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Fox & Spice

by Tigerstretch

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Episode 3 (part 2) - Rental


"That's right! You are all mine, Seventeen."

Inside room 13 of the play area at the Fox & Spice club, a beautiful blonde girl has been a prisoner of the infamous latex vacbed for the past thirty minutes. Alex was sitting on top of her hips and made sure to caress her body everywhere, particularly on the spots that made her squirm the most. The voluminous breasts flattened by the stretched rubber sheet were a perfect target.

While the two girls seemed to have a blast, Miles was just sitting aside on the comfy sofa, browsing the internet and sipping his drink quietly. Occasionally, he raised his head to question the way Alex treated the poor girl.

"Are you going to call her Seventeen all night?"

"Yes. That's how much I paid to rent her, so it's fitting."

"I see."

"Aren't you going to play with her too? I know it's my rental, but I can let you play with it. You said you found her pretty."

"She is gorgeous, yes. I'll think about it."

"We can do whatever we want with her. Are you going to pass on that?"

The chemistry between Miles and Alex was beyond good. He knew very well that Alex used these carefully chosen words because Anna could hear everything from the other side of the glossy rubber sheet. This fantasy of being treated like merchandise was exciting to her, so nobody wanted to destroy the experience by giving her the impression that she could choose how she would be used. Ultimately, the goal of the game was to provide Anna with the best night possible.

"We will see. Maybe I'll take care of her later. But for now, she's been in the vacbed for half an hour. Why don't you let her out so we can go back home."

"Give me five more minutes. I really love squeezing Seventeen's big breasts through the latex."


As she said that, her fingers plowed through the two warm orbs, making Anna moan some more. It was unclear if she wanted to be freed or simply wanted more of this sexy treatment. She had accepted her role and would do her best not to refuse anything thrown at her. Her mind sometimes drifted back to her husband, the man she loved more than anything in the world, and she wondered how he felt knowing his wife was in the hands of someone else. Did he have regrets and pace around somewhere, ravaged by worries, or was he masturbating while fantasizing about what the buyers were doing to his wife? This questioning was irrelevant since there was no going back, but it still fueled Anna's excitement. They both had committed to this experience and would have to live with the consequences. Steve had rented his wife to strangers, turning her into a mere sexual product.

For a bit longer than the proposed five minutes, Alex had a lot of fun with her rubber-encased toy. But all good things had to come to an end, and it was time to move on, so they stopped the air pump and unzipped the bed to let vacuum-packed Anna out. A bit sweaty, the blonde girl still wore her sexy PVC dress and her matching high-heel boots.

Alex didn't waste time before grabbing her by the arm and demanding things from her.

"Let's give Miles a break. You'll be my guide until we get home. You have to make sure I'm not going to trip on something."


"Let's go to the dressing room. You're going to help me take off my catsuit."

"I can do that."

"Of course you can. You are going to do everything we tell you. Haha."

"Yes. That's the deal."

"Good. Let's go, Seventeen. I can't wait to go back home and play with my rental."


Anna's cheeks were burning in shame and excitement. Nobody had ever treated her this way, and she struggled to make sense of those new emotions. The vacbed activity had been a new experience to her as well, but Alex's reassuring presence had made her feel safe. If she were going to try other good activities like this, it would certainly weigh in the balance when the time would come to decide if she wanted to repeat this kind of adventure in the future.

As they exited the playroom and headed toward the main club section, a familiar waitress, Trish, called their names.

"Alex! Miles! Are you leaving?"

"Yes, Trish… We still had fun even if it was sooo quiet at the club today."

"I know, it's dead tonight. But, I see you made a new friend."

"She is not a friend. We rented her for seventeen dollars. We are going home to have sex with her."

"Seventeen dollars. That's very cheap."

Anna's face turned beet red, and she didn't know how to stand anymore. The more they treated her like a sex toy, the more her pussy spasmed uncontrollably, or at least it felt like it. The worst was that there was nothing she could do about it. Being powerless was only increasing her excitement.

"I'd not have paid more. It's a used one. Who knows how many people put their hands on her in the past. She has nice boobs, though. Do you want to squeeze them?"

"Haha. I would love to, but I'm working here. I can't touch my client's belongings like that. Anyway, have a good night and come back soon, okay? I need to make a lot of money."

