you rented this restaurant how many people do you have coming?" She said; "About 15 or 20. there is plenty of room, Cezar is coming with his sister and brother in law, the captain is having his brother and sister in law come from Jacksonville, my mom and Sandra a child hood friend of mine the first mate and Julia and I think Julia is bringing her mother."

I asked Thom if he had anyone coming and he said; "No As far as I am concerned I have been married to you for about a year and a half already".

I was almost sorry about starting the whole thing. We where sitting sort of apart in our individual seats when he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him put his arm around me and kissed my head, then, continued looking forward. I put my arm and hand on his middle and leaned my head on his chest. He pushed my hand to his dick and I brought it back up and whispered, "Patience hubby we are going to have all night for that".

He said, "Maybe when we get to the boat in private once huhn". I said "Yes dear we will go in our cabin when we get to the boat and I will do my best".

He whispered; "How’s your ass?"

I whispered, "I was willing to die because of the pain, I am having a hard time sitting here, it will be a long time before your dick is getting in there and it serves you right".

"That mean I can’t sleep with you naked?"

I said; "I am going to do what I can to make you come but afterwards we are sleeping in different beds"

He said; "This marriage thing is rough".

I said, "You broke it now suffer the consequences".

Find out all about the painful honey moon and the wedding party on the next episode coming soon.

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