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Episode 2 - Trish, The Waitress

"Alright, this is your ears!"

"My... ears?"

Trish looked at the two big fox ears mounted on top of a headband handed to her by Nyssa, one of the owners of the Fox & Spice club. That was unexpected. When she showed up this morning for her interview, she didn't know it would end up like this.

"Do you have an issue wearing fox ears?"

"...No... No... I just didn't expect it. That's all. I never wore ears before."

"Hehe. It's all good. Put them on and follow me. I want to see what you can do behind a bar. I didn't expect to interview someone so friendly today, so I'm going to ask you to make me a few drinks, and if I'm happy with the result, I'll hire you on the spot."

Nyssa was such a charismatic woman. Her aura emanated success and power, and it was inspiring... but also a bit scary. Alone in the office with Nyssa, Trish knew who was in control, and it was not her.

As they walked toward the club where the bar was, Trish observed Nyssa's clothes. It was not a business attire nor something casual as people usually wore on a Sunday Morning. No, this was much closer to a dominatrix attire.

"May... May I ask you something?"

"Sure, Trish! Anything you want... It's an interview, but it goes both ways, right?"

"Yes... But... I was just wondering... about your dress."

"Ah... Yes, sorry about that... I was with a client just before you arrived. I'm the owner, but I'm also playing Mistress part-time with the people I like the most."

"I see... It's extra revenue."

"Yes and no. I do it more for myself than for the money. Let's call it a hobby. I really like helping people realize their fantasy and helping them in general. It is very gratifying, I find. Are you into BDSM as well, Trish?"

"Me? Oh, no! I mean... I hope it's not a problem."

"Well, we are a fetish club, but as long as you are a good barmaid or waitress and respect what our clients like, I don't give a rat's ass if you are into it personally."

At the end of the narrow hallway, Nyssa pushed a door open that led directly to the Fox & Spice club. It was too early, and there were no patrons around; only two guys working on the lighting rail above the dance floor. The owner lady actually went to see them.

"Hey, Eric! How is it going with the new lasers?"

"Hey, Nyss! Not too good... one of the two has missing hardware."

"Missing hardware? You got the lamp, no? What else would you need?"

"Well, there was supposed to be a bracket to which the safety chain would attach. If the c-clamp fails and there is no safety chain, this thing can kill one of your clients..."

"Oh... That wouldn't be good. Okay, do your best and let me know if you need me to do anything. By the way, do you guys want a drink? Come to the bar when you are done. Trish, here, is going to show us her bartender skills. Try to act like crazy clients so we can see how she reacts."

"Haha, okay... give us ten minutes."

Trish, standing right next to Nyssa, knew she was going to go through a good test, but she wasn't too nervous about it. She was very good at handling drunk clients, and she knew how to run a bar well. If the restaurant where she was previously working had not closed down, she would certainly still have a job.

Applying for a position in this fetish club was a suggestion made by an ex-coworker. Trish heard that there was a potential for decent money in such a place, and money was a big deal in this city.

Trish lived in a small crappy apartment at the other end of the town, where all the poorest people lived. She would have loved to move closer to downtown and potentially her new workplace, but her boyfriend wasn't doing well financially either, and she often had to support him one way or another.

Nyssa made her probable hire walk around the bar while she sat on one of the stools.

"Alright, Trish girl... I would like... mmm... a Manhattan? Do you know how to make one?"

"Of course, I see the vermouth over there... and the whiskey..."

It didn't take long for Trish to find the liquors she needed to confection the drink. Nyssa only had to help her find some ingredients but didn't have to show her the recipe, which was a positive thing.

Next thing Nyssa ordered was an Old Fashioned, and Trish nailed that one as well. Through the drink-making process, Nyssa bombarded her with random questions about beers, whiskey, gin, bourbon... Trish's knowledge was definitely above par, and the only questions she didn't have an answer to were very niche things.

A different challenge began when Tom and Eric showed up at the bar, clearly wanting to have fun after Nyssa asked them to behave like crazy clients. Eric acted as if he was wasted. He wrapped his arm around Nyssa's neck and talked loudly to her.

"N... Nyyyyyss! ... The ... The fucking bracket was at the bottom of the box! You... you now have your stupid lasers installed!"

"Hahahaha! That's good news! I guess you deserve your drink, fake drunk man!"

"Ya! It's... It's 10 am... But that's fine! YOU, THERE! Give me a beer!"

Seeing her employee acts like an idiot made Nyssa cry of laughter. Eric was far from being credible. Trish also had trouble not laughing at this funny guy, even when he spat an order to her. But she tried to play the game.

"Aaah, look at you, boy. I think you drank too much already."

"Ah! Come on! Fox slut! Just another one for the road... don't pretend you know what's good for us!"

Trish was a bit taken aback by the fake client calling her fox slut, but instead of feeling insulted, it motivated her to show how she would handle such a situation.

"Hey! Watch your tone. I know you are a nice guy, and you didn't mean that. Here, I'll give you a free pop so you can sober up a bit... Can you do that for me? The last thing I want is the security staff around my bar. You know... It scares the clients away, and I get less tip. I'll keep you company too, so you can tell me what's on your mind, okay?"

"...I... no ... seriously now ... I would love a beer. Hehe"

"Hahaha! Give him his beer Trish... He deserves it after this horrible performance."

It must have been the funniest interview Trish ever did. Nyssa was amazing, and she had a blast chatting with Eric and Tom. Good chemistry between Trish and the Fox & Spice was installing itself already. So much that Nyssa even hired her on the spot.

After her interview, Trish got on the train, with a big smile on her face. This surge of happiness was rare and more than welcome.

But as the train was getting close from her home, her joy was gradually replaced by much darker feelings... She had done something prohibited, and she knew it. From this point on, she would have to hide her secret job and keep a low profile... and more than likely lie on a daily basis.

At her destination, she got off the noisy train and walked the fifteen minutes separating the station from her apartment building. When she reached it, she used her slightly twisted key to get in and proceeded to climb four flights of dirty stairs to reach her unit. There were some broken windows, the paint peeled off the walls, and there were graffitis here and there. This time she didn't see any syringes.

Trish paused in front of her cracked wooden door, knowing what would happen inside. She still hoped that this time, it would be different... That it wouldn't turn into a nightmare again. It didn't have to be like that... Maybe if he were less angry... Maybe if she found a way not to provoke him.

Trish pushed the door open and stepped in. The TV was on, so she knew he was at home. She would have preferred if he hadn't been... at least just for a little bit. The man was asleep, though, and it was a good thing. When his eyes were closed, Trish felt as if she was in a relationship with a good man; one that was calm and gentle with her. But it was only a dream that never lasted. As soon as he would wake up, his demons would take over and make things more difficult.

Quietly going to the kitchen, she opened the cabinet to grab a glass to address her thirst. As she was about to pour some tap water in it, something moved at the bottom... A small roach crawled out of the glass and ran on the back of her hand, making Trish scream.


Terrified, she dropped the glass, which shattered on the stained vinyl floor. She stepped back to the corner of the room, and her first reflex was to listen for what was coming next.


"M...Michael... It's just me... sorry... I broke a glass... It's okay..."

The shirtless man got out of the bedroom and placed his foot right on a chunk of broken glass... just to make things way worse.


"I'm... I'm so sorry... Don't move ... I'll clean everything!"

"What is your problem? Is that how you are trying to convince me to buy new stuff? By breaking what we have? What is wrong with you!?"

He angrily placed his ankle on his knee and began pulling the glass out of his heel while Trish rushed to get the broom.

Trish had hoped for a quiet day, but as usual, her wish was out of reach. She wanted things to get better... She wanted him to change and be less angry... But every time something good happened in her life, destiny got in the way and turned things in a way to make her even more miserable.

She quickly cleaned the floor, unassisted, making sure to get rid of all the broken glass. Michael was already in the fridge, grabbing a beer.

