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Frizo's Inventions 3

by Phileas

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© Copyright 2007 - Phileas - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; gag; toys; enema; public; cons; X

Test run - Day 1 - part 3

Anna chooses a restaurant in the mall, and I silently thank her when she approaches the waiter and asks for a table just out of sight.

As we stroll around through the room I can feel some stares on us, then we sit at a table in a corner of the room. Remember that I still have my coat draped on my shoulders just to hide my arms bound behind me in a sort of armbinder that encloses them in a single sleeve.

Just to be more clear, it is not one of those single glove armbinder, it’s like the two sleeves of my suit are connected behind me and all I can do is grab my right elbow with my left hand and vice versa.

After nearly three hours I can say that this position is comfortable enough since it does not get in the way of sitting and it’s easily concealed under a coat or a mantle.

Even if it was not so comfortable, I could not tell anyone because I have a transparent plastic gag, that goes over my teeth and into my throat effectively blocking my vocal chords, so while I’m able to open my mouth, drink or eat, I cannot speak at all. Ah, the gag is glued to my teeth and will stay on for a month at least.

Lucky me!

As we sit Anna orders something to eat for both of us.

“Don’t worry, first we eat then we’ll take care of business, I’ve got something for you to try on the way back home.”

Ok, people, could anyone tell me why I’m not thrilled at this announcement?

I’m pretty shaken by the scene she put on in the lingerie store, with me standing near an assistant totally unable to respond to her questions, while the Ben Wa Balls taped in my cunt and in my ass were making me horny as hell. What’s next?

And I still can’t tell her what happened on the bus……

The gag is not blocked so I have no problem to eat the morsels that Anna gives me with her fork. I’m surprised how the gag blocks my words but not everything else. When I say that Frizo is a genius, I mean it!

Anna kindly helped me with the dinner, giving me glasses of water and bits of food. It’s a strange but pleasant experience to be fed like a child, by a woman in a public place.

Then I see something at the entrance of the restaurant. I see the boy from the bus looking around the tables as if searching for someone.

I can’t believe it, is he looking for me?

Anna must have seen my surprised stare, since she asks, “Carrie, is it something wrong?”

Ok, how can I tell her that, as a matter of fact, there is something wrong?

I try once again to speak despite the gag, but then the third seat at our table is occupied by the boy.

He is blond, quite hard bodied, I saw right earlier, he seems to be a student.

Anna instantly snaps at him. “Who do you think you are, boy?”

“Ladies, excuse me for my interruption, but I’m curious.”

Anna seems surprised by the guy, yet she is cool enough not to become angry and starting to yell at him.

“What you want?”

“Ok, miss, I happened to get to know your silent companion, some hours ago when we were on the bus. And….. how can I put it, it seems there is something strange about her. And I want to know more.”

I’m shocked, he is so arrogant, and has the nerve to come in and confront us.

If I could I’d make a scene here and now, just to embarrass him and get that smile out of his face. But that is out of question.

How can I tell Anna the whole story without the use of the hands and not talking?

I try to look in anger at the guy, hoping that Anna will understand my feelings.

Instead she leans over to talk to him, and all I can do is listen to their words.

“Is she mute?” He is asking about me.

“Today? Yes.”

“Is she a nympho?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“She received some advances from me on the bus and she didn’t care. She didn’t even move, she didn’t call me names…”

Anna turns to me, smiling.

“Naughty girl, you were enjoying yourself, without my permission.”

I’m scared at her remarks when I note that, hidden from him, she blinks an eye at me.

“So,” she says turning back at him, “what do you want to know?”

“I want to know who you are and why she wants me to grope her, like I have done on the bus!”

Here it goes, trust me, right now I want out. Did you see the movie “Snatch”? I want to return back home. Stamp, jet, whisky, stamp, taxi, home!

Then she moves nearer him and I can clearly see one of her hands going right to his crotch. His eyes open as if he did not expect that from her. As a matter of fact I do not expect it from her, but I’m not at liberty to say this.

“You see, my friend, I could tell everything and you gonna drink it all, don’t you think?”

With that she start to grope his crotch through his jeans.

