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From Lab Rat to Slave 14

by Edrubber

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© Copyright 2016 - Edrubber - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/ff; M/f; captives; slaves; rubber; catsuit; force; enemas; torture; susp; harness; electro; probes; insert; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons/nc; XX

story continued from part 13

Chapter 14

Jess put his hands on his head and said; What are we going to do now?

I said; with all due respect Mm huhm Sir before making any decision we need all the facts and we do not know what the department want us to do so, Lets call our attorneys and get them to get us an appointment with the person responsible for this subpoena and see if we can get some answers before making any decision.

Jess said; please do it. Jess went on; what do we have to do with legalizing the club?

I said; It will depend on what your conglomerate wants to accomplish with that investment. In this country slavery is totally against the law as the law is written, no human may physically own another human. There are clubs that make believe certain scenarios but if any evidence that someone was taken or forced to act against his or her will, person or persons responsible for such acts are fully subjected to arrest and indictment under the law. So in conclusion, if you open a club as it is planed now, it will be profitable and it may last for many years or it only takes one person to bring it down and the could be anyone, a dissatisfied partner, a disgruntle employee, a neighbor it will take very little to get the place closed and every body involved arrested.

If this “ club” was located in the middle of nowhere, it would be a lot more defensible and safe, but, this one is in the middle of a neighborhood in the middle of an affluent part of West Palm Beach. High risk. If I were offered an opportunity to invest in it I would consider it too high risk.

The place is now remodeled and could be open next month as a Spa Resort and it might have some extra ordinary amenities that if is found out, the management can deny any involvement. We now have a large assortment of dungeon equipment in a warehouse and if this equipment was found by authorities, it would be confiscated. In an effort of protecting the interests of Mmm hun Mister Thom, I have a story prepared in that eventuality disclaiming ownership reason why it is in storage. Jess asked how about the rubber sheets on the beds, the slings and chains from the motor in the ceiling and the rubber wear all over the place.

I answered; there is no regulation or laws restricting or directing on bedding materials, ceiling motors slings as long they pass inspection of safety and electrical. In the case of the hospital if anyone would lodge a complaint that he or she was forced to undergo a transgender surgical procedure, indictment and arrest orders would be issued for all persons involved in the running the facility such as management doctors any persons proven to have restricted or forced the individual against his will.

Jess said; is that mean that when Thom wakes up he will be having everybody arrested? I said; very doubtful sir he would have to answer for a lot more then anyone else. The attorney called and told us we had an appointment at the department of licensing at 2p.m.

Jess asked me if he had to go? I answered; it is your decision sir.

When we were alone in the office Jess said; you know, I beginning to lean towards closing everything, selling the properties take our losses and go home. I said; please let me know of your decision so that I may take the appropriate steps Sir. He lean over grabbed my breast and while tweaking my nipple said; last night was the best sex I had in all my life I can’t stop thinking about it we have to do it again tonight. I whispered yes Master.

I got a call from the attorney that his car had been stolen and he could use a ride I asked Jess if Ronald the handler could go pick him up and had a break hopping Jess would have to go somewhere so I could have a talk with Jacky because we had enough confusion to get out now. Jess, Jacky, the attorney, and I got in the car and went to the city hall to have our meeting.

The news was not good and we continued without any answers. Mr. Maguire told us that the first criteria was a statement from Thom once he came to, depending on that we would have to present a solid check and balance system to make sure that this type of error or trick could never happen again.

I asked him to explain the trick part to us and he explained that it could be possible that Thom secretly wanted the transgender surgery and he caused the confusion. I told him the dilemma we had to release all the patients because it would be impossible to keep them there for a long period of time maintaining and caring or, get this solved in a maximum of 5 days. Mr. Maguire, do you think we can get certification back in five days? He said; yes if all the conditions I proposed are complied with.

We went back to the hospital and sat around the conference table and started the think thank. I said; Sir, because of your statement earlier that you might end the investments and sell the properties it would be the first step to finding out if that is what you wish.

Jess said; tell us what you think since you have been closely involved in both areas.

I said; the hospital has a good chance of becoming a profitable investment because it is specialized in a area of large demand and in as much it ran into a snag with hard work and good management it will more then likely be successful. The mansion club may be a dangerous investment if continued as it started. Too much attention has been has been focused on it now because of the news publishing the connection between it and the hospital. If it is open as I suggested a membership spa resort slowly and carefully a fetish clientele will be formed. Items such as rubber sheets and leather may be offered in brochures legally, the rest will be actions of the members. Under no circumstance should it involve slaves as a matter of fact members bringing slaves should not be allowed. One slave scandal will bring the castle down. The sex slave trade is a priority for the F.B.I. The United States has a long history fighting slavery way back to the civil war, so, guide yourself accordingly Sir.