"Haha. We will!"

Of course, it was far from the first time Trish had to deal with happy patrons who openly roleplayed in front of her and even tried to drag her into their devious plans, but she knew her job well and how to deflect those unusual invites.

While Miles went to fetch their coats, Anna guided Alex toward the women's dressing room, but a yank on her arm indicated that it was the wrong way.

"No, Seventeen! We need to go to the lap dance booths."

"But… didn't you say that you wanted to take off your latex suit?"

"Yes. Hehe. But I'm blind, and Miles is not allowed in the women's room. So the club let me use one of the lap dance cabins instead. That way, he can help without looking like a rapist."

"Oh, right. Okay then. It's this way."

When the two girls reached the sexy section filled with languorous music, Alex directed Anna to the right cabin. After they entered it, they slid the curtain closed and got to work. The first thing Alex did was to let her butt fall on the soft leather sofa.

"Okay, Seventeen. You can take my boots off, but I want you to lick them first."

"…Lick… your boots?"

"That's what I said. I just want to make sure our deal is solid before I take you home. I don't want to waste my time arguing all night."

"N… no… I'll do it…"


Alex had never really felt like this. Sure, she had learned to be bossy around her sister who loved pet play, but it was her sister, not a stranger. With Anna, it was more like a responsibility. It was implicit that she had to ensure the Finnish girl had a good time and stayed out of her elements. Based on her reaction after she asked her to lick her boots, it seemed to work well so far.

Anna knelt on the rough carpet, one that probably had been sprayed with bodily fluids more than once in its lifetime, and reached Alex's right foot. She lifted it gently and hesitantly approached her tiny tongue until it made contact with the tasty leather. Would the blind girl even be able to tell she was doing it for real? Maybe she could cheat and just pretend.

"And don't fake it, Seventeen… I'll know. I'm that good."


Kept in check, Anna decided to go for it and gave the boot a first good lick. It smelled like leather but didn't taste much at all, which brought her a certain relief—not having to deal with something gross made it easier to continue the ungrateful task. She could feel all the laces and eyelets along with some wrinkles in the thick leather. The more she spent time with Alex, the more worthless she felt… and her body liked it a bit too much… To the point where she let out an unfortunate little moan.


"Oooh, my little rental likes this? Okay, that's enough for this one. Take it off and take care of the other one now."


Wanting to prove her obedience, Anna gave the first boot a few more dedicated licks before finally unlacing it. Being in this situation was the last thing she had expected tonight. After liberating Alex's rubber foot from its tight coffin, she began working on the other. She probably could have unlaced the other one right away, but instead, she decided to be diligent and clean it with her tongue first. Imagining what her husband would think of her if he witnessed this degrading spectacle triggered even more waves of pleasure.

Once the other boot was clean and removed, Anna tried to stand up, but Alex placed her two ankles on top of her shoulders, preventing her from doing so. She then brushed one of her latex feet gently on the bright red cheek of her new human toy.

"I need to tell you a secret, Seventeen. I kind of have a foot fetish. I love when people play with them and give me massages. But Miles doesn't like it. Every time I approach his face with my foot, he bites my toes. But since you have no choice, you are going to give me what I want, right?"


Carefully, Alex approached Anna's mouth with the tip of her foot, hoping not to poke her in the eye by accident. Being blind sometimes could kill the mood. It had happened before. That fetish, too, was a first for the beautiful Finnish girl. Not really in control of her destiny, a set of rubber toes slowly forced its way inside her mouth. This time, the latex taste was very present. Nobody had ever done this to her before, and it felt so strange to have those little wriggly toes moving on her tongue.

"Oooh… I love this! This is so cool! It's the first time I get my toes licked like this. You are a nice toe washer. Hehe."


"Try to take them deeper… I want to see how good you are with your mouth."

On autopilot, hypnotized by the level of degradation she endured, Anna relaxed her mouth and let Alex push her rubber sock even deeper inside her mouth, trying not to impede her desire. Since it was a slender feminine foot, it went much deeper than she had anticipated.

"Wow… so willing. And you are not even choking. You must be used to deepthroat long things."


