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From Lab Rat to Slave 12

by Edrubber

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© Copyright 2016 - Edrubber - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+ff; FF/m; captives; slaves; dungeon; rubber; hoods; force; chair; bond; vr; toys; insert; anal; sex; climax; cons/reluct; XX

story continued from part 11

Chapter 12

Jacky and I had a light meal then retired to our room and were locked in. We enjoyed sleeping body to body but, did not have any lesbian tendencies. Our love was as sisters maybe even closer because of all the unusual and uncommon tribulations we had suffered. I asked her how come she never told me that she knew of my identity and she answered that after observing the trauma I must have gone thru, she had no choice but to accept it and did not want to mention it until I was ready to tell her. She did confess that at the time she was hurt and relieved at the same time to know that I was alive.

I asked; did you know that this transformation was done totally against my will? She answered; only after becoming a slave myself, I realized that fact. Before your surgery I kind of always hoped that you would change your mind and become a man again. I told her; once the hormones took over and changed my physiology; my mind would no longer consider any changes. If I had decided to force the issue, I would have become a weird man with a woman’s body. I did have the urge to have sex with you when I still had a penis, but was afraid you would discover who I was. She just answered; well it’s all water under the bridge now.

I told her all about my visit with the Dct. And confessed how afraid I was of the crazy Doctor, like what where they going to force my body into now? Jacky said’ let’s get under the sheet and get some rest. She wrote on my chest; let’s get the hell out now, we had enough and we don’t want to be sorry that we waited. I wrote; we don’t have a chance now. We first have to find out what kind of chips they implanted on us, and, a way to pull the chips. I tell ya, if all woman could experience sex as I now do, they would be a thousand times better satisfied. If I ever find a man that I love I will be capable to make him the champion of sex happiness.

The next morning we went to the shower at 6 a.m. then returned to the room and I told Jacky she had to go to the trans hospital and get the contract of purchase on the two properties next door that I manage to buy. All the time we where at the computer and I was showing some of the details we had worked out on the purchases, 3 handlers were standing next to us inside the dining room which was unusual since only one usually stayed by the door. Jacky left and at 8.45 a.m. the 3 handlers holding by the arms took me back to the room, made me strip and put the poncho on, then again holding my arms took mr to the dr’s lab.

I was forced to sit on the chair and noticed that the seat molded to my ass crack and there was a hole there. The doctor closed the flaps around me as a rubber suite which was part of the chair making me completely immobile then pressed a button on his panel and the suit inflated making me feel like I was in a rubber balloon. He went behind the chair and came back with a rubber hood with eye nose and mouth holes and thin different color wires on the out side that almost looked like a wig and the wires came together in the back like a pony tail and went into a long black tube that ended up connected to his consul.

He fitted the hood on my head and face then brought over a trolley tray with medical vials sealed with tubes sticking out of them and other apparatus that I did not have time to recognize. He picked up a ball about 2 and ½ inches in diameter with tiny holes all around it and a 3 or 4 foot long rubber tube sticking from if in to one of the vials. He forced the ball in my mouth and made the comment that he needed a large sample of my saliva, then he pressed a button and the thing started sucking just like those little metal hooks at the dentist. After a few minutes the saliva vial was full and he took the ball out of my mouth and replaced it with a penis gag which was attached to the hood somehow.

Next he placed a goggle in front of my eyes completely blocking all vision. I heard the casters of his chair indicating he was now sitting in front of his consul. Suddenly I felt as if their were hands caressing my ass cheeks then a second pair of hands caressing my breasts and twitching my nipples, next I felt something swiping between my ass crack back and forth and last something swiping my pussy back and forth. Next there was something poking at my ass hole and another poking my pussy.

At this point I heard his voice saying; well bitch, get ready to be forced raped by the crew of a freighter that has been at sea for the past 2 months.

Somehow I was in a large cabin with 2 large port holes with the blue sea passing by outside. Four naked men came in playing with large erections and made me stand on the middle of a bed with a plastic covered mattress in the middle of the room, one of them came behind me and put his arms around me grabbing my breasts and pressing his rock hard erection between my ass cheeks. The other came in front of me and played with my hip with one hand and stuck a finger in my pussy, another got a hold of my right hand and put it on his hard on for me to masturbate.