Jess said; how do we get the hospital going? I said; wake Thom, dope him up and get a video statement with a department witness. We devise a check and balance system for the surgeries and we can re- classify.

Jess said; alright, let’s get it done. Gene will you get the ball rolling? I said Yes Sir. I told Jacky to ask Thom’s surgeon to come to the exec room.

Everyone left the room leaving Jess and me alone, Jess said; you’re a very ungrateful bitch as far as I can see, you use to be a 36 year old man, broke with no future and practically no place to live. Thom transformed you into a 23 year old fantastic sexy beautiful woman, made you a millionaire maybe a billionaire if you consider the marriage to him, and I am not so sure that it wasn’t you that caused his surgery, it’s clear why he kept you as a slave.

You are very intelligent and the best fuck in the world but you need to be a slave for the rest of your life. When I go back home you and Thom are coming back with me and you’re going to be the main entertainment for the board of directors. I said; Jess, first I was forced into a transvestite by Thom it was totally against my will, enslaved, and painfully trained as a slave against all human rights and human decency. My ex-girl friend and now best friend was kidnapped and trained as a slave also against all human laws and decency And you have courage to say that I am ungrateful?

Jess said; you are the most insolent bitch I ever seen, for the next two days you will be punished severely so that you may appreciate what we gave you. He had Jacky come to the room and told her she would need to take over for me for the next two days because I would be busy on another project. Jess told the handler to take me back to the mansion. As soon as we got to the car, he handcuffed me behind my back and shoved a penis gag in my mouth tying behind my head. As we drove away all I could think of was how I would soon get even with the handler and Jess.

Maybe I could manage two more castrations, after all the hospital did not have to survive. Anything connected with their enterprises would have to sink in the U.S.A.

At the mansion he went into the garage and came around the back, grabbed me and carried me on his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. I was taken to the dungeon and to my surprise the equipment had been brought back and installed there. Another handler was waiting and forced a rubber hood over my head with mouth and nose holes only. I was cuffed on the cross and with in a few minutes the beating began, it felt like the leather paddle. The more I screamed and cried, the harder the beating and their laughs. After about 30 hard slaps it stopped and it all turned quiet, I was alone. I sensed some movement again and my ankles where being freed and a rubber cat suit was pushed up on my body. When it was up to above my breasts, they freed my wrists and finished dressing me. Once the zipper closed behind my back, I was re attached to the cross. The next feeling I had was an enema butt plug going in and several large enemas then I spent about 30 minutes draining. I felt movement again and felt the butt plug taken out and then the pressure of a dick head coming in followed by an enormous long human dick followed by the pressure of a man’s hips against my ass cheeks. The sound was muffled but I recognized the moaning and occasional remark of tight ass and great fuck being of the handler. I made the largest effort I could muster to prevent from orgasm by thinking how much I hated them and making plans of how I was going to get even. I came close a couple of times but was able to avoid giving him the best fuck of his life. He came and took it out, and I thought that would be it for now but another one entered me not as big and the same efforts had to be repeated twice more.

I was left alone for a period of time then someone came back and I felt the large enema butt plug then the tube down my throat and the tube up my pee hole. I started crying but almost as fast stopped and began to plot the revenge that now I knew was possible after all one of them was already laying with his dick and balls gone for ever. In the position that I was in it was difficult to tell time but after several large painful hot and cold enemas, I imagined that several hours went by when the enema plug was removed, I was given another 20 or 25 whacks in the ass and hips then taken down and taken to the shower striped and told to wash then get into a fresh rubber suit to get ready for a long night of servitude. I was taken to Thom’s room a leather harness fitted on my legs and waist, my ass and nipples hanging out, nipple clips where closed painfully over my nipples with wires going down to under the bed. The electric hoist was hooked to my harness and I was lifted over the bed in a sitting position. I knew how the hoist worked since I supervised their installation so it was not a surprise what was different the fact that I was not blind folded. Jess came in, got naked, and while installing a condom mumbled how he had to protect himself since there was no telling where a scum bag like me had been then came the surprise, an electric shock that felt like I was hit by a train then my body was shaking like I was in a blender with the nipples and my breasts on fire then it stopped.

I was perspiring and totally out of breath and as vicious as this was I was hoping the idiot would lower me on his dick then turn on the electric juice.