"Haha… That's enough, Seventeen. I'll want more of that later, but Miles is waiting for us. Help me take my catsuit off so we can go home."

"Mmm… yes."

Confused, drooly, and turned on like crazy, Anna stood up and gave Alex a hand with her catsuit. Peeling the latex hood off her owner felt intimate because she discovered what she looked like for the first time—shoulder-length blonde hair, smooth white skin, thin lips… but no eyes. Alex was squeezing her eyelids shut while searching for something in her bag. She pulled a silky red band from it and quickly wrapped it around her head.

"You… You are blindfolding yourself?"

"Yes… It makes me feel more confident. I don't like it when people see my eyes. I prefer the blindfold to sunglasses."

"It looks good on you."

"Hey, Seventeen, don't try to socialize. Don't forget that you are just a rental. So give me my shirt and pants instead of asking questions."

"Y… yes… sorry."

Another wave of sexual pleasure traveled throughout Anna's body as her role was clarified once more. It wasn't normal… it couldn't be normal. Why was she reacting so strongly to being treated like a lower life-form? Even though Anna had accepted her desire to experience this submissive life, her own reaction started to scare her a little bit. Was she a different person than she thought she was during all those years? It certainly looked like this desire to attempt this adventure didn't come from nowhere. Something inside her heart had called her to try this.

As ordered, she assisted Alex to dress back up in her civilian attire. She wanted to tell her girly things… That she liked her hair and her clothes, but it wouldn't go well if she were to open her mouth again. Tonight, she would be a mere pleasure accessory for Alex, and perhaps Miles too. Her future was unclear.

"Aaah, I miss my catsuit already. It's always sad when I have to take it off. Alright, Seventeen, put everything in my bag, and let's get out of here. I want to go home and play with you."

After Miles called a taxi, the trio walked outside of the club. Not expecting to wait very long, Alex had just enough time to add some additional teasing.

"Miles, we should put our rental in the trunk."

"You are weird."

"Oh! And let's blindfold her. That way, she won't see where we are taking her.

Alex pulled a spare silky blindfold from her pocket and began wrapping it around Anna's face without even asking her for her opinion. Trunk, blindfold, this almost felt like a kidnapping. As Anna wondered if they were actually going to put her in the trunk of a car, Miles started whining, which replaced her worries with a little smile.

"Great, now I have two helpless blind girls to take care of. I am the victim here."

"Yes. And the way my rental is dressed up, you'll look like a pimp."

"Fantastic! Thanks for destroying my reputation in this city little by little, Alex."

"I do this because I love you."

"Right… Okay, our taxi is here. Be careful. There's a step."

Of course, the trunk threat suggestion didn't fly, and Anna sat on the cab's rear seat. The short ride home was uneventful. Alex cuddled with her rental, impatient to get home and discover more about it. Anna didn't move at all, as if her blindfold had pacified her, like a cover over a birdcage. Alex also seemed to love her breasts a lot, maintaining a healthy level of endorphins in her brain.

When they arrived at Alex's luxury apartment building, Miles asked each girl to grab his arms and walked them into the building, under the curious gaze of the reception staff.

"Really, Alex. Do you realize what it makes me look like?"

"Hey, it's not my fault if my rental looks like a prostitute."

"Shhh, lower your voice."

"Haha! You are so fragile, Miles."

After a short elevator ride, they reached Alex's apartment. Right after putting their coats in the closet, Miles, who was not the initiator of this whole adventure, decided to take a little break to think about what his role would be tonight. He did enjoy it when Alex fooled around with other girls, like her friend Mei, but he never had sex with those extra girls. Since today's little game's goal was to make Anna feel helpless and used, he wondered if it could be the right time to allow himself this special treat. The Finnish girl was definitely an attractive one.

"Squeaky, I'm going to take a shower to relax a bit. Will you be okay?"

"Oh, yeah. Do you want my rental to scrub your back? Or something else?"

"Hehe. No, I'm good for now. See you in a bit."

He kissed Alex on the forehead and headed to the bathroom. Alex extended her arm toward where she thought Anna was.

"Seventeen, where are you?"

"I'm here."

"Ah! I don't know if you are that hot, but you definitely seem to intimidate Miles."

"I'm sorry."