"And where did you go this morning? Shopping? Don't you have better things to do? Like getting a job?"

"I'm looking... I'll find something soon... I... I might have found something."

"Ah, yeah? Whoring yourself out?"

"Michael! Stop! I might have found a barmaid job."


Trish didn't want to tell him. She knew what would happen if she did. There was no way she would get support from him because of the Fox & Spice's nature. Michael would twist the reality and make her feel guilty to have applied there.


"Trish! Don't fuck around with me... I swear!"

"...In a restaurant downtown! It's far, but it will pay well... We need the money."

"What restaurant?"

"The... The Tratoria..."

"Never heard of it... Are you lying to me?"

"Michael, leave me alone... I'll tell you later if it works."

Trish pushed him aside and headed to the bathroom... But a strong hand grabbed her wrist, way too hard.

"Aaah! Michael! Stop! You're hurting me!"

"Stop whining... You better bring some good money home, else I'll kick you out!"

"Ah, yeah? Then what will you do? It's not like you can keep a steady job either!"

Michael pushed Trish into the wall, making the dishes rattle in the cabinets.

"Fuck you, Trish!"

The violent argument was sliced in half by a ringtone. It was Trish's phone. She pulled it out of her pocket, and the call display showed "Fox & Spice." She needed to take this... She couldn't afford not answering.

"H... Hello?"

"Hey, Trish... It's Nyssa...

"H... HI..."

"Uh? Is this a good time?"


Michael was staring at Trish, trying to understand what this call was about. One wrong word and he could explode again for no reason, so Trish attempted to keep the conversation to a minimum.

"Well, I know I said you would start next week, but would you mind starting tonight? One of my girls is sick... I know you just went back home, so don't feel like you have to say yes, okay?"

"S... Sure... I can do it."

"Great... Take your time and get here whenever you can... But are you sure you are okay? You sound different?"

"I'm... I'm good... It was just a long train ride... I will see you soon."

"Alright, then. See you soon!"

She barely had time to hang up before Michael grabbed her wrist again and roughly ripped the phone out of her fingers before she could lock it!

"MICHAEL! Give me my phone back!"

"Shut up, airhead! I want to find out who that was!"

"It's none of your business! Give it back!"

There was nothing Trish could do. She was too small... too weak. A feeling of guilt coursed through her veins. Was it normal to hide things from him? Was it her acting like this that made him angry all the time?

As Michael accessed her call log, his face changed and not in a good way.

"You... little bitch! FOX & SPICE? The fucking sex club downtown? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, TRISH?"

"M... Michael... Calm down! Please!"


"NO! It has nothing to do with you... It's just a barmaid job... and it will pay well... The owner is very nice and..."

"SHUT... UP! That owner is going to hear from me right now... You are NOT working there!"


The angry man pressed the dial button to call back the person who talked to Trish a moment ago. Trish, crying and panicking, tried to stop him, but he slammed her back to the wall. This sad scene was almost a daily occurrence, unfortunately—crisis after crisis and no room to breathe.

"Yeah? Are you the one who just called Trish? Well, listen to me, bitch! TRISH IS NOT GOING TO FUCKING WORK FOR YOU! IS THAT CLEAR? FIND A DIFFERENT WHORE TO DO YOUR JOB! You try to call her again, and I will burn down your fucking club!"

Without hanging up, Michael threw Trish's phone to the wall, making it explode in a thousand pieces, shattering her hopes for a better life. But it was not over!

His powerful hand grabbed her by the throat, and he pinned her to the wall, cutting her air intake.

"Try something like that again, and we will see what happens. JUST TRY! I'll fucking kill you, stupid bitch! Think twice next time you want to work in a sex club!"

He slammed her into the wall one last time and let his grip go. Trish fell to the floor, curled into a ball and cried for many long minutes.

After her shower, she stayed in the corner of her dirty apartment, trying to avoid Michael as much as possible. It would take days before she could open her mouth again. With her phone gone, she didn't have any means of escape anymore... She was stuck... She had no family and no friends... She didn't know what to do outside crying and living in fear just to keep a roof above her head.

Suddenly, someone knocked at the door, which was enough to ignite Michael again. Trish didn't dare to move.

"See what you did, Trish. I bet another fucking neighbor complained again because of the noise! If that's the landlord, I'm going to fucking punch him in the face!"

Michael opened the door, and in front of him was a beautiful woman dressed in classy business attire.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"Oooh... Is that how you talk to the ladies... Michael?"

Trish blood froze in her veins... that voice... She turned around to look over the couch and confirmed that the woman at the door was... Nyssa.

"What the fuck do you want? How do you know my name?"

"I don't care about your questions. I want to talk to Trish... Right now!"

"Fuck you! Get the fuck out of here."

"Very well... Michael... but if I were you, I would not close this door... It looks rather... flimsy."

Of course, Michael slammed the door in her face, not giving a shit about who she was or what she wanted. Then he turned to Trish, who was beyond terrorized. Talking that way to Micheal would not end well. Nyssa probably didn't know, but she was risking her life with that defiant attitude.

"Who was that bitch, Trish? Was she the sex club girl?"


Not that Trish was capable of replying while in this distressed state, but she didn't have to. The door literally burst open, sending pieces of rotten wood flying left and right. Michael barely had time to turn around before two much bigger men than him entered the apartment and grabbed his arms.


In about five seconds, Michael ended up flat on his stomach, a 250 pounds knee in the middle of his shoulder blades, and his arms pinned to his lower back.

Nyssa then entered the apartment and crouched in front of Michael. She slid her fingers in his hair and caressed his face gently.


"Shhh! Shhh! It's okay, Michael... You can relax now... It's over."


"Oooh... From you? Not much at all. I just want you to be silent."


"Ah, okay. I will ask more nicely then... From this very moment, if you say another word, or make a single noise... My two friends, who are much stronger than you, as you noticed, will break your two arms. Think about it very carefully... Silence ... or broken arms? What will you choose?"


"Aaah... Good... I'm glad we have an understanding. Thank you, Michael. Your obedience will make things so much easier."

Being immune to fear, Nyssa patted him on the head and stood up. She walked to Trish, who was shaking and in shock, and just smiled at her.

"It's over, Trish. You can forget about this place and this man. You are coming with me, and we will give you a much better life."

".... But... what..."

"Don't worry about anything anymore, Trish. Just trust me, okay? Please gather your personal effects, and we will leave. Take all the time you need. You are no longer in danger."

"But... Michael..."

"Who? Oh, this guy? He doesn't exist anymore as far as you are concerned. He will be nothing but a nightmare that will fade away over time. Trish, you no longer have any problems, and your life will be nothing else than joyful from now on. Go, now... Go get your stuff. You no longer live here."

Trish couldn't think or talk... Someone else had taken control of her existence and decided on everything for her. She grabbed her backpack and went to fill it up with some paperwork, IDs, and a few clothes and personal effects.

Meanwhile, Nyssa crouched down in front of Michael again, who refused to calm down despite his forced silence.

"Hey, Michael... You should relax... Being this tense is not good for the heart. So, listen to me attentively because I won't repeat myself. Trish doesn't exist anymore. You won't even think about her. If you do, we will come back. If we see you nowhere near the club, we will come back. If we learn that you ever try to date another woman, we will come back. From now on, your life will consist of loneliness and porn, and this until you die of old age. Do we have an understanding? Good. It is a real threat, so don't take my words lightly."

After a few more minutes, Trish was ready to go. Nyssa made sure to prevent her from looking at Michael when they walked out the door.

As they were walking down the stairs, Nyssa started chit-chatting with Trish like nothing had happened.

"So, I decided to give you a day off today."


"You remember Tom? The quiet lighting guy who was working with Eric? You are going to his place tonight. He and his wife will take care of you. He knows what to do."

