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Fishy Bondage

by M88

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© Copyright 2017 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; hum; public; revenge; F/m; capture; drug; latex; encased; gag; strap; bond; liquid; smell; boxed; susp; objectify; stuck; cons/nc; X

If you are going to talk about your one night stand in the middle of a busy pub, the day after you have fucked her. There are a couple of things to keep in mind.

1. You are not talking about her pussy and how dirty and smelly it was. Humiliating her name and class in front of the people you are with. 

2. Make sure she is not within ear shot of you as you talked about her in a negative way. 

3. Make sure before you fuck her she is not a psychopath with money and time. 

4. She doesn’t have a hidden basement in her house and a stockpile of sleeping drugs. 

5. She has not spend the night planning to meet up with you, only to find you are a scumbag and now wants revenge.

6. She does not have a kinky side and has lots of latex items. 

7. Has lots of bondage gear

8. Has lots of sick and/or disturbing fantasies

The warmth of the room was starting to bring James back to the land of the living. He was starting to breath deeply as the sleeping drugs finally left his system. His eyes slowly flickered open and shut a couple of times. He tried moving his body into a more comfy position. But found himself pinned down, as his eyes got use to the light more. He was left in shock as to what he looked like. He was covered from head to toe in skin tight transplant latex. With the latex around his face in the shape of a fish’s head.

Through the latex he could see he had been well gagged with a muzzle and he had air tubes which worked their way around his face and neck. They joined into heavy latex bags under his armpits. He could also see a number of clear rubber straps keeping his body in a sleep-sack like position. The air tubes had been locked and connected to his nose. The heavy latex bags had been reenforced and his arms had been used to push them against his body. To stop them moving his arms had been strapped down to them. 

The latex around his head had no zip or laces. It had been vacuumed on and was not coming off. He was able to breath through the nose tubes and the bags had soft latex on each side with small holes in them. With each intake of air the walls of the bags moved in and out. The gag was pulled tight and had a massive rubber ball on the other side of the gag which filled his mouth. He had been locked inside a small see through plastic box. Which was just about bigger then him. The latex was very thick and making him sweat. His hands had been turned into latex fish fins so they had been made useless. Straps covered his body from his shoulders to his toes in a tight grip. 

In the centre of his back was a valve, and there are valves in both latex bags. Just as he was think about what they could be for. He saw her enter the room he was in for the first time since the night he slept with her. She was wearing a full crimson red catsuit, made from the same latex he was in. She had a crimson corset and knee hight crimson boots. She looked amazing with the latex rolling over her body and pressing against her skin. In her hand was a black rubber hose that was unwinding from the far wall of the room he was in. The sleep-sack like bondage and small plastic box stopped him from moving around. The concrete floor made a lovely clicking sound with each step she took. 

She opened the plastic lid to his box and connected the hose to the valve on his back. She then flicked a switch on the hose and a split-second later a thick glop started to pour into his latex. The liquid was like mud as it flowed over his body. Every time it reached a strap she would undo it and let the glop enter a new area of his body. He could feel his latex suit being lifted up and away from his body. She had skilfully made the liquid pour down his lower back and legs. She then did his upper body and one arm at a time. This stopped him from having an opening to escape.

Most of his body was still in bondage through out. Plus the straps looked even better as they squeezed into the now liquid filled suit. He had not spotted the fact there was a valve on his head as well. With his body and limbs still forced into the sleep-sack position, he could do nothing as she turned him over and joined the hose and valve together. Once again the thick liquid poured around his face and head. The hood he was wearing had been well designed and that meant it did not expand the latex around his eyes and nose. The rest of his head and neck was not so lucky. The fish hood started to blow up and form into a more clear and humiliating shape.

His hood quickly filled up and she removed the hose and closed the valve. She then wrapped the hose up and put it back, before getting another hose. This time it looked thinner and was maybe a different colour. She linked it up with the latex bag under his right armpit and released the switch. Into his air bag poured a disgusting grey liquid with a horrible oder. She filled 1/6 of both bags with the liquid. He was trying not to breath the smell it was that bad. But every time he did, he was met with the sickening fishy smell. He was starting to put two and two together as to why he was wearing a latex outfit and hood that looked like a fish. Plus he had the feeling the liquid within said latex suit was fish as well.

He was still on his back from when she had filled his suit up. His stomach was pressing against the plastic floor of the box he had been put in. What he hadn’t see was the reenforced rubber rings on his feet and ankles. To which she now connected a d-ring and a length of chain. After she had locked everything together. She pressed a bottom on the wall and he was lifted out of the box. The problem was he was up-sidedown and hanging from his inflated legs and feet. Plus it looked like the latex on parts of his body had formed shapes. So the latex around his feet now looked like a tail. It looked like he had fins down his sides and back. His face and head, now looked even more fish like. The liquid in the suit was kept spread throughout the suit, thanks to the straps. Otherwise it would have gone to his shoulders.

She placed the plastic box to one side and walked around her new thing. He was struggling as she moved round him. She loved running her hand over his latex skin and making the liquid inside move. Because the air bags had breathing holes she wished her outfit was complete with a gas mask. As the smell was escaping the bags and filling the room with a foul oder. Still if you are a lying rumour mill and make up humiliating stories about people. Then then you should have the story become true. With yourself being the lead role.

She could see the bags inflating and deflating with each intake of air. And every time he breathed in, he would shake. She would leave him like this all night and then throw him out onto the street sometime tomorrow. She was sure he would be the talk to of the town by the weekend. She had started taking pictures of her helpless fish slave. He was crying the other side of the huge gag and tape and was fearful of what would happen next. 


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