"Nah, it's okay. He is a softy. We will have to make sure we don't push him too hard. Hehe. Alright, don't move. Now that I can touch you without my latex gloves, I want to know what you look like."

This time, Alex could feel everything with her sensitive fingertips. The first thing she did was inspect Anna's face. It didn't take long for her to confirm that Anna was indeed beautiful. Her eyebrows were thin and soft, her nose was fine and perfectly straight, she couldn't find any imperfections, which almost made her jealous. Anna's long hair was unfairly straight and soft.

But then Alex refocused on Anna's sexy PVC dress. It felt completely different than latex; there was still something very erotic about it. The slick material was a bit stretchy and had a clean feel to it.

"Take off your dress, Seventeen. I want to try it."

"…You want to try… my dress?"

"Yes. I never wore PVC. So I'm curious."


Another wave of pleasure ran down Anna's spine as soon as she was asked to get naked. It's been a very long time since she removed her clothes in front of someone other than her husband. This objectification fantasy was getting more and more real by the minute, so was her excitement.

Anna delicately ripped the velcro at the back of her collar, the only thing that was holding the dress together, and started pulling down on her skirt. The fact that Alex couldn't see made it a bit easier. The stretchiness of the PVC fabric allowed her curvy hips to pop out of the dress easily.

"You have to undress me too. I paid seventeen dollars, so you better be useful."

"Oh… yes…"

Alex reached Anna's naked shoulders while she got her blouse unbuttoned. Her skin was so soft, which made her irresistible. For such a small amount of money, that Finnish girl was the best deal ever, and even if Alex tried to control herself for the sake of this roleplay, she couldn't wait until they would do kinky things together.

After Anna helped her buyer out of her clothes, it was time to trade. She guided Alex's legs inside the sexy piece of fetish clothing. Even if it was just for the sake of trying it, giving away her dress felt a bit odd as it was the only piece of clothing she possessed. What if Alex didn't want to give it back or ripped it by accident because they were not the same size? What would happen then? She couldn't go back home naked.

The elastic PVC going up Alex's body felt very good. It was definitely easier to don than latex, but the fabric also felt cheaper. Still, that little velcro collar wrapping around her neck made her feel like what this dress was about, quite slutty. The reason why Anna wore this kind of clothing quickly became apparent.

"How do I look?"

"Good… It looks cute on you."

"Haha. I might keep it, then. Alright, it's getting late. So let's have some fun, Seventeen. Have you ever pleasured a girl before?"

"N… no…"

"Okay, then. Let's relax in the living room while Miles is in the shower. Come."

Despite her blindness, Alex, who knew every square inch of her apartment, guided Anna to one of the big leather couches and sat on it. She didn't allow her rental to do the same, though, as she had something else on her mind.

"You kneel on the floor in front of me, Seventeen. Since it's new to you, you can take your time, but I want you to pleasure me with your mouth. If you do a nice job, maybe I'll let you sleep with us tonight."

"I… I'll try."

Pulling her stolen dress up a bit, the blind girl spread her legs, knowing that she shouldn't push Anna too hard on this. Her husband had thrown a curveball at her by selecting a woman, so if everybody wanted to have fun tonight, they had to respect a certain pace and follow the learning curve.

Even if Alex had fooled with women before, it was not that easy in this case as she had to treat Anna as a sex object. It felt unnatural at first, but she quickly started to enjoy that role. If she didn't want to become a full-fledged cruel dominatrix, it was something she would have to pay attention to.

A pair of delicate hands landed on her bare legs and interrupted her thought process. Anna had committed to doing what she was asked and would try to play with her buyer.

Right off the bat, being very sensitive to touch, Alex could tell the difference between her male and her new feminine rental. Anna spent quite a bit of time kissing and licking her inner thighs instead of just going straight to her sex. That was much-appreciated attention. Maybe Miles could learn something from Anna.

"Mmm… I could get used to that…"

"Does it… feel good?"

"Oh yeah! Don't you worry about that. Just do your job!"

It was a great experience. Alex's friend, Meixiang, had helped her develop her bisexual side to the point where she had confirmed what she wanted; she primarily loved men, but having fun with women on an occasional basis was a little extra that she appreciated a lot. However, what she was doing with Anna right now was unfamiliar. Anna's shyness and delicateness were something else, which also commanded patience. At the end of the day, this was just a game. Pushing Anna too hard too quickly wouldn't be right.