“Let’s say that I’m a traveller of human emotions and that I use her as a toy to reach…… pleasure…!”

He is open mouthed, drooling with a hard-on that is noticeable thru his clothes, so he limits himself to moving his head up and down.

“So you want to see, let’s find a more private place. Carrie, come here!”

Ok, people, options, give me options. What can I do? Should I run to a policeman and try to tell him everything? But I remember that she twinkled an eye to me, and I trust her, so I shift on the seat and I follow her.

She pays the bill, and she leads me and the boy to a sort of a pub in the rear of the mall. She talks to the bartender, a woman, and she is directed to the farthest part of the joint, then she opens a door and first she ushers me in, then the boy.

At first the room is dark, then she turns on the light and I can see around. It’s a store room with boxes of beer bottles and so on. In a corner there is a space with a loo in it and a sink.

Behind the loo there is a tube with a chain draped around it.

“You stay here, boy, look, if you want, but do as I say, capisce?” Her voice is strong. She is dominating the scene.

“Yes, Mistress.” The boy is humble, he looks down, and from the bulge I can see on his trousers there must be a raging erection going on.

She puts me on the loo and before I even have a chance to react she chains  me at the waist to the tube on the wall.

As she leaves me, I check my restraint, now I can sit or stay up but I cannot get away from the loo. How nice!

She leaves her backpack on top of a box of beer, then she takes off my coat.

Immediately the boy says: “She’s got no arms.”

Anna silences him with the finger then she proceeds to take off my sweater. I’m hit by the fresh air when my boobs are in the open, and I’m aroused by the way the boy is looking at them.

Anna turns to him: “Wanna try?”

I cannot comprehend myself, right now I’ve mixed emotions, I’m frightened because Anna is actually giving me to a complete stranger, but also I’m totally horny by the overall situation, my bondage, the fact of being discovered and showed off.

He is trembling as he approaches me, he start to putting his hands on my nipples but he is stopped by Anna.

“Lick them!”

She is in total control. The boy leaves the hands at his sides then he comes to me with his tongue. I try to move away but I cannot because of the chain. He starts to lick my nipples and while at first I want him away, I feel my arousal growing quickly.

In a second I’m aware, my body is twisting, my arms are struggling in their latex cage, my nipples ache from the arousal.

Abrupt comes the command.


She moves him away from me. He is a puppy dog, his thirsty eyes are actually drinking in my predicament. I see him looking my body, at the suit, I feel him exploring as Anna kneels in front of me and first takes off my shoes, then my trousers and finally my hose.

“You, I want you nude as well. Now.”

The boy starts to disrobe as quickly as possible, piling the clothes directly under his feet.

The last thing to go are his briefs, his hard-on clearly visible.

I’m on the edge of reaching an orgasm myself, actually the tape that is sealing the Ben Wa Balls in my pussy is more similar to a cork on a bottle of champagne than a wound dressing.

“Carrie, open up!”

I obey and open my mouth, she reaches for my cheeks with her hand and – click – click – now my mouth is forced open.

I try to shout.

“Ok, boy, she is ready for a blow job, use this on your penis, I do not want you ruining my doll!” and she hands him a tube.

With a trembling hand he takes the cream and puts it on his right hand, then he starts coating his member with it. All the while coming near me!

I feel raped, I’m to do a bj to a stranger and I can’t even close my mouth to block it. His member smeared with the thing that Anna gave him is coming closer to my open mouth. Anna pushes my shoulders forcing me to remain sitting on the loo, not allowing me to move away.

It’s close, I can see the hand going up and down the shaft then, it happens.

Anna takes out something out of her pocket and directs it in the square chest of the boy. It’s a tazer, it gives a bolt of energy actually making someone faint.

He goes down on his knees then on the ground. The wave is hitting me I feel the heat and the compression of the outfit right on my skin. It’s heightening the bondage of my situation.

As I came, my pussy fills with fluid, so rapidly the tape blocks my filled vagina so strongly it hurts.

Anna takes the rope then rips the tape from my skin with a swift move.