The one behind me pushed a very large dick slowly into my ass hole, it hurt in a pleasurable kind of way while he started pushing in and out, the guy in front was trying to penetrate my pussy but he was a little short so it was not working out. He told the guy in my ass to lay down with me on top of him they all help us lay down with out having to take it out then my legs where spread and the second guy got on top of me and penetrated my pussy I was laying sandwiched with my head hanging off the end of the bed and the third guy took my head in his hands and shoved his dick deep down my throat. I was now being feroushesly being pumped from behind, front and mouth and felt a dick being placed in my hand to masturbate.

It was so overwhelming my trigger was hesitating. The fucking started getting rough I was being slapped in the face and ass, the pumping was fierce. My trigger snapped and I started on the biggest vibrating multiple orgasms ever.

For some reason it just went on for hours and these guys did not seem to get tired. They all got harder at the same time and started coming at the same time and pumped an amazing amount of cum into me into all my holes making me feel like I was getting an enema and choking on the one in my mouth the one in my pussy was just leaking around his large dick. They all got out of me I went into a shower next to the cabin and when I returned, there where another four men with large erections ready to go again. This time it got so intense for such a long time that I passed out.

When I came to, I was back at the rubber seat with out the goggles, with the doctor looking at me and saying; welcome back bitch, that was unbelievable, you are the only one in the world with such sexual powers. I was the one in your hand and almost passed out. You are dangerous to any man with a cardiac condition. I understand that the Master is the only one that fucks you, what I don’t understand is how come he does not drag you with him every place he goes. I could not speak because the dildo gag was still in my mouth.

I am going to need a lot more of your valuable fluids so, you will be brought to me every night for the next week afterwards your assistant Jacky will be here for a week, I have to compare your fluid to the fluid of a normal woman. I will be benefiting sexually because I devised a connection to my penis and a goggle of my own so I can be there as one of the man but never physically touch you.

The Master warned me about that. If the Master could manufacture 6 or seven like you, we could charge ten grand an hour for each and have a waiting list.

When he took the gag off, I asked him why he would need woman like me when he has this rubber chair? We would need to talk about having those in the new club. He could charge by the minutes and clean up.

Then I asked him not to call me bitch anymore, and he said that he was brought up to respect woman and never use such terms and now to be allowed to use it was turning him on. When I was in my rubber poncho and back at our room, I was one sexually satisfied woman, I was falling in love with the chair and kept shaking my ass as I sat at the laptop thinking of the rubber against it.

The next day I went to work and came back and after taking a shower went down to be used in the wonderful rubber chair. Before we started I told the doctor that I was very serious about the rubber chair, and we could strike a deal in it’s schematics we would manufacture and he would not have that burden. H answered that the chair was not suited for the public because it involved a certain amount of hypnosis and could cause damage to certain people. I asked if we could discuss this further and he replied that he was anxious to get started and if I did not take the seat he would have me sit forcibly. I took my seat and waited for the miracle to happen again.

This time there were only two strong athletic types on a rubber bed in a rubber room and they laid me down and one entered my ass from me laying side ways while the other came in front of me also sideways and entered my pussy. They were both so large that I screamed when they entered me, the act was so intense that after an hour and half I passed out again.

When I came to I was still on the chair but without the hood and gag. I asked the doctor if he was one of the strong man that ravished me, he answer that it was the most intense experience of his life and asked if he could kiss me to which I said no, you are perfectly aware of the consequences imposed by the master and I would not want anything to happen to you. He laughs and said; no problem I will kiss you tomorrow in the setting of my choosing.

When I got back to the room Jacky asked me how was it and I told her that she would find out next week when it would be her turn at the rubber chair. She asked if she should be afraid, I answered no you should look forward to it.

Every day I would bring the discussion of making chairs for the club but the doctor was not bending, I told him that it was his ticket to a comfortable retirement for him at his young age, he just kept his ground.

My week ended and Jacky’s started and at the end of her first chair experience she came back in a daze and smiling.

Both Jacky and I where just getting use to working and planning for the ultimatum goal of damaging Thom’s genital organ. Our hate came to a pinnacle when we learned that the handler that we sent back was murdered in a most painful and horrendous way. We both cried all day and I felt guilty and completely responsible for his death I sent him back, I should have known.

If only I could get him back and beg for his forgiveness. We were now more convinced then ever that the bastard had to be stopped. I inquired about the 3 transgender candidates and was pleasantly informed that all 3 already had the surgery and where recuperating just fine, they would be transferred to the new club but first they would be going through the slave training for 3 weeks.