And this patience was rewarded by Anna's warm tongue getting closer and closer to Alex's smooth shaved area, and it felt better and better. When the blonde girl finally reached the right spot, the chemical reaction resulting from a contact between an already swollen clit and a slippery wet tongue started a fire.

"Aaaah! Okay! Now, I'm never letting you go!"


"Haha! Did you just laugh? Stop it, Seventeen! Keep working!"

"…fff ff ff…o… okay!"

At least, both girls had a bit more fun than expected. It was a relief to see Anna accepting this new experience in a very positive manner. Sure, this rental game had to be somewhat serious so far, but ultimately, sex should always be fun.

The little laughter died pretty quickly when both participants refocused on this sexual discovery. Alex began to forget what was happening, and Anna was more and more engaged in the present moment.

"Haaa… mmm… Anna… I… I didn't expect to do this… tonight. It feels so good. Awww… And your hair is so soft… It's not fair."

"Well, you never talk to me like that, Alex. I might get jealous."

Miles had finished his shower, and with a towel around his waist, he entered the living room just to witness what his deviant girlfriend was doing with her new toy. Somehow, his short absence was enough to have caused some confusing changes. Not only was Alex now wearing Anna's slutty dress, but on top of it, he had not expected them to be at it so quickly. That said, it was a beautiful sight.

Seeing Anna and her creamy white skin and golden hair having her face buried under Alex's half-lifted glossy black skirt was not something Miles could complain about. He was still unsure how much he wanted to get involved in this, but nobody in the right state of mind would refrain from appreciating two cute girls having this kind of intimate time.

Casually, leaving Alex to her fun, Miles went to the kitchen and prepared some drinks while translating the louder moans into pleasant mental images. To him, there was no rush to get into the action. He was someone who liked to watch more than participate. His love was for Alex, and he had sacrificed some old nasty habit just to be with her. The fear of losing his beloved girlfriend had helped him tone down his pulsions recently. This personal choice wasn't a negative thing; it had brought him some inner peace and confidence.

As he listened to Alex's moans, which was almost like a mermaid's chant, he dropped a few ice cubes in the glasses and smiled a little. As dull as this thought could be, if she were happy, he was happy.

When he returned to the living room, things were at a peak.

"AAAH! AAAH! My God, Miles! She… She is so good! I… I think we got an amazing deal! AAaah!"

"It looks like it. Here. Take this. I made you a drink."

"Aaaah! I'm… I'm about to… AAAH! FUUUCK!"

He presented the glass with an outstretched arm, shaking it gently to make the ice cube rattle so his blind girlfriend would know where it was. It turned out to be a pointless action. He knew very well that Alex had temporarily lost control over her body and mind. This misplaced act of generosity was the kind of absurd humor they both tossed at each other on a daily basis.

"Well, if you don't want it, I'll give it to Anna."

"Aaah! Aaah! No! Idiot!… Give me my drink! AAAH! Seventeen! Stop! Stop! Time out! Time out!"

Using her two orgasm-affected shaky hands, Alex reached for her drink. It was cold and exactly what she needed to cool down after this mind-shattering orgasm. Her rental had done a terrific job for her first time licking a woman. That small Scandinavian tongue didn't seem to lack experience even though it was supposedly her first time doing something like this.

Miles joined Alex on the couch, where they would decide where to go from there. As for Anna, since she was aware that her buyer had a special interest for feet action, she took the initiative to provide her with a soothing massage while she would learn more about her fate.

"Oooh… Miles… Look at what she is doing. You should learn from it."

"Right. How is your drink?"

"Good. So, what now? Are you going to fuck my rental?"

"I don't think so, no."

"Aww really? Why not? You said she was pretty."

"Yes, very, but that doesn't mean I want to fuck someone else than you, squeaky."

"I know, you just like watching… perv. But tonight, I won't let you get away with it. I want you to be more proactive."

Anna was right there. Hearing them talking about her as if she were a mere sexual commodity and not knowing what would happen next or how she would be used was a bit nerve-wracking, but at the same it, it was precisely what she had hoped for. So far, she was provided with new experiences and had the privilege to make someone she liked happy, which was a very good thing for a gentle soul like hers.

