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First Time

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2001 - Marcus - Used by permission

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I just had my first "real" self-bondage experience and thought of sharing it with the rest of the world as everyone else is doing. I hope it is satisfactory. If You like it please contact me before putting on Your most wonderful site and if You have any questions don't hesitate to write me, Best self-bondage regards Marcus

This is a little story of my first "real" self-bondage session.

A bit about me first.
I'm a 22 years old male (or boy if you like), from Sweden so excuse my poor english, who has been deeply interested in rubber clothing and BDSM play for about 6 years. The interest started much earlier but then I just sat getting a hard on when there was a girl in a diving suit (not much rubber or latex in those days, at least not at the shows I watched) or a woman in leather tying or being tied up.

I have a girl friend who I love very much and who is also into rubber and BDSM but not at the level where I am if you know what I mean. She does not tie me up in total enclosure rubber although she loves the rubber part. So far it's me who is doing the tying. A shame since I am really a submissive but enjoys the dominant part as well... Any how, lets start with my session.

The whole thing started with me sitting at work (I'm a webdesigner and assistant AD at a quite small Advertisement company) and the entire crew, except me that is, were outside town doing some educating in internet use for some unemployed people. When I had done the things I were supposed to do I surfed around a bit on the net looking up some nice latex/rubber fetish sites and before I knew what hit me a was REALLY excited.

The fact that I had received a brand new rubber catsuit from Cocoon the week before didn't make things better. Then this crazy idea hit me. I was going to go home and try some self-bondage. I had never tried this for real but had read others experiences and techniques. (This is why I'm writing this. Giving back some).

When I arrived at home 20 minutes later I was starting to get second thoughts. The time was now 10:30 am and I was supposed to pick up my mother (yes, I still live at home) after she finished her work a 4pm and the clock was now 10am. Not to mention that my younger brother could be home any minute since I didn't know when he was due back from school. What the heck, I could do this in the attic and he would´t find me even if he went looking.

I got all that I needed including some ice, a bowl and a pantyhose which I borrowed from my mother's closet (or rather took, she was not going to get this back!). Still having some second thoughts about what I should wear and how I was going to tie myself up, this being my first time, I started to get dressed.

First came a pair of black latex socks, then I started to pull my black rubber catsuit on (already talced in advance). As I started pulling the rubber up my legs I looked in the mirror we had up there (I had placed it so that I could see myself for the duration of the session) and now I was really getting turned on. As I got the suit up to just beneath my buttocks I stopped. I picked up a black rubber butt-plug, put some lotion on it, and pushed it inside me.

The sensation was overwhelming, I had to resist hard the temptation to jerk off right there and then. As the worst excitement had gone away I started the process of pulling my cock inside the penis-sheath of the suit and having done so zipped the cover over the sheath closed. Next came my arms and then I closed the back zip of the suit with a leash. The tightness of the suit combined with the butt-plug sensation was just as great as usual.

During my dress up I had made up my mind on how I would do this. I was to hogtie myself using a spreader bar, padlocks and chains. For this I needed a mattress to lie on which we conveniently had some in store up here. I chose a thick enough one and put it where I wanted to spend my bondage time. I got my black plastic cover (originally bought to use when you use massage oils and don't want to mess up your bed) and put it over the mattress.

Wasting no time so I could get some funky idea to jerk off and go back down, I put the rest of the things on. A black leather body harness which goes from my neck down to just above my knees with a large amount of straps securing it tightly to by body. Since I like things REALLY tight I pulled on the straps as hard as I could. It also has a number of D-rings attached at highly strategic places for wicked bondage sessions. My black rubber gloves came on and then it was time for a pair of thigh cuffs and "arm-cuffs" that goes from the wrists to the shoulder with a break at the elbow to make moving easier. These too have D-rings all over them. A pair of leather ankle cuffs also found their way to my feet. Next I dived into a rubber hood with holes for eyes, mouth and nostrils. I zipped it closed and used a piece of string to tighten the hood using the d-rings attached to the back of the hood.