I had long and hard days working with the hospital and finally the opening day came and they admitted 72 patients with in 3 days. They where expected to be at capacity within another week.

The club was with in a couple of months from the grand opening and I had to take the syringe I had hidden in the room and put it in my brief case. Things got a lot easier but we should always be alert or we would turn into a human error.

I made a deal with the doctor to allow him to fuck me in the rubber chair once a week and he would give me parts of the schematics of it. I found an electronics specialist at the hospital that I contracted to put the schematics together and let me know if the doctor was taking me for a ride. It was incredible that I turn into an illusionary prostitute.

The news media published several articles about the first dedicated transgender hospital in the U.S.A. and as everything now at days, there was a group that was against allowing this type of natural falsification of a human being which was gaining popularity. Thom came to arrange for favorable news coverage which is a very difficult and expensive undertaking that had to be handled by the C.E.O. of the organization. As Thom, Jacky and I were sitting at the cafeteria in the hospital we were talking about how to bring our version of the rights of anyone to direct the road to his or hers own sexuality, and I committed the “human error “ saying that as long it could made sure that it would be their choice and not against their wishes.

Thom got so furious that He started calling me bitch, scum, whore. Dirt bag and got up from his chair, took his belt off and started hitting me with it, the first lash coming across my head and face leaving a long cut across my left cheek from my jaw up to close to my eye. He continued in his rage by hitting my arms and back ripping my blouse and my panty hose, he was confronted by a security guard and finally realized how vicious he was acting and how that was not going to help his cause if it got to the news, after Jacky yelled out that someone should call them.

My face was bleeding and the pain in my shoulder was so bad I could hardly move it. After I was treated and bandaged, the talk of the hospital was the incident and it would be very difficult to prevent a leak to the media.

We were back sitting having coffee at Thom’s insistence to appear that it was all a misunderstanding but he started telling Jacky that once we got back to the club she would be packing her things for the trip back. He was rising his voice again and the security guard came back to the table to warn him not to start again or he would have no choice but to call the police, and as Thom got up to argue with him with the same old “ DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO “ when I reached in my brief case and emptied the contents of the injection in his coffee. It was that or, causing a commotion and have the police come over and ask for police protection and prefer charges against him.

We had enough evidence of his attacks on me. There was no way we were going to let Jacky go anywhere. I now calmed everybody down and got the situation under control hoping for the hastily put together plan would work.

We sat back down and Thom holding back his rage, took a long drink of his coffee. Jacky looked at me because she saw what I did, her look had a big question mark like now what? I blinked like saying lets wait and see.

He started stuttering and holding his head collapsed face down on the table.

We called for a gurney and the security helped us put him in it and Jacky and I took over and pushed the gurney convincing the guard not to leave his post and that we could take him to emergency. We knew a doctor would be coming from emergency to meet us half way so we went into the first room which was for patients schedule for surgery next and would be sedated already. The idea came to hide him by changing identities. We took the charts of the guy in the room and shoved him in the bath room but it came to us that the guy would be prepped so we rolled Thom in the bathroom and got his clothes off then using the shaving stuff left there by whom ever prepped the guy, we shaved Thom down to the skin chest legs and crotch. We found a wig among the guy’s things so we put it on Thom then a plastic shower cap over it ready for the surgery room. The difficult part was changing the I.D. bracelet but we could be very inventive when needed. We pushed Thom back out disguised as the transgender and kept the transgender in the bathroom. We could hear a lot of commotion going on so Jacky stayed with the trans and I went out and convinced the doctor that Thom came to and just got up and left the hospital.

Things went back to normal. They came for their Patient and after they took him to the O.R. I went into a supply room that I knew had uniforms and got a assistant’s uniform for Jacky and she calmly wheeled the patient to the last empty room. We calmly went to the office we used while working there and waited for the surprise. They had been performing 3 surgeries a day but only had on scheduled for today because they where training a second team and it took a lot longer. Since we there with Thom, the handler had left to do an errand for Thom and when he came back we asked him where Thom was and told him he had left the hospital looking for him. He tried to reach Thom on the phone but of course was not successful so he just stayed with us. Jacky and I just went on faking work nervously waiting for the outcome of our scheme.

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