But the thing was… Alex was a girl, and, somehow, it didn't feel overly wrong to have sex with her. It didn't feel like she was committing a crime, and her husband would certainly have liked to see this kinky interaction with another cute girl. However, how would it feel if Miles, another man, were to take advantage of her body? Then it would be a bit more intense as it would directly compete against the one she had loved and chosen for life. Miles had received the green light to do whatever he wanted to her, and when he mentioned, just now, that he was not overly interested in playing with her, she had mixed feelings as he was the one who would have challenged her the most. That said, she didn't have a word to say, so she continued massaging Alex's foot quietly, wondering what would happen next.

"Alex, she is your rental. It doesn't mean I have to do anything with it."

"Yes. Because tonight I'm deciding everything!"

"Is that so?"

"Yep. I'm the most precious girl in your life, so you have to treat me with respect."

"Ah! I just brought you a drink, and I always treat you well… Don't push your luck, Squeaky. Don't be greedy."

"You're going to give me what I want. So I decided that I would let you fuck me tonight."

"…And how is that special? We do it all the time, Alex."

"Yes, but this time, I won't let you soil my body."

"Uh? What are you talking about now? You can't be drunk already."

"You'll fuck me while I'm making out with my rental, but when you are ready to cum, you'll finish inside of her instead of me. I'll get all the pleasure, and she will get the mess."

A shiver traveled down Anna's spine when she heard Alex's devious plan. The blind girl had understood a bit too well what this night was supposed to be about and was now purposely providing her with some very intriguing sensations. When they rented her earlier, in her mind, Anna couldn't see past her nose. Not familiar with exploring her kinks with other people than her husband, she had not expected this sort of creativity. Slavery and sex were probably what she had in mind initially, but this turned into something much better. Her buyer gradually turned her into a sex object, and, for the sake of using a dirtier expression, she turned her into a cum dump. Literally. With the proposed plan, Anna wouldn't be exploited for pleasure. Instead, she would be a simple cum recipient so Alex wouldn't have to deal with the sticky goo after her fun.

Anna's eyes fixated Alex's toes, and her crotch burned a bit more than usual.

"Alex… You have a twisted mind."

"Yes, but you'll do as I say! I'm your queen!"

"My queen, now? Alright… If it makes you happy. But don't complain when it backfires on you later."

"Ah! Threats will not help you. Let's go to the bedroom before it's too late. I'm already tired. So, Seventeen? You'll do everything we tell you to, right? If you don't, we will kick you out, and I'll keep your dress too."

"Yes. Of course."


"Stop spitting insanity, Squeaky. Let's go to the room."

Pinching Alex's cheek to make her stop speaking nonsense worked. The trio headed to the large bedroom together. Anna crawled on the bed with Alex while admiring the large window-wall that provided an amazing view over the illuminated city. As much as she wanted to comment on it and ask a few questions about this place, it was better to keep to herself not to show too much of her humanity.

The two girls felt a bit too comfortable together already. As much as they tried to stick to their respective roles, things were getting quite friendly, and it was hard to put that aside. After having licked Alex's crotch a moment ago, lying down on the comfy comforter with her didn't feel remotely strange.

Occasionally hugging and kissing a girl was Alex's guilty pleasure, which was conveniently aligned with Miles' voyeurism habit. So seeing two sexy girls sinking in the soft bed, caressing each other, was far from being an unpleasant sight. But, as much as Miles didn't want this lesbian scene to end, his growing excitement called for a need to quench the fire raging in his pants.

The lights were dimmed, and the room was warm. Then, pretty much ignored by the two girls, he took off his clothes and placed his knees on the soft mattress. Anna instinctively moved aside, just enough to allow Miles to access Alex, but stayed close enough so she could continue making out with her temporary owner while her male would take her.

It was interesting to kiss a girl while she was getting fucked by someone else. It was somehow harder to determine where her attention was. Was Alex focused on her crotch that had just been effortlessly penetrated by her lover's cock, or was her attention on this other girl who provided extra sensation to this intimate session. It was probably a bit of both, which just made it an enhanced experience. The fact that most people only had sex with one person at the time was a concept increasingly difficult to understand. Perhaps someone's ability to enjoy group sex was proportional to his or her self-confidence, but in this case, Alex didn't seem to lack in that domain; she was really into it, which made the activity even more fun.