I was bouncing on his dick for hours. My spasms were going for hours, when at last Jess said; I am going to take you down now and you will sleep on the floor cuffed to the bed. I need you in the office tomorrow but we are going to fit you with a very special butt plug and bra to make sure you won’t try any of your tricks. I was lowered and cuffed to the lower frame of the bed and that’s where I slept.

He woke up and as he left the bed to go to the dresser I woke up in time to see him place the condom on his almost erect dick, then sit on the edge of the bed and grabbing me by the head pushed my mouth on it all the way to my throat.

I started gagging and running out of air when he backed up a little then started pumping by manipulating my head with both hands in my hair. If I was not cuffed to the bed I think I would have bitten his dick off, but, when and if I did, I wanted to make sure he would bleed a lot maybe all the way.

After he finished he grabbed my by the arm and pushed me in the shower and told me I had 5 minutes. When I came out, he turned me around and shoved a large plug in my ass with a wire coming from it then put a bra around my breasts and closed it in the back wires came from the nipples and after I dressed in the outfit he provided they placed a wide belt around my waist and connected the wires to the boxy buckle. Jess said; let’s jest test it and with that I felt the jolt to my rectum and nipples and screamed and fell to the floor with the pain. He said; we have a set just like it on your friend Jacky. I said; I hope you fry that bitch maybe you will consider giving me the button. Jess said; trouble in paradise? I said she is one of you a traitor, a loyal bitch slave, and if I had the chance I give her just what she likes, a lot of pain.

Jess had stiletto 7 inch heel boots for me to wear that tied all the way up to just under my knees and the skirt was tight with a leather type belt all around the seem which made me take small slow steps. I was not running anywhere.

We walked to the car and Ronald drove us to the hospital.

At the conference room a handler brought Jacky in the exact copy of the outfit I was wearing and looked just as tired as I did, it was obvious she was used most of the night as I was. I knew it was not Jess so who could it be?

I had enough and knew that we could not go back to the mansion or dungeon.

For the first time in my life I was resolute in disabling Jess and whoever had the remote on Jacky and to the extent of taking their lives if necessary.

I was looking around the room for any object that I could easily grab and use it as a weapon to smash his head and make sure that he would be unconscious or dead. The detective was still around but by the time I got his attention and any reaction Jacky and I would be on the ground twisting in pain and be taken to some room for treatment of their kind.

I found a trophy that looked like two pyramids welded together point to point reminiscent of an hour glass. When I picked it up, I knew it was the weapon I was looking for, it was solid and it weight about a pound and half. I had to hit his head hard and make sure he would pass out. He could not press the button.

This was a life or death situation for us.

I tried suicide before and was resolved to do it again rather then going back to suffering slave status. This is the day, tragedy was inevitable.

The trophy was almost next to the coffee maker and cups behind where Jess sat every day at the head of the table.

Jess came in the room and sat at the head of the table as usual, and I asked Jacky to get the surgeon to come give us Thom’s condition and when he would be coming to. My plan now was knock Jess and stand next to the door and knock the handler.

Jacky left the room and so did her handler, this was my chance, once I knocked Jess out I would grab his phone and call 911 and scream attack and rape. I asked; Master, would you like me to get you coffee? And he answered Yes but don’t put sugar in it bring me the sugar I’ll put it in. I got up walked behind him while he was looking at the costs of keeping all patients while the certification was suspended. I got the trophy, turned it in my hand to where I could get the maximum hitting angle and walked closer to him and was about to lift my arm with it when the door burst open and the detective and 2 other policemen walked in and said Mr. Jess and Mss. Geny you are both under arrest for complicity of attempted manslaughter. It was the happiest moment of my life, the marines had landed. It would be a lot better in a jail. They handcuffed Jess then frisked him for weapons and took his pocket knife, keys. And the remote and thru it on the table, meanwhile another policeman handcuffed me.

We where told to sit down and wait for Jacky to come in. The surgeon came in followed by Jacky and the handler. The handler and Jacky where handcuffed as well. The handler had the other remote and it was also lying on the table. I asked the detective to speak and he said I would have plenty of time and chance to speak at the precinct. I told him this is a matter of urgent imminent physical danger; please just listen for one second. He said; before you say anything, you have the right to remain quiet,,, and so on, once he finished, I said I understood my rights them told him to please not allow anyone to touch the buttons on the remotes because both of us Jacky and me where wired and would be electrocuted. He first took both remotes and took the batteries out then place them in plastic bags writing where they where taken from. He then asked what exactly did I mean by wired. I said we have to get a woman to supervise the removing of the gadgets because they where placed in our genitals and breasts. We had to wait for two female police to come and take us to a room and supervise the removal of the belt, Bra, and plug.

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By Edrubber.

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