"Why are you... doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Helping me... You don't even know me!"

"Are you a murder?"

"...N... No... but..."

"Good... I don't like murderers... They are a nasty bunch."

They reached the bottom of the stairs, and as they exited the building, a black SUV parked in front of them. Nyssa opened the rear door and asked Trish to get in.

"They will take you to Tom's place."

"But... Nyssa... What... What about Michael?"

"You and he have no connections any more. The sooner you forget about him, the faster you will heal. He poisoned you, Trish, and we are the antidote. Get in now. I will see you tomorrow."

"...Nyssa... Thank you."

Trish sat in the car and it drove away from the scene.

As Nyssa waited for her security men to come back, she whispered to herself...

"This Michael guy called me a bitch... How rude!"


Episode 2 - Trish, The Waitress (Part 2)


"Heeey! Shhhh... Shhh! It's alright... Calm down, Trish... You're safe here."

"W... where... I am...?"

"It's alright... remember? Nyssa sent you to our place..."

"M... Michael..."

"He is not here... He is not in your life anymore... Don't worry. You're safe here."

Cold sweat covered Trish's forehead after she woke up from another bad dream. Tom's wife, Haley, decided to keep a close eye on her by sleeping in the same bed since the freshly rescued girl didn't seem too emotional about what had happened to her a couple of days ago. It was evident that the trauma was bound to resurface one way or another, and it took the form of nightmares.

Trish didn't know anything about that girl who had wrapped arms around her trembling body, but it felt good and reassuring. For the past two days, Tom and Haley, two strangers, took care of her without judgment.

Even though Trish kept repeating that leaving Michael, her violent partner, meant that she was now homeless, Tom's answer never changed; they wouldn't abandon her until she got back on her feet. But Trish had a hard time believing it... Why would this couple take on themselves to care for her... She was nobody. Nothing more than a burden with a failed life.

"H... Haley?"


"Why are you doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Slee... Sleeping in my bed? Taking care of me?"

"Because it is the right thing to do? We are here for you."

"But... You don't know me... "

"I know. But Nyssa said you were a good person... That's enough for us. She is a smart woman. She knows what she is doing. And frankly, from what she witnessed at your place... We want to help you even more."

Trish was confused beyond belief. She had never experienced this before, being cared for as if she were still a child. Affection and compassion were not part of her life anymore, and she had almost given up on it.

Sure, she had nice friends before, like the other waitresses and barmaids at her previous job, but when they questioned her about her personal life, the awkward and evasive answers Trish provided to hide the reality was enough to dissuade those people from digging further. Perhaps they suspected something was wrong and simply didn't want to get involved. They all slowly walked away.

But this was different.

"Trish, it's 3 am. Try to sleep a bit more."

"Why... why are you doing this?"

"Hehe. That question again? Nobody ever cared about you before?"

"...No... I mean... Michael..."

"Look, do you feel better in my arms or his arms?"

"...Y... Yours."

"Correct. So try to get some more sleep now."

"But... Aren't you supposed to sleep with Tom?"

"Tom is working hard and is sleeping harder. Don't worry about us. We've been together for ten years. Tonight, I'm sleeping next to you. Come on... Close your eyes now. Nyssa said she would like to talk to you tomorrow. It's going to change your life for the better, I'm sure."

It was not the first time Tom and Haley told her that Nyssa would change her life. What was this about? They seemed to somehow revere the black-haired dominatrix-owner from the Spice & Wolf club. Sure, Tom worked for her, doing the club's maintenance, but it wasn't enough to explain why they seemed to think she was a half-Goddess.

Trish pushed her back against Haley, selfishly trying to get more of this soothing and protective presence. She didn't want to close her eyes as Haley asked, or else the flood of images about Michael and what happened would quickly come back to haunt her.


"Trish, Nyssa said she would like you to come to the club with me this morning. She would like to see you."


Tom chewed on his toasts and casually informed Trish of the text message he just received from his boss. Trish's short answer wasn't unexpected; for the past two days, the girl just complied with everything Tom and Haley were telling her to do, forfeiting her right to manage her life.

From Trish's perspective, avoiding everything that could even so slightly inconvenience her hosts was the right thing to do. They generously offered her the guest bedroom, and if she were to do anything wrong, she ran the risk of being kicked out and ending up being homeless. At the moment, she didn't have the means to survive on her own. Yes, keeping her head low and trying to be invisible was the only thing to do.

"Trish? You know you can say no, right? We are not your parents. You went through a lot. So, if you feel you need to rest some more, there is no problem at all. Nyssa can wait."

"No... It's okay. I will go..."

"Alright then, but let us know if you don't feel good."

"I... I just don't know what to expect. When Nyssa showed up at my place, she was so..."



Indeed, Nyssa had not been acting like a delicate princess during her encounter with Michael. When she forced herself inside Trish's home escorted by the two strong doormen, there was not a gram of fear in her eyes. Then when they pinned Michael down to the floor, and she calmly threatened to break his arms, there was no room for misinterpretation; she meant it.

Also, when Nyssa demanded Trish to follow her, it was clearly not a suggestion. Even though what she had asked Trish to do was very heavy of consequences, it didn't even cross the poor girl's mind to disobey; it was an instant acceptance that Nyssa was deciding her life path... at least for the time being.

Tom smiled, walked from the island to the table where Trish was sitting. He gently patted her head.

"Trish, I know what you mean... But Nyssa is a GOOD person. You don't have to, but seriously, if you trust her, your life will be better. And no... She is not a cult leader. She will just help you get back on your feet because that is what she does best. I promise."

Before Trish could even answer, Haley scolded Tom.

"TOM! You are putting strawberry jam in Trish's hair! Finish your breakfast and go to work! You'll be late."

"Alright, alright! So bossy!"


Shortly after, Tom and Trish arrived at the Fox & Spice club and headed right to Nyssa's office, where Tom rattled his knuckles on the door before opening it.

"Hey, Nyss... Did you order a small troubled human?"

"Ah! Trish! Come in! Tom, we had to reset the moving lights again last night. I want you to call the vendor and figure this out. It makes us look bad every time it happens. We can't afford to look like a disco dance floor from the 80s. This issue needs to get resolved."

"Again? Darn! Okay, okay. I'm on it."

Straight to business, apparently. Based on Nyssa's tone, she seemed to care a lot about her club's image and wouldn't tolerate anything impeding it. Trish had not seen the club in action yet, but by the amount of fancy equipment she noticed all around the place, she was pretty sure it would look incredible at night.

As Tom walked away to start his workday, Trish was about to sit down on the chair in front of Nyssa's desk but was denied.

"Ah, no! You, little girl, you follow me. We need to have a good chat about what happened to you two days ago. Oh, and I need to get you some work clothes as well. You are on duty tonight."

"Am... Am I?"

"Yes. I hired you, remember?"


"No buts. I know what is on your mind, and it is inconsequential. You are still my employee. Follow me. I'll show you where your locker is."

Nyssa walked out of the office, and Trish followed her without resistance.

There was something about Nyssa that commanded obedience even though her tone was gentle and non-threatening. The part-time dominatrix was charisma-loaded, and the clothes she wore emanated self-confidence. A pair of black vinyl pants clung tightly around her legs, and a matching jacket covered her red tank top; what was there not to admire. The stiletto heels were also not a common sight in workplaces.

When they arrived in the women's locker room, Nyssa opened one of the lockers and pulled out a bundle of strange black fabric from it, along with, of course, a pair of fox ears, which seemed to be more than mandatory.

"Here, put those on... It's your uniform. I chose it myself..."

"Is this... latex?"

"The tank top is, but not the skirt... I also added a pair of cute underwear because I know you didn't have much stuff... Make sure you take them home. We will get you more clothes over time."

"I... I never..."