As Alex received a nice dedicated pounding, perhaps a punishment for all the absurd things she had babbled earlier, her fingers grabbed the base of Anna's soft long hair to ensure she wouldn't pull away from the deep kiss. What a great night it was. Not only Anna fulfilled her role without complaining, playing the game to the best of her abilities, but on top of it, she was skilled and provided Alex with first-class feelings. This seemingly quieter girl was quite intense with her kisses, and it was a great learning experience for everybody. At this moment, Alex decided that she preferred a more energetic tongue wrestling rather than a romantic one.

"Aaah! Aaah! Sev… Seventeen… Are… Are you looking forward to receiving Miles' cum? He is going to unload deep inside you."

"I'll do whatever I'm asked to do… That was the deal."

"Aaaah! Mmm! Yes… It was… You're mine. Right?"


Miles had his way with his girlfriend for a long moment while enjoying the show taking place right before his eyes. Since Anna and Alex were busy exchanging fluids, it was an excellent opportunity to focus a bit more on her chest area. Even if Alex wasn't porn-chest size, her boobs were still very delicious. It was also hot to see her seeking even more pleasure by massaging her own clit with her free hand; nothing wrong with that.

"Aaaah, I'm close, Squeaky!"

"Mmm… Alright, Seventeen, lie down on your back so he can come inside of you…"


Being blind, Alex could only feel Miles pulling out of her vagina, but knowing that he would insert his dick in a different girl just unload his cum was enough to push her over the edge. Not wanting to interfere with what her partners were doing, she came almost silently but powerfully.

But then something warm and unexpected splashed on her face.


"Haha… Still feeling bossy?"


"Oooh, sorry. I might have misunderstood your instructions. I thought you said you wanted me to be more proactive."




Although Alex had not expected this twist in her fantasy, Anna's cute uncontrollable laugh was enough to force a smile on her face. There was something contagious about people who had fun. As Alex tried to slap her rental for bad behaviors with one hand, she didn't find the guts to wipe her face with the other.

"Aaaah! Stop laughing! It's not funny!"

"Haha… sorry. Sorry… Here… let me help."

"Gaaaah! I'm covered in cum!"

Thinking Anna would grab a tissue or a towel to clean her, Alex didn't see this next bold move coming. Instead, Anna's soft tongue began sliding on her face to collect the fresh cum that Miles had generously donated.

"Oooh my God! Alex… your rental is a kinky one."

"Mmm… It looks like it… but… I love it."

For a while, Anna did what she had to do and cleaned Alex's face to the best of her abilities. Then, of course, it ended up with another make-out session. In the process, since it was already late, the two girls slid under the blankets and pressed their warm bodies on each other.

It didn't take a degree in rocket science for Miles to understand that his presence was not necessary at the moment, so after taking care of himself, he decided to let them have this intimate moment and went to watch a TV show.

Later that night, he rejoined the two sleeping cuties in bed. If all BDSM experiences were like this, there wouldn't be as much drama in the community.


"Good morning, Seventeen."

Inserting a tongue in someone's mouth to wake her up was not the worst idea ever.

Trying to remember where she was, Anna's mind flooded with the images and sensations of last night's event. She had been rented out to this couple and ended up spending most of her time having fun with the girl. Being bisexual wasn't something she had ever expected to be, but it was hard to deny it at this point. Would her husband be surprised by it? It was in the realm of possibilities, but it also opened a world of opportunities.

However, one last thing needed to be done to conclude the deal, and it made Anna a bit apprehensive. Now that her fantasy had mostly been fulfilled and that the sexual tension had dissipated, her desire to proceed with this last part was flagging. She would be kicked out of the apartment, only wearing a kinky PVC dress in broad daylight, and would need to find her way back home. It didn't seem like a good idea anymore.

"Alright, Seventeen… You have to get out of my apartment. I don't want to pay late fees."

"…O… okay…"

"Don't forget to put your slutty PVC dress on… There is some cum on it, though. I can smell it. Probably everybody else will as well."