Now it was time to start the bondage thing. I chose a padlock which would be the "masterlock" and opened it and lay it on a nearby stool. Then I took the key and got the pantyhose and the bowl with ice. The ice hadn't melt as much as I thought but paid no further notice to it (I would regret this later). I hadn't done this before so I didn't know how long it would take for one ice cube to melt so I got four of them and put them in the pantyhose. Next I thread the key over the pantyhose and hung it on a nearby empty clothes rack close enough to my location and put the bowl directly under it.

Now to the fun part. First I locked my feet together at the ankle cuffs using a spreader bar and padlocks putting the keys in a small box that could be locked using another padlock which I had found in the attic. Then I locked my thighs together using some chain, more padlocks and the d-rings on my harness. These keys also went into the box.

Next I put on a high posture collar that made moving my head real hard and then I forced a big harness ball-gag into my mouth fastening it around my head. At this point I was feeling extremely wicked and proceeded to make my life even harder. I got a last padlock which I would use to lock my hands together, opened it and put the key in the box.

Now I locked the box closed with a padlock and got the key. I moved with some effort to the far end of the attic (about 10 meters) and put the key to the box on the floor. If I would like to end this session before the ice melted I would have to crawl, tied up to get the key and then back to the box to unlock the other keys. I felt VERY wicked. After returning to "my spot" I locked my hands together using a short chain and one of the remaining padlocks and then a picked up the "masterlock".

This was it. I got on my knees and fell forward on to the plastic cover. The mattress took some of the fall but was thinner that I expected. But then again, No Pain No Gain right!. I looked at the figure in black rubber, bound and gagged staring back at me through the mirror. I put the padlock I had in my hand through the chain between my wrists and got hold of the spreader bar. No turning back now I thought as I ran the padlock through the fastening loop on the spreader-bar and shut the lock closed.

The feeling was overwhelming. The pure thought of being chained tight, in your own attic, not being able to get loose unless the ice melting part worked made my cock get rock hard. The strain on my limbs was greater then I thought it should be. Why must I do everything so damn good all the time. I tried to look at myself in the mirror but the posture collar made this extremely difficult but with a little persuasion I caught a glimpse of the bound rubber toy that lay on the black plastic. I started to wriggle around on the plastic which started making loud cracking sounds as the plastic and rubber rubbed against each other. Before I knew what hit me I had the best orgasm this side of 1999. God damn!!!

I had already come and was starting to decend from my erotic high making the strain on my limbs and ache in my neck more noticeable. I tried to look at the clothes rack to see what the ice looked like and after a few attempts I rolled and was not happy with what I saw. It hadn't nearly melted a bit.

Oh my god!!! Maybe this wasn't so smart after all. I thought of crawling the 10 meters to get the box key but decided not to. Didn't want to wreck my new catsuit. I just had to accept my fate and lie here until the ice melted.

I didn't know how long I had been there but after two more quite intense orgasms I heard the key slam into the bowl. By this time my body ached like hell and I had some blood loss in my legs and arms due to the horrible strain making it hard to feel my way. After what seemed to be an eternity I had wriggled over the plastic cover over to the bowl and after what seemed like yet another eternity I got the "master lock" unlocked.

My feet hit hard on the floor and I just lay there panting through the gag assembling strength to stand up. After doing so I walked over to get the box key (believe me it took awhile to make my body do what I wanted) and got the rest of the locks opened.

All leather objects fell from my body and I headed (still wearing my rubber garments) towards the shower. As I passed the kitchen I looked at the time. It was 3:11 pm. I had been tied up for nearly four hours. No wonder my body felt like it was dead. Anyhow I enjoyed this VERY much and I am thinking of doing it again.

- Do You have any other ideas of how I should get tied up?
Please let me know!

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