"...wore latex before? It's fine. You'll like it. You'll feel good wearing it. Go, put it on. I can't wait to see how it looks on you."

It was so natural for Nyssa, but not so much for Trish. It took her a few seconds to get going, but she finally went behind the folding screen to swap her street clothes for this new uniform. The skirt was a formality, but the latex tank top was definitely a unique experience. When she stretched it over her torso, it was cold at first, but quickly became warmer. It took some effort to get her boobs to sit properly in it without tugging or pinching; the new waitress was not too convinced this was a good selection.

When Trish walked out from her hiding place, Nyssa immediately started rubbing a small pad with a polishing product on it.

"I knew it! It looks amazing on you. Let's give it a little shine... and put those ears on too. What are you waiting for?"

"But... The club is not open yet."

"Not before a few more hours no. But I want you to wear them now."

"...But... Why?"

"Because I like them. I like seeing my waitresses wearing fox ears... I'm the one that named this Club after all... Fox & Spice... I love foxes. Just do it for me, pleaaase."

Her answer had the merit of being honest; wearing fox ears was just because Nyssa thought it was cute. As her shine level increased, Trish was more and more confused about what was going on. Yes, it was customary for an employer to show the locker room and provide the required uniform to a new employee. Yes, a cute skirt and a latex tank top were probably a fitting attire to work in a fetish club. Yes, having someone else help make the material look perfect was not a bad thing either... But yet... It all felt so strange... as if good people were trying to manipulate her.

"Alright... Done. Aww... Love the ears! Come with me now, so that we can have our well-needed chat."

"Yes. I would like to talk about what happened..."

As she said that, Trish felt a wave of sadness rush up to her throat, and an involuntary tear ran down her cheek, which Nyssa intercepted with the back of her finger.

"You are in a lot of pain, little fox... I know. I'm going to try to take some of it away. Follow me."


Once more, it was a nice offer, but it just sounded very strange and intimidating as if it was a set up for a trap. Nonetheless, Trish followed Nyssa, adjusting her fox ears on the way.

Along the way, Nyssa explained Trish different things about the club and clarified her role as a waitress. It was surprisingly generic outside the fact that the staff was a bit more part of the ambiance than usual. But the rules were the same as any other bars; no touching, no disrespect. Nyssa also pointed at the different sections of the club, such as the lounge, where she would have to interact with the customers quite a bit.

Then the duo arrived at a section behind the dance floor, the play area. It was a series of smaller rooms with curtains acting as doors. Nyssa entered one of them and slid the curtain behind Trish to make it more private. The small room had red brick walls, neat draperies in the corners running from the ceiling to the floor, and the dimmed wall-lights created an intimate ambiance.

But the poor girl froze on the spot when she noticed the small leather-covered table in front of her.

"Hehe, calm down. Nothing bad is going to happen. Let's call this place my second office. Please, lie down on the table... I'll get you a squishy pillow."

"...Lie down?"

"Yes. I know what it may look like to you, but don't worry. You are safe here. I'm not going to spank you or tie you up."

Hesitantly, Trish executed herself and slowly laid flat on her back on the comfy examination table. Before her head reached the mattress, Nyssa slid a PVC pillow behind her neck; it was indeed squishy.

Nyssa grabbed one of the chairs and placed it at the end of the table. After sitting down, she gently pressed her hands on Trish's cheeks and started murmuring.

"Here we are... I couldn't wait to have this discussion with you. Let me just explain to you a little bit about what we are going to do. It's just going to make things easier. Are you comfortable?"

"Y... yes."

"Good. So, I want you to play along with me, okay? Pretend I'm Mistress Nyssa from now on as if it was just a game. And because I'm your Mistress, you have to do everything I say. You don't have a choice but to obey. Can you do that for me?"

"I... I think so."

"Great. Now pretend that this is going to be your first BDSM session ever. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. Just pretend. And because it's your first time, I will put you in a very trusting mindset, because BDSM is all about trust. There will be pleasant and unpleasant things, but I'm going to walk you through them..."

"But... Nyssa... What does this..."

"Shhhh. No questions for now. I promise you can ask whatever you want to ask later. Okay? Just relax in silence for a few minutes. Inhale by the nose and breath out by the mouth... try to breathe from your belly. Try to notice how tense your body is right now, but don't try to do anything about it. Just be conscious of it."

Trish followed her little instructions. It was simple enough, but a tornado of thoughts in her head prevented her from focusing. What was she doing here? What was Nyssa trying to achieve? Why was she no longer with Michael? Would she see him again? Where will she live now that she has no more roof? Why were those people trying to help her?

For the next few minutes, her attempts to calm down were not very successful, but the gentle temple massage that Mistress Nyssa performed on her worked just enough to notice that she was unwell; Trish's body was tingling, burning, twitching, tensing. She was hot and cold simultaneously, and her breakfast was still sitting inside her stomach, undigested.

... and her eyes started to well up again.

"Do you sense how out of whack your body is?"

"Y... yes... I'm so sad... I feel bad... for him too!"

"I know you do... But Michael can't touch you anymore."

"But... But... He was not... a bad person. And I abandoned him."

"I don't know him, Trish. But what he was and what he was doing to you are two separate things. Maybe he had problems and all, but you were living in fear because of his actions. Now you are paying the price with your life. You are in bad shape. It's easy to tell."


"Listen, I have dealt with countless men and women in my life—more than you can ever imagine. I can easily tell which ones are dangerous. I can see things that others cannot, like the bruise on your wrist when you came for your interview... The one you tried to hide under your bracelets. I can tell it was not an injury from a consensual play. It was from him, isn't it?"


"I could see it in your eyes that something was very wrong, and this is why I called you later on that day. It was not because I needed a barmaid that night. I just wanted to check on you. When I heard the fear in your voice through the phone, it confirmed my suspicions and what I saw way too often in my lifetime—domestic violence. I can smell it from miles away, and that is the thing I hate the most. Of course, when Michael called me back to threaten me, I knew you were in immediate danger, and I took action. That's why we showed up at your place to end all of this. You understand now?"


And just like that, Trish got so many answers to her questions. Tears kept running down her cheeks, and Nyssa kept drying them while talking. The black-haired woman continued her unusual therapy.

"Close your eyes now. How long have you been enduring this for, little fox?"

"...I... I'm not sure... He... he wasn't like that before."

"Yes, he was. You just didn't want to see it... then it got worse. Right?"


"How long?"

"...Four years... maybe."

"That's a very long time being scared like this, don't you think?"

"Y... yes..."

"So, what did you do to endure it? You pushed the bad away in your mind and tried to focus on the good?"

"I guess. We were poor and..."

"Shhh... I don't need to know the reasons. I just want to understand what you have done to yourself. Let's try a little exercise now. Remember, I'm your Mistress, and you have to do all I say, okay? I want you to keep your eyes closed and let your mind drift to wherever it wants to go... Shortly, you'll start having random thoughts... Just let them come and go... don't try to push them away."

"...I... I don't want to do that."


"It... It will be too painful."

"Remember our game. You have to obey me... I'm your Mistress. Some thoughts will hurt, and some will feel good. But you can trust me. It will be all good in the end. Do as I say, little fox."

"...I... I'll try..."

Nyssa didn't mention it, but Trish was literally trembling between her hands. She wanted to hold her in her arms badly, but breaking the cycle she was stuck in was a more pressing task. Using a slightly more severe tone, Nyssa managed to push Trish to do what she had asked.

All the voices inside Trish's head were deafening. She didn't want to remember all the horrible things she went through, but the two warm and reassuring hands resting on her cheeks made her feel as if she couldn't back out. Nyssa had taken control over her body, and there was nowhere else she could escape to.

So she let the first thoughts roll in...