I hear myself releasing with noise, the balls exploding from my sex, then I feel her hands going to my butt and stripping away the tape from there, then she starts pulling on the rope and the balls come out from there also.

In a second I go from being full to being empty. I’m surrounded by the signals, I close my eyes and cry with relief.

“Ok, it’s ok, you stay here while I take care of things.” She is caressing my head, she has released my gag, I can close my mouth again.

As she is moving the boy around, she explain to me the situation.

“You see, if there is a thing that I hate it is people without the respect. At the restaurant, he was gloating. I’m sorry for the situation but I could not tell you anything….”

As she is pushing him away I see that his right hand is still clutching his penis.

Anna takes something from the backpack, it is a rubber ball, she opens his mouth and she puts it right in, then she takes the cream. She is wearing some gloves, she takes some cream and puts it on his lips, then she takes the lips, and closes them with the fingers.

“Carrie, this is some glue that works a charm with human skin.”

Omygod, she is serious. Then she takes a black pencil and starts to write on his chest in big letters: - I HARRASS WOMEN IN THE BUS. KICK ME IN THE GROIN –

I would crack with laughter if I could.

“The bartender here is from a lesbian group, I think our boy will be the prize of the party tonight, don’t you?. Ok, now let him sleep it will be a long night for him.”

She comes to me, and starts cleaning, first my pussy then my anus, she unlock the chain, and finally I can stand up again.

“How are you, comfy?”

I tell her yes with my head.

“Ok, let’s prepare you for the return.” And she takes the backpack.

First she produces some briefs, I look and there is something strange in them.

As she starts to lube I see there is something in there.

She takes first my left foot then the other and she starts to ride them up my legs. There is a dildo in them.

She makes me lean forward and I feel it is directed at my butt. I’m already relaxed from the balls so it’s not so difficult. I moan but she is relentless.

The dildo is shaped with two bulbs, at the base, one rests just inside  my sphincter, the other just outside, just to seal the place.

She finishes putting on the briefs and I can see that they are shaped in front for my pussy. The labia are protruding clearly outlined by the panties. It very strange to see some black latex labia protruding on my groin.

Then I see, she gets two clamps attached to thigh cuffs. I dare not to move as she put them on me, setting them very tight in position. Then she uses the clamp to get first my right labia pinching it through the latex, then the left.

I try to scream from the initial pain, then it takes all my strength to adjust. All the time, Anna stands there and helps me not to collapse.

“Are you all right? Blink twice, if you are.”

I look at her, I feel my body then I blink one time, then another.

She takes the trousers and picks them to help me put them on. Every movement I make with my legs goes directly to my labia, spreading them. She helps me put the shoes then the sweater with the fake arms. Then she puts her jacket on me.

I’m surprised for this change of clothes.

Then she takes something from the backpack. It is a tank. It’s big enough to hold two litres, she goes to a nearby sink and fills it fully. I notice that the tank has a tube running from the lower part. She puts it back and she works the tube through a hole in the backpack.

She comes to me with the backpack and puts it on me. Then she undoes my pants and I feel her working with my rear. From a mirror I can see she is connecting the tube with the dildo in my butt.

What is she doing?

She puts my pants back on and she hides the tube under the jacket.

“Ok, all set, let’s pick up everything and we are ready to go.”

She gathers all the things we have put all around and she puts them in the backpack. I’m looking back at the boy, he is starting to wake up.

I can see he is opening his eyes and starts to open his mouth. The glue blocks him, he starts to standing up but he freezes when he realizes where his right hand is resting.

Anna finishes with me then she realizes the boy is up and moving about.

“Ah, you, I hope you like playing with your little thing because you are stuck.”

His eyes are wide open.

“I will tell you, since I take no grief, I have arranged a party for you tonight. So you rest here and wait for them to pick you up.”

He wants to shout, he wants to rise, she uses her knee to put him back on the ground. Then with a quick gesture she kicks him in the groin.

He immediately collapses then she turns on me.

I see she touches something in the backpack.

“Ok, let’s go, we have a bus to catch.”

I make a step then I feel something liquid entering my ass. A two litre enema? Oh shit!




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