"What? You don't want to leave?"

"…I… I'm not sure anymore. Can… Can I have some… money… for a taxi?"

"Are you serious? Absolutely not!"

"…I'm… I'm sorry…"

"Put your dress on and get out now. Unless you prefer that we kick you out naked?"

"…no, no! … I'm… sorry!"

Knowing that it was what they had agreed on last night, she understood her predicament. But still, her heart sank a little bit when she heard her new friend talking to her in that tone and didn't seem to really care about her after all. For some reason, she thought that common sense would have prevailed over sticking to a BDSM roleplay, which, in fact, was just a game. Perhaps she wasn't exactly on the same page as her, after all.

Silently, she put on her minimalist dress, one that surely would attract a lot of attention. Miles was still asleep, and Alex crawled closer to him as she needed a new cuddle companion. They were definitely a cute couple, it was almost heartbreaking to see things ending this way.

"G… Goodbye, Alex… Thanks…"

"What? You are still here? Would you go or what? This is not your home."

"…S… sorry…"

A bit teary because of the cold treatment she was receiving, Anna left the room and headed to the front door. She slid her delicate feet in her heeled boots and exited the apartment.

"Alex… You are such an idiot!"

"Hahaha! I knooow! I feel terrible!"

"She believed you, you know. She almost cried."

"Haha… It's fine. She is smart. She will understand as soon as she walks in the lobby."

"You'll never change, Squeaky."

It was still early in the morning, but there was still a significant risk that people would see her roaming in the hallway, looking like a not-so-fresh prostitute leaving after a night with a wealthy client. Then what? Would they ask her questions about her outfit? Or attempt something since she sent a kinky signal to the world that she was sexually active? And this was just her first challenge. Once she would walk out of the building, then, for sure, people would find her very interesting, and she would be vulnerable. A pretty girl with long blonde hair wearing a black PVC dress wouldn't go unnoticed and might attract the wrong kind of people.

At least she reached the elevator without bumping into anybody. But once she would reach the lobby, it would be embarrassing to walk in front of the reception desk. Unfortunately, she had no other options, which made her little heart pound.

When the elevator doors parted, she took a deep breath and traversed the lobby quickly. The sound of her heels echoed throughout the large entrance, amplified by the hard marble floor. She didn't dare to look at anybody on her way out, preferring to keep her shame to herself.

But suddenly, a voice made her freeze.

"Miss Anna?"


"Are you Miss Anna?"

"…Y… yes…"

Using all her might, she raised her eyes to look at the male voice that called her out. It was a middle-aged man dressed formally, almost like a uniform. She didn't know him.

"Hi, I'm Robert. I'll be your driver today."

"…My… driver?"


"I… I think there is a mistake… I don't live here and…"

"I know. Miss Alex arranged the reservation this morning. I take that she didn't tell you. Please follow me this way. The vehicle is in the garage. She asked for more discretion when she arranged your ride."

"…She… arranged a ride… for me?"

"Yes. And more. If you want to follow me…"

"…o… okay."

As if the man didn't seem to care about her slutty outfit, he turned around and led the way back to the elevator. Anna submissively followed him, confused beyond belief. Was this cold goodbye a moment ago just acting? To make her feel even more worthless? Could Alex be this cruel and nice at the same time?

When they arrived at the garage, a big black SUV with tinted windows waited for them. The man opened the rear door and invited Anna to step in. After closing the door for her, he then walked around the vehicle and got in the driver's seat.

"Miss Anna. There is a change of clothes on the seat next to you as instructed. I wasn't told much, but we apparently have to go pick someone up. Do you know who that would be? I have to drive you to a restaurant for breakfast. Miss Alex and Mr. Miles will join you there as well. Do you know who we have to pick up? Do you have the address?"

A smile of disbelief grew on Anna's face as she started to put one and one together. It was just a scenario, after all. Alex only had good intentions and probably wanted to discuss their experience now that the event was truly over. As a reward for the amazing seventeen dollars rental deal, she was now being offered a complimentary breakfast somewhere in town.

And, obviously, that person they had to go pick up was her husband.

"Yes… Haha. Yes. I know who we have to pick up. Thanks so much!"


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