Her night with Haley... the drive to the club with Tom... Her new uniform and fluffy ears... Then, a barrage of uncontrollable images flooded her mind like the beginning of a rainy season. Trish wasn't choosing what appeared in her mind, and it made her anxious... She knew it was only a matter of time before the arrival of some darker thoughts. What if... Michael... Now it was an image of Michael choking her to the wall... The same one she had tried to avoid for the past two days... she didn't want to remember.


"Trish, listen to me... Don't push that thought away... whatever it is... Let it do its thing... Your Mistress is here to keep you safe."

"But it hurts... it hurts so much! Why is it coming back to haunt me! I don't want this."

"It's coming back because you don't let it fade away. Listen to me. Your thoughts are not something you should battle with or try to control. You cannot choose them, and you cannot stop them. The more you push them away, the stronger they will become. If you let them live inside your head, accept them, you will notice them less and less. Imagine your thoughts as a little background noise, like a TV playing in the living room while you are in the kitchen. You notice it's there, but you ignore it. Try to acknowledge it's there, that it's just a random thought, then just decide to focus on something more useful and pleasant, like my hands on your cheeks and how good they feel against your skin."

A background noise... It sure was a loud one. Trish tried her best to understand what Nyssa explained to her. Her proposed technique was the opposite of what she used to do to feel better. For so long, she had attempted to suppress her most painful thoughts by pushing them back to the farthest corner of her mind. It had been a constant effort that had drained her from all energy and led her to near exhaustion.

Trish always tried her best to see the good in people. In absolute denial, she wanted to believe that Michael was just a good man with problems, so she endured, thinking he would change. But it only got worse and worse.

Here on the table, under Nyssa's supervision and encouragement, Trish let all those almost forgotten memories take their place back in her consciousness. There were so many. She brought one of her hands up to her cheek and gripped Nyssa's for extra safety.

"Good little fox. You are doing so well. See, if you let your thoughts and memories live, it's not nearly as painful. Make some room for them... Let them go wherever they want to go inside your mind and then consciously focus on more useful things. You are starting to take back ownership of your brain by telling it that those thoughts were unhelpful."


"You went through hell, uh?"

"...Yes. I was so stupid."

"Not at all... See? That is just another unhelpful thought. You just didn't know how to handle your situation. It has nothing to do with being stupid. It will take some practice, but eventually, you'll feel much better about all of this, and you'll get your life back. Let's continue this for a bit longer, and then we will do something else."

Trish just rested comfortably on the table for the next fifteen minutes and practiced letting her thoughts flow. As Nyssa mentioned, it wouldn't be a quick fix, and it would certainly not be perfect. Some thoughts were much more painful than others, but in the end, it seemed to work. By acknowledging them and letting them effortlessly fade away, it lifted a huge weight off her shoulders and provided her with a spark of hope for a happier future.

After the session, Mistress Nyssa stood up and placed her hand on Trish's belly.

"My little fox is more relaxed now... Good... Thanks for trying what I suggested. I promise it's going to help."

"It's already helping... I can feel it... It's like I woke up from a nightmare."

"I bet... You are here now. No longer stuck inside your head. So, that was the painful part of your first BDSM session. See? It was not so bad. Now, what about the fun part? Do you feel like remembering what real pleasure is?"

"...Real pleasure?"

"Yeah, let's play a little game before going back to work. I want you to do something amusing to end your morning on a good note... but only if you want to. I'm sure you'll like my idea as soon as I tell you what it is."

"Wha... what is it?"

"Well... Tom and Haley were sweet to let you sleep at their place... Sooo..."


Trish and her fox ears walked up to Tom, who was putting away some tools after fixing a lounge's wobbly table. With her cute barmaid uniform and smile, she placed her hands behind her lower back and addressed him.

"Hi, Tom."

"Hey! Tri.... Oh boy... You look good... Must be the ears."

It was definitely not the ears. Trish was a cutie from birth, but the shiny latex tank top just made her look a bit more interesting all of a sudden. Or maybe it was because her aura had changed for the better after her psychological session with Nyssa.

"Aww, thanks. It's good to know. So... Mistress Nyssa would like you to follow me."

"Mistress Ny... Waaaait a minute... That's a trap!"


"She knows I'm not into the Mistress thing... that's fishy. What does she want from me?"

"It's a surprise!"

"Ah, crap! I knew it... Forget it... I don't want to be part of her deviant games!"

Trish had been briefed about Tom's possible refusal. She was also instructed about what to do in that case. She brought a finger to her chin, looked sideways at the floor, and adopted a thoughtful expression, tapping in the power of cuteness.

"She did kind of say that if you say no, she is going to call Haley... Not sure what she meant by that."

"Aaah! Damnit! Alright... alright... Lead the way, new fox."

Tom's reaction was entertaining. Clearly, Nyssa knew him well enough and knew what button to push to get him to comply.

They made their way back to the play area together. Tom entered the room where Nyssa was waiting and proceeded with his protest against whatever her unknown plan was.

"Nyss! What is this about this time?"

"Ah, shush! Sit down on that chair!"


"I'll call my cousin! You know she will be on my side."

"If I had known you were Haley's cousin before dating her, I would probably have picked someone else."

"Oh! That's harsh. Sit down now, and try to enjoy yourself. You are ready, Trish?"

"Hehe. Yes."

Nyssa dimmed the lights a bit more and went to her phone to start some languorous jazz music. As he sat down on the lonely chair, Tom's face changed to a more concerned one.

"Nyss? What are you doing? Are you..."

"Yes, Trish is going to do a little sexy lap dance for you."

"...But... After what she... endured? It seems a bit... inappropriate?"

"See, Trish... That's exactly what I wanted you to witness; the difference between a good guy and a bad guy. Tom truly cares about people. So much that he is willing to refuse a sexy lap dance just to protect you."

Trish couldn't do anything else but giggle because of the tone Mistress Nyssa used when she said that. Of course, Tom got the sarcasm and realized that the ambiance was not as dramatic as he could have expected, so he slid a bit lower on his chair and placed an arm behind the backrest.

"Alright, if that's what you guys want to do, I'll take it. Come on, Trish fox. Show me your moves if you have any!"

To be continued in part 3...


Fox & Spice

Episode 2 - Trish, The Waitress (Part 3)

"What can I do for... Hey! Are you Alex?"

"Heee... I am... Do I know you?"

"No. I'm Trish. All the staff knows about you."

"They... they do?"

"Of course, you sent us a letter along with four tickets for a musical to thank us for accommodating you on your first visit."

"Ah, yes... that's true... but still... I'm not famous or anything."

"I won one of the tickets. Thank you so much! The show was great!"

I couldn't resist; I pulled her into a small hug. Alex was a cute blind girl who started visiting the Fox & Spice club a while ago, and it was the first time I got to talk to her. On her first visit, she needed special accommodation because of her handicap and we gladly provided it to her. A few days later, we received a nice letter from her along with the tickets. All the staff put their name into a hat, and I won one of them.

It was the first time I had the chance to go to a musical; it was quite an enjoyable experience. Much more came out of this evening than I ever expected, but Alex probably didn't know any of that. She really changed my life with that little gift. Perhaps one day I'll have an opportunity to tell her all about it.

"Trish, I need those drinks on this list. It's for Mistress Nyssa."

"Oh? Right away, give me a minute."

Alex handed me a piece of paper; it was a small note from Mistress Nyssa, not a list of drinks, so I started reading it. It must have been another one of Nyssa's tricks.

"Trish, I'm sending this girl and her guide dog to get some drinks, but I want you to give her four water glasses instead. If she is asking, just tell her it's three rum and cokes and a beer. Since she is blind, she won't suspect a thing, but make sure you signal her guide dog to keep her mouth shut about it."

I chuckled discreetly; that was definitely something Nyssa would do, playing pranks on her victims. I quickly grabbed four plastic cups and filled them with ice and water before placing them on a serving tray and returning to Alex, who was way too busy playing with her cute rubber dog.

As I approached, her doggie looked at me, and gave me a suspicious look. I immediately placed my finger on my lips to tell her to keep silent; she nodded back. Then I called Alex over.

"Alright. Do you know how to hold a serving tray?"

"I... dont..."

"It's easy. I already balanced it for you. Just put your hand like this."

I moved her elbow to her ribs and made a right angle with her wrist. Carefully, I placed the small tray on her rubber hand.

"How does that feel?"

"Is it straight?"

"Yes. Is it too heavy?"

"No, I think I'll be okay if my dog doesn't do anything stupid."


Those two had such an interesting relationship. I wondered if they were lovers or something. I could only imagine them making out on a couch in the lounge; it would be adorable.

"Thanks, Trish! Come on, Mary. Up! Up! Let's go back. Go slow, right? I don't want to drop this."


It was a quiet night today at the Fox & Spice club. I've been working here for about a month; since Nyssa rescued me. I still lived with Tom and Haley but tried to stay out of their way as much as possible. Actually, I thought about getting my own place soon. Working here allowed me to make good money, so I could probably afford a tiny apartment.

For some reason, the Club’s clients were often very happy and were tipping generously. I think my fox ears and my latex tank top had something to do with it; Nyssa had without question picked the right uniform for me. That said, it was evident that the fox ears were entirely for her benefit and not just the patrons.

Nyssa was this powerful, charismatic, and dominant woman, but oddly enough, she was losing it when she saw someone wearing fox ears. I swear, she probably believed that the other waitresses and I were real fox girls. Even a dominatrix could have an adorable side. I owed her so much; I would wear those ears day and night if she were asking me to.

For the past month, Mistress Nyssa worked on my case several times a week. She managed to change the way I looked at things, and her teachings made me feel so much more in control of my life and my body. Michael's violence was a thing of the past, almost, and only good people surrounded me now.

One of them was Eric. He was only working part-time as a maintenance guy who helped Tom, but I really liked him. I first met him when I had my interview, but I was not in a situation where I could consider dating back then. That said, I thought he was cute, even though he was a bit on the quiet side.

When Alex gave the club those Musical tickets, we both won one, so we decided to go together. On that night, I discovered that I liked a quieter man. Eric wasn't talking much, but when he did, it was interesting. Nothing like the bullshit my ex put me through for years. No, he was gentle, intelligent, and not pushy at all. The musical wasn't a date at first, but it turned into one. After the show, we ended up in a pub until late at night, and we even kissed before going our separate ways.

"Trish! Hey! What are you dreaming about?"

"Oh! Sorry, Misha. I just met Alex, and it reminded me of the musical."

"Alex, the blind girl? She is here today?"

"Yes, I think she is having a private session with the boss."

"Really? Well, at least it will keep Nyssa off our fox ears. Alright, I need seven mimosas. I think the group over there is celebrating someone that got officially enslaved."

"Enslaved... Alright. Seven mimosas coming up!"

Yep. My life was definitely much better.



"Why are you up so early, Trish? Go back to bed if you are tired."

"No, I have a session with Mistress Nyssa this morning."

"It's funny, I didn't picture you as a submissive, and now you call my cousin "Mistress" all the time. She shouldn't ask you to do that."

"I'm not a submissive... And Nyssa didn't ask me to call her anything. I just call her Mistress out of respect. She helped me a lot."

Haley prepared breakfast with me while Tom was singing in the shower. Nyssa said she wanted to see me again this morning for another "therapy" session. Things have escalated quite a bit since the first time she attempted to fix my head.

"Haley? I'm... I'm thinking about moving out soon."

"What? Why? Are we too annoying?"

"Uh, no... Quite the opposite. You guys have been fantastic. It's just... I... I can't stay here forever."

"Aww, but we like you. You are not bothering us at all. You are always at work anyway."

"Well, I will have to move, one day or another. I would need my own space."

"Oh... You are dating someone!"

My face immediately turned red. It was not the main reason why I wanted to move out, but meeting Eric simply accelerated my desire to have a quiet place to rebuild my love life.


"Your cheeks are all red... I knew it. You met someone. Who is it? Do I know him?"

"No... well..."

"AH! I know him! Who is he? Tell me!"

"Aaah... We are not really dating... yet."

"Does he work at the club?"


"Ah! Are you dating Eric? Really?"

"Aaaww! I didn't want to say!"

Of course, she easily cornered me. There were not many guys working at the Fox & Spice, and she knew I recently went to the musical with Eric.

"Sooo, does he talk more when he is with you?"

"No... He is quiet. I like it that way."

"Is he good in bed?"

"Hey! We are not even officially dating... We didn't do it."

"Trish, you work at a Fetish Club. People sleep with each other every night without dating. It's normal. It's okay to have fun."

"It's... It's not that easy for me..."

"Oh... Right. Sorry... I kind of forgot you went through hell with your ex. Forget I said anything."

We both lowered our heads, not adding a word. I did go through hell, and even though Nyssa helped me a lot and my new job was great, I still had a few psychological wounds from my previous relationship; if I were to rush things with a new guy, they would just rip open and make me suffer again.

Tom, still half-wet and half-naked, entered the kitchen and stared at us.

"Wow... You two look gloomy this morning. Trish, if you are up already, it must mean that you will see Nyssa today?"

"Yes... Can I go to the club with you?"

"Yep. But you need to wear something else other than a pajama... Hurry and go change!"

"TOM! Don't talk to Trish that way, or else I'll tell Nyssa! And can't you just dry yourself off properly after showering? You are dripping water everywhere!"

"Geez... so bossy. It’s just water."


"Trish, you know you don't have to wear those fox ears in the car."

"I love my fox ears... and Nyssa too."

"Haley's cousin brainwashed you. Unbelievable."

"Haha. You liked my fox ears when she made me perform a lap dance for you."

"...Okay... Yes... Maybe... But it's still odd."

Tom parked his car behind the club, then we headed to the back door. As soon as we opened it, we bumped into Eric. Our little romance was still a secret, so seeing each other in front of Tom was kind of awkward.

"Hi... Trish."

"Hi... Eric."

Tom looked back and forth at him and me, not too sure about what was going on.

"Okay... You two are creeping me out. Come on, Eric. We have a shit ton of work to do today."

The two guys left, and I made my way to Nyssa's office. After knocking timidly, I cracked the door open.


"Hey, Trish-fox! How are you doing?"


"Eric just told me about your little relationship."


Wait... what? Did he just tell everybody already without asking me first? We were not even officially dating. I didn't think he would be that way. It was a bit disappointing.

"Don't make that face... He didn't tell me tell me."

"Tell you tell you?"

"Yes... He didn’t tell me anything. He doesn’t even know I know. He just came to me to discuss the policy of my club regarding dating other staff members. I knew right away he was talking about you. So, for your info, this is none of my business. You are not even working the same shifts as him anyway. But if you end up working at the same time, just act professionally. That's all I'm asking."


"Come, it's time for our session."

As she walked past me, she petted my fox ears, and I pretended to react to her touch; it was a fun thing I did just for her. Really, I had no idea what was with her and the fox ears. She loved them at an abnormal level. But it was all good and innocent, so I just smiled and followed her to the club's play area.

When she led me to her “second office,” I wasn't nervous anymore. My first session with her felt so good that she had gained my trust. Whatever she decided to do to me, she could.

Usually, our time together always started in the same pleasant manner. I laid down the leather table, she would sit at the end where my head was, and she placed her two hands on my cheeks. After relaxing for a bit, we just talked about different things, like my concerns and worries; this was my favorite part.

The second part of the session could be anything. Since I had a big issue related to domestic violence, Mistress Nyssa worked a lot on that aspect. As usual, she never let me push back down my emotions; on the contrary, she always encouraged me to let them flow and learn to live with them instead of suppressing my suffering. Her approach worked so well; it made me feel so much better.

However, she went farther than words. Getting hit by a violent boyfriend has been my daily routine before being rescued, and Nyssa knew that. I almost vomited the first time she proposed to hurt me. That was not something I was open to at all. But she convinced me that refusing physical pain because I had been a victim of it was the equivalent of conditioning my brain to relive my unpleasant past. Every single time I would get physical pain, I'd associate it to Michael, and all the emotions related to him would come back to haunt me.

She sounded crazy at first, but when I finally accepted to let her try her idea, I realized that she was right. The first time she spanked me with this cute little Fox & Spice wooden paddle, a barrage of nasty images came back to my mind, and I started crying like a veal. Yet, she took great care of me and guided me through this intense experience.

I made incredible progress. We did this several times a week, and gradually I associated pain to the good experience that Nyssa provided me with; to her love. Of course, Michael's images and voices came back occasionally, but she taught me to let them chatter and fade away naturally by focusing on the moment's reality. Those thoughts were not useful anymore, she explained, and they couldn't hurt me.

Today, I didn't know what we were going to do. Nyssa's hands on my face always felt so good; I was curious to hear what she wanted to talk about today.

"So, how are you doing, little fox?"

"I'm great... A bit tired, but I'm so glad I'm working here."

"I'm glad too. You are doing an excellent job as a barmaid. The clients seem to adore you as well. It's good for the business."

"I like them too. They are very entertaining."

"Yes, they are. What else? Are you still making progress, you think?"

"Oh, yes. I find that I'm happier and happier. I... I'm even starting to think about a better future. Like, I want to find a small apartment."

"That's a good idea. I can help you with that. I have some contacts."

"Aaah! That would be great."

Seriously? Could she be more likable? I was SO lucky to have met her. She had this ability to crush every one of my worries to make my life easier. Here, lying down on the leather table, I had a broad smile on my face. I was so happy.

"Trish. You like our sessions, right?"

"I love them, Mistress."

"Is it because I'm a woman?"

"...Uh? Sorry?"

"I'm a woman... not a man."

"Hum... I know!?"

I wasn't too sure what that was about. It was unlike Nyssa to state the obvious. Why would she tell me that she was a woman?

"You are dating a man."

"Oh, we are not really dating yet... but... I mean..."

"You don't understand, Trish... What I'm saying is that you are not ready to date Eric yet."

"W—Why? He seems like a good guy. I didn't spend a lot of time with him, but he is nothing like Michael..."

"There you go... Michael again. Michael this, Michael that. Michael is still your baseline when it comes to men. If you compare all your dates to Michael, you'll marry them all."


"Okay, let me rephrase that... I don't want you to think that I don't want you to date Eric. He IS a great guy, or else I'd not have hired him. But you can't just date him because he is better than what you know. I want you to be successful in love. Do you think you'll feel good if you have a flashback of Michael every time he touches you? With me, you have no more issue because I'm a woman, but with a man...? How would it go, you think?"

"I—I know... but... Where do I start then?"

Nyssa's little grey cloud quickly dampened my happy session. Once more, she put her finger on another weed that had taken root inside my brain. I didn't want to admit it to myself, but the thought of dating Eric made me extremely nervous for the exact reason that she stated. How would I react when he would put his hands on my naked body? I had been conditioned to fear men for so long.

"Alright, Trish. Come with me. Let's take care of this little problem right away. I think that is pretty much the last thing we need to address before you can truly enjoy your new life. It's going to be a longer session, but you'll feel so much better after."

Nyssa helped me off the table and asked me to follow her to a different room across the hall. She must have had a different idea for today's session.

"Wait for me here. I'll be back in a few minutes."


She turned heel and left me alone in this new environment. The one main piece of furniture was hard to miss; it was a big leather-covered x-cross on which wrist and ankle cuffs were dangling from the corners. Since there was no other bondage contraption in this room, it was very plausible that I would end up tied on it, which sent butterflies to my stomach.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Mistress Nyssa restrained me. She had shown me that she could be trusted more than once, so it took away a lot of anxiety from me. But this big x-cross was still a bit more intimidating than what I was used to.

I waited patiently on the leather couch until Nyssa came back with some rubber garments in her arms. She closed the curtain behind her and placed the shiny black pile of squeaky material on the coffee table.

"Alright... get naked, fox girl. I want you to wear this. It's going to be a lot of fun."


"Ah, come on... Don't make a scene. You are pretty, and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Turn around if you are that uncomfortable."

"No... it's okay. I'll do it. Is this... a catsuit?"

"Yes, it is. Last night I spent the evening with Meimei and two of her friends. Alex and Mary. It was so much fun. Alex's full catsuit with eyeless hood inspired me for today. She could feel everything without being able to see. It was quite something."

"Oh, yes. Alex was so nice and playful. She is very brave. And her guide dog was so cute..."

"Ah! That was her sister, Mary."

I choked on that one. Really? Alex, the cute blind girl, used her sister as a guide dog? That was one messed up family.

As we continued to discuss the blind girl, I stripped naked and folded my work uniform. Then Nyssa approached me with a bottle of lube. She squeezed some in her hand and started rubbing it on my leg... sensually. I didn't think she was trying to accomplish anything special, but she probably didn't know how to touch people in any other way than gently.

"Am I going to wear the latex suit?"

"Obviously, Trish. Don't worry. You'll love it."

"The latex tank top you gave me kind of grew on me... So the latex catsuit can only feel better, right?"

"I agree... People who don't love latex are odd. It's the best thing ever. Having your whole body hugged by it is so comforting."

After finishing lubricating my lower body, Nyssa grabbed the catsuit and helped me to put it on. My slippery skin made the operation so much easier; I slid right into the costume effortlessly. Nyssa followed the same process for the upper part of my body, and soon enough, A layer of delicious black material covered me; even my feet and hands.

"So? How do you like it?"

"I—I love it! It's so comfortable."

"Good answer, or else I'd have fired you."

"Hey! Don't say things like that!"

"Hehe. Come, Trishy. Meet my friend, the X-Cross. Trust me. You'll love that too."

"I don't mind trying... But, how is this going to help me with my fear of being touched by men?"

"You'll see... It's going to be fun."

Nyssa moved me to the cross and placed my back against it. I could see it; she had this little extra smile today. She was a bit too happy about what was unfolding here, but at the same time, it was reassuring to see it was something she enjoyed doing.

She raised one of my arms to the top cuff and buckled it in place. And then, my other arm... followed by my ankles. I wouldn’t go anywhere until Mistress Nyssa decided otherwise.

Then something unthinkable happened. Nyssa reached for my fox ears and removed them from my head. I never thought I would see this day.

"You... You are taking off my ears!?"

"Tsk tsk! No making fun of your Mistress! It's only for a short moment."

"Hehe. Okay."

She grabbed one last rubber item from the table and approached me with it.

"Look, Trish. This rubber hood has no eye holes. It's like Alex's. I'm going to put in on your head, but it might enhance all the images that will pop up in your head. You know the drill, if it happens, don't try to suppress them. Just consciously let them live and focus on something more pleasant... There will be a lot of pleasant things to focus on, believe me."

"Mmm... okay."

My sort of positive answer was enough for her to begin stretching the rubber hood over my face. I started to understand a bit more about how Alex felt like being blind. It was not distressing per se, but my entire world seemed a bit more exciting and mysterious.

"How do you feel, Trish? Let me polish this suit a bit, it laid on a shelf for way too long. Oh, and your fox ears need to go back on."

"Of course, hehe... No forgetting the fox ears..."

"Are you making fun of me again?"

"Hehe, no Mistress."

"They are cute! I don't know why everybody can't understand that. You do, right?"

“Yes, Mistress... yes.”

Indeed, I was making fun of her. I still couldn't understand her irrational passion for fox ears and why she was so serious about it, but I was happy to wear them for her.

I have seen people polishing latex many times since I started working as a barmaid in this club. Witnessing this material going from looking dirty to amazingly shiny was something I found fascinating. I always made sure my waitress tank top was glossy and good looking.

When Nyssa started polishing me, I quickly felt something different in her attitude; she was doing it in a very erotic manner as if she was doing it for a lover. I was not too sure what to think about her behavior. Since I met her, even if occasionally touchy, Nyssa never used that sensuality level around me. Did she like me more than I thought?

Nevertheless, it felt amazing. Nobody ever touched me this way in the past; it made me understand some of the things I was missing in life. If she were to do this for too long, I'd end up craving affection for the rest of the week.

As she rubbed my face with her hands, she started shedding some light on what we were doing.

"How does it feel when I do that?"

"G—Good... You are very good at it."

"Yes, I've done this like a billion times in the past. But how do you feel? How would you describe it?"

"Mmm... sensual..."


"Maaaybe... I guess I can't deny that it feels good that way..."

"Do you feel like you'd like more of this feeling?"

"...Yes... This is a good experience. I think everybody likes... well... sex."

"Perfect. I want to give you more of this. Trish, listen, I'm not trying to trick you. We will do something that will seem a little bit odd considering our relationship, but I don't want you to overthink this. I just want you to focus on your own feelings, and don't worry about the rest, okay?"

"Yes... I... I trust you."

I barely had time to finish my answer before she pressed her whole body on me and slid her hands up my arms. That was something I didn't expect her to do at all. But it felt great.


"You like this?"

"Yes... It's... comforting. I like being close to people."

"Good, and what about this?"

Her left hand squeezed in between my lower back and the cross, and her right went directly to my crotch. She used her middle finger to massage my clitoris shamelessly. Even though a rubber layer separated her from me, it felt as if she set me on fire.

"Aaaah! N—Nyssa... You... You are touching my..."

"I know what I'm touching... forget about me. I'm not here. Focus on your feelings... I want you to be selfish, Trish, as much as you can. You deserve to feel good. So take it. I'm giving it to you for free, foxy. Don't feel that you owe anything in return. Grab those sexual feelings and enjoy them. They are yours and yours only. Let them fill up your entire existence just for a moment."

"Aaanh! Mmm!"

I couldn't control it. I couldn't control my moans... She had this magic touch that made me lose my mind. Nyssa had never gone this far with me...



... and now she pressed her lips on mine and started making out. Her tongue was so agile and soft that it would be enough to make me reconsider my sexual orientation right on the spot. This was magical. But her previous words resonated inside my brain... and I understood what she had done to me.

We were having those sessions three or four times a week for the past month, where she was gentle and understanding. All those times when she guided me through my pain and supported me no matter how much progress I made or how many steps back I took, she showed me the way...

She had trained me to obey her.

A moment ago, she asked me to only focus on how I felt and to be selfish; I unconsciously obeyed her. Instead of asking myself a thousand questions about what she was trying to achieve or if it was right to enjoy this, I simply appreciated what was happening as she ordered me to.

Over the past few weeks, she became my Mistress; a real one; it was not merely a formality anymore. I followed everything she asked because she had built this trusting relationship with me; it was a genuine and honest one only filled with love and good intentions.

“AAAH! AAanh! Nyssa! AAah!”

She unzipped my crotch and plunged one of her fingers inside of me. The way I was pushing my hips forward was enough for her to know that I was willing to follow her wherever she wanted me to go. I was absorbing the pleasure she offered like a sexual sponge.

For many long minutes, she masturbated and kissed me. It was the most fun I had in a very long time. There was no pain, no worries, no stress, nothing else but joyful feelings.

"I'm... I'm close... I'm so close...AAAH!"

"Well, let it go, Trish... You deserve this... You deserve to feel that good. This pleasure is yours. Nobody else's."

"Aaanh! I'm... I'm cumming... I'm cumming... aaaah!"

Nyssa pushed me harder... She was a professional... I never came that hard in my entire life. It was a good thing that my hands were cuffed above my head because my knees gave up, and I ended up dangling from the x-cross like a rag doll. My muscles were spasming uncontrollably, and my pussy throbbed like an earthquake.

"Aaanh! Aaah! Ny... Nyssa... That... that was."

"Yes, it was a cute little orgasm..."

"C... Cute? I almost died of pleasure."

"Oh, this is nothing... You can get a lot more pleasure than this. It was just a warm-up."

"A... a warm-up?"

"Oh, yes. I booked all morning just for you, foxy. I will make you cum as much as I can until lunchtime. I'll bring you to the next level..."

"...The next level?"

"Yes... trust me. You've seen nothing. But I'm already proud of you. You did much better than I expected. You didn't think about your previous relationship once, and you abandoned yourself to your sexuality. Maybe you are more cured than I thought."


She was... right. Now that she said this, I realized that I had no thought whatsoever about Michael... and even if I consciously thought about him now, it just felt like a distant memory. What I thought about the most was... pleasure. I wanted more of this amazing feeling.


"Alright, you rested enough, and now you are starting to overthink."

"Mmm! But it's only been a minute..."

And she was back at it. Being the owner of the club allowed her to bend a few rules. She threw the no-sex policy out of the window, and I wasn't going to complain about it.


I didn't know how much time had passed, but it felt like an eternity. Between orgasms, Nyssa went to grab different items to make it more intense for me... to force me to experience new levels of ecstasy. My Mistress decided that her little fox would get it hard, no matter what she had to do to achieve her goal.

I enjoyed every second of it, of course. But I may have reached my limits. I may even have passed out for a bit just now; I was as limp as a deflated sex doll, here, enveloped in comfy latex.

"Okay... I think I broke my fox toy."


"You can't talk anymore?"


"Good... I am confident that you'll never go back to your old habit of suffering for others. It's pointless to spend time with people that don't bring you joy and pleasure. I think you understand that now."


"Geez... You are softer than jello... I think we are done here. I just have one last gift for you today. Stay here for a few minutes."


There was nothing left of me... I was in my bubble of bliss, and she had erased everything else. I had no more energy or will even to try standing. I would have liked to be liberated from the x-cross, but I didn't have enough strength left to ask for that favor; it didn't matter anymore.

A couple of minutes later, I felt something under my chin... a finger.

"Are you okay, Trish?"

"Mmm... E... Eric?"

"Yeah... Nyssa asked me to come here to take care of you, but she didn't mention any of this... What did she do to you?"

"Oh... Hehe... You don't want to know... Only good things..."

"Here... Let me get you down from this thing..."

Be selfish... I deserve pleasure... Accept what Mistress Nyssa gave me... What did I want to do right now? What would feel good?

"...Eric... No... wait."


"Yes... wait... Can you... caress me... before freeing me... and kiss me?"

'Are... are you sure?"

"I... I would love it. This is like... a date... right?"

"A date? ... Sure!"

I bet Eric was even more into me now that he has seen me covered in shiny black latex and tied up to an x-cross. It was good because I wanted to go out with him... That was what I wanted. Too bad I couldn’t see his face right now.

Nyssa put me in a situation where what I desired was fresh to my memory, and she also had tricked Eric to come see me while I was in that open state. It would be a shame not to use this perfect setup for my enjoyment.

His strong hands gripped my small rubber waist, and he pressed his lips on mine. That was definitely more manly than Nyssa, but as good if not more. His fingers' strength was incomparable, but it didn't scare me anymore; I loved the sensation of being handled this easily by someone I knew would take good care of me..

I smiled.

I felt it for the first time in my life.

I was the one in control of my destiny.

This was what I really wanted... and more.

From now on, I would go get it. Get what felt good and that was pleasurable.

My new friends... My new lover... My Mistress...

No more pain. No more violence. No more cries.

I wished to work at the Fox & Spice club forever. I knew that was the life I